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IURSDAY, JULY 13, 1939
Twelve Little Girls
Get Twelve Rabbits
Twelve wriggling white rabbits
were presented to twelve little girls
in Bluffton’s open air magic show
held here last Wednesday night.
The show, staged by R. W. Kauff
man, billed as “The Vagabond Magi
cian” was held on the parking lot
on South Main street adjoining Ris
ser’s Sandwich shop and attracted a
large crowd.
The rabbits, produced magically
during the show were presented to
the little girls at the conclusion of
the program. The show was ar
ranged by the Bluffton Merchants
association for the entertainment of
the Wednesday night crowd of shop
pers here.
The Citizens National Bank
In the State of Ohio, at the close of business on June 30, 1939. published in
response to a call made by the Comptroller of the Currency, under
Section 5211, U. S. Revised Statutes.
Charter No. 11573 Reserve District No. 4
Loans and discounts (including $43.91 overdrafts) $ 570,402.50
United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .. 118,870.26
Obligations of State and political subdivisions 84,354.87
Other bonds, notes and debentures 75,527.04
Corporation stocks, including stock of Federal Reserve bank .... 3,500.00
Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and
cash items in process of collection 221,247.28
Bank premises owned $17,650.00, furniture and fixtures $6,700.00 24,350.00
Total Assets $1,098,251.90
Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $ 294,523.59
Time deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations .... 547,863.55
Deposits of State and political subdivisions 90,781.89
Other deposits (certified and cashier’s checks, etc.) 10,625.81
Total Deposits $943,794.84
Other liabilities
Total Liabilities .*............................................................ $ 943,854.84
Capital Stock:
Class A preferred total par $4,000.00, retireable value .... 4,000.00
(Rate of dividend on retirable value is 3^%).
Common stock, total par 60,000.00
Undivided profits
Reserves (and retirement account for preferred stock) 18,609.22
Secure liabilities:
Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirements
of law
State of Ohio, County of Allen, ss:
I, E. C. Romey, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Coroner Clears Two
In Fatal Accidents
Two Hancock county residents in
volved in fatal accidents were ab
solved of blame in a report of Coro
ner H. 0. Crosby.
The coroner exonerated Nelson
Mahorn of Arlington of blame in the
death of ten-year-old Marilene Wil
kins of Mt. Cory whose bicycle was
struck by a car driven by Mahron.
The accident occurred in Findlay
w’hile the girl was visiting relatives
The coroner also said that an ac
cident near Rawson which took the
life of Mrs. Emma Thompson of
Knightstown, Ind., was not the fault
of Carl W. Dukes of Blanchard
township, driver of one of the two
cars involved.
Total Capital Accounts 154,397.06
Total Liabilities 'and Capital Accounts $1,098,251.90
Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book value):
United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed,
pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities 40,867.50
Other assets pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities
(including notes and bills rediscounted and securities sold
under repurchase agreement) 30,327.40
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 11th day of July, 1939.
S. P. HERR, Notary Public.
Correct—Attest: C. Henry Smith, Noah Basinger, L. T. Greding,
S! ------4.. 'A—4 4? 4—~~
Bluffton likes it...
E. C. ROMEY, Cashier
A Special Representative from the
Foot and Shoe Research Depart
ment of the Makers of Health
Spot Shoes, will be at our store
This Special Representative is
SHOE FITTING and will give you
valuable information on your foot
fitting problems and your foot
Don't miss this opportunity. Tell
a Friend.
Correct Fitting a Specialty
Bluffton, Ohio
When it comes to paint BPS is a
favorite in Bluffton because—
BPS Goes Farther
BPS Lasts Longer
BPS Outside Paint is a real quality paint and
sold at a price no higher than you might pay for an
inferior grade.
See us about BPS today.
T. GREDING Hardware
---------4-....... -.. 4------
B. F. BIERY, BvaineM Mgr.
a A. BIERY, Editor
Published weekly at Bluffton, Ohio,
by the Bluffton News Publishing and
Printing Co.
Subscription rates: $2.0(1 per year
in U. S. payable in advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Bluffton, Ohio,
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
N. W. Cunningham is ill at his
home on South Jackson street.
Ralph and Lysle Kohli of Ft. Re
covery spent Monday at their home
Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith of
Campus Drive spent Sunday in
Goshen, Ind.
Fresh films for your kodak and
prompt professional photo finishing.
Neu-Art studio. 12
Mrs. Robert Matter spent several
days last week with her sister, Mrs.
Harold Bixel and family in Ada.
Misses Lois Basinger and Mary
Jane and Josephine Klay spent sever
al days the past week at Lake James
in Indiana.
An ice cream social will be held on
the lawn of West Point church south
of Bluffton, Thursday night. The
public is invited.
Milburn Diller spent the week end
at Culver Military academy, Culver,
Ind., where he was the guest of En
sign Clark Faulkner.
James Coon of South Jackson street
has returned from a two weeks visit
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Manahan of near Lima.
Miss Marie Harmon and Ralph
Waltz of Mt. Cory and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Matter spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Cupples-
Mr. and Mrs. Holly Baldwin and
family of Adrian, Mich., visited last
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. McGeorge and family.
Mrs. W. E. Diller, daughter Jeanne
and son Milbum of South Main street
were guests of Dr. and Mrs. H. O.
Frederick in Ashtabula last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Anderson and
Mr. and Mrs. Owens of Dayton visited
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Anderson of Orange township.
Special gifts for bridal showers,
weddings, anniversaries, etc., at
Basinger’s Furniture Store.
Rev. G. T. Soldner of Cherry street
occupied the pulpit of the First Pres
byterian church in Findlay, Sunday
morning in the absence of the regu
lar pastor.
Miss Ida Mosiman and niece, Miss
Holly Mosiman of Middletown visited
over the week end at the home of the
former’s brother, Dr. and Mrs. S. K.
Mosiman of Grove street.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bixler of To
ledo visited here Sunday with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Tripplett
of Campus Drive and Mr. and Mrs.
D. W. Bixler of East Kibler street.
Attend our clearance shoe sale for
men, for women, for children, priced
98c to $2.48. Buy several pairs our
prices are small, at the Economy
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Reed of Grove
street had as their week end guests,
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Schunk and
son, Allen. Mr. Schunk is head li
brarian of the Toledo Public Library
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Augsburger,
daughter June and son Eugene of
Williamsport, Pa., returned to their
home Sunday after visiting at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. C. Augsbugrer of South Lawn
Dr. Albert Stettler of Columbus vis
ited the past week at the home his
mother, Mrs. Wm. Stettler of South
Lawn avenue. Dr. Stettler, a former
Columbus Grove veterinarian, is now
employed as meat inspector at a Col
umbus packing house.
Visitors during the past week at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Leiber and family of near Bluffton
were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zuercher,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Matter and daught
er, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Leiber, Wayne
Matter and Mrs. Anna Matter.
Farmers notice—We have taken
the agency for the Oliver line of
farm machinery. See our display.
If you are in the market for farm
machinery or a tractor, give us a
call. Farmers Grain Co., Bluffton.
Phone 109-W. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Pifer and
sons of Buffalo and Mr. and Mrs. Ger
ald Criblez of Franklin were week end
guests in the home of Milton Pifer
and attended the wedding of their
sister, Miss Evelyn Pifer to Dr. Rob
ert Long, Saturday afternoon at the
Pifer home.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stettler of this
place and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wiebe
and daughter of Willard spent last
week at Ashtabula and Geneva on the
Lake visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cox
and family. They also visited at the
home of Theodore Stettler and family
in Cleveland.
Lemco cedarized side opening
storage bags preserve your winter
garments thru the summer and keep
them free from moths, dirt, vermin
and dust. Each bag holds several
garments. Two bags for 25c.
Basinger’s Furniture store. tf
Chas. Cattran of Cleveland spent
Sunday at the George Klay home on
Mound street. He returned to that
eity, Sunday evening accompanied by
Mrs. Cattran and daughter Lois and
her mother, Mrs. Catherine Klay who
visited for the past two weeks at the
Klay home here.
Lysle Cahill of Cleveland spent the
week end here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Cahill of Jefferson
Otis Basinger who was seriously ill
with heart trouble at his home south
of town on the Steinbrenner farm is
Miss Kathryn Fenton of Cleveland
spent the week end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fenton of South
Lawn avenue.
Miss Nelle Lugibill of Cleveland,
spent the past week at the home of
her father, A. E. Lugibill of South
Lawm avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Diller and fam
ily of Piqua spent Sunday evening
here with Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Geiger
and Silas Diller.
Arnold Epp of New York city visit
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Gable of South Jackson street over
the week end.
Mrs. Chas. Armentrout and infant
daughter are spending two weeks in
Greensburg with her sister, Mrs.
Clarence Wise and family.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Dilley and fam
ily of Athens are spending the week
at the Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Steiner
home on South Main street.
I. Paul Steiner and daughter Martha
Ann of Tulsa, Okla., were visitors at
the home of Dr .and Mrs. J. S. Stein
er of South Main street, Sunday.
Atty, and Mrs. K. K. Kauffman of
Chicago are spending the week visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Baumgartner of South Main street.
Complete stock of work shirts,
pants, overalls, blouses, socks, gloves
and suspenders also twelve styles
work shoes, $1.69 to $4.25. Economy
Rev. and Mrs. P. A. Kliewer and
sons of Grove street who left for the
west on a motor trip have arrived
in Montana where they are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Amstutz and
daughter of Thurman street are on a
week’s motor trip thru the east visit
ing the fair in New York city and
other points of interest.
Mrs. Eva Kohli and two sons Fran
cis and Harold and Mrs. Christina
Kohli and Alex Fullerton were Sun
day dinner guests of the former’s
sister, Miss Vinnie Meeks of Rock
Mr. and Mrs. Merl Hull of Tiffin
spent Sunday here with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Todd of Franklin
street. Mr. and Mrs. Hull recently
returned from a three wrecks’ motor
trip to the Pacific coast where they
visited the Exposition at San Fran
Keep cool with wash trousers 98%
shrunk, polo shirts 39c and 65c and
cool underwear 47c to $1.50. We en
tertain low prices. The Economy
New portraits of your children are
necessary if you would keep the price
less record of childhood. Before they
grow a day older, make an appoint
ment for a setting at the Neu-Art
studio where a faithful likeness will
be made.
Special gifts for bridal showers,
weddings, anniversaries, etc., at
Basinger’s Furniture Store.
Visitors at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Perkins, south of Bluff
ton, Sunday, included: Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Hammond and Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Hartman of Rawson Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Ostrander and daugh
ter of Leipsic, Mrs. Gladys Hosafros
and C. A. Huber.
Mrs. Dale Davidson and tw’o child
ren of Cherry street are spending a
month at the home of her parents,
Rev. and Mrs. Wm. B. Weaver of
Danvers, Ill. While there she attend
ed the wedding of her sister, Miss
Emma Weaver to Robert Wheeler of
the U. S. Navy which took place at
the Mennonite church in Danvers last
Lemco cedarized storage bags, two
for 25c, keeps your winter clothing
free from moths, dirt, vermin and
dust. Each bag holds several gar
ments. Two bags for 25c. Bas
inger’s Furniture store. tf
Removals by Diller ambulance:
Mrs. Eva Clymer from Bluffton hos
pital to Findlay Mrs. Edgar Herr
and infant son from Bluffton hos
pital to their home south of Bluff
ton Mrs. Millard Fretz to the home
of her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Gage
on West College avenue Mrs.
Wayne Guider and infant daughter
from Bluffton hospital to their home
south of town Miss Lucille Geiger
from Bluffton hospital to the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram
Geiger near Pandora.
Recent callers at the home of Miss
Jane Rayl of Orange township were:
Miss Lizzie Wood of Ada Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Mater, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Hochstettler, Mr. and Mrs.
Stanley Ream, Mrs. Harold Bixel and
son Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin,
Mrs. Laura Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Ohrli, Clayton Rupright, Mr.
and Mrs. H. G. Downey and family,
Misses Helen, Wanda and Carol Mont
gomery, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Amstutz
and son Daryl, Mrs. Park Slusser and
daughter Violet, Rev. and Mis. A. E.
McVey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood of
Lima Mrs. Henry Hilty, Mrs. Robert
Ewing, Mrs. Joe Hilty and son David
of Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Laurence
Hosafros, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Roben
nolte and son Gene of Toledo Mrs. J.
C. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Edinger of Bowling Green, Elbert
Anderson, Russell Downey, Mr. and
Mrs. Archie Hartman and family, Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Wolf ley and daughter
and John Wilkins.
4-H Club
The 4-H club will meet at the home
Miss Ruth Ryan Thursday afternoon
at 1:30 o’clock.
Presbyterian Missionary
The Presbyterian Missionary so
ciety will meet at the home of Mrs.
Lloyd Van Meter, next Tuesday night
at 8 o’clock.
Camp Fire
The Camp Fire Girls held their
second ceremonial meeting at Buckeye
Lake, Friday afternoon. Following
the meeting the girls enjoyed a swim.
Honor Recent Bride
Mrs. Dorotha Thompson Parrish,
former music instructor in Rawson
high school was pleasantly surprised
Monday night when twent-five of her
former orchestra and band members
arrived at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thompson of
Orange township. The band mem
bers brought their instruments and
played several numbers.
Later in the evening Mrs. Parrish
was presented with many lovely gifts
from the group. Refreshments were
served at the close of the evening.
Those present were:
Trella Bosserman, Agnes Thomp
son, Gene Fink, Jenny Baumgardner,
Arthur Steiner, Elwood Powell, Geo.
Farling, Sonford McCafferty, Mark
Dailey, Wilma Neighswander, Betty
Painter, Mrs. Marjorie Ebersole.
Ned Hugus, Matilda Wentworth,
Jane Thomas, Dorothy Lather, Verne
Pore, Hubert Rauch, Vernon Williams,
Maxine Young, Esther Blymyer, Evel
yn Lather, Lila Moon, Norman Bak
er, Irene Nessler, Mr. and Mrs. Crabill
of Pennsylvania, Geo. Thompson of
Alliance, Mrs. Parrish and Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Thompson.
Miss Mary Smucker of Wooster,
student in Bluffton college the past
year spent last week at the Mrs. B.
D. Smucker home on South Lawn
Misses Esther Lugibill, Mary Mor
rison, Vera Kohler, Treva Dillman,
Marcella Gorby and Alice Davidson
spent the past week at Orchard Is
land on Indian Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rupright
and daughter Yvonne of this place
and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rupright
of Beaverdam visited over the Fourth
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Rupright and family of Ney, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce Diefendeifer
and son Ronald have moved from
the Stalter property on Riley street
to the vacant house on the Clyde
Yerger farm near Beaverdam.
Special gifts for bridal showers,
weddings, anniversaries, etc., at
Basinger’s Furniture Store.
Paul Augsburger who recently
completed a course at the Northwest
ern Business school, Lima, has ac
cepted a position as an accountant
with the Buckeye Machine company
in that city. He is the son of Eli
Augsburger of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph West and two
children of Kansas City visited here
Monday evening at the home of
Cliff West and family of South Lawn
avenue. They were enroute to
Springfield, Mass., on a business
trip. Mr. West, a former Bluffton
boy, is representative of the Spauld
ing line of athletic supplies in
Kansas City.
Dr. J. F. Rudy, former Bluffton
physician, has located in Ada where
he will practise medicine. Dr. Rudy
who has been in Rawson for a num
ber of years recently sold his prac
tise at that place to Dr. Weldon
Diller of Toledo, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Diller of North Jackson street.
Dr. Diller is moving from Toledo to
Rawson this month.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Bogart of
Cherry street will attend the State
Rural Letter Carriers association
convention at Columbus next Mon
day to Wednesday. Mr. Bogart as
president of the Fourth Congression
al District Letter Carriers associa
tion will represent that group in
the convention. Mr. and Mrs. Bobart
will also attend the National Letter
Carriers convention at Portland,
Oregon, August 15 to 18 where he
will go as a delegate from the Ohio
Letter Carriers association.
Family Gathering
In honor of the twenty-eighth
wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Neuensch wander and
the recent marriage of Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Marshall, a pleasant family
gathering was held at the Neuen
schwander home in Pandora, Sunday.
A feature of the occasion was a
three course dinner enjoyed by the
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Diller, Mrs.
Mary Ann Zimmerman, Mrs. Alma
Bixel and son Bobby, Mr. and Mrs.
Eail Crawfis of Bluffton.
Mr. and Mrs. John Reichenbach,
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bixel, Mr. and
Mrs. Cleo Neuenschwander of Pan
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Mellinger, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Neuenschwander
and daughter Donna Jean of La
fayette, Ind. Miss Carrie Frank
hauser, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Marsh
all, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neuensch
wander, Wayne, Alma and Phyllis
......... ”1 1
Hot Or Cold—Town
Had Both Past Week
Some like it hot—and some like it
cold—and weather in Bluffton the
past week was of sufficient variety to
please the most fastidious.
Last Friday with a temperature
of 95 degrees held the record for the
summer. Excessive humidity which
accompanied the heat made discom
fort greater than otherwise w'ould
have been experienced.
Codling breezes brought some re
lief Saturday and Sunday and then
Bluffton residents were gathering
extra blankets early Tuesday morn
ing when the mercury did a nose
dive to the low fifties.
Rising temperatures brought back
normal weather Tuesday and Wed
nesday with prospects of fair and
somewhat warmer for the remainder
of the week.
Estate Defendant
In Damage Action
Margaret Guider, as executrix of
the estate of John C. Guider de
ceased, of Richland township was
made defendant in a damage suit
for $10,000 filed by William R. Mur
ray in the Allen county courts, Mon
Murray alleges that while working
with a construction crew on the Al
len-Hancock county line road on July
10, 1937, he was struck by an auto
mobile operated by Guider. The ac
cident, Murray claims resulted in
bodily injuries and shock to the
amount of damages asked.
Birthday Gathering
In honor of the birthday anniver
sary of Von Strahm, the following
guests were entertained at dinner
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Strahm in Orange township:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strahm of
Wenatchee, Wash. Mrs. J. A. Bind
er and two children of Detroit
Robert Strahm and Miss Frances
Arnold of Toledo Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Strahm and son of Lima Mr. and
Mrs. G. D. Strahm of Ada Mrs.
Dora Montgomery of Orange town
ship, and Mr. and Mrs. Von Strahm
and family.
Wednesday Morniig
Hogs—160 to 225, $6.90 225 to
250, $6.60 roughs, $4.25 stags, $3.
Calves, $9 lambs, $8.
Grain (bushel prices)—Wheat G2c
corn 46c oats 30c soys 67c.
Wanted—To buy hand painted
plates and cups and old glass dishes.
Write R. Gladys Rainey, Findlay,
Ohio, Route 1.
Wanted—Clean, light weight rags
with Absorbent qualities no small
pieces or window curtains. Will pay
5c per pound. Bluffton News office.
Wanted—Housekeeper, middle aged
woman preferred. J. W. Tipple, 5
miles south and mile east of Raw
son. Postoffice address, Jenera, Ohio.
Wanted—Housework or care of
children stay nights. Alice Golden,
419 N. Main St.
Wanted—Top prices paid on poul
try. We do culling, vaccinating,
worming. Steiner’s hatchery, phone
Wanted—New oats. Truck will
call. Master Feed Mill, phone 182-W.
Wanted—Saw filing. Dan Nus
baum, College road. 12
Wanted—Tract of 20, 40 or 60
acres near Bluffton. Can use if
priced right. See H. W. Althaus at
Economy store.
Wanted—Poultry and egga at
highest market price also have
poultry to sell retail. Calvin Steiner,
third house from Electric light plant.
Bluffton phone 212-W. tf
For rent—Two living rooms above
postoffice. Inquire W. F. lutzi. tf
For rent—Modern apartment also
small business room. W. F. lutzi. tf
For rent—Modern apartment, gas,
lights and refrigeration furnished.
Inquire News office
For rent—7 room modern house at
109 E. Elm St. Inquire Wm. B.
Augsburger, 322 N. Main St.
For sale—5 tube RCA automobile
radio and battery eliminator. See
Georgia Yerger.
For sale—Standing timothy suit
able for hay or seed. Albert Kohler,
Bluffon phone.
For Sale—Glass jars for canning.
Glass jugs cheap. Risser’s Sandwich
For sale—Trailer at Earl Huber
farm. W. W. Huber, Ada.
For sale—Good lard. I. W. Welty,
West Elm St.
For sale—Red raspberries. Wm. Al
thaus, Bluffton phone 623-W.
For sale—Potaoe crates, slats and
heads. See John Kahler, 301 South
Ream St., Ada. 13
For sale Attractive residence
property in Ada seven acres, adjoin
ing, outside corporation. Rev. E. T.
Dailey, Ada, O. 15
For sale—Rawleigh’s fly killer and
fly repellant for cows none better or
cheaper. See Sylvanus Welty, West
Elm street.
Found Ring. Owner can have
same by identifying and paying for
advertisement. Steiner hatchery.
Jr A lx E MV
Pleasant Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Barnes and
Mrs. Angie Turner were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
Motter of Ada.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Huber and son
were Sunday visitors of Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Manahan and family of
Francis Lugibihl spent Sunday in
Sunday evening visitors of Mr,
and Mrs. Willard Jennings and
family were: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Stratton and family, Mr. and Mra.
Avery Watt and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Hilty and family and Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Winegardner and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lugibihl and
children Norman and Dorothy and
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lugibihl and
daughter were Sunday visitors of
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Montgomery
and son of Fort Recovery.
The members of the Pleasant Hill
Ladies Aid society and their fam
ilies will meet this Thursday even
ing with Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jen
nings and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Younkman
called Sunday evening on Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Phillips and Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Younkman and son.
Miss Rhea Scoles called Sunday
afternoon on Mrs. Jacob Traucht.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hess and
family and Mrs. Lily Fett and Miss
Nellie Huber called Sunday after
noon on Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allison of
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brauen and
family spent the past week in
Pennsylvania, N. Y. and Ohio visit
ing with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Scoles and son
and Miss Ruth Scoles called Sunday
afternoon on Mr. Norval Scoles and
Mrs. O. L. Stratton called Monday
afternoon on Mrs. Lily Fett and
Miss Nellie Huber.
Dorothy and Norman Lugibihl are
spending a two weeks vacation in
Fort Recovery at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Clifford Montgomery and
Hess Fly Spray
Stock, gal
Hess Special Fly and
Mosquito Spray for
Homes, pint
Sidney’s Drug Shop
... there’s a difference
Remember there’s as
much difference in auto
mobile liability insurance
as there is in automobiles
—and you should exercise
the same care in buying
one as the other.
Ask us about good auto
insurance in good com
panies—policies that we
can personally recommend.
W. F. lutzi
Postoffice Bldg.
Dependable Insurance for
Dependable People
Bonds for almost every purpose.
1 A 11
Some Like It Hot
A zippy dish of swing fun.
Gene Krupa and his
“Great Ziegfeld” of the Ice!
Irene Dunne—Chas. Boyer

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