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bounty Audi
There will be an important meet
lTf i-vT f hn I 'nun T rnn i thfl
XT , ibrary next Monday evening at 7:30
, The coldest da in November was: The subject for informed discus-
on the Uth when 11 leg.siereu o ue- : is Thn TTnemnlovment
mi K 11 1 1 A -.: , 1 iv j. " ' ...j...., .... . . w ,
ine louowing opanisn-.fiHiern.nii jjrees above zero, aim me warmest !(.inn rif Wnnfepnn "
War Veterans with their wives, days were on the 1st and 19th when Tne matteP. cf a Community
motored Irom wauseon to iNapoieon lt registered oj degrees , I Christmas tree will be taken up but betterment of conditions in
iicuuvaua,, v me umuiii.. , ,he sneeia obieet of the meet up is seon.
The Exchange Club held their: Lettie I., daughter of John A. and
Li-1 tegular meeting Friday evening at Mary A. Conklin was born in Goshen;
Avery Inn. Iwenty-two members Indiana June 23, 1866. On Novem-l Opening Game December 17th
were present. iber 28th, 1896, she was united in!
joyed a pot-luck supper and social! from .01 on the first to .83 on the
evening at the home of W. A. Kilter: nineteenth.
S. B. Overmeyer, L. S. Williams, F.j There was a thin snow on the 9th,
L. Croninger, Percy Stites, Jocelynj loth, 11th, 13th and 14th and 1 inch
Upp, M. W. McConkey and Sheriff i0t snow on the 12th. v
R. W. Ford. The party say that j There was a lieavy frost on the 3rd
Mr. Kitter is a royal host ana inai and zoth. Un the 24tn there was
A number of things have come up marriasre to T. W Bohler also of
that the club have sanctioned. A Goshen. After ten years of happy
plan is being worked out for the; residence in Goshen, during which
Wau-time one foster daughter, Bernice,
came into the home, the family came
t.Wey were rovallv entertained
Mr. Kitter is a candidate for the
posmastership at Napoleon. He is
well known to citizens of Fulton
County as the originator of the
League of American . Patriots, a
chapter of which he roganized in
Wauseon, these organizations did
eflective work during the World War
in steining the tide of pro-germanism
and propogating the spirit of loyal
Americanism. Mr. Ritter was at
the same time cheif for this district
ai the American Protective League,
an auxilliary to the Federal Depart
ment of Justice, and by his activities
in these organizations rendered in
valuable service to the government
and the cause of true Americanism
heavy thunder and lightning,
The general direction of the wind
was N. E. to S. W.
There were 22 cluody days and 6
partly cloudy with only 2 clear days
during the month.
W. A. Showalter,
Cooperative Observer
Plant Nearly Completed
Supply of Water
to consider how to make the comine The Yellow Stone Trail is now be- to Wauseon. Ohio
holiday a Merry Christmas for every fore a committee for investigation Whila in Goshen, Mrs. Bohler unit
one in the community. 'This trail is being sought by other ed with the Presbyterian church and
It is not always easy' to raise I towns and it is up to Wauseon i.i.d; remained an active member of that
money for this work, but it is still j other towns along the line to get church until she transferred her
more difficult to use it to the best ad-j busy and keep the trail coining this faithfulness to the Methodist Episco
vantage and it is only by the co-op- way. Since the Commerce Club has pal Church in Wauseon. She was
eration of all that it can be done. j ceased to function, somebody has got alSo a member of the Ladies of The
Do not let some child go without ! to finance the proposition. It is up Maccabees and of the Order of the
toys, some women without shoes or! to the town to come across with its Eastern Star.
coat, another without warm bed ; share. Mrs. Bohler had been ill for some
clothes or proper food, simply because Members of the Club are co-op-fourteen months and suffered untold; Howard Lillich, Owen Stevens, Geo
YOU were not enough interested to grating with the Civic League m an pain during much of that period. Yet , Robinson, Hal Shadle and Byron
ici i.ue cumniuiiiLy miow. , icnun. vu nave cuiumuiuiy Aiuas m tne very midst oi it an sne main-inamberlain.
hn- k . j i j.:j..i j - .. . . . ... ...
The louowing is the schedule:
Over $60,000,000 Advanced by
War Finance Corporation
In Three' Months
The High School Basket Ball team
will open the season here December
17th, one week from next Saturday
evening when they will stack up
against the .Morenci basketeers. The
t'i.citir(iD ...111 nliti Pi1i.Till. tfnw
No system of public financing
Coach Bohn has been hard at work ei1Lhe5 ? any foreig" country
fl T,af WOlr ; Jsr6t devised for the purpose of
for the different positions. There ' Promptly reaching and assisting the
are only two old players on the team, aerage citizen, can be compared in
Kabmson and Ralph Geer, all the "V"""-'""" r"""1' vu "lc
rat are new players. The following j "lance Corporation.
are some of the tryouts: Lloyd Geer,
Ralph Geer, Albert Socie, Carl
Kaiser, Lstell Mohr, Clifford Belding,
flease De specinc and report just tree mis year. wnat could be nicer tained a beautiful and increasing
what is most needed, as the com-! than a big Xmas tree on the Main faith in her Heavenly Father, which
;nittees are brsy women and cannot j Street so that everyone could enjoy ! coupled with the charm of her sweet
do the work alone. jit. ! spirit, radiated courage and inspira-
I Those wishing to make cash dona-i Supt. Ash and Principal Brillhartitinn to those who visited her. Her
Good tions mav leave same with Mrs. C.Tof Napoleon Schools were guests ofiparents and one sister preceded her
. cummings. line iud, ana gave snort taiKS. eupi. to the Eternal Home and without
Arrangements will be made later; Ash s talk was mostly on the Better doubt eagerly awaited her coming to
r It is only a question of a few days
until the ciyzens of Wauseon will be
aiile to use water from the new
Mr. Ritter was in active service in Water Works System. The new re
Cuba and in the Philippines during lServoir has been completed f6r some
the Spanish-American War and also' time and there was last Friday
served four years on th Panama, about sixteen feet of water
Canal as a steam shovel engineer; he!at the north end and 20 feet at the
has the distinction ' of having been 80uth end. When the reservoir is
commended for his services by form- filled there will be 23 feet of water at
er president W. H. Taft, General the north end and 27 feet at the south
Gifthals and General McClermand. j end, an average of about 24 feet.
His Many friends and especially! There has been plenty of water
h-i comrades of the Spanish Ameri-comjnK down the creek to keep the
f in War Veterans are hoping that he;pUmps going night and day for the
i ill win out in the contest for the iast two weeks. The water looks' to
pestmastership at Napoleon, justly; be of good quality,
holding to the principle that ability) There is a pumping station at the
nd reputation being equal prefer- north end cf the reservoir that is
I nee should be given to those who equipped with 4 motors and 4 pumps,
have fought the nations battles and One motor is 20 H. P., one 30 H. P.,
rendered willing and uncompensated one 15 h. P. and one 7 H. P.. When
si'ivh.e in the time of great national aii are working there is a pumping
crisis. v !canacitv of seven and one-half mil
lion gallons every 24 hours. Ihey
to receive other supplies
Report all needs to the Relief Com
mittee, composed of the following:
Mrs. Geo. Gorsuch, Chairman.
Mrs. Christ King, northwest sec
Mrs. Chas. Dudley, southwest sec;
tion. '
Mrs. Clyde Wager, southeast sec
Mrs. F. R. Guilford, northeast sec
tion. '
The distribution will be done with
as little publicity as possible, and no
names will go on the records of the!
society. j
The two representatives from each!
Women's organization are expected
to attend the meeting and all other
women are urged to be present.
Mrs. Chas. Jordan, Pres.
Education Week,
that is on
At 1 the regular meeting of the
Wauseon Fire Department held Mon
this them. She went to them December
3, 1921, aged 55 years, 5 months and
10 days.
"In addition to her faithful husband,
the deceased leaves here awhile a
foster daughter, Mrs. L. G. Show
alter,, of Wauseon, one sister, Mrs.
;Arna Haines and one brother, Sher-
day evening, the following
were elected:
Chief, S. B. Overmeyer.
Asst. Chief, Art Gorsuch.
Foreman, Amos Morningstar.
Asst. Foreman, Geo. Hailauer.
Secy., Art Stratton.
Treas., Geo. Geer.
Quartermaster, Roscoe "Marks.
Foreman H. C, Wm. Losure.
' Foreman H. L., Carl Clark.
Fire Wardens, North Side,
Geer and L. M. McDonald.
Fire Wardens, South Side,
Schletz and Harve Barkman.
officers an 4 onkiin, both of Go3hen, Ind.,
and one siner, ivirs. iNaie inoraus 01
rhicagn. Little Deris Jane Shov
altr of Wauseon is the only grar.d
child. M-s. Bohler made many
friends vh-i gladly bear witness to
the iertie helpfulness of her life.
-Reserves" at Ridgeville
Dec. 17 Morenci here.
ary game, Reserves vs
Dec. 22
Dec. i23 Ney at Ney.
Dec. 30 Alumni.
Jan. 6 Open.
Jan. 13 Napoleon at Napoleon.
Jan. 20 Bryan here.
Jan. 27 Napoleon here.
Feb. 3 Open.
Feb. 10 Archbold at Archbold.
Feb. 17 Montpelier here.
March 3 Montpelier at Mon
March 10 Bryan at Eryan.
I are pumping at the present time
(about 5200 gallons 'per minutt.
iThe capacity of the reservoir is
. ,1 . . , t.i nhnnt. 7n.0nn.nnn o-allons. There is
1Z liv. V Wovprlv also two 10 H. P. motors to be used culmination of a long time acquaint- scriber to this paper for M year.s"
Kansas, and is sent for the benefit of to pump the water to the filtering a"ce and triendsmp Ihey have gone He was born in a log cabin 4 miles
Mr. J. M. Longnecker of Delta, O. THE SUNDOWN OF YEARS
and Mrs. Grace Gresham. of Los- .
Angeles, Calif., were married at the1 Mr. A. T. Skeels of Wauseon. made
;esDyterian Parsonage, Monroe, the Tribune office his regular call one
Mich., November 29th. Simply the dav last week. He has jeen a sub-
nobody swatted the fly.
operations were rare.
orchards were never sprayed.
milk was sarved from a pail.
Europe was ten days away.
The Chinaman still wore his
tuberculosis was the
I 1 A 1 1 .1
nave ueen appointed and the ma
chinery of the corporation is perfect
ed, loans are being made to farming
communities far in excess of the
average for the 90 days.
The week ending November 19th,
the corporation made 218 separate
loans for agricultural and livestock
purposes in the aggregate amount of
$13,447,000. On Monday, November
21st, it made 76 more loans for agri
cultural and ' livestock purposes ag
gregating $3,187,000. On Wednes
day, Nov. 23, it approved 56 more
loans for the same purpose, aggre
gating $2,073,000. At present the
corporation is making loans to farm
communities at a rate in excess ef
$10,000,000 a week. '
bably benefit mankind more than any A compilation of the number of
invention yet made. loans maae Dy tne corporation Irom
greati It is a flask 7 inches in diameter ! August 24th to November 21st, in-
' 1 I 1 j.1 1 -11 x. 1 Inlncitrrt nUntr, T 1 - J J.1--
ana I incn inicK. wnn au parts rouna-;-lwolvc o"wa mat iuw ieu me
Mr. Walter W. Caddell has taken
the Distributing Agency for a new
invention that is known as the Radio
Heat Flask, and has organized a
company to distribute them.
This invention has a world wide
field for its many uses and will pro
As enlarged and recognized under
additional powers given it by the
special session of Congress, the War
Finance Corporation, from August
One of the most attractive and im
pressive weddings of the season was
that of Miss Helen Moore and Mr.
Johnson Darby Kenyon.
The ceremony took place Wednes
day evening in the Chicago boule
vard home of Miss Moore's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Alanson A. Moore, be
fore the families and a few guests.
The groom's father, Rev. Frank E.
Kenyon, of Ohio, officiated.
Miss Moore and Mr. Kenyon spoke
thejr vows in the sun room, which
was converted into a conservatory of
tropical plants.
1 he' prie-dieu of white satin was
24th to November 21st a period of .sentineled on either side rvith tall
90 days, has made actual loans for
agricultural and livestock purposes
in the aggregate sum of $58,538,505.
This is an average of a little over
$19,50w,000 a month, or $4,181,000 a
week. In considering: this averaee.
candelabra and orchid chrysanthe
mums. . Throughout the other rooms
chrysanthemums in the autumn and
orchid shades were used in great profusion.
M:ss Moore wore a gown of ivory
rc n ,mina. Pan velvet. The draped skirt had
that the first month or six weeks of L wide girdle embroidered in pearls
the operations of the War Finance and silver and run- through loops of
Corporation under the new powers pearls. Two narrow pnnels of velvet
given it by Congress was largely formed the train. Her veil of tulle
expended in setting up machinery to hung from a circlet of silver laurel
reach the agricultural sections. Now leaves. Instead of the customarv
uiau uie various regional committees bouauet. she carried a whit r,
the Giangea of Fulton County:
f- .V -t T '
Pomcna Grange minute. All current used m pump-
At the November meeting of our in ls supplied from the old plant at
t... .,h ,,uo 1170 ir vn o 1 1 mil- K vt-iy OMiau cusi. '
plant and each of these have a pump-jeas' for a short stay and will be east and 2 miles south of Wauseon in
mg capacity of 300 gallons per;""" " ineir irienas aDout December what is wow York Township. He is
and in
10m ai uena. r,nw 70 VPars ftf
Mr. Longnecker i3 Delta's foremost
citizen, ana nis long Dusiness rela
white plague.
I'll 1 j j . , T ailU X lill.ll tlllv.Il) W 11,11 Oil UO.L tO 1VIUUU- 1 ' 1 " " - "v v ww c bllC
children seldom used a tooth edj hjghly polished and richIy nickel- states in the number of loans secured
b5,u.sn- . , 'ed on alloy metal. It is 'filled with from . the corporation and also in the
soothing syrups were given to.a harmiess odoriess chemical corn-! total amount of money loaned. In
babies. inonnd which never has to he chanced ! that period there were 116 separate
anybody was a nutse. . 'and which is capable of absorbing! loans made for agricultural and live-
iiic ucai uvyciiu v -live vcaia Will -J V,rtli i4-o knV.r
cood bring new leaders, new
1 new metnoas
mi 1 ; 11 1.
ine cnanges win oe Ko J!.j .1 4-ra t;mo ,
In his early days on the farm nails as numerous and desirable as those . tof,
yifQ give ail OUT ' J - Li j i 1 1110 jr j a via vuc iai 111 11a 11a
ion and adoption There are several good gas wells tions here nave enabled him to win were unknown and wooden pins were on which we now look back,
nt to send to the t'int furnish gas for the boilers and;ror himself a friendship extending all used. Wooden hinges or pins were Tribune will continue to light
.with all pumps and wells working ov.er this section. His hundreds of used on doors,
W( PYffinH hoct TI-l'lVl rid f w a . t
The filtering plant is still under wedded life.
The time when you could make a call
and expect to find your friends at
home instead of "out in the car?"
time to the discussion
ot measures we want
Mate ura)lilt;i)n9 Adopted j there is not used to exceed 500 to 700 "ends will , join in extending con
To amend the Stat Constitution to Pounds of coal in 24 hours. This is gratulaitons.
permit counties that elect single or a "t saving on running expenses , WAIT,FfW Rnv MAnmi,n
un-narried delegates to State Grange l.he reservoir will not be pumped, VVAUfehON BOY MARRIED
U elect another single member in 10 , ts iuu capacity s um s mey , Mrs. Eunice s?ade ann0unces the
order to give all counties their full "" marriage of her son, Paul to
f first. In a short time the outside F.mmn Wnvt, f rv; tn
To ask the lotrislature to enact a Pan' will be all sod as plenty of seed ceremony took place November Rrhjover lour weeks at one time
Farmers Land Title law without any has already been sown. In the course 1921. Mr. Spade is a graduate of
"jokers" in it. . tlm? the mde wal'3 wl'1 cover- the class of 1917 of the Wauseon
Aa 4nr a eo with cmeent so as to keep them Hio-h Snimni-
11.111 UUIICltM 11V VIVTlUb . . . - J". ....... .
. m . .1 1 rnni w. 11 n r rur i
deep water way irom Chicago xo ine
Atl.nfin . f-r.nt K.n.i. itir tn tha 1 tie tllterini!
Gulf of Mexico to aid transportation construction, but will be ready for use
of farm products and other trade. about Monday Dec. 14th. Ilolloway
Ta forbid and cabinet or other a cerxeoiie are xne contractors g;
nr;-- t k nntinr. f ininfv5n nd they are doing first class work, tt
o r prohibitory law by a ruling. , As the water is pumped from the
Ask Congress and the states to reservoir it goes through a chemical,
pio.ide lor the open shop plan of process and then into a settling vat
-ork for all employees, including whf,re the settlings land impurities go;
those from labor unions who really to bottom and from there it pass
want to work 3 through about five or six feet of
Compel all' railways to pay the 3and- This sand-bed. is about 25
U. S. government the money they feet square and there are several
owe it before the Congress grants l'u"dred cubic feet of sand in it.
tnem any more aid. !After. lt. haa K.,ne through this pro-
Ask that labor wages, manufactur- ce9S 1,lson3,1f e.rei Pure as n?'
ing, transportation and marketing wa1?r that could be had.
ccsts be adjusted to a level with the! Ihe chemical tanks are built of
costs and prices of farm products. (concrete and the settling vat is built
' Ask Congress to limit immigration ; ?f reinforced concrete which will last,
U others who can read and write the ! for. years and vear8- A. . , , J
t.' in,.. onH i,0.l Alter going over the whole plant
stand and support the U. S. plan oi?"d making a thorough investigation
ll W ' heat and holding its charge of heat or stock purposes in the state of Iowa,
thoughts, "DOttling its heat up" so to speak, to ! aggregating $4,705,000. South Da.-
Koia comes next with 48 separate
loans aggregating $1,461,000.
Ihe largest single loan was made
tile ,fn ,.1 1 J fl V, ,i nnfVinmnnJ to A COOnPratlVf f U -1 uf IT wh ifVl linnlad
, v .i iivii. i uuu wjj. uii uic aubuuii&cu 1 " - j iiui.u.i j
I The new company, The Waltlr W.
He has four children, four brothers will find it worth the price of a year's
and two sisters living. He is the subscription which is only one dollar
youngest of a family of seven chil- a year.
dren. . m , .,
He had been a resident on the f.n,-,,' . uiACAaca are not tne omy tnmgs
WTJUS-las IIs -n go,ing- Yo.u! distributors, and have Fulton and, farm products, principally grain, in
Williams Counties as
buting territory.
their distri-
Thieves broke into Howard Kolb's M loans aggregating $2,800,000;
the states of Minnesota, North and
South Dakota. Ibis loan was in the
sum of i5,000,( 00. Three co-operative
societies i.i California receive
, . f"" fV,ot oro nnntdirir.no fc'irwlntioc ia 1 hieVCS DrOKe 1MO llOWard A.O10Sc" iii aicsauilg ,OUU,UW. A
Miss on wnicn ne was born lor over sixty- MJ1w ir,0:rw ia garage one night last week and stole cooperative associat.on in Arizona
The """ "H "c,cl -"e l"al:eit!iP'iou All the nosit ve virtues 'a tire and rim and on the same even- waa iu"" f""."""
with real red blood in their veins, areim
Henry VanDyke.
Buy your Xmas stationery at this
thieves broke1 into Lewis
All Western States Helned
Gottschalk's garage next door and lne second largest single loan was
ino made to the beet interests of TItah
Several days ago the Wauseon !and Idaho, they being given an ad-! Sec. Wauseon, or known
Floral Co. was robbed, about fifteen vance 01 $4,150,000. The largest,' sweet improvement.
dollars was taken.
Mrs. Stanley Speigle, who was
Miss Moore's matron of honor, and
Miss Helen Hines, one of the brides
maids, were gowned alike in tur
quoise blue panne velvet, simply
fashioned, with trains lined with
orchid chiffon. They carried arm
bouquets of orchid chrysanthemums.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Glace, of
Evanston, 111., the other attending
maid, wore a frock of silver lace over
blue chiffon and carried a French
Mrs. Moore, the bride's mother was
gowned in gold brocade and Mrs.
Kenyon, mother of the bridegroom
was attired in taupe chiffon velvet.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon left to spend
their honeymoon in the East., They
will be at home after January let,
at 7330 Second boulavard.
Mr. Kenyon is a "University of
Michigan man and has a splendid
war record. Detroit Free Pres3.
West Elm Street Improvement
The Council met in regular session
Monday evening with all members
present and Mayor Oakley presiding.
The Clerk was instructed to write
a letter to the Gas Company at Na
poleon asking them to reduce the
price of gas. Labor has come down
but gas has not.
A resolution was passed by the
Council to accept the plans and
specifications of the West Elm Street
These plans and specifications are
lor tne improvement of I. C. H. 297,
as West
There are
single livestock loan was made to a;2'0 feet from the corporation line
financial institution handling live-! to Fulton Street that is to come in
lit appreciated by the writer thatj
t M,. v,o of; oeiore anyone manes any criticisms.'
all who refuse to work, and try to,thev. should least thoroughly in-j
induce others to quit work, or pre-instigate. The ordinary person
vent anv one from working u"es. ,"'"uw "ow- WBW;r worKSt;
Demand that Congress give us an,PIa.nt works. . . . v
efficient law compelling manufac- Ihe present board is to be com
Mrers of all the necessaries of life to 1 ",e,'u,e" "let w". l"ey nave
place honest label on their products. , nandl;d .thls Plant. -It has been in-i
Favored disarmament as far a the stalled ,nt retco.rd Wor,kv wa3
safety of the nation will permit " actually started last May and before;
Thus came a long and spirited dis-!Ja"uarv lst 14 Wl11 be ln working,
cussion of a resolution by a solicitor !or2eT' .. t ... .1
of the U.S. Grain Grower, or-1 . There w tjnlren hnen thy used!
ganization for our Pomona to endorse 0 pump about 550,000 gallons of
that society and ask the State Grange water into the town, but after many,
to endorse it. The outcome of the dis- leaka wtere stopPed' 'L8,, on'y necJ
cussion was that the Grange does not ?ly w 'u",1' g"ws every
Five or six wells had to be pump
ed to furnish enough water but now
only 2 or 3 are used at the most.
fhe old way of pumping takes U9
stock paper in the states of Montana
and Wyoming. This loan was in
the sunv of $1,000,000. Another in-
H ' stitution handling livestock paper for
Montana was loaned $600,000.
8 I Montana livestock and agricultural
H ; interests have been given 13 loans in
the aggregate sum of $917,000. Min
nesota has received 28 loans in the
: aggregate sum of $738,000. Nebraska
I has received 23 loans in the aggre
gate sum of $482,775. North Dakota
! received $598,000 in 20 loans. Wis
consin received $510,000 in 17 loans.
Wyoming received $981,000 in four
loans. Kansas has received $700,000
j in 13 loans; Missouri $735,000 in 17
loans. v
i Why' Banks Are Used
There is some criticism of the fact
(that the Finance corporation makes'
this improvement
In considering this improvement
the first consideration was the amount
of traffic that would come over the
street The street would be widen
ed to 24 feet from corporation line
to the east line of Clinton Street,
from this line to alley back of
Dimke's store to be widened 8 feet,
making it 40 feet and from alley to
Fulton Street to be 48 feet, 16 feet
wider for parking space.
When this street was improved
several years ago, a water bound
base with a gluetin top was used. It
was worn out several years before
it was paid for. fj
The State will give aid on the con
struction of the new improvement
tnat is under consideration.
The estimate on a reinforced con-
endorse, federate, or affiliate
other organizations, however.
Many members had gone home.
and only 57 were present to vote. 11 1
vrtoj4 r Atinrtto O vnfo1 now avii ') T.
asked for further consideration of theHP- t0 Pun?P i150. ? 18?gallons of
questions i water per minute but with the new1
The 100 per cent membership, the i 2500 gallons can be furnished'
heavy overhead expenses and theiwlP the 8ame H; p- from the reser-i
i i: u u- t. n voir, a srreat savincr of fuel. I
ers who have little grain to sell, the ' Theu town Bno",d. br appreciative as
tieinir ud of the train trade of ; they have an efficient Superintendent H
- in charge. Mr. Leu Seidner is a.?'
not liked by our members. I mechanic and is always on the job.
Thcrfl in npvpr anv timp fnr tho ' 1
literary program at these 'annual MISSION ARY AND
meetings of our Pomona, and yet
they are watched with most interest
of any of our county meetings by all
our farmers.
Ev Gasche
At r.Krist inn PVnirnh
Bert Wilson of the United Chris-If
tian Missionary Society, Mrs. C
Pomona Lecturer in Paraguay, South America and sev-';
; - eral state speakers will be the chiei
H. D. MEISTER speakers. The Rally opens at 10:00
LEAVES HOSPITAL! m. Thursday this week. After
Mr. IT. D. Meister, who has been noon esr,sin atA llS? and ,niRnt 8es:
in the Wauseon Hospital for several 31011 at '.-,00. A pot luck dinner and
weeks suffering from typhoid fever, sP" will be served in the basement
ki n v, ,.a . of the church. This Rally includes
r.1 hi. .iRf-r in Wntorvillp Aft a U the Churches ot Christ in rultonn
few weeks visit he will then go to County. There will be Stereoptican
Texas for the winter months. .pictures at the night session. All are
- nvited to partake of this educational
IS TOUR SUBSCRIPTION DUE 1 , treat coming to Wauseon.
Has opened the largest Auto Storage space in Fulton Co. Your own private
space always open. Clean and Warm. Storage $4.00 per month.
Have reduced your repair cost to 75c per hour for labor.
To do all motor, starter, generator, battery, rebodying of cylinders, in fact
any job of repairing on any make of automobile.
Have installed hot and cold water for washing cars.
Storage with cars washed twice a month, $6.00.
its loans to banks instead of direct to crete street js $32,700 based on th
! farmers and cattle growers. This prevaling price of material and labor
(criticism is due to lack of knowledge: at $3.00 per day and earns at $5.00
jof all the facts in the case. Were the,Per day.
;War Finance corporation to make itsj The estimate on a 5 in. compact
loans direct to individuals it would water bound stone base with a 3 in.
have required the creaticn of an 'asphalt wearing surface is $35,800.
enormous federal department em- The concrete estimate is $2.87 per
ploying thousands of people. It sq. yd. and the asphalt $3.12 per sq.
The old material that is now on the
street will all be used. It will b&
re- spreaa out ana widened and rolled
down making a good surface.
If the state pays 50 Der cent of the
cost, it will only cost the property
would have necessitated the creation
of an intricate system that would
have necessitated the creation of an
intricate system that wuold have
; quired many months to put in opera
tion. All this would have taken ?
wuold have been lost, as in a Ereat
majority of cases the emergency was i owners $2.35 per linel foot if it sells
long that the benefit of the loans. ai estimate.
so urgent that fa.rrn.ers and stockmen
could no have waited months for
I financial assistance. Moreover the
'overhead expense of such an organi
jzation would have lessened the
(amount of money at the disposal of
:the Finance corporation and would
have necessitated its charging a
higher rate of interest.
Benefit Association of
l Whereas, the Angel ol IJeath has
i visited Marchiel Neil Review, and
! taken from us a beloved sister, Letta
li j Bohler, and
' j Whereas, we remember well the
U j loving service, the friendly counsel,
j and the cheering smile of our sister
H. who has passed Beyond, and
t j Whereas, we do mourn deeply the
H j loss from our fraternal circle of these
nS our sister's many virtues, while we
i believe that Our Father who hs seen
fit so to bereave us, doeth all things
l well, be it
If the funds are not made use of
at this time, they will probably be
used elsewhere as other towns around!
us are taking advantage of state aid.
A resolution was passed Sept. 7,
120 requesting the County Com
missioners to apply for state aid on
this improvement. On Oct. 4, 1920
the Village Council gave its con
sent to the improvement under the
supervision of the State Highway
Department. Application for aid
was approved by State Highway De
partment on Nov. 20th, 1920 and or
der for survey was given County
Surveyor as resident engineer for the
Highway Department. On Dec
5th, 1921 resident engineer filed plans
and specifications and estimate with,
the Village Council for their approv
al previous to submitting plans to
Highway Department for their ap
proval and setting aside state funds
for their share of the improvement
The County Surveyor and County
Commissioners left today for Colum
bus to arrange for the 1922 state
road program and are including in it
the West Elm Street improvement
n tne town wants this
Where wlil you eat it? Is that
the question which is bother
ing you just now? We can
solve it for you. Our cuisine
is the best. Our service is
swift and silent, and as for the
food well, one must eat it to
know the joy of eating. It
defies description. A good
dinner can not be properly de
scribed by any one but a
Dickens, so come in and try
Guaranteed Two Years
Resolved, that we, the members of it v" walTs V118 tney
Marchiel Neil Review No. 70 of the'? Kefe "XS "T wns are alter
W, B. A. 0. M. of Wauseon do here- fc Faye.tt? has already voted bonds
hv tender tn the family of onr de- 1 ,be used in their improvement and
i -i .i lH'lta has their mart rnmnWarl T
sympamy . . VC'nri "
build a street in a town.
i ceased sister our sincere
. in our common loss, and
i Resolved, that in token of our
sorrow and svnmathv our charter he
i j draped in mourning for a period of
t j thirty days and
P I Resolved, that these resolutions be
p ' spread upon the records of our Re-
Sadie Crew
Alice Border
Joan Laderman , x
Wednesday of last
Ford went to Bryan
week Sheriff
and brought
If the plan goes throueh. the im
provement could not be sold until
next summer and work would not ac
tually start before 1923. The as
sessment would not be made before
December 1923.
If the State pays 50 per cent of
the cost of improvement, it will also
be maintained by them.
We are in need of eomfortaMpa.
under-clothing for children, men and
Chicken dinner every night ar d Sunday.
F. W. AVERY, Prop.
Wauseon, Ohio
Little Better Service A Little
Better Food A Lot More
Gasoline and Motor Oils More Miles Per Gallon
Get our prices on Batteries, Tires and all Accessories -Prices Guaranteed
hark C. 1) MrCartnev who is wanted women, we can place several auita
for passing a forged check. of mel clothing and will be very glad
Some time ago he gave the Central for all of the women's clothing that
Garage a check on the Pettisvillei we can get Several of the church
Bank and it was returned unhonored.'es "ave very kindly offered to do
The matter was placed in the hands sewing for those who need their help,
of Sheriff Ford for arrest. so the things that you cannot use,
He was arraigned before JusitceirememDer we can. We are at your
Guilford and was bound over to the!servlce to do the very best that we
Grand Jury on $500 bond.
Have you ever seen "The City of
Silent Men?" You will see it at the
j'Princess, FriQay afternoon and night,
December 9th.
can if you will help us.
Mrs. Geo. Gorsuch,
Chairman of Relief Committee
Civic Club
You will want to decorate your
graves at Christmas time. We have
everything for that purpose. 86-3,

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