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Girls, that year is here again and
if that man is still here, it’s time to
map out a campaign.
Yes, another four-year cycle is
drawing to a close, Leap Year—1940
—is just around the corner ,with all
of its romantic possibilities.
1940, Leap Year, Sixty-fifth
Anniversary Of Telephone
And with us again is the Bell
Telephone System’s almanac, which
also is replete with romance, but of
a different kind. It’s the romance
of history, invention, science and
people the romance of America and
its pioneers. Telling who did what
and what happened when, copies of
the almanac has just been received
at the local office of the telephone
company for public distribution.
“January 1, 1940, Julian calen
dar, corresponds to January 14,
1940, in the Gregorian calender,
which is used in the United States,”
Bays the almanac.
“The year 2693 since the founda
tion of Rome, according to Varro,
begins January 1, 1940, Julian cal
endar. The year 5701 of the Jewish
era begins at sunset on October 2,
1940, Gregorian calender. The year
1359 of the Mohammedan era, or
the era of the Hegira, begins at
sunset on February 9, 1940, Gregor
ian calender. The year 2600 of the
Japanese era begins on January 1,
1940, Gregorian calendar.”
The telephone, as an instrument—
as a piece of apparatus—has its
65th birthday in 1940, according to
Sixty delegates representing six
colleges attended a historic inter
collegiate peace conference on the
Bluffton campus last Friday and
Saturday. Colleges which sent
faculty and student delegations in
cluded Bluffton, Manchester, Earl
ham, Goshen, Ashland and Wilming
ton. The institutions are sponsored
by the Mennonite, Quaker and
Brethren churches.
Bluffton college debaters will com
pete in the state intercollegiate for
ensic tournament at Capitol univer
sity in Columbus Friday and Satur-
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Moore left
Sunday afternoon for their home in
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Montgomery
and family were Thursday dinner
guests of W. L. Stouffer of North
Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Zay, Mr. and
Mrs. Vaughn Spellman and daughter
called Sunday on Mrs. Hannah
Swank and Mrs. Eva Montgomery.
Mr. and Mrs. John Welsh of Ada
called Thursday evening on Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Montgomery and family.
Mr. an^ Mrs. C. E. Klingler and
son were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Klingler and son
of Findlay.
for that tough spot
after historic experiments on the!
Presenting its first concert of the
season, the Bluffton vesper choir
sang last Sunday night at the Grace
Mennonite church in Pandora. An
Eastern vacation tour thru the Mid
west is planned by the'group. Prof.
Russell A. Lantz directed the choir in
last Sunday’s appearance.
Gayle Lathrop, Ohio area student
secretary of the Y. M. C. A. was on
the Bluffton campus last week, con
ducting individual conferences and
addressing a public meeting of the
Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. organizations
of the school.
Two states will have 50th birth-1
meet opens.
Nevin Sayre, noted peace
worker and lecturer, was the speaker I
Sunday afternoon at vesper services
held in the college chapel. His ad
dress terminated a three-day session
of an intercollegiate peace conference
held on the Bluffton campus.
Mrs. H. O. Hilty and daughters
Fem and Rosann entertained in
honor of Mr. H. ,O. Hilty’s birthday
anniversary last Tuesday evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Niswander and
son Dean and daughter Marcella, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Schaublin and
daughter Rachel, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
ford Gratz, Mr. and Mrs. Russel
Schaublin and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Hilty and granddaughters
Billy Ann and Sally Ann, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Ewing, Racine Warren,
Emanuel Boutwell and Harold Young.
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. O. Hilty and daughters were,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ream, of Lima
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewing. In the
afternoon they all called on Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Cummins.
VERY holiday gift list has its hard
to fill spot. Why not fill it with a gift
subscription to The Bluffton News, the
gift that will continue for a whole year.
Also Money-saving club offers with mag
azines and daily papers.
With each subscription we will supply
an attractive holiday card announcing the
gift and the donor.
In loving memory of
died December 7, 1937.
Sadly missed by
Parents and Sisters.
the almanac. At the direction of I and esetprs I
Alvxander Graham Bell, the firstl I Misses Mabel and Merilyn Battles
telephone was made by his assistant, spent Satu"day and Sunday W’th
Thomas A Watson, on June 3, 1875,1
AutO Supply blOTe
days in 1940. Wwoming and Idaho!
were admitted to the Union in 1890.1 Personal and classified property
The telephone company announces! tax books for the last-half 1939 col
that copies are
charge, at its local office.
and women’s gospel teams!
Here Home OlVnedl
jrwious day had verified Bell’s the-l I daughter Marilyn, sons Jack and
»ry as to electrical transmission of I The Western Auto Associate store! Howard of Ada, Mr. and Mrs. How
speech The telephone did not, how-1 recently opened in Bluffton is homelard Nonnamaker and sons Haiold
ever, even begin to become an in-1 owned, it was stated the first of the!
strumentality of service until near-l week by Millen C. Geiger, the pro-1
ly two years later, when the firstl prietor. I
box telephones were leased in pairs! Geiger’s statement was made in re-1
by a few customers, and the com-l sponse to numerous inquiries. The!
merci al development of Bell’s inven-l store here is one of 1,200 similar!
tion was inaugurated. I establishments thruout the country!
It was only 25 years ago—on Jan-1 owned and operated by individual!
uary 25, 1915—that the first trans-l merchants providing retail outlets!
continental telephone line was form-1 fOr products wholesaled by the West-1
ally opened for service. And althol ern Auto Supply company of Kansas!
radio has reached a point where it! City, Missouri I
is taken as a matter of course, it! The store, located in the Carmack!
was only 25 years ago—on October! building on South Main street han-|
21, 1915—that- the human voice was! dies auto accessories and allied lines,
first transmitted acros the Atlantic! Geiger, a native of Pandora, has I
Ocean by Bell System engineers. I been connected with the Sinclair Oil
The almanac points out that the! company for the past sixteen years,
coming year will be centennial fori the last seven of which he was com-l
regularly scheduled steamship serv-1 mission agent of the company with
ice across the Atlantic, which was! headquarters in Medina, from which
inaugurated on July 18, 1840, when! place he moved to Bluffton,
the Cunard packet “Brittania” com-l
pleted at Boston her first westward!
1 Tn
trip, started at Liverpool on July 4.H OX
Close Next Monday
available, free of lection will be closed next Monday,
it was announced last Saturday by
Treasurer Byron H. Dershem.
per cent will be added to all over
due payments. Personal tax collec
tions thus far aggregate $129,776.85
and classified receipts amount to $27,
nil Last week’s sales tax collections
day of this week. Coach laull ere $297,178, a total for the year
Stauffer will announce the personnel I of $37495822
of his tournament teams a day be-|
fore the
Mission Observes
following extensive deputation tours! Fortieth anniversary of the estab
that took one group thru Ohio and! lishment of the Lima City Mission
Pennsylvania, and the other thru! by Adam D# Welty, former Bluffton
Indiana and Illinois. I area resident, was celebrated last
to the campus last week!
I Tuesday.
Prof. A. C. Schultz, head of the! Welty still continues as superin
Bluffton department of religious! tendent of the Mission, which is one
education, conducted services in sev-l of Lima’s outstanding religious and
eral Mennonite churches in the Way-1 charitable institutions
land, Iowa, area, a w’eek ago. I In November past the Mission pro-
40th Anniversary
I vided 1,599 free meals and over-
This year’s publication of The|night lodgings for 595 persons.
Ista, yearbook published by the
junior class, will be dedicated to the
fortieth anniversary of the college,
Marjorie Bloomquist,
nounced .,
business manager of the publication.! 27-foot boat along at 4.6 knots, for
Liquid Air Engines
The Japanese are running engines
editor, an-1 on liquid air at —218 Fahrenheit. A
last week. Duane Tway is I small unit is said to have pushed a
an hour and a half.
Eyesight Specialists
Open Evenings
Citizens Bank Bldg., Bluffton
Savings & Loan Bldg., Ada
Francis Basinger, D.D.S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Marshall
spent Sunday with Mrs. Marshall’s
brother Walter Williamson in De-
I and Mrs. Garth Hickman in Dayton,
Mr. and Mrs. C. V Klingler,
For that hard to fill item on
your gift list—Fostoria Glass is
the answer. We are showing
an unusually large stock of
Fostoria Glass for holiday gifts.
This gleaming sandwich tray of
chromium plated brass is only
one of the many attractive gifts
worked in metal by the noted
Revere house. See this out
standing line—most reasonably
Males Perfect Coffee
Fost-fio filter
at the Ami Nonnamaker home.
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Williamson
spent Sunday with Rev. Herbert
Graham and wife and little son
The Y. P. M. C. of Bethesda will
meet with Miss Fairy Nonnamaker,
Friday evening.
Union prayer services at Bethesda
Thursday evening.
’wo-heot Etee*
trie Units
No-Break Funnel
Decanter Cover'
Choice of model* fra*
two children and Mrs .Jane Litter
ick, all of Akron, spent Sunday at
Io 13-cup copodiy.
let u show you the beautiful, effl
dent Cory Coffee Brewer, finer
coffee in fewer minutes. It’s the most
improved glass coffee brewer.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koontz, sons
Richard, Russell and Raymond spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Hiram
Elzay in Hardin county,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Nonnamaker
and daughter Kaye spent Monday
evening at the Rolland Koontz home.
Mr. Ami Nonnamaker and Glen
Nonnamaker spent Sunday evening
with Edw. and Chas. Nonnamaker.
The following called on Mrs. M.
J. Stratton during the past week:
N. R. Elzay, Mr. and Mrs. B. J.
It will thrill any woman—this
Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Ex
tension Table—exquisite ma
hogany. Top closed 27X38
inches, open 62X38 inches, ex
tended 84X38 inches. Chair
and buffet to match.
An ideal gift—this Westing
house roaster. You couldn’t
give anything that would be
more appreciated. Cooks elec
trically at automatically con
trolled temperature.
Only ..........................
A Timely Holiday Suggestion
this vpar—mako thp crift nnp Inno- tn ho
this year—make the gift one long to be rememromom-
bered—something for the home is the most appro
not only furniture, but the many accessories
which are indispensable in the modern home—which
go to make the home the pleasant, attractive place
which it should be.
After that date a penalty of 10
7 OC
BtHap Muah
in Lum Time
xTfrV -\X
Complete $23.73
Basinger’s Furniture Store
Arnold, Mrs. Albert Gossman, Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Klingler and family,
Mrs. Melvin Williamson, Lewis
Grubb, J. T. Bell, Harold Bell, Mr.
and Mrs. Rolland Koontz and daugh
ter Martha Ann, Mr. and Mrs. A. S.
Pifer, Miss Helen Pifer, Mrs. Anna
Koontz, Mrs. Arthur Nonnamaker
and daughter Kay, Mrs. Frank Dray
and son Jimmy, Miss Mary Koontz,
of this place, and Mr, and Mrs.
Russell Stratton and son Scottie of
West Jefferson.
(ffi afj- Ute QtlaniJi
First aid for your Christmas
budget—we will allow you $1 011
your old iron in the purchase of
a new Featherweight Electric
Iron—Westinghouse, Sunbeam
or G. E. manufacture—none
better. Regular price $8.95—
less credit for your old
Mr. and Mrs. Era Litterick and
The sm»rte«t Gift Thought
of the Seaton. A streamlined
Powder Vanity Box with
convenient glass mirror on
reverse aide of cover. Just the
right sUe for bath or boudoir.
in diameter, 2%* high. I
Gleaming Chromium on
brass. W ill never rust. tarnish
lot nhow wear
(£*7 AF
iron, only pi
Mighty attractive end tables on
display for Christmas. The
one as illustrated above
It’s a wonderful line of Cedar
Chests we are showing for
Christmas see them early
while the selection is com-
plete—as low as plJ
Radios are well within your
holiday budget when you
can buy them here
(N* 4F
as low as................

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