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Devastation and death ait- still the
order of the day in much-bombed
Coventry, England, according to a
letter received this week by Glenna
Swick, Bluffton High school sopho
more living with her grandmather,
Mrs. Amos Luginbuhl, of near Bluff
The Bluffton girl has been corres
ponding with her British pen pal,
Betty Harris by name, for several
Devastation And Death Still Raining
Down In Coventry, Eng., Girl Writes
After the most recent air raid,
large numbers of civilians were
killed and it was necessary to con
duct two large public funerals for
the dead. One was for 450 people
killed and the other funeral num
bered 500, according to the letter re
ceived here.
In one of the Nazi air raids staged
in late April Miss Harris was forced
to remain in the air raid shelter un
til about 3:30 in the morning. She
describes the experience very vividly
as follows:
“Every few seconds you would
hear swish! (that is the bomb com
ing down) bang! (that is the bomb
going off) rumble (that is the
building coming down). Sometimes
as many as 11 bombs were dropped
one after the other with about a
quarter of a minute between each
bomb, and each one came nearer
and nearer.
Each time you hear a bomb swish
ing down you hunch your shoulders
and tuck your head in your neck,
and as soon as it falls you give a
sigh of relief that it is not your
house or shelter that it has drop
ped on.
Just up the road there is a small
house and there were 40 people in it.
to “Tired Feet”
Illustration at right
show* typical weak
foot (ankle turned
in), throwing weight
to the inner side,
frequently resulting
in pain and weari
niuetration at left
shows normal ankle
position while
wearing Health
Spot Shoes.
W. H. Gratz Shoe Store
Corrective Fitting a Specialty
Bluffton, Ohio
It had a direct hit and all the people
were trapped in the debris. About
five people were alive when they
were dug out the next day. They
did not find the others for a few
days. Of course, they were all
We have just had the gas come on
since the two raids. We have had
to cook on the fire. By the way, the
weight of some of the bombs that
were dropped were 1,000 and 2,000
pounds in the last two raids.
On Tuesday an unexploded bomb
was dropped on an empty house next
to where my grandmather has gone
to live and it was not found until
Friday. Luckily it did not go off,
until they had safely evacuated, now
their house is down to the ground.
If they hadn’t left just in time they
would have been killed.”
The letter does not speak of much
other than war news and the prob
lems occasioned by the constant fear
of new’ raiders appearing again to
visit oft-bombed Coventry.
Sleep on Either Side
People used to think they should
sleep on their right sides, to avoid
the weight of internal organs press
ing dow’n on the heart, but once
asleep, the person changes position
many times during the night. More
over, the heart is just about in the
midline of the body it is not dis
tinctly on the left. No one position
puts any more weight on the heart
than another. Most people do have
a favorite side on which to go to
sleep, however. Some instances of
difficulty in going to sleep are due
to the fact that one is on the wrong
side—the converse of getting out of
bed on the w’rong side in the morn
say Goodbye
Learn how your feet can
be held comfortably In
normal position. Avoid
the first step toward arch
sag and foot pain in
rolling ankles.
By supporting your heel
on the inner side, provid
ing proper distribution of
body weight over the foot,
Health Spot Shoes let you
walk or stand in relaxed
comfort all day long.
A special representative from the makers of Health
Spot Shoes will be at our store
June 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
He will demonstrate the unique comfort features of
Health Spot Shoes. Come in and discuss your shoe
problems with him. This service entirely without
“You can send your boy
HI '3
when you buy a
J.|ie £ee| o£ t£Je wJjeej
of a John Deere Tractor check the easy steering,
short turning, easy handling, convenient hand clutch,
handy controls, clear vision, quick dodging, roomy
platform you’ll know why John Deere Two
Cylinder Tractors are so easy and safe to operate
that even a boy can handle them.
Add to these advantages the economy of burning
low-cost fuels the dependability of fewer but
sturdier parts... the easy maintenance of simple, two
cylinder design, and you’ll know why a John Deere
Tractor is “tops” with every man who owns one.
Bluffton Implement & Harness Co.
Governor At Findlayl
John Bricker’s evening
address will climax a pa
triotic program at Findlay
Riverside park next Tuesday in
observance of Citizenship Day.
Residents of eight Northwestern
Ohio counties are invited to
Summer To Arrive
Here On Saturday
Summer will officially arrive in
Bluffton at 2:34 p. m. Saturday of
this week, and area residents are
looking forward to the prospects of
hotter weather and a cessation of al
most continuous rainfall prevalent
for the last two weeks.
The summer season begins when
the sun reaches the summer solstice.
Northward motion of the sun is
slight this month, and the length
of the day changes very little—only
15 minutes. On the longest day, day
light lasts 14 hours and 55 minutes.
Venus and Mercury will be in the
western sky for the next several
weeks. The two planets will be in
conjunction next Friday, with Mer
cury three degrees south of Venus.
In the morning sky are Mars,
Jupiter and Saturn.
The milky way is extending along
the eastern horizon from Cassiopeia
in the North to Scorpio in the south
east. Much broader and brighter it
presents a much more attractive
show than in the winter season.
In Memoriam
In loving memory of our dear
mother, Gussie Fisher Ludwig, who
passed away three years ago, on
June 23, 1938:
Sad and sudden was the call,
Of one loved by all.
It was bitter grief—a shock severe
To part with one w’e loved so dear.
We little thought when asleep she fell,
She would awake no more,
That she in death w’ould sleep alone,
And leave us here to mourn.
We do not know w’hat pain she bore,
We did not think she died,
We only knew she passed aw’ay,
And could not say good-bye.
Sadly missed by her sons,
Frederick Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ludwig
Guy Moore of Cincinnati was a
week end guest of his mother, Mrs.
Mollie Allerding.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jackson and
son of Litchfield are vacationing with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brad
Nancy and Peggy Cotner of Toledo
are guests at the home of Mr. and C.
L. Ulrich.
Mr. and Mrs. John Barges were
Sunday guests of Mrs. Louisa May.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Day and
children of Lima were Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Biteman.
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. T. W. Desenberg and daughter
were Mrs. Katherine Staley and dau
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Vorhees, Mr.
and Mrs. George Vorheees of Lima
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. D. P. Hall and sons.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorance Thompson
and family, Miss Bessie Guthrie, Bar
bara Yocum and Shirley Nungster
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Roberts.
Mr. and Mrs. Elza Heiser and son
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Darrell Robenault and family of To
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ludwig and
family of Dayton were week end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ludwig.
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Watt and sons
of Lima, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jen
nings and son of Bluffton were Sun
day evening dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Fleming.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter King and son
and Mrs. Annie Albert were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mirl King of
Mr. and Mrs. William Hall and son
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Baughn.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Arnold enter
tained Sunday in their home for Lloyd
Arnold who is leaving Friday for
camp. Those present in addition to
honored guest and host and hostess
were Mr. and Mrs. Gene Frederick of
Decatur, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Williams and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Rollie Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Arnold and son, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Arnold and daugster of Lima, Mr. and
Mrs. Russell Watt and Mrs Daisy
Miss Mary Ja Huser is visiting
her sister, Phyil Monroe, Mich,
for several weks.
Leo Mansfield and Laurel Bauman
will return horn* this Wednesday
from a camp near Tiffin after spend
ing a few days here with other
crippled children.
A number of friends and class
mates of Miss L. is Niswander sur
prised her with i shower Tuesday
evening at the home of Mrs. Grover
Davidson. Miss Niswander will be
come the bride of Dr. Franklin Roda
baugh next Saturday. She graduated
from Western Reserve in Cleveland
last week.
John Lehman of New London is
visiting friends and relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Finley of Jeff
erson, visited her mother, Mrs. Re
gina Lemley several days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Hen
ry Troph and daughter Linda of
Cleveland visited in the David Ba
singer home Saturday and Sunday.
The Diller reunion was held at the
Mrs. John Bridei ha igh home, Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Sommers
and son and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton
Sommer and daughter of Miami, Fla.,
are visiting relatives here. Miss
Edna Sommers who has been living
with Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Edwards arid
Sarah Basinger w ill return to Miami
to live with her -ts, Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton Sommers.
Ms. Levi Hager and Harry Schu
maker were Monday evening supper
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Seyers
of Gilboa.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hatfield and
family visited relatives in New Car
lisle, Saturday evening and attended
a Gideon convention in Middletown,
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Schumacher,
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Schumacher and
daughter, Noah Schumacher and son,
Harry and Oliver Schutz and Mr. and
Mrs. Cyrus Schumacher of Bluffton
visited Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Schutz of
North Manchester, Ind., who celebrat
ed their silver wedding anniversary,
Jay H. Van Meter of Blanchester,
died in a Cincinnati hospital, Sunday.
His wife was formerly Alta Baum
gartner of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Steiner visit
ed Mrs. Steiner's parents, Mr. and
Hein in Detroit, Sunday.
1,000 Blue Gills
Ordered By Club
One thousand blue gills, 3 to 5
inches in length, were ordered this
week by the Bluffton Sportsmen’s
club, for delivery in October. The
fish, ordered from the Wayne Lakes
club of Greenly#, Ind., will be
placed in the thrU quarries within
the corporation.
Directors of the club have asked
that the public refrain from using
motors on boats at the Buckeye lake
as the agitation of the water dam
ages the spawn beds around the
quarry. Club membership of the the
organization is now 285 and the 300
mark is expected to be reached in
the near future, it was stated by
Silas Diller, president.
Large Turnout As
Bass Season Opens
Bluffton fishermen took advantage
of the openin. day of the bass sea
son Monday and turned out almost
en masse at the various quarries and
other fishing centers.
The largest concentration of ang
lers was seen, however, at, the Na
tional quarry, east of town. Plenty
of strikes wer- reported but the bass
catches were rather small.
No bass of the 3 to 4 pound size
were caught but quite a few of the
10 to 12 inch sizes were hooked.
Denver Augsburger, Dale Davidson
and Harold Wenger each caught
about four bass. Some channel cat
fish were also caught Monday.
Difficulty in obtaining bait was
reported due to the fact that the
heavy rains made it hard to obtain
minnows. In addition the inclement
weather made it somewhat difficult
to hook the fish.
Reports from Lima also indicated
that a large turnout of fishermen
could be seen lining the various
quarries and fishing places there.
Pleasant View
Kenneth Gi ?en is employed at a
garage in Find ay.
The Misses Wanda Jean Newton
and Frances Jean Habegger are
spending the week at Lakeside at
tending the U. B. young people’s con
Miss Kathryn Alspach left Monday
for Bowling Green university, where
she will attend summer school.
Miss Jeanette Krautter returned re
cently from a trip to Camp Walters,
Mrs. Samuel Rickly, Alva Rickly
and Otis Gene Sutter attended com
mencement exercises at Columbus,
Wednesday for Arietta and Betty Lou
Rickly, grandaughters of Mrs. Rickly.
Mrs. Myra Freeh and children of
Rawson spent Sunday wit hher par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Habegger
and son Gamie.
Miss Livona Harris is spending a
week’s vacation at London, Columbus
and Lakeside.
Governor To Talk
At Findlay Rally
More than 20,000 persons from
eight northwestern Ohio counties are
expected to attend the huge Citizen
ship and patriotic demonstration to
be held at Riverside park, Findlay,
the afternoon and evening of Tues
day, June 24.
Bands and marching units from
Allen, Defiance, Hancock, Hardin,
Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert and
Wyandot counties will participate in
the events of the day.
As a climax to the program, Gov.
John W. Bricker will give an address
on citizenship and defense. The gov
ernor’s address is scheduled for 8:30
p. m.
Allen county’s chairman, cooperat
ing in plans for the event, is John
The following guests gathered in
the home of Gideon A. Lehman, Sun
day, celebrating Father’s day: John
A. Lehman, New London, Miss Emma
Lehman, Pandora Mr. and Mrs. A.
A. Lehman and daughter Charlene
and Miss Loraine Van Casti, Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Manges and fam
ily of Bluffon.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jones of To
ledo and Mrs. Margaret Russell of
Detroit were Sunday visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Bushey and son Har
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ryan of Ada,
Mr. and Mrs. George Klay and fam
ily of Bluffton were Sunday callers of
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dally.
Miss Anna Mae King is spending
the week with Miss Jeanette Ludwig
at Dayton.
Mrs. Dolly Ware of Oklahoma is
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. O. K|
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis of To
ledo were Saturday visitors of Mrs.
Cynthia Elliott and Mrs. Albert Dav
Mr. and Mrs. Lester McElwain and
family moved last week to Lima.
Bud Lombard is spending the sum
mer vacation with relatives in Ft.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Y’ounkman re
turned Saturday after spending the
past two w’eeks with relatives in Tex
Miss Irene Rowland is spending
sometime with relatives at McClure.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Vanmeter and
family and Mrs. Cynthia Elliott were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Delmer Beery.
Miss Hazel Little of Elida was a
Saturday afternoon caller of Mrs.
JimEtta Edgecomb.
A Father and son banquet was held
Thursday evening at the Church of
Christ. Rev. S. M. Davidian of Lima
was the guest speaker.
Miss Dorothy Burkholder of Bluff
ton visited last week with her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Wal
Mrs. W. C. Lacock, son Allen and
daughter Gene left Saturday for
Pennsylvania where they will spend
two weeks with Dr. W. C. Lacock.
Miss Doris Nelson, student at Ohio
I State university, is spending the sum
i mer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Leo Nelson.
Emil Gene Gratz is spending the
summer with Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Neuenschwander in Indiana.
Miss Mildred Pickerington of To
ledo, Mrs. Fern Rhoades of Lima and
Billy Rhoades spent last Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Baughman and
Rosamond and Marion Pugh and
Rebecca Marshall attended the recital
of Miss Blanche Nausa, lyric soprano
at Lima, Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ludwig and
family of Dayton were week end vis
itors of Mrs. Mina Augsburger.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Klingler of Li
ma, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Amstutz
and family of Pandora, Mr. and Mrs.
Oliver Zimmerman, daughter Sherry
Jan of Bluffton were Thursday din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Am
stutz and daughter Ellnora. It be
ing the birthday anniversary of Wm.
The Win-A-Couple class of the M.
E. church met Wednesday evening at
the church basement. Attending were
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Herr and family,
Mrs. Wm. Amstutz and daughter Ell
nora. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Augs
burger, Mrs. Dwight Baughman and
family, Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Web
Mrs. W. R. Dally spent Wednesday
with Mr. and Mrs. W. Ritchey at
Mr. and Mrs. Burdette McCune and
and family of Wyoming were callers
last week of Miss Adda Yoakam.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Clark of Tex
as, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clark and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wagner
of Lima Miss Adda Yoakam were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Clark and daughter Ellen.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Yant and
family and Demer Beery spent Sun
day in Toledo.
Food supplies in most countries of
continental Europe are still suffici
ent to maintain current rations, ac
cording to the U. S. Bureau of
Agricultural Economics.
A wheat loan rate averaging $1.08
a bushel on this year’s crop has
been announced to Ohio farmers by
the state’s Triple-A committee.
Local AAA committeemen have fur
ther information.
Relinquishing his work here as
proprietor of the Neu-Art studio, E.
H. Neuenschwander will take up new
duties next week in a unique Sagi
naw, Mich., factory in which each
shift is started with hymn singing
and a devotional service.
Already employed in the plant are
the local man’s two sons, Edgar and
Allan, who also are members of the
company quartet which sings care
fully rehearsed religious songs at
each service.
National publicity recently was ac
corded to the unusual plant setup in
a Detroit newspaper, and the two
Neuenschwander youths appeared in
illustrations accompanying the ar
Owner-proprietor of the plant, the
Serevance Tool Manufacturing Co.,
of near Saginaw, is Rollin M. Sever
ance, a devout Gideon.
Religious services at the opening
of each shift were inaugurated by
Severance three years ago. Moving
into a larger plant recently, he set
Local Men In Plant Where Work
Day Starts With Prayer Service
Richland Center
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertscher
spent Thursday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Huber.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Basinger, Mr.
and Mrs. Francis Basinger and
daughter, Noah Hochstettler and
daughter Lorena, Marie Imbach, and
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hochstettler
were Sunday dinner guests at the
Amos and Robert Gerber home.
Mr. and Mrs. Seigfield Badert
scher of Salem, Oregon, called Fri
day at the Ernest Gratz home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stryker and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strahm and
daughter Joyce Ann of lama spent
last Tuesday* evening with Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Schaublin and daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hochstettler
and family and Miss Bernice Zim
merman were "week end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochstettler
and family of Detroit, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Core and
daughter Linda Lee of Lima spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Gratz.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Niswander
and son Allison, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Yerks of Lima Ladonna
Basinger were Sunday dinner guests
at the Amos and Weldon Luginbuhl
home. Afternoon callers were: Mrs.
Ella Dillman, Miss Joann Stonehill,
Jimmy King, and Esther and Glenna
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hilty, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Ewing and Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Young called Sun
day afternoon at the Walter Schaub
lin home.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer
Badertscher and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Badertscher and son
and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Frantz
and daughter were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badert
scher and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Basinger
and daughter attended the funeral
services Wednesday at Bluffton, Ind.,
for Mrs. Basinger’s little niece, Nor
man Sprunger.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marquart and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Brice Main,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and son
Melvin spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marquart, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Core and
daughter Linda Lee of Lima Dr.
Rosella Beiderman of Jenera Mr.
and Mrs. Wilford Gratz, Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard Gratz and son James,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gratz were
aside the entire second floor for a
meeting room, and the first half-hour
of each shift is spent in religious
Included in the more than 200
man force of the plant are Baptists,
Catholics, Nazarenes, Lutherans,
Methodists, Presbyterians, Mennon
ites, Latter Day Saints and the As
sembly of God, of which Severance
is a member.
The plant proprietor conducts
afternoon prayer meetings personally
when Gideon meetings do not call
him to other parts of Michigan.
A religious atmosphere is appar
ent thruout the entire plant. Over
lathers and other precision machin
ery appear placards worded “Jesus
Never Fails”, etc.
In the plant, tool cutters are
sharpened for many large industries,
and special cutters are manufactured
for burring, counter sinking, counter
boring, taper reaming, spot facing,
tube burring and ball and socket
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Reno Gratz and daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hochstettler
and family and Miss Bernice Zim
merman spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Zimmerman and
son Dick of Toledo.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sharp and
family of Norwalk spent the week
end at the Amos Luginbuhl home.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Maidlow’
and family of Gilboa Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Gratz and Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Schaublin spent Sunday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wilford
Miss Jane Davies of Pandora spent
Friday night with Miss Rachel
Pump For Water
Line Here Soon
Completion of the new water line
from the quarry of the Bluffton
Stone Co. to the Page Dairy Co. is
being held up because of delay in
shipping the centrifugal pump rer
quired for the project.
Delivery of the pump is expected
this week, however, and after its ar
rival only one day is needed for in
stallation. Laying of the six-inch
water line, 325 feet in length, has
been completed.
With the new line in operation, ap
proximately 100,000 gallons of water
will be pumped daily from the quar
ry to the dairy for use in cooling
and washing. Using the new source
of supply is expected to relieve t*
water works of nearly one-third of
its customary load.
For Short,
But thoroughly enjoyable
Call or visit
Our Ticket Agency
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129 N. Main
Phone 170-W
Cincinnati & Lake Erie
Transportation Company
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