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Birthday Anniversary of First
American President to be
Observed Sunday
George Washington Preferred Farming
To Perplexities Of Public Service
Career Always
to Settle Down at
Vernon Estate
United States engaged
With the
in all out military action in World
War Number Two, attention is fo
cused on George Washington, whose
birthday anniversary we will cele
brate Sunday, not only as the father
of our country but as a military
genius of first order.
Even from the period of his earl
iest boyhood George was known for
his insistence on precision. His fam
ily encouraged him to take up sur
veying, an activity that appealed
very much to the young man.
Boundaries, angles, plots, calculations
all were entered with formality and
exactness in George’s books.
At the age of 15 he had a consum
ing ambition to enter a life at sea.
Many a time he was seen to cast
longing eyes at the ships w’hich
sailed up and down the Rappahan
nock. His mother did not sympa
thize with this ambition and pre
vailed on her brother to write George
and tell him of some of the hard
ships with that type of work.
His mother’s tears, reinforced by
the cold hard judgment of his uncle,
put an end to George’s dream of
glory to be gained from a life at
Prevented from realizing this am
bition George went to work in earn
est in his chosen field of surveying.
After several years of this
the young man began to feel
the profession did not provide
cient outlet for his boundless
gies and aspirations.
idle interval found him at Mount
Vernon, he took up the study of the
military profession.
Whenever an
Enters Military Service
At this period of his life it became
evident that Virginia was iikely to
be plunged into the war between the
English and the French. The col-
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton. O.
ony was therefore divided into four
districts. An officer, called an ad
juctant general, was appointed for
each district. Young Washington
was given the appointment of super
vising officer of one of the districts.
He was given the rank of major
with a salary of 150 pounds a year.
Washington served his country fori Fafon residence.
five years in these frontier struggles! ^is father, Morton Wooldridge,
at the end of which he was given! was section foreman of the old Lake
the rank of colonel. When the peace! Frje & Western, now the Nickel
of the frontier was assured Wash-1 pjate .raiiroad and taught the fine
ington retired to private life. I points of the work to the late Her-
rivers in the world—a river well
News Want-ads bring results.
Greatest Musical Comedy Ever Staged
in Bluffton
Tuesday and Wednesday,
February 24 and 25
High School Auditorium—8:17 P.
See Outstanding Local Talent in Action
10 Principals 24 Chorus Girls
Sponsored by Bluffton Lions Club—Benefit of Red Cross
and for Defense Bonds
Adm.—Adults 10c children 20c tax included.
you like to ski and skate and toboggan, the
A snow country of Northern Michigan’s the place
for you—and Greyhound’s the way to get there
in greater comfort for less money. For full infor
mation get Greyhound’s Winter Sports Folder!
Mackinaw City $14.50
Petoskey __ 14.25
Saginaw $ 7.35
Sault Ste. Marie 16.50
Pine Restaurant
140 N. Main St. Phone
Activities in Bluffton of more than
a half century ago were recalled
when William Wooldridge, of Long
Beach, Calif., visited in town Friday
time since he left
in 1886. His first
turn of the century
guest at the Judge
for the second
the community
visit was at the
when he was a
He was married to Mrs. Martha! man Wittkosfki. later Herman De
Custis on Jan. 6, 1759. Both being! Witt, who succeeded Wooldridge as
of aristocratic lineage and the groom I foreman of the section crew when
now a famous military leader, thel family moved west,
wedding was one of the outstanding! William Wooldridge together with
social events of the colony. I }jjg brothers John and George at-
MT. Vernon I tended the Bluffton schools from
.1 1880 to 1885. John met an untimely
He took his bride to his fash’on'l death xvhile serving as station agent
able estate at Mt. Vernon whlchI at Stevensville, Montana, and George
Washington himself describes as sit-1 jn San Francisco in i895. Wil
uated in “a high, healthy country !_______________ _______________
in a latitude between the extremes of I TT _____ i
heat and cold, on one of the finest
stocked with various kinds of fish at I ____
all seasons of the year, and in the! The following description of the
spring with shad, herring, bass, carp,! funeral of George Washington is
sturgeon, etc., in abundance. The! uken from the ulster County Ga
borders of the estate are washed by I zette pubiished at Kingston, N. Y.,
more than ten miles of tide-water.”! at the time of his death. The ac-
The facts of his life fiom this! is sent to the Bluffton News
point on are known to every person! by Mrs Frick of Cherry
who has studied American history: I street
How the colonies became aroused! George Town, Dec. 20, 1799
over the misdeeds of the English On Wednesday last, the mortal
how Congress voted to raise an armylpart of WASHINGTON the Great—
for the defense of American liberty the Fatker of his Country and the
how George Washington, the colonial! Frjend of man, was consigned to the
colonel was named commander-in-l tomb with solemn honors and fun
chief of all the continental forces. I eraj pOmp.
Following the Declaration of Inde-I from many miles around, at Mt.
pendence by Congress in 1776 Wash-1 Vernon, the choice abode and last
ington made all preparations for the| residence of the illustrious chief,
struggle with Britain, the American
Revolutionary War. Faced with in
surmountable difficulties he showed! Judicium”—about the middle of
his a' ganization ability and military! coffin, “Gloria
genius in directing the long weary! ver plate,
campaign to a successful conclusion.! GENERAL
He was given tremendous ovationsl GEORGE WASHINGTON,
after the achievement of victory and! Departed this life, on the 14th Dec.,
a grateful country elevated him to! 1799, /bit, 68.
the presidency in April of 1789.1 Between three
After two strenuous terms he retire
from public service in the spring
1797 and settled down on his belove
farm at Mt. Vernon to enjoy i
beauties and to relax from the anxi
ties of political life.
the cor
the soul into
son of glory
Bluffton Schoolboy Of 1880’s Returns
To Town Friday For Visit With Friends
Narrative Of runeral\
Of George Washington}
England I A multitude of persons assembled
On the ornament at the head of
the coffin, was inscribed “Surge
Between three and four o’clock,
e sound of artillery from a vessel
r, firing minute guns,
sh our solem sorrov
vas removed—a band
mournful melody mel
the tenderne:
The procession
moved on in the
Cavalry, Infantry, Guard, (With
arms reversed), Music, Clergy, The
General’s horse with his saddle, hol
sters and pistols.
following order:
Pall Bearer’s—Cols. Simms, Ram
say, Payne, Gilpin, Marsteller, Little.
Mourners, Masonic Brethren, Citi
When the procession had arrived
I at the bottom of the elevated lawn,
I on the bank of the Potomac, where
I the family vault is placed, the cav
I airy halted, the infantry marched
I toward the Mount and formed their
I lines—the clergy, the Masonic Bro
I thers, and the Citizens, descend to
I the
I the
I ing
I the
I from the woods and hills around.
I Three general discharges by the
I infantry—the cavalry, and 11 pieces
I of artillery, which lined the banks
I of the Potomac back of the Vault,
I paid the last tribute
I Command
I of the
I parted
I The
vault, and the funeral service of
church was performed—The fir
was repeated from the vessel in
river, and the sounds echoed
United States
sun was now
was set forever.
No—the name of WASHINGTON—
the American President and Gen
eral—will triumph over Death! The
unclouded brightness of his Glory
will illuminate the future ages!
A Practical Innovation
A practical innovation displayed
recently was a holder for French
phones which leave a secretary’s
hands free to take dictation.
TF you’d rather take a trip to the sun it’s time
you were off to Florida and a healthy tan!
Greyhound’s low fares are only 1/3 the cost of
driving—and think of the saving on your car and
tires. Ask for folder, “Florida Travelogue”-
Jacksonville $21.45
St. Petersburg 27.00
liam is the only mer
ily living, the mothi
away at William’s 1
Montana in 1915,
Troop 82
Scouting is one of the few organi
zations in the United States of Amer
ica to be granted a charter by Cong
ress. To show how seriously the
work of scouting is considered by our
government, the gigantic task of sal
vaging waste materials for defense
work has been in one portion turned
over to The Boy Scouts of America.
The Scouts task is principaly that of
salvaging wraste paper in this chore
the 2,000,000 and more Scouts of
America are more than doing their
part. Hundreds of thousands of (tons
of this vital defense material is stead
ily being turned back to the mills for
redemption, larg
forts of the boy
on the
Many to
.... 24.75
?er of the fam
having passed
me in Chinook,
engaged as radio
going freighters
Francisco going
ts of the world,
ears he has been
William has been
operator in ocean
sailing out of San
to most of the por
For the past two y
radio man for the
plying the Gulf of Mexico and East
ern Atlantic ports.
Luckenbach line
At the request of his family he
is retiring from seafaring activity
and is returning to Long Beach
where he will operate a small orange
Although most of his classmates in
the old Bluffton school have scattered
to the far corners of the country,
Wooldridge found several of his
friends of a
whom many
changed in
visit here.
half century ago with
reminiscences were ex
his Friday afternoon
Boy Scout Notes
ly through the ef
icouts in urging the
lited States to con-
of the U
Scouts of
left out of
Bluffton are by no
the national picture,
iperating in nation
ig the homes
•Muffton these
ry two weeks
ilar intervals
luch labor in
by schedule,
minimized to
Our boys are cooper
wide plans of canva
at regular intervals,
homes are canvassed eve
by Troop 82 and at sin
by troop 56. There is n
volved in collecting pape
but by a system ’.his is
a great extent.
i s of troop 82 and
roop 56 each have a
vn in which they do
As a result house
to know these boys
jer for them. At
The four patr
those patrols of
district of the
their collecting,
wives are learniig
and save the pa]
present in the Presbyterian Church
basement there is at least a ton and
a half of paper bundled and ready
for the dealer who will come Wednes
day afternoon to haul it away. This
amount of paper has been gathered
by Troop 82 in about four Saturday
afternoons of collecting.
At the Monday night meeting in the
church basement the troop was pleas
antly surprized by a visit from Rev.
Charles Armentrout of Indianapolis,
Ind., and his brother, Rev. Chester
Armentrout of Columbus Grove. The
troop owes its existance largely to
the iniative of the former. Ralph
Stearns, chairman of committeemen
controlling troop 82, and Quinten
Burkholder were also present. Others
visitors were Harold Kohli, Ray Lee
Wilch and Dick Newland.
e for books to be turned
toys in army camps, the
i hand 24 volumes to be
is growing and applica­
In the drive
over to the
trooup has on
turned in to tthe
to the entomed
of the
and to
the de­
in Chief
The troop i
tions from three boys for membership
was received at the meeting. These
boys are Maynard Pogue, Ronald
Root and R.
Maynard Pogue,
lay Crouse,
sts were passed the past
Knife and 1Hatchet.
Nonnamaker—Thrift, and
John Brai?y—Safety
David Stsarns—Safety.
Harold Gtr
Don Fritc
iform to co
Scout and
class work.
and Trift.
Knife and Hatchet.
hie—Flag, Badge and Un
mplete his tenderfoot re
and is now a full fledged
ualified to start on second
Those Pa!
ering of pa]
tests as a
flags. Two
leader is
Wolf, leade
ceived the
ro’s assisting in the gath
er on scheduled days, and
at least 10 second class
?roup were given patrol
atrols—Black Bear, their
ivid Frick, and Howling
David Stearns each re
el and white pennant with
the insignia of their patrol on the
Troop 82 as a good turn for the
American Legion, their sponsoring
organization, agreed unaminously to
e’ean up the store room at Legion
hall this to be done before next meet
Red and white numerals are avail
able for all scouts in the troop hav
ing completed their tenderfoot work
and started on their second class tests.
The following scouts are scheduled
for tests at the home of Eugene Ben
roth, Assistant Scoutmaster, on Wed
Dick Rockey—Knife and Hatchet,
5:30 P. M.
Keith Kirkland—Knife and Hatchet,
5:00 P. M.
David Stearns and Harry Burkhold
er—Signalling, 4:15 P. M.
Tests for Thursday:
Harold Core—Safety, 6:45 P. M.
Dick Rockey—Safety and Compass,
:30 P. M.
Francis Kohli—Knife and Hatchet,
:00 P. M.
Seventeen Scouts and eligibles were
present at the Monday night meeting.
Boy Scout Notes
Troop 56
By Robert Stratton
Merit badges passed during
last week: Maurice Kohi, Zoology,
reading, pubic health Robert Strat
ton, reading Chas. Trippiehorn, Zo
ology Robert Obery, Chemistry.
Passed swimming for athletics at
Lima Y. M. C. A. Saturday—Maurice
Kohli, Dean Niswander, Chas. Trip
Troop 56 will gather newspapers and
magazines this coming Saturday with
patrol leaders Robert Oberly, Otto
Klassen, Harry Minck and Chas.
Tripplehom in charge.
Malcolm Basinger was taken into
Trooop 56 with a candlelight tender
foot investiture Monday and was giv
en a tenderfoot badge. Malcolm came
to the meeting wearing his new uni
Robert Stratton was in charge of a
fire drill at the meeting Monday night
to pass the firemanship merit badge.
All of the boys were out of the church
in 20 seconds.
Troop 56 is forming an emergency
service corps which is an intensifica
tion of the Boy Scouts service pro
gram. It is composed of First Class
scouts 15 years of age or older who,
having met certain merit badge re
quirements, can also meet certain
minimum standards of physical abil
ity and scout training essential for
special kinds of service.
Indvidual scouts may qualify as
corps members. Applicants must be
in good physical condition and be able
to run one mile in eight and one half
minutes, climb an 18 foot rope hand
over hand in 15 seconds and
following knots correctly:
two half hitches, taunt line
bowline on the bight, sheet
clove hitch, bowline, catspaw
blackwall hitch. He must also
the following merit badges:
Aid, Pioneering, Personal
Firemanship, Public Health, Safety,
Life Savng and Rowing.
The following boys have passed the
following tests:
Robert Oberly—mile, knots, first
aid, personal health, public health,
safety, life -saving.
John Schmidt—knot
sonal health, public he
aid, par
ity, life
Bill Amstutz—mile, knots, first aid,
pioneering, personal health, public
health, safety.
Richard Oberly—mile, knots, first
aid, pioneering, public health, person
al health.
What You Should
Know About the
Income Tax
In the event of failure to make
and file an income tax return as re
quired by law within the prescribed
time, a certain per cent of the
amount of the tax is required to be
added to the tax unless failure to
file the return within the prescribed
time is shown to the satisfaction of
the Commissioner to be due to reas
onable cause and not to willful neg
The amount to be added to the tax
is 5 per cent if the failure is foi'
more than thirty days, with an addi
tional 5 per cent for each additional
thirty days or fraction thereof dur
ing which failure to file a return
continues, not to exceed 25 per cent
in the aggregate.
A taxpayer who files a tardy re
turn and wishes to avoid the addi
tion to the tax for delinquency must
make an affirmative showing of all
facts, alleged as a reasonable cause
for failure to file the return on time,
in the form of an affidavit which
should be attached to the return.
Alleged ignorance of the
not constitute reasonable
law does
cause for
every ef-
Taxpayers should make
fort to file their returns within the
time prescribed by law and thus
avoid the possibility of the additions
to the tax for delinquency in filing
Do not forget that single persons
or married persons not living with
husband or wife, who earn as much
as $14.43 a week for the 52 weeks
of the year, and married persons liv
ing together who have aggregate
earnings of as much as $28.85 a
week for the year, are required to
file returns.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Provides insurance protection in
the following fields:
Auto, Fire, Life, Travel Ac
cident, General Liability, Group
Accident, Health, Hospitalization
and Surgical Benefits.
See us for coverages and rates.
Paul E. Whitmer, Agent
245 W. Grove St.—Phone 850-W
Bluffton, Ohio
More Than 250 Books Collected
Here In Victory Book Campaign
have been
the Victory
the soldier
More than 250 books
collected in Bluffton for
Book campaign to give
boys adequate reading materials, it
was announced the first of the week
by Miss Ocie Anderson, librarian.
Members of the two Boy Scout
troops have been collecting
and will continue to do so
need arises. Residents of
areas together with those
been missed in the solicitations have
been urged to give books in the cam
This may be
Miss Anderson
with the scouts
the books.
the books
when the
the rural
who have
done by contacting
who will arrange
for the collection of
Ohio has been as
The state of
Opening of the Lenten season, in
preparation for Easter, began this
Wednesday in an observance known
in the religious world as Ash Wed
The Lenten period is a fast of 40
week days observed by the Roman
Catholic church and many of the
Protestant denominations. It was
not until 840 that the date was fixed
for the fast to start on Ash Wed
nesday and to continue through Holy
tie the
Lenten Season In Preparation For
Easter Begins This Ash Wednesday
The name Ash Wednesday has a
general reference to the penitential
sackcloth and ashes so frequently
spoken of in the Old Testament. In
the Roman church there is a rite ob
served on this day in which the
priest places ashes on the forehead
of the communicants as they kneel
at the altar rails.
As he does this he says, “Memen
to, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pil
ferem reverteris” (Remember, man,
thou art dust, and unto dust thou
shalt returns). The ashes are ob
tained by burning the palm branches
consecrated in the church on the
Palm Sunday of the year previous.
Gradually it came to be the cus
tom of friends and relatives to mani
fest their
trition in
humility by joining
a similar
a rd guise
In time the number grew so
large that it was made necessary to
administer the ashes to the whole
congregation in a single rite, the
form used at the present time.
Lenten Season
Ash Wednesday was not always
eluded within the Lenten period,
the fifth and sixth centuries Lent
began with the succeeding Sunday
and lasted six weeks. Omitting Sun-
THURSDAY, FEB. 19, 1942
signed 1,000,000 books in the victory
book campaign and already 750,000
of them are on their way to camps,
posts, USO clubs, American Mer
chant Marine and
naval stations.
40 th Anniversary Sale
Something different distinctive those
new two-piece living room suites—davenport and
chair Mohair, Frizet Mohair and Velour Uphols
tering Wide selection of colors.
Prices—they’re lower than you might expect—as
low as—
Basinger’s Furniture Store
other military and
have been several
books more collect
Actually there
hundred thousand
ed than the million assigned,
tribution comes only after the books
have been sorted as to subject, con
dition and need. They are then
counted and the number reported
immediately to campaign headquart
ers in New York. By return mail
directions are sent for the distribu
The first shipment from Bluffton
is ready to go out soon, it was stat
ed by Miss Anderson.
day this would be 36 days. The ad
dition of four days to this period
makes the fast exactly 40 days in
duration and therefore accords with
the fast of Jesus as well as the fasts
of Moses and Elias.
The use of ashes in the ceremony
of the Protestant church has gener
ally been discontinued since after the
Reformation. The entire Christian
world, however, starts the Lenten
celebration on this Ash Wednesday
even though the form of the celebra
tion varies in the different religious
Bluffton Legionnaire
Will Assist Patrol
Ralph Henry, chaplain of the
Bluffton post of the American Le
gion, has been selected as one of the
20 Legionnaires in Allen county to
assist the state highway patrol in
emergency work jn connection with
National Defense.
course in
under the
the state
of emer-
He is taking a special
weekly meetings at Lima
direction of officials of
highway patrol. In case
gency Henry will be subject to call
by the highway patrol for assistance
in the direction of traffic, breaking
up mobs and other responsibilities
incidental to emergency conditions.
Oldest Fraternity
The oldest Greek letter fraternity
in this country is Phi Beta Kappa,
honorary collegiate society, found,
in 1776.
Citizens Bank Bldg., Bluffton
Eyes Extnined Without Drops
Office Hours: 8:30 A. M.—5:30 P. M.

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