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Route of Proposed Street Would
Survey Soon
undertaken as soon as possible, Mayor
Council Favorable to Construe-! ,,
tion of One-fourth Mlle
Roadway this Fall
The proposed street, which would
be in effect a continuation of Harmon! Squads Faces High Schools
road would follow the west bank of
Big Riley creek. The distance, it is1
estimated is about one-fourth of a
Fill Required
A considerable fill to bring the pro
posed street up to grade would be re
quired for nearly the entire distance.
Present plans are for a street about
twenty feet wide.
ity in obtaining asphalt for a
surface top, a stone top dressing will
be substituted until such time as hard
surfacing materials are again avail
scrap will be sold. A bid of $9.501
per ton has been received from Louis
16 tons.
expressed their
that construction
Council members
belief Monday night
of the roadway could be completed be
fore winter.
Construction of a street similar to
the one now being planned was con
sidered when Harmon road was built
seven years ago but nothing was done
at that time.
Authorization Given
To Sell Scrap Metall
lated scrap metal at the’rear of the! The
to^ half waftfven’ to Mayor W. A.I schools are being curtailed because
ruling, it was stated.
Howe at a meeting of the town coun-l of this
cil Monday night. I
When approval is obtained from!
the Richland township trustees the[DriVCrS
A. Kaplan, Lima junk dealer. I
Residents may continue to bring I tQrj8^s have secured their drivers11
in scrap pieces as long as the pilei ijcensea with only 800 sold by Wed-1
remains at the town hall, the mayor! nescjay noon, it was announced by
said. Additions to the scrap pileLbe Bixel Motor Sales on Cherry
have raised the total to more than I registration headquarters.
College Choral Unit I
To Begin Reheqrsals\ataied'
Conditions In Japanese Prison Camp
Three Bluffton Boys
Begin .Vary Training!
Homer Gratz, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Homer Gratz west of town
and Gareth Todd, son of Mr. and
I Mrs Frank Todd
of Franklin street,
left for Columbus Tuesday to begin
Follow West Bank of Big Mark Niawander, of Orange town
I ship, will leave for Bowling Green
Kiley CreeK I UT1iversity on October 1 to begin a
in the air corps of the United States
I similar training course in the spe-
Construction of a roadway to be I tution.
built this fall connecting East Col
lege avenue and Cherry street loomed
as a distinct possibility when the
project was favorably discussed at
the town council Monday night and
plans made to clear up necessary leg
al requirements preliminary to begin
ning of actual work on thorofare.
Preceding the meeting Monday night
council members viewed the route of
the projected highway.
cialized course set-up in that insti-
Transportation of
Easement from property owners
and a survey of the proposed route
will be undertaken at once. No dif
ficulty is anticipated in obtaining con
sent of property owners, since it was
stated at the council meeting that al With the first out-of-town football!
number had already signified their I game of the Bluffton High school
willingness to donate enough of their I grid schedule at Van Wert on Fri
land along the creek for the purpose. I day night, October 9, there still re­
Out of Town Games Others
mains considerable confusion in
A survey of the roadway will be I gard to the use of school buses foil Kiiewer states that he is in good
athletic contests because of tire ra-l ea an at 4 e mfn a ow
W. A. Howe indicated following the I tioning, it was stated Wednesday I considerable freedom in the camp,
council meeting and the report of thel morning, by Sidney Stettler, facultyl The Prisoners are permitted to visit
surveyor will also include estimates of I manager of. athletics.
the cost of construction.
There is no uniformity among
Building of such a street would re-1 schools of the Western Buckeye
lieve Main street of much local traffic| League in which Bluffton partici-L
which it is now required to handle ini pates or among the high schools of| sist of one old anny barrac s ui ding,
addition to the thru traffic of thel the area, it was learned at a. meet-1 galley, brig, barber, tailor and co
Dixie highway.
*n8 of league officials at Lima, Tues-1 bler shops.
The proposed road, a continuation! day night, which Stettler and Coach! Lt. Kiiewer, along with ot er of
Of the present Harmon road, would I George Swank attended.
provide a direct connection from the Bellefontaine, Van Wert and Wa- through the local town and country
Bentley road to Cherry street making! pakoneta will use automobiles this! side. The condition is generally de
an effective by-pass for traffic which) year to transport the athletes. Ce-1 scribed as satisfactory.
Otherwise would be required to go to »na and St. Marys have obtained| The men have the opportunity of
Main street and at the same time| permission to use school buses,
serving industrial establishments in| Kenton Arhieuc
that area including the two plants of| their own bus and will use it for the! the pay of officers of equal rank in I dinary precautions against i iterrup
the Triplett Electrical Instrument ^mes, it was learned. the Japanese army. tion of the program
company, the municipal electric light Use of buses for athletic contests The Japanese officials have prom- Protests Made
and waterworks plant, Page Dairy, has been entirely banned in Putnam! ised to establish a canteen for selling I Protests of the action were
Bluffton hatchery and Bluffton Stone
Kiven tbe Bluffton High school ath-l the near future.
letic association permission to use! Red Cross Visits
the buses providing proper rationing!
hard|board- The board is being contact-! the letter said.
Now Being Issued I™ ^oslshe sew,ng
Less than a third of Bluffton rtio■
hat’n ozwii rnn rnnlF HrlVOrc’l
Registration officials urged
Those who contributed scrap metal
in the canvass were given receipts! order to avoid the last minute rush
for the number of pounds brought I ag the Sept 30 deadline nears.
in and they will be paid pro-ratal Orange township and Hancock
from the proceeds of the sale. I county residents as well as local
Satisfactory, Lt. David Kiiewer Writes|Ntw F|RE TRUC|(
I Rev. and Mrs.
p. a.
Receive First Direct Com-
munication from Son
training for an officer’s commission
“My only regret is that my service
for my country was so short,” wrote
Lieut. David Kiiewer, prisoner of war
at the Zentsuji concentration camp in
Japan, in a letter received recently by
his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. P. A.
Kiiewer, of Albany Oregon. I
ing a Japanese submarine while on I He pointed out that the town was a
Some Plan to Vse Buses fori He is one many prisoners from the! WPB to Get Farts
board authorization may be obtained.[ by neutral Red Cross officials from assumed that Bluffton would be
Before the use of the buses can bel Switzerland and the men are looking! able to secure the equipment,
had it is necessary to obtain per-1 forward to receiving additional aid! .. .however,
mission from the district rationing| thru this quarter in the near future,
Patro1 dut^ Mr south of I center of defense industry with up
1 Wake island shortly before the enemy [wards of a half-dozen plants engaged
captured that place last December.! directly or indirectly in production for
Wake and Guam island American
each other and to exercise in the yard
at will.
Quarters are Adequate
The quarters are adequate and con-
ficers, is taken on weekly hikes
Kenton Athletic Association owns|ceive pay for this work equivalent to production and should take extraor-l he street, it was stated.
ed relative to obtaining permission The greatest need in the camp [future. The matter has been taken
regjgter jn the near future
motorists may obtain their licenses
at the Bluffton headquarters, it
First rehearsals in the 1942 choral
season will be held by the Bluffton
college choral society at Ramseyer
chapel Tuesday night at 7:30 o’clock,! The following births at the Bluff-1 received,
it was announced by Prof. Russell
ton hospital:
A. Lantz of the college music de-1 Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Spoors, Leip-| dorf and
sic, a
for the use of a bus, it was stated| ?aems to be for books and warm cloth-1 Up with War Production Officials ini
by Faculty Manager Stettler. ing. There are six Bibles in the campl Washington, .C. whose approval is
The limitation of the use of theland Liept. Kiiewer is in charge of a [necessary to obtain the truck, it was[
school buses for athletic contests is| pibie study group in addition to giv-| stated.
the most part in good health.
Keferring to buses used for other Lieut. Kiiewer graduated from| _________
purposes, H. T. Beckman, Ohio ra-l Bluffton High chool in the class of
“such buses would be violating both wjtbl one of the highest scholastic av
the rubber conservation program erages ever made at the school here.
aims and the spirit of the federal!
ruling, if used for excursions of any|
Authorization to sell the accumu-[ kind or the transporting of athletes.!
athletic programs of many
Mrs. J. S. Steiner on South Main
street from Tuesday thru Friday
Regrets th&t Service for HisL*ty Solicitor Francis Durbin I
cmnvij uai.ucu ... k*va.«a..| o«x made I ready for a specific type of steel need
The board of education has! pencils, toilet articles and the like in I thru representative Robert F. Jones led for specialized war production.
'mere nave vccu vxo.vo *v v..L -w*r|ueen nearu vi me inavvei auu
based on the understanding that tire! jng instruction in algebra and calcu-l Authorization of the sale of bonds[
retreads will not be given to buses| jus to the men who deire it. in the amount of $7,950 had been|
which have been used for transpor-| p,ce SOUp forms a considerable por-l made by the town council last spring!
tation other than that of hauling[ tion of the diet but the prisoners seem but after the cancellation order the|
rural pupils to and from their 110 be getting along well and are for I sale of the bonds was halted by So-[and repair project will be completed
Will Be Resumed!*™**
was announced by Mrs. J. S. Stein-1A™,
I injuries
Various phases of Red Cross ac-| accident
DV 11/ n n
Rev. Kiiewer, formerly pastor of I fire truck by the War Production I women of the home, it was stated,
the Ebenezer Mennonite church near I Board last spring, may obtain the ap-1 The town has been divided in four
Bluffton, stated that this was the firstlparatus this fall, it was indicated by I sections and the following chairmen
direct communication he had from his I City Solicitor Francis Durbin who met! will assist in enrolling residents for
son since he was taken prisoner in the! with the town council Monday night. I the course: Mrs. Arthur Amstutz,
Wake Island action last December. I Durbin declared that action of WPBI Mrs. Walter Stratton, Mrs. Guy Cor-
Lt. Kiiewer of the Marine air corps I in denying Bluffton the necessary’ pri-1 s°n and Miss Carolyn Romey,
has received considerable newspaper! ority to obtain delivery of the equip-1------------------------------
He scored two direct hits on the ves-Ithe war effort and that a fire might! rTent Need for Metal in War
sei with 100 pound bombs. serioustv impede the national pro-|
Camp at Shikoku gram. Production Will Speed
I tivity will be resumed this week, it three and one-half miles south I night at 8 o»elock
er, director of supplies and chair-1 o’clock.
division of the! Tilfc accident occurred when a rear
w’ork again, Mrs. Paul Studler of
every week from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. I
Organizations wishing dates re
served, as in the past, are requested
to communicate with Mrs. Steiner.
The rooms are open to all volunteers.
With a new and urgent call fort
army sweaters, the knitting division I ^a”ce-
of the local organization is starting
South Jackson street, chairman of
this work, will give yarn and in-
structions to an^ volunteers who
wish to knit.
The surgical dressing division in
the grade school building will re
sume work as soon as supplies are
This work is under the
of Mrs. A. J. B. Longs-
boy, Saturday. Junior
The group will prepare for the! Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferrel, Mc-| high school are also scheduled to get| Field, Texas, has been transferred
presentation of Handel’s Messiah to I Comb, a girl, Jo Fran, Sunday..1
be given on Dec. 20. All singers in| I"
Mrs. Evan Basinger.
Red Cross activities
under way soon. This will be
Mr. and Mrs. Bertran Swank,
the community are invited to par-1 boy, James Byron, Wednesday morn-1 superintendent, and Miss Eddythel it was announced the first of the
ticipate in the annual event. ing.
Cupp, home economics instructor.
„. .. __ «... itwo weeks, it was announced by Mrs.
Country was so Short Indicates to Council Action The course will consist of four
Need Warm Clothes Is Expected two-hour lessons to be
evening and will dealBeach
tjons and methods of
Matter is Being Taken Up for|air raid emergencies in order to
Reconsideration by WPB instnaetor from the
Officials I Lima office of Civilian Defense will
The solicitor indicated that he would I
Use Private Cars [forces. Kiiewer states that he is in[ present the facts to WPB shortly with[
’the Kagawa Perfecture of the Zent-1 strong representation that its pre-1 Engineer’s Estimate that 160
suji prison camp on the island of Shi-I vious stand in the matter be reversed Tons of High Grade Steel
koku. I because of possible reprercussions on I jn Rails
This island is about 200 miles long! the national defense program of al
and 100 miles wide and is located off l| major conflagration here.
the southeast side of the mainland[
re_ I facing the Pacific ocean. i
The truck was expected to be deliv-1
... Removal of the rails of the aban
ered bv early summer when an orderB
.. n I
by the War Production Board in early| ... ..
,, .. 1 x*
Mav cancelled the delivery. A letter!
received by Mayor W. A. Howe at I®
at xi j.
Bond Issue
The I voluntary work in the hills and re-1 Bluffton is engaged in important war I plete responsibility in the repair of
of this Congressional district. Since I The raUs weig.h about 16o tons
I the protests were made nothing had! and at ?18 5( per ton win be worth
There have been visits at the camp|(been heard of the matter and it was! ipproxiniately $3,000. Since the re
un' I noval operations are more expensive
Ji than the worth of the rails no private
Heitor Durbin. Ijiefore the winter months, it was stat-
Bluffton Sunday night at 7:00
tire blew out causing the car driven
Red Cross sewing work will takel J0*111 Herrmann, 18, to leave the
as -n the past at the home
road and overturn in a peach or-
chard near the Hauenstein farm.
Herrmann received a wrenched back
and James Deppler, 18, also in the
car, received a cut left knee. The
car was southbound on the Hancock
Allen county line roa.d
e I 4-V»r* HoiiartniAm tuvno
The injured were taken to the
Bluffton hospital in the Diller ambu
Herrmann and Deppler were
released from the hospital Monday
I r--
Miss Shafer, who received
a severe cut on the left hip and
bruises, will likely be released to
wards the end of the week, it was
In Air Officers
Training School
James Griffith who has been for
at the I the past six months at Randolph
super-1 to the army air corps officers train-
vised by A. J. B. Ixmgsdorf, school I ing center at Miami Beach, Florida,
Course In Air Raid Protection For
,W"n 1 Home Will Start Here In Two Weeks
Bluffton women are invited to en
roll for a course in Air Raid pro
tection to be given in four lessons at
l. Ramseyer, general
given in the
with precau
dealing with
I teach the course. Everyone is in
I vited to attend but the material of
Bluffton, denied delivery of a new I the course will be slanted for the
“not warra”ted by °1Main Street Rail Removal Will Cost
Action Here
doned Western Ohio interurban line
xi-TVTv v
that time indicated that U PB had rul-| a ..
ed against the delivery because it was
impossible to give Bluffton the prop- This fi^re is based Qn an estimate
er priority rating.
°n Bluffton s Mam street will cost the
government about $6,000, it was stat-
ed by Mavor W. A. Howe at a meet-
inK °f the town
council Monday night,
I been
The fire equipment, consisting of a WPA labor be used with about
Mack truck was purchased by thelH^ men wor^in8 130 hours per month
town early in March at a cost of 7. I ^or montbs
950. Funds for the purpose were pro-1 Although there has been no definite
vided by a bond issue approved by proposition made to the town council,
voters at the polls last November. I it is expected that removal operations
i The ruling occisionld considerable will commence in the near future,
surprise here as it had been pointed! The rails will be donated to the gov
out by Civilian Defense officials that I emment if the latter assumes com-
and wpA engineers who have
surveying the local situation.
The rails are made of a very high
grade steel that will not go into ordi-
nary scrap channels but will be made
Solicitor Durbin, has 'n‘|COncem has been willing to undertake
dicated that action on securing the[tb .-ob
fire truck may be expected in the near I sted needed g0 bad.
ly in war production that the govern
ment is willing to assume the loss to
secure the rails, it was stated.
The entire rail will be removed with
a cut seven inches deep and 18 inches
wide. Power driven drills will be used
for the work.
It is likely that the entire removal
ed by .ay or.
In*Auto Accident] ar Bond Committee
___ Meeting Scheduled
Lou Shafer, 16-year-old|
High school junior, is in the! An important meeting of the war
hospital convalescing from I bond committee chairmen will be held
received in an automobile.! in the lobby of tbe Triplett Elec
near the Levi Hauenstein tricai instrument Co. Thursday
1 .. ..
tioning administrator, stated that! 17)35 as tbe valedictoriap of his class]her
Chairmen are as follows:
Banks—Elmer Romey.
Veterans—Millen Geiger.
Schools—A. J. B. Longsdorf.
Merchants—E. S. Lape.
Manufacturers—Arden Baker.
Fraternal Groups—Ross Bogart.
Boy Scouts—Woodrow Little.
Women’s clubs—Mrs. R. L. Trip
lett, Mrs. Harry Bogart.
Publicity—Orden Smucker.
Next Saturday, fly free date for
wheat seeding will pass virtually un
noticed by farmers in this section
who are occupied from dawn to dusk
with corn cutting and tomato pick
Gar Griffith Coaches
Coast Guard Football
Government $6,000 Rails Worth $3,000
the high school starting in about
Ensign Gar Griffith has been ap
pointed head football coach of the
U. 8. Coast Guard at the Manhattan
Training station, Brooklyn,
N. ¥., it was announced the first
of the week.
Griffith, a Bluffton high school
graduate and later football coach at
the school „here was afterward phys
ical education and recreational di
rector of the school of Upper Ar
lington, a Columbus suburb.
Mrs. Griffith and two sons Elbert
and Donn, after renting their home
in Upper Arlington, are visiting her
husband’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.
G. Griffith of North Baltimore. They
expect to join Ensign Griffith in
New York soon.
Answer to Plaintiffs to
Made this Week in Com
mon Pleas Court
Action Brought Year Ago
Two Landowners Charging
$25,000 Damages
county common pleas court this
week by City Solicitor Francis Dur-
bin setting forth an answer to two
suits filed against the municipality
informed the council at its meeting
Monday night and the papers will
be filed the latter part of this week,
Oliver G. Locher and Henry P.
Huber, whose farms are located on
the stream. Locher seeks damages
in the sum of $10,000 while Huber’s
suit is for $15,000.
Fly Free Date For Wheat Seeding
Gets Scant Attention This Autumn
Ordinarily the last of September
finds fanners anxious to get fall
wheat seeding out of the way and
some plant in advance of fly free
date, the time designated by agricul
tural experts for protection against
Hessiah fly.
With com cutting getting well un
der way this week, wheat seeding
Depositions will be filed in Allen
were filed in the Allen County Com-1
mon pleas court against the town by
Teaches At Leipsic
Miss Ora
Ask for Damage Figures I
The deposition will ask for more
Real Estate Deals
specific information relative to dam-1
ages caused by the pollution of the
stream. The depositions are being
filed at the present
legal requirements
time limitations.
time because of
in regard to
claims that pol-
Locher’s petition
(Continued on page 8)
Spangler has returned
resume position as
the high school for the
to Leipsic to
instructor in
coming year.
Hiram Althaus has sold his South
Main street residence, the former
Alderfer property to Edward Scheele
of McComb. Possession will be given
December 15.
will necessarily be postponed until'
after the first of October.
Tomato haxvest,, alpo, is keeping
many hands busy. Canneries are op
erating at maximum capacity daily
and some on Sunday.
Women Drive Tractors From
Morning to Night When
Farm Hands Leave
Farm Machinery Repairmen
Swamped with Repairs of
ahead of the
Bluffton area
farmers aided
With the corn crop
frost that visited the
the first of the week,
by their wives and children excused
from school are in the midst of
harvesting one of the largest corn
crops ever grown here.
The corn crop can no longer be
damaged by frost although some
tomatoes in the area have been re
ported as slightly harmed by the
frost conditions this week.
Pinch Felt
The farm labor shortage has been
felt rather acutely for the past two
years but with more boys drafted
and others attracted by high wages
in industry the pinch has been felt
especially during
the current harvest
be seen manning
corn pickers and
Women can
tractor powered
binders from early morning until
dusk. Some outfits are equipped
with lights to continue night
Cooperating to alleviate the
shortage, farm youths over 14
of age, attending Bluffton
school, are being excused from
es to help in the fields on the re
quest of their parents, it was stated
by A.
ent of
J. B. Longsdorf, superintend
Excuse Pupils
practice of excusing pupils
to assist in the corn harvest
continue for the duration of
a year ago charging that sewage I corn harvesting machinery is be
from the town emptied into Big preMed
Riley creek and thereby doing work report long imtt.
farms of the plaintiffs.
Preparation of the depositions is
virtually completed the city solicitor
Durbin stated. I
The two suits aggregating $25,000
harvest season, it was indicated.
Because of the shortage of
power due to demands of the army
.’every piece
ing lists.
Farm machinery repairmen here
report the busiest season in years.
Every farmer with any type of ma
chinery is keeping it in a good state
of repair knowing that it is unlikely
that new equipment can be purchas
ed for the duration.
Use Old Machinery
I In addition many old pieces of ma-
chinery have been brought to town
1 for renovation to be made usable for
harvest operations.
The Triplett Electrical Instrument
company has purcha^M the building
on Cherry street formerly occupied!
by the Bluffton Auto Wrecking com-1 Irvin Mason, Bath township and
pany operated by Monroe Amstutz.l Oliver Basinger, Monroe township.
The property was owned by Royi One of the projects of the county
Carr of Milan. The building is be-[ organization is to assist the govern
ing repaired and will be used fori ment in storing the large soy bean,
storage. crop. The county has facilities for
storing more than 50,000 bushels.
With cooler weather and absence!
of killing frosts, virtually all of the|
corn crop in this district will reach!
maturity. The unusually heavy!
stand, however, has slowed harvest-1
ing materially. I
Wheat seeding which*follows corn|
harvest, will be the latest in recent|
years, according to present indica-|
tion. I
Bluffton college students
farm experience are finding
market for their talents in
fields of the district, where a
ber have been employed for the past
Dearth of extra harvest hands
usually available, has found farm
machinery dealers besieged this fall
with orders for corn harvesting ma-
\Three Youths Hurt
chinery which they are unable to
Elect Committees
For Township AAA
Walter C. Schaeublin was named
chairman of the Richland township
committee to administer the affairs
of the federal AAA program in the
township at an election held at the
Richland Grange Friday night.
Other members of the tow’nship
committee are: Willard Jennings and
Solomon Steiner. In Monroe town
ship the committee consists of Clar
ence Hetric, Walter Barber, Vaugnt
The county AAA committee con
sists of Clair Patterson, chairman
Storage bins will be located at Cairo
and west of Lima.
Forty storage bins will be located
in the county and the committee will
take care of storage arrangements.
Aamed Department
Head At Hospital
Miss Betty Amstutz, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Amstats
northwest of Bluffton, has been ap
pointed head of the department of
hematology at the White Cross hos
pital in Columbus.
She has been associated with the
hospital since her graduation from.
Bluffton college in 1941. She gradu-»
ated from Bluffton High school

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