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THURSDAY, NQV. 23, 1939
In response to the plea of two
little girls who advertised in the
Bluffton News last week for the re
turn of their two lost kittens there
returned not two—but five kittens.
However, among the five kittens
were the tivo lost pets and Jane and
Sue Risser, daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. David Risser of South Main
street are happy again after several
Good Companion
for a Week-End.
Go places and snap things.
You'll make the most of
your Kodak alone. We have them
from 5. Brownies a* Low as $
Sidney's Drug Shop
takes pleasure in announcing
the appointment of
Sidney's Drug Shop
129 North Main Street
Phone 170-W
as its Bluffton Ticket Office
and Waiting Room
■^Cincinnati &
To keep you warm
thru cold winter days
Blanket lined overall jackets
Flannel shirts
Two Kittens Lost Five Are THE BLUFFTON NEWS
Returned To Two Little Girls
days of mourning.
But what to do with the deluge
of homeless cats which descended
upon the Risser household—that is
the problem which the mother of
Jane and Sue is attempting to solve
and anyone willing to provide a good
home may have one or all of the
surplus felines for the asking, Mrs.
Risser said Tuesday.
Burglars Loot Office
Of Former Local Man
Burglars over the past week-end
obtained $273 in loot from the office
of J. C. Hochstettler and Sons, op
erators of a grain elevator and coal
yard in Findlay.
Hochstettler formerly managed an
elevator in Bluffton before transfer
ring his operations to Findlay.
The burglars broke into a safe,
taking $173 in cash and checks
amounting to $200.
warm, comfortable and
mighty good looking. They
come in slip over, coat and
zipper styles—solid colors
or two tone.
Men’s Sweaters
$1 and up
Boys’ Sweaters
50c and up
...............................$1.39 and up
.............................................................79c and up
Heavy union underwear, cotton, part wool, all wool 79c & up
Steiner & Huscr
For That
Thanksgiving Celebration
Dairi -Rich
Chocolate Milk
Distributed ONLY by
Also for your special benefit we
churned Fresh Butter today.
Try some.
_________ '________ L*
V. A. rxilior
Published weekly at Bluffton, Ohio,
by the Bluffton News Publishing and
Printing Co.
Subscription rates: $2.00 per year
in U. S. payable in advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Bluffton, Ohio,
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
All kinds of butchering and wood
cutting tools at Greding’s hardware.
Dr. S. K. Mosiman was removed
from his home to the hospital here in
the Basinger ambulance, Sunday.
Pure home made candy Tor Thanks
giving now ready. Mrs. Samuel
Bixel, Bluffton phone. tf
Mrs. Clair Tolan 6f Lima was a
guest of Mrs. Jean Murray of
Cherry street several days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Blunk and
Mrs. Hefner and daughter of Lima
visited Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lightner,
See our latest style furniture at
bargain prices. Echo Feed store.
Mrs. Lulu Wilcox of near Lima
spent the first of the week here the
guest of Miss Alice Ludwig of
Poplar street.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leiber and
sons visited Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. James Dorman and family of
Bowling Green.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marshall and
daughter Avis were guests Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merrit
Metzger of Alvada.
A photograph carries with it the
giver’s personality. Saves money,
too. The Neu-Art studio.
Junior Zimmerman of East Col
lege avenue spent over Saturday
night with his brother, Orrin Zim
merman and family of Cairo.
Johnson’s Car-nu cleans and pol
ishes your car in one easy applica
tion. You’ll like it, 58c per pint at
Basinger’s furniture store. tf
Millard Oberly and family and
Ladonna Oberly visited Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Basinger and family in Pandora.
Mrs. Anna Gromann and Mrs. Gev.
Schmidt attended funeral services
held for Birchard Riley near West
minister last Wednesday afternoon.
For quality hog fountains and feed
ers, poultry fountains and feeders, see
the Echo Feed store.
Mrs. Clyde Evans of Binghamton,
N. Y., is spending the week here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank McElroy of South Main street.
The new holiday velvet turbans
are being shown at Helen’s Hat
Charles Steinman and daughter
Margaret and son Richard of Lima
were Sunday guests at the home of
Mrs. Eli Hartman of Jefferson street.
All kinds of butchering and wood
cutting tools at Greding’s hardware.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Marshall and
Mrs. Graham and son David of West
Mansfield called at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Marshall, Friday
Meeting of the Royal Neighbor
lodge, Friday night. The birthday
committee composed of Mrs. Arthur
Swank, Mrs. Guy Corson and Mrs. C.
A. Stauffer will entertain.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Locher of
Cleveland visited here Sunday at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. T. Worthington of Spring street
and other relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Baumgartner of
South Main street are spending
Thanksgiving and the week end in
Chicago with Atty, and Mrs. K. K.
Kauffman and other relatives and
Looks like new—and it will wear
like new—after we have re-uphols
tered your furniture. Estimates with
out obligation. Pickup and delivery
service. Murray Upholstering shop,
Washington and Thurman Sts. Phone
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cahill and
daughter Vedabelle of Jefferson
street entertained Sunday: Allen Mc
Clure of Harrod, Miss Jane Shuman
of Lakewood and Lysle Cahill of
Cleveland. *f ,?
For best results feed Echo feeds to
your livestock and poultry. Echo
Feed store.
Oliver Locher who is convalescing
from an operation which he under
went early in the fall left Friday
for Tampa, Florida, where he joined
his wife and her mother, Mrs. Edwin
Diller of Pandora. They expect to
spend the winter at that place. Mr.
Diller will leave Pandora for the
south later in the season.
Fried turtle suppers 25c fried frog
legs 50c, every Tuesday and Satur
day night, 7:30 p. m. also entertain
ment Bill’s Tavern, Jenera. tf
The following enjoyed a pot luck
dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Von Strahm and family, Sunday: Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Warren, J. W. Mont
gomery, Mrs. Dora Montgomery, Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Van Meter, Mr. and
Mrs. Rolland Guider, Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Warren and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Swank, Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert Montgomery and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Russell Montgomery and
Miss Betty Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Kimmel, Mr. and Mrs. Grover
Montgomery of Bluffton Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Guider, Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Fleming and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Dearth and family of Ada
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caughman of
Mrs. Kenneth Gallant of Columbus
is visiting at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kohli of I
West College avenue.
Hats reduced to $1 and $1.95 at
Helen’s Hat shoppe.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Powell of Orange
township left Friday to visit rel
atives in Missouri and Oklahoma for
several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hilty of Pan
dora and Richard Lehman and sister
Lucile of Pandora visited at the Wm.
Lightner home, Saturday.
Reduced prices on Dr. LeGear’s
poultry and stock tonic. Echo Feed
Mrs. Elizabeth Badertscher who
has been visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Welty in Minneapolis
is expected to return home this week.
Neil Baumgartner, student at
Miami university, Oxford, spent the
week end here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lysle Baumgartner of
Cherry street.
Call at Helen’s Hat shoppe for
novelty gifts, hosiery, lingerie and
Mrs. A. M. Myers and son George
of College road motored to East
Lansing, Mich., and spent the -week
end at the home of her brother
Chas. Miller and family.
Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Armentrout
and daughter of Cherry street left
the first of the week on a ten days’
motor trip to visit at the home of his
mother in W’arrensburg, Mo.
Mrs. Coza Rauenbuhler and Miss
Coletta Badertscher are spending
Thanksgiving vacation at Detroit.
Mr. and Mrs. Reno Oberly and
family of Ottawa and Mr. and Mrs.
Horace Wilson and family of Moffit
station visited Sunday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Oberly and
Mrs. Peter Lora and daughters,
Miss Clara Lora and Mrs. Eldon
Tschiegg and son David visited last
Friday afternoon with Mrs. Lora’s
sister, Mrs. Lewis Niswander and
family of Columbus Grove.
Just received—another carload of
Models and Farmall tractors.
C. F. Niswander, McCormick-Deering
M’ss Roberta Biery, student in
Oberlin college arrived Wednesday to
spend Thanksgiving day at her home
here. She was accompanied by her
roommate, Miss Phyllis Olsen of
Lincoln, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Darring and
Mrs. Tena Wolf of Bellefontaine and
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Davison and
children Jack and Jane of Lima
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Eli
Deppler of South Main street.
We will be open for appointments
every night until Christmas. Bring
the children the time of day they are
at their best. The Neu-Art studio.
Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Sprunger and
son Kenneth of Ft. Wayne motored
here Sunday to visit the former’s
sister, Mrs. Katherine Badertscher
who is convalescing at the Bluffton
hospital from injuries received in a
fall five weeks ago.
All kinds of butchering and wood
cutting tools at Greding’s hardware.
Mrs. Noah Zimmerman and daugh
ter Bernice of East College avenue,
and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Zimmerman
and daughter Sharry Jan of South
Main street were Sunday visitors
with the former’s daughter and hus
band, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Simmons
of Stryker, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Gable of South
Jackson street entertained Sunday:
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Klopfenstein and
sons Lynn and Robert and daughter
Miriam and Mrs. Dairy Witmer, of
Grabill, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. James
Mills and Mrs. Lavina Sumney of Ft.
Wayne Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Amstutz
and Kenneth Gable of Berne, and Mr.
and Mrs. Karl Gable of this place.
You must see the newest in photo
graphic Christmas greeting cards at
the Neu-Art studio. They also have
photographic Christmas greeting
cards at the Neu-Art studio. They
also have photographic greeting cards
for special occasions.
Removals by Diller ambulance:
Mrp. Gail Griffith and infant daught
er frpm Bluffton hospital to their
home in Mt. Cory Mrs. Ralph Will
iams and infant son from Bluffton
hospital to their home south of
Jenera Ernest Hall from Lima Mem
orial hospital to his home near Beav
erdam Mrs. Byron Manges and in
fant son from Bluffton hospital to
their home near Mt. Cory.
Plan Catholic Club
At Bluffton College
Under the direction of Rev. Robert
Maher, chaplain of St. Rita’s Hos
pital in Lima, and also pastor of
St. Mary’s Catholic church in Bluff
ton, plans are being discussed con
cerning the organization of a New
man club in the college. This or
ganization, named after John Henry,
Cardinal Newman, is found on many
college and university campuses in
the United States and Canada.
The purpose of the club will be to
discuss current problems of the day
and their relation to catholic life.
Discussion of catholic theology and
doctrine is to be undertaken for the
benefit of the members.
Catholic students now enrolled in
Bluffton college are Theda Hankish,
Margaret Olivet, Helen Dumych,
James Griffith, Charles Truax and
Al Naum.
Mlinus Gravestones
Gravestones are forbidden in a
large Glendale, Calif., cemetery.
4c de
Alice Freeman Club,
A mother and daughter banquet
will be enjoyed by members of the
Alice Freeman club and their guests
at the Walnut Grill, Friday evening.
The program, to be in charge of the
daughters, is being arranged.
Alpha Gamma Club
Miss Carolyn Romey will be hos
tess to the Alpha Gamma club, Fri
day night. The following program
has been arranged: “Interesting
People and Places”, Mabel Steiner
Poems, Jane Baker.
Richland Community Circle
Members of the Richland Com
munity circle and their families will
hold a covered dish supper at Rich
land Grange, Friday evening, Dec.
1 at 6:30 o’clock.
Ebenezer Church Wedding
In a ceremony at. the Ebenezer
Mennonite church west of Bluffton
will take place the wedding of Miss
Norma Luginbuhl, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Cal Luginbuhl to Myron
Luginbill, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Luginbill, this Wednesday night at
7:30 o’clock. Rev. P. A. Kliewer will
Home Wedding
Wedding of Miss Vernice McElroy,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.
McElroy and Richard J. Davies, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Davies of
Vaughnsville will take place Friday
night at 7:30 at the home of the
bride’s parents on South Main street.
The bride will be attended by her
sister, Mrs. Carl Evans of Bingham
ton, N. Y. Byron F. Davies of
Bloomdale, brother of the bridegroom
will be best man. Rev. R. C. Hurley,
pastor of the Elida Methodist church
will officiate.
1600 Letters On 257
Street Markers Here
Bluffton has a scarcity of “B’s”
on its street markers, it was dis
closed this week with completion of
the painting of signs on street cor
ners and about the town.
This was disclosed by Dale David
son who completed the first of the
week the work of re-painting all of
the markers.
On the 257 markers in the town
there are more than 1,600 letters—
and only 19 of them are “B’s”, an
unusually low figure. Three letters
were missed entirely in naming the
streets, there being no “Q’s”, “Z’s”
or “X’s”. More “E’s” were painted
than any other letter.
The only markers with “B’s” were
for Kibler street, Bentley road, Bluff
ton college and the Public Library.
In addition to re-finishing street
markers, the council also had the
airplane marker on top the town hall
re-painted. This includes the name
“Bluffton” in large letters and an
arrow pointing north.
Illustrated Lecture
At Meeting Of Lions
Tuberculosis causes more than
70,000 deaths in the United States
each year, Dr. E. W. Laboe, super
intendent of the District Tuberculo
sis hospital at Lima, told members
of the Bluffton Lions club at a din
ner meeting Tuesday in the Walnut
Dr. Laboe’s presentation was in
the form of an illustrated lecture de
picting various stages of the dis
ease and types of treatment.
Collapse thereapy is the most ad
vanced form of treating tuberculosis
the hospital head told his listeners.
Too little attention is paid to the
disease in its early stage, account
ing for the high number of deaths,
Dr. Laboe declared,
... iL. JR
Aged Woman Former
Resident Here Dies
Mrs. Margaret Musser Platz, 93,
former Bluffton resident, died at her
home in Elkhart, Ind., Monday night,
according to word received by rela
tives here.
Mrs. Platz was the daughter of
Israel Musser, pioneer resident of
this district who lived on what is
now the Clyde Klingler farm south
of Bluffton at the intersection of the
Lincoln highway and the Allen-Han
cock county line. She has resided in
Elkhart for many years.
Funeral services will be held at
Elkhart, Friday afternoon followed
by interment at that place.
State Board To Put
On Liquor Ban Here
All details of carrying out the
mandate against liquor sales, voted
here in the election two weeks ago
will be handled by the state board
of liquor control. Announcement to
this effect was made by Mayor W.
A. Howe following a conference with
Bluffton’s City Solicitor Francis Dur
bin of Lima. Procedure in the case
is outlined in Ohio statutes. Re
sults of the election will not effect
the sale of 3.2 beer here.
Walter Locher, formerly of Bluff
ton, residing on Lake Maracaibo in
Venezuela, is located about thirty
miles from the village of Lagunillas
also on the lake which was destroyed
when an oil film on the water caught
fire early last week.
Locher is employed as an electrical
engineer by the Lago Petroleum cor
poration, subsidiary of the Standard
Oil company of New Jersey which
holds large oil concessions in that
Word from the New York office of
the oil company received here the
first of the week was to the effect
that there were no Americans living
in the village which was inhabited
by natives employed in the oil fields.
Besides Locher, who with his wife
and family live with an American
colony on Lake Maracaibo, his
mother, Mrs. Eph Locher of Cleve
land has been visiting at that place
since last summer.
To Address Vespers
And Peace Meet Here
John Nevin Sayre, chairman of the
Fellowship of Reconciliation in the
United States, will speak at the Ves
per service at Bluffton college on
Sunday afternoon, December 3. His
subject will be, “New Light on the
Way of the Cross”.
For the past twenty years Mr.
Sayre has been an active worker for
peace. He was formerly editor of
“The World Tomo rrow” and is now
Vice Chairman of the Committee on
Militarism in Education. In addi
tion, he is a noted lecturer and
has spoken in all parts of the United
States as well as abroad. He has
recently assisted in organizing Em
bassies of Reconciliation which spon
sored George Lansbury’s visits to
President Roosevelt, Chancellor Hit
ler, Mussolini, King Leopold of Bel
gium and others in repeated at
tempts to avert the present Euro
pean war.
The Vesper choir, under the direc
tion of Prof. Russell A. Lantz, will
furnish music fur the occasion.
Mr. Sayre’s speech will conclude
the Historic Peace church confer
ence which will be held here on Fri
day and Saturday, Dec. 1 and 2.
He will speak to the meeting of this
conference on several occasions.
(Wednesday Morning)
Hogs—160 to 200, $5.70 200 to
240, $5.50 240 to 270, $5.20 roughs,
$4.50 stags, $3.50.
Calves $10.75 lambs $8.50.
Grain (bushel prices)—Wheat 84c
old corn 45c new corn 43c oats 32c
soys 89c.
Wanted—Poultry and eggs at
highest market price also have
poultry to sell retail. Calvin Steiner,
third house from Electric light plant.
Bluffton phone 212-W. tf
Wanted—Man with car for sales
work. Write O. W. Pease, Gen. Del.,
Ottawa, Ohio. 31
For rent—5 room apartment. See
H. Wr. Althaus, phone 189-R.
For rent—Furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. Inquire News
For rent—Six room house, furnish
ed. D. Zimmerly, 1 mile north of
For rent—6 room house. See H.
W. Althaus, phone 189-R.
For sale—20 Barred Rock pullets.
Mrs. Lydia Burkholder, 2^ miles
west of town.
For sale—100 Barred Rock pullets.
Cal Luginbuhl, Bluffton phone. 30
For sale—-White iron bed and
sprjqgs, cheap. Phone 460-W. tf
For sale—Apples: Grimes Golden,
Red and Golden Delicious. Edwin
Lugibihl, 2% miles north on College
road and mile east. tf
For sale—Winter apples and fresh
cider 15c per gallon special price by
barrel. Augsburger Fruit farm. Bluff
ton phone 684-W. tf
For sale—Apples: Belleflower, De
licious, Grimes Golden, and other
varieties also potatoes. Clarence
Steiner, Bluffton phone. tf
For sale—Heatrola in fair condi
tion, priced to sell. Clarence Young,
phone 589-Y.
For sale—Potatoes. Arthur Bad
ertscher, 4 miles northwest of Bluff
ton. Pandora phone. 31
For sale—10 varieties good winter
apples and nice canning pears at
special prices for limited time also
good home made apple butter and
vinegar. E. P. Steiner Fruit Farm
Vs mile east of town.
For sale—White English Leghorns
from Gasson flock ready to lay
culled, wormed and vaccinated. Lloyd
Van Meter on Gid Kempf farm.
For sale—Girl’s bicycle. Bluffton
Bicycle shop, 139 N. Lawn Ave.
Hot biscuits and honey—just the
thing for these brisk mornings, Try
it—peps you up for all day. Finest
quality comb and extracted honey
here, 2 cakes 25c extracted honey
30c quart 5 !b. pail 60c 10 lb. pail
$1.15 60 tb. can 7c per Tb. Howard
Rickly, 3 miles south of Bluffton on
I Bentley road.
Bluffton People Not In Fire
Swept Area Of Venezuela Lake
On Nov. 5, last, a townsman found
his two dogs dead, the result of
poisoning. Without this townsman’s
consent and willingness, certain un
founded accusations were rumored
about the community as to who
poisoned the dogs. Through my
office he and his family wish to re
pudiate all these accusing rumors
and request that their friends and
others desist in spreading any furth
er accusations.
W. A. Howe, Mayor
Dry Cleaning
We Call for and Deliver
Phone 302-W
You’ve seen them--
so have we
those people who are al­
ways prepared when emergency
arises. There’s nothing mys
terious about it—just plain
common sense.
and it’s the common sense
thing to be protected against
the hazards of winter driving
with auto liability insurance in
a reliable company—one that
can and will protect you.
Cost of liability insurance is
not high.
W. f. lutzi
Postoffice Bldg.
Dependable Insurance for
Dependable People
Bonds for almost every purpose
Train as well as
See our display
A. Hauenstein & Son
CT AD theatre
kJ 1 Z1 11
Help the Hi-Y—See
Oir»c(«d by
Adapi.d by R. C. SHIMOT
From th*
by A. I. W. MASON
SUN. -x. JHON.
Bachelor Mother

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