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THURSDAY, OCT. 16, 1941
wt f'
CHAPTER I—A rustler has been killed by
someone unknown, by a shot in the back.
Calhoun Terry, manager of the Diamond
Reverse Ranch, is looked upon suspicious
ly by other rustlers and small ranchmen
when he visits Round Top. Terry has sold
out his own small ranch and has been in
bad odor with the small men since he joined
the big outfit.
CHAPTER II—Terry talks over the kill
with Editor Garvey, his friend.
CHAPTER III—As Terry mounts his horse
to return to the ranch, a shot hits his hat
CHAPTER TV—Ellen Carey, daughter of
the postmaster, has recently returned from
school. On a ride during the early morn
ing. she sees a couple of men driving cattle
quite a distance away. One of them, she
thinks, is Jeff Brand, an engaging young
man suspected of being a rustler.
CHAPTER V—Managers of the big
ranches are in session to discuss steps
against the rustlers.
CHAPTER VI—Ellen hears a shot on an
other morning ride. She meets Terry. He
tells her a rustler named Tetlow has been
killed. They ride together.
CHAPTER VII—Sheriff Hart rides out to
Calhoun's ranch to ask him about his find
ing Tetlow's body.
CHAPTER VIII—The sheriff reports to a
crowd of small ranchmen and rustlers Ter
ry's account of his movements. One point
is not explained the tracks of two
horses leaving the scene towards town. El
len finally comes forward to explain that she
had been Terry's companion on that ride.
CHAPTER IX—Clint Ellison, manager of
another of the big ranches, drops in on Ter
ry to tell him of a plan to bring in former
deputy marshals from Texas and Oklahoma
to run down rustlers and kill them without
trial. Terry objects.
CHAPTER X—At Denver, the Western
Cattleman’s Association meets to deal fur
ther with the rustler problem.
CHAPTER XI—Jeff Brand practically pro
poses to Ellen.
CHAPTER XII—Ellen tells Cal Terry she
is of the opinion that he can persuade the
big ranches to stop the killings.
CHAPTER Xm—Calhoun Informs Ellison
to cut him out of the deal cooked up by the
big ranchers.
CHAPTER XIV—Returning from Ellison’s
ranch. Calhoun is fired upon from ambush.
After two shots fired at him from a rifle,
he heard two other shots from a revolver
and later discovered the body of Black Yea
ger, a rustler. Yeager had been killed by
a revolver shot. A note written pinned to
the body stated ‘‘this is what happens to rus
tlers." Terry sends for Postmaster Carey
and Jeff Brand.
CHAPTER XV—Carey and Brand arrive
at Terry's ranch and he tells them the
story of the latest shooting.
CHAPTER XVI—Brand doesn’t like Terry
and suspects his story. On investigation,
however, of the scene, Carey forms the opin
ion that Terry Is trying to let him and Jeff
know that the murderer might possibly have
been a spy employed by the big ranchers.
CHAPTER XVII—Jim McEaddin of the
Flying V C, a big ranch, has been killed
plainly in retaliation.
CHAPTER XVIII—Clint Ellison and Cal
houn Terry have a set-to over the pro
posed invasion.
CHAPTER XIX—Terry and the head of
his ranch, John Q. Powers, tell Editor Gar
vey to announce the sale of the Diamond
Reverse Rauch in small parcels.
CHAPTER XX—Ellen begins to think that
misunderstood Calhoun.
CHAPTER XXI—Jeff Brand shows Ellen
the note that was pinned on one of the slain
rustlers. She says it looks like the writing
of Jack Turley, supposedly a rustler himself.
CHAPTER XXII The ex-officers and
rangers from Texas arrive.
CHAPTER XXIII—Jeff Brand rides up to
Turley’s cabin. In the presence of Dave
Morgan and Bill Harriott, he accuses Turley
of being the killer. They make a search
of the cabin and find $2,000. Jeff and Turley
draw and Turley falls dead.
CHAPTER XXIV—Turley’s body, strapped
to a pack horse, arrives at McFaddin’s
CHAPTER XXV—Lee Hart reports the
pursuit of two men by the invaders, and
Jeff Brand decides to go to the cabin.
CHAPTER XXVI—Jeff is wounded as he
tries to reach the cabin door. The men
inside bring him into the house.
CHAPTER XXVII—Calhoun Terry and
Larry Richards with whom he plans a part
nership for the purchase of a small ranch
were on their way to Round Top on some
business when the Texas invaders mistaken
ly chase them into a cabin. It is they who
pull Jeff Brand into the house when he
is shot.
CHAPTER XXVIII—Jeff tells Terry and
Larrv that he killed Turley. The invaders
finally discover Terry's identity but demand
to know who is the third man in the cabin.
Brand appears at the door with rifle pointed
(Now go on with the story)
Sunday Brown said: “I don’t know
who you are, young fellow, but yore
own words convict you and I’m ar
resting you.”
“I’m standing in the doorway
waiting for you to try it,” Brand
“Just a moment,” Terry said. “To
avoid any mistakes, Larry and I are
declaring ourselves. All three of us
are in this tight together. You’re
not taking one without the others.”
“I’ll do the talking for our side,
Sunday,” Ellison told the Texan.
“No need for guns to smoke here.”
“It’s been such a nice, friendly
afternoon Mr. Ellison would hate
to have trouble start now,” jeered
“Tell your crowd to get the hell
out of here before the boys come
to help Jeff, unless you want a real
war on yore hands,” said Larry.
Brand offered a suggestion. “Why
drag anybody else into this, Mr.
Ellison? You don’t like my way of
life, and not a thing about you
pleases me. We can settle this right
here in three seconds with six
guns. If you feel lucky, start smok
“I don’t fight duels with outlaws,”
Ellison replied curtly.
“No, you hire killers to shoot ’em
down from ambush. You go raiding
their homes with sixty gunmen at
yore back.” Brand’s voice was
heavy with scorn. “When you open
the pot you have a pat hand, and
you sure play it close to the belly.”
Ellison stood stiff and straight.
“I don’t explain my conduct to
thieves,” he said shortly.
“Meaning me, Mr. Ellison?” Jeff
asked gently, his light, blank eyes
very steadily fixed on the No, By
Joe manager.
Terry stepped in front of the lead
er of the regulators, to prevent the
\R AINEy^er vice]
rustler from' getting a shot at him.
“You had better go back to your
men, he said. "And tell them we
won’t baby them any loqger. If this
battle goes on, we’ll be shooting to
EUison turned and started back
toward the barn, his flat back
straight as a yardstick. Brown fol
lowed him
The three defenders moved back
into the house and watched. They
had not long to wait. The invaders
ran out the white rag again to in
dicate the battle was over. Men
and horses poured out of the barn
and from the creek bed into the
Jeff lay on the bed. The fever
was mounting in him.
“We’ll see what we can do for
your leg now,” Terry said. “Let me
have a look at it.”
He gave Brand a wet towel with
which to bathe his hot face while
he unfastened the bandage around
the ankle and washed the wound. He
tied another handkerchief around
the leg.
“It will have to do until we get
you to a doctor,” the Diamond Re
verse manager said.
The rescuers arrived about an
hour later, Roan Alford and Bill
Herriott at their head. A flour sack
was nailed to the back door of the
Hart cabin, but Roan spread his
men and approached carefully. The
cabin might be filled with enemies
ready to turn loose a blast of gun
fire at them.
Bill Herriott came forward alone,
waving a white handkerchief. Terry
stepped out of the house to meet
“What are you doing here?” Her
riott asked curtly. Full explanations
Terry and Richards rode with the
party as far as the Box 55. They
were not very welcome. The mem-
His guess was that Brand meant
to kill him now.
bers of the rescue poaae made that
clear. Wild rumors circulated.
Lane Carey and his daughter
came out of the ranch house to get
the news. From a little distance
Terry watched Ellen’s face as the
men eased Brand from the saddle
so that he would not have to put
any weight on his wounded leg. He
could see her breath catch and the
intent fear in her eyes.
Jeff limped forward, an arm
around the shoulder of Roan Alford.
“Back from the war,” he told El
len. “With a sure-enough hero story
for you. Only trouble is two other
guys were the heroes.”
“We had better have him carried
upstairs,” Ellen said to her father.
“He can have the spare room.”
Jeff shook his head. “Sorry, but I
have to say “No, thanks,” lady. If
I stay here these Texas wolves
would be liable to collect the only
scalp I have. The boys are going to
take me to Round Top in your wag
Ellen had Jim bring down a mat
tress and put it on the porch. The
wounded man lay down on it, pro
testing that there was no sense in
babying him. The girl made him a
pitcher of cool lemonade and he
drank several glasses of it. She
waved a good-bye at him as the
guarded wagon rolled down the
Watching her, Terry thought there
was a kind of light, flying grace in
the girl’s movements.
“Will you tell me all about it—
just what happened?” she asked.
Larry described their adventure
in detail.
“I expect they hated to let Jeff
go,” Larry concluded. “The blamed
idiot stood in the doorway and told
Ellison he was the man who had
killed his spy Turley.”
Ellen gave a little groan. “Did
you say that Jeff killed Tur
ley?” she asked.
The color had washed out of El
len’s face. “I’m responsible for Tur
ley’s death,” she said in a low mon
otone. “I told Jeff the man
might be Turley, and I said the
writing on the note left by the killer
looked like his.”
“Then you did a service to this
district,” Terry told her bluntly.
“Don’t worry about that. The fel
low had to be killed.”
“Yes, but—why did I do it? I
might have known what Jeff would
do. And I wasn’t sure. Maybe—
Maybe—maybe Turley wasn’t the
right man.”
“They found the money in his cab
in. He was the right man.” Larry
nodded reassurance. “He’s better
dead. Dpn’t waste any Qity on him.”
“You’re so sure about that, aren’t
you?” the girl cried in passionate
protest. “Only God can make a
life, but it’s all right to cut one
off if you take a fancy to play at
being His agent.”
Terry explained gently: “When a
mad dog is loose it has to be shot
to protect people.”
“Calhoun is right, Ellen,” Carey
agreed. “You are not in the least
to blame, but you surely would have
been if you had concealed any in
formation you had about the identity
of the killer.” Lane brushed the
doubts of his daughter aside as of
no weight. “What happened to any
number of better men is of impor
tance. I am thinking about the out
come of this raid. I don’t see how
a pitched battle can be avoided, and
if so a great many will be killed.
Isn’t that your view, Calhoun?”
“Yes, and Ellison’s men will be
defeated in the end. This invasion
has been botched from the begin
ning. The Texans won’t escape with
out heavy loss unless they get out
at once.”
“Why did Mr. Ellison start so
crazy a thing?” Ellen cried. “Isn’t
there any way to stop it? Can’t you
do something, Mr. Terry?”
Calhoun shook his head. “How
can I, since both sides distrust me
and I have influence with neither?
I have thought of one thing—to ask
the government to send troops from
Fort Garfield to stop the war. I have
no influence at Washington. Mr.
Powers probably has, if I could get
word to him. Larry and I are go
ing to town. I’ll see Horace Gar
vey and try to get him to join me
in a wire.”
“Good. I'll come to town as soon
as I can get off. That will be after
the down stage passes,” said Carey.
Larry went with Carey to saddle
fresh horses from the Box 55 corral.
Terry started with them but was
detained by Ellen’s voice, small
er in volume than usual.
“Just a minute, please, Mr. Ter
He waited, his gaze on her.
“I want to ’fess up,” she said at
last. “You must think I’m a dread
ful little prig, the way I have treat
ed you.”
His voice sounded cold, because
he was keeping a tight rein on his
emotions. “I haven’t any complaint,
Miss Carey,” he began.
“I didn’t like you,” she admitted.
“I thought you were horrid. And I
was wrong. In all this dreadful
business nobody has been as right
as you.” The color in her eyes deep
ened as she looked at him. Her
heart was fluttering against her ribs,
and she told herself not to be a fool.
“It was splendid, the way you ran
out of the cabin to get Jeff. I know
you don’t like him. But you went
just the same.”
“I like him as well as he does
me,” Calhoun said wryly.
The girl was in love with Brand,
of course. He had no doubt of that.
He nodded good-bye to her stiffly
and walked away to join her father
and Larrv at the corral.
(To be continued)
Robert Cahill who is employed in
Columbus, and Shirl Hatfield, r.,
who attends Ohio State, spent the
week-end with their parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Basinger and
family will move into their new
home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Iner Basinger spent
the week-end in Wheaton, Ill.
The tomato canning factory is
expected to close this week for this
Robert Fruchey, son of Noel
Fruchey formerly of this place and
now of near Beaverdam, is attending
school here and making his home
with Mr. and Mrs. Vern McClintock.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bracy and
Phyllis and Sherwood Huser of
Monroe, Mich., visited in the
Philemon Huser home, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duer who have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Irvin
Hilty the past week returned to
their home in Cleveland, Sunday.
The Pandora football team played
Elida last Friday with a score of
6 to 6. The team plays with Colum
bus Grove, here, this Friday.
Miss Mary Belle Frank of Grove
City, Ohio, became the bride of Paul
Burket, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Hews of this place in Grove City
St. John Lutheran church, Sunday
evening, October 5.
A number of people of the Mis
sionary church attended the corner
HORSES $4.00
COWS $2.00
(of size and condition)
23321—LIMA, OHIO
Reverse Tel. Charges E. G. Buchsieb, Inc.
For Vigor and Health—
include meat in your menu.
Always ready to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
survive or perish
with my country.
John ,4l/un$
outspoken. fearless. rigidly boo
est patriot. Adams. second president of
the U. S: is known as the I ether of the
Daniel Webster’s “supposed speech of
been said to Jonathan Sewell in 1774.
urging America's fight for independ
American navy. The above. from
Daniel Webster's supposed speech of S
John Adams" was believed to have
heart eai/1 fnnasfhjin twwa
stone laying of the new music hall
of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute,
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Leightner of
Bluffton and Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Wherley called on Mr. and Mrs.
David Wherley, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Leightner and
family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schu
macher and son, Vincent, and Neil
Neuenschwander attended a family
dinner Sunday at the Wm. Neuen
schwander home at Fort Wayne. The
dinner was given for Edison Neuen
schwander and family who left for
Saginaw, Mich., where the former
has accepted a position with the
Severance Tool Mfg. Co.
Mrs. Sidney Steiner returned with
Mr. Steiner to Charleston, West Va.,
for a few days, where he is a sales
Harold, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Dennis Diller of Pandora, was re
cently married to a young lady of
Defiance, Iowa. Harold and bride
and bride’s mother and brother and
wife visited with his parents last
week one^day. They also called on
other relatives.
East Orange
Mrs. Ed Boutwell and grandson
Wilson called in the B. J. Boutwell
home Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Harsh and his mother were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. D. G. Strahm.
This community was shocked to
hear of the death of Earl Gorby of
Deshler. He is the son of Samuel
Gorby of this place. Funeral ser
vices were held Wednesday morn
ing at 10 a. m. from the Davis fun
eral home in Lima. Burial was at
the Hassen cemetery.
Gen'l. Code, Secs. 2293-21. 4785-13-(g).
NOTICE is hereby given that in iiursuance
of a Resolution of the Council of the Village
of Bluffton, Ohio, passed on the '■th day of
September, 1941, there will be submittwi to a
vote of the people of said Village at the
NOVEMBER ELECTION to be held in the
Village of Bluffton, Ohio, at the regular places
of voting therein, on Tuesday, the 4th day of
November, 1941, the question of issuing
bonds of said Village of Bluffton in the
amount of Eight Thousand Dollars
for the purpose of purchasing fire equipment
and apparatus as provided by law.
The maximum number of years during
which such bonds are to run is 8 years.
The estimated average additional tax rate
outside of the ten-mill limitation as certified
by the County Auditor is .56 of a mill for
each one dollar of valuation which amounts
to five and six-tenths cents (5.6c) for each
one hundred dollars of valuation
The Polls for said Election will be oi»en at
6:30 o'clock A. M. and remain open until
6:30 o'clock P. M. (Eastern Standard Time)
of said day.
By order of the Board of Elections
of Allen County, (fhio:
M. M. BOGART. Chairman.
Dated Sept. 22, 1941. 26
Oct. 1. 8. 15. 22. ______________________
I will sell at Public Auction
at my residence which is locat
ed on West Elm street, Bluff
ton, Ohio, on
Saturday, Oct. 18
The following property:
Beds, rocking chairs, dining
chairs, walnut end table, pedes
tals, stands, dishes, one 10 gal.
stone jar, also 2 gal. and 1 gal.
jars, glass churn, roaster, skil
lets, cooking utensils, shelving.
Also the following Rawleigh
products Fly spray, stock
spray, louse killer, cocoa, spices,
mixed flavors, hand cleaner,
and foot powder.
Enterprise power meat grind
er, 2 gallon sausage stuff er, 15
gallons of vinegar.
Wood lathe on good frame
with H. P. motor, practically
new set of fence stretchers,
post augers, pipe wrenches,
wood chisels, brace, set of wood
bits, planes, level, torch, breast
drill, hand saws, steel tape, adz,
axes, lawn roller, 2 good work
benches, and other articles.
1:30 P. M.
Mrs. Caroline Welty, Owner
Auct., Leonard Gratz
Clerk, Menno Augsburger
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marshall
made a business trip to Columbus
and vicinity one day last week.
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Armentrout
and daughter Jeanne of Bluffton
were ednesday evening supper
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Mar
Those from here who attended the
District meeting of Lima Presbyter
ial at the Presbyterian church in
McComb last Tuesday were: Mes
dames Edgar Begg, William Reich
enbach, Glen Huber and Miss Elnora
Marshall. Miss Clara Louise Smith
gave an interesting talk on the Pres
byterian work in southeastern Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sylvester
and children of Ft. Wayne, Ind.,
were week-end guests of relatives in
this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Berryhill
and family spent Sunday with the
former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Berryhill near Delphos.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Begg and
sons John and William and Miss
Edythe Cupp were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar
Smith and family of Avon Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Roby and
sons of Caledonia were Sunday din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Huber and family and Mrs. Mary
Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Marshall took
dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Steiner in Pandora.
Mrs. Harold Marshall was hostess
to the Au Revoir club last Thursday,
An appetizing pot luck dinner was
enjoyed at the noon hour by mem
bers and guests. The afternoon was
spent in needlework.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Marshall and
Mrs. D. C. Campbell attended a
Farm Bureau meeting at the court
house in Lima last Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Mary Cook of Columbus
Grove who is well known here, left
Thursday to spend the winter with
her son Wilton and wife in Detroit.
Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Marshall in
company with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Cruickshank and daughter Betty Lou
of Columbus Grove motored to
Oxford, Saturday to attend Dad’s
Day at Miami University and visit
their daughters, Jean Marshall and
Martha Jane Cruickshank. They wit
nessed the Bowling Green-Miami
football game and attended a party
at the suite of Alpha Omicron Pi
The Friendly Neighbors Club will
entertain with a Hallowe’en Party in
the home of Mrs. Frank Hall near
Beaverdam Thursday evening of
next week. The following program
will be given: Music, Club Poem,
Mrs. Gladys Beemer The Story of
Halloween, Mrs. LaVaun Amstutz
Music, Mesdames Florence Freet and
Marie Fruchey Paper, Housekeeping
or Home Making?, Mrs. Audrey
Hauenstein Story, An Evening With
The Carsons, Mrs. Helen Zimmerly
Music, Club.
Mrs. Ellsworth W’ilson, a former
resident of this place, now of Lima,
spent the week-end with Mrs. Jacob
Amstutz and Mrs. E. E. Freet.
Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Ream and
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ream attended
the Gilbert reunion in Continental,
Rev. Schultz of Bluffton was a
Friday afternoon caller in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Amstutz.
Homecoming and Rally Day will
be observed at the Methodist church
here Sunday with a union Sunday
school and preaching service with
Beaverdam. A basket dinner will
be served at the noon hour followed
by a program of music and speak
ing, in the afternoon. Any former
members of the church or anyone
interested, is extended a cordial in
vitation to be present.
Yesterday ... Today... Tomorrow
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Enjoyment when you get relief from
Rheumatic, Neuritic, and Neuralgic pains.
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United States who have put RUX Com
pound to actual USE.
The Secret of RUX
RUX Compound is a pure liquid
medicine which works from the inside.
RUX combines helpful Ingredient* which
dissolve into the blood and are available to
One leather Davenport and chairs, 2 rocking chairs,
4 kitchen chairs, 1 drop leaf extension table, 1 stand, 1 old
style kitchen sink, 1 cheese press, gallon crocks and several
large crocks, several large jugs, bee supplies, vinegar
barrels and good vinegar and many other articles.
Terms: Cash. Sale begins at 12:30 P. M.
leads in all-round performance
with economy
It’s built of quality materials. ... It
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Drive this car today, at your nearest
Chevrolet dealer’s, and convince your
self of its leadership.
Steiner Chevrolet Sales
Bluffton* Ohio
Mrs. Rose Nelson and daughter,
Mrs. Malinda Rudy of Lima, and
Mrs. Mary Miller of Flint, Mich.,
spent Thursday in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Amstutz.
Mrs. F. C. Marshall, son Robert
and Alice Jean Bixel of Bluffton
attended high school day in Oberlin
Saturday where Robert competed in
the music scholarship contest and
was named as one of the group
from which the finalists will be
Wheat can be used to replace up
to 30 per cent of the corn in a dairy
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dniK stores have it in stock, stubbornly
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Public Sale
I, the undersigned will offer at Public Auction at my
farm 2 miles southeast of Pandora, and 5 miles northwest
of Bluffton first farm north of the Morning Star Cider
Press, on
Friday, October 17th
The following described property:
One good sorrel work mare.
One Turnbull farm wagon with hay rack and good
grain box 1 Superior grain drill 1 McCormick 5 ft cut
mower 1 John Deere hay loader, almost new Interna
tional hay loader Black Hawk corn planter International
double disk 1 New Idea manure spreader 1 double disk
1 cultipacker 1 McCormick hay tedder 1 single row rid
ing corn cultivator 3 one horse cultivators 1 spring tooth
harrow 2 spike tooth harrows 1 good bob sled 1 spring
wagon 1 surry 1 good storm buggy 1 rubber tire buggy
corn sheller 1000 tbs. barn scales 1 Clipper fanning mill
1 set heavy work harness horse collars and halters double
trees and single trees line shaft and pulleys 1 good din
ner bell 130 potato crates 40 gal. copper kettle 1 iron
kettle 1 meat grinder 1 lard press all the above articles
are in good condition.
Albert Winkler, Clerk Seth Basinger, Auct.

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