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Dr. Merle Schwartz, Bluffton
College Graduate, Tells of
Prison Ordeal
German Prison Boat, Dresden,
Successfully Runs British
A typical day on the
something as follows:
arose about 6:30 o’clock
the children for br
Zamzam Survivors, Captors On Nazi
Boat, Fear British Subs, Speaker Says
Editor’s Note: This is the
second and last installment of
the account of Dr. Schwartzs
experiences as a passenger on
the Nazi raided Egyptian liner
Vamzam. The first installment
teas published last week.
Constant fear of meeting a Brit
ish submarine while captive on the
Nazi prison and supply ship “Dres
den” highlighted the five weeks’ im
prisonment of the group of mission
aries on the vessel, according to Dr.
Merle Schwartz, who was in Bluff
ton recently to address the national
conference of Defenseless Mennon
ites at the high school auditorium.
Dr Schwartz. graduate of Bluffton
station w
the Dresdf
found diff
and dressed
akfast at seven.
I in relays. The
children and ladies were served
the starboard side and the men
the port side.
After that school was held
the children which was really more
like Sunday school since there were
no books or supplies to use. At 9:30
the missionaries held a prayer meet
ing on deck. One of the girls in the
group had managed to salvage her
violin and was able to provide music
at the various meetings of the mis
sionary group.
At 10 o’clock the men and women
were allowed to talk with each other
for about two hours. After the noon
lunch there was nothing to do the
entire afternoon but sit and talk.
The supper routine began about four
o’clock and continued until about six.
Watch Sunset
In the evenings the group spent
time watching the sunset which pre
vided a very beautiful sight whe
silhouetted against the waves. Th
was interrupted by the call “all in”
and the group was sent below again.
The conditions on the boat would
cause one to feel that sickness could
not be avoided. There were only 10
cases of dysentry and only three or
four of those of a serious nature.
These were all cleared up with very
little difficulty. The children had
frequent upsets since the food was
so different. Despite the difficulties
everyone survived the ordeal in good
Wear Life Belts|
Here's a range that's really
Burns roal or wood* with equal effi
ciency and economy
The efficiency of the German sail-1 an(j flowers,
ors was impressive to the group and I
they attempted to bolster up thel a^e everyone could not help but feell
spirits of the captive group by mak-l the enthusiasm of the Portugese peo-|
ing promises where the landing! p]e anj sensed their essential kind-1
would take place. It was soon re-1 liness.
The group was ordered to wear
life belts and to sleep in clothing! staY there,
at all times. The latter regulation| turned
would have been done despite
order because of the cool nights
the insufficient bedding. The
stant fear of meeting a British
in the minds of
vo factor
Je the 1
rs operated, however, to
Dresden safely to
st as the run
day, it was learned in America
the group was lost but that was the
first day they were really safe sincel
the boat was now inside territorial! 1 ork everyone
waters. From this point on the men! abundance of things,
and women were allowed to stay to-I Pl*y windows of most of
gether and the group enjoyed watch-1 *n Europe are
ing the sights of the beautiful coast-1 "as a rea^ pleasure to
line of northern Spain. I eVes on the abundance of things in
All the Britishers on board wtrel ________
made prisoners of the Nazi govern-|
ment but the Americans aboard were I
taken off the ship at Biarritz whichl
is on the Sea of Biscay. The group! C/fl
was taken to hotels in the city with
instructions to stay within two
blocks of the building,
days the group was given
dom of the city.
spent in
Many happy hours were
walking around the beach
to the huge waves rushing up the
shore and watching the interesting
peoples o:
that the group was to be taken to
drivers in the group were detained!
and held by the Nazi government in
Portugal. The ambulance
As the Spanish border was crossed
the cameras were returned to the
■"You can cook with gas or electricity in summer.
Either attachment can be installed in the com
partment top in a few minutes.
The Renown Range is designed for the woman
who wants greater cooking and heating capacity with
less fuel to buy and carry.
The oven has capacity for real harvest meals and
the auxiliary oven keeps food warm for serving. 1 he
giant ash pan means less work, for it holds five times
the ordinary amount.
Here is a range constructed with plenty of cast
iron and gleaming porcelain finish inside and out for
For bettei' baking—the oven door is insulated
with Fiberglas, sturdily braced and has a positive
two-position lock.
See this new, modern, streamlined range at our
store—the range that will do as much—and more—
than you could expect of any stove.
Basinger’s Furniture Store
The group was
There was not!
everyone to sit I
■re taken. Afterl
two days anil nights of travel room
was made for the children to lie
down on the floor of the train. This
meant that many of the adults stood
up for most of the journey.
alized that the ship was attempting! After arriving in I...............
to run the blockade and the party I pointment was in store when it was I
would be returned to Europe. I learned that the city was so crowd-1
The train stopped one evening in
a little village in Portugal for sup
per. In front of the station w’as a
long table covered with dishes, fruit
Police were busy keep­
ed with refugees of various types
that the American group could not
But disappointment soon
to pleasure when it was
the| learned that the group was to be
and| transferred to a lovely little village
son-| at the foot of a mountain about 20
sub-| miles from Lisbon.
thf| Here were splendid hotels and de-
British navy
the German
heavy storm
submarine ope
jin was first sighted
night, May 18. On
I licious food. Everyone enjoyed moun
tain climbing and in i
every one had gained
weight lost in the five v
privation on the Dresden
Trip Back
back to United States
but eventful. Many of
ties did their utmost to
The trip
as restful
e mission
tions but an
from the state
or the return
Walking down the streets of New
impressed with |’s a'ua's
The dis-l lhe birth
the stores wbere tbe blrtb occl1
practically empty and I home town of tl
feast one’s| Panted out.
I New, York' Schwartz pointed out in
I conclusion.
Driver's Licenses
(ll( tl OTUlay
Driver’s licenses for 1942 will goK
After two! on sale next Monday at the Bixell
the free-1 Motor Sales Co.
All operators of motor vehicles
must have the new permits by Sept.
30. To obtain the licenses, drivers
must show their 1931 permits.
If applicants do not have 1941 per-
a different language and! mhs they must take a driver’s ex
In ten days the news came| amination, but temporary licenses
will be issued until the test can be
Sixteen years is the minimum age!
at which a license can be obtained!
for general driving, and 18 years!
for chauffeuring. No one under 181
may obtain a permit unless a parent!
or guardian signs the application!
and becomes liable for civil dam-1
ages caused by the negligence or w i 1-1
ful misconduct of the minor driver!
on the
for regular driver’s licenses
at 25 cents, plus the 15 cent
of the clerk. For the tem
instruction permit and exam
there is a fee of 50 cents.
Muriel Lester Is
Held By British
Miss Muriel Lester, British wel-l
fare worker and pacifist, who made I
several speaking appearances ini
Bluffton a year ago last July, is be
ing detained by British authorities!
in Trinidad, for investigation, it was
learned this week.
Miss Lester spoke here at a dis
trict meeting of the Fellowship of
Reconciliation, which calls itself an
organization of religious pacifists.
When detained in Trinidad Miss
Lester was returning to America
from a four months’ trip through
South America.
According to a companion travel
ing with her, Miss Lester was taken
from the ship carrying her to
America after an exhaustive but
courteous examination. It was an
nounced that the welfare worker
would be the guest of the British
government until further notice.
Wedding Announced
Wedding of John W. Holmes, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Holmes of
near Elida, to Miss Betty Vande
mark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Vandemark of near Columbus
Grove was announced the first of the
The wedding was solemnized in
the Christian church, Rockville,
Maryland, July 30. The Holmes
family were former Bluffton resi
The regular September meeting of
the Trustees of Orange township
will be held at the township house
Friday afternoon, Sept. 5 at 2 p. m.
Mell Long, Clerk
Sleeping Alone
Every person, young or old, sleeps
best when he sleeps in a bed of his
own, according to some authorities.
People move many times during
their sleep and each move disturbs
the rest of the other person. When
two people share the same bed, they
should get upwards of an hour more
ing back the crowd and as the group| tabl'ishing birth^ord brought about
by social security and old age pen
sion laws and more recently by the
employment requirements in the na
tional defense indu s has caused
and wit!
for the
at the
Requests For Birth Certificates
Increasing, Town Clerk Reports
Social Security 1
Creates Need for
Birth Record
Former Bluffton
Write to W. O.
Geiger for Certificate
Increasing need for accurately es-
Lisbond disap-1 steajny increasing requests here for
birth certificates or other record of
birth, according to W. O. Geiger, city
clerk, in charge of local birth regis
Although most of the certificates
issued in Bluffton are for infants, an
unusually large numbe
been for adults. Ms
having difficulty in pr
were bom because no
can be found.
County authorities
fled with the record
date in the family
for many ye
anies and old a?
w-ill often take
ifficient proof bi
them have
y people are
ing that they
ritten record
of the birth
Bluffton Record
record of Bluffton births is
complete since -mber, 1908
exceptions entirely
pa.- 15 years. It
pr lure to record
n and county
red rather than
infant, Geiger
All of the births at the Bluffton
hospital, even though the parents are
from other counties are recorded lo
cally and should the birth certificate
be desired in later years, it would be
originally entered here.
Probate Judge Paul R. Capell of
Hancock county has been pointing out
that “every individual ought to check
it is properly
the birth or
I ms birth see that
recorded irrespective
age of the individual,
sonal responsibility if
ual to be sure of ti
the record.”
It is the per
every individ
correctness of
He Lost His Pension
One applicant nx ong ago needed
I to establish his birlh record in order
I to qualify to continue to receive his
old age pension. What he really
found was that he was not even a cit
I izen of the United States, and until
I he becomes “naturalized” or the mat
I ter is taken caw of in some legal
I procedure, if possible, he no longer
I will receive a pension.
I His parents n crated to America
I from Europe when he was a youth,
I the oldest of a family of several
I children. His father and mother ap-
plied for naturalization and eventu
ally gained their citizenship—but not
until a few days after their oldest son
had reached the age of 21. As a re
sult, he was not affected by his fath
er’s new status of American citizen
ship. Due to the nearness of the
dates the matter was never question
ed, however, and throughout many
years of his life he has regarded him
self as an American citizen, has voted
and enjoyed all the privileges of cit
izenship all in good faith. But now
the accident and error has been un
earthed and he finds himself an alien
in his own home land.
Birth Records Kept
Since 1909 the Ohio law has requir
ed the keeping of vital statistics, the
records of birth and deaths. Young
er persons born since that date, usu
ally find little difficulty in getting a
birth certificate. It is a matter only
of turning to the record of the regis
trar—unless the doctor was
with the matter of getting the infor
mation. In many such cases the ap
plicant finds his name was misspelled
otherwise be incorrect.
In such cases there is a procedure
by law for making the correction up
on the testimony of affidavit of the at
tending physician, if available, or on
the testimony of two witnesses who
are at least six years older than the
applicant, and who have knowledge of
the facts by reason of personal con
tacts with the family at the time of
the birth. Or, documentary evidence
may be used if witnesses are lacking.
May Establish Record
For persons whose birth is not a
matter of official record the law’ pro
vides a method to make it so and pro
vides for a filing fee of $3 together
with such other costs as may be in
curred in assembling the necessary
information and proofs. All
provisions of the law’ apply
of the
only to
born in
persons who have been
Those born in other
apply in the state where they
application for the registration
must be supported by the
testimony of the applicant,
credible witnesses w’ho hav
knowledge of the facts
own up with
e every good
he matter of
hip is estab
ble. But, ac
it is not al-
Persons who have
their natural parent
reason to belive that
their birth and citi »i
lished and easily pr-va:
cording to Judge C::
I ways so. For insta
of birth
and tw’o
open court before the probate judge.
If such witnesses cannot be obtained,
clear and convincing documentary ev
idence must be presented in open
court. The probate court may con
duct such in vestigation as it deems
necessary, and shall permit the appli
cant and all witnesses presented to be
cross-examined by any interested per
son, or by the prosecuting attorney of
the county. When a witness or the
applicant is unable to appear in open
court, by reason of sickness or resid
ing beyond the purisdiction of the
court, the court may authorize the
taking of his deposition as provided
by law.
N any water-front community,
you are apt to find bridges and
piers lined with amateur fisher
men placidly waiting for the fish
to come to them. Look way out, how
ever, to the spot where water and sky
seem to meet, and you’ll see the trawl
ers of the commercial fleet the
fishermen who have to get results day
after day, the men whose fishing must
pay oil in cash.
It seems to us that the philosophy
of the pier fisherman is sometimes
applied to advertising spending
little in money or effort, catching little
in results, but dismissing the smallness
of the catch with the vague theory
that advertising of some sort is gen
erally good for business health. That’s
fine if a man can afford it, but adver
tising should be a business investment
not a pastime. This means giving
plenty of your own time and effort and
Many Source, Available
When the required avidavits can-1
not be furnished, the necessary facts|
may be proven by submitting to the
court authentic documentary evidence
the most acceptable of which are the
family Bible record.
local census.
School enrollment records.
vice records.
I. Official
about filing the information. In
case probably 35 or 3( years
elapsed and the doctor may be
which complicates the matter,
gal birth records may go back
much further than 1909 into the days
church records of con
firmation or
J. Employment, union cr
recorsd of more than five
newspaper clippings
K. Old
birth, baby books, infant’s
L. Old legal documents
sort showing age and place
said application, and shall be duly
certified by the applicant. Upon thel
the man who does this consistently
will get results.
The advertiser fishing for a real
“catch” in Bluffton trade territory will
find in the Bluffton News an unsur
passed medium for reaching this
It puts the Bluffton market at your
front door.
\irni(lil Pickup To
Military records, or Civil Ser-| the Mercury firm, which proposes air
mail pickup and delivery twice daily
Findlay and
this part of
E. Insurance policy of more than| for Lima, Bluffton,
five years standing. I many other cities' in
Application for marriage 1 i -1 Ohio.
of more than five years stand-1 Another feature of
show’ will be the appearance of How-
Naturalization record of par-1 ard Dutton and his Champion Sky
I Devils.
Original or certified copy of
certificate of child of applicant,
showing age
and place of birth or
M. Any other old record which thel to keep their superiors informed on
judge dooms authentic and confine-J new developments, the article points
ing. out.
Be Demonstrated
Air mail pickup of the type that
will be inaugurated daily in Bluff
ton, if a petition of the Mercury
Baptismal record, or original I Air Lines is approved by the Civil
Aeronautics Board is approved, will
Records from Federal State or| be demonstrated next Sunday at the
Lima “Wings For Victory” air show.
The demonstration will be made by
the Lima air
Former Bluffton Man
Is Cited In Magazine
Major Rene Studler, son of Mrs.
lodge I Paul Studler, of South Jackson
years I street, is mentioned in an article
I titled, “G-2 Men”, dealing with
of| United States Military attaches, ap
ac-l pearing in the August 30 issue of
Colliers magazine.
any| This country has 52 military at
birth. I taches stationed in foreign countries
Law is Cited I In reference Major Studl
Judge Capell cited the fol-l author states,
agraphs of the law pertain-! “Then there was Major Rene Stu
correction of birth records: dler, ordnance expert, who had
la assignment in Europi
.»’ Ii horn Komi hoviilroving
i four years.
state ol Ohio, and whose reg-l ,,
Ail He has a red guard s moustache,
n of birth is not accurately re-| ..
a mathematical mind and epicurean
corded, may file an application for| .... ...
tastes. He is credited with
registration oi his birth, or corectionl ..
i Ai v I a photographic eye, which has been
of his birth record, in the probate! ,,
very useful. Studler has been known
court 0 e county e is res ence.l see war and sketch them
or the county winch Ms mother me
at the time or his brth. Major Studler now is stationed at
“An application to correct a birth Washington.
record shall set forth all of the avail-! _________
able facts required on a certificate of|
birth and the reasons for making!
r, the
Bamettf NCW COUllty
filing of such application the court, in|
its discretion, may fix a date for hear-l Treasurer-elect Ray V Barnett
ing thereon which date shall not be|took, office. Monday announced
less than seven days after filing date.
The court in its discretion may re
quire one publication of notice of the
hearing in a newspaper of general
circulation in the county at least sev
en days prior to the date of the hear
ing. Said application shall be sup
ported by the affidavit of the phy
cian in attendance, if available
such affidavit is not available the ap-|
plication shall be supported by the
affidavits of at least two persons hav
ing knowledge of the facts thereon, or
by documentary evidence or such oth
er evidence as the court may- deem
“If the probate judge is satified
that the facts are as stated, he shall
make an order correcting such birth
record. If the birth of the applicant
is incorrectly recorded in an office
other than the probate court in wihch
the applicant is filed, the probate
judge shall transmit a certified copy
of the order to such office, where it
shall be filed and recorded in the same
manner as other birth records, a
cross-reference shall be made on the
original and on the corrected record.”
TakpSt Pnlf
1 ttr\i rUol
that his first official act would be to
reopen the Allen county real estate
p| books for collection of last-half 1940
Barnett said he had been author
ized by the county commissioners, in
a special resolution, to extend the
deadline for payment of taxes and
Whittemore contract installments
without penalty to September 20.
Collection of current realty taxes
was halted a month ago by Treas
urer Byron H. Dershem to permit
final auditing of the books in pre
paration for the change in admin
istration for the treasurer’s office on
September 1.
Payments of last-half 1941 classi
fied and personal property taxes also
will be accepted, Barnett said.
Every Load Insured
Bluffton, Ohio

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