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Lions To Discuss
Gardening Problems
Gardening and food production
problems will be discussed at the
Lions club meeting at the Walnut
Grill Tuesday night at 6:15 o’clock.
The following topics will be discus
sed in a panel group: Farm produc
tion, Homer Gratz Victory gardens,
Harry Barnes farm implements and
tools, C. F. Niswander selective
service and farm labor, Forrest
The Lions club has sponsored a
Victory garden program in which
50 gardens, plowed and harrowed,
are offered free of charge to residents
of the community. To date some 20
applications have been received.
Unless a suitable tract of land can
be leased in or near Bluffton, how
ever, the club may be forced to drop
the project. It is necessary to secure
one or two fairly large tracts of land
in order to keep the plowing diffi
culties and expenses to a minimum.
Plowing and harrowing of small
individual garden plots is not a part
of the Lions project. If anyone
knows of a tract of land available
he is requested to communicate with
N. E. Byers, chairman of the com
mittee in charge of the project.
College Choir To
Sing Sunday Night
The Bluffton college Vesper choir
w’lil present a sacred concert at the
Bath Township Church of the Breth
ren, Sunday night. The choir will be
under the direction of Prof. Russell
Rev. C. R. Bowman is pastor of the
church. Mrs. Bowman is a special
student at Bluffton college.
Buy War Bonds and Defense
Stamps now.
Efficiency Integrity Progress
Ambulance Service
Phone 222-W 239 S. Main St.
Beginning Thursday, April 1, the following prices will
be effective for Hy-Grade Dairy Products delivered on our
routes to your door:
Milk, quart...............12c
Milk, gallon............. 44c
Cream, half pint 15c
Chocolate Milk, qt. 13c
Phone 398-W
Prompt Relief
At the first sign of oncoming colds, take tiny
LAXACOL\. tablets as directed and get
Sirompt relief. Balanced formula reduces
ever and aching, checks nose running,
gently stimulates bowels.
LAXACO Tablets 25
A. Hauenstein & Son
Ask For Support
Of Legislation
Because of the steady downward
trend in enrollment and attendance
it will be necessary to have a change
in the Ohio law’ for distribution of
foundation money or there will be a
decrease in state payments and less
money for the Bluffton district than
in preceding years, it was stated this
week by A. J. B. Longsdorf, super
intendent of schools^
There are several bills before the
Ohio senate at the present time
which would increase the amount of
per pupil distribution and to change
the basis for distribution of state
money from average daily attendance
to total enrollment.
The board of education has ap
proved resolutions supporting these
measures and has sent copies of the
resolutions to the district representa
tives in the state legislature.
If the bills become law the local
schools would receive $2,500 to $3,000
more per year for operating revenue,
Supt. Longsdorf stated. This would
approximately make up the decrease
in revenue caused by reduced en
The Bluffton schools receive their
income from the following sources:
County and town taxes, 49.8 percent
state foundation program, 48.8 per
cent federal aid, 1.3 per cent.
Approval of this legislation would
not mean an increase in salaries or
an expansion of school services but
simply that the school would be able
to maintain its present program,
Supt. Longsdorf said.
Ebenezer Mennonite Church broad
cast from WFIN, Findlay, Sunday at
4:30 p. m. Fast Time, will feature a
group of Women’s voices under the
direction of Mrs. Milo Lora and ac
companied by Mrs. William Althaus.
in onje coat
flat wall paint
T. Greding Hardware
B. F. BIERY, Business Mgr.
C. A. BIERY, Editor
Published weekly at Bluffton, Ohio,
by the Bluffton News Publishing and
Printing Co.
Subscription rates: Year, $2.00
six months, $1.25 anywhere in U. S.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Bluffton, Ohio,
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
See me for lawn mower sharpen
ing and repairing. Rell Potee, South
Mound St.
Mrs. Noah Diller of North Jackson
street is a patient in Bluffton hos
pital since Tuesday.
Mrs. Noah Diller was removed from
her home on North Jackson street to
the Bluffton hospital in the Basinger
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff West and Miss
Isabelle Stewart of Findlay visited
with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Garner in To
ledo, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Moser and
daughter Gloria Jean visited Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Hall and family of Beaver
dam, Sunday
Pfc. Donald McCafferty of Camp
Carson is spending a twelve day fur
lough with his parents, Mr -and Mrs.
Carl McCafferty.
Miss Margaret Basinger, of Day
ton, visited with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Noah Basinger of Lawn avenue
on the week end.
Mrs. James Basinger returned to
her home in Nashville, Tenn., on Sun
day after a two weeks’ visit here with
relatives and friends.
Robert Kohler in training at
Camp Crowder, Mo., spent several
days recently with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Kohler.
Ensign Howard Trippiehorn of the
Navy spent the week end with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Trible
horn of South Main street.
Rev. John Esau of Cherry street is
conducting a two-week sseries of
evengelistic meeting sat the Men
nonite church in Delft, Minn.
Cadet Gareth Todd, in naval air
pilot’s training at John Carroll
university, Cleveland, is spending
several days at his home here.
Pvt. Victor Moser and Miss Ethel
Downey were Sunday dinner guests at
the Ervin Moser home. Afternoon
callers were Mrs. Marion Fox and son
Mrs. Paul Detwiler and little son
are spending two weeks in Souder
ton, Pa., visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Detwiler and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Detwiler.
Dr. Walter Kliewer, of Minneapolis,
Minn., visited this week at the h®me
of his sister, Mrs. H. W. Linscheid of
Mound street. He stopped here en
route to Flc^ida on a business trip.
Dr. L. L. Ramseyer, of Bluffton
collge and Rev. .N. Smucker, of the
First Mennonite church, attended a
board meeting of the Witmarsum
Teological seminary at Chicago last
Morris Huber, formerly of Mentor,
near Cleveland, has accepted a posi
tion in Lima. He and his wife have
moved here and are residing with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O .W. Huber,
near Bluffton.
Dr. Robert Oyer, recently graduat
ed from Hahnemann Medical college
in Philadelphia, is visiting here this
week. He has been assigned to the
Huron road hospital in Cleveland for
his internship.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sutter and
daughter Barbara Rose and Pvt. and
Mrs. Melvin Long and son were
supper guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. E. Long of Orange
township, Tuesday evening.
Francis W. Luginbuhl of the Great
Lakes Naval Training station is
spending a nine days furlough with
his family here. At the conclusion of
the furlough he will be assigned to
one of the naval machinist’s training
Harry Amstutz of Pueblo, Colo.,
is visiting at the home of his par
ents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Amstutz of
North Main street It is his first
visit here in twenty-five years. He
will return to Colorado the first of
next week.
Earl Huber, formerly of this place
engaged in the farm implement busi
ness in Ada for many years under
the name of Huber & Son has sold
his business to Glenn Marshall. Hu
ber is now recovering from an ex
tended illness which confined him to
the hospital last fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mericle of Elm
street and Mrs. Gerald E. Mericle vis
ited Staff Sgt. Gerald E. Mericle, who
is in training at Camp Claiborne, La.,
last week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mer
icle returned Monday evening but
Mrs. Gerald Mericle will stay with her
husband for several weeks.
Richard Burkhc’der who has been
temporarily stationed at an army post
in Indianapolis, spent the week end
here visiting his family and his moth
er, Mrs. Lida Burkholder. He re
turned to Indianapolis the first of the
week expects to leave Thursday for
Main where he was formerly located.
Diller ambulance removals: Glen
Shick from Bluffton hospital to his
home northeast of Lafayette Mrs.
Elmer Walter from Bluffton hospital
to her home in Beaverdam Mrs.
Howard Smith from Bluffton hospi
tal to her home near Jenera Mrs.
R. E. Holden and infant from Bluff
ton hospital to their home in Raw
Mrs. Clara Geiser of Lawn ave
nue is ill with an attack of rheuma
Mrs. Robert Hess and daughter of
Findlay visited Sunday with Mrs.
Lydia Badertscher.
Mrs. L. J. Hitz of Chicago is
visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Amstutz this
Mrs. Grace Ramer is assisting in
the care of Mrs. Estella McGeorge
who is ill at her home on Mound
Mrs. Sherwood Diller and son
Peter of Detroit spent the week end
with Mrs. W. E. Diller of South
Main street.
Gerald Basinger of Buckley Field,
Calif., visited last week at the home
of his mother, Mrs. Martha Basinger
of near Bluffton.
Mrs. Russell Amstutz and daugh
ter Sharon Kay visited Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Salsbury and
family of Jenera.
Vincent Habegger of Camp Cook,
Calif., visited the past week on fur
lough with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Habegger.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stettler visit
ed in Findlay, Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Hochstettler and Mr. and
Mrs. Art Hochstettler.
Mrs. Roland Bixler of New
Haven, Conn., is spending several
weeks with her parents, Mr, and
Mrs. R. L. Triplett of Campus Drive.
Denver Augsburger who was call
ed here because of the death of his
father, Ben Augsburger, last week
has returned to Cai at Vancouver,
Mrs. Sadie Stearns and daughters
Erma and Mamie Stearns of Upper
Sandusky visited Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Stearns and family
of Spring street.
Mrs. Gladys Fowler, residing east
of Beaverdam is in New York city
visiting her husband who is in the
navy. Mrs. Fowler is a daughter of
Mrs. Anna Fett of near Beaverdam.
Pvt. Melvin Long, Jr., of Ft.
Moultrie, S. C., is spending a ten
day furlough with his wife and son
and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. E. Long and daughters.
Rev. and Mrs. E. N. Bigelow, Mr.
and Mrs. John Warren and Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Biery were Sunday dinner,
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Van Meter of near Pandora.
Mrs. Noah Zuercher of South Main
street, Mrs. Levi Gable of North
Jackson street, Miss Elizabeth Zim
inerly of Grove street and Miss
Soldner of the Bluffton hospital
visited relatives in Berne, Ind., Sun
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Reichenbach
and daughter Betty of West Elm
street and Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Roethlisberger of South Jackson
street visited Sunday with relatives
in Monroeville, Bluffton and Ft.
Wayne, Ind.
Miss Nettie Dodge was a dinner
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Nus
baum, Sunday. Evening callers
were Mrs. Eli Hartman of Bluffton
and her daughter Miss Mae Stein
man who has been teaching school
in Akron.
Mennonite Societies
Hold All Day Meeting
Missionary societies of the Men
nonite churches of Bluffton, Pandora
and Lima communities will hold an
all-day meeting at the St. John Men
nonite church this Thursday.
Sessions will start at 10 a. m. and
1:30 p. m., slow time. The meetings
will be featured by music and ad
dresses by returned missionaries. The
afternoon meetings will be addressed
by Miss Irma Schneck, Pandora mis
sionary from Africa and Ernst Hard
er, Bluffton college student from Par
The final presentation on the pro
gram will be a play, “Two Masters”
to be given by the Bluffton college
women's gospel team. The produc
tion is directed by Miss Viola Am
stutz, junior from Pandora.
Postmaster Will
Retire Wednesday
After having been postmaster of
Beaverdam for 34 years, John E. Pat
terson will relinquish his duties at
midnight Wednesday. He was 70 on
March 13 and the government requir
es that men in the mail service retire
when they reach that age.
His place will be taken under tem
porary appointment by C. L. Rup
right, Beaverdam photographer and
office employe at the Lima Locomo
tive Co. The permanent appointment
will be made on the basis of a civil
service examination to be given in the
near future at the Bluffton postofficej.
Widely known throughout Allen
county, Patterson commenced his
postal duties on June 1, 1909. He
estimates that he has handled 19,000,
00 first class letters and 58,000 mon
ey orders in his years of serving this
village of approximately 400 persons.
During the years in the postmas
ter’s job he has seen that 1,000 tons
of newspapers have reached the prop
er addresses and 92,400 pieces of par
ce Ipost have been delivered. Nearly
2,000 special deliveries have been
handled by the veteran government
worker and since the war started his
office has taken care of 10 air mail
letters daily.
Air Raid Wardens
Named For Blackout
In preparation for the blackout to
be held in Bluffton in the near fu
ture, air raid wardens have been re
assigned on the basis of precinct lo
cations, it was announced Wednesday
by Jesse Yoakam, chief air raid
The appointments were made by a
committee composed of Yoakam,
Clair Fett, chairman of the local ci
vilian defense council and Mayor W.
A. Howe.
The following deputies and ward
ens have been chosen:
Precinct A
Dr. B. R. Herring, deputy Dr.
Gordon Bixel, Fred Hahn, Joe Stage,
Levi Gable, I. B. Beeshy, Charles
Lloyd, Gid Luginbuhl.
Wm. Edwards, deputy Cliff West,
Carey Niswander, Leland Diller,
Lloyd Brauen, Robert Lewis, Ed
Good, Armin Hauenstein, H. W.
A. C. Burcky, deputy John Tosh,
Don Patterson, E. S. Lape, Dr. Lloyd
Ramseyer, Sidney Stettler, Edward
Reagan, Paul Clark.
Gerhard Buhler, deputy A. E.
Lichtenwalter, Emerson Stultz, Wal
ter Niswander, James Balmer, Fred
Getties, Dan Trippiehorn, Noah Nis
wander, Elmer Romey,
Jesse Manges, deputy George Lin
den, Albert Badertscher, Fay Isham,
Charles Patterson.
Charles Aukerman, deputy Oscar
Lora, Albert Baumgartner, D. W.
Bixler, Floyd Harris, Ray Patterson.
Cari Cahill, deputy Dan Alspach,
Lee Wingate, Gid Schaublin, O. E.
Dudgeon, Mervin Deifendeifer.
Gail Mumma, deputy Emory Ben
roth, Frank Cunningham, Charles
Gazette, Merle Ingalls, Eugene Ba
singer, Cloyce Bame, Aldine Weiss.
Clubi, j£odg.eA
and Societies
Eastern Star Chapter
The regular meeting of the Order
of Eastern Star will be held Friday
night at 8 o’clock. Evelyn Beals,
W. M.
Poinsettia Chib
The Poinsettia club will meet at
the home of Mrs. Clayton Murray
this Wednesday night at 7:30 o’clock.
The following program will be pre
sented: Red Cross First Aid, Mrs.
Guy Corson Food Lockers, Mrs.
Herbert Marshall Roll Call, Cur
rent Events.
Century Circle
The Century Circle met at the
home of Mrs. A. C. Burcky Wed
nesday afternoon. The following
program was presented: Modern
Trends in Medicine, Mrs. Gordon
Bixel Liquor Traffic, Mrs. I. W.
Bauman Television, Miss Ocie
G. H. M. C. to Meet
The Gertrude Hoy Missionary
Circle of the St. John’s Evangelical
and Reformed church will meet at
the home of Mrs. Blanche Hauen
stein Monday evening at 8 o’clock.
Mrs. Agnes Wyncoop is assistant
hostess. The leader will be Mrs.
Helen Naas.
Richland Grange
The Richland Grange will meet
next Tuesday night at 8:30 o’clock.
The following program will be pre
sented: Roll Call, Something I
Saw From My Window Safety on
the Farm, Henry Huber Play, A
Call for the Ambulance Special
W. S. C. s.
The Women’s Society of Christian
Service of the Methodist church will
meet at the home of Mrs. Charles
Aukerman on Cherry street Thurs
day night.
Richland Community Circle
The Richland Community Circle
will meet for an all-day Red Cross
sewing at the home of Mrs. Mary
Matter Thursday, April 8. In con
nection with the sewing there will
be an Easter program. Each mem
ber will bring her own lunch.
Death Takes Judge
Phil Crow Of Lima
Judge Phil M. Crow, of the third
district court of appeals and well
known in the Bluffton area, died un
expectedly in Lima, Monday night.
Judge Crow, past 70 and one of
Ohio’s oldest judges in point of ser
vice, collapsed at the Argonne hotel
and was dead on arival at Memoial
hospital. He apparently suffered a
heart attack.
The jurist maintained his legal res
idence at Kenton but lived in Lima
since 1910.
Grass Fire
A grass fire originating from
burning brush at the rear of the
residence of Mrs. I. W. Welty on
W’est Elm street resulted in a run
of the department to that place Mon
day afternoon at 3 o’clock. There
was no damage.
Red Cross Campaign
Finished Wednesday
Bluffton completed the campaign
for the solicitation of funds for the
Red Cross several hundred dollars
short of the assigned quota of $2,000
it was announced Wednesday morn
ing by G. R. Bogart, chairman of the
local drive.
If any residents have been missed
in the solicitation they may still
make their donations at either drug
store. Further opportunity for con
tributions will be given at the Star
theatre in celebration of National
Red Cross week starting Thursday.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to all who helped during the
illness and death of our beloved
father, Benjamin Augsburger to
Rev. P. J. Boehr for his words of
comfort, the singers, those who sent
flowers and all who assisted in any
The Family
anted—School girl for several
hours work after school. Inquire 223
High street. Phone 480-T.
Wanted—Clean light weight cotton
rags, will pay 6 cents per pound.
Bluffton News office. tf
Wanted—To buy late model elec
tric refrigerator in good condition.
Wilbur Steiner, phone 629-Y. tf
Wanted Housekeeper for aged
man. Permanent. Write Box L,
Bluffton News.
anted—To rent furnished apart
ment or house, electric refrigerator,
adults. Write P. O. Box 137, Tiffin,
Wanted—Electric washer in good
condition. Inquire Mrs. Ralph Pat
terson, 108 Riley St.
Wanted—High chair. 612 South
Main street.
For rent—Four room apartment in
house near Beaverdam private en
trance. Call Beaverdam phone 272.
For rent—Two rooms for light
housekeeping. Inquire 129 Geiger
For sale—Gio-Boy parlor heater,
excellent condition, new pipe also
75 lb. 3 compartment ice refrigerator.
Fred Fritchie, 120 Riley St., Bluffton.
For sale—400 ft. finest quality
round leather belting 5/16 inch.
Price 5 cents per foot in 100 ft.
lengths smaller lengths 6 cents per
foot. W. F. lutzi. tf
For sale—18 squares of heavy nat
ural slate roofing in excellent condi
tion. Nail holes are drilled. Wilbur
Steiner, phone 629-Y. tf
For sale—Manchu soy beans. Cleo
Garau, 5 miles south of town.
For sale—Eight tube table model
radio. Inquire 236 N. Spring St.
For sale—Corner book case, good
condition. Inquire 347 S. Main St.
For sale—Building 16 by 26 ft. in
very’ good condition, can be moved
easily. W’ill sell reasonable if taken
soon. Can be seen after 5 p. m. at
121 N. Thurman St., Bluffton.
For sale—Player piano, used and
rolls. $450 original price, for $39
$5 a month to reliable party. Write
Verne Netzow, Rural Route 5, Box
310, Waukesha, Wis., as to when the
piano can be seen in Bluffton.
For sale—Flowers: tritomas or
flaming torch 25c bunch. Noah
Geiger, east of town.
For sale—100 bushels good yellow
corn. Edwin Niswander north of
For sale—Good feeding corn
Manchu soy beans and Siberian oats.
E. P. Steiner east of town.
For sale—Hay loader, disc, spring
tooth harrow, spike tooth harrow,
cultivator, riding breaking plow, hay
tedder, manure spreader. C. M.
Keiffer, 3 miles south on county line.
For sale—75 bags size Chip
pewa eating and planting potatoes
from last year’s certified seed. Call
before 10 a. m. or after 4 p. m. This
week only. Price $3.25. Cyrus
Schumacher, Bluffton phone.
For sale—Spring tooth harrow
Imperial breaking plow with pointer
John Deere two-horse corn cultiva
tor all in A-l shape. Cal Luginbuhl.
For sale—Good two wheel trailer,
good rubber. Dennis Diller, Bluff
ton phone.
For sale—Makomb 500 chick size
oil brooder, used two seasons. D.
A. Krichbaum.
For sale—1939 Mercury 4-door
sedan in good condition. Must sell
at once going into army. Kenneth
Hartman, 103 N. Lawn Ave. Phone
For sale—Hoosier grain drill 10
ft. drag harrow single row corn
cultivator 5 ft. McCormick mower
Oliver riding breaking plow all
horse drawn. M. H. Benroth four
miles east of Bluffton on Rt. 103.
Found—Ladies pocketbook. Owner
can obtain by identifying same and
paying for advertisement. Genevieve
Burkholder, 132ba N. Jackson St.
Lost—About a dozen coffee Ration
Stamps No. 25 pasted on sheet of
paper. Finder please return to the
News office.
Lost—Ladies brown Schafer pencil
with gold top, Friday. Finder return
to News office.
Lost—Inner tube between Eben
ezer church and Hilty school. Finder
please return to News office.
____________ PACE FVE
Daughter Of Former
Resident Is Married
Miss Inez Ann Woods, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kelly Woods and
grand-daughter of Med Murray of
Bluffton, beca methe bride of En
sign William Hosier O’Brien, U. S.
Coast Guard Reserve at the First
Presbyterian church in Findlay on
Sunday, March 21.
After a wedding trip to New York
City the young couple are at home at
Ithaca, N. Y., where Ensign O’Brien
is stationed as an instructor in the
Naval Deise 1 school. Mrs. O’Brien
will continue her musical studies at
Cornell university in Ithaca. Mrs.
Woods, the mother of the bride, was
formerly Miss Jessie Murray of this
Notice To Bidders
The Bluffton Board of Education
will receive sealed bids for furnish
ing One Hundred (100) Tons more
or less of coal for the high school
building at Bluffton, Ohio, during
the coming year as required by said
Board of Education.
Bidder will be required to submit
analysis of coal he proposes to fur
nish, together with price delivered.
All bids to be in hands of the
clerk of the board by noon on April
12, 1943.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids.
50 Leland Diller, Clerk
Don’t you learn
the hard way
There are two times to learn
whether you have enough in
surance—before and after the
Don’t learn the hard way—
after the fire—when it’s too
late to make any changes.
We’ll be glad to help you
check your policy today—with
out obligation—and you’ll be
glad to know where you stand
in this important matter.
Fresh Drugs
Quality Drug Store
of All Kinds
Prescriptions Care
fully Compounded
Sidney’s Drug Shop
Phone 170-W
Matinee Sunday 2:30
lock Holmes
Remember Your Collection
FUNDS at this theatre
week of APRIL 1-7.

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