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THURSDAY, AUG. 21, 1941
Who’s the oldest person in Bluff
ton A bunch of the boys were over
heard arguing the matter the other
night and no definite conclusion was
reached although it was agreed that
the person probably could be found
among the following three all of
whom are known to be in their nine
ties: Z. T. “Zach” Showalter, John
Garret, Mrs. Elizabeth Parish. Also
mentioned in the discussion were Mrs.
Peter Oberly, Mrs. Joseph Mumma,
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Schwab, Levi
Bender and several others. Anyone
knowing additional names of people
in their nineties is requested to com
municate the information to the
It is quite certain that it is not
customary’ procedure for James A.
Griffith to arise at 6:00 o’clock in the
morning. Since he has been working
in the office of the Triplett company
he has found it necessary to set his
alarm clock in order to get to the
plant on time. But the difficulty
arose when Jim dreamt that the
alarm clock went off. It was so real
istic that he hurriedly dressed and
started down for breakfast when
granddad John Rogers yelled upstairs
and wanted to know the reason for all
of the disturbance at 2:00 o’clock in
the morning. Was Jim’s face red as
he quietly sneaked back to bed mut
tering something or other about not
being able to trust himself anymore.
“The next time I go horse-back
riding it will be on a merry-go-round,’,
was the indignant statement made by
Harriet Biome after she was thrown
off a horse while riding recently at
the Triplett farm, west of town. It
seems that she and Gareth Todd were
horse back riding when one of the
horses got a bit sprightly and threw
Harriet in a mud puddle.
Robert Cooney is planning to ac
company his father on a business
trip next week through West Virginia.1
Bob says that he likes to go along
especially to do the driving.
Bob Coon, 12 year old son of Mar
shal and Mrs. Lee Coon, has rigged
up an ingenious trailer that he hitch
es to his bike. He uses the outfit to
drive to the country to gather greens
for his rabbits.
We walked into the public library
the other day and our eyes were
greeted with an almost blinding flash
of the bashiest red sweater that
we ever saw. We rubbed our eyes
when we saw it was “Sid” Stettler,
dignified mathematics instructor, who
was so daringly attired. Inquiry re
garding the reason for the raucous
raiment revealed that Sid was trying
out the new crimson sweaters that
Bluffton H. S. football fans will see
on the backs of Pirate gridders dur
ing the fall athletic season.
Joe Bronson has solved his trans
portation problem by’ hitching up his
goat to his wagon. It works all right
says Joe, except the goat doesn’t al
ways follow orders as to which di
rection to turn.
Many comments were heard after
the Bethel college choir sang in the
First Mennonite ehurch, Sunday night
not only for their outstanding choral
presentation but also for the splendid,
tall, blond physical specimens typical
of vigorous Nordic peoples of the
mid-western settlements.
This was one gift that Bert Swank
didn't appreciate. Some friends
seining for minnows in Big Riley
Creek, caught a two-foot carp in their
nets. They put it under the front
seat of Swank’s car, standing nearby
in the Triplett parking lot. Swank
did not discover the firsh until late
the next day, when the aroma was be
ginning to be pronounced. P. S.—He’s
still trying to find the unknown donor.
First indication of the rapidly ap
proaching football season is the newly
painted score board at Harmon field.
It stands out more prominently than
ever in its new coat of red and white.
Harry Bogart, Woodrow Little and
Ross Bogart, who left Monday for the
national convention of rural mail car
riers in Columbus, took with them
several pocketfuls of buckeyes. These
are to be the distinguishing marks of
all Buckeye state men at the meet.
Don’t be surprised if you meet a
stranger on the Bluffton Golf course.
Located adjacent to the heavily-trav
eled Dixie highway, the course proves
too much of an attraction for many
hard-bitten golf fans. It is common
for tourists to stop and relax from
driving by playing a round. Cars in
the last week hav been from Cali
fornia, Connecticut and many other
Greetings were received this week
from Francis W. Durbin, Bluffton
City solicitor and Lima attorney
who is vacationing in LaJolla, Calif.,
in a card addressed to M. M. Bogart
and Fred Getties.
Anyway it wasn’t tainted money-—
that dollar bill turned in at the
Citizens bank the other day looking
somewhat the worse after going
thru the family washing. The bill,
found in an overall pocket was still
legible, although the ink with which
it was printed had turned yellow,
probably because of action of wash
ing powder or aoap. The bank sent
the bill to the treasury department
for redemption.
A caravan of four passenger
buses enroute from Detroit to
Louisiana was parked along Bluff
ton’s Main street Monday night
while the drivers rested a bit. Look
ing thru the trim conveyances, we
commented that there was no sign
indicating the “Jim Crow” section
for the colored passengers. At this
one of the drivers, a lanky Missis
sippian chirped up “Them niggahs
don’t need any sign—they know
their place is in the back seats and
they know they’ll get their heads
busted if they don’t stay there”.
Continuing the discussion another
driver offered the comment “Your
no’thern boys down at Camp Shelby
don’t think nothin’ of ridin’ beside
a niggah—but it just burns we-all
Last week appeared in this col
umn comment that folks nowadays
want their bread sliced and peanuts
shelled—well here’s another to add
to the list—a Bluffton dealer in
electrical refrigerators is displaying
a miniature electrically driven ice
cream freezer which will freeze a
quart of ice cream right in the re
frigerator while you wait. You put
the freezer, which looks like a
thermos bottle, in the cold compart
ment, plug the electric connection in
the light socket inside the refrigera
tor—and there you are.
Buddy Augsburger, 7 year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Augs
burger, who with his parents spent
several days in Michigan returned
home with a small menagerie. It
consists of a small cat fish, a turtle
and a little black and white dog.
Buddy is now kept very busy as he
also has 13 chickens to take care of.
“It looks more like Illinois corn
than I ever saw it before”, was the
comment of A. C. Burcky, Bluffton
COLUMBU5AUG 23-29-1941
AN outstanding feature of this year’s
Ohio Sure Fair. Navor before shown
anvwhare. Howard Tooley’s gifsmic ninsi
cal revue “BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGnT.”
Presented each evening on a mammoth
stage before the grandstand. Offering such
stars of the entertainment world as John
Charles Gilbert, Maxine Cassaretto, Charles
N. Lum, Flo aid Ted Vallett, John B.
Ratto and many more. An amaxing musi
cal drama depicting the glory of America.
Be sure to see it as a fitting climax to a
happy day spent in viewing the thousands
of other attractions at this greatest of all
Ohio Slate Fairs.
(100 Acree of froa Pariting Space
ftevecaar at Ohio
Dir. e* Agriculture
State Pair MeMger
college athletic coach, in summing
up the promising crop outlook in
this district—and for a native
Illnoisian to admit that Ohio corn
even compares with the stalwart
Illinois product is something. Just
by the way, Burcky knows his way
around in the farming business, be
ing the senior member of Burcky
Bros, who own and manage a 200
acre farm in Van Buren township
east of Bluffton on Route 103.
This is confidential—so much so
that we can’t mention names—but
the story is going the rounds of the
bride who in a fervor of patriotism
gave away her new aluminum ware
when it was collected here for na
tional defense last month—and now
the cooking is done in graniteware.
Gene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Wells attained his sixth birthday an
niversary the other day and was
presented with a silver spoon, an
heirloom in the family for 130 years.
The spoon, fashioned from a silver
dollar by a silversmith, originally
belonged to his great, great, great
grandmother, Mrs. Isabelle Reese
who lived north of Biffton on what
is now the Zanna Staater farm. By
the way when Gene enters the first
grade next month he will be the
fourth generation of his family to
attend school in the Grade building
It was an unusual coincidence last
Friday afternoon when two parties
of former Bluffton people, now' re
siding in California called at the
office within a half-hour. First to
drop in were Dr. and Mrs. Harvey
L. Eby of Los Angeles. Dr. Eby
is associate professor of education
in the University of California. He
and his wife were accompanied by
his brother, Dr. S. L. Eby of Cin
Less than thirty minutes later we
were shaking hands with Gottlieb
Schnegg who sold Studebakers here
back in the twenties and migrated to
California twelve years ago where
he now lives in Alhambra. Schnegg
and his w’ife made the trip of 2,378
miles east in three days. No trouble
at all, he says—the roads are ideal
and you have to drive 65 to keep
from being run dow’n by traffic. Old
timers recall when Schnegg made
local history by driving to Lima in
forty minutes—a record that was
almost incredible at that time.
Yes, they read the Bluffton News
classified ads—Mrs. W. C. Augs
burger advertised an apartment for
rent—and had 18 inquiries for it
after it was taken.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Roth and
children of Detroit, Michigan, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Schu
Mary Alice and Delores Burry had
their tonsils removed at the Bluff
ton hospital last Wednesday.
Miss Ruth Bixel will present a
program of organ and piano num
bers at the Grace Mennonite church
Sunday evening, August 24.
A number from here attended
the Frantz reunion at Findlay, Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hostettler
and daughter of Mansfield, and Mrs.
Blunk, of Forest, visited in the
Chris Basinger home several days
this week.
Miss Martha Matthews of near
Dayton is visiting her father, James
Aaron Roth of Detroit purchased
a 1941 Oldsmobile from Sommers
Joel Basinger purchased the Wm.
Baumgartner property and William
Baumgartner purchased the former
Mary Burkhart property.
Rev. and Mrs. Musser and family
and Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Boehr and
family are attending the Mennonite
Conference in Pennsylvania.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davidson
are the parents of a son born at
St. Rita’s hospital in Lima, Aug. 10.
Vernon Schellenberg visited rel
atives in Piqua last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Basinger and
Lloyd Frankhouser accompanied by
Miss Evelyn Hale, of Vaughnsville,
spent last week in northern Michi
Dr. and Mrs. H. Niswander are on
a trip in Canada this week.
Miss Judith Lehman of Chicago
is visiting relatives here.
A large number from the Mis
sionary church attended the Mis
sionary church convention in Fort
Wayne, Sunday.
The marriage of Kenneth Som
mer, son of Mrs. Viola Sommer, to
Miss Samsal, of Columbus Grove,
will take place Sunday at the Grace
Mennonite parsonage.
Dr. and Mrs. M. B. Rice and sons
were on a vacation last week at
Wampler’s Lake in Michigan.
Leland Gerber, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Noah Gerber, of this place and
Miss Winifred Sprunger, of Berne,
Indiana, were married in Berne,
Mrs. Barbara Steiner and daugh
ters Elvina, Grace and Susie are
on a trip in the East. They also
visited in the W’alden Hilty home
in East Orange, N. J.
News Want-Ads Bring Results.
Pleasant Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Phillips and
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Younkman were
Sunday visitors in the Earl Younk
man home at Rising Sun.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Zerbe and son,
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Montgomery
and son and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Lugibihl and daughter were Sunday
evening dinner guests in the Wm.
Lugibihl home. Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Amstutz of aPndora called in the
Miss Dorothy Lugibihl is spending
the week with Mr. and Mrs. Lester
Zerbe and son of Sylvania.
H. P. Zimmerman and Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Zimmerman and daughter spent
Sunday afternoon at the Findlay
Mrs. Emma J. Martin of Collins
ville, Okla., who has been visiting
with her daughter, Mrs. George Hu
ber and family for several weeks re
turned to her home, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooks Huber
called Tuesday at the George Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Barnes and
Jo Ann Seigg and Mr. and Mrs.
Cloyce Haenstein and daughter called
at the Geo. Huber home, Monday
Mrs. Emma Martin and grandson,
Jimmie Huber called Saturday after
afternoon on Mrs. Clara Traucht.
Mrs. Goldie Scaggs of St. Clairs
ville is spending a few days with the
Arthur Yoakum family and other rel
Those of this neighborhood who at
tended the Huber reunion held at
Green Springs, last Sunday were:
Mrs. Cora Huber and son Joy and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huber
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Huber,
Mrs. Lily Fett and Nellie Huber and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huber and fam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson of
Grand Rapids, Mich., Phil Johnson of
Lake Odessa, Mich., spent Friday
night with Mrs. Goldie Battles and
Joan, Jimmie and June Gallant of
Marion are spending some time at
the home of their grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Fisher.
The Black school reunion was held
last Thursday. A goodly number of
scholars and teachers attended a
program was given in the afternoon.
Thomas Koontz was elected president
and Mrs. Henry Koontz, sec’y-Treas.,
for the coming year.
Little David Graham of Rushsyl
vania is visiting at the D. D. Will
iamson home.
Marylin Klingler of near Ada spent
the week end with the Ami Nonna
maker family.
Celebrating the birthdays of Miss
Joan Battles and Howard Marquart
a party was held Sunday evening at
the Goldie Battles home. The follow
ing guests were entertained: Misses
Avis Marshall, Dorothy Klingler, Ida
Mae Arnold, Dorothy Long, LaDonna
Hartman and Mary Jane Worthington
of Bluffton, Robert Moyer, Norman
Eddinger, Wayne Westall and Robert
Misses Jeanette Basinger and Kaye
Nonnamaker spent Thursday evening
and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. How
ard Stauffer of Bluffton.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Benroth and
family are spending their vacation
visiting friends in Michigan.
Mrs. Anna Koontz is spending sev
eral days in Bluffton with her daught
er, Mrs. Ruth Steinman.
The following enjoyed a picnic sup
per wit hthe M. J. Stratton family,
honoring their house guests, Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Kloetzley, son Joe and
daughter June of Salem: Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Klingler and family, Mr.
and Mrs. B. J. Stratton and family,
Mrs. Goldie Battles and daughter Ma
bel and J. D. Clymer. Evening call
ers were Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Koontz
and son Robert.
Howard Nonnamaker and family
spent Sunday afternoon at the Ami
Nonnamaker home.
Mrs. C. W. Klingler daughter, Jean
Ann, son Don, Mrs. M. J. Stratton
and Mrs. A. E. Kloetzley son Joe and
daughter June of Salem spent Friday
with Mrs. J. C. Christman and fam
ily near Findlay.
There will be an ice cream social
at the Black school house Tuesday
evening, August 26. Sponsored by
the people of that district.
Prices of fats and oils have been
increasing rapidly since March, due
to a variety of causes. Crop statis
tics show Ohio soybean acreage is
considerably lower this year than in
1940. Lard stocks have been re
duced by exports to England under
the lend-lease law.
Chick Diarrhea
At Our Store—FOB YOU
I Every local poultry raiser
Via invited to call at our
store for a free ram
pie of Avicol.
A. Hauenstein & Son
The Corner Drug Store
Out Of The Rough
Bluffton Golf Course Happenings
Olive Schumacher, of Findlay, last
week turned in the best card report
ed in two years on the Bluffton
course. He went around the nine
holes in 39 strokes, three over par.
Plans are nearing completion for
a Labor Day tournament to be held
at the course. Entry is open to
everyone. It will be the second
tournament of the year 16 players
having completed in one held on the
Fourth of July. The preceding tour
ney was won by Dr. Boyd Travis.
Players enjoying advantages of the
local club do not hail from this dis
trict alone. Many Lima and Findlay
golfers play here regularly, and a
lot of tourists relax from motoring
by stopping for a round or two. In
the last week cars stopped from as
far away as California and Connec
Richland Center
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Frantz and
daughter spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman
and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wickard and
family and Mr. and Mrs. John
Hirschfeld and son spent Thursday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Marquart and sons.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe O’Bryan and
son of Findlay and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Icenogle of Lima spent Wed
nesday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Core and family.
Betty and Allison Niswander spent
Wednesday afternoon at the Amos
Luginbuhl home. Evening callers
were? Mrs. Ella Dillman, Mr. and
Mrs. Donald Dillman and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Dillman.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schaublin
and grandson Richard Schaublin
spent Sunday afternoon with Mr.
and Mrs. Wilford Gratz. Evening
callers were Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Boegli of Gilboa Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard Gratz and Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Gratz.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bixler and
daughter Phyllis and Miss Verna
Bixler of Orrville were Sunday
morning callers at the Amos Ger
ber home.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hochstettler
and family were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Hochstettler and daughters.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and
son Melvin were Columbus Grove
callers Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Malcom Ewing and
family spent Friday evening at the
Amos Basinger home.
Mr. and Mrs. W’ilmer Badertscher
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Badertscher and son, and Mr. and
Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman and daugh
ter were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertscher and
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hood and
son of Detroit Mr. and Mrs. John
Blackburn and son of Columbus, and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter King and son
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Rhoads and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yerks of
Lima spent Monday evening at the
Amos Luginbuhl home.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hochstettler
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber and
family spent Sunday at Berne, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hochstettler
and family spent Tuesday evening
with Mr. and Mrs. Reno Oberly and
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochstettler
and family of Detroit spent the
week end visiting relatives here,
Mrs. Hochstettler and family re
mained to spend the week here.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Badertscher
and family and Ruth Hartman spent
Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne Zimmerman and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sharp and
family of Norwalk spent the week
end at the Amos Luginbuhl home.
Mrs. Sharp and family remained to
spend the week here.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Moser and
sons are spending a week’s vacation
in Michigan.
Sam Luginbuhl and Alice Balmer
spent Sunday evening at the Amos
Basinger home.
Mrs. Gust Basinger received word
that her mother and brothers, Mrs.
K. L. Oard and sons Ernest and
Thomas arrived at Burns, Oregon,
near their former home, on Monday
of last week. Mrs. Oard will visit
her father, J. H. Heinz, who is past
90 years of age, and whom she has
not seen for over 30 years.
Miss Daisy Basinger is visiting
at Foster this week with her sister
Mrs. Ray Schumacher.
Mrs. Daisy Hall spent the week
with Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Watt of
Miss Betty Kinsey and Miss Jean
Graham of Crafton Pennsylvania
were Thursday guests of Mrs. La
vina Kinsey.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schumacher
are spending several days with rel
atives and friends at Peoria, Ill.
Mrs. Jennie Eversole is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eversole and
family of Toledo.
Mrs. Ivy Miller of Lima is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Laura Biteman.
Mr. and Mrs. Harl Mann, Mr. and
Mrs. Cliff West, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Short, Mr. Wilson Hawk, Mrs. Edith
Mann, of Bluffton Mr. and Mrs.
Edison Hall and sons, of Lima Mr.
and Mrs. J. V. Vorhees, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Hall were Thursday
evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.
P. Hall and sons honoring Mrs.
Edith Bixler and children of West
Palm Beach, Florida.
Mr. Guy Moore of Cincinnati is
visiting his mother Mrs. Mollie
Mesdames Carrie Lentz and Daisy
Hall motored to Toledo Sunday to
visit Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eversole
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nocolet and
son, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts
and family of Lima were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Hawk. Afternoon callers
were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Burden of
Lima and Bud Binkley of Columbus.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Robinson left
Sunday for a trip through the
Eastern States.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter King of
Akron were Friday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John Adam.
Mrs. Harry Haley was a Friday
night guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
On August 3 W. H. Long, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Long and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Chet Long and daughter,
South Main Street and Bentley Road, Bluffton, Ohio
Phone 455?Y for Tank Truck deliveries.
Third Grade (CHEAP) Gasolene is NOT sold at Brilliant Bronze
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Binkley and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Hawk and family, Mrs. Mildred Mil
ler, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hefner, Mr.
and Mrs. Fritz Korn and family
motored to Fort Wayne and spent
the day with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Holman and sons.
Grange Banquet
The losing team of the member
ship drive contest at the Richland
Grange with Reno Gratz as captain,
will entertain the winning team with
Roily Moser as captain, with a ban
quet next Tuesday evening at 6:30
at the Richland Grange hall.
The Western Auto Associate store
is closed. We wish to thank the
public for their valued patronage,
while we were in business.
Mr. Geiger will continue his
agency for Motorists Mutual Insur
ance at his home address, 4141a
South Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Millen C. Geiger.
Ohio farmers will approve the ap
pointment of Robert M. Salter as
chief of the Division of Soil and Fer
tilizer Investigations in the national
Bureau of Plant Industry. Professor
Salter has a long record of service in
Ohio as former chairman of the de
partment of agronomy, Ohio State
university, and as assistant director
of the Wooster Experiment Station.
He goes to the Department of Agri
culture from the position of director
of the North Carolina Eyperiment
Government regulations set a
moisture content limitation on ex
tracted honey. Unripened honey
may have more than the legal
amount of moisture. The remedy is
to leave honey in the hive a few
days longer.
Commercial hatchings of baby
chicks for the first jsix months of
1941 were 25 per cent greater than
for the same period in 1940 and
were 24 per cent greater han the
previous record for hatchings made
January 1 to June 30, 1939.
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Citizens Bank Bids-. Bluffton
Eyes Exmined Without Drops
Closed Thursday Afternoon & Evening
Office Hours: 8:30 A. M—5:30 P. M.
7:30 P. 8:30 P. M.
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W

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