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An amateur night program was
presented last Saturday in the col
lege chapel under the sponsorship of
the college social committee. Each
class presented one feature. Pro
ceeds will be used to purchase a new
piano for the Ropp hall dining room.
Miss Harriet Criblez, a graduate
from the college in 1937, now teach
ing at Millersburg, addressed a meet
ing of the Y. W. C. A. last week.
Her talk was drawn from observ
ances of a summer tour thru Europe.
Representatives of the men’s gos
pel team appeared Sunday in the
Mennonite church at Grabill, Ind.
They were in charge of morning and
evening services.
Eight Bluffton delegates attended
the conference on “The Student and
the World Christian Community,
held on the Oberlin campus last
week end. Those attending from this
campus were Elenore Burtchin,
Evelyn Burkhart, Jean Habegger,
Betty Keeney, Elizabeth Rasmussen,
Karl Schultz, Richard Weaver and
Miss Edna Ramseyer, faculty advis
or of the Y. M. C. A.
President L. L. Ramseyer and
Prof. J. H. Loganbill have completed
a tour thru Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas to
study student aid programs carried
out by other colleges and univers
Bluffton college will be host to a
historic Peace Church conference, to
w’hich delegates from five denomina
tional colleges are expected on Dec.
1 and 2. Two Mennonite colleges,
tw’o Friends colleges and one Breth
ren college will be represented at
the session. The schools will in
clude Bluffton, Goshen college, of
Goshen, Ind. Wilmington college,
Policy will insure
your home and
household goods against all
losses caused by fire and
No matter how stormy
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Chester co
Members of the International Re
lations club will attend the Ohio
Valley conference at Berea college,
Berea, Ky., on Nov. 18 and 19.
Bluffton college debaters are pre
paring for an active season, opening
Nov. 16 and 17 with dual meets with
Wittenberg and Capital, on the
Bluffton campus. In December Bluff
ton will participate in a series of
intercollegiate debates broadcast over
radio station WBNS in Columbus.
On the Bluffton squad this year are
Karl Schultz, Bert Smucker, Richard
Weaver, Stan Fretz, Herb Fretz,
Mark Houshower, Roger Andrews,
Harold Twining and Robert Wagner.
The honor roll for the school term
19.38-39 was announced last week
from the registrar’s office. This in
cludes students who had no grades
below’ a B. On the list are: Richard
Baker, Ruth Beidler, Roberta Biery,
Marjorie Bloomquist, Mason Blosser,
Julia Culp, James Ehrman, Donita
Hartzler, Vivian Heck, Ruth Hender
son, Everett Hiestand, Margaret
Hobson, Maurine Low’enberg, Andrew
Shelly, Ruth Steiner, Helene Stone
hill and William Tisdale.
Lima Rescue Mission
Observes Anniversary
This month marks the 33rd anni
versary of the Unia Resole Mission,
founded by Adam D. Welty, former
Bluffton area resident, who has serv
ed continuously as superintendent of
of the institution.
During the mission’s 33 years of
activity nearly one-half million tran
sients have received lodging and food.
In the month of October, just closed,
the mission fed 1,392 persons and pro
vided overnight lodgings for 579.
New Motors Put
In Snow Cruiser
New’ motors were installed in Ad
miral Richard E. Byrd’s 37-ton snow
cruiser at Erie, Pa., plant of the Gen
eral Electric Co., over the last week-
The motors replaced two w’hich
were damaged when the gigantic ve
hicle left the highw’ay near Gomer a
week ago last Saturday, and lay stuck
in the mud of a creek bed for three
Following replacement of the mo
tors the snow’ cruiser continued its
journey to Boston on Monday.
U under our norma)
price every day—-
at all
ed iii
Demonstrates Fishing In Films
High School Notes
“Robinson Crusoe,” a three-act
comedy based on the famous char
acter of story-book fame, will be
presented in the Bluffton High audi
torium Nov. 28 and 29 by the speech
classes of the school
cast selected last
Carolyn Stonehill,
Charlotte Santschi,
ton, Dorothy Greding, Georgia Fish
er, Herbert Klassen, George Myers,
Ray Niswander, Wanda Diller, Mad
lyn Isham, Doris Garmatter, Helen
Soldner, Doris White, Betty Stein
man, Harriet Biome, Harlan Swank,
John Stettler, Relph Short,
Thiessen and Harold Santschi.
L. Donifen, Marion, Ohio, lawyer,
will be the speaker
chapel service in the
1 p. m. this Friday,
be “A Challenge for
ship.” The Americ
sponsoring the chapel as
Aetna react
s the quickness of their re-
how soon the person being tested
reacts when he sees a stop light or
sign. The average reaction for boys
and girls is one-fourth second.
The principle is based on
Class rings were selected last
week by members of the junior
class, and order will be placed this
week. This year it wras voted to
change the Pirates crest, appearing
on rings of the last few years, to
a “B”.
Students in the speech department
will present a playlet, “Proposal by
Proxy”, at a Thanksgiving
program. In the cast are:
Steinman, Ralph Short,
Biome, Dale Grismore and
rpONY Accetta, professional all-around bait and fly-casting champion,
who was shown here in a film in the high school study hail last
Monday night under auspices of the Bluffton Radio dub.
Mr. and Mrs. H.
tained at their horn
son street, Sunday,
county’s Company
American W’ar and
A tentative
week includes:
Billie Bechtel,
Marjorie Strat-
at a special
auditorium at
His topic will
Good Citizen
in Legion is
an Armis-
Mrs. J. V. S
Badertscher a
Mrs. Murray.
The following p,
Abbie Ackerman
A charming cou
Invited some fric
the day.
Mrs. Murray i.
But her husband's
ing line.
Members of the Girl Reserves re
cently organized a handicraft class
for making leather work, wall hang
ings, etc. Mrs. Russell A.
the supervisor.
Lantz is
first aid
An American Red Cross
school w’ill be held in the
High cafeteria one night a week for
a period of 10 weeks. The opening
session was held last Monday night.
Approximately 20 have enrolled for
the course.
Hunters Are Warned
Against Tularemia
Bluffton area nimrods who bring
home rabbits should be extremely
careful in handling and dressing the
game because of the danger of con
tracting tularemia (rabbit fever),
state conservation officials warned
this week.
Hunters are urged to wear rubber
gloves when handling and dressing
rabbits. Symptoms of the disease
very often are not readily apparent.
Careful, prolonged cooking destroys
the bacteria which causes the disease,
it w’as pointed out.
Help to Protect Your
Home from Tuberculosis
»♦/. t-t
i! 1
-w I w
Thirty-one enjoyi
second to be held at
dinner at the noon
an informal aftern
has been active in
ganization is said
ing quadruplet ex-service
Those enjoying tl
Mr. and Mrs.
nee Mr. and Mr
daughter of Was
Spanish War I ets. I
Enioy Meeting #ere|durin£
i written by Mrs.
Lima w’as read:
out Bluffton way
over to spend
sweet and
it in the receiv-
He w’elcomes the men with a greet
ing of cheer
But when it comes to the ladies—
that’s different I hear.
For each lovely lady down on his
He has an old-fashioned greeting with
an old fashioned kiss.
Then settles down with a contented
Never dreaming what a mess his face
is in.
So we took out our lipstick
And we smeared it on thick
And after the goodbyes w’ere said
Hod really looked quite sick.
He stood and looked in amazement
He was stunned—had nothing to say
The spots on his face grew redder
As we all bade him good-day.
But he’s a really fine fellow
We thing he’s a pretty good sport
And Hod, dear, we’re all sorry
To lipstick we had to resort.
Today we’ll be more considerate
We’ll treat you as we should any man
Dowm deep in our hearts we know’—
For lipstick you don’t give a darn.
Two From Here To
Be Church Lecturers
Two Bluffton educators are among
the speakers scheduled for sessions of
the Allen County Methodist School of
Religion and Life, a series which in
cludes weekly meetings in Lima from
9, thru Dec. 14.
Thursday, Nov.
A. J. B. Longsdorf, superintendent
of Bluffton
charge of th
Message for
—particularly since the advent of
the electric fence which can deliver
some pretty severe jolts to those un
wary enough to come into contact
with the charged wires.
And so the marvels of electrified
fencing afford one more obstacle
that nimrods will encounter when they
take to the field this Wednesday
in search of rabbits, pheasants and
anything else the law allows.
Many of the farms in this area
have electric fences, and altho they
generally can be identified, the prob
lem of avoiding them isn’t always as
Some fences are charged pretty
weakly, but therein lies the treach-
G. Murray enter-l thought faces carved on pumpkins
North Jack-1 are a remhider of the traditional
veterans of Alien! ugly faces of "’itches.
the Spanish-1 °iden times it also used to be
their families la cust°m to build roaring bonfires
the affair the!on Halloween to frighten aw’ay evil
the Murray home I spirits and it also was thought that
hour followed by I witches and others
Mr. Murray|evil had their own
the veterans’ or-| counterpart of these
o be the only liv-|in the lighted candle in the
man. I
e affair were: Mr.| Halloween always falls
and Mrs. t7o. Ackerman of Lafay-I evening before a Christian feast
ette Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Whisler, Mr.lknown as Hallowmas, or All Saints
and Mrs. C. M. Faust, Mr. and Mrs.| Day- The history of Halloween,
Wm. L. Linderman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl I however, goes farther back to a time
Gribling, Mrs. M. Carder, Mrs. Bes-I
sie Bly, Miss Odi
rey Crider, Mrs. 1
Thrust, Chas. Re
a Beal, Mrs. Aud-
',.!XLu'", um.”
irence Brese, Shaw-1
Aaron Murray and
ington, C. H. Mr.l jn a proclamation announced last
age, Mr. and Mrs. I weck president Roosevelt set Thurs
nd family and Mr.| Jay, Nov. 23, as Thanksgiving Day.
one week earlier than calendars and
custom had designated.
Then as the day draws to a close I “Our nation has gone steadily for
And it’s tii-to homeward trod. ward in the application of demo
We girls al! decided on a plan cratic Processes to economic and so
To put one on Hod
ublic schools, will be in
class on „The Christian
Our Day.”
Dr. Lloyd L. Ramseyer, president
of Bluffton college ,is scheduled as the
lecturer for a special meeting Nov.
30. He will speak on “Individual and
Social Elements in Christianity,”
Rev. Judson Weed, pastor of the
Bluffton Methodist church, is one of
the members of the committee arrang
ing for the school.
Every Load Insured
Bluffton, Ohio
Those Seeking Kick In Hunting May Get
New Kind Of Kick From Electric Fence
Hallow’een season—season of child
ren’s pranks aqd gay adult parties
—had its inception in centuries long
past in the religious and super
natural beliefs of early peoples.
Modern Halloween Has Roots
In Beliefs Of Middle Ages
Superstition of the Middle Ages
had witches riding on broom sticks
Halloween, and altho we to-
day do not believe such tales, it is
associated with
fires. Today’s
s found
on the
President-’s Proclamation Sets Nov.
Announcement of the President’s
decision to move Thanksgiving up a
week was first made last August,
and most states, including Ohio,
agreed to fall in line. A few, how
ever, will not cooperate and will
serve Thanksgiving on Nov. 30,
month, as
I c*a^
for this
last Thursday in the
creed by custom.
President Roosevelt
decided to move the
week because of business reasons.
said he
holiday up a
In his proclamation of last week
the chief executive declared that it
is fitting to continue a “hallow’ed
custom” begun by President Wash
ington when he asked the nation to
lay down
the year
all tasks for one day in
and give thanks for the
granted by divine provi-
Pr°hlems,” the President said.
In the proclamation the President
ery of the whole thing, for about the
time the hunter gets accustomed to
them he may stumble acros one that
if touched will set him back on his
heels with a real shock.
It is reported that some farmers
are running fences with a load taken
directly from regular power lines,
and that in many other cases the
voltage is reduced only slightly. As
if it
a consequence it behooves
hunter to bew’are of every
strand fence that looks as
might be electrified.
23 For Observance Of Thanksgiving
Hunting season opened at
on Wednesday, Nov. 8, and
from this district are planning to be
among those in the field w’hen the
restrictions are lifted.
long before the Christian faith
spread over Europe.
Druid priests in Great Britain
more than 1500 years ago taught in
their pagan religion that Saman was
the Lord of Death. Each year at
Halloween Saman was believed to
call together all wicked spirits,
fires were built to keep such
gregations away from
of Ireland the
In parts
memory of Saman still
the Druid
lives, altho
faith disappeared long
ago. Halloween in those areas is
known as the “Vigil of Saman”.
Another phase of the modern ob
servance of Halloween was given to
us by the Romans. They honored a
goddess, Pomona, who was believed
to watch over trees which produced
nuts and fruit. A feast
was held on or about
November every year.
in her honor
the first of
our present
From this has come
custom of associating apples, “apple
dunking” and nuts with Halloween.
asked that thanks be offered “for the
hope that lives within us” of the
coming of eventual world peace.
Coincident with release of the
proclamation, it was announced that
the President has been invited to
celebrate Thanksgiving in its birth
place, Plymouth, Mass., on Nov. 30.
No change will be made in the
date of the holiday so far as the
historic settlement where Thanks
giving originated is concerned.
AAA Pays $35,399
To Allen Farmers
The Allen County AAA Committee
today announced that $35,399.91 in
conservation payments has been dis
tributed to Allen county farmers who
participated in the 1939 AAA farm
program. The money represents pay
ments earned by farmers who coop
erated in the farm program by keep
ing within their individual allotments
and carying out approved soil build
ing practices. This represents 29 per
cent of the total payment estimated
at $120,000.00 for the county.
THURSDAY, NOV. 9, 1939
College Gets $285
Monthly From NY A
Bluffton college received an in
crease of $30 a month in its allot
ment for the 1939-40 National Youth
Administration program on the cam
pus here.
The school will receive a monthly
total of $285 this year, as compared
with $255 allotted for the 1938-39
Findlay college wil get $120 more
per month this year—$585 being al
located for work projects at the in
Toledo university has the highest
monthly allotment of any Northwest
Ohio school, $2,685. Bowling Green
State university gets $1,755.
Funds released thru the National
Youth Administration program are
for employment of deserving college
students in after-class projects. Stu
dents may earn as much as $15 per
month for work in class rooms, col
lege offices, laboratories and in re
search and campus improvements.
All w’ork must be of tangible value
to the college, and of practical exper
ience for the student.
Last year Bluffton employed an
average of 17 students under the
NY A program. Applicants must be
members of families of limited in
Beaverdam Holdup
Suspect Ruled Guilty
After two hours’ deliberation last
week an Allen county common pleas
jury found Paul Shaffer, 19, formerly
of Lima, guilty of participating in the
armed robbery last Aug. 21 of the
Blue Bell restaurant in Beaverdam.
Imposition of sentence was with
held by Judge Neal L. Lora, to per
mit counsel for Shaffer to file a mo
tion for a new trial.
Arthur Detrick, 21, and Woodrow
McClung, 22, both of Lima, were ar
rested and accused with Shaffer of
robbing Miss Lavonne Beemer, wait
ress and Mrs. Leota Peters, proprie
tor, of $45 in an early-morning hold
Detrick pleaded guilty to an armed
robbery indictment last week and was
sentenced to 10 to 25 years in the
Mansfield reformatory. McClung
pleaded not guilty and is awaiting
trial in the common pleas court.
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Eyesight Specialists
Open Evenings
Citizens Bank Bldg., Bluffton
Savings & Loan Bldg., Ada
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
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