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Corrections Based on Mathe
matical and Astronomical
Bluffton Merchants and Dealers
Distribute Hundreds of
Present Calendar Based On Reforms
Made By Roman Ruler Julius Caesar
With merchants and dealers here
distributing hundreds of calendars to
the citizens of the community, very
few people are aware of the intense
amount of effort over many years
time, expended in the perfection
this commonly accepted standard
Every Protestant and Roman Ca
tholic nation now accepts what is
known as the Gregorian calendar.
Japan just recently followed suit but
there are some countries still using
other types of calendars.
The Greek church and the Soviet
union adhere to the Julian calendar.
The Jews, Mohammedans and Chin
ese each have a
different calendar.
how the calendar
necessary to have
to be it is
astronomical and geographical
the earth revolves on its own axis,
giving us periods of light and dark
ness, and also travels around the
sun, giving us the seasons of the
It is common knowledge that
From the earliest times men have
made use of both these series of
changes as a means of reckoning
time, and had there been a simple
numerical relation between them
there never would have been any
difficulty in preparing the calendar.
Unfortunately the number of revo
lutions which the earth makes when
it goes once around the sun instead
of being a
tion. The
sun in 365
utes and,
guesses were made as to the proper
length of the year, and calendars
were drawn up in accordance with
whole number is a frac
earth goes around the
days, five hours, 48 min
46 seconds. At first
primeval system of reckoning
was based on the moon’s
changes, as is shown in our word
“month”. By the ruling of the moon,
months were reckoned with either 29
or 30 days. Soon the recurrence of
the seasons suggested the year. The
biggest difficulty seemed to be in
fitting the right number of days in
to a month and the right number of
months into a year.
Conditions were quite confused
when Julius Caesar took office in
Rome. Having dictatorial powers he
undertook a permanent reform of the
calendar. He consulted with Soi-
genes, an Egyptian astronomer. Bas
ing his calculations on a year of 365
days he found that his calendar was
not taking into consideration the loss
of a quarter of a day each year. So
he put in an extra day every fourth
year which today is known as Leap
Gregorian Reforms
Even so there was an error of 11
minutes which seems to be a very
small difference but after several
hundred years it amounted to ten
days, so that the lunar year was
now too long. In 1582 Pope Gregory
ordered that ten days should be left
out in that year. In order to pre
vent this mistake from occurring
again it was arranged that in the
years ending in 00 such as 1700,
1800, 1900, 2000 there should not be
leap years if they occur on the
fourth year.
Pope Gregory’s correction gives an
average year 26 seconds longer than
the true year. These odd seconds
will amount to a whole day in 3323
years and it has been proposed to
allow for this error by providing
that the year 4000 and all its multi
ples shall be common years.
Geologists have been pointing out
that in time the friction of the tides
will retard the rotation of the earth
which ultimately will make further
adjustments necessary. But in the
meantime people in Bluffton can be
assured that in their life spans the
Gregorian calendar in its present
form will remain sufficiently accu
rate for all general purposes.
35 Per Cent Cut
In Gasoline
eqw:rrice HIGH QUALITY
South Main Street & Bentley Road, Bluffton, Ohio
Phone 455-Y for Tank Truck deliveries.
Third Grade (CHEAP) Gasolene is NOT sold at—
Civilian gasoline consumption in
the United States for 1942 is expect
ed to be reduced by as much as 35
per cent because of restrictions mak
ing it impossible for the ordinary
motorist to obtain new tires or in
ner tubes for his car, or to purchase
a new vehicle.
Petroleum experts believe the reg
ulations will result in limited use of
automobiles in order to preserve the
present rubber, and gasoline con
sumption accordingly will be sharply
The rubber conservation program
likely will cut gasoline consumption
to such an extent that rationing of
motor fuel may not be needed, in the
event war effort ties up extensive
transportation facilities
distribute 7,200,000,000
gasoline annually in the
Blue cover, imprinted in silver—daily expense space for a
whole year. Keep accurate account for income tax
Given away with the purchase of six gallons of either—
Taxes on Ohio farm land per $100
of valuation averaged 70 cents in the
decade 1910-19, they averaged $1.50
in the decade 1929-29, and the
average was $1.39 in the ten years
Robert Elliott, bril!'ant 20-year-old
American born violinist, who will ap
pear as the second num’'er of the
Bluffton college concert series to be
held at the college chapel Thursday
night at 8:30 o’clock.
Undergrads Sought
By Army And Navy
Plans to enlist under-graduate col
lege students for service following
graduation have been announced by
the Army and the Navy.
Both service branches are planning
to enlist men
course while the
enroll men for
month program,
a requirement.
taking a medical
navy is striving to
its 2,500 pilots-a
College training is
enrolling college
The navy is
sophomores, juniors and seniors and
will pay their transportation from
any recruiting station to the nearest
cadet selection board. Allen county
men probably will be sent to Detroit.
Under the rules, college sopho
mores will be enlisted by the cadet
selection board providing they have
every reasonable expectation
pleting a two-year college
ment for naval aviation,
lowing enlistment, they fail
plete the prescribed educational re
quirement, they will be transferred
to another class in the naval reserve.
of com
If, fol
to com-
Candidates for pilot training are
chosen from applicants between the
ages of 20 and 27 years, who are
unmarried and in good health. They
must complete two years of college
work before starting the 10-month
pilot training program. Upon com
pletion of training, aviation cadets
are commissioned ensigns in
naval reserve.
valuable pres
boards in the
entitled “The
This booklet, prepared by the War
department, is designed to assist the
selectee in adapting himself to mili
tary life.
National selective service head
quarters is sending supplies of the
booklet to all state headquarters for
distribution by local boards to their
Six inches by nine inches in di
mensions, with an attractive cover
showing America’s soldiers on the
march, the booklet contains only 14
pages, but in it is packed a wealth
of information for the “rookie”
soldier, as the subtitles indicate.
They are:
“In the American Spirit” “What
the Army Expects of You and What
the Army Offers You” “Teamwork
Is Essential” “Military Courtesy”
“Your Health and Equipment Must
Be Well Cared For” “Good Food—
and Plenty of It” “The Chaplain
Is the Friend of Every Soldier”
“Promotion Rewards Duty Well
Done” “The Induction Station”
ily Is Kept Informed of Your Prog
Reception Center” “Classifi
and Assignment” “Your Fam-
“The Replacemeent Training
Mt. Cory Man Retires
After Long Service
After completing a quarter-century
of service as clerk and manager of
the board of public affairs of Mt.
Cory, E. H. Smith retired from that
position the first of the year.
News of his regisnation brought
forth expressions of regret from Mt.
Cory residents, who voiced apprecia
tion of his long term of faithful
High Quality
West Virginia
See me before placing your
R. E. Trippiehorn
Phone 161-W
Draftees To Get
Booklet On Army
Allen county registrants selected
for inductions into the army in the
future will receive a
ent from their local
form of a booklet
Army and You”.
Commemorating the anniversary of
three different occasions when Christ
manifested his glory, the Epiphany,
the 12th day after Christmas, is cel
ebrated by various religious bodies
in this country on Tuesday. The
observance in England is known as
Twelfth Night.
The three different occasions when
a special manifestation of the glory
of Christ appeared were: (1) in his
adoration in the manger by the three
Wise Men from the East, or Magi
(2) in his baptism, when a voice
from heaven proclaimed him the Son
of God (3) in the marriage at
Cana, when he began his miracles
by changing water into wine.
Eastern Origin
The word Epiphany, being Greek,
established the fact that this festival
is of Eastern origin, and in the
Greek church it has always been
held the most important next to
Easter. The first mention of it oc
curs in the year 200 in the writings
of Clement of Alexandria.
In Italy and in Russia children
celebrate the arrival of the equiva
lent of our Santa Claus on the
Epiphany and on Tuesday night mil-
Although carolers made their
rounds as usual and customary ob
servances of the new year were held,
there was a mingling of emotions on
midnight Thursday as the clocks an
nounced to the residents of Bluffton
and community that the old year of
1941 was replaced by the new year
of 1942.
Through all of the gaiety, singing
and celebrations there was an under
tone of seriousness born of tensity—
the nervous reaction of the man who
would hide his real emotion under
a mask of forced merriment.
Parties and entertainments of var
ious kinds were reported some
marked by boisterous laughter and
others by quiet waiting. Still other
groups marked the observance with
their heads bowed in prayer.
No doubt this was a sincere wish
Reflecting the general prosperity
of the community in the year 1941,
money order business has increased
better than 35 per cent during the
past year, it was announced the first
of the week by postal officials
Reason for this was due likely to
the continued expansion of Bluffton’s
industrial and business programs
during the past 12 months and the
easy accessibility of the year-old
post office building, it was stated.
Being located on the much travel
led Dixie highway, some of the in
creased portion of money order busi
ness has come from transients. Many
truck drivers on routes thru town
stop at the post office regularly with
money orders to send.
War Injects Serious Note In New
Year’s Celebrations In Bluffton
Bluffton residents in many parts
of the community greeted friends
with a shout of “Happy New Year!”
at parties, in churches, in homes, on
the streets.
Money Order Business At Post
^Office One-third More In 1941
Increased Cancellations
Also reflecting the growing pros
perity of the community is the in
creased number of postal cancella
tions during the Christmas season
over the figures of 1940. Final
checkup has shown 3,741 cancella
tions more than 1940 the figure of
46,328 from December 16 to 25 in
clusive, it was pointed out by Post
master Ed. R. Reichenbach.
Comparative figures for stamp
sales during the month of December
are as follows: 1% cent stamps,
40,400 in 1940 and 45,100 in 1941
2 cent stamps, 34,000 in 1940 and
26,000 in 1941 3 cent stamps, 26,
200 in 1940 and 21,400 in 1941.
The figure of 45,100 stamps of the
1% cent denomination sold during
December constitutes a new local
record, it was stated by Ralph
Stearns, assistant postmaster. This
means that more greeting cards were
sent out than ever before, it was
Defense Bonds
the rush of seasonal busi
the post office came the sale
ness at
of defense bonds and stamps which
caused an unusual accumulation of
activity. Since the United States
has entered the war the sale of de
fense bonds and stampc has in
creased better than 300 per cent, it
was stated.
Receipts from the sale, of stamps
during the past year by quarters
was as follows: 1st quarter, $7,
232.63 2nd quarter, $7,209.54 3rd
quarter, $5,954.22 4th quarter, $6,
916.82, making a total of $27,313.31.
The past year started out with every
prospect of a record breaking total
amount of business in prospect but
with defense work starting at local
manufacturing plants during the
past quarter a slight decrease of
$84.70 was shown in the 1941 total
as compared with the 1940 volume
of business.
Especially noticeable was the al-
Religious Bodies Observe Epiphany Handling Of Birth Certificates
Tuesday In Sacred Commemoration Is Big Job For Probate Court
lions of children in these countries! During the past year, 5,800 re
hung their clothes with empty pock I quests for birth certificates were
ets around the hearth. If they have! handled by the Allen county pro
been good, their Santa fids the pttk I bate cmirt. th* issuance of such
ets with confectionery and othet papH became a "major matter in
presents and if they have been badlcoint pivdui
they get charcoal and birch .i I 1'ropcr forms sent to applicants to
but underneath it all was the grim
reality of a modern war with de
termined adversaries as enemies and
the realization that the country
facing one of the greatest crises
Lima Mission Has
Busy Year In 1941
Clothing also is distributed to the!
needy by the mission, food is sent!
to homes of indigent, and religious!
services include church meetings and!
Bible schools for children and adults. I
Supt. Welty is a former resident!
of the Settlement, west of Bluffton.!
The number of poultry kept on the
farms decreased in 82 Ohio counties
during the decade 1930-39. The six
counties in which there was an in
crease are Scioto, Holmes, Wayne,
Summit, Cuyahoga, and Trumbull.
Largest percentages of decrease oc
curred in Wood, Pickaway, Erie, Lick
ing, Sandusky, Ottawa, Greene, and
Clinton counties.
^June. in
Station WLOK
Every Wednesday at
7 p. m.
"Fun With Music"
The Tune Detective
Sponsored by
lender’s Music Store
Everything in Music
302 N. Main St. Lima, Ohio
I be ftlbsl out W*t* completed by
In France, Belgium and Holland! than 2,000 of those who had
processions of children tramp thru! application.
the streets bearing a large paper! Prior to 1908, birth records
star illuminated from within by al compiled by assessors for each dis
candle. On the eve of the Epiphany! trict who made calls to each home
in Spain the children leave their! in the area ho covered to obtain per
shoes and boots out in some conven-1 sonal property returns. At the same
ient spot near the chimney and in time the assessors listed any child
the morning they find
with gifts.
them laden! ren who had been born in the in
I terim.
memory of! All such records were made in
games and| longhand and consequently the writ-
England observes the
the Magi’s offerings by
celebrations. The British sovereign I ing was not legible,
makes gifts of gold, frankincense) court books in which records are
and myrrh
St. James.
in the Chapel Royal at I written for that period.
I Data in many cases is incomplete,
the celebration is not as I and in some instances males are
this country as in the| listed as females and vice versa.
common in
continent of Europe, an examination! Judge Raymond P. Smith said also
of many of the calendars being dis-1 that much of the early spelling was
tributed here show the date of Jan-1 phonetic, and he cited an instance
uary 6 to be marked as the Epi-|
phany, which numerous religious
groups continue to observe.
Mothers murmured prayers for the 80n. not livinK with husband or wife,
safety of their sons who are getting and havin« a ^ross income of $750
ready to face the guns of the coun- or ««»l “d married persons living
try’s enemies. Evening conversations I with husband or wife, who have an
time after time drifted to matters aK«regate gross income of $1,500 or
of war and of the contrasting phil-1 more*
osophies of the democracies and When Must Retu^s Be Filed?
totalitarian regimes. For the calendar year 1941, on or
A new note of patriotism was in-1 ^e^ore March 16, 1942. For the fis
jected into the celebrations this year| ca^ Year» on or before the 15th day
by the war. Radio music played as of the third month Allowing the
the midnight bells tolled was largely I c^ose °f ^he fiscal year.
patriotic which helped create a sensei Where
Neithcr arc the
What You Should
Know About the
Income Tax
Editor’s Note: Presented this
week is the first of a series of
articles relative to the federal
income tax which this year will
effect many more persons than
ever before. The articles are
from the Federal Bureau, of in
ternal revenue and published by
of the Bluffton News as a public
A certain seriousness and lack
usual revelry was apparent at most
gatherings and especially those where.
sons or brothers of those present! Who Must File A Return? Every
were in the armed forces of Uncle sin^le Person havin* a *ross incom«
Sam’s army of $750 or moreJ every married per-
and with
of loyalty and devotion to the ideals! Income Tax Returns Be Filed? In
of the founders of the country. the internal revenue district in which
the person lives or has his chief
place of business, and with the col
lector of internal revenue.
most complete cessation of the mail-Ith6 incomc blanks’ Form 1040
Ing of circulars by plants engaged and Form 1040A oPtional simpli
in defense production. This was|®e^d form)
augmented by the loss of the book I What Is
With adjustments to normal rou-1 pendents, interest on obligations of
tine being made following the con-1 the United States and its instru
clusion of the unusually busy holiday I mentalities and earned income credit)
season just passed, regular schedules! in the computation of the normal tax
of delivery and work are again be-| net income and a graduated surtax
ing maintained. I on the amount of net income in ex-
A busy year of service was ren-|
dered during 1941 by the Lima City I
Mission, according to reports re-1
leased last week by Adam D. Welty,!
superintendent and founder of the!
institution. I
Free meals numbering 14,714 were I
provided during the year, and 4,5221
transients received free overnight!
lodging. In the month of December,!
1,076 meals were served and 2811
were lodged overnight. I
Whom Must
How Does One Make Out His
Income Tax Return? By following
the detailed instructions given on
parcel post business caused when the I al tax of 4 per cent on the amount
College Book Exchange moved its I of the net income in excess of the
offices from Bluffton to Toledo dur-1 allowable credits against net income
ing the latter part df November. I (personal exemption, credits for de-
Tax Rate? A norm­
We’re speaking
THURSDAY, JAN. 8, 1942
in which Horace was spelled “Hor
Beginning in 1909, a new state law
required doctors or midwives who de
livered babies to report the births to
the officials in designated districts,
such as municipalities and townships.
From the local district records in
turn were transmitted to the pro
bate court.
Many doctors and midwives did
not approve of the requirement, and
consequently records from 1908 to
1920 are incomplete.
After 1920, however, penalties were
imposed by law for failure of the
doctor or midwife to report the
births, and records since that time
are complete.
Possession of
gan to assume
persons when
Europe in 1939.
birth certificates be
importance to many
the war started in
Corrections and new registrations
also are handled by the probate
court, with standard fees set by the
state legislature as follows for the
service: Corrections, $2 registra
tions, $3.
cess of the allowable credits (per
sonal exemption and credit for
pendents) against net income in
computation of the surtax net
Mt. Cory Man Is
In Marine Corps
Wendell P. Wagner, son of Mr.
and Mrs. S. P. Wagner, of Mt. Cory
Route 1, has enlisted in the U. S.
Marine Corps, it was announced last
week by the Lima recruiting office.
He has been sent to Cleveland for
final physical examinations, and if
he successfully passes he will be
transferred to the Marine barracks,
Parris Island, South Carolina, for
basic training.
luff ton Man Is
Naval Air Cadet
Harold Ray Wilson, son of Mr.
and Mrs. George B. Wilson, of Bluff
ton Rural Route 2, has entered the
U. S. Naval Air Station at Corpus
Christi, Texas, as a flying cadet.
Prior to his enlistment, Wilson
served as a construction engineer for
Charles C. Danner in Lima. He re
ceived R. O. T. C. military exper
ience at Purdue university.
Lime makes legumes, legumes make
milk, milk makes health, health
makes happiness.
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Farm Bureau Insurance provides
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answer to the problem of the woman who is
trying to stretch the family budget to include
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Bluffton, Ohio
to a perplexed lady

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