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THURSDAY, JAN. 4, 1940
Bluffton and vicinity will have a
genuine homecoming day, Tuesday,
Aug. 5. Governor James M. Cox
will be the special attraction, and
his excellency is to make the princi
pal address of the day.
Glen Long, eldest son of Mrs. Ed
Long, and Miss Gertrude Good,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Good, were happily married at the
Central Church of Christ in Lima,
Tuesday, July 15.
F. Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Henry, of Orange township,
and Miss Minnie Bender, daughter
of Levi Bender, of Bluffton, were
united in the holy bonds of wedlock,
Thursday, July 9. The ceremony
was performed at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. T. D. Wagner, at Garret,
Ind., the latter being the groom’s
A pretty girl baby made her ap
pearance at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Geiger, recently.
Harry Morrison and family, of
Tulsa, Okla., are here visiting rel
atives and friends.
Mr. Ward, who married a daugh
ter of Henry Owens, has been here
on a short visit. He is a broker on
the New’ York board of trade.
Mrs. A. F. Bessire, of Lima, and
son, Paul Bessire, and wife, of
Wichita, Kansas, w’ere the guests of
Orlo Bessire and family the first of
the week.
Miss Hulda Schaublin arrived here
Saturday night from Chicago, to
spend several weeks with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schaeublin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Thompson are
rejoicing over the arrival of a son,
Thursday, at their home on Spring
Olin Lewis is the name of the
young pedagogue that arrived at the
home of Supt. and Mrs. Clyde Waltz,
July 12, at Rockford.
Mrs. Otto Kibele, of San Luis
Obispo, Calif., arrived here Friday to
dual oven
cooks, bakes
with electricity,
coal, wood
or oil.
in the
Cooks and Bakes with
Electricity Coal or Oil
A complete automatic electric
range with 5 heat units, a Thrift
Well cooker and automatic oven
PLUS a full capacity coal, wood
or oil range. The most complete
and most beautiful range built!
Basinger’s Furniture Store
Before they installed Storm Sash the
F. J. Farnsworth's, Point Place,O., spent
'$110 for -fuel The next winter they
spent$85.-Thdy^aved 23%'on'd quickly
paid for the Storm -Sash.
.* .Ybp, too, cqri get unusual saving?,
even temperatures jand (be free 'of
drafts and foggy windows.
Call and let .us make an estimgte^of
th,e cost-and give you an estimate of
the ahiount'you can save inryour home.
You.cdn bjuy Sdorm Sath.th'rpO^h F.H.A.£.
wdh ho-down payment,. S'
Steinman Ercs. Lumber Co.
visit Hector,Kibele and family and
other relatives. She leaves today.
Mr. and Mrs. Kibele formerly re
sided in Bluffton, leaving here about
four years ago.
Miss Pauline Garau left Tuesday
to join a camping party at Manitou
Beach, Mich. She will also visit Miss
Grace Wineland at Bryan.
Miss Nellie Eaton returned to
Minneapolis, Monday, after visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Eaton, for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Lightner are
rejoicing over the arrival of a son
at their home on Lawn avenue.
Miss Beulah Temple is visiting her
grandparents in Middlepoint.
Farm Machinery Day
Well Attended Here
Notwithstanding zero weather
which swept the Bluffton district
Wednesday, farmers turned out in
large numbers to attend an all day
demonstration of farm equipment
sponsored by the Bluffton Implement
& Harness company.
Showroom of the local dealers wras
crowded during the forenoon to hear
talks by manufacturers’ representa
tives on the construction and opera
tion of modern farm equipment.
Following a cafeteria dinner at
the noon hour an afternoon’s pro
gram of motion pictures was held
at the high school auditorium.
The farm machinery day has come
to be a regular annual feature and
Noah Neuensch wander and Oswin
Luginbuhl of the firm expressed
themselves as gratified with the re
sponse of the farmers of this dis
Shark Oil
Shark liver oil has become a val
uable sea product, owing to its rich
ness in Vitamin A.
Sash quickly paid
for itself. Now my
small son plays on
the floor without
—-E. M. Becher
steamed windows
with Storm Sash.
They cut my fuel
bill from $150 to
$80 a season.**
—W. D. Caswell
FLINT, MICH. “I saved
$40 in one winter.
Now we don’t have
to move our furni
ture around to get
away from drafts.”
—Louis W. Bonda.
F. BIERY, Business Mgr.
C. A. BIERY, Editor
Published weekly at Bluffton, Ohio,
by the Bluffton News Publishing and
Printing Co.
Subscription rates: $2.00 per year
in U. S. payable in advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Bluffton, Ohio,
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Miss Wava Stotts spent the week
end in Findlay.
Mrs. Noah Zuercher is in Berne,
Ind., visiting her parents. Her father
i§ recovering from a stroke.
Miss Theola Steiner visited during
the holidays at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. Al Hinson in Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mrs. John McKinney and
family of Lima spent the week end
and New Year’s Day in Bluffton.
Broiler chicks. Hatch off next
Monday, Jan. 8. Order now. Stein
er’s hatchery, phone 182-W.
Mrs. Clara Stotts and daughter
Wava visited Thursday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Augsburger
and family.
Mrs. Wess Eversole and daughter
and Mrs. Ada Augsburger spent last
Friday at the home of Mrs. Joe
Crouse at Ada.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gratz of
South Main street left Tuesday for
Miami, Florida, where they will
spend the winter.
Harold Woods of Detroit visited
during the holidays at the home of
his mother, Mrs. Bertha Woods of
West College avenue.
John Zoll of Ithaca, Mich., spent
over New Year’s at the home of his
brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Stratton and daughters.
J. C. Zoll of Adrian, Mich., former
ly of this place is spending a month
with relatives and friends in Bluff
ton, Lima and Findlay.
Fried turtle suppers 25c fried frog
legs 50c, every Tuesday and Satur
day night, 7:30 p. m. also entertain
ment Bill’s Tavern, Jenera. tf
Mr. and Mrs. Holly Baldwin and
family of Adrian, Mich., visited at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Mc
George and family last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Shafer and
daughters spent Sunday in Findlay
at the home of Mrs. Shafer’s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Yoxthimer.
Miss Kathryn Fenton returned
Monday to Cleveland after spending
the past week with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Fenton of South
Lawn avenue.
Emil Zimmerman and family of
Zion, Ill., former Bluffton residents
sent season’s greetings to all their
friends here in renewing their sub
scription to the Bluffton News.
Robert, Kenneth and Richard Ober
ly who spent the past week with
their uncle, Wm. Eisenbach and
family of Columbus returned to their
home on Cherry street, Sunday.
Carlton Wilson formerly of Bluff
ton who recently enlisted in the army
air service visited here over New
Year’s. Wilson is stationed at the
army air base, Patterson field, near
Lysle Cahill and James Drummond
of Cleveland visited here during the
holidays at the home of the former’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cahill
and daughter Vedabelle of Jefferson
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cox and daugh
ter of Ashtabula who visited here the
past week at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Calvin Stettler left Monday to
spend several days with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cox of Weston.
Mrs. Eli Hartman of Jefferson
street left Sunday for Washington,
D. C., accompanying her daughter,
Mrs. Russell Magee and husband who
visited here during the holidays. Mrs.
Hartman expects to be gone for sev
eral months.
Henry Gratz residing south of
Bluffton left Wednesday for Florida,
accompanying his son, Dr. Levi
Gratz, wife and daughter Marjorie
who returned to their home in Gains
ville, Fla., after spending the holi
days here. He expects to be gone
for two months.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Springer and
daughters Kathryn and Mary of
Peoria, Ill., and Mr. and Mrs. Theo.
Stepleton and family of Lima visited
during the holidays at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. H.
Stepleton of North Lawn avenue.
Johnson’s Car-nu cleans and pol
ishes your car in one easy applica
tion. You’ll like it, 58c per pint at
Basinger’s furniture store. tf
Mrs. Bertha Lugibihl, former Bluff
ton resident who has been connected
with the Ft. Wayne Bible institute
for many years, recently returned to
that place after spending several
weeks at the home of her son, Rev.
Walter Lugibihl in Peoria, Ill. Rev.
Lugibihl is pastor of a flourishing
congregation in Peoria with a Sun
day school enrollment of more than
Christmas holiday guests at the
home of Mrs. Lydia Lora and daugh
ter Miss Clara Lora were: Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Lora of Williamsburg,
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Steiner and
family of Ft. Wayne, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Hochstettler and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Eldon Tschiegg and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stettler
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Luginbuhl and daughter Kay Jean
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hochstet
For farms and city properties see
Althaus & Collins agency.
Mrs. Dorothy Nichols of Canton,
Ohio, spent the week end with rel
atives in Lima and Bluffton.
Bobby Craig of Lima spent several
days last week with Charles Tripple
horn at the Fred Zehrbach home.
Elias Augsburger, Jr., of Chicago
visited during the holidays at the
home of his parents on South Jack
son street.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis and
daughter Bettye entertained as their
week end guest, Miss Hazel Borland
of Spencerville.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sumney and
family spent New Year’s Eve with
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Diller and fam
ily near Pandora.
Mrs. B. D. Smucker of South
Lawn avenue visited the past week
in Columbus at the home of her son,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smucker.
Mrs. N. Wr. Cunningham of South
Jackson street is spending several
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Thos. Donaghue in Fremont.
Mrs. Clara Stotts and Miss Ethel
Harris of Findlay spent last week
visiting at the home of their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wiseley of
Alvada visited Wednesday at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Steiner of Thurman street.
Farmers attention! Before buying
concentrate feeds compare our Mas
ter Mix prices. We buy corn, oats,
wheat, soy beans. Master Feed Mill,
phone 182-W.
Mrs. D. O. Baltzell and children
of Decatur, Ind., visited the past
week at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Steiner and family of
Thurman street.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Gratz and
family of Toledo were New Year’s
day guests at the home of her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hau
enstein of this place.
Removals by Diller ambulance:
Miss Sylvia Fett from her home on
Bentley road to Bluffton hospital
Mrs. Maude Coon from her home on
Mound street to Bluffton hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Leiber en
tertained Thursday evening at their
home, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andrews
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Leiber
and son and Mr. and Mrs. O. E.
The holiday season offers splendid
opportunities to have family or
other group photographs made, eith
er in the home or at the studio, day
or night—at your service. The
Neu-Art Studio. 35
Miss Frieda Lugibill has returned
to Ft. Wayne to resume her studies
in the Bible school at that place
after spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed K. Lugi
bill of Mound street.
Rev. and Mrs. Geo. P. Kehl and
daughters Lois, Cletus and Marjorie
and Mrs. Harmon Jordan all of St.
Marys were Thursday evening din
ner guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Deerhake of South Main
A family gathering at the home of
A. S. Faze of South Main street on
New Year’s day included: Mrs.
Dorothy Nichols, of Canton Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Faze and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard Faze, Mr. and Mrs.
John McKinney and family, all of
Lima Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sumney
and family and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Faze and daughter.
Wife Of Late Stone
Company Head Dies
Mrs .Joseph Patterson, widow of
the late Joseph Patterson, one time
president of the National Lime &
Stone company, which formerly oper
ated a quarry here, died at a hospital
in Winterhaven, Florida, Friday.
Her death, due to heart trouble, fol
lowed a period of failing health for
the past three years. She was re
moved to the hospital twro weeks be
fore her death.
Her husband was head of the stone
company which operated a large quar
ry in Bluffton the buildings of which
were destroyed by fire ten years ago.
The water-filled quarry was acquired
two years ago by the Central Ohio
Light & Power company for use in
connection with the operation of their
electric generating plant here.
Mrs. Patterson is survived by a son
Fred Patterson and two daughters,
Mrs. Veda Yearwood and Mrs. Chas.
Rhodes, all of Winterhaven, and one
brother, Roe Dardinger, of Kalama
zoo, Mich., a former Bluffton resi
Funeral services were held at Win
terhaven, Sunday afternoon followed
by burial at that place.
Set Of Twins Born
Thursday One Dies
Twins, William Eugene and Caro
lyn Sue, were born to Mr. and Mrs.
Bud Firestone of Ada last Thursday.
One of the twins, Carolyn Sue, died
several hours after birth. Mrs. Fire
stone is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. O. W. Nonnamaker of Jenera
and well known here.
Wednesday Morning
Hogs—160 to 200, $5.80 200 to
240, $5.60 roughs, $4 stags, $3.
Calves, $11.75 lambs, $8.75.
Grain (bu. prices)—Wheat, $1.03
corn, 52c oats, 35c soys, $1.05.
Our Want-ads bring results.
To Give Concert
Franz Bodfors, brilliant young
American pianist, will present a con
cert at 8 p. m. next Tuesday in the
Bluffton college chapel as the second
offering of the season on the college
music course.
Evangelistic Services
Open In Church Here
Evangelistic services now in prog
ress at the Missionary church on
North Lawn avenue are being well
attended. The services which began
Sunday night will continue for a
two weeks’ period.
Rev. Joe Denton, British World
war veteran, is here to conduct the
meetings, speaking every night at
7:30o’clock, excepting Saturday, it is
announced by Rev. A. F. Albro, pas
tor of the church.
Clinton L. Schlaak
Is Safe In Poland
Clinton L. Schlaak, brother of Mrs.
Cloyce Bame. of Bluffton, is reported
safe in Warsaw, Poland, according to
advice received from the U. S. Em
bassy in Berlin, Germany.
It is understood he requested the
embassy to notify his relatives of his
safety. During the German invasion
of Poland .Schlaak is believed to have
been in Warsaw, and his family fear
ed he might have been injured or kill
Schlaak has been in Europe as a
representative of the Ford Motor Car
Co. since 1921. He was first station
ed in Denmark, but during the last
10 years has been in Poland.
Expect To Move
Church Here Soon
Zero temperatures Wednesday were
believed to have set the stage for the
moving of the Defenseless Mennon
ite church to Bluffton, possibly with
in the next week.
The church located three miles
northwest of Bluffton is to be moved
to a location on South Jackson street
recently purchased by the congrega
tion from A. S. Faze. The founda
tion has been completed since last
month and freezing weather was
awaited to permit the moving of the
church on three large flat bed truck
trailers and pulled by a tractor.
Because bridges are too narrow, it
will be necessary to ford two streams
by taking the building off the road
and thru fields. The first fording
will be at the Roy Hofer farm, near
the present location of the church
where it will cross Big Riley creek.
The second fording will be on the
Columbus Grove road just outside of
Bluffton where it will be taken thru
a field on the Mrs. S. S. Motter
farm to cross Little Riley.
Church officials stated the first of
the week that they did not know
when the structure would be moved.
Contract for the moving has been
let to a Findlay concern.
Wedding Of Warren
Durkee Announced
Announcement has been made of the
wedding of Waren Dukee, son of Ms.
L. O .Dukee of Beavedam to Miss Vir
ginia Marker, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. A. Marker of Washington
Court House.
The wedding took place on Tuesday
morning of last week at the First
Presbyterian church at 8:30 o’clock.
Rev. J. Roby Oldham, pastor of the
church officiated at the ceremony wit
nessed by members of the immediate
The bride was attended by her only
sister, Miss Evelyn Marker and Earl
Stauffer of Columbus was best man.
The bride, a graduate of Ohio State
university and a member of Kappa
Delta sorority, is instructor in Latin
at Rocky River high school.
Mr. Durkee is a graduate from
Bluffton college and received his Mas
ters of Arts degree from Ohio State
university where he became a mem
ber of Phi Alpha Theta, national hon
orary historical society.
He is now an instructor in Wash
ington Court House high school, teach
ing in the history department and is
also completing work toward the Ph.
D. degree in that field.
Mohair From Goats
It takes five angora goats to pro
vide enough mohair for the average
automobile sedan.
Travel Class
Members of the Travel class will
observe guest night at the home of
Mrs. C. H. Smith, this Wednesday
evening. Rev. John Thiessen, return
ed missionary from India and student
of conditions in that country will be
the speaker Mrs. Sidney Hauenstein
will be assistant hostess.
Alice Freeman Club
Mrs. John Boehr entertained the
Alice Freeman club at the Walnut
Grill, Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. W.
A. Amstutz, guest speaker, presented
a book review.
Century Circle
The Century circle met at the home
of Mrs. Lysle Baumgartner, Wednes
day afternoon. The following pro
gram was arranged: “The Far Fron
tiers,” Mrs. A. E. Lichtenwalter “The
Land of Israel,” Mrs. W. A. Howe.
Assistant hostess was Mrs. G. R. Bo
Jitsau Tau Club
The Jitsau Tau club will be enter
tained at the home of Mrs. Chas.
Wells, Thursday night.
Legion Auxiliary
The Bluffton Legion Auxiliary will
meet at the Legion hall next Tuesday
night at 8
Orange Township Farm Women
The Orange Township Fann Wom
an’s club will hold an all day meet
ing with Mrs. Lillian Anderson,
The following program has been ar
ranged: Devotionals, Mrs. Clara
Augsburger Roll call, My New Year’s
Resolution “A New Year Greeting,”
Mrs. Mildred Montgomery “Cold
Comfort,” Mrs. Kathryn Van Meter
“A Call to Life,” Mrs. Edith Swank
“Medicine Man of the Eighties,” Mrs.
Rhoda Montgomery “The New Year,”
Mrs. Lydia Ewing "Health for the
Having,” Mrs. Maude Thompson.
Richland Community Circle
The Richland Community circle will
meet at the home of Mrs. Fannie
Gratz, Thursday, Jan. 11. The pro
gram follows: Devotionals, Mrs.
Reigh Amstutz Talk, “My Trip
West,” Mrs. Florence Scaublin Poem,
Mrs. Lena Gratz Talk, “My Trip
East,” Mrs. Clara Augsburger. Mrs.
Reigh Amstutz will be assistant host
Father Of Former
Students Here Dies
Jacob L. Lehman, 60, four of
whose children attended Bluffton
college, died Thursday morning at
his home near Dalton. Death was
due to a heart attack.
oFur of his children w’ho attended
college here and who survive are:
Merle Lehman of Orrville, Mrs. Paul
(Carrie Lehman) Hughes of Hume
and the Misses Ruth Lehman of Co
lumbus and Dorothea Lehman of
Funeral services were held at Dal
ton, Saturday, followed by inter
ment at that place.
Some Tonnage
The mass of the earth is 6,000,000,
300. tons.
Wanted—Poultry and eggs at
highest market price also have
poultry to sell retail. Calvin Steiner,
third house from Electric light plant.
Bluffton phone 212-W.
Wanted—High chair. Call Bluffton
phone 231-Y.
Girl wants housework, can care
for children, reasonable wages.
Dorothy Schellenberg, Pandora.
Wanted—Poultry and cream. We
retail eggs and poultry. Steiner’s
hatchery, phone 182-W.
For rent—5 rooms, partly modern,
garage, reasonable. Inquire 507 N.
Main St.
For sale—Winter apples and fresh
cider 15c per gallon. Augsburger Fruit
farm, Bluffton phone 684-W. tf
For sale—10 varieties of good win
ter apples also nice comb honey,
good apple butter and vinegar reas
onably priced. E. P. Steiner fruit
farm, mile east of town. tf
For sale—Lard. Mrs. Ray Marsh
all, Bluffton phone.
For sale—Two circulating heaters.
C. J. Balmer, 2Mj miles northeast of
For sale—Badertscher’s fresh pork,
sausage and lard now available
every Friday. 165 Geiger street.
For sale—16 inch Oliver tractor
plow in good condition. John Moser,
2 miles north of Beaverdam.
For sale—Beef by the quarter
from young beeves. Sam Badert
scher, phone 641-R.
For sale—Good General Electric
upholstery cleaner also Western
Electric sweeper. Price $5 each.
Mrs. Ross Gotshall, 315 S. Main St.
Lost—Mixed male terrier missing
since Nov. 13. White with two black
spots on back, black erect ears, long
tail, short legs, answers to “Pal”.
Boy’s pet. Liberal reward. 235 W.
O’Connor Ave., Lima, Ohio. Phone
Lake 3144.
Bluffton Teacher
In Auto Accident
Returning to Bluffton after a
month’s absence due to illness, Miss
Ruth Lambertus, of Toledo, music
instructor in the Bluffton schools re
ceived injuries in an automobile ac
cident near Findlay, Friday after
noon which will keep her from her
duties here for another two months.
Miss Lambertus and her father, a
Toledo minister, were painfully cut
and bruised when the car in which
they were riding skidded into a
telephone pole north of Findlay as
they were enroute to Bluffton.
The Bluffton teacher was taken to
the Findlay hospital for treatment
and later released, returning to her
home in Toledo.
Following the accident A. J. B.
Longsdorf, superintendent of schools
announcedthe first of the week that
Miss Lambertus had requested a two
months’ leave of absence. The re
quest will come before the board of
education at its monthly meeting
next Monday night, Mr. Longsdorf
Following the Thanksgiving recess,
Miss Lambertus spent the month of
December at her home in Toledo on
account of illness.
Swiss Yodelers To
Appear Here Jan. 16
Moser Brothers, celebrated Swiss
yodelers, will appear in the Bluffton
High school auditorium Tuesday
night, Jan. 16, and will be presented
on the following night in Pandora.
The group’s concert here will be a
return engagement. During the last
summer they appeared continuously
at the New York World’s fair.
Moser Bros.
World’s Fair Entertainers
will be in Bluffton for a
return engagement
Tuesday, Jan. 16th
at High School Auditorium
At Pandora, Jan. 17
Dr. Hess Products
A Single Flock Treatment
for Poultry
Sidney’s Drug Shop
Dr. Hess Dealer
...with the life of
a million parties
giving them a
new slant on lifel
The Girl
From Mexico
Those High
Grey Walls

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