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Having installed up-to-date equipment, we are now
prepared to take care of your repair, machine work
and welding.
We have in our employ, men of skill and experi
ence, who will leave nothing undone to give service
and satisfaction.
Drop in and look us over at our new location on
south Fulton Street.
We carry a complete stock of TIRES and
TUBES and also a good line of accessories
Dealers of
: The Health Bulletin ef Toronto,
Canada has this to say regarding
school examinations:
"We have again arrived at the time
of year for the annual examinations
in many of the schools. It is true
they are a test of the nervous energy
and the nervous resistance of the
child, bnt not necessarily ft test of the
knowledge possessed by the individual
child. Much evidence could he cited: fast.
a basis for the issuing of certificates
or diplomas, or the granting of de
grees, only have a tendency to foster
the abominable ' system of cramming
up for examinations at the end of the
term. We must bear in mind that
there is a vast difference between a
crammed brain and a developed in
tellect and a disciplined mind. Every
week, every month, every day must
do hs work, line upon line and precept
upon precept.
Professor Barker of John Hopkins,
when referring to this, in an address
oh mental hygiene, drew attention to
the fact that nervous children should
not even be sent to school until a year
or several years later tnan rne nor
mal child, and that on no account
should they ever be pushed ahead too
Competition, says i-roiessor
Decline From $8.00 to $10.00 During
the Last Year Farm Labor Con
ditions are Approaching, a
Normal Condition
for the State of Ohio was $32 a month
which is a reduction of from $8.00 toi
$10.00 a month from the wages paid a ;
year ago, according to c J. west,
to demonstrate this fact, for there are
innumerable instances where two
members of the same family, one
much better equipped mentally than
the other, but of a highly nervous
temperament, fails in his examina-
tiona, or, at best, merely makes a
pass; while his brother, of a more fit
nervous tempermament, does not care
Barker, is dangerous to the nervous
child. The ambitious parents who
desire their children to head the class,
are often responsible for serious in
juries to health- One only requires to
look back over one s own experience
and those of their friends to recall
many instances in which boys and
girls, young men and young women,
whether he gets through or not, and: have paid for scholarships and gold
with half the knowledge, frequently medals with a slice of their constitu
passes well. i I tion which they have never been able
"In addition to this lniustice, thereto pay back.
: is the lamentable dangel to the ner-j As the late D. Daniel Clark ex
vous system, especially of those of a 1 pressed it: 'You cannot run a 20
nervous tempermament. I horsepower engine at a 40-horse-
The late Dr. Wier Mitchell, one of power pressure without paying the
the highest recognized authorities' on! penalty.'
this continent on diseases bf the ner- It is a well-recognized fact that
1 vous system, in an address delivered
: to the teachers of Philadelphia, more
than fifteen years ago, drew special
attention to the dangers of examina
tions, claiming that he had made a
careful study years ago in regard to
Chorea (St Vitis' dance), and always
noticed an abrupt upward, curve 'or
increase at the period of examinations
and also other nervous symptoms
that were most prominent at these
periods: for instance, the children
competitive exmainanons and com
petitive sports do not make for the
best mental and physical develop
ment. Division of Health.
To my Wauseon Friends:
Owing to my health I have decided
it is advisable to drop out of the news
I have therefore disposed of my
business and agencies to Mr. F. W
Marriott, a man of experience and
would cry easily, were irritable, rest-jwho is well recommended He takes
less at night; starting up in
eleep, oft-times dreaming of their ex
aminations. Fortunately, however, these so-called
"test examinations" have in a
large measure been abolished. How
ever, they are still in evidence to a
regrettable extent. In fact, all
authorities on the nervous system are
agreed as to the ill effects, especially
on children of nervous temperament,
of the intense nervous strain which
these annual examinations place them
under, coming as they usually do at
the end of the session when the chil
' dren are all fairly well exhausted, and
when the nervous system of many of
them has aleady been taxed to the ex
treme. Furthermore, these annual or semi
annual examinations, whether it be as
their! possession on Sunday, April 9th,
hit t u 1 1 . . ; ;4L v.;.M
ifir, DiXlUVt Will ICIJUIJU Willi 111111
several .weeks to close out my in
terests. All newspaper accounts up
to April 9th are payable to me. All
after that date to Mr. Marriott. All
subscriptions paid in advance of April
9th will be given the proper credit on
Marriott's books.
I desire to most heartily thank the
people of Wauseon and surrounding
county for their patronage for the
past twenty-five years. And bespeak
for Mr. Marriott a continuance of the
Very rsepectfully,
Harry S. Gingrich
"Jack Tar" wash suits for the
kiddies, $2.50 to $5.00.
Funkhousers and Shepard
2500 Prize Contest
-B e a ja no a an no,
We want every poultry raiser in this com
munity to get into this contest Don't miss
your opportunity to win cne of the 300 val
uable prizes ( I st prize $500 worth of "Re
liable" Poultry Equipment).
Prizes are given for the best answers to
two questions asked about Purina Poultry
(1) Why can we guarantee double chick
development from Purina Chows when
fed as directed ?
(2) Why can we guarantee more eggs
from Purina Poultry Chows when fed
as directed ?
See Us For Full Particulars
Try your hand. Get in the contest aim
high and win. We will, give you full in
formation. Don't miss out on this. See us
The E. F. Hanson Go.
Grain, Feed, Seed, Salt and Poultry Supplies
Wauseon, Ohio
just a sugges
tion of some
of the many
useful articles we have put in stock for your spring
clean-up campaign. Every article we have is guar
anteed to be as represented, or money back. Come
m ana let us
help you select
your tools.
land in forms readily available. He
cites recent New Jersey experiments
IN FhUTIl IKR IP.K"itato profit is in the fertilizer sack."
Ill LllllLlLLII 0HU5V Rather than the 4-8-7 fertilizer
standard in Aroostock, the banner po-
The average farm wage on April 1 " ' " j-" Lo
lilulllv aj'wwwmw v...u " i blUIl 11-1 . UUCO 1111,1 UlCB 1,1WdlU X U-1U"
seeping 223 hens, cleared $75.14 on
uitt nucK ior tne quarter neginnmg in
wid-.L.ovemuer aim ending in mid-
i' eoruary,
Yvnereas on the 10th day of January
A. i. 1922 there was left with the un
dersigned as bailee for repair by the
iue caution which the economist's ; supposed owner thereof, a certain
r' T'TS T8' J" L faYV' comparatively virgin acres of Ohi
Agncu tural Statistican for the State f P J only 79 bushels
Why do the '-worn-ouir acres 014 or a 2-12-2 mixture for Ohio condi
Maine average potato yields of 199'tions. He does not hold that Ohio
oushels to the acre, while from the larmers ought to use a ton of fertiliz-
Ohlo;er to the acre, hut he does remark
I that, "as the culture of the crop be-
u iii.iT-ti 1 rij n 11 in 1 1 1 1 1 ir 11 1 1 ill"
v,.t. ---! TV,;,, ,0 a mifcst . im raisprt hv Karl' . v,;v,i.. M;i;j i. ,;u
in.-iTil.i f loW iti migf uwHin nf: 1 m,viiico muic liigiiiv apcviauicu, it. will
supply of labor in most sections oi,T snerialist of the Oh oLoW,, k olft m n
the State is amply sulficient for all Yiiiiv Tn V fnnr nace ; T XT i V W-
needs so that normal labor conditions! VnZTllJn JL A'LJT'
nun j-m, f. judiiiiiicii juoi nrouv-v. - .. me acre win prove pruiiiauie.
on Ohio farms are not far away. iV,.Ki;i tv, Tntonivo TTe nf 1
iFertilizer" and this, he believes, ni UPPrn DC I TP Tlir
If one thinks of the unemployed in
1 1 . : I .. L i il ... 1 J
wie cines us avauauie meie wuum ap-, a 0 f u r,tinr,
pear to be a large surplus of farm: f north R -d the cli,
labor but many of the unemployed . SOmewhat better suited to po-
are not sufficiently skilled to be of ... ., thprp hav ma(lp the.
muoh use on a farm. I :,.. j .
Th 20,000 and more tractors to-i',. m- 0a'a ,Ma f, Special
gether with a general tarm equip-; . .., cuiture. and snravin:
ment of more intricate machinery b ft main difference is that Maine
gives rise to a farm demand for more . f ,,10,, a-
labor which is trustworthy and skill- tock County ;pply arQund a fen ofj
Farm Products Prices Rise
Only to Fall Again, Says
ed in the use of machinery. But this
complete, high-analysis fertilizer
There has been money in chickens
to' and hogs, and in nothing much else,
iiidviiuiuv uao Kicany mtieaocu uic .u. ..,r Mr Inncc r. wp Hur mo- the nast winter, sav erono
acreage which one man can cultivate crops spgciaHgt in Massachusetts be- mists of the Ohio State University,
so that fewer farm hand are needed fore coming to 0hio. ' The accounts of 528 poultry demon-
than was required ten years ago. The tv,q ntot ar,t ,a 1,0 .Utntinn faa inst. pnmniled hv nnnl-
farms which are not mechanically v,; j 1 ' t ' ri vr,0;m cnioid r- nnH tr.
equipped require a type of farm labor food must be put ri ht to the t , show that the average 0f these farms
which was common some years ago
before -the movement from the v farms : mmmmmmTm!?!mmmmmmm'm
to the cities set in and this type was
that of the man who could plow a
straight furrow, husk or cut corn and
do other gobs which the lhaoring man
of today cannot do. The result is that
only these men who have either some
mechanical experience or who have
the old style of skill in farm work
are of great use on a farm and hence
the great body of the unemployed in When the eminent Austrian scien-jtive powers. It was no trecognized by
the cities are not desired by farmers ; tist, Casimir Funk, tracked that mys- the medical profession and had no
as hired men. itsrioiiS life-mvine substance to its lair standing in professional therapeutic
and then named it vitamin, he started , circles. But look at it now!
Vitamin Easy to Find
But Hard to Find Out
dtuuoe xioiii tnis iact, and Horn a
survey 01 nog profits, lies in economic
mstoi-y wnicii snows tnat when one or
two inies 01 larmui' pay, and others
uo not," so many farmers rush into
nne Luat the price breaks. They have,
they say, no gift for crystal-gazing
and cannot predict that the price of
nogs and of poultry ' products will
ureaK tnis year. All they say is tnat
oreads always follow booms, sooner
or later, and their advice to farmers
is, "lion't plunge."
R- F. TaDer, extension economist,
makes the statement for the Univer
sity's dpeartment of rural economics.)
'Examine a graph of hog prices," he
says, "and yon will understand that
the hog farmerhas literally had his
ups and downy The price-line rises
co a peak an then plunges, once
every six or eight years, with con
siderable regularity.
"By and large, the man who pro
duces products suitable to his condi
tions and markets, and sticks to it
tnfough thick and thin, is better off
in the long run."
A. E. Fish, Pasotr
I inursaay ana r riaay evenings 01
this week at 7:30, there will be special
meetings in commemoration of the
suffering and death of our Savior
Jesus Christ. , '
Thursday evening '"From the
i Upper Room to the Garden."
j Friday evening "From the
I Garden to the Tomb."
Sunday Morning
9:45 Sunday School.
Infant Baptisms.
11:00 Morning Worship.
Reception of members.
Easter Communion.
No evening service.
automobile described as follows, to
wit: A 5 passenger Ford, T Model, black
body, Engine No- 480155 and having
four good tires.
Whereas the undersigned has -bailee's
lien upon and against said
automobile as follows:
For storage and repairs from Jan.
10, 192 to April 15, 1922.
1 Notice is here given A. A. Austin,
the owner of said automobile that he
nas until Saturday, April 15th, 1922,
noon, in which to pay said lien and
receive said automobile.
Notice is here given that on Satur
day, April 15th, 1922 at noon at Har
pers Main Street Garage, No. 227
North Fulton Street, Wauseon, Ohio,
the undersigned will offer for sale
and will sell said automobile to the
highest bidder, for cash said sale
being made for the purpose of paying
said lien and the necessary expense
incident to said sale.
The bailee does not warrant the
title to said automobile, and the pur
chaser acquires only such title as the
said bailee could and can lawfully
give and transfer by such sale-
Said automobile is at said Harper's
Main Street Garage, where it may be
inspected by any person interested in
purchasing same.
F. R. Harper,
F. S. and J. M. Ham, Attorneys
3t 1 ... . 1 iriten
S. R. Dunham, Pastor
Church School at 9:15 a. m.
Junior church at 10:30 a. m.
Easter morning worshin at 10:30
j something that bids fair to assume im
portance in rank with the telephone,
the steam engine and the Ford.
Little did the professor think that
he was upsetting the calm and orderly
Kyanize Paints, Stains and Var
nishes have pleased thousands and
'will plaese you. Let your next paint
I be Kyanize and we will both be
pleased. Nearly every day somebody
I asks for the same kind 'that some
I neighbor had, which was .Kyanize.
I Schlatter, Howards and Hoy
Sermon-subject, "The Immortality of! lives of our most dignified scientists
will be special
the Soul." There
Easter music.
TV' 1 1 T
wn,n ieague at 6:30 p.
and medical, experts, causing them to
plunge madly into orgies of research,
and vie excitedly with each other over
faster Cantata, "Alleluia, Hailieach new discovery in this intriguing
W11.U uiauness, py j. i.amont Uai- filed,
braith, will be given by the choir at
:3U p. m.
Insist upon TEA TABLE FLOUR.
It makes better bread and more of it.
The E. F. Hanson Co. 2-1-c
"Jack Tar" wash suits for the
kiddies, $2.50 to $5.00.
Funkhousers and Shepard
How it Pays Usand You -
make money.
Of course we're in business to
You have probably wondered why
the expense of free inspections for batteries.
We have two reasons:
1. It enables us to get acquainted with auto
mobile owners.
2. It gives us a chance to demonstrate our ex
ceptional ability to care for and repair batteries.
In a word, this free inspection is the best ad
vertising we can possibly do.
It pays you to avail yourself of this service, be
cause it will help you get longer life from your
battery; and prevent battery troubles on the road.
Drive around today!
In spite of the fact that nobody has
ever seen a vitamin face to face, its
marvelous performances go on apace.
Nobody evre saw electricity but ho one
who ever picked up a live wire doubted
its, presence. So it is wth vitamin. '
Anyone who has seen dying pig
eons, rats and pige revived simply by
feeding them tiny fragments of yeast,
cannot doubt the presence of a magic
"something." Anyone who has visited
hospitals, where, tests on sick people
and well people are under way, must
be forcibly struck by the almost un.
canny recuperative and tonic effect of
yeast vitamin.
So yeast, which for all these years
has led such a prosaic career, has
come into its own and from all indi
cations seems headed for an illus
trious future.
True, yeast was used many years
ago as a "home remedy" for boils, but
although it did the work, not much
significance was attached to its cura-
NewsDaners. magazines, medical
journals and scientific publications air
over the world proclaim in no uncer-i
tain terms its present high estate.
How how, indeed, the lowly have
Yeast, especially the pure whole
dried type of yeast, said to be the
richest source of vitmain, is success
fully used in the treatment of boils,
pimples, blackheads, indigestion, fail
ing appetite, anaemia, malnutrition,
nervousness, physical debility, colitis,
and other symptoms of what we call
vaguely a "run down'' condition.
Recent articles seem to show that
vitamin even makes the hair grow in
i way that would make Lady Godiva
lerself envious. What will be the
aext revleation? Are we to find that
n this microscopic plant lies the
tabled fountain of youth?
The future will tell and in the mean
time, while celebrated medical men
are experimenting, business men are
not entirely idle. The patent medi
jine "experts" are busy and every
where the public is urged to buy si
allele vitamin tablets, some wf which
ire no doubt worthless-
At a time like this a word of cau
tion may be in order, and if it is, take
this for what it is worth; get yeast i
irom yeast makers and not from med
icine makers or miscellaneous un
jnowns and get yeast of authentic
purity and tested potency.
Car load of northern Michigan
grade No. 1 Pataska potatoes, also
Early Maine Cobblers for sale at
Phone 46
r jrir i
devotes fittle
time to symp
toms orettKtt
but turns at once
to the spine.
by cxpOTience
rthe cause of
the trouble
will be found.
health 50UND1dise75eI
and common sense methods without
uruar nmruim?n are usru w re
ttn t rammyin rf nratti ir-A in tKa ruinux
enabling them to resume their all impor gj
tant functions, and restored body to a ton-
anon orea&e-neaitn. rip
Successor to Dr. Bevier
Peoples Bank Bldg.
House calls attended to
Graduate of Palmer School
Phone 79
Office hours
8:00 a. m. to 8:00 p- ni.
Wauseon, Ohio
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
The condition of wheat in Ohio is
generally good and is estimated at 87
per cent by the State-Federal Crop
Reporting Service. Last year's esti
mate was practically the same as this
years and was followed by a decided
improvement and then by a marked
decline. The erratic changes of last
year in the condition of wheat only
show the uncertainties that pertain to
an estimate of the wheat crop early
in the season.
The effects of the severe weather
during January and February of last
winter should soon become apparent.
I Many fields are spotted by freezing
out 01 tne plants- it is estimated
from present indications that 10 per
Icent of the plants have been winter-
killed. The Fall damage from fly is
estimated at not more than 3 percent.
Wheat condition thruout the United
States averages 89 percent which
compares with 91 percent a year ago.
Don't -think you are important be
cause those around you tell you so.
The world is full of ."kidders."
$ Phone White 477.
'138 East Chestnut Street
1 Majestic "Standard" Hot Air Furnaces
Wauseon, Ohio.
For heavy duty, effi-
cient heating, with-
out the usual work or $
trouble, and for com-
fortable heating with f
much less coal and t
less upkeep, the
Furnace cannot
Standard Pipe Jobs
One Register Systems and the
Mean Plenty of "Pep"
They are the backbone of
Prest-O-Lite Batteries. Better
than ordinary plates, they
make Prest-O-Lite Batteries
better than ordinary batteries.
Prest-O-Plates combine a
peculiar porosity with an
unusual hardness, which ex
plains their qui'cJc delivery of
power in cold weather, and
great, heat-resisting, non
b uckling strength in summer.
We have Preit-O-Lite Bat
teries as low as $19.90 (trade
in price) for popular make
of light cars, and other types
at correspondingly low prices.
els, but regular Prest-O-Llte
Batteries, backed by the regu
lar Prest-O-Lite guaranty;
definite, generous obligation,
plus a spirit that saya the car
owner must be pleased. Prest-O-Lite
Batteries are specified
by 87 leading manufacturers,
and this list is growing.
How is your battery work
ing? Is its pulse low? Com
round and consult our spe
cialists. We prolong the life
of all batteries, and we never
tell you that you need a new
battery until you do. Drive
around, and get our friendly
expert advice. .
These are not special mod
We? of 10c Parn
Leininger and Hines, Distributors
John Steffens, Dealer
Batteries Recharged 75c
Pull up where
you ee thit gfgp
- "7in9o
h. A. Im I
J V bnem J
Headquarters for Prest
O-Lite's special battery
for radio purposes
A guaranteed forged steel hammer
with No. 1 second growth White Ash
handle specially priced at 48c, while
they last.
Schlatter, Howards and Hoy
We have already discussed near
sight briefly, but before leaving the
subject we desire to remind parents
that where they have reason to sus
pect" near-sight in their children
they should have their eyes examined
for POSSIBLE defects. It may be
that a child is not near-sighted, but
nay possess some other error of
An examination by an Optometrist
would clear up all doubt in the mat
ter, and if glasses are found to be
necessary for ANY defect of vision
they could be furnished. Otherwise
the subject can be dismissed by the
parents, and their satisfaction would
come from having all anxiety remov
ed regarding the sight of their chil
dren. ,
Optometrist, Optician and Jeweler
205 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, Ohjo
Laxo Aspirin
Aspirin Is prescribed by phy
sicians more often they any other
arug. It Is safest and quickest
relief from congestion, pain and
is the new scientific aspirin tablet.
It Is gently laxative, cleansing
tne Bystem of poisons which are
often the cause of pain. Doe
not cause heartburn or indiges
tion as ordinary aspirin does.
Breaks up a cold removes the
acid and relieves the pain of
rheumatism, neurltus and lum
bAgo. prints almost Instant re
lief In headache and neuralgia,
Ask your drugsist for TINGLE'S
LAXO-ASPIRIN In the three
point box, or mailed postpaid for
25o. Therapeutio Research Lab
oratories, Washington, D. C,

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