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With the warm days of Spring when everything is
so bright and cheery out doors what plans have
you made to make .things bright and cheery in the
What about the papering you wanted done?
Wall Paper from I2c up
with cut-out border to match
Hanna Green Seal Paint, $3.25 gal.
Lus'tro Finish Varnish Stains, All Colors, from 1-4
pints to quarts. '
Double value in Purple Trading Stamps given on
wall paper cash sales, Saturday, April 15th.
Miss Dorothy WaWvoii pent
day in Toledo.
v, Carrie Reynolds is visiting
Mrs. Viola Disbrow in Lyons.
spent! Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stratsberry of
Sherm Toldeo wish to announce to their
j Wauseon and Fulton County friends
Mitt- has. Garman and family
(Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
. ! Ruhlin.
with; - the marriage of their dauffhtr
I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fink and Miss , Franc8S o. Gingery to Mr. Raymond
I Fink of Toledo will snend Ea&ter: William I ;n,l -u c..tj.., a;i
- ndI,M.r- Fl'ank Guilford were.with their parents here. I btli. The ceremony Was solemnized
m Toledo, Friday, v children and V Rev. Koysanko, Miss Lucille Lin-
Karl V.Arnr wna in Tntwin nn hnsi-l-i- oli nA n c,iT,iaen uas mai Ot honor and Mr.
r- - aie OWCAicy nu xaiuiiy
ness Tuesday.
Miss Margaret Harlton spent Sat
urday and Sunday in Toledo.
the first of
Fred Croninger spent
the week in Dayton.
Mr. Carl Gingrich of Detroit, Mich,
spent Sunday here with his mother.
day with Ed Segrist and family
Liberty Center-
of i Roland Mitchell as best man. Only
jthe immediate families were present.
Mr. and
daughter Hazel,
Congressman Charles J.
Th following letter was received -by
Scoutmaster;. Rev. Dixon, from ths
Chaplain of the Boy's Reformatory at
My Dear Brother:
This is an appeal for books for our
Thompson.i boys. Ve have 2000 youths here and
T..1 CI nr. si
Pugh and daughters Viola and Lenora: " Vh " 3
anil Mrs KoV i . '. . T - 6 ""
" the hardest
spent Sunday with Mr.
years They devour hundreds and thousands
that ot good books. It is a great proDiem
fieht was waeed asrainst to keep up the library- It is a mercy
him ever made before. Hp received: as well as a blessing to keep their
m. m, -FrcA firnndw nnd;40 3S4 votes in the district: Senator! minds occupied during their leisure
Mrs C. L. Reed and daughter1 daughter Mabel attended the funeral. Willis received 40,600, while Governor' hours. We are sending forth this call
AW spvpml Hav in Toledo of Mrs. Grandy's uncle, Mr. Mark:'s receivea dv.iey votes m the dis- - " viiuu imm
last week I Phillips near Seward, Thursday. jtnct- Thompson received 3,261 more
last week. . votes than DavjSj and 21g legs than
Mrs. E. G. Cole and daughter Vir-1 Drs. Clarence and Robret Yeager : Willis, in the District, although
ginia and Mrs. Golda Funkhouser'of Cleveland will spend Easter with Thompson ran ahead of Willis 207
were in Toldeo, Friday. ; their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.ivots and ahead of Davis 1002 votes
i eager. m utnance county.
, r....r.: ..,' Ihompsons official
mr. aim airs, wyan ouiiingei auu 24)89; Willis' official
Mr. and Mrs- Milton Griffin had as
their guest's Sunday, Roy Blair and
family of Toledo.
j daughter Betty of Fostoria visited
their parents here Sunday. Mrs. bul-
043; Davis" official majority 7,518;
of our State that you may call atten
tion to society, preferably the young
peoples, that they may collect books
which have been read, from homes
where they are not needed ar.d box
them and send to us. Any good books
fairly preserved, story books especi
ally such as the boks of Zane Grey,
Jack London, Beach, Lincoln, the re-
Thrift is the management of your affairs in such a
manner that the value of your possessions is constantly
being increased.
In plain every-day American, thrift is merely good
It's good business to be prepared for opportunity and
emergency. ' .
It's good business to have a bank account where
funds can accumulate and where their value is
stantly being increased.
We invite you to open an account with us
Mrs. Rena Lowe and Miss Kathryni linger remained for the week.
Files were in Toledo one day this
Mr. Carl Orndorff of Detroit, Mich
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Knight Orndorff.
ft n
jand Hardings majority 16,942.! cent or earlier fiction are in great de-
I Thompson put up a gallant fight
mand. More substantial books
Mrs. Harmon
her sewing club
entertained; against great odds,- and won easily. course are acceptable, nistones, tno-
riaa ne Deen on the Nationa t cket iciigjuua uvum. v uc-
y aioernooii. ! ... . , lliovo V,a-urifV, litflo l.W o -Kr.V. n
Mrs. Roscoe Heise was the guest of;"
wuuiu nave iuh stronger, dui in unio. :
Mr. and Mrs. Ora Nofziger of Arch
bold spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
Dave Bingman.
Mrs. Barbara Fryska and daughter
Mrs. F. E. Kenyon returned Satur-;
day from her winter stay in south
Carolina and Tennessee.
! senators ana congressmen are re
had ouired to run on the State .ticket.
Mr- and Mrs. r . A. Steumpel had ouirea to run on
as Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs.; President Harding, head of the Na
D. E. Short of Delta, Mr. and Mrs.'tional ticket, received 42.037 votes in
Henry Bachman, Dr. and Mrs. A. J.jthe district; 1.653 more than Thomp
Kline and Mr. and Mrs. F...W Moyer.json received; 1,437 more than Sena-;
rr TVillict rfKnival tA A Qt A mnwA
Estella and Mr. and Mrs- J. I Socie; Mrs- Frank Guilford entertained than Governor Davis '
visited friends in Napoleon, Sunday. the My L, T. Club at a pot luck dinner n0 Republican Congressman in the
at her home Wednesday, honoring; history of the district had been able
Mrs. D. W. Myers who will leave the to carrv the same in a Presidential
first of May for her home in Chicago.; ypar. This shows clearly the strength
wor.t of Cons-ressman Thompson with the
ruuitr iu ins iisinct. nis DOuuiari-
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Eck were Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. George
Diehlman in Archbold.
ness and benefit of our great family!
and no group in all the world will ap
preciate this kindness more vhan they.
If you desire we will pay transporta
tion cost, bend, if large box, by
Very truly yours,
Hiram W. Kellogg,
T. C. Jenkins, Supt.
The Boy Scouts are co'Mectine all1
books possible to send so if you have'
any to contribute (a good book for a'
boy to read) take them to Read,!
Wager and Gorsuch. It is a worthy
1 IIthe peoples state bahhI I
ami: . ,
W ;J I
On Wednesday Sheriff Ford
4- T1J ,.,U U J IT.. 4-. -.11
Crawford who is wanted for deserting 18 Ct h3S
his tamily of four children. He was . , ' i cause, so Dlease helD. The Scouts
th, ! brought back and lodged in the t ul-, , ... ' fn;tll. unnoo1 ' '".ithank you in advance for all books.
O i. J -! TIT
t- scoutmaster, Hj. wairer
u.i,fno,4 T.or ommint0(i tn 71 iSKi.n take care ot his cmidren seve
month of March for violation ot tne Jay v,o "". efficiently. Another element of his
taKe care oi nis cmidren severally, -. ,. , , . .
. ... ... i strength is his lovlatv to the nnnr
in the five state districts. ao " aWe,are ? , nas people of the district, or those known
Mr. Robert Gottschalk was in
ledo on business last Thursday.
Mrs. Chas.
last week.
Gould visited in Toledo
Dr. W. R. Clark is out after several
weeks illness.
There was more than 1 inches of
rami ail Monday.
Mrs. D. E. Barkdull was in Toledo
over the week end.
Mr- and Mrs. Q. C.
visit-ng in Hillsdale.
Poorman are
Dance on Monday, April 17th
Wauseon City Hall.
Miss Blanche Bartlett spent
day and Monday in Toledo.
Firemens Easter Dance at City
Hall, Monday evening, April 17th,
Mrs. C. H. Stutesman and daughter
were in Toledo last Friday.
Mrs. Elmer Grimm and children
visited in Delta last week-end.
Dr. Salsberry of - Lyons was
Wauseon Monday on business.
Clarence Simon of Toledo spent
Sunday with Wauseon friends, . . --
Miss Opal Wentz spent the week
end with her aunt in Detroit.Mich.
Miss Alma Fink spent Tuesday in
Toledo purchasing Easter millinery.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vollmer were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Mrs. Hochstrasser and Mrs.
of Swanton spent Monday
friends here. '
Miss Florence Gingrich of Ann
Arbor is spending a week with her
parents here.
Donald Grisier is spending his va
cation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Grisier.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gottschalk and Toledo polic.e
daughter Hattie spent Saturday and
Sunday with their daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Will Klotz of Toledo.
! not been heard of until notified by the ;
as the common people-
Chas. Cole of Ann Arbor,
will arrive here Friday for a
end visit with Jiis parents, Mr
Belding and son Mrs. Chas. Cole. He has been
,": Wednesday eveniner occurred
3 marriage of Mr. Russell Goff, son ofiFire
TV 111. VJUll 11111
"Blow in" and have your wind
storm Insurance written in one of the
following companies, Home, Hartford,
Aetna, Phoenix, Continental, Royal,
the Northern, National, Fidelity-Phenix,
Association, Westchester or
Miss; Springfield, all of them familiar!
Mrs. Flora House left Tuesday for
Clayton, New-Mexico to visit her
daughter, Mrs. Vernon. Homer.
The Missionary Society of the Con
gregational church had a tea at the
church parlors Monday.
Mrs. William Robb is spending a
Few days in Toldeo the guest of her
sister, Mrs. D. S- Schweitzer.
Miss Merlin Zimmerman was an
over Sunday guest of George Zim
merman and family north of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hartman
Adrian, Mich., are spending this'weekj Samuel Ruppert
Arthur Gorsuch and family. They1 A JPI ID APY N
are savinc eood bye to their manv!"'UUllriU I 111
The Home Guards will hold a home
rmade candy sale at the Republican
office Saturday afternoon. The pro
ceeds will go to a Missionary Home.
Special meeting of Chapter R. A.
M- No. Ill, on Monday evening April : friends here prveious to their moving
17th for work in P. M. M. E. M. de-ito their farm at Travrese City, Mich.
grees. 1
A meeting of the officers and
Reese Campbell, Miss Rockwood,! directors of the Andrew Teller and
Chas Stutesman and family heard Company, securities, was held at the
Ciagar viuest
Mr. Vern Stites
the Tribune office
Morenci made
call Tuesday-
Miss Opal McClarren visited friends
in Toledo from Friday until Sunday.
Mrs. Ralph Reynolds and children
of Favette visited her parents he.e
Miss Florence Omlor spent
Sunday with her sister Ada, in
Mr. Donald Zerman of Toledo made
the Tribune office a pleasant cell Sat
Mr. and Mrs- Henry Zug of Lime
Cent i r, Mich., were in Wauseon,
Eistre Dance at Wauseon City Hall
Monday, April 17th. Good music,
Mrs. Lehman of Delta was the
guests of her daughter, Mrs. David
Myers, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. .A.. JWatho vsa andJ m
daughter Gresence of "Napoleon, were
calling on friends here Sunday.
Miss Marjorie Smtih and Mr. A. G,
Myers spnet Sunday with Mr- and
Mrs. Kent Wardley..
Harold Collins of O. S. U. spent
'ie week end with his parnets, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo- Collins.
TIT- Mf-.c
Mr. and Mrs. K. a. Belding ana son Mrs. Chas. Cole. He has been on a. . , . - ,, household words. Also havo Mafional
Clifford and Miss Dorothy Shadle Spring trip with the University of ; 'ftVr' v o Ki Life of Vermont, Lloyds Plate Glass.
were in morenci ivx.cn. xuesaay.micnigan oand Rostofer, at the Christian Church Protect your growing crops from hail
CVCillllK ilea l uutai viutdva i ,
6 Postmaster General Work has just; parsonage.
Mr. Harry Williams of Detroit and issued a bulletin to third and fourth j Both are prominent young people
his mother Mrs. W. W. Williams of class post offices urging them to close' of the town and have always made
Delta called on Mr. and Mrs. L. S.'on Sunday in the interest of human I their home here. The Tribune joins
Williams, Saturday of last week. efficiency and with proper respect tolin congratulations.
and your
a religious nation.
I We have a full line of gents fur
ofjnishings to meet your Easter needs.
in Morenci, Tuesday city Hali Saturday, morning. Lunch' Is Especially Desired This Year by
was served at Avery Inn for the
- r:. f!.t. tik; a.i,vm stockholders of this company Mr. C
mi i i j i.i i e 1 1 ... .
Mrs.' C. Saurbeck' of Toledo spent u agent iur mis com
cfo win, ir. m non iPany m Fulton Cdunty- Mr. Andrew
f:, "l:r", Teller, Pres., of Cleveland; Mr.
the State Department of
The basket ball team from Mt. Ver
non, Ohio, having beaten every team
she played at the Delaware tourna
ment at Chicgao held last week and
the first part of this week where they
defeated some of the strongest teams
in the U. S. They played into the
finals and were beaten in the cham
pionship game by a team from Lex
ington, Kentucky, 44-28, when they
went to pieces in the last few , minutes.
From the looks of. the situation.:
Ohio is still able to put out some real!
basket ball teams.
The time for filling out tax blanks
C. is here again and with the tax blank
H. Truegdell, Vice Pres. of Cleveland: comes the blank on agricultural Sta-
Mr. Webb Stough returned last; Mr. J. C. Heald, Sec. Cleveland and ti sties. There is a tendency to think
week from his month's stay with his Mr. Handlin of Toledo were present.! that because these two blanks come
sister, Mrs. R. J. Palmer at Salem, i . ,. , ! to a farmer in the same envelope they
Missouri. LTh,e a"nU.al Wilhams-Fulton County. are somehow connectea and in s(me
iracK meet anu uraioncai contest ,., ,, j l
ir. mm .. r "f ' " " f "c pose of finding out the taxable pro
son oi ieita were ounuay aiuenioon niu u Ji wiu iiiu-iperty of tne farmer, As a matter of
callers at the home of Dr. and Mrs. mines to have some real competition. fact the onlv reagon Agricultural
J. F. Outcalt. Wausetn as a rule does not have very! statistics bank is received in the
- ! muph in t.raok hnt. t.npv int.pnri tn win . , .
Mr. David ScheM, a former teacher ;this year. cliff Beldig will repre. -mpany tne Jwjje
the State Department of Agriculture
Tedrow Christian Sunday School
will give a special Easter service next
Sunday morning. Everyone welcome.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lockmann, Mr.
ind Mrs. George Lockmann and Mr.
Joe Beer spent Tuesday in Toledo.
Dr. Wilber Blackman of Atlanta,
Ga., was an over Sunday guest ' of
his .'sister, Mrs. Delmar Kline.
in t,ht Hio-h Sphnol hprp. ann now lo- u . : tu. i
... &.. , - aciit u:s in wie uratioii anu we are con- r. teen,r,r. j !.
cated at Marion, Ohio, spent from fident of winning for he has defeated n fJ0
Saturday until Tuesday witn inenas aii comers in Fulton Conntv and has . - . -m'-v1""' , . , "
here. iwt.n ro.,-. Z. ;to Pnntrne DianK and to do tne neavy
1 iwnr OT mai niff nnr. nt snnlo v.t IHUI
Mrs. Mary Snyder of Ramus, Mich.,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Louis
Gottschalk and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Miller of Ken-i The iast number of- the Red
dalville, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Fred white, the High School paper,
an(j of the-blanks. The law requiring the
statistics DianK was passed at tne re-
State Department of
are of the
of the
Steensen of Archbold visited Sunday DUblished this week. This nnBr' i th,.' Quest of the
1 1 - 1 -BIT t ' rjivi Ull; . - 1 ,
witn Mr- ana lvirs. ueo. uype iiearlT,r rte 0f the sphnnl n-nrl oil f rtgncunure.
here. I nut their hpst eflTrvt ir,t t; I These records
XT"; ' ... ., .i this naDer out on timp itiH in v,a Kf.,va'ue m making
toW.HSl&W fol P--ble shape. The annual number Jed to the different crops
the Wauseon iiosnirai fcaturoay, ioi , , and m checking up the estimates of
lowing an operation. -unerai ser- - V":.'"'' crop conditions issued by the State-
vices were held at lauber mil cnurcn,.- ThV;? rr;r"" Fedreal Crop Reporting Service. In
Monday . a lot more. Have YOUsent in your iact these reports. are made the basis
Fred Wolf and subscrpition ? OI "-roP reporting in some states
wnere tne Agricultural DianKS are
Mr- and Mrs. A. H. Bensmain enter
tained friends at cj.rds last Friday
evening. '
Mis Katie Foster is in Swanton
caring for her sister, Mrs. Schug who
is ill.
Mr. August Noble of Lyons was
in Wauseon, Monday and called on his
sister, Mrs. J- P. Ross.
Mrs. Roy Goff entertained the
Ladies Aid of the Christian church at
her home Wednesday afternoon-
The Tuesday Club enjoyed a pot
luck dinner at the home of Mrs. Belle
Mi ley, Tuesday. Officers were elect
Judge and - Mrs.
Prof, and Mrs. C. D. Perry, heard
Edgar Guejst srive his lecture on "Just
Folks" at Morenci, Mich., Tuesday
Mrs. O. M. Viers underwent an op
eration for appendicitis last Thursday.
Mrs. John Swartz spent Tuesday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. L S
Mrs. J. R. Haley was called to Wau
seon last Saturday to see her mother
who is ill.
Miss LaRue Williams of Bowling
Green will spend her Easter vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. S,
Alfred Robinson celebrated his 9th
birthday anniversary last Friday.
Nine bov friends 'were present and
nresented him with gifts, after which
refreshments were served.
Miss Iva Hoag gave a nartv for th.1 sriven careful attention. The
members of the Young Peonies Mis- Bureau of Markets and the
soinary Society of 'the Congree-ational i Divisions of the State Department ct
cnurcn last inursday evening. The' Agriculture make frequent use ot the
evening was spenl' in plavine cames ; information which comes in on the
Fulton Chanter O. E. S. will have
inspection at a special meetinir. Apriliand at a late hour refreshments were; blanks. It is hardly necessary to say
18th. The Denutv Grand Matron, served. A very delightful time was I that these blanks are for official uses
Mrs. Stong of Lyons will be the. in-1 enjoyed by all. Those present were t of the Department of Agriculture only
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Howard,
and Mrs. Ralnh Howard, Miss Addie merman
Howard and Mary Reed spent Sun
day with R- N. Howard of Pike
Alice Cooper, Mary Louise Ham. Hor-
j tense Guilford, Mary Blake, Jane
Mr.' Smallman, Ruth Huse. Merli
Vera Zimmerman. Blanche
Bartlett. Isabelle Border.
Brown, Marjorie Ryan and the Misses ' statement that a fine of $50 mav be
and cannot be obtained by any one
else. The tabulations are all made in
the office of the Agricultural Statis
The statistics blanks carry the
Grace and Julia Burr,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Robinson and Waists
family, Mrs. uuv renrod ana cniiareni sport Coars
mr. ana jvirs. wrn. necu anu iaiuuv;
sDent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Croninger and family. ! SOMMERS - SOUTHERLAND
with Military
69c to $1.00.
Funkhousers and Shepard
Mrs. F. S. Ham's Circle
Christian Church will have a
. Last Saturday occurred the
holi-od ""6C ui "UJ" autnreiana and
DHKeU HTi "!.. . Ti c . ...
imas uiauvs ivi. eommers. both
business against bad
W. W. Ackerman, Agent
Wauseon, Ohio!
Wheat 1.28
Corn .75
Oats 32 .
Waseo 8.60
Butter 20 and .35
Egge 22
Hogs 10.15
Bran 1.70
Middlings 1.70
Take Care of Your
Our eyes are large factors in our efficiency. Nature
allots each organ of the human machine a certain pro
portion of nerve energy. When eyes that are defective
demand more than their share of this nerve energy it -must,
of necessity, lessen the normal supply. The wasting
of nerve energy directly diminishes human efficiency.'
Often the victim of defective eyes is unaware of trouble.
It may be indicated by headaches, often attributed to
stomach trouble, by nervousness, drowsiness and
is the exact science of ocular refraction. Op-tom-etrists
determine and correct errors of vision by scientific
is Important if you wish to have good eyesight
throughout life, to have your eyes examined regularly
once a year.
Consult an Op-tom-etrist.
7 Arcade Building
"The World's Best Corset"
For Health, Comfort, Style
and Durability
Mrs. Walter W. Nofziger
Wauseon 3L 2S on 512.
Archbold 13250.
Eat Your Easter
Dinner Here
If you enjoy food deliciously J
cooked andi promptly! served-
We have prepared a special T
menu for Easter serving and?
we invite all lovers of gtod
living to come and partake
of the good things - on it.
Tables can be reserved.
$1.00 The Plate ,
Served from 12 to 2
6 to 7:30
t 1 1 '
office, aho ht noodles so bring your,0" he V ? Pet- ment of Agriculntre
pails. Also Easter flowers.
invoked for failure to fill out 'a blank
and in some States having a law
similar to ours this penalty has been
imposed and it may be necessary to
do so in this State. The small amount
of time and attention which is re
quired in filling out this blank should
not be a heavy burden on a farmer
and this effort by him will be of great
heln in the work of the State Depart-
There is no
reason why the farmers of Ohio can-
is the most valuable instrument in
any man's business life. A Checking
Account in the First National Bank
will tend to establish your credit
even as its possession reflects credit
upon you.'
We invite Checking Accounts, small
as well as large, and by this means
help to simplify the personal account
ing problems of our customers and to
provilfc; them with legal receipts for
their expenditures.
Alter tne ceremony they returned , not do as good a job of filling out this
to Swanton where a 6 o'clock wedding! Hnk as do the farmers of Indiana
dinner was served to the members of land isconsin.
nnr imiucumie xaillllies. 1
A card party and social gathering
will be held at St. Caspar's church
hall over the Haumesser and Dolf
meat market next Wednesday even
ing, April 19th. Everybody invited.
The date for the annual Junior
Senior Banquet has been set for April
28. This is the biggest social affair
of the year and is eagerly looked for
ward to by the members of the upper
classes. The Juniors are working
hard and intend to give the Seniors
the best banquet ever.
They will make their home one milp
south of Swanton.
The R. N. A. and M. W. A. and
tViiv fom:i:n : .-j. . i .
iouimco me invited to spend a
social evening at . tne hall,
April 14.
R. N.' A. Social Committee
Largest display of "Mens Wear" in
town. Conie in and look around.
Funkhousers and Shepard
be sure it
Campus Togs and "Gold
ciotnes give the wearer satisfaction.
aamuei Kuppert-
If vou ride a hobby,
Friday hasn't a broken leg.
A guaranteed forged steel hammer,
with No. 1 second growth White Ashj
Bond"! handle specially priced at 48c, while:
thev last.
Schlatter, Howards and Hoy
9 ,
Special Easter Showing
Friday and Saturday, April 141li and I5th
We specialize in serving the public with the BEST,
Miss Grubb's Hat Shop
Peoples Bank Building.
South Fulton Street.
aster Sunday, April 16th
Snappy styles in mens furnishings at reasonable prices.
' Try the E & W semi-soft collar, launders easily and beautifully without starch, will not shrink, 35c, 3 for $1.00. Just
arrived, new and large assortment of ties for $1.00.
You will find in this small habadashery the latest styles of mens furnishings. Always better values at a little lower
price. Now is the time to have your suit dry cleaned and pressed for $1.50. Why pay more. We guarantee all work
to be first class. Suits pressed for 75c, these prices applies to ladies clothing as well as mens. Have your next suit
made to order, they will wear you better and look better for no more money than ready made clothing.
$1.50 to $1.75 X
Room 11, Arcade.
Phone B 257.
A Bank That Service Built
11 a $2

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