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Warrant Required For Traffic
Arrests Outside Village, Ruling
Town marshals can not arrest mo
torists they find violating traffic laws
outside the limits of their own vil
lages without a warrant, but they may
arrest, either with or without a war
rant, a motorist they find violating
the law within their own village and
take him before a mayor of any other
village in the same county.
The fact the violation of an ordi
nance as well as a state law does not
prevent the marshal from taking the
case to the mayor of another village.
That was the ruling this week of
Attorney General Thoms J. Herbert
in an opinion to Col. Lynn Black,
State Highway superintendent.
Col. Black said, in requesting an
opinion, that some marshals make de-
Esther Gratz and Robt. Matter took
supper with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kling
ler and family, Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Hartman, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry’ Grismore spent a
week visiting relatives in Ann Arbor,
Detroit and Toledo.
Recent callers of Mrs. Jane Rayl
were Mrs. John Wilkins, Jr. and child
ren, Mrs. A. G. Downey and son Roy
al, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dennings,
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Matter of Ada
Grover Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Wolfley and daughter, John
Warren, Jimmy and Ann Marie An
derson, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Robnolte
and son of Toledo.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Hartman spent
Sunday with their son Erow Hartman
and family of Republic. Elieen Hart
man returned home with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Montgomery
and family, Robert Matter, Marjorie
Reams, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kimmel,
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kimmel, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Kimmel and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Caris and son spent
Sunday at Avondale Lake with Mrs.
Catherine Welsh, it being her 86th
birthday anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCafferty and
sons attended the state fair, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Klingler and
son spent Sunday p. m. with Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Klingler and son.
Miss Esther Gratz took supper with
the Chas. Montgomery family, Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Welsh, Mr. and
Eyesight Specialists
Open Evenings
Citizens Bank Bldg., Bluffton
Savings & Loan Bldg., Ada
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Footwear for School Wear
For the High School Girl and Boy
For Grade School Youths
FOOTWEAR—to complete the fall outfit for
school—new styles sturdily built with plenty of wear
in them—you’ll like their lines the minute you see
them—and you’ll like the way we have priced them
to keep within your budget.
You’ll save money by outfitting for school right
here—and right now.
o \l
liberate patrols outside their villages
for the purpose of making arrests and
taking the offenders to any court in
the county they desire. The sole pur
pose of making such arrest is collec
tion of costs to which they are not en
titled when making an arrest under
their own village ordinances, Col.
Black said.
Mayors have final jurisdiction with
in their county in traffic misdemean
ors where the motorist is not entitled
to trial by jury, waives a jury trial
or makes a written request for a jury
trial. In cases where the maximum
penalty is a fine of less than $50 the
mayor may refuse to bind the case
over to the Grand Jury and exercise
final jurisdiction, Mr. Herbert said.
Mrs. Merton Moser and children spent
Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Montgomery and family.
Sunday dinner guests at the W. L.
Hilty home were: Mr. and Mrs. Ern
est Klingler and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Kent Klingler and son, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Battles and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Vaughn Spellman and dau
ghter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schantz
and son, Mrs. Carrie Spellman and
granddaughter and Mrs. Eva Mont
Sunday afternoon callers of Mrs.
Hannah Swank were Mr. and Mrs. I.
A. Zay, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Diller,
Joe, Harlan and Chas. Swank.
Past week callers of Mrs.
Montgomery were Pearl Battles
son, Mrs. Walter Schantz and
Esther Gratz, Mrs. Carrie Spellman
and granddaughter, Mary Spellman.
Richland Center
Kenneth Luginbuhl of Cleveland
spent the week end with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Luginbuhl.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Stratton, Mr.
and Mrs. Lamar Basinger and daugh
ter and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Marquart
and sons spent Sunday afternoon
with Mr. and Mrs. John Hirschfeld
and son of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Basinger and
daughter Doris Jean spent Saturday
and Sunday visiting relatives in
Berne, Ind.
Mrs. S. C. Dailey of Findlay spent
the past week with her son, Dwight
Dailey and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rhoads, Mr.
and Mrs. Walton Alderfer
daughter Shirley and Mr. and Mrs.
Otto Amstutz spent Monday evening
with Rev. and Mrs. H. T. Unruh
and daughter Mildred.
Mr. and Mrs. George Eisenbach of
Pandora spent Sunday afternoon at
the Amos Gerber home.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coon left
Tuesday for their home in Millers
burg after spending the summer with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I.
Alice and Bonnie Marquart spent
School Opens Next Tuesday now is the time to get ready
Thursday with Melvin Marquart.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schautflin
and daughter Patsy, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilford Gratz and Miss Rachel
Schaublin spent Monday evening
with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gratz and
granddaughter Mary Kathryn.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertscher
called on Will Freyman at the Me
morial hospital in Lima, Sunday.
Mrs. John Hirschfeld and son Billy
of Lima spent Tuesday at the Ed
Marquart home.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Messinger and
son spent one evening last week at
the Amos and Francis Basinger
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Dailey and
sons were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dennis and
family of Bowling Green.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Luginbuhl and
son Kenneth and Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert Coon were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grant and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber and
family spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Luginbuhl and
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Dailey and
sons, Mrs. S. C. Dailey and Mrs.
Wm. Clouser spent one evening last
week at the Ernest Gratz home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and son
Melvin spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marquart, Sr.
Pleasant View
Mrs. H. S. Green, who suffered
heart attack last Monday is improv
Dean Dietier was removed from the
Bluffton Community hospital to the
home of his aunt, Mrs. W. G. Carr,
Sunday. He was injured when he
was thrown from a motorcycle oper
ated by Kenneth Hilty, Friday.
Miss Ruth Ann Cook is employed
at the Community hospital at Bluff
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Clymer of Tru
mansburg, N. Y., were guests in the
home of her mother, Mr. and Mrs. H.
S. Green last week.
Miss Edith Zimmerly, who is em
ployed in the Edgar Chamberlain
home in Bluffton spent last week with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Len Zim
merly and family.
Mr. and HMrs. I. R. Harris and
family attended he Pendleton reunion
at Riverside par, Sunday,
The Will Cuppies threshing ring
and their families met in the home of
J. G. Krautter and family, Friday
evening for their business meeting.
Ice cream and cake were served.
United States wheat prices
at present, it is well to re
that the world price is the
are low
lowest in history and that farmers in
this country are getting 25 to 30
cents more per bushel for wheat than
the world price at Liverpool w’ould
justify. Wheat sold in Liverpool on
July 24 for 48 U cents, the lowest
point since 1592.
To School in
Style go the
Smart stuff, these new
Sweaters developed by
“Rugby” for fellows who
want to feel and look right
at the same time.
Get into one if you want
to get into the style-stride
that fits campus or class
Clothing, Shoes and Furnishings
Many New Books
Added To Library
The public library will be closed
next Monday, Labor day it is an
nounced by Miss Ocie Anderson, li
The following new books have been
added to the library, Miss Anderson
For Adults
Komroff—Coronet: Heiser—You’re
the Doctor Cramp—Hatter’s Castle
Kantor—Long Remember Sedgwick
—Little French Girl Mantle—Best
plays of 1937-1938 Rosman—Will
iam’s Room Spring—Shabby Tiger
Rosman—Long Hunt.
Bennett—Old Wives Tale Dowdey
—Gamble’s Hundred Barnes—Years
of Grace Thirkell—The Brandon’s
Willoughbyr—Spown of the North
Frost Collected poems Amateur
Craftman’s Cyclopedia.
Peter—Without benefit of architect
Baldwin—Inevitable town Mathews—
The world in which Jesus lived
Weatherhead She -her remembers
Flexner—Doctors on horseback Par
rish—Teacher’s speech Hutchinson
Uncertain trumpet Fletcher—Select
ed poems Page—Religious resources
for personal living id social action
Oliver—Good Shepherd Zimmerman
—Changing community.
Phelps—Autobioj.’iphy with let
ters Watkeys—Or ation in science
Mayorga—Best one-act plays of 1937
Lee—Outlived Bible Walkup—Dres
sin the past Young
heart Clark—Mana■Is
chemistry Chanter—
—Storm in her
of modern
Self worth hav-
hing Fowler—
Latzke—Modern cl(
Social life at Rome
Americans Anderson—Slave of Cati
line Church—Roman life in the days
of Cicero Bergson—Matter and mem
ory Kingsley—Titus a comrade of the
cross Anderson—With the eagles.
White—Song of the sirens Nye—
Practica 1 aeronoutical engineering
Byrne—Hangman’s house Byrne—
Field of honor Rawlings—Golden ap
ples Salatini—Lost king Rinehart—
Circular staircase Norris—Heart of
Rachel Bailey—Burning beauty Hil
ton—We are not alone Doyle—Hound
of the Baskervilles Bailey—Peacock
feathers Bailey—I’ve been to Lon
don Baldwin—Enchanted oasis Saw
yer—Gallant Connor—Corporal Cam
eron London Burning daylight
Rinehart—Tish marches on.
Porter—Daughter of the land
Reed—Bible homes and homes today
Hill—Brentwood Eastman—How to
make good pictures Atherton—Dido,
Queen of heart Davis—Uncle Sam’s
attic Lin—Our family Timbres—
We didn’t ask Utopia.
For Juveniles
Montgomer— knne of Ingleside
Montgomery—Jpne of Lanternhill
Montgomery—Anne of Windy pop
lars Lindberg—“We Wiggins—
New chronicles of Rebecca Burnett—
Little Princess Mason—Woodcraft
Hooper—Circus boat.
Streatfiehi—Circus shoes Burgion
,—Lost Island Russell—Wreck of the
Grosvenor Swan—Deep water days
Swan—Covered wagon days Ewan—
Anchors aweigh! Milne—Magic hill
and other stories.
Heisenfelt -Children of Holland
Grover—Sunbonnet babies in Italy
Grover—Overall boys in Switzerland
Headley—How other people travel
Yule—In kimono land Seachrest—
Greek photoplays Seachrest—Egyp
tian photoplays Montgomery—Emily
of new’ nioonjHeyliyer—Don Strong,
Patrol leader.
Abbott—To have, to keep Corner—
Attaining i
mon Creel
photography Dopp—Not so long ago
Curtis—Boats Mohr,Egytians of long
hood Carter—Persim
Neblette Elementary
Sales Tax Receipts
Greater This Year
Sales tax collections in Allen county
are running mere than $23,000 ahead
of last year’s receipts, it was disclosed
Saturday by Don H. Ebright, state
Last week’s sales tax receipts in
the county amounted to $5,920.63, an
aggregate for this year of $284,587.
Real estate tax collections last
week were $12,887.97, and $602,961.79
for the curren period. Deadline for
last half realty tax payments will be
September 10, County Treasurer By
ron .Dershem said.
Augsburger Reunion
R. E. Griffith of near Bluffton was
elected president of the Augsburger
family reunion at the annual gather
ing at Lafayette park. He succeeds
Dan Augsburger of Ada.
About 100 persons, descendants of
the Augsburger family, attended the
reunion and joi ied in a picnic dinner
at the noon hour.
The afternoon was taken over with
a program. Election of officers.
Newton Robinson of Lima was elected
vice president and Mrs. Jess Augs
burger of Lima, secretary and treas
The fourteenth annual reunion will
be held next year at the same pla?e,
the third Sunday in August. Those
from Bluffton attending were: Mr.
and Mrs. John Kohler and son Waldo,
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Augsburger and
sons, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Augsbur
ger and family and Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Griffith and family.
News Want-Ads Bring Results.
Dr. M. C. Lehman, who was to
have joined the College faculty for
the coming year as instructor in
philosophy has resigned his position
here. Dr. Lehman recently received
his doctor’s degree from Yale. He
expects to return to Goshen, Ind.,
where he was formerly a member of
the Goshen college faculty. No an
nouncement as to his successor has
yet been made.
George A. Hench of Ohio State
university will be the new physics
instructor for the coming year.
Harvey Beidler, last year’s instruc
tor, is the new head of the Celina
municipal light plant.
Roof work on the new project
building is underway this week with
J. A. Loganbill supervising. The
structure will be completed by Sept.
12. The building will be used to
house a chicken dressing establish
ment. The first floor will be used
to raise chickens in brooders and the
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ralston and
family are leaving Friday to make
their home in Huntington, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Zellars and
Mrs. Grace Cole of Bancroft, Mich.,
spent the past wreek at Winona Lake,
Mrs. Len Criblez is visiting her
daughter Mrs. John Huddleson and
family at Cleveland.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Ransbottom of
Independence, Kansas, are visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Barber and
daughter Lelia, and Joan Barber of
Lorain attended the Delphos Fair,
Doyl LaRue has accepted a posi
tion as teacher of Vocational Agri
culture at Pickerington, Ohio.
Mrs. Jim Thomas left Sunday for
Oklahoma to visit her brother, »who
is reported on the sick list.
Ruth Binkley of Lafayette is visit
ing this week with her grandmother,
Mrs. Emma Bassitt.
Mrs. Charles Troxel and daughter
Maxine of Oiltown, Okla., were
Here are the features of the
New Beauty rest Mattress—
New, deeper coils for in
creased comfort. Exclusive
Sag-proof edge keeps side
walls erect and neat... and
brings mid-mattress comfort
to the very edge. Deep lay
ers of comfortable uphols
tery. Many other exclusive
second story will be used for dress
ing the chickens. Rev. Cheney from
Forest is the owner of this new
establishment which will come to the
college this fall. He will employ 20
students. His chickens are shipped
to hotels and restaurants of numer
ous cities of Ohio. He and his
family will locate in Bluffton.
Miss Marjorie Poston of Ohio
State university has been hired as
the new instructor in business and
economics at Bluffton college for the
coming year. She replaces Francis
Babione who is working on his
Doctor’s degree at Ohio State uni
versity. Miss Poston lives in Colum
The new French teacher, who is to
replace Miss Louise O’Brien, has not
as yet been selected.
Dr. J. S. Schultz, dean of the col
lege, and family journied to Berea,
Ky., this week-end to visit his broth
er, an instructor in Berea college.
guests Wednesday of Mrs. Antha
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Moore of
Youngstown are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. T. V. Stirn.
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Williams, Mrs.
Millie Williams, and Miss Adda
Yoakum visited Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Lester Nungster in Yoledo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A, Lehhman of
Chicago left that city August 19th
and traveled through the principal
cities and places of interest in Ill.,
Ind., Tenn., Ky., No. Carolina, So.
Carolina, Ga., Ala., and Ohio, travel
ing 2300 miles and report a very
interesting trip. On their return
trip they visited their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Gideon A. Lehman at
Beaverdam and other relatives at
Bluffton and Pandora. They left
for their home last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Youngberg of
Lima were Friday afternoon callers
of the latter’s father, John Patter
Mrs. Malinda Bollinger of Green
ville is spending the week with Mrs.
Catherine Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pickering of
Spencerville were Sunday dinner
Beautyrest the world’s most comfortable mattress is
now more comfortable than ever the whole Beautyrest
is deeper, and each coil yields independently assuring
better, sounder, more healthful sleep Simmons guar
antees the new Beautyrest for ten years.
better rest—
See the New Beautyrest today.
Basinger Furniture Store
THURSDAY, AUG. 31, 1939
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight
Baughman. Afternoon callers were:
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Baughman and
daughter Alice of Ada Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Shaffer of Lakeview Mrs.
Fern Rhoades of Lima L. W.
Scherry of Decatur, Ind., and Mr.
and Mrs. Carson Marshall.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pratt of To
ledo Betty and Warren Pratt, Mrs.
Carrie Durkee and daughter Ruth
are spending the week with Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Muffler at Blue Island,
Paul Shaffer and daughter Joline
of Cleveland visited this week with
Mr. and Mrs. John Augsburger.
Eileen Amstutz, Mary Varvel, Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Arnold were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack
i Pugh and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Van Meter en
i tertained with a com and weiner
roast Tuesday evening. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Bums
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Bassitt, Mrs. Ted Thompson and
daughter Patty, Mr. and Mrs. I. W.
Byerly, daughters Ruby, Juanita and
Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sneary,
Mrs. Carl Yost and son Jimmy, Mrs.
Cecile Bassitt, Hubert Henry, Bettye
Schindler, Lewis Habeggar, Mr. and
Mrs. Delmar Beery and sons Carl
and Delmar.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bender of
Toledo announce the arrival of a
daughter Betty Joanne on Aug. 18.
Mrs. Bender was formerly Adah
Mullin, who lived here a few years
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Every Load Insured i
Bluffton, Ohio
features. The new Beauty
rest is offered in a wide va
riety of luxurious, new long
wearing covers Panel
Damasks Rayon Stripes
... 8 oz. Stripes ... in popu
lar colors. Smart, harmon
izing, French taped edge.
Golden cord handles. Gold
finish ventilators. Flat but
ton tufts. Priced at $39.50.

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