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Commencement At
A busy period of commencement! next week.
eiV Toledo Htghuay
May Be Abandoned!
Abandonment of a proposal to cre
ate an improved Lima-Toledo high-l 1L4 per cent 24
way following present Route thru! 9.4 per cent, 21,
Putnam county appeared likely this! and 6.5 per cent
week after a meeting in Ottawa to|
plans for financing the pro-
Putnam county xiilage
by the highway had been
Lima Rteycue Mission
Feeds 1,452 In April]
Approval of the financing was said I of Mennonites at the yearly meeting
to have been voted by three villages,Ito be held at Souderton, Pa., during
but Columbus Grove municipal repre-l the latter part of August.
sentatives announced Saturday that I This was decided at the annual
the town cannot finance any part of I business meeting of the seminary
the purchase of right-of-way. Ot-1 board held at the Y. M. C. A. hotel
tawa, Leipsic and Belmore are the I in Chicago on Thursday. Attending
other towns involved. I from Bluffton were Dr. L. L. Ram-
Unless villages and Putnam coun-1 seyer, Rev. Paul E. Whitmer and
ty commissioners can reach a satis-1 Rev. H. T. Unruh. Several possible
factory solution in the financing prob-1 sites, including Bluffton, are reported
Jem, the proposal will be abandoned, under consideration,
state highway department officials
have announced.
Grove Firm Exports
Shorthorn Heifer
the'Dominican Republic was a heifer!
from the herd of Benroth & Griffith.!
News Want-Ads Bring Results.
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
From Bluffton
Beaverdam Friday] Go To Camp Tuesday
Commencement exercises for 171 Following a six-weeks’ period of
graduating seniors will be held at I minor activity, Allen county draft
8 pm. this Fridav at Beaverdam I procedure will be speeded up within
High school, with Dr. J. L. Clifton,! the next week, with three Bluffton
of Ohio State university, appearing I area men among 22 called for select
as the speaker. service training on Tuesday of
activity opened last Saturday,! Local men to be inducted into the| pound,
the annual junior-senior ban-1 army on that date include James
Baccalaureate conducted Sun-I^est, Bluffton Donald E. Crawfis,
day by Rev. Emil Burrichter, pastor! Route Two, Bluffton, and Cail^ L.cents.
of St. Johns and Emmanuel Re-1 Warner, Route Two, Lafayette. W estl commanded a top price of 78 cents
formed church of Bluffton. I s Bluffton village ckrk. I and js reported that during the
In the graduating class are Ruth! Of the 22 men called from Alien! c,vji War this figure soared to the
Yarger, Vera Van Meter, Rebecca! county, Board 3, in which Bluffton| dollar mark
Marshall, Zerrene Kidd, Esther Hoch-1 is included, is providing eight. Board
Stettler, Ruth Freet, Luella Bailey,! 2 also will send eight draftees, and
Carol Fem Anderson, Gordon Alli-I the total for Board 1 is seven.
son, Stanley Borber, Lewis Bassitt,! Breakdown of Ohio induction
Carl Beery, Wavne Downey, Richard! ports show that 77 per cent of thel
Lewis, Joe Lombard, George McCoyl persons drafted for army service un-|
and Robert McElwain. I the selective service act
_________. I been in the 21 to 27 year age!
I Largest single group is the 22-1
asked to cooperate by providng funds I Re-opening of the Witmarsum
for the purchase of rght-of-wayl Theological seminary will be pre
thru the towns. I rented before the General Conference
year-olds, comprising 15.5 per cent!
1 of the total. Of the remainder, 14.11
per cent have been 23 years old I
9.3 per cent 25 I
cent, 21 7.6 per cent 26,1
Vote To Present
Seminary Opening]
Draft Registration
To Be Next July 1
The Lima Rescue Mission fed! selective service enrollment last Octo-1
1,452 men and gave lodging to 4491 ber must register for conscription on I
transients during the month of April, l^u]y was announced last week I
it was announced by Rev. A. I)»l at draft headquarters in Washington,!
Welty, director of the institution.! p. I
The mission broadcasts every Sunday! Date for the new registration will!
evening over station WLOK in Lima! be formally announced in a presi-l
from 5:30 to 6:00 o’clock. I dential proclamation. All who reach!
tbe age of 21 between last fall’s reg-|
istration and July 1 will be affected.
Among the 53 head of purebred! _________ I
Shorthorn cattle recently exported tol I
The coarse stone base on Huber The band plays every year at the
street will be finished this week and! annuai Donnel employes party in
the tar and stone chips will be ap-l Findlay.
plied the fore part of r.?xt week. I The a]uninj association this year
e repair crew will then be-l bas decided f0 g0 back to the former
gin 111 improving College avenue! p]an of bavjng both the banquet and
from Main to the first alley past! dancing.
Jackson street. A tar bound and1
stone chip top will be applied to the
surface of this section of road.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W
Citizens Hank Bldg.. Bluffton
Eyes Exmined Without Drops
Closed Thursday Afternoon & Evening
Office Hours: 8:30 A. M—5:30 I*. M.
7:30 P. 8:30 P. M.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Bluffton area young men who be-1
came 21 years of age since the first!
near Columbus Grove. I _____ I
Seed stock of only the outstanding! Teaching personnel of the All-Men-1
Shorthorn breeders has been selected! nonite retreat to be held at Quaker!
and the inclusion of the stock of fhel Haven, Indiana, August 4 to 10, was!
Grove firm marks the area as among! announced this week by the retreat!
the corn belt’s leading nurseries of[ commttee. I
purebred Shorthorn cattle. The faculty will consist of Prof. I
The 53 head constitute the largest! a. C. Schultz of Bluffton college
consignment of purebred livestock! Rev. paui e. Whitmer of Bluffton
ever bought for export from the! Rev. Raymond Hartzler of Carlock,!
United Stated by a single purchaser. I Rev. William Stauffer, Sugar-1
They represent a $15,000 investment! creek- Freeman Burkhalter of Berne,!
and are being bought by Gen. Rafael! incj. Rev. Jesse Smucker, Newton,!
L. Trujillo, ex-president of the re-|Kansas I
public and will be used in his own I Dr w. Bauman, of Bluffton col-1
herd and for his country s livestock I ]ege js chairman of the general!
improvement program. planning committee.
Work Progressing ft. S. Alumni Engage
On Street Repairs! Toledo Dance Band
It is estimated that approximately!
one million men will be subject to the!
registration call.
tMennOJUte KCtrCat
Huber street I Dick Hansleman and his orchestra,
program of I of Toledo, will provide the music for
Bluffton is I dancing at the annual re-union of
With repair work on
nearly completed, the
street improvement in
progressing according to schedule, it I the Bluffton High school alumni as-1
was announced by Lee Coon, Bluffton I sociation to be held in the gymnas
street commissioner. ium Fridav night Mav 30
New sidewalks are being construct-1 The orchestra is a 10-piece aggre
ed on the street from Jefferson to I gation and has played at many Ohio
Mound by property owners. college and university functions.
Staff Is AnnOUfUcdl
State Inspector
To Examine Site
Representative from the state de-1
partment of health will be here to I
a five acre tract, part of I
the former Fox Farm on Riley street I
which purchase the town council is I
considering as a site for a possible!
future municipal sewage disposal!
Purchase of the land was pro-1
I by the council about a month!
ago to prepare for the likelihood
that a municipal sewage disposal
plant ultimately will be constructed
The site has already been inspect
ed by Carlton S. Finkbeiner, of
Cnampe, Finkbeiner and Associates,
Toledo engineers, who was at the
I council meeting Monday night and
reported that in his opinion the land
would be suitable for a plant loca
Finkbeiner indicated that he had
contacted state health authorities
I and that an inspector will be here in
the near future to report back to
I the board in regard to the present
contemplated site.
Stimulated Bv Defense Needs wool
Soars To New High Mark Of Season
Stimulated by heavy demands of
the United States army for wool uni
forms and blankets, wool prices on
local markets took a jump to reach a
new high mark of 43 cents per
The average price paid for the pro
duct in this area has been about 30
In the early twenties wool
___ __ ____________
farmers have been
wool for about a
Most of the
shearing their
month now although there still re
mains a considerable quantity to
come in. Some of the wool producers
of the area have been holding their
n„ product in anticipation of even high
to 27 year market prjces_
la the 22-1 The most common l.reed in the
gxuup lb Vile
Bluffton area is the Shropshire sheep
which is known its hardiness and
its ability to produce an excellent
quality of wool. This general corn
belt area is of the proper climatic
and geographic condition to produce
the highest quality of wool and area
farmers are turning increasingly to
this source of income.
a low price. Coil spring
and back gives real comfort,
drops down to make a spacious bed.
Storage box in base for bedding.
Smart covers with stripes, on back
grounds of green, blue or mulberry.
The Bluffton wool goes to brokers,
who, for the most part, sell to New
England woolen mills.
Richland Center
Mrs. Eva Stevens of Upper San
dusky spent Friday and Saturday at
the Otto Amstutz home.
Mrs. Clyde Giant and son Gary
were Sunday dinner guests at the
J. I. Luginbuhl home.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schaublin
such i
beautyrest modern i.oixci:
America’s leading lounge! Remarkably low’
priced! Has three important advantages.
(1) Beautiful modern style with fully up
holstered arms, in a choice of smart covers.
(2) Famous Beauty rest innerspring con
struction in seat and back. Marvelous
supper guests of Mr, and Mrs, Wal
ter Schaublin.
Mrs. Dean Myers and family of
Mansfield and Mrs. Joe Parker of
Rockport spent Saturday afternoon
at the Amos Gerber home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Leiber and
family were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and sons.
Mr. and Mrs. John Blackbum and
son of Columbus were Sunday guests
at the Otto Amstutz home.
Miss Patsy Ann Schaublin is
spending a few days with her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer
Badertscher and family and Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Badertscher and
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Badertscher and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coon of
Millersburg were week end guests at
the J. I. Luginbuhl home.
Rev. and Mrs. Eli Steiner spent
Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.
Basinger's furniture Stere
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Basinger and
daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Basinger spent Sunday in Berne, Ind.
Mrs. Ella Dillman was a Sunday
evening supper guests at the Amos
Luginbuhl home.
Herbert Ream of Seattle, Wash.,
Mrs. Myron Foust of Akron, and Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Ream of Lima were
Monday evening supper guests at the
Walter Schaublin
callers were Mr.
I 3
comfort. (3) Patented “Glide-Easy” mech
anism. Easy to operate opens to large
size bed. You don’t have to pull lounge
awray from wall to open. In addition the
Beautyrest Lounge has a strong sturdy
frame there is a bedding compartment
in base ... it is carefully tailored.
home. Evening
and Mrs. Albert
Mel Long and
and Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs.
daughter Dorothy
Ed Marquart and son Melvin spent
Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
John Marquart and family.
Mrs. Noah Zimmerman spent
Thursday at the Andrew Hochstettler
Real Estate Tax
Statements Mailed
Last-half 1940 real estate tax pay
ments so far have amounted to $70,-
Buy now
Before prices
Treasurer Byron H. Dershem.
Statements of taxes now are being
mailed to county property owners.
Sales tax receipts last week
amounted to $7,972.21 for the week,
an aggregate since the first of the
year of $117,794.20.
Wins First In State
Scholarship Test
Joan Huber, student in Wooster
high school and daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. L. L. Huber of Wooster, former
Bluffton residents, has been awarded
first place in the statewide Class A
high school competition in world his
tory, it was announced by the state
department of education the first of
the week.
Test in this subject was taken re
cently in district contest held at
Kent State university, one of eight
district contests in the state. Work
of the students who took tests in the
various districts was compared to de
termine state wide ratings.
Hit up
seat ta open.
Front «tides
Back drops
went in base
for bedding.

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