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County Audiaor
VOL. XXXVIlt N ). -33
M. A.
I. C
Warrants Issued
Robinson, land taken
II. No. 2tf7
E. I. Tedrow, land taken I. C.
II. No. 297
Elmer Upp, land taken I. C.
H. , No. 2i)7 . .
Mrs. W. C. Miley, land taken
I. C. H. No. 297
Howard Myers, Dover ditch
F. S. and J. M. Ham, action for cog
-. i rrt Iir 17- -
novit now vs r. w. ivummi-i. q.Qn
i. i r i i 1 . I 4-1 U I - I w
saran rarung meu miougu wuni,i
, jsnenuan, actio i jjuuii, va there with his
JS3.UU lyiartna iviorren
! Kobert
27.00 'and Canfiold action for money only,
i amount $1084.15 vs Ira Butts et al.
30.00 Sophia Jennings filed through
There will be an accounting school u 4r- 'Ta , " . ' . '" Z " ;r." i." a.. ' . lne snowing omcers were elected
at the Chesti'rfield School House at , - u ' ;.i,.; nu fn,...: : u. ,i 10t-.x-e. ensuing lyear.
tieise ana Barber action lor mone;
No. 1205 190.00, uiuy amount if 701.75 vs Vern Smith
A. J. Quillet,' Dover ditch No.
1, itiS .. ' 162.00 : Marriage Licenses
. . . , , . i lit ni i .11 i.iii i 1 1 i ii ii niinv. n i i v 1 1 1 m.tii'n. i in luiiun hie ja nuab 1 1 1 1..
a. m. lhuisuay, ueeemoer tn. .- .-, .. p.., . , , r-mM.,j .j .
, - ill uiiuci bite vjuhiil a-c itiUi-uc:iitLscu aiiu iiv viiuiianuci staiiua ivi .
business farmer should be ... . . .... . . .. ..' ; tii, t t
. w iiu mill cu biiio u vim w juni ub nic j a viiuiy i-i7 luiiaucs . a ajipictjatc
.i tn 1 lJO J A t-nc itc uiuviuiu TVivrbc iii-i "nut uuu biic email v.o iviiioiuni
h'inn filed through Paxson :V 1 i i 1 i I xT 1 observations unaer tne title oi ay. iou Know tnat tne stren-tn oi
:r i x i i , , ("iraveis in rsortn America, lie gives tne iegion is in tne men you rep re
cause they don t want to know how;the folowing impressi0nS of Gen. , sent, in your posts at home not in
...uwi " i It u ! Washington after visiting him at his ! National Headquarters or in the de-
counts lead to better business; B ,f, . tv, f ir,.rt,lont Ti,t , ,v, u t
ill. 1 11 UUa&lrClf). X 11C LUllbllJCJIb Ul JIMi .iiivuv. .1 11(11. 1 .1 .1 1111 1, II 1 li 111
Do.ison Evans Co... sunnlies
Cojnty Board of Education 1.09
Mrs. N. W. Bowser, land taken
I. C. H. No. 297 57.00
J. R. Blizzard, land taken I.
C. H. No. 297 21.00
Geo. H. Blizzard, land taken I.
C. H. No. 297 18.00
Roy Strayer, Fulton ditch,
Antranik Kasparian, 24 tailor,
miia, Ohio and Mary Tomecek,
r ayette.
Arthur Miller, 24, farmer, Ridge
viile Corners and Minnie ' Elling, 21,
CKllL Ol UUi "U ICCUIUB :i:v; tVio,- fmlnm. will ran. that U'Wn no aolr fr.r rf.iin UflH A VU (I I'D
Kept at an. inese men maae anj .., , , , t . h t th : thincrs for the ex-service man for Decemher Sixth (Ohioans, patrons of more than 700
average income over and snows in- . f j fl f v,i . ' tho disnhlcd man whn mnct livo th, Polotino Toof m tj building-, loan and savincrs institn-
terest on their investment of $400. k,,. , tho fQ, i fi, i, i dii,.j tZ 'ii tV nations in thp Rurke stnto ' CQiH
Probate Court
Guardianship of Albert Gype, final
No. 12'i3 100.00; account, hearing confirmed, guardian
J. C. Robinson, land taken I. discharged.
C. H. No. 297 45.00 Guardianship of Ida Liechty, final
J. C. Robinson, land taken, I. ! account, hearing confirmed, guardian
C. H. No. 297 21.00 j discharged.
R. D. " Bates, Chesterfield Estatet of Peter Joseph Eisel, 7th
ditch No. 1239 117.60 partial account, hearing confirmed.
I Guardianship of Ida Garnsey, 13th
Real Estate Transfers ! partial account, hearing confirmed.
Raase S. Campbell to William and! Ervin Vonier, Ad. vs Hazel Vonier
Mary Vogel.lot No. 4, Skeels Ad.,!et al. Sale of real estate found nec
Waijseon. j cssnry, appraisement ordered.
Win. Hill to H. J. Price, lot No. 73 ! Estate of Henry M. Baer, proof
Gates and Kennedys Ad., Delta. j of publication and notice of appoint-
A. Hogeboom to VanRensselaer ment filed,
and Ldgar, lot 147 original plat,! Estate of Mary J. Eckhart, proof
Waugeon. I of publication and notice of appoint-
v ment filed.
Building Notices I Estate of Oliver McLain, proof
John Gigax, Fayette, porch, esti-'of publication and notice of appoint
mar.ed cost, $435.00. '! ment tiled.
P. E. Weller, Fayette, garage, es-f Will of Frederick. S. Allen, appli
.tim.'.ted cost, $425.00. " cation for probate filed, notice' to next
Gotshall Mtg. Co. Archbold, lum- of kin issued. Hearing November
bcr sed- est-mated c-st. 4fl0.00. 125th at 1:00 p. m.
Fred Bretthaner. Franklin Twd.. Altha A. Double, Ad. W. W. A. vs
reconstruction oi house, estimated Stella M. Stoddard et al. Bond of
cost, $500.00. ($10,000.00 filed and approved."'
Arthur Taber, York Township,' Estate of Margaret J, Clark, appli-
granary, estimated cost $250.00. , cation filed, bond filed and approved
h. L. Yeagley, Fayette, office esti- and letters of administration issued
mated cost $300.00. i to Oliver F. Baer, C. D( Hause, Isaac
i,fT a Tt,a)tr-r.. P"--"' i TV"1- Lester and H. W. Ford appraisers.
ship, chicken coop, estimated cost Trusteeship of Mary Eva Skinner
$200.00 Hubbel, 5th partial account filed.
. Frey, Clinton Township, re- Hearing December 27th, 1921, motion
construction of house, estimated cost to sell sscurities hied and granted,
$1200.00. 4 ' Guardianship of Kathryn L. Bates
a. Graf, German Township, hen ct al, application filed, bond filed and
house, estimated cost, $300.00. iapproved and letters of guardianship
I ismipd to Cnthprinp V Rntps
New Cases In Court Will of Frederick 55. Allen. Hearing
The Bon Bon Silo Co., "tiled thru at 1:00 p. m., Novmeber 29th, 1921
methods on the farmland larger in
North America, from Boston to gion is; and what we will try and
Charleston is
W. M., C. W. Pettit.
S. W., John W. Phillips
9. W., Herman Case
Treas., Earl Wilson
Sec, F. W. Moyer
S. D., Dr. E. G. Cole
J. D., Clayton Huffman
Tyler, Art Wells
Mr. Newcomer received
mous vote for Trustee.
Trustee, Geo. Newcomer
The Country Club Winners includ
ing myself left Wauseon for Colum-
Cheaper monev eventually and! bus Monday, November 14th. - We
I more of it for home building is to be were met in Toldeo by Ray Donnan,
i . , 111 . i . ii 1 P ii" arA fha 1? 1 -I i) 11 nhifnKalin rl.A
iiictue uvuimuie t,u tne people ui vino "luul- yiiwwgiouci
a err pat vnmmp. pvervireacn
Sixteen hundred records of typical, M h sents his eulogium. We must build this Legion of oun' rved the Lodee faithfullv for manv!State Superintendent of Building and
Ohio farms show conclusively that it are presPented witu medais .0f so big and fine and strong, and keepem f taithfully for many association John W- p h
pays to keep accounts. On 60 per,-' . i,-- lAn it- cn iT1 aA tii, 'a a ; years- "The mvprnmpnl has tnarlo 1
r ivacoaif VI iiajiu, Vl 1 nitAauui,i w" . " nvaii auu niiuini nnu .liilil 1 i . ' . i. -
asK ior certain
took our pictures by Counties. Next
we were put on a chartered car for
club winners going to Columbus,
many other club winners got on at
Toledo and Bowling Green. We arriv
ed at Columbus about 2:05 in the
afternoon and were met by Mr.
Poorma, our Fulton County Club
Leader and were taken to the Col
umbus Hotel where we were to stav
Xmas gift to more than 1,250,000 1 f or the rest of the week. We were
men kihu w university nan ana
(through the action of Congress in ex
jempting depositors and stockholders
I of building, loan and savings insti
tutions and the institutions them
! selves from income taxes, through
. the provisions of the new revenue
na i ,, . . j; .
uuite a group Kept a iew accounts t. , - , - i.v ,. . - ti uI!;Qi u-
a. -!- 1 1 ncau UJ. cue iiniu ui xii antique hviwio isiiio
1Ci v...- ir, Apollo, be not curious about the other those men who
good enough to be of some , value to I wish only to express ablcd- our cc
country, and
are financially
communities will
tnem m improving ineir ousiness ; th impression Gen. Washington has "If the Legion is for it, we will be
These men averaged an income - of left mv mi . Brave fwith0uffor it."
!80U aDOve interest. jjiq it pay: tomoT.iv iawinn withnnt nmhitimi i For that servi unH with o nlorio-alRoll Call Current Events.. Duvine. secretarv
Will you join with the 60 per cent, ith t nrodio-slitv. nnhle'to vou of everv pwmnmv Bnri niiiThe Airplane as a Future Defense iBuilding Association
Prugh. "Congress has done much
towards solving the housing problem
j measures possible for constructive!
1 1 - tA .. 1 ')
IT " ,L ! without pride, virtuous without sev
nMt Z "l lur,erity, he seems always to have con- progress for that service I stand to
Keeping farm Accounts , fined himself within those limits your command.
1 To awaken greater interest andjwhere the virtues b clothing them.i
m -"j uusinc&st 'selves in more lively, but more
2 To provide an annual inventory , changeabIe and doubtful colors may
of farm property to show annual pro-; be istaUen for fault Let it h'
gress m savings and accumulations. repeated that Conde was intrepid,! The marrai7rin Thelma
3. To make available information! tw. nr,ut lri,,,r, ' -f 1,r-e marraige oi imiss ineima
on the farm business that mav be i J?!??!? J8 ?J"de"tA , Euf..en! . Bulger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
useful in establishing impWed!' "f"'! ilAs..T. .B; ""' "L.11?101 O.. Blake was
... .. "-o ----- -- suiciiiiiiKuu yyeunesuay. iovemoer
TUESDAY CLUB jin Ohio, by exempting building and
December Sixth loan companies and their patrons
- Myrtle Dalrymple .from income taxes," declared James
of the Ohio
League. He
Air Power vs Sea Power
Ida Gingrich ' too, pointed out that it means cheap
er money eventually for the prospec-
Jeanette Stutsman I tive home-builder. Devine declared'011 tne Campus, such as the horse
then had a welcome by W. H. Palmer
and also one. by Dean Vivian, who is
Dean of the college of agriculture at
the University.
Next we were , divided up into
groups by Counties with a captain
for about each twenty boys. In the
evening we saw illustrated pictures
of the land of the Bible by Dean
We visited many points of interest
Discussion on Modern Inventions that both Senator Willis and
Anna Wilson Pomerene, in supporting the provi
Music jsion which exempted tlie building,
(rT,"miT,i.r . loan and savings institutions from in-
THE CHILD CONSERVA- come taxes, had uone so only throueh
4. To show how much is made or
lost each year.
5. To provide information for
possible constructive changes in thel
management ot the larm.
TION LEAGUE ithe thought that they were abiding
December 9th lne Ereat mass ot home-
UrvatoQo rw;i 1 p!e in the Buckeye state,
ed. It will be said of him; at the 16th at the home of the bride in To- PaPer Cecil Weber . .lne "ew .tax revision measure pro
end of a lone civil war he had noth-: luri,. c irni, tt t? ; Shall we standardize household vides that incomes up to $300 from
ine- with which he could renroRi-h isprvirp?
barns, cattle barns, veterinary clinic
etc. Some of the points of interest
that were visited in the city were the
Columbus Packing Plant, where we
saw them packing all kinds of meat
for shipment and dressing and curing
the great mass of home-seeking peo-it:- Next we went to the Ohio Wool
wareuouse wnere we saw them in
specting the wool and sacking the in
n"?se": , T ,. ! Mr. and Mrs. Blake will reside
On his final parting with Washing-1 TWmnpp
ton, (jnastellux says: It is dinicult!
i ouuuing ano loan dividends are ex-
Paper Catherine Hanson : emP. from income taxes; that do-
Conservation and system in kit-1 m?f"c D.ul1; ,g ana ,oan associations,
ir pain this sef JSST Iva Smithiich is confined to making ; loans to
nt tho T twn 1 1 -i 1 1 in Wanconn of O !n
ZZ ir j i , gave me,
- 1 l J 1 a.1 ...ii
LVrf C Z r, iT i h 'derness with whid' it affected him,
But I have too much
pleasure in recollecting the real ten-
l) ,11-11 111-1- 11-i t Vl ll-Vl 1 ill 1 1" o lint i . J liivM
1. 1 1 111- .111 TV 1 lid .- 111111 in U 1111 11. H 111
not to take pride in mentioning it.
We'd like to have your name
our subscription list.
Watch the windows of the business
houses, they will display some in
teresting showings.
There are two things in life that a
man has to acquire a love for. Babies
are one thing and olives the other.
imembesfs are exempt, and the stocks
Led by Chloe Edgar an?, ,. Doims , issued by cooperative
. uuuuuig aim iuau a&aucmuuiis wnicu
NOTICE are organized and operated exclu-
The power in Wauseon wTfi be off sively for the benefit of their mem
from 2:00 d. m. to 2:45 d. m. Sundav i bers. o make loans only to their
December 4th for necessary repairs.
Toledo and Indiana R. R. Co.
Lt. and Pr. Dept.
Why They Fail to Govern price
of Sole Leather
Contributed by Alex Liilystrom
' By M. Moody i
Why the high prices of leather?
Monday morning, November
,- . , . , . r. 1 . i i xuc uucsiiiirit la noncu a uiiuuisaiiu
Marion Mills, the County Pig Club L. H d d h ft j k.
Wmner, Bruce McClarren, County . . . ' . . . . .. .
only frdm
Tha "Him" Gift. Problem
Can Be Solved Here
stockholders are exempt from docu
mentary stamps taxes.
Secretary Devine declared that
everyone of the more than a million
depositors and borrowers of the 700
building and loan institutions in Ohio
would be greatly benefited through
the new tax revision measure, as
would all those who become patrons
of these institutions during future
years. "It means more money for
those seeking to build nomes," declar
ed Devine, "as the new tax exemp
tion provision will mean increased deposits."
In traveling about the country, one
is always observing the roads, and
spected wool by grades. As any one
can see we were kept busy all the
time and so had no time to loaf on the
I Would say in conclusion that the
time spent at Columbus' Club Week
is time that cannot be replaced by
money and that it is worth more than
any other prize, even if jt takes a
week from school.
Bruce McClarren,
County Poultry Club Winner
On Thanksgiving day a most en
joyable time was had by the descen
dants and their families of Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Trory of Wauseon, Ohio.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Trory Sr., Mr. and Mrs. E.UH.
Jordan and sons Clarence and Arthur
of Wauseon, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Trory of Kent, Ohio; Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Trory Jr. and daughter
Herma of Crestline and Mr. nd Mrs.
A. J. Trory and daughter Betty Jane
of Kent, Ohio. The Thanksgiving
dinner was partaken of at the Avery
Inn which was pronounced by all as
being first class in every particular.
Alter dinner tney proceeded to the
several home of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Jordan
Cub ! ne 1uestin is asked a thousand
. . t , i . . . . . . i , . i u . in aiiiui. n i inv i 1. 1 1. 1 1 u u 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1. ...
w VP v r i ruu wV,, ! father goods, we find it more and
Weatherby County ood Club, Win- more dicult' f to understand
ner left Wauseon at 8:49 for a j ; h . j d f
7?7lL7h?C$n finished leath is worth one whole,
the Club Department of the College bj round doll while the sanle'
o- Agriculture of the Ohio Stete L in- ount f leathe'r , . raw f
:!"'lJh "UT""y Bl-1-""-! commonly known as "green hide-
ji.i. t-i - brings the meat killer
Arriving in Toledo ' the , north- th
western Ohio groups had their pic-i it staggers us to realize that we
tures taken for f the Toledo daily must pay eight to ten dollars for a
papers. Mr. Ray Donnan, Lucas pair 0f shoes, if we are anything like
County Agent had made arrange-: discriminating in our tastes, or even
, meats for a special car over the T. two dollars if we purchase our f oot
and O. C. to Columbus, leaving To-'gear from the bargain counter, while
ledo at 10:05 and arrived in Colum-,at the same time the leather which
bus at 2:05. Arriving in Columbus enters into the actual making of the
t.ie boys were taken to the Columbus shoes was purchased in its green
Hotel and the girls to the Southern state for a paltry few cents.
Hotel. After registering at the; Let us follow the hide from the
hottls they were taken to the Uni-!siaiighter pen to the consumer and
versity and welcomed by W. H. Pal-;see what happens to it and through
jner, State Boys and Girls Club-whose hands and how many hands It
Leader. The boys and girls were passes. First the killer sells the
then divided into companies and hide to the local buyer. He gets
placed in charge of a chaperon whose ; whatever he can for it and it is this
duty it was to take cnarge ior cne;-price on which -we base our lowest!
balance of the week. (estimate. The local hide buyer sells j
After checking up Monday evening' at a profit and ships to the big hide;
it was found that seven hundred and and skin dealer, who, in turn sells'
seventy -nine ciub winners in the' at a profit to the tanner. The tan-j
fctate were present. ner sells at a profit to the wholesale
Dinner and supper were served by s leather dealer and the wholesale
the Kir.g Avenue M. E. and Presby-! leathe dealer sells at a profit to the
tc-rian Cnurches, breakfast was serv-: retailer or to a repairman. The
ed at the Hotel Columbus and Mills' manufacturer produces his article and
Restaurant. ' j sells at a proftt to the retailer also.
The weeks program conssited of an The retailer sells at a profit to the
eight o'clock lecture each morning by consumer and the consumer, roughly
Jrrofs. Coffey, Conklin, Gay, Plumo' speaking, gets it "in the neck," yet,
and Dakan on some phase of live- perhaps, none of the above has made
stock. The girls being entertained any excessive profit after the losses,
by the Home -Economics Department wastes, cost of handling and all have
Ihe nine o'clock hour was given over been taken into consideration.
to recreation m charge of the! The costs of machinery, housing,
pnysical education department, when- ngnts, water, luel and transportation
ever the weather permitted. Other all enter into the game and must be
parts ot the program were devoted considered. In addition to that j
to iivestocK departments, tne new-mere are otner expenses such as
stadium, archeological museums, vet- taxes, insurnace and numerous other
erinary college and the library at the items that tend to eat up the mar-1
vniv oMtc vivvi9ibj, wiiiiei fjujijia t x uiatciiiut:, tne lreignt item
if interest around Columbus visited on hides, tanning materials and i
were, state riouse, Memorial liail.i learner , amounts to practically tour.
River Widening Project, Post Office, and one-fourth cents a pound, :
llartman Theatre and Library, Col- Ano.ther feature of tremendous im
urnbus Packing Plant and the Woo! I portance in the leather game is the
Growers Ware House. i'great length of time required to con-
On Friday afternoon the State and vert a hide into leather. This means
County winners were presented with i that tjie capital invested is tied up
medals, Friday evening was given for from nine months to a year a't a
over to stunts by Counties, wnich was time. The significance of this state
a fitting climax for the weeks enter- ment does not strike us until we sit
tainment. down with pencil and paper and fig-
Sat' t'lay mining the north wtst-' ure up the cost of one hide and t.he
era Ohio group found their special1 converting of it and then multiply
car awaiting mem at the T. .and oJ by the enormous number of them
C. Station, arriving in Toledo they handled by our largest tanners. The
separated for their homes a mucu, amount of capital thus involved is I
wiser and happier bunch of young- far beyond the comprehension of the'f
st era than they were on Monday I majority of people. !
morning. ' j Then, too, all hides do not make the
Each of the. boys and girls felt ; best of leather. For example,
tnat it was a weeK well spent and all I country hides never go into tinders
Each succeeding holiday season
has found more and more women
looking to us for appropriate gift
suggestions for men and boys.
usually a touiist will drive
miles to avoid a rough or muddy where they continued in their pleas
road. . ant associations until Saturday when
It is the same way with the farm-'the last took their departure for
ers now-a-days. Thev would rather; home.
So this year we've made special
preparations to be of even greater as
sistance to women in the selection
of practical gifts.
The list below will help you choose
your gift selections quickly, defi
nitely and completely.
We would appreciate the courte
sy of showing the articles to you.
In case you are too busy to come
in person just check the articles
you wish to purchase, fill in the
necessary information, mention
the price you wish to pay and
mail us your list. We'll make a
careful selection for you and sub
mit it subject to your personal
inspection and approval.
drive five .or six miles to another
town rather than come over one mile
j of rough road. A fault that is
i found in nearly every small town is
' the bad roads leading into them. Up
jto within a half a mile of the town
the roads will be excellent, and then
the main entrance will almost be im
! passible.
j We would like to know where there
. is one good road or street entrance to
Wauseon. From nearly every d
rection we have good roads leading
Sere but the last mile or sq. nave
tyou ever stepped to think what that
poor entrance means to a town.
There are towing iear by that have
good roads leading into them from
nearly every direction, and we hear
people say. ' I would rather come to
Wauseon to trade, but I will not
drive over a mile of rough road when
I can have good roads to another
Jt is time we are waking up and
doing something for the condition
! that exists at every entrance to Wau
The Exchange Club met last Fri
day evening at Avery Inn. This is
the first meeting after
months vacation;.
The Club will have a membership
of 25 this year. -
Officers elected to sreve the club for
the next' six months are: W. C.
This is the first time the family
has been together for twenty-seven
years. The only missing from the
circle was Edward, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Trory Jr. of Crestline,
Ohio, who was unable to be here on
account of certain engagements
which usually come to a young man
about eighteen years of age. .
un .thanksgiving night a picture r,
was taken by Mr. Dangler which will
be highly prized by all present. '.
The Ottokee Grange held a fair on
Tuesday and Wednesday of last week
and from all reports an excellent
time was had. members turned
out and a great many visitors were
present to help swell the crowd. Mr.
Paul Mizer of Pike township was the
lucky fellow and drew the pig. Mr.
Sullivan Johnson drew the quilt.
About $125 was left after all ex
penses had been- paid. This is one of
the active Granges of this county.
The annual meeting of the Royal
ton Township Farm Bureau will be
several ineId at tne Brick Church Friday
'afternoon, December 2nd at 1:30.
The same matters will be taken no
fas in the case of the Clinton Town
ship Farm Bureau meeting.
ilvery Farm Bureau member and
hit wife is requested to be present
ana every larmer and his wife in the
Check Your Gift Needs on This List
,' wished to go back again next year.
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v M
The Art of Dining
wag formerly really enjoyed
only by the very wealthy.
Now, you can enjoy delight
ful food in attractive sur
roundings at a moderate
Try our 50c meal
at noon.
Chicken dinner everv niht and Sunday.
F. W. AVERY, Prop.'
Wauseon, Ohio
A Little Better Service A Little
' Better Food A Lot More
For For
Article ' Whom Size Color Price Article ' Whom Size , Price Color
Arm Bands Overcoat f
Bath Robej " Pajamas
Bath Slippers .. Scarf
Belt j... """" Scarf Pin
Belt Buckle Shirts
Bill Fold Shoes, :
Cap (Cloth or Fur) Smoking Jacket
Cane Suits
Card Case : Suit Case
Clothes Brush Suspenders .
Collar Cases Sweaters
'Cuff Links i Tie Clasp ''
Garters Traveling Bag
Gloves Knife and Chain Set ...
Handkerchiefs Trunk
Hat ' Gold Pen and Pencil Set
Hosiery Umbrella
Mackinaw Underwear .'
, Mittens Wallet
Muffler wo1 Vest
Necktie Wooly Boy Suit
Fink, Pres; E. L. Bowsher, 1st Vice
G. Cole, 3rd Vice Vres; Rease Camp-! I owhip ho f? not members are
bell, Secretary and F. , Weber, Llnv,ted ?1met th2? and
Xreas learn what the Farm Bureau has ac
The meetings will be held at the comPlished and what its plans are for
Avery Inn every Friday evening. ,next year.
Ihe Club outlined some very inter-!
esting things to be done thi3 coming
The Patriotic Instructor of the
Vomans Relief Corps visited the
IS'X lower sr. sae school and oreaontpd
I We have also noticed that the I them with sHk flags. Oa the ninth
I Wauseon man who takes his home-, of Decmeber will be the regular elec-
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Home of Good Clothes and Shoes
The New York
Candy Kitchen
Where you get the best
Home Made Candy
Made by expert candy makers
Fresh Every Day
Test the truth of our claims with a
trial order
Make this your headquarters for your Xmas
candies. Special attention given to schools, churches
and lodges. Prices right. Just received a ship-
,jx mem. uj. Ait-an i.ciiic.v uua caim y.
We serve all kinds of hot drinks.
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