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Board in County Outside Lima
Can Meet October and
November Calls
Estimates Made Wednesday
As Both Lima Boards Say
Shortage In Sight
Allen county draft board No. 3
estimated Wednesday morning that
there would be a sufficient number
of men in class 1-A to fill anticipat
ed October and November quotas.
This statement came from Lima
headquarters of the draft board
which has jurisdiction over Allen
county outside of that city, after the
two Lima boards stated Tuesday that
their supply of 1-A men would be
insufficient to fill big November re
Statement that board No. 3 would
have sufficient registrants in class
1-A to meet immediate calls was
based on estimates only, since classi
fication of men is not made until
after physical examination.
Await Word from State
Board attaches stated they had re
ceived no word from state head
quarters that it would be called upon
to furnish 1-A men to make good
quotas of other boards whose supply
of men in this class was exhausted.
State selective service headquart
ers in Columbus, however, said Tues
day night that no board should begin
drawing on men maintaining a bona
fide relationship with their wives,,
with children or with wives and!
children until all boards in
“are in substantially the same
Japanese Student
president of the college.
State draft officials said that
this situation came about—and it is
expected shortly—the local boards
would be given
sidering Class 3
duction into the
word to start con
registrants for in
Have No 1-A
As matters now stand, one-third
of Ohio’s 330 draft boards have in-1
formed state selective service head-1
quarters they no longer had any men! Levi Gable was hired as janitor of
in the 1-A classification.
These boards have been requested! tbe Bluff*011 board of educa
te inform state headquarters whether Monday night. He will succeed
they have completely classified all ^vi Mellinger who resigned recent
registrants, including 20-year-olds l-v- The position carries a monthly
whether all 3-A and 3-B classifica-| salary of $105.
tions have recently been reviewed Gable, a painter and paperhanger,
whether the boards are considering! be*in his "ew duti*s as s0°n as
reclassification of men whose occupa-l b*s ^ad work is completed. Mean
tional deferments are expiring I whde Charles benton, one of the
whether all registrants who married! JUnitors at the high school building,
when their induction was legally filling the place temporarily,
considered imminent have been re
classified whether reclassification of
all registrants in 3-A because of col
lateral dependency claim has been
completed whether all alien cases
have been processed how many ap-| Elbert Anderson and Clarence
peals are pending before appeals I Young of this place will leave soon
boards whether all 4-F (physically| for their final physical examinations
unfit) cases have been reviewed
the boards and their physicians
accordance with the latest list
defects permissible in potential
School will be resumed on Fri
day, it was announced by A. J.
B. Longsdorf, superintendent.
Another student of Japanese an-1
cestry, Richard Okada .also from the
University of Washington, is expect-1
ed to arrive next week. Okada was!
born in Hawaii and Kumata was
born in the state of Washington.
Gable To Be Janitor
At Grade Building
the grade school building at a meet-
Homecoming Queen
Take Army Physical
Examination Shortly
by and possible induction into the army,
ini it was announced the
of week.
in-1 The two will be sent
county selective service
with headquarters in Findlay.
Arrives On Campusl Radio Sermon Series
Robert Kumata, Japanese transfer I radj0 address to be given in the
student from the University ofl Ljvjng Today series by the Rev. A.
Washington, arrived at the Bluffton I Schultz, pastor of the Ebenezer
college campus this week to begin I Mennonite church and c0nege Bible
work, under arrangements with the I profeasor over f’indlay radio station
Federal Relocation Authority, it was I
announced by Dr. .L. Ramseyer,
Both youths are United States
citizens and have been working ini
the relocation camp at Tulelake,!
Newell, California.
Bluffton is one of 300 mid-west
colleges which has agreed to accept
a small number of American-born
Japanese students. Oberlin college! Processor Finds Favor as
with 19 American born Japanese hasl Sugar Substitute
the largest number
Before permits are granted to
these students to attend the mid
wotern schools they- must be cleared
by the Federal Bureau of Investiga
tion and the Army Intelligence serv
All of these students are paying
their own way, Pres. Ramseyer re-| Bluffton householders who may
ported. At the suggestion of federal have experienced some inconvenience
officials in charge of the relocation! because of the sugar rationing pre
program, the police and administra-| gram are being supplied this fall
tive officials of the village and coun-| with an acceptable substitute—sorg
ty have been informed of the ar-| hum molasses—produced at the mill
rival of the students.
1LTARY Alice Howe, Bluffton college homecoming
queen who will reign over the annual festivities
Saturday when graduates and former students re
turn to the campus.
She will be crowned in ceremonies at the gym
nasium Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. She will
also preside at the homecoming football game at
Harmon field, Saturday afternoon.
No School To Be
Held On Thursday
Because Of Fair
LUFFTON public schools will
1 be dismissed all day Thurs
in order that the students
attend the Putnam county
to be held at Ottawa. The
started on Tuesday and
through Saturday.
Homecoming Will Be Celebrated By I
Bluffton College Saturday And Sunday
first of the
by Hancock
board No. 2
“Character” is the subject of the
Friday afternoon at 3:45
Magdalena Wilson of Dayton
Wednesday at the home of
her brother, Guy Corson and Mrs.
Corson of North Jackson street.
Output of Pioneer Settlement
Night Shift Added at Miller
Cane Mill to Meet Enlarged
Market Demand
of E. E. Miller, four miles north-
uraay Aiteinoon
____ I
Crowning of Queen
College Music Series
Opens Tuesday Night
Sugar Rationing Creates Demand For
Sorghum Molasses From Mill Here
west of town.
Miss Mary Alice Howe, senior,! W. A. Howe, chairman of the Bluff
daughter of Mayor and Mrs. W. A. I ton drive.
Howe, will be crowned queen in cere-1 Organization of town and town-.
monies to be held at the college gym-lsbip committees has been completed
Use of Buses Limited to Haul
ing Pupils to School, is
OTD Ruling
Athletic Teams to Use Private
Cars All Other School
Meets Cancelled
Miss Howe was one of four[and details of the solicitation are
She will be attended by Miss|of various local organizations are
serving on the committee.
nasium. Miss Howe was one of fourland details of the solicitation are!
candidates selected by the football I being worked out. I
team. f‘
Lora Schultz, daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. J. S. Schultz of Bluffton and by
Miss Ruth Neuenschwander of Quak
ertown, Pa
Richard Wenger, son of Mr.
Mrs. Fred Wenger of Bluffton
president of the men’s Varsity
organization, will escort the queen
to her throne and place the crown
(Continued on page 5)
Opening the annual Bluffton col-1| chairman
lege music
string trio
chapel Tuesday night at 8:30 o’clock.I Rowland.
During the Russian revolution Mr.| being selected
Sykora, the leader, toured Siberia I Mayor said,
and came to America in 1920.
Other numbers on the
Dec. 7—The Stevens
changes in all inter-school
in which Bluffton High
involved will be made as
school is
the result of a ruling this week by
the Office of Defense Transportation
which forbade the use of school
buses for any other purpose
than hauling of pupils between
homes and the schools.
Dr. Harvey Bauman, Returned! I
xVlissionary, Vesper Speaker I AH ar Relief Solicitation ill
Sunday Afternoon I 3e Combined Under One
Beaver Gridders Meet Capital farm aild
V. at Harmon Field Sat- Local Committees are Organiz-houthwest of Bluffton
urdav Afternoon e* in Bluffton and Rich- u “clng nlarr,ed °n„the
All band, orchestra, and
music contests have been cancelled
for this season and presumably will.
be eliminated for the duration of thel*^1*
war. All Other contests in debate,!
dramatics and other similar inter-1 Occasion
school competition are definitely out|
for the duration, it was stated by|
(Continued on page 5) I
In Richland township the
mittee consists
T. V.
series will be the Sykora I Bowers, Raymond
to play at the Ramseyer I Harvey Gratz aftd
The trio is composed of Russian I The community will
musicians who lived many years ini a systematic house to
the Ukraine, the Don River region,! in which every
the Caucasus, the Crimea and other I will be invited
theatres of the present war. I tion. A large
Feb. 2 Koch-Turner Duo recital. I numerous drives under the new plan, I pandora a girl Tuesday
April 30—The Chicago Little Phil-|it was pointed out. _______
All of the numbers will be Pre'| lists the following agencies to whit
the philharmonic group which will fuuniJdn bseX‘ebutorganizations
play at the high school auditorium.] British War Relief
Equipment of the mill was made!
(Continued on page 2)
The national war chest committee
C. A., War Prisoners Aid.
The mill, one of the few of its I Because of its nation wide appeal I this week by Norman Triplett, chair
kind in-this part of the state has I the Red Cross is not included in the I man of the Bluffton war bond sav
been operated for many years prin-lwar chest. However, with this one lings committee.
cipally on a custom basis for farm-1 exception Bluffton residents may bel Intensification of the purchase of
ers in this section. Sugar rationing,! assured that there will be only one I war bonds is being urged by the
however, has brought it into prom- war relief drive during the year,I committee in charge of the salesl
inence and the place is now operat-l the Mayor stated.
ing a day and night shift to meet! I ’s very good but more in Bluffton
the increased demand.
Advances In Rank
i I held no prospect of ill omen for
land 1 ownsnip land
I _I October 13,
Hold Open House in Afternoon
1 And Evening at Their Home
Near Bluffton
I Head I w’fe, 71,
Starting with the crowning of the I
homecoming queen Saturday morningl Solicitations of Bluiy on and Rich-1
at 10 o'clock, a gkla round of fes-lland township residen. for contribu-1
tivities has been scheduled for the| tions to tljq war A for the relief
vnek end Bluffton college of war .offering wif, hwe on
homecoming to be celebrated on the I Friday, October 16 and eontiliue untii| fn)d(
campus Saturday and Sunday. I Oct. £3, it was announced by Mayor
I Air IxUld OUrSC
The committee in the town drive| this Wednesday night at 7:30 o’clock,
as announced by the
posed of: Amos
American Legion Mrs. J. S. Steiner,
Legion Auxiliary Mrs. I. W. Bau-1 two-hour lessons and will deal with
man, Women’s Federation of Clubs I precautions and methods of handling
Don Conrad, Masonic Order Harold I air raid emergencies in order to
Beals, Eastern Star Chapter 1. B. avoid disaster.
Beeshy, Lions Club Arden Baker,
manufacturers Robert Ewing,
ton public school teachers
Burrichter, Bluffton ministers.
person in the town
to make a contribu
corps of workers is
for the drive, the
Purpose of the war chest is to
music series I combine ad drives for war relief
under one head. The residents of
Marionets. I g|uffton will not be bothered with
Starts W C'dllCSllail
The first course in air raid pro
tection for the home will start at
the Bluffton High school cafeteria
Mayor is com-1 jt was announced by Mrs. L. L.
Tschiegg, the| Ramseyer, general chairman
The course will consist of four
Mrs. Rouse of Lima will be the
Bluff-1 instructor. All residents who take
Emil I the course are asked to bring note-
books and pencils to the meeting.
com-1 Other committee chairmen assist-
of Henry Huber, I ing in arrangements for the course
Stirn, Arthur I include: Mrs.’ Arthur Amstutz, Mrs.
Stratton, Mrs. I Walter Stratton, Mrs. Guy Corson,
Mrs. Everett I and Miss Carolyn Romey.
be solicited in
house canvass
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Ruesch,
Jenera, a girl, last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sommers, Co
lumbus Grove, a boy, Thursday.
Inc„j _____
Russian War Relief, Inc., Polish-1
American Council. Greek War Reliefl Every wage earner in Bluffton
Ass’n., Queen Wilhelmina Fund, Inc., I should give at least 10 per cent of
American Social Hygiene Ass’n., I his salary to war bond savings to
War Emergency Fund of the Y. W.|help in the gigantic task facing the
Advances In Rank I
largely by Miller himself who thru! I with total sales of about $20 000
years of experience has become an I Arthur Eldon McConnaughey, 19.1 per month Bluffton has had an ex
expert in this line. Associated with! son of Mrs. L. McConnaughey, ofl cellent average and with demands
him in operation of the establish-! Lima, formerly Miss Lillian Woods! for war financing increasing resi
ment are men whose long exper-l of this place, has been advanced ini dents here are urged to step up
ience in this work have made them! rank to petty officer in the United! their purchases especially if they
thoroughly familiar with every step! States Navy. He is radio man 3rd! have not been buying the bonds in
in the processing and who need nonef class at a U. S. naval operating! the amount of 10 per cent of their
base.| total earnings.
Golden Wedding
number for
section who
Thirteen is a lucky
Mr. and Mrs. John T.
pioneer residents of this
will celebrate their Golden Wedding
anniversary next Tuesday at their
one-half miles
Couple To Observe Their Golden
Mis. John T. Buikhold-
er Announce Observance of
Wedding Anniversary Next Tuesday
Mrs. Burkholder who were wed
1892, and fifty years of
happy married life have confirmed
their confidence.
Both Mr. Burkholder, 76, and his
are enjoying good health,
all of their ten children are living
and during the fifty years since they
started housekeeping they moved
only once—just across the road.
Open House Tuesday
The couple will tell their friends
i is their lucky number
at *Th& Golden wedding observance
next Tuesday at open house from 2
(Continued on page 2)
Mr. and Mrs. Brice Watkins,
girl, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Williams,
Leipsic, a girl, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sommers,
Greeting Cabled
By Tony Wilson
To Grandfather
4 REE A BLY surprised was
C. C. Corson of Pandora
when he received a cablegram
from his grandson Carleton
“Tony” Wilson last Friday on
the occasion of Corson’s 83rd
birthday anniversary.
IT .• zxp 117 1 I
American armed forces, it was stated
ProKram here- Local participation
should pledge 10 per cent of thvir
earnings, Triplett pointed out.
Pension Fund Drive
At Methodist Church
I llltCHSlIlCclt lOll v/1 W31* ISOIlfl I 11I*C11ISCS I PaUmeilt For
To 10 Per Cent Of Income Urged Here I
Funeral services were held Sunday! tors created the German mind
at Carlock followed by interment at|which demanded military action in
Besides his daughters living here,I They admit aggressive action
he is survived by two other daugh-1 agajnst the United States when
ters: Mrs. Rufus Rich of Washing-1 many declared \war on this country
ton, Ill., and Mrs. Richard Vincenti but indicated belief that actual shoot
of Carlock.
Also surviving are a brother, Sen-|two countries before the official decla
ator Simon Lantz of Carlock and ratjon of war.
two sisters Mrs. Joe King of Car-1 The Germans took American entry
lock and
Staff Sergeant Wilson is
at an
operator for American
bomber squadron located
Wilson graduated from Bluff
ton High school in the class of
1938 and lived here with his un
cle. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Corson of
North Jackson street.
base in Aus-
ago a picture
from Austra
was shown
About a month
was received here
lia in which he
standing in front of his tent
with a group of soldiers.
Milo P. Lantz, 83, of^ Carlock, I1L,| these sources.
German Propaganda
The German people feel that they
died at the Mennonite hospital ii
Bloomington, Ill., Thursday night.I they were forced into the war by the
Death followed an extended illness.! belligerent action of England and
Mr. Lantz visited here in past! France. German propaganda played
years and was known to a numberl up the mal-treatment accorded Ger
of Bluffton people.
I man
A letter from the office of the! scrap metal in the town’s collection
Secretary of the Treasury at Wash-1 ^or tbe war eff°r* raaY receive pay
ington, D. C., to the local war bond|ment at the mayor’s office on Wed
committee states that regardless ofl nesday or Saturday nights between
supplements and increases in the! *be hours of 7:30 and 9:30 o’clock,
present tax program the government! was announced by Mayor W. A.
will continue to rely on voluntary Howe,
lending of money to ......
part of citizens for a large part ofl tons of scrap wi,J receive payments
the war financing. I1 *to
them on the
More intensive promotion of the| and rural mail patrons may pur
local campaign through advertising! chase them from the carriers. Many
and personal contacts can be expect-1 of the patrons are purchasing the
ed in future weeks, Triplett said. I stamps regularly, it was reported.
Poland, the speaker stated.
jng had already started between the
Lydia Lantz of Cove,|5nto the war in stride and did not al_
Oiegon. ]QW aner their absolute and com
plete confidence in victory for the
Germans it can not cause a turn in
the tide, is the German belief.
Germans Here Loyal to U. S.
With a local quota of $1,650 the| ’s bebeved further in Germany
Bluffton Methodist church has open-1 *be millions of people in is
ed a drive for a million dollar re-1 coun*ry German ancestry and ex
serve pension fund for the retired! trac*’onWorker
could not possibly fight
ministers of the church ,it was an-1 wholeheartedly against the father
nounced by the Rev. J. A. Weed,! land- Germans have generally re
Relief Held for Five
Months Addresses Lions,
Tuesday Night
mained loyal in other countries but
German People Unable to Real
ize Magnitude of America’s
War Effort
German people generally underesti
mate American military strength and
look upon Americans as an impulisve
and unstable type of people incapable
of sustained effort, it was stated by
Dr. M. C. Lehman, who recently re-
the Lions club at the Walnut Grill,
Tuesday night.
1 Dr. Lehman is director of the Men
nonite Central Committee in charge
of European war relief. Headquart
ers had been maintained in Berlin and
when Germany declared war on the
United States he was interned with
other Americans until arrangements
could be made for Germany and Unit
ed States to exchange nationals.
Dr. Lehman returned to this country
on the diplomatic exchange liner, the
Orotlingholm, arriving in New York
on May 28. The group consisted of
newspaper men, diplomats, business
men and some relief workers.
I? people in official positions and many
aliier mutt ton I
Women Succumbs\^^h^
Four Years* W ar Belief
One of the journalists sponsored a
straw vote of the passengers connect
ed with the American diplomatic of
fice in Berlin and newspaper men re
turning on the boat with reference to
their belief as to how long the war
would last. The 141 passengers who
were questioned indicated a belief that
the war will last four years, and that
American victory may be expected.
In his five months internment in
Germany, Dr. Lehman was given free
dom of movement on the streets and
talked with many different types of
ordinary citizens. He also talked to
the German foreign of-
fice and drew his conclusions from
nationals in Poland. These fac-
church it was an-1 wholeheartedly against the father-
The campaign is state wide and! ’s no^ realized in Germany’ that
will continue until November 15. It I United States is the one exception to
is under the sponsorship of the Ohio! situation, the speaker stated.
Conference of the Methodist church. I Americans are pictured as an im-
The local committee is composed! pulsive lot representing a, conglomer
of A. J. B. Longsdorf, chairman a^on races and national back
Forrest Steinman, Ross Gotshall,I grounds. Without the common tra
Elmer Short, Mrs. A. T. Worthing-! dltion and homogeneity of the Euro
ton and Mrs. A. J. B. Longsdorf. (Continued on page 3)
mained loyal in other countries but
Junk Contributors
Bluffton residents who contributed
The 75 persons contributing 16
in sums varying from eight cents
In no sense will the requirements! The junk was purchased by L. A.
be lessened and it is highly urgent I Kaplan, Lima dealer, for $9.5*0 a ton.
that the people of this democracyr
increase their purchases of the war'
bonds. Regardless of the other
measures that are needed, the volun
tary savings program will be essen-| Bluffton rural mail
carriers have
tial until the war is won, the com- com|)lete supp|y of war „vi
mumcation stated. stamps at aR times on the route
Sell War Stamps

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