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America must win not only the
present war in which she is engaged
but also the peace which follows the
cessation of hositlities, it was staled
by Rev. Simon M. Davidian, pastor
of the Lima Central Church of
Christ, in an address at esper
services at Ramseyer chapel at Bluff
ton college Sunday afternoon.
Editor’s Note:
America Must Win Both I he ar And 1 he
Peace, Lima Pastor Says In Talk Here
The consequences of an Axis vic
tory would be disastrous to organized
religion in America and would mean
the twilight of American democratic
idealism. In its place would be a
ruthless and aggressive totalitarian
regime that would mould the indi
vidual into a form dictated by the
state, the speaker said.
Contrary to some opinion the
church has an important mission in
war time. In a society dominated
by hate and the desire for revenge
the church serves as a levening in
fluence and gives stability to the so
cial structure.
True democracy is based on Chris
tion principles and the church has
an important role in providing the
basis for a Christian democracy, the
Sugar Rationing
To Start In May
Sugar rationing registration for
wholesalers, retailers, industries and
institutions is scheduled for the
Bluffton district on April 28 and 29,
with individual consumers registering
for ration cards the week of May 4
to 7.
Registration for the Bluffton trade
area will be in Bluffton High school,
with Principal Gerhard Buhler di
recting the procedure, according to
announcements the first of the week.
In the April 28 and 29 registra
tion, retailers, wholesalers and repre
sentatives of industries and institu
tions which use sugar will make ap
plication for forms entitling them to
rationing certificates.
Sugar allotted to those trade and
institutional consumers will be based
on a mathematical formula devised
by the Office of Price Administra
tiion, it was announced. Those which
speaker pointed out.
Probably the most important func
tion of the church in time of war is
to be in the vanguard of the proces
sion in the preparation for peace.
The peace must be won or the en
tire war effort will be futile. W heth
er the peace is won will determine
whether or not there will be wars in
the future.
Folk^nng is
one of a series of articles spon
sored by the Consumer’s Divis
ion of the Bluffton Civilian De
fense council. The articles will
supplement classes in the care
and maintenance of household
equipment., meeting weekly on
Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the
high school cafeteria and open
to all women. Mrs. Wm. Ed
wards will be in charge of the
opening class Friday.
Every citizen should comply with
the U. S. government’s consumer
pledge for total defense. This
pledge states: As a consumer in this
total defense of democracy, I will
do my part to make my home, my
community, my country ready, effi
cient and strong.
1. I will buy carefully.
The nations that win the war will
determine the peace that is to follow.
If Christianity and democracy are to
survive it is important that nations
adhere to those principles by being
a guiding influence in post-war dis
cussion. For this reason it is im
portant that the Allies emerge vic
torious in the present struggle, it
was pointed out.
Frozen Food locksrs
Only as Christian statesmen sit at
council tables will there be an inter
national society based on brother
hood, forgiveness, charity and love,
Rev. Davidian said in conclusion.
A girls chorus and a children’s
chorus accompanied their pastor
from the Lima church and sang sev
eral numbers at the .Vesper service.
2. I will take good care ni tne
things I have.
3. I will waste nothing.
Are you taking care of your
household appliances? e abuse
electric cords by jerking them from
the socket, hanging them over a nail
and by dropping them.
Don’t forget that heat and grease
cause rubber to rot. Only lukewarm
soapy water should be used to clean
rubber. This is especially true of
rubber gaskets on refrigerator doors.
They should be washed often—greasy
hands are hard on them.
The Modern, Economical Method for
Inspect furnace and heating
equipment right now—so that all re
pairs and parts may be ordered while
still available.
We work for victory when we
care for appliances and that makes
their care even easier.
have a supply over a certain limit
will not receive certificates.
Fines of $10,000 or 10 years’ im
prisonment are provided for persons
convicted of supplying false infor
mation in registering.
Local registrations directed by
Principal Buhler will be handled by
Bluffton public school instructors.
No Fuss, Muss or Trouble—the food is placed in
your locker where it remains frozen at zero temperature
until you are ready to use it.
We are installing the frozen food locker system
with lockers available to the public on a rental basis.
It will be ready for use about June 1.
Anyone interested in reserving a locker should see
us at once as the number is limited.
Basinger Bros.
Meat Market
Marshal Lee Coon
Attends FBI School
Marshal Lee Coon last week at
tended a Federal Bureau of Investi
gaton school held in the Allen county
court house for instruction in civil
ian defense activities.
Enrollment in the school included
peace officers from eight counties in
the area.
An instructor explained that the
purpose of the course was to give
officers an idea of their wartime du
ties, with a background of informa
tion which FBI agents have obtained
in England.
The Bluffton College String En
semble which will leave Saturday on
a ten days’ tour of eastern Ohio
and Pennsylvania.
Reading left to right members of
Terminating seven weeks of study
in a Scoutmasters Training course
executives and scoutmasters of Shaw
nee area held a final get-together
meeting and hike at the College cab
in north of Bluffton, Sunday after
noon, being entertained by Bluffton
Training course for scoutmasters,
just concluded have been instituted
following increased demands for men
more familiar with this type of boy
training and leadership.
Scout demonstrations during the
afternoon included nature observation
and wild life demonstration directed
by George Baum of Lima map mak
ing by Norman Recker, Lima fire
building by Foster Baker, E. A.
Rader and Leroy Butler all of Lima,
Paul Wingate and Gene Benroth of
Bluffton and Mark Lutman of Dun
The supper was prepared scout
style and included potatoes baked in
mud coverings, steaks grilled over
glowing embers, rice stew, potato
soup, bacon, beans, roasted apples,
coffee and hot chocolate.
Around the campfire a program
included a skit directed by E. A.
Sutermeister and Woodrow Little of
Bluffton, humorous first aid demon
stration and inspirational talks by
F. A. Angermen and Ken Connelly,
Radio Club Code
Class Is Started
Instruction in International Morse
code under conditions representing
actual radio transmission was started
this week for a class made up of
members of the Bluffton Amateur
Radio club.
For the first week the class will
learn the “dots and dashes” repre
senting seven letters of the alphabet.
A card system of instruction is used,
with a letter on one side, and the
“dit-dah” on the other.
Then an oscillator is
duce a sound similar to
heard on a radio in
used to pro
that actually
When students are
the letters they will
set down on paper words sent
the oscillator ronsisting of the
seven letters. In following weeks,
the remaining letters of the alphabet
will be learned, as well as numerals
and punctuation marks.
After fundamentals are mastered
attention of the class will be turned
to speed. For this a teleplex unit
will be used in which a recording
tape will be used to send out the
After operators can copy 13
words a minute they will be eligible
to take an examination
operator’s license.
Instruction is in the
with Maynard Geiger,
president Nelson Herr
Herr supervising the
for a radio
club rooms,
Don Ream,
and F. S.
Instructors will be composed of
licensed amateurs of the club.
Stone Company Gets
Farm Limestone Order
Orders for limestone for farms in
this portion of Allen county aggre
gating over 2,700 tons have been re
ceived by the Bluffton Stone com
pany this spring, it was announced
by the Allen County Triple-A com
mittee, the first of the week.
About half of the total order has
already been delivered to Bath,
Jackson, Richland and Monroe town
ship farms, the territory being sup
plied by the Bluffton company, it was
stated by Clair Patterson, Triple-A
county chairman.
Total county orders for agricul
tural limestone aggregate 4,391 tons,
the committee announced.
Seventy-three per cent of all farms
in Allen county are signed up for
participation in the 1943 program it
was stated and it is estimated that
well over seventy-five per cent will
be signed up by late spring.
Merwin Hilty To
Head Ottawa School
Merwin Hilty, who was appointed
superintendent of the Ottawa city
schools in February to fill a vacancy,
last week received a three year con
tract to continue
town’s educational system.
as head of the
Hilty was graduated from Bluffton
college in 1932.
the ensemble are:
halter, 1st violin
2nd violin Robert
piano Arthur
Harold Thiessen, viola.
Shawnee Area Scoutmasters At
District Meeting In Camp Here
both of Lima. At the close of the
meeting the group paid tribute to
Connelly who leaves shortly for Cin
cinnati where he will assume larger
executive duties in scouting.
Set Three Days For
Draft Registration
Registration of the fourth classl
for selective service, affecting menl
between the ages of 45 and 64, willl
be held in Ohio on three days, Satur
day, Sunday and Monday, April 25,
26 and 27.
In a presidential proclamation,
Monday, April. $7 was designated as
registration day, but Gov. John W.
Bricker added the preceding Satur
day and Sunday between the hours
of noon and 6 p. m., to accommodate
those whose employment or civilian
activities might make it difficult to
sign on Monday.
Except for persons exempt because
of service with the military’ and
naval forces of the nation, registra
tion is required of all males who
reached the age of 45 on or before
Feb. 16, and had not attained their
65th birthday on April 27, 1942.
Details relative to the place of
registration for those in the Bluffton
area will be announced later by Al
len county draft board officials.
Silas Marner” Is
Ohio farmers this year will be
handicapped by lack of manpower
and by difficulty in getting new ma
chinery, but agricultural engineers
at Ohio State University declare
some of these difficulties can be re
lieved by more efficient use of the
mechanical equipment already in the
Laurence Burk-1 corn pickers, and hay making equip
William Boorse,|ment by Ohio producers have been
Neuenschwander, I high for the past several years. In
Thiessen, cello many cases, this equipment was used
only on the farm of the purchaser
and was operated for only a com
paratively short time each year.
The program was interspersed I Members of the Vesper choir pre
with negro spirituals by the colored! sented a program of sacred music in
scout troop of Lima singing to har- the Ebenezer Mennonite church west
monica and guitar accompaniment. I of Bluffton, Sunday night. Russell
Present for the occasion were: I A- Lantz, head of the department
Jason Ashba, Lima, scoutmaster ini of music, directed the concert.
charge of the training course F. A.I
Anderman, Lima, assistant scout-1 Open house will be observed at
master Ken Connelly, Lima, areal Ropp hall, women’s dormitory, Sat
executive R. L. Roberts, Lima, I urday night. Visitors from the com
scribe Ralph Stearns, Bluffton, troop I munity and the college will be wel
chairman. I corned between the hours of
Victory Patrol—Norman Recker, I and 9.30 p.
Lima, leader Karl
Joe Herron and
Ram patrol—John McGuire, lead-1
er John Jackson, W. K. Davenport,I
Ed Evans, C. 0. Boogher, all of I
Gable, Bluffton,I be presented, during which an
Victor Gonellad intramural table tennis award will
I be presented to Miss Genevieve Fett.
A. Sutermeister, I Refreshments will be served.
D. Diven, G. W.l
Indian patrol—E.
Bluffton, leader F.
Baum, McKinley Wiliiamson, Floyd I Dr Lloyd Ramseyer) president
Faze, Lima, and Woodrow Little,! of the col|ege RoJHn w Moser,
Bluffton. I field secretary Rev. S. F. Panna-
I* lying Eagle patrol ene en I becker, Bible instructor and several
roth, Bluffton, leadei, Pau lnga e» I Bluffton college students attended a
Bluffton Mark Lutman, Dunkirk of the Indiana alumni
LeRoy Butler, E. A. Rader, Foster group) Friday night at the y.M.C A
Baker, Lima. I building in Fort Wayne. Rev. Pan­
Pandora H. S. Play
“Silas Marner”, the dramatic story
portrayed in George Eliot’s book of
that name, will be staged as the
Pandora high school senior play in
the Pandora
Friday and
high school auditorium
Saturday nights at 8
in the cast are:
Freda Yoder, Russell Welty, Rob
ert Reese, Charlotte Suter, Stanley
Schutz, Ernest Boehr, Milton Schutz,
Galen Luginbill, Ortha Tschudy, Ma
rie Diller, Melvin Hilty, Jean Brid
enbaugh, Betsy Zuercher, Evan Stein
er, Wm. Steiner and Wilma Augs
Lora Advances As
Aviation Student
Melvin C. Lora, son of Mrs. B. R.
Herring, of this place, is included
in the
cadets in history advanced recently
to the second stage of instruction at
Franklin Field, Texas.
largest class of aviation
The class is scheduled to complete
their instruction late this year.
Wed., Thurs., Fri
Sidney’s Drug Shop
________ ,T .,________________________ __ ____________________
More Custom Work On Farms Is
Urged By Agricultural Experts
Purchases of tractors, combines,
The agricultural engineers say it
is feasible to use this equipment
many more hours each year and that
such use will reduce the farm power
m. A short program
costs for the owner of the machinery
and for the man on whose farm cus
tom work is done. The per houi- cost
of equipment is very high when the
machines are used only part time.
Bluffton College Notes
Owners of costly farm equipment
have hesitated to offer to do custom
work on neighbors’ farms because
there were no standard prices to
charge for such services. The Ohio
State engineers have prepared a
bulletin that gives information about
costs of operating farm machinery.
This extension bulletin, No. 221,
may be obtained free from county ag
ricultural agents. The agents also
will be glad to help in any organized
effort to produce foods by more effi
cient use of farm tractors and other
mechanical equipment during the
present emergency.
nabecker gave the main
the evening.
Something Hew in Relaxation and Comfort
address o
Five Bluffton college
visited and spoke in
churches in Indiana, Sunday morn
ing. Professor William Dick, in
structor in economics and business,
spoke in the Eighth St. church in
Goshen Miss Edna Ramseyer, dean
of women and home economics in
structor, spoke at the Topeka Men
nonite church Dr. L. L. Ramseyer,
President of the college, addressed a
group at the Nappanee church Pro
fessor H. W. Berky, instructor in
chemistry, spoke at the Middlebury
Simmons Studio Couches
New, Modern Designing and Styling—by Simmons
Assured Comfort, Springs and Mattresses—by Simmons
Strikingly Modern—this newly designed studio couch just brought
out by Simmons. We have just received our first shipment.
Wide upholstered modern arms smart channel back treatment
Deep Sleep construction over no-sag base welts on seat give
3-cushion effect generous bedding compartment..........................
we’re showing it in this Simmons A j| pgf
Tuxedo Studio Couch Upholstered Tuxedo a a I
arms spade feet Deep Sleep con- Jj ZB
struction over no-sag base vertical welt ^a W
treatment on seat and back. Spacious bed-
ding compartment in base.............................. A
Other Simmons Studio Couches low os $42.50
Remember Simmons for double service—an attractive furnish
ing for your living room by day—a comfortable bed at night.
Basinger’s Furniture Store
High School Musicians
Enter State
musicians who
in the north-
Bluffton high school
received high ratings
western Ohio solo and ensemble con
test at Ada, Saturday will be entered
in the state contest to be held in
Columbus, May 9.
Contestants from fifty-five north
western Ohio schools were entered
at Ada. Bluffton contestants were
those of Prof. Sidney Hauenstein of
the instrumental division and Miss
Elizabeth Higley of
the vocal di-
of the contest
According to rules
the two soloists and
ceiving the highest ranking in
one classification are eligible to
ter the state meet.
Also solo, Ruth Hankish
solo, Bette Good Volin
Jean Bix^ Cello solo,
garet Basinger.
String quartet—Neil
and Dr. I. W. Bauman,
sociology, spoke at
Mennonite church
and clover range
poultry should be mowed
reaches a height of four to six inches
during the spring or summer.
Looking for
Bluffton contestants eligible
state competition are:
Class A: Mezzo soprano solo, Bet
ty Holtkamp Baritone solo, Roger
Howe Xylophone solo, Barbara
Jean Triplett.
Class B: Mixed ensemble and girls
ensemble Clarinet quartet, James
Stratton, Robert Amstutz, Ralph Alt
hauss Hugh Chamberlain.
wander, Alice Jean Bixel, Jane Howe,
Mary Margaret Basinger.
Flute quartet Raymond Schu
macher, Harriet Burkholder, Beverly
Biery, Wilma Steiner.
News Want-ads bring results.
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio

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