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Happy New Year—and may the
new year be just as happy as any that
have gone before it, or any that may
come after it. However, those who
claim to be in the know are saying
that it’s not wise to expect too piuch
happiness the coming twelve months.
And speaking of New Year’s—and
resolutions—maybe you recall this one
from “Madam Sherry” musical show
of a good many years ago:
Resolutions, yes we make them
Not to keep them, hut to break them.
High Quality
West Virginia
See me before placing your
R. E. Trippiehorn
Phone 161-W
L, --w-
E take this opportunity to express
to our many friends and patrons our sincere
thanks and appreciation for their liberal
patronage during the past year and extend
to all our best wishes for a
eSto/p/rMf.new 'IjeaA
Community Market
E. M. Ingalls, Prop.
Public Sale
The undersigned will sell at public auction on their
farm, the former Harrison Anderson farm, located 2V2
miles southeast of Bluffton, or 3^4 miles south of Mt.
Cory on Route 69 and 2 miles west,
Wednesday, January 14th, 1942
at 12:30 P. M.
The following property:
9 HORSES—1 Black mare, 8 yrs. old, sound, good
worker chestnut sorrel mare, coming 3 yrs. old bay
horse, coming 3 yrs. old, green broke sorrel mare, coming
2 yrs. old brown colt, corning 1 yr. old bay horse, good
worker black team good workers saddle horse, three
gaited, dark bay, coming 4 yrs. old.
9 CATTLE—8 Holstein cows: 3 head 3 yrs. old 3
head 4 yrs. old cow, 6 yrs. old cow, 9 yrs. old these cows
will all freshen in January and February. Registered
Guernsey cow, 5 yrs. old, fresh 2 months, giving good
flow of milk. All cattle are T. B. and Bang tested. If
you are looking for some good cows, be sure to attend
this sale.
9 HOGS—Bred gilt, O. I. C. 8 shoats, avg. 50 tbs.
SHEEP—15 Head Shropshire ewes.
12-20 J. I. Case Tractor, Model A Little Genius
International tractor plow, 14 in., good condition J. I.
Case corn planter, bean and fertilizer attachments, used
2 years 10 hoe Hoosier fertilizer grain drill 5 ft. Mc
Cormick mower International tractor disc corn binder
McCormick grain binder single row corn cultivator land
roller spike tooth harro.w wood harrow walking plow
riding plow International manure spreader low wheel
wagon set team harness Primrose No. 3 cream separator
International hay loader Oliver riding breaking plow
No. 6 Letz feed grinder John Deere two horse riding
cultivator ll/g H. P. gas engine pump jack.
Estate Heatrofa Globe cook stove Favorite hard
coal stove 2 couches? 2 diiring. room tables library table
buffet kitchen cabinet bureau settee rocking chairs
many other articles too numerous to mention.
NORA (Stuber) MILLER y
H. M. Thrapp, Clyde Warren, Auctioneers.
Albert Winkler, Clerk.
For we're only poor, weak mortals] Miss Harriett Balmer, daughter oi
Christmas time for two centuries. Ail| tor at the Meter works who is now
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Balmer, here
over the Christmas week end. The
timers will remember former Bluffton young woman, who
Bluffton cobbler in con-[handles advertising for Strawbridge
New Year’s eve—an oc-| & Clothier, one of Philadelphia s large
__ was ever dear to his| department stores, says that u.ercan
Living alone, the aged man tile establishments in that city are
nection with
casion that
heart. Living aiune, me ageu man wre .......---- ...
could not prepare the usual cookies] completely prepare^ to blackout their
and cakes for serenaders, so he sub-| display windows. Large frames over
stituted a large bowlful of nickels] which is stretched opaque cloth, may
from which the visitors helped them-| be fitted into the windows 1
selves. I moments’ notice.
Bluffton amateur astronomers-have] They’re really
been irked no end because continual I Wright field, the
cloudy weather at night has obscured! army air center
Venus which is now brilliant in the! Kenneth Jackson
sky, not to be seen so bright at I the week end.
of which reminds us that last summer] checking electrical instruments for|
when Jupiter and Saturn were put-| airplanes say^ they expect (to go
on al TVo
ting on an unusual celestial exhibit] seven day week schedule. FyOWI
the sky was hazy and overcast. I 1 u
Comes a Merry Christmas greeting] of from 103 to 105 degrees, he says.
from Don Nusbaum, on duty at the
Boston navy yard to his parents, Mr.| A
Colombia now reach a daily maximum
and Mrs. Jacob Nusbaum. Don was| a. Amstutz of the high school faculty] Java is a Dutch owned island in
until last summer on duty with the| gathered all the lettuce for Christmas]the East Indian Archipelago east of
Pacific fleet. dinner last Wednesday from the gar-| Sumatra and south of Borneo. Or
den at his home north of town. dinarily west bound boats from In-
If the Mid-west hasn’ttaken the| dia do not stop at Java but with the
idea of blackouts any too seriously,] when Lyle Cahill came from Cleve-| uncertain naval situation of the Far
that doesn’t apply to the east, says| ]and to spend Christmas with his par-| East the stop Was likely deemed ne
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cahill, he| cessary for the safety of the trip,
brought with his a turkey for the] Burkhalter stated.
family holiday dinner. The turkey.] Since the United States is at war
was part of a bonus distributed by with Japan any vessel with Amer
the Jack & Heintz recently establish-] ican passengers and commerce bound
brought with him a turkey for the for the United States would be a
ed war production which has obtained likely subject of destruction by Nip
wide notority because of its large] ponese commerce raiders.
Comes letter from Postmaster Ed.
a] of
1| North Main
street. She get a swell
Pa*r ice s^ates’ iust "bat she ab
fl| ways wanted for Christmas, and so
far she has not bean able to use them
I not
even once.
than visiting his uncle, Byron Filhart,| Bated
telegraph operator in Jenera. When-|
ever he can he helps his uncle in the
delivery of messages and doing odd
jobs around the office. He also helps
Foster Buckland at the A. C. & Y.
station whenever he can.
By dogged persistence, Elbert Kohli
ton of Mrs. Eva Kohli of West Elm|
Capitol building at Washington, D.
hunired wore able to get in.
Elbert, who with his brother Lyle.|
is employed in Baltimore, Md., tells]
us that the women of that city have]
taken over a considerable portion of
work once done only by men. In ad-1
Very practical and patriotic Christ
mas holidays gifts were received
by Mary Margaret and Malcom Ba
singer from their father, Dr. Evan
Basinger who presented his children
with defense bonds.
News office the o er ay.
You probably didn’t know it, but|
Those Texas gals take no chances] some of the oil which flows in tbe| Relatives ahd friends are a™0™*
and carry their shootin’ irons right] pipelines along the Nickel Plate right] ly awaiting word from i. an
With them-so says Miss Doris Diller, of way here is pumped in South Paul Wenger, missionaries from In
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Diller] America by Leonard Cuppies, son of] dia who are enroute o ni
of North Jackson street. Miss Diller,] Mr. and Mrs. W. A. CuppL-s of near] States on a l6at in the submarine
graduate nurse of Johns Hopkins hos-] Bluffton. Young Cuppies is in Col-] infested WaUrk of the eastern
pital in Baltimore is instnictor in a| ombia, South America operating Dies-]
Rod Cross training course in that| e] engines which supply power to| No word been received
city. Among those taking the course] pump crude oil into ocean going tank-] the VVengers since the three
is a pretty Texan who appeared with] ers which bring the crude to this] radiogram sent from Ja'’a
a six shooter in a holster strapped at] country for refining. Cuppies writes] message,
her side. Although she has now dis-11.
carded (the firearms while attending] Bluffton. .... 1
class, she carries it with her when out] Wauneta Bronson, daughter of Mr.] missionaries
in the city. and Fred Bronson. Temperatures in
It was andther green Christmas
this year—the second in two years,
The snow which should have been
here on Christmas day arrived a
at a few| we£k late and a neavy snowfall oh
Tuesday night gave every indication
of a white New Year’s day.
stepping on it at| Although weather turned cold
govemment's big er thi» week, temperatures have not
near Davton, says dr°PPed much d’dt,w the fre02mg
who was’here over P“"1 anV'ttme and youngsters
1 ■. Kennv, former inspec-l "'ho received Ice skates for ChnSt-
mas will probably be disappointed.
Word Received
that some of this oil is routed thru I was sent to the Mennomte mission
His wife was the former| board which hi turn informed the
son Laurence Burk
halter, a student at Bluffton college.
Christmas bonus. In addition to the| of this special concern has been felt
turkey, each of the plant’s 80 em-| here for the safety of the Wengers.
ployees received an 18-jewel wrist
watch in addition to cash bonuses
which averaged $30.
Reichenbach expressing thanks fori Residents are urged by the Bluff
the “Mail Early” campaign during the! ton Community Sportsmen’s club not
21 preholiday season. Stamp cancella-| to destroy their Christmas trees, it
tions reached a record volume, about! was announced this week by Silas
■S| 4,000 more than last year says the! Diller, president the organization.
1| postmaster. The trees Tnake excellent
fl I I game and flsfc s}1(.|ters and members
51 What
use is there in winter unless] of the club will utilize them in such
the creeks freeze over? So opines I a manner. Ati ingements will be
q| .Joan Buckland,
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Buckland of|
Another Green Christinas Is Added
To List As Warm Weather Prevails
Pfllll WetlUerS
'Comihg, Inform Relatives”,
Mrs. Wenger is a sister of Mrs.
Harvey Beidler of South Jackson
I street,
And speaking of warm weather, W.I Good, also of South Jackson street.
and a daughter of Mrs. A. R.
In view
Club Asks Residents
To Save Xmas Trees
13 year old daughter] made by the criibJto gather the trees
the near future, Diller said.
Alice Jean Bixel, daughter of Dr. I »-25 stags, J8.00.
and Mrs. Munson Bixel, likewise re- Calves, $14. 0 lambs, $11.25.
ceived a pair of skates from Santa! Grain (bu. pnces)-Wheat, $1.16
and also is among those hoping for ®™™. 63c soys, $1.60.
a good old fashioned freeze. NOt.ce or appointment
Wednesday Morning
Hogs—160 to 180, $10.90 180
220, $11.00 220 to 250, $10.70
fnlrIo 11 old son of Mr I Estate of Ma dalena Steiner Deceased
Don rntcnie, 11 jear oio son oi rar.i Jegge Su.It„ir oT Mt Cxjry Ohjo hM
and Mrs. Fred Fritchie, likes trains I
very much and enjoys nothing morel jate of
this 16th
dition to doing work yhe factories] Address—“Miscellaneous Topics’
many of the street cars and taxi cabs
are being manned, or should we say
wo-manned by females.
of J'.ugene Benroth who found a|
been appointed Qualified as ancillary ad-
ministrator of th» estate of Magdalena Steiner
^iien Co itj. Ohio, deceased.
3g Probate Judge
I Afternoon Session Led by Wayne Westall
Rev. Alvordan Althaus, the e*rget- TUESDAY, JANUARY 6TH, 1942
1C y-ouug pas-tor of the Central Church I Ladies Morning Session 9:30—12:00
of Christ, topped in to see us at the Wekome...............................................Leader Mrs Frank Montffomery
ator who used to win prizes in decla- TUESDAY, JANUARY 6TH, 1942
mation contests.
Men’s Morning Session 9:30—12:00
If you should see one of your elec-| Address—“'rhe Changing Order and the Farmer”. .Mr. Manahan
I trie light bulbs suddenly go on and off Discussion .................................................................. Forest G. Hall
I continuously it may be the practical] TUESDAY, JANUARY 6TH, 1912
I iuko
With The Sick
Birthday Surprise
Rea Cross Roll
Complete Program For Mt. Cory Farm
Institute Next Monday And Tuesday
MONDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 1942 with
street, gained entrance to the galler-1 Morning Session 9:30—12:00 Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mvers and
les of the house chambers in the
Devotionals.................................................. Rev. Paul Zimmerman famiiy and
C.| Remaiks ................................................................. President]
to hear Pres. Roosevelt announce his Address lU|ldmg Our Temple’ Mrs. Eickmeir] were week end guests of Mr. and
declaration of war against Japan. Address—‘ he Tragedy of an Unfinished Task”... Mr. Manahan Mrs. Joe Parker.
Thousands of people fought to gain! MONDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 1942 I Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and'
entrance to the room but only a few|
Afternoon Session 1:30
flash button that operates by placing] Address—“Can Science and Legislation Solve the Farm
it in the socket before screwing in|
Problem?” ............................................ Mr. Manahan
the bulb.
Reading ............................ Jo Ann Battles]
Stunts ................................................................
Address—“i-ome Things My Community Needs”. .Mrs. Eickmeir] Fivehouse in Lima.
Address—“ Trophies of School Life” Mr.
Evening Session 7:30
Address "D es the American Way Weigh Enough” Mr. Manahan
Junior Session of Institute
Devotionals Roberta Manges
Welcome Lehr Jay Reese
Response Evelyn Moyer
Address—‘ Trophies of School Life” Mr. Manahan
Address Rev. H. D. Camp
Manges, Marjorie Oberly, Jo Ann Battles, Carolyn Moyer
Address—“Stories of Grit” Mrs. Eickmeir
I Response Mrs. Fred Moyer
thaus, the son of Mrs. Jenme A) Addlress___”The Three T’s” Mrs. Eickmeir
of this place, graduated from Bluffton I
High sLoi in the eha of 1927 and
later attended Bluffton college befuro Ladies’ Afternoon Session 1:30
entering the seminary of his denomi-| Address—“Women’s Place in Her Community”... .Mrs. Eickmeir
nation. We well remember when Al-| Discussion:
vordan was an outstanding class or-|
Question Box*
Marimba Solo Janice Wagner
Men s Afternoon Session 1:30—3:00
Address—“Game Conservation”... .Lloyd Ohl, Co. Game Warden
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Marshall and
daughter Mary of this place, and
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Bassitt and
Mrs. Bert Watkins fractured both! son Bobby- of Bath Twp. were Wed
of her arms in a fall at her home! nesday- evening dinner guests of I By Robert Stratton
on Riley street last Wednesday. She! Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bassitt near! TROOP NO. 56
was taken to the Bluffton hospital.! Beaverdam.
Mrs. J. S, Schultz, who has been! Mrs. William Augi&urger "of Bluff-1 at the home of Raymond Schumach
convalescing at the Bluffton hospital! ton took dinner Wednesday evening] er' Wednesday- night and will take a
following a major operation, will be I with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert‘Marshall hike bn Friday.
taken to her home on South Lawn I and sons. I Gene Patterson, Paul Bixel and
avenue this Wednesday afternoon.! Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cupp and! Robert Ramseyer distributed honor
Her condition is reported as much! daughter Edythe and Mr. and Mrs.I ary membership cards to people in
improved. Delmer Smith and two children of|the community who have donated to
Roy- Lehman, residing north of I Avon Lake were entertained in the! the Scout movement,
town, who has been seriously ill of
Announcement was made this week ter Edythe, Mr. and Mrs. Delmer
of the marriage of Miss Catherine] Smith and children, of Avon Lake
Burrous, residing near Findlay, an| Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cupp and
office employe of the Triplett Elec-1 daughter Nancy Jane, of Pandora
trical Instrument Co. and Ralph] Miss Elnora Marshall, Mr. and Mrs.
Sherman of near Arcadia, which took] Herbert Marshall and sons Herbert,
place November 5 at Napoleon. They|Jr Raiph| Kenneth and Don and
will reside with the bridegroom s| Miss Rosamond Pugh, of Beaverdam,
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hummon and
three children of Bay City, Mich.,
were Saturday evening dinner guests
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen
To celebrate the birthday anni-| Mayberry.
versary of John Watkins, Mr. and| Mr. and Mrs. William Reichenbach
Mrs. Harold Beals and daughter] ani three children took Christmas
Peggy Joyce entertained on Christ-1 dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John L.
mas eve. Reichenbach near Pandora. The
The evening was spent playing] children remained to spend several
Chinese checkers and monopoly and| days with their grandparents.
at a late hour refreshments were] Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Kidd and
served. little daughter of Lima were dinner
Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. John] guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kidd
Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Got-| and family Christmas night,
Mrs. Ira Kimmel of Bluffton aqd Mrs. Orlo Marshall and daughter
Stanley Basinger, Mr. and| Christmas day guests of Mr. and
Dorsey Huber and daughter] Jean
of Lima. Bixel
Call Completedi
A total of $172.45 has been col-| shall and son Robert.
lected in the Orange township Red| Mr. Harley Van Meter and family
Cross roll call, it was announced] enjoyed their Christmas dinner in
Wednesday morning by Mrs. John! the country home of Mr. and Mrs.
Warren, township chairman. I Lloyd Van Meter near Pandora.
Results by districts is as follows: Those present wrere: Mr. Van Meter,
No. 1, Miss- Alma Shaller, $14.25 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Begg and sons
No. 2, east, Mrs. Grover Montgom-| of Rockport Mr. and Mrs. Loren
ery, $10.50 No. 2, wrest, Reno Gratz,| Van Meter and family, of Newark
$17.75 No. 3, Mr. and Mrs. Wade| Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Van Meter, of
Marshall, $31.60 No. 4, east, Mrs. Jefferson, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Harry Anderson, $10.00 No. 4,|van Meter, of Beaverdam. After
west, Jesse Anderson, $8.50.
No. 5, Miss Mildred W’ilch, $19.00 of Columbus Grove Mr.
No. 6, J. A. Gallant, $3.00 No. 7,| Maple, of Columbus Mr.
Mrs. Vergil Criblez, $14.60 No. 8,| Lawrrence Maple and two
Mrs. Paul Henry, $19.75 No. 9, Mrs.| South Bend, Ind., and Mr.
Henry Hilty, $13.50 Orange Town-| Louis Maple, of Chicago,
ship Farm Woman’s club, $10.00, Mr. and Mrs. George
4,1 Van Meter, of Beaverdam.
I noon callers were: Mr. Harry Maple,
and Mrs.
sons, of
and Mrs.
making a total of $172.45. The drive] members of the Westminster Choir!
started the latter part of November] at Princeton, N. J. Miss Eulalia
and continued until the present, Mrs.| Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Burry
Warren said. and son Tommy Lee, of Pandora,
and Miss Madeline Bixel, of Ritt
man, were Tuesday evening dinner
guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie May, and| E]. Hartman and daughter, Miss Mae
home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cuppl
rabbit fever is improving at his I jn Pandora last Wednesday evening.! lation services
home. I Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mayberry and! the town hall
Henry Arnold of Orange township I children Roger and Rose Leigh spent] flag ceremony
who suffered a fractured left hip Christmas day
has been rerpoved to
the Bluffton hospital,
is improved.
his home from] Bowers in Lima.
His condition,] Mr. and Mrs.
bach who live on —Kdlb-------
Fred Hahn of West Elm| ceived a fine basket’ of assorted]
street is convalescing at her home] citrus fruits from Mr. and Mrs.|
from an injury to her right knee Chris Amstutz of Eustis, Fla.
sustained in a fall at her residence] Members of ^he J. R. Marshall]
Friday. Her granddaughter ReJean famiIy held a Christmas dinner in
Hahn of Findlay, is taking care of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold]
with Mrs. Anna] Robert Oberly.
assisted in the
William Reichen
the farm, re-
Marshall daughter Rebecca and son!
John last Thursday. Those present!
were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Begg,I
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cupp and daugh-i
were: Dr. and Mrs. M. R.
and children Alice Jean, Buddy
Margery- of Bluffton Miss
Madeline Bixel, of Rittman
jltysle Cahill, of Cleveland Mr. andl
Mrs. W. E. Marshall and daughter
Mary and Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Mar-
F. C. Marshall and son Robert.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Lackey and
family and Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Freet
and daughter Ruth spent Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Freet.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund
Pankow and family of Mansfield
four daughters took supper Christ-
mas night with
Mr. and Mrs.
Morrison I Mrs. Hahn and son Harold and
Manahan I Miss Medley, of Youngstown Mrs.
I Frances
Augsburger and Mrs. Wm.
Augsburger were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Marshall and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Begg and
sons Jimmie and Dean spent Christ
mas day with Mr. and Mrs. F. R.
Kerst and family in Wapakoneta.
Mr. A. F. Fullerton spent several
days the past week in the home of
his grandson Mr. Connor Stewart.
Miss Lucille Russell, of Ada Mr.
and Mrs. Paul George, of Belmore
Mr. W. D. Keel and Mrs. Grace Cox,
of Bluffton, and Miss Madeline Bixel
were entertained at dinner Sunday
evening in the F. C. Marshall home.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Van Meter
of Jefferson took supper Friday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
THURSDAY, JAN. 1, 1942
Begg and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cahill and
daughter Mrs. Allen McCluer, Mrs.
recently left' for Florida] gtejnnian, of Bluffton spent Sunday
they will spend the winter.| evfcning in the Orlo Marshall home.
Boy Scout News
I The flying
eagle patrol will meet
Troop No. 56 attended the instal
of Troop No. 82 at
Monday night. The
was in charge of
Bill Amstutz, bugler,
We wish to thank the many friends
and neighbors for their aid and sym
pathy extended during the illness and
death of our beloved wife and mother
also Rev. Harsh who officiated at the
funeral, the singers and pallbearers
for their services and all those send
ing flowers.
Edward Painter and Family.
Melville D. Soash, M. D.
The Commercial Bank Bldg.
Bluffton, Ohio
Telephone 254-W*
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F, Bluffton, O.
D. C. BIXEL, 0. D.
Citizens Bank Bldg.. Bluffton
Eyes Exmined Without Drops
Office Hours: 8:30 A. M.—5:30 P. M.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Every Load Insured
Bluffton. Ohio
Station WLOK
Every Wednesday at
7 p. m.
"Fun With Music"
The Tune Detective
Sponsored by
lender’s Music Store
Everything in Music
302 N. Main St. Lima, Ohio
Horses $4.00 Cows $2.00
Small Stock removed free of charge.
Quick Service
Telephone Findlay, MAIN 475, Reverse Charges
Lower’s Prescription
Bronchitis, Asthma, severe
Coughs and Colds
Especially wonderful for that
cough that causes worry.
Don’t delay. Sold by A.
Hauenstein & Son
Manufactured by C. Lower,
Chemist, Marion. Ohio.
"Branch, FoMoria Animal Products, Inc.”
Residents of Allen County
may purchase dog tags for
the year 1942 at Com
munity Market in Bluff
ton, Ohio.
Male Dog $1.00
Female Dog $3.00
No Fee for Registration
Floyd B. Griffin
Auditor Allen County

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