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Abandons Car Steals
A thief abandoned a 1938 sedan
in Beaverdam early Wednesday and
fled in a 1940 coach owned by Berl
Reichenbach of Beaverdam, state
highway patrolmen reported.
The car which was left in the
village, according to authorities, was
one which had been stolen earlier in
the week from Fostoria.
County Health Head
The Allen County Board of Health
appointed Dr. Gail E. Miller last
week to serve another two-year term
as county health commissioner, and
issued new contracts to his entire
It was Dr. Miller’s ultimatum a
year ago that Lima garbage trucks
could not haul their refuse into the
county until sanitary steps were
taken, which led to a series of dif
ficulties over garbage collections
which the city only now is begin
ning to overcome.
Paintings To Be
Nearly 200 paintings from the
brush of Linna A. Crow, who died
at her home in Lima last fall, will be
offered at public auction Saturday
afternoon, including many which
have attracted wide interest at ex
hibits in eastern and midwestern
Harrod Flier Is
First Lieut. Ora M. Wilkins, 24, a
combat pilot with the army air forces
in North Africa since last Febru
ary, has been missing in action since
April 16, the war department in
formed his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.
T. Wilkins of Harrod.
Lieutenant Wilkins has three bro
thers in the army air forces, all in
this country.
Aged Man Burned
Fighting Fire
Albert Reeves, 82, is in fail* condi
tion with severe burns on his legs
received w*hile fighting a grass fire
near the rural home in which he
lives with his daughter, Mrs. Sher
man Lehman, southwest of Lima.
Tot Rescued From
Three-year old Kay Ann Miller’s
firm grip on a protruding iron pipe
saved her life when she fell into a
cistern from which she had dis
lodged a cover. Mrs. Don Lackey,
wife of a Lima banker, heard the
struggles of the neighbor’s child
and dragged her from the cistern.
Hurt In 40-Foot Fall
Johnson Place, 55, Spencerville, is
in St. Rita’s Hospital with a frac
tured hip received last Friday in a
40-foot fall from a roof at the farm
of Julia Poling near Spencerville.
He is a carpenter.
AWVS Has Successful
Mrs. Charles A. Baker, of Lima,
has been re-elected as unit chair
man of the American Women’s Vol
untary Service, an organization
which has carried out many worth
while projects in Lima since it was
organized last summer.
Having only 46 members when it
was organized on July 28, 1942, the
AW VS now has 252 members, who,
according to Mrs. Baker, are willing
at any time to help in the busy war
The American Women’s Voluntary
Services unit has sponsored educa
tion projects, including classes in
air raid protection, and it has finger
printed more than 3,100 persons, in
addition to helping out in war bond
selMng and operating the canteen at
the Pennsylvania railroad station
for soldier boys.
It has provided help at hospitals
and helped organize the Rosa Gragg
unit of the AW VS, which is for
colored women.
Beet Refinery Will
The Findlay plant of the Great
Lakes Sugar Co., has contracted suf
ficient acreage to guarantee opera
tion of the sugar beet refinery, Man
ager C. W. Kramp announced.
Kramp said labor from Texas and
Mexico already in the Findlay area
together with that enroute would
assure sufficient help. Some sugar
beets, freed by closing of the plant
of the Ohio Sugar Co., of Ottawa,
are expected to be refined at Findlay.
225 Seniors In County
Get “Best-Yet” Egg Producers
The Bluffton Hatchery Co.
Bluffton, Ohio Phone 252-W
(Twenty-third Season)
Hancock county committees are
deep in preparations for the com
mencement season as 225 seniors in
the county schools hold the custom
ary series of activities leading up to
commencement day.
All of the schools, except McComb,
will hold commencement exercises
this week, with baccalaureate serv
ices Sunday. McComb seniors will
be graduated Friday, May 21, and
the baccalaureate service will be
Sunday, May 16.
Boy Dies After
Robert Bartlett, 14-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Bartlett,
died suddenly last week following
immunization for diphtheria. An
allergy* for anti-toxin and cardiac
failure were said to have caused his
He was a Toledo Blade carrier and
had completed his delivery of papers
before going to the physician’s office
for treatment. He became ill on the
way home and died within an ohur
in the Findlay hospital.
Pole Erection Brings
The suit of Ora C. Loverage
against the Ohio Power company has
been revived in common pleas court,
the plaintiff seeking to collect dam
ages of $3,000 on his claim that the
power company erected 11 poles and
tw*o guy wires on his farm in Lib
erty tow’nship.
He says the company had permis
sion to erect poles in the line of
other poles along the highway but
that the 11 poles in question were
set 20 feet onto his land, without
permission or compensation. He
estimates that it is worth $50 per
pole for the privilege of locating
'em (lolled!
Roll your sleeves, and give your Uncle Sam
the fullest cooperation'. That means pro
ducing more and better crops.
We know that you know what it takes to
do your job, and we are doing our job by
reminding you to have your harvesting
machines in perfect condition for this
If it is parts you need, call us. If your equipment requires servicing,
our service expert can help—Call us, we’ve got what you need.
McCormick-Deering Dealer
Bluffton, Ohio
them and that his farm has been
damaged to the extent of $2,000 by
having them in his field.
Fire Disrupts Phone
Telephone service in south Find
lay and toll circuits to Kentoh, Mar
ion, Columbus and other southerly
points were disrupted Thursday
when fire in a barn on the H. F.
Burkett property*, spread to the Ohio
Bell Telephone company’s 404 local
cable and 50 pair toll cable in an
alley at the rear of the burning
Findlay Hospital Full
Patients in Findlay hospital
awakened last Friday to find they
had broken an all-time attendance
The 78-bed institution housed 93
patients but all were cared for com
fortably, attendants reported. The
hospital population w*as s-welled by
11 injured persons in a Greyhound
bus crash.
16 Diphtheria Cases
In County
Eleven cases of diphtheria were
reported in Hancock county, bring
ing to 16 the number listed in that
area, Dr. R. H. Harkwith, state
health director, reported.
Dr. Markwith said the nature of
the outbreak indicated the disease
was being spread by at least one
carrier, an individual w*ho transmits
the germ without becoming ill him
Cigaret Cause Of
Store Fire
A lighted cigaret, tossed into a
waste basket, was blamed for the
fire in the people’s shoe store in
Findlay last w*eek. Damage was
estimated at $500.
Fail To Recognize
Eddie Cantor
Two Findlay soldiers, Aviation
Cadet Jack MacGregor and Pfc John
Sheffstall, who went through school
together, left for the armed forces
on the same day and both stationed
in California, spent the week-end to
gether in San Francisco, for their
first meeting since they have been
in service.
While the boys w*ere at a canteen
Saturday night, the master of cere
omnies introduced Eddie Cantor.
When Cantor arose to make his ap
pearance on the show they discover
ed he had been sitting beside Sheff
stall. Neither of the boys had re
cognized him.
Winds Damage Marsh
Thursday’s high winds brought
losses to onion growers on the Scioto
and Hog Creek marshes.
The dry soil was blown through
the air in clouds that removed much
of the rich top soil and cut off tend
er onion shoots. Growers said that
onion plants that were up probably
must be replaced.
New Bank Head
Jay Huffman, farmer, has been
elected president of the Ada Liberty
Bank, succeeding Harry J. Sousley,
47 To Graduate At
O. N. U.
Commencement exercises for 47
graduates-elect will be held May 23
at Ohio Northern University. Dr.
Robert Williams, president, will
preach the baccalaureate sermon the
same day.
Honorary degrees will be awarded
to the Rev. Edw. G. Corwin, Mans-
field, Ohio, doctor of divinity Earl
Boyle, Chicago, doctor of engineer
ing the Rev. William F. Steffens,
Toledo, doctor of divinity George P.
Baer, Cleveland, doctor of laws, and
the Rev. Frank Whiteside, Cincin
nati, secretary to Bishop H. Lester
Smith, doctor of divinity.
Kills Two Large
Frank Flinn of the community of
northern Hardin county between
Dunkirk and Forest, reports that he
killed two exceptionally large blue
racer snakes on his farm.
One was five feet, two inches long
and the other four feet nine inches
long. He reported that these were
the largest snakes of this type seen
in that community in recent years.
They were on his grape arbor at the
Soldier AWOL Third
Harold Treen, 23, Kenton, last
week was returned to Ft. Haynes
barracks for the third time on
charges of being AWOL from his
Army post.
Sailing Ship On Mercy Mission
With Prisoners Of War Packages
Police said Treen left Jackson
Barracks, New Orleans, without per
mission April 10. He had been ar
rested twice on similar charges earl
ier this year.
Many Soy Beans To
Be Sold
Regardless of delays and losses in
the harvesting of the 1942 soybean
crop in this district last fall, the
majority of farmers are planning
acreage increases this year. For
gotten are the headaches of last sea
son and a new spirit seems instilled
in the “Food for Freedom” program.
Government pegging of prices may
have had some bearing on a few who
had contemplated decreases, but most
of the larger growers provided for
acreage increase in their early plan
ning. i
Third Shift Added
To Plant
Because current sales make an im
mediate increase in production neces
sary, a third shift of workmen has
been started at the Weatherseal
Manufacturing company plant in Ot
Ottawa Sugar Plant
Operation of the sugar beet refin
ery of the Ohio Sugar company of
Ottawa, was suspended for the rest
of 1943, company officials announced
after a final survey of available beet
Farmers in the growing area of
the company which included Putnam
and several surrounding counties
were given until May 3 to sign con
tracts that would assure the firm of
at least 4,500 acres of sugar beets
for the 1943 season but the final
tabulation of acreage fell far short
of this total.
Funds Lacking For
Putnam county’s civilian defense
council still is without adequate op
erating funds and the extensive or
ganization set up to protect the ci
vilian population in case of a war
emergency is dependent upon the
board of county commissioners for
continued existence.
This was disclosed Friday follow
ing a meeting of the council, repre
sentatives of war service groups and
state council of defense agents Wed
nesday night in the court house. A
conference between the state council
representatives and two of the three
county commissioners was held after
the main session.
Washington D. C.—Redolent of the clipper ships of old was this
four-masted bark when she cleared an American port early in April
with a cargo of 204,000 American Red Cross prisoners of war food
parcels. Checking the boxes are Miss Llewellyn Miller, Miss Rosalind
White, and Mrs. Worth Rhoades Bushnell, volunteer Red Cross workers
of Baltimore. Tb« sailing ship is the Foz do Douro, of neutral Portu
guese registry.
kRcd Crou, for Offict of War Information)
$209,157 Distributed
Putnam county and its subdivisions
were in receipt of checks for a total
of $209,157.55 from the February
settlement of real estates taxes, in
heritance taxes and depository in
terests which have been distributed by
County Auditor Carl D. Frick, he
This was $4,437.67 less than was
collected during the same settlement
period in 1942. Since the total du
plicate for real estate, taxes on the
1942 duplicate was $426,484, this
leaves $217,326.45 to be collected dur
ing the second-half collection period
in June.
Mesdames Inez Lippincott, Hazel
Hefner, Helen Nulf, Belle Taylor and
Bessie Hefner attended the spring
Missionary Conference of the Chris
tian Church at Columbus Grove,
Mr. and Mrs. Kline and family
were Sunday afternoon visitors of
his mother, Mrs. Daisy Thompson of
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hefner were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Hefner of near Bluffton.
Mrs. Louise Cloore is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Wilber Sharrits of Lima.
Mrs. Ivy Binkley assisted by Mrs.
Etta Skinner entertained the Kings
daughters class of the Christian
Church Wednesday afternoon. Mem
bers present were: Mesdames Daisy
Heiser, Pearl Williams, Ethel Larue,
Bertha Thayer, Ella Watt, Josie
Williams, Lola Long, Zella Hawk,
Nellie Taylor.
Mrs. Hester Church and Richard
Catchel of Mansfield and Mrs. Ida
Boyd were Friday visitors of Mrs.
Maggie Fleming.
Rev. and Mrs. Black entertained
Thursday the W. S. C. S. of the
Liberty Chapel church.
Rev. and Mrs. Black spent the
week end at Delaware.
Mr. and Mrs. William Binkley and
Mrs. Lenore Wood and daughters
were Monday evening guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Fleming.
The farm population of Ohio de
creased by 50,000 from Jan. 1, 1935
to Jan 1, 1940. Unofficial estimates
indicate the rate of migration may
have been higher in the past two
Be it ordained by the Council of the Village
of Bluffton, Allen County. Ohio:
Section 1. That the mayor of tne Village
of Bluffton be and he is hereby authorised to
enforce within the convocation limits of the
village all state and county rules and regula
tions pertaining to air raids and blackouts
Section 2. That violation of such rules and
regulations is hereby declared to be a mis
demeanor subject upon conviction to a fine not
to exceed Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars.
Section 3. That the foregoing provisions be
in effect from and after the earliest period
allowed by law.
Passed this 3rd day of May, 1943, in the
council chamber at Bluffton, Ohio.
W. A. HOWE. Mayor.
W. O. Geiger, Clerk 3
The State of Ohio
Allen County, as.
Estate of John Kohler, Deceased.
Albert W Kohler, of R. R. No. 2, Bluffton,
Ohio, has been appointed and qualified as ex
ecutor of the estate of John Kohler, late of
Allen County, Ohio, deceased
Dated this 8th day of May, 1943.
5 Probate Judge.
The State of Ohio,
Allen County, ss.
Estate of Hiram W Althaus. Deceased.
Hallie V. Althaus. of Bluffton, Ohio, has
been apjjointed and qualified as administratrix
of the estate of Hiram W. Althaus, late of
z\llen County. Ohio, deceased
Dated this 27th day of April, 1943.
3 Probate Judge
The Ststte of Ohio.
Allen County, s«.
Estate of Russell L. Magee, Deceased.
Ethel Magee, of Bluffton, Ohio, has been
apiointed and qualified as administratrix of
the estate of Russell L. Magee, late of Allen
County, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 27th day of April, 1943.
3 Probate Judge
The State of Ohio,
Allen County, ss.
Estate of Caroline Amstuts, Deceased.
Sidney Hilty of Mt. Blanchard. Ohio, has
been appointed and qualified as administrator
of the estate of Caroline Amstutz, late of
Allen County, Ohio, deceased
Dated this 23rd day of April. 1943.
8 Probate Judge
May 9, 1918
Bluffton’s Liberty loan honor flag
bearing a bright red star denoting
an oversubscription of one hundred
per cent is flying from a telephone
cable over the public square. The
flag probably will be taken to the
Community Hall where it will be
permanently preserved.
Bluffton will be asked to contrib
ute $2,000 to help save the lives of
the boys over there and in the can
tonments in this country in the na
tion wide one hundred million dollar
Red Cross drive from May 20 to 27
inclusive. In charge of the cam
paign are: M. M. Bogart, R. L.
Triplett and Clair Fett.
“Berlin or Bust” was the slogan in
scribed on the side of one of the
forty big army trucks that passed
through the town Monday morning.
The trucks are part of the equip
ment of the quartermaster’s depart
ment and are manufactured by a
Lima firm.
Vance Shrider, one of the Bluffton
boys, who left with the first draft
Mrs. William Augsburger of Bluff
ton was a Saturday night and Sun
day guest of her daughter, Mrs.
Herbert Marshall and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cook of
East Orwell are here spending sev
eral weeks among relatives and
Mrs. Lysie Cahill of Cleveland
spent from Thursday until Monday
with her mother, Mrs. Orlo Marshall
who has been numbered with the
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Begg, Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Begg and sons
Jimmie and Dean and Mr. Harley
Van Meter were Sunday dinner
guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Begg and sons John and Wm.
Bluffton In First World War
Messrs. James Rinner, David Ros
enberger, and Marvin Wasser, stu
dents at Bluffton College were Sat
urday night and Sunday guests of
Robert Marshall.
What Happened Here Twenty-five Years Ago This Week
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marshall
and son Don and Mrs. William
Augsburger were Sunday evening
supper guests in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ross Bogart in Bluffton.
Mrs. W. E. Marshall was called to
Lima Saturday on account of the
serious illness of her sister, Mrs. E.
L. Michael of Beaverdam who under
went an operation at Memorial hos
pital Saturday morning.
Mrs. William Althaus will open
her home to members of the Profit
and Pleasure club for their May
meeting, Wednesday afternoon of
next week. The program theme will
be “Music” with the following num
bers: Roll call, My Favorite song
“Hark, Hark, the Lark”, Mrs. Rhoda
Althaus “Swedish Nightingale”,
Mrs. F. C. Marshall “Brown Bird
Singing”, Mrs. Lawrence Begg
“Women Pianists and Composers”,
Mrs. Guy Mayberry.
The Methodist missionary society
will meet Thursday afternoon of
next week in the home of Mrs.
Howard Beery. An interesting pro
gram has been planned and a good
attendance is desired.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Geiger of
Bluffton were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Orlo Marshall and Mrs.
The New
THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1943
quota for Camp Sherman last fall
has arrived safely overseas accord
ing to word received here Monday.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Dr. C. H. Smith spent last week
at the Great Lakes Naval Training
station north of Chicago where he
gave an address each evening under
the auspices of the Y.M.C.A.
Dean Byers spent Saturday and
Sunday at Camp Sherman. He de
livered an address at the base hos
pital chapel of the camp on Satur
day evening.
Sergeant Major Ralph Steams,
who is in training at Kelly Field,
San Antonio, Texas., attended the
high school commencement and
alumni here and is spending the
week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. C. Stearns.
Word has been received from Edw.
Stauffer, a former college student,
who is now with the army engineers
in France, saying that he likes the
country very much.
Lysie Cahill. Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Cahill of Bluffton were Sunday even
ing callers.
A family group gathered at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haas for
supper Sunday evening in celebration
of Mother’s Day and presented Mrs.
Haas with a lovely gift in memory
of the occasion. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oswalt of
Toledo, Mr. add Mrs. B. J. Oswalt
and son Jack arid Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Haas and family of Beaver
dam, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Haas and
family of Cairo, Mr. and Mrs. Coral
Donaldson and daughter Janet and
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Fruchey of
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marshall
were recent dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James Caselinni at the Nether
land Plaza in Cincinnati.
Paul E. Whitmer, Agent
245 W. Grove St.—Phone 350-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Every Load Insured
Bluffton. Ohio
For Vigor and Health—
from Bloody Coccidiosis
include meat in your menu.
Always ready to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
Heavy Losses
Bloody Coccidiosis? No longer
need you fear its red death will
slaughter your chicks. Thou
sands of chicks killed in the
Pratt laboratories have shown
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Just add Pratts C-Ka-Gene to
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Pratts C-Ka-Gene is not a
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