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Bluffton College Vesper Speak
er Says That Indians are
Much Confusion in Country on
Matter Over 90 Per Cent
India Would Exchange British For
Jap Rule, Audience Here Is Told
India wants its freedom from Eng
land the worst possible way and will
even go to the extent of aiding the
Japs to get it, Dr. Harvey Bauman,
recently returned missionary from
India, told an audience at the Bluff
ton college vesper service in the
Ramseyer chapel Sunday afternoon.
The Indian people do not like the
Japanese but have developed such a
strong feeling on the matter that
they would actually help the Japan
ese if it meant freedom. The fact
that the Japanese control over them
would be at least as burdensome as
the British authority does not seem
to worry the Indians at this moment,
the speaker stated.
Congress Party
Feeling for freedom developed in
India with the rise of the Congress
party to power. The party has con
sistently had freedom as the basic
plank in its strongly nationalistic
program, the speaker said.
Political parties in India are or
ganized according to religion. The
Congress party is the Hindu party
and the second most powerful in
India is the Moslem league. The
Moslem group would like to have
India divided according to the pre
dominant people in the geographical
unit. This the Congress party has
vigorously opposed, it was pointed
Obstacles to Freedom
Although there are many people
who voice the belief that India
should be given her freedom imme-
in your
war job
diately, there are many obstacles to
such a program.
There is still the problem of caste
to be solved in which large segments
of the population are forced by cus
tom to remain in the same station of
life. In addition, the overwhelming
illiteracy still well over 90 per cent,,
would be a handicap to intelligent
self-determination, it was pointed
Literacy in India means only the
ability to read and write one’s own
name. So even the 10 per cent con
sidered literate is composed of many
people who can not read intelligent
Worship Cow
Another handicap to the people
would be the Hindu religion which
has a strong hold on the majority
of the population. One of its central
features is the worship of the cow
and other animals. Many of these
animals, therefore, can not be killed
for eating the meat.
The moral philosophy is summed
up in the sentence that anything
is all right as long as you do not get
caught. Merchants generally take
advantage of the illiterate people
who can not read the writing on
the paper money used as a medium
of exchange.
The entire country is confused in
the present situation and can not
help but draw the conclusion that
most of the people do not know
really what they do want, the speak
er said in conclusion.
Dr. Bauman and his wife, the
former Ella Garber, are both medical
doctors and graduated from Bluffton
college in the class of 1919. For the
duration of the war they will be
employed at a medical clinic in Phil
Don’t forget to buy War Bonds
and Defense Stamps.
The Bluffton Implement & Harness Company,
formerly operated as a partnership is now individual
ly owned, the undersigned having purchased the in
terest of his partner, Oswin Luginbuhl.
The business will be continued under its former
name and policies will be unchanged.
I take this opportunity to express appreciation
for liberal patronage from the community in past
years and hope for a continuance of same.
Noah Neuenschwander
Owner: The Bluffton Implement & Harness Co.
a treasure
An old friend a reliable, economical servant
today vour Gas Range assumes a new role. It has a
to do—one of the most important of them all—
the job of feeding your family for Health and Strength
for the duration.
A little care will go a long way in providing efficient
and economical service from your Gas Range ... will
add years to its life.
A Few Simple Rules for Gas Range Care
1. Use your Gas Range all
you need .. but make it
serve you well every coo k
ing minute.
2. Watch cooking tempera,
tures. Over-roasting or
over-baking wastes fuel
as well as food. Over-boil
ing wastes heat and kills
health-giving vitamins.
3. For greater efficiency use
flat-bottomed cooking
"kDo Your Share for Victory
Buy War Bonds & Stamps
utensils. Keeping them
covered prevents loss of
heat and food flavors.
4. Keep your Gas Range
clean! Wash it with soapy
water to remove grease
and grit. (This applies to
cooking utensils too.)
S. Try economical meals
such as "oven dinners’*
or "boiled dinners" that
are all cooked at one timea
Remember—GAS, America’s preferred cooking fuel
is also vital for war production. Do your part by using
it well.
West Ohio Gas Co.
Many Visitors Attend
College Homecoming
Among the out-of-town visitors
attending the Bluffton college home
coming festivities over the week end
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hofstetter and
daughter, Miss Eleanor Rosenberger,
Mrs. Adam Amstutz, Rollin Moser,
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Sommers and
daughter Rose Marie, Mrs. Wayne
Hollander, Miss Goldie Gerber, Miss
Dorthea Lehman, of Dalton Mr.
j...d Mrs. Paul Hugus and daughter,
Miss Ruth Severens, Miss Virginia
FLher, Miss Ruth Fenwick, Mrs. W.
E. Jones, Lima Miss Evelyn Hilty,
Rev. Forrest Musser, Mrs. S. W.
Steiner, Pandora.
Laverne Benson, Schauck Lieut.
Glover Grubaugh, Luckey Betty
Kenney, Congress Ruth Henderson,
Columbus Grovq Dorothy Burner,
Haviland Lucile Tschantz, West
Unity Russell Oyer, Chicago Ralph
Blosser, Seven Mile Mrs. A. J. Neu
enschwander, Quakertown, Pa. Mr.
and Mrs. J. Paul Clark and daugh
ter Carol, Westerville Dr. and Mrs.
Ray Heiks, Columbus Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Gallant, Bucyrus Mr. and
Mrs. George Howe, Tipp City.
Pvt^ Lyle Crow, Rawson: Mr. and
Mrs. H. R. Clark, Wooster Daniel
Tschantz, Lockwood Lee Lehman,
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Baumgartner,
Dick Lehman, Berne, Ind. Dr. Theo
dore Diller, Pittsburgh, Pa. Lucille
Steiner, Wayne Bill Snyder, Al
toona, Pa. Marcele Steiner, Mark
Houshower, Upper Sandusky Walter
Diehl, Youngstown Paul Stoodt,
Beaverdam June Moser, Pittsburgh
Elnore Burtchin, Rockford Margery
Gregg, Genevieve Stein, Genoa Mar
garet Berky, Van Buren Jeanne
Baumgartner, Bowling Green.
Mrs. A. C. Ramseyer, Frances
Ramseyer, Smithville Ruth Plank,
Bloomington, Ind. Darrel Yoder, Ft.
Wayne, Ind. Dr. Harvey Bauman,
Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. J.
E. Weaver and son Richard, Gosh
en, Ind. Marion Tinsler, Ad^ Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Ignat, Oberlin Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Locher, Cleveland
Dolores McCarty, Bryan Ruth Web
er, Payne Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Risser, Cincinnati Orville Augsburg
er, Hopedale, Ill. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Emmert, Topeka, Ind.
Former Bluffton
Boy Is Married
Charles Ray Fisher, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Wade Fisher of Ecorse,
Mich., former Bluffton residents, was
married to Miss Florence Belfi of
River Rouge, Mich., according to
word received here the first of the
The bride is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Belfi of River
The wedding took place at Napol
eon, September 29. In attendance
at the ceremony were mothers of the
bride and bridegroom and Miss
Wava Eileen Fisher, the bride
groom’s sister.
The bridegroom, a native of Bluff
ton is employed as a welder at the
shipyards of the Great Lakes En
gineering company at River Rouge.
Birthday Dinner
Relatives of Mrs. A. C. Spangler
gathered at her home Sunday in
honor of her birthday anniversary.
A basket dinner was observed at
the noon hour and the afternoon was
socially spent.
Those enjoying the day were: Mr.
and Mrs. D. B. Spangler, sons Jack
and Bob of Celina Mrs. Lira Burk
holder, daughters Meredith and Mary
Ellen, Ora Spangler, George Allen
Burkholder, Theda Anderson, Lima
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Anderson, daugh
ter Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Byron
Anderson, daughter Karen Sue, Mr.
and Mrs. H. D. Anderson, sons David
and Willis, Mrs. Mabel Cookson, Mrs.
Carol Patterson, Richard Cookson,
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Nonnamaker,
daughter Joyce and the honored
A standard cord of dry hardwood
equals a ton of coal in heating
Bluffton Richland
County ......
Township ....
School ........
Outside Total
$ 3.90
$ 3.35
Total ........ $ 7.70 $ 7.50 $15.20 $
Village ......
Ideal fall wea ther combined with
the natural beauty of the campus
provided an ideal setting for home
coming festivities held at Bluffton
college, Saturday and Sunday.
Opening the week-end activities
was the crowning of the home com
ing queen, Mary Alice Howe, daugh
ter of Mayor and Mrs. W. A. Howe
Saturday morning in the gymnasium.
Her attendants were Miss Lora
Schultz of Bluffton and Miss Ruth
Neuenschwander of Quakertown, Pa.
The traditional tug of war between
the freshman and sophomore classes
over the Little Riley creek at the
College avenue bridge resulted in a
victory for the sophomores who out
weighed their opponents.
0 nr
School ...... 4.85 2.75 7.60 5.05 2.65 7.70 5.20
College Campus Is Scene Of Gaia
Bluffton Homecoming Festivities
The queen and her attendants oc
cupied the regal platform at Harmon
Field stadium when the Beavers mot
Capital university in the annual
homecoming tilt Saturday afternoon.
Captains of the opposing teams
were presented with floral bouquets
from the queen between halves.
The annual homecoming meal was
held at Ropp hall dining room Sat
urday night at 6:30 o’clock with
Bluftton Co
Bluffton college has launched a
iew physical program which
will include students of all class
groups for the rst time this year.
All upperclas a will be required
to take part in the physical activ
ities, as well as freshman students.
Whereas it has been necessary for
a student to earn only two physical
education credits for graduation in
past years, it is now compulsory for
him to have earned at least four
credits under the present plan. 'Phis
new prograi was examined and
approved by the college Student
Welfare emmittee and the student
council, last spring.
Under the auspices of the college
Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. Mrs. Mar
guerita Irle Will, traveling World
Student Service Fund secretary, will
visit the Bluffton campus Tuesday
and Wednesday, October 20 and 21,
to enlighten members of the student
body and faculty concerning work of
the W.S.S.F., which is a channel for
student-facul giving for student
war relief around the world.
Mrs. Will’s talk will prepare the
way for a special W.S.S.F. drive to
be sponsored at the college by the
two “Y” organizations. Plans are
underway to have Mrs. Will speak
Bluffton High School Notes
Bluffton High school students will
cooperate in the community scrap
drive scheduled to start on Monday,
continuing until the end of the month.
The students will not only bring in
scrap from their own homes but will
also assist in rounding up the various
types of rap from neighbors. Both
high school and grade school students
are as ing in the drive supervised
at the schools by Harry Barnes and
Robert Ewing.
An in donation of Rip Van Wink
le will b* ven by Mr. and Mrs. John
Ellis, p’-1 sional entertainers at a
student inbly meeting to be held
next Tuesday afternoon at 2:30
An A '’apella choir will be selected
from the school chorus now holding
rehearsals under the direction of Miss
Harriett Brate, music instructor. The
present chorus is composed of the boys
and girls glee clubs and eliminations
will be made some time later in the
The chorus is preparing for Gaul’s
Holy City, an oratorio to be given in
the spring and for a Christmas con
cert to be presented in conjunction
with other school music organizations.
It has not been decided whether a
194 0
$ .55
$ .65
$ 3.90
Bluffton Vili-AGE
County ...... .$ 3.35 .55 $ 3.90 $ o.Zo $ .65 $ 3.90 $ 3.10 $ .70 $ 3.80 $ 2.90 $ .65 $ 3.55
Township ... .35 .00 .00 .35 .30 .00 .30 .30 .00 .30
Total .......... 8 9.50 S 3.30 $12.80 $ 9.60 $ 3.30 $12.90 $ 9.60 1
Beaverdam Vi LLAGE
County ...... $ 3.35 $ .55 $ 3.90 $ 3.25 $ .65 $ 3.90 $ 3.10 $
School ........ 3.05 6.95* 10.00 4.20 5.80* 10.00 4.90 6.20* 11.10 4.90 6.30* 11.20
Village .. 2.85 1.90 4.75 2.20 .85 3.05 1.70 2.20 3.90 1.80 2.35 4.15
Total ....... $ 9.60 $ 9.40 $19.00 «in no $ 7.30 $17.30 $10.00 $ 9.10 $19.10 $ 9.90 $ 9.30 $19.20
Beaverdam Ri UHLAND
County ....... $ 3.35 $ .55 $ 3.90 $ 3.25 $ .65 $ 3.90 $ 3.10 $ .70 $ 3.80
Township ... 1.30 .00 1.30 1.30 .00 1.30 1.30 .00 1.30 1.35
Township .35 .00 .35 .00 .35 .30 .00 .30
School .... 4.85 2.75 7.60 5.05 2.65 7.70 5.20
1 or
.00 1.35 1.35 .00 1.35 1.40 .00 1.40
Total ...... $ 9.90 $ 3.30 $13.20 $10.00 $ 3.30 $13.30 $10.00 $ 2.70 $12.70 $10.00
tThe 1942 rate is tentative and subject to minor changes.
These totals include a special 3 mill levy voted outside for general school operating expenses.
Walter Diehl, popular* colored ath
lete and alumnus of the class of
1937 as the speaker. Paul Stoodt,
an alumnus of the closs of 1926 and
superinteendent of Beaverdam schools
was toastmaster for the evening.
The day’s activities were closed
with a play "Even Exchange’’ pre
sented by the Thespian dramatic so
ciety at Ramseyer chapel following
the homecoming meal.
Parents’ Day was observed on
Sunday which with the additional
number of parents on the campus
considerably swell the attendance at
homecoming activities.
Speaking on "India’s Quest for
Freedom” Dr. Harvey Bauman, re
cently returned missionary from In
dia, addressed the Bluffton college
homecoming Vesper service at Ram
seyer chapel Sunday afternoon.
Following the Vesper service an
informal reception was held at Mus
selman library.
Despite tire restrictions and im
pending gasoline rationing there
were large numbers of visitors and
alumni in attendance at the college
activities on the homecoming week
lege Notes
an all-student meeting Tuesday
evening, October 20. She has also
been scheduled to appear at the
regular Chapel hour Wednesday
morning, October 21.
Homecoming festivities Saturday
and Sunday were well attended this
year despite transportation difficul
ties these days. College officials
thought that an exceptionally fine
spirit prevailed on the campus
among both alumni and former
students as well as the present
student body.
The annual football game between
Bluffton and Capital university, the
informal banquet with Walter Diehl,
Bluffton alumnus, as speaker, and
the Vesper service, Sunday, with Dr.
Harvey Bauman of India as speak
er, were high lights of the occasion.
Dr. Lloyd L. Ramseyer, President
of Bluffton college, is planning to
spend next week among the General
Conference Mennonite churches in
Iowa. Next Sunday he will speak
from the Wayland and Eicher Men
nonite church pulpits in the morn
ing and again at Wayland in the
evening. He will fill the pulpit of
the Pulaski Mennonite church in the
morning on October 25.
school operetta will be given.
Members of the boys glee club are:
James Gratz, James Stonehill, Mau
rice Kohli, Earl Luginbuhl, Gordon
Bixel, Robert Gratz, Dean Niswander,
Donavin Augsburger, Ray Follas,
James Harmon, John Lugibihl, Paul
Steiner, Robert Burkholder, Robert
Oberly, Floyd Herr, Robert Panna
becker, Raymond Schumacher, Clyde
Sommers, Kenneth Winkler, Wayne
Badertscher, Varden Loganbill, Bill
Mericle, Kenneth Reichenbach, Evan
Herr, Otto Klassen, Ronald Zimmerly,
F'lmer Stonehill.
Members of the girls glee club are:
Alice Oyer, Wilma Steiner, Mary Jane
Worthington, Florence Biome, Helen
Greding, Clara Reagan, Esther Berky,
Mary Lou Shafer, Jean Ann Steinman,
Mary Louise Dean, Margaret Diller,
Ann McGinnis, Louise Soldner, Mary
Jean Siefield, Dorothy Anderson, Mary
Luginbuhl, Ruth Slusser, Barbara
Triplett, Janice Hankish, Jane Howe,
Alice Oyer, Dorothy Burkholder,
Nadine Allman, Sarah Amstutz, Juan
ita Bame, Alice Bixel, Joyce Nonna
maker, Dorothy Wenger ,Lucretia
Johnson, Adah Lehman, Mary Basing
er, Beverly Biery, Joan Buckland,
Freda Fritchie, Alice Santschi, Gen
evieve Buhler, Julee Garmatter, Ruby
Lehman, Margaret Burkholder, Phylis
194 1
Outside Total Inside
$ 2.90
$ 3.10
$ .70
$ 3.80
$ 6.45 $15.20 $ 9 30 S 6.90 $16.20 $ 9 15 $ 6.95 $16.10
1 94 2t
Outside Total
$ 3.55
$ .65
$ 2.90 .65 $ 3.55
.00 1.35
2.00 7.20 5.75 2.25 8.00
2.70 $12.30 $10.00 $ 2.90 $12.90
.70 $ 3.80 $ 2.90 $ .65 $ 3.55
.30 .00 .30
2.00 7.20 5.75 2.25 8.00
1.05 .00 1.05
$ 2.90 $12.90
Hardwick, Phylis Marquart.
Most of the group pictures were
taken for the annual on Wednesday, it
was announced by Ellen Basinger, ed
A pep
meeting will be held Friday
morning in anticipation of the football
game to be played with Celina at the
local stadium.
Many of the teachers are giving six
weeks tests this week. Grade cards
will be handed out next Wednesday in
the home rooms, it was announced by
Gerhard Buhler, principal.
Arrangements are being made to
have a junior high school choir. Try
outs are heing held this week and will
be completed by Thursday, Miss Brate
Former Local Woman
Drowns In Bath Tub
Mrs. Louis Block, 78, of Lima, a
former Bluffton resident, was
drowned Thursday in a bath tub in
a Lima convalescent home where she
was a patient.
Harry Lewis, Allen county coro
ner, gave a verdict of accdential
death by drowning.
He said the woman was assisted
into the empty bath tub by an at
tendant and was left there covered
with a blanket. The attendant had
expected to return to her patient
shortly, but fell asleep, the coroner
said he was told.
Lewis said a roomer in the home.
James Katrelik, went into the bath
room and found Mrs. Block’s body
floating in the tub, with the blanket
clogging the drain. She apparently
had turned on the faucets either by
accident or design, Lewis said.
Mrs. Block was a native of Lithu
ania and lived in Bluffton before
maving to Lima about thirty years
ago. While living here her husband
was a junk dealer and later operat
ed a cigar and tobacco store. She
had been in ill health for the past
six years.
Surviving are her husband,: four
sons Harry of East Orange, N. J.
Robert of Troy, N. Y. Nathan of
Springfield, Mass. and Albert at
home. Three daughters are Mrs.
Charles Federman of Lansing, Mich.
Mrs. Joe Roberts of Springfield, Ill.,
and Mrs. Sam Gerst of Logansport,
Funeral services were conducted
Friday afternoon in Lima followed
by interment at that place. Rabbi
Akeva Ostrovsky of Shaare Zedek
synagogue officiated.
Seek Navy Recruits
E. M. Schwartz, naval recruiting
officer, will be at the post office here
Thursday from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
to interview men interested in navy
THURSDAY, OCT. 15, 1942
Last Rites Held
For Charles Kidd
Interment of remains of Charles
Kidd, 80, was made in Maple Grove
cemetery here Friday afternoon fol
lowing funeral services at Vaughns
ville Union church.
Mr. Kidd died at his home near
Vaughnsville last Wednesday.
He was bom near Ada, Feb. 20,
1862, the son of Wm. H. and Helen
Gilbert Kidd. He was married to
Alice Marshall, who with two child
ren preceded him in death. Two
sons surviving are Warren of Long
Beach, Calif., and Robert of Ottawa.
He was later married to Margaret
Jones of Vaughnsville, who survives.
Also surviving are five sisters:
Mrs. Bessie Hefner, Lafayette Mrs.
Cora Huber, Bluffton Mrs. W. H.
Porter, Cortland Mrs. Jessie Lon
singer, Philadelphia and Mrs. David
Contrel, North East, Pa.
Brothers surviving are Clark Kidd,
Vaughnsville W. H. and E. T. Kidd
of Lafayette and Otto Kidd of Texas.
Two Cows Here
Make High Record
Two Holstein cows of the herd of
Melvin Zimmerly, Bluffton dairy
farmer are producing more than
three times that of the average
dairy cow, it is announced by the
Holstein-Friesian association.
Both cows are registered and have
just completed test production rec
ords under supervision of Ohio State
university and the Jiolstein-Friesian
Year’s production of one was 17,
197 pounds of milk and 566 pounds
of butterfat. The other produced
16,904 pounds of milk and 564
pounds of butterfat, the report stat
Triple Birthday Dinner
A triple birthday dinner was en
joyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Lewis Friday evening in hon
or of anniversaries of Mrs. Neil
Duffman of Mt. Cory, and Mrs.
Arthur Lewis and Larry Mathewson
of Bluffton.
Mrs. Duffman and Mrs. Lewis are
twin daughters of Mrs. Emma Lan
ning of Wapakoneta and Larry is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dana
Mathewson of this place.
A beautiful pink and white birth
day cake centered the table and the
honored guests received many hand
some gifts, birthday cards and good
The occasion also brought to mind
the death of the father of Mrs. Duff
man and Mrs. Lewis who died on
their birthday anniversary 23 years
ago and the death of a sister, Mrs.
Elmer Kohler of St. Marys whose
death occurred four months ago..
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