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Cigaret Drive Staged
As a result of a theatre party
Staged by the local American Legion
and its auxiliary at Delphos nearly a
quarter of a million cigarets have, or
will be distributed to service men
fighting in the global war, according
to a report by I. J. Kindly of Com
memorative post.
The cigarets total, 240,000, will be
distributed in 24 cases as follows:
Eight cases each to South Pacific
and Sicily-Italy two cases to North
Africa two to China two to Alaska
and two cases to Australia. A card
in each package says:
“Free, compliments of the Ameri
can Legion and Auxiliary post 286,
and the citizens of Delphos, Ohio.”
War Chest Heads Meet
Representatives of 28 counties of
northwestern Ohio held a dinner and
meeting in the Argonne hotel as
state officials of the National War
Fund outlined programs for the com
ing drive and urged the county
chairmen to commence work imme
diately on the organization of their
Gail Williams Home
On Furlough
Visiting his father, G. W. Wil
liams and Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Auct.—Clyde Warren
Clerk—Lee Morrison
Rohrer, are Ensign and Mrs. Gail
Williams, coming from Pensacola,
Florida. Williams leaves from here
for indoctrination at the Bronx, N.
Y. Ensign Williams was a former
student at Bluffton college.
Teacher Killed In
Aunto Crash
William H. Wilson, 33, mathe
matics teacher in Lima South High
school, was killed Sunday night when
his automobile struck a bridge abut
ment west of Lima. He was a na
tive of Lancaster. His wife and
daughter survive.
Publie Sale
Having sold my farm, I will sell at public auction at
my farm 3*4* miles northwest of Bluffton
U. S. 0. Activities
Start At Home
The personal interest shown by
citizens in the men in service, and
evidenced by the public-financed
United Service Organizations, starts
right at home as the new inductees
leave for their induction stations.
Friday, October 1, 1943
at 1 P. M.
The following property:
Horace Riggs, of Lima, Allen
County War Chest campaign chair
man, states that continuance of the
work at home and in the camps
will be assured, he said, if the Allen
County War Chest campaign is suc
cessful next month in its drive for
Air Grads Get Wings
Twenty-five Army air students will
receive their wings this month as
they complete their instructions and
4 CATTLE—2 Guernsey cows giving good flow of milk,
both bred 2 heifers 10 months old.
1 Spring Shropshire ewe lamb.
Auctioneer, Munson Thrapp.
Clerk, Albert Winkler.
Brooder house 7 by 14 ft. on runners chicken hoppers
and fountain wheelbarrow, 2 ladders 2-wheel cart milk
cans and strainer water tank oil tank fly prayer scythe
crowbar sledge pick corn knife 2 pitchforks, saws hand
corn planter pump jack and other tools 260 egg incubat
or vinegar barrel apple peeler.
CHICKENS—40 yearling Leghorn hens-
Upright piano and bench, porch swing, 2 dressers, ice
box, ironing board, oak dining table and buffet, kitchen
cabinet, wardrobe, kitchen table and chairs, hall tree, 2
lamps, several stands, 4 bedsteads, and other articles.
Public Sale
Having sold my farm I will sell at public sale at the
farm 1 mile west and mile south of the intersection of
Routes 30-N and 69, or **3^ miles north and V2 mile west
of Ada.
Thursday, September 30
Sale to begin at 1 p. m. Fast Time.
3 COWS—-2 Jersey coys 4 yrs. old, giving milk Hol
stein cow 8 years old giving milk.
13 HOGS—Duroc Brood sow and 12 shoats, all immuned.
Hoosier grain drill, Clipper breaking plow, one-horse sev
en shovel cultivator, single shovel plow, double shovel plow,
2-horse riding cultivator, corn sheller, 400 lb. platform
scales, butchering table, iron kettle with stand lard press,
sasuage grinder, 5 gallon water cream separator, cream
can, 2 ten gallon milk cans, 2 ten gallon jars, milk pail, lot
of grain sacks, Buckeye brooder coal oil stove.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS—Small white enamel circulat
ing heater, two burner Westinghouse electric hotplate, iron
ing board, 5 gallon coal oil can.
GRAIN—150 bushels oats some little red clover seed.
take final examinations at the Lima
School of Aeronautics, Ben Arquitt,
manager, announced Thursday.
The students, on completion of
tests now being given by Army offi
cers, will be sent to Randolph Field
for officers training to become in
Peltier Finds New
Leslie C. Peltier, world-famed ama
teur astronomer residing at Delphos,
has rediscovered a new comet report
ed two weeks ago by the Rumanian
astronomer, Diamaca, according to
announcement made by the Harvard
observatory at Cambridge, Mass., on
The eastern observatory said that
the native of Allen county independ
ently rediscovered the 10th magni
tude comet Saturday—eight days
after its original discovery.
In the last few years, Peltier has
discovered a number of comets and
He became known thruout the
world in 1936 when he found a new
heavenly body which was named Pel
tiers’ Comet in his honor.
The comets discovered by the Al
len county astronomer were found
while he gazed at the sky while in
his home-made observatory located
on a farm near Scotts Crossing.
Legion Delegate
Richard Lindemann, of Delphos,
has left for Omaha, Nebraska, as
delegate from this district to the na
tional American Legion convention
being held there this week. Linde
mann is well known locally through
his efforts as president of the League
of Ohio Sportsmen.
Tax Payments Good
Real estate tax payments in Allen
county for the last half of 1942
amounted to nearly 100 per cent of
the current tax bills, Treasurer Ray
Barnett reported. Several thousand
dollars were paid on delinquent tax
War Plant Expansion
Officials of the Lennox Furnace Co.,
busy on warplane contracts charged
interference with the war effort after
a petition signed by 53 property
holders balked at least temporarily
their plans for expansion of the
plant in west Lima.
City officials delayed action on a
proposal to transform a residential
area into an industrial area under
the zoning law after the petition was
submitted by owners of property af
fected. A ruling on the change in
the zoning law now is scheduled for
this week.
Fifty-foot Fall Fatal
Harry Allen Simmons, 47, died in
the Findlay hospital last Wednesday
from injuries sustained in a 50-foot
fall from a building.
Mr. Simmons, a Findlay resident,
was painting when he lost his bal
ance and fell to a cement sidewalk,
50 feet below.
Bivouac Held By N. G.
A Third Battalion bivouac, com
posed of companies from Findlay,
Napoleon and Toledo, opened form
ally the Ohio State Guard’s new
northwestern camp at Defiance Sat
urday night and Sunday.
Fete Calf Club
The proof of the beef was in the
eating when members of the Hancock
county calf club, sponsored by the
First National Bank of Findlay and
members of the committee in charge,
attended a dinner meeting at the
Phoenix hotel as guests of the bank.
A steak dinner was served, the meat
being from one of the club steers
which were purchased by the hotel
coffee shop.
Fund Drive Over Top
Salvation Army maintenance fund
campaign at Findlay closed last
night, exceeding its goal by nearly
$300. A total of $4,276.95 was re
ceived. Jack Malloy and Mrs. Mae
Belle Glathart directed the drive.
Wounded, Leaves
Pvt. Cletus Winstead, wounded in
action at Guadalcanal last January,
has received an honorable discharge
and has been returned to his home
in Findlay.
Druggists Change
Ned B. Miller, manager of the
Gallaher Drug Co., at Findlay for
the last four years, has purchased a
drug store in Dayton and said he
will move his family there this week.
Gordon Justin, Lima, will be the new
manager of the Gallaher store.
First Nurse Cadet
Yvonne La Rowe, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. LaRowe of Findlay,
is the first Hancock County young
woman to be accepted as a nurse
cadet. She will go to the University
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Oct. 18 for
a 30-month course.
Army Show Nets $2,485
The premiere of “This I s the
Army” added $2,485 to the army
emergency relief fund as a sell out
was reported at the Harris Treatre,
F. C. Suspends Foot
ball Program
For the first time since World
War No. 1 Findlay College has sus
pended football. Only nine players
reported for first practice show up.
Recently when the football candidates
dwindled instead of increasing Coach
Jones gave up and called football off
for a year.
Carpenters Hurt In
George Kimmell, Williamstown, and
Lester Frantz, Arlington, brothers
in-law, were injured recently when
the scaffold from which they were
applying shingles to an Arlington
home collapsed, toppling them 12
feet to the ground. Mr. Kimmell
suffered compound fractures of an
arm and his pelvis. Mr. Frantz re
ceived back injuries and a sprained
Radioman Missing
In Action
Earl Venard Stolzer, 18, who en
listed in the navy June 7, 1942,
Avenger’s Day, shortly after he was
graduated from Findlay High school,
is missing in action, the Navy De
partment has informed his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Stolzer.
The message said the youth, an
aviation radioman, was on a plane
that crashed during action.
Escaped Convict Re
turned To Prison
Robert Burnett, an escaped convict
who was in the Hancock county jail
awaiting grand jury action for bi
cycle theft, was returned to the Lon
don prison farm. He escaped from
the farm June 8, 1940, Sheriff Lyle
Harvitt said. Harvitt received word
from Washington that the finger
prints of Burnett were those of the
convict. Burnett had a year and 16
days of his sentence yet to serve on
a non-support charge from Trumbull
War Loan Drive
Tops Quota
Another quarter of a million dol
lars in third war loan bond sales
were added to the Hancock county
total Friday, when the aggregate
rose to $2,765,000 for the campaign.
The total is now more than a half
million dollars in excess of the quota
of $2,201,000 for the community. The
quota was met and passed early this
Patriotic Revue At
An “All American Patriotic Vic
tory Revue” will be the feature en
tertainment at the Hardin county
fair this Thursday evening. The re
vue will include fine showmanship
and talent, beautiful girls, excellent
commedy and a series of feature acts
and specialties from some of the
leading musical shows and films of
the year.
Harness racing will be neld Thurs
day and Friday, beginning at 1:30
Soldier Wounded
Sgt. Jack Sharp, Kenton, is recov
ering in a field hospital of the Pan
ama Canal Zone from a bullet wound
suffered when a fellow soldier acci
dently fired his gun. Both of his
jaws were fractured and several
teeth were blown out, he informed
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott
Ada Man Writes Book
Prof. W. E. Binkley, head of the
political science department of Ohio
Northern University at Ada, is the
author of a book released recently
by a publisher who termed it one of
the most complete ever written on
the origin and growth of political
parties in America.
Titled “American Political Parties:
Their Natural History”, it is his
third treatise. Others are “Problems
in American Government”, in 1926,
and “Powers of the President”, in
Rebuild Dunkirk Store
Plans are being made to rebuild
the structure housing the Charles
Gross grocery store, at Dunkirk,
heavily damaged by fire recently.
Fire gutted the store room and
ruined assorted merchandise in the
store. Damage was estimated in ex
cess of $10,000. The store lies be
tween the Dunkirk post office and
drug store.
More Timber
A. J. Quinkert, of Kenton, project
forester for the U. S. Forestry De
partment, has announced plans for an
increase of timber production in the
27 northwestern Ohio counties that
comprise his territory.
War Loan Drive Lags
Hardin county was running far
behind schedule in their Third War
Loan drive. Approximately one-third
of the $1,717,000 quota was reached,
673,190 having been sold in the
Ada Man Decorated
Col. A. B. Conrad, formerly of
Ada, has been awarded the Legion
of Merit for outstanding services at
an overseas base under General
Eisenhower, friends here have learn
ed. Another Ada man. first Lieut.
Fred E. Mayhew, received the Air
Medal as a bombardier in Sicily.
Juveniles Sentenced
Five Kenton boys, ranging in age
from 13 to 15 years, started terms in
the Boys’ Industrial School at Lan
caster after admitting a number of
crimes to Juvenile Judge G. B. De
Witt. Officers said the boys con
fessed three automobile thefts, a
house burglary in Lima, and many
minor thefts. Each had been before
the court on three or more previous
occasions, Judge DeWitt said.
Pressure Cooker
Mrs. Emmet Martin, Kenton, suf
fered burns to her face and arms
when a pressure cooker exploded in
her home while she was canning veg
Mrs. F. D. R. Cheers
Wounded Ohioan
Corp. Eugene Gossard, wrote his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Gossard
of Alger, that he talked to Mrs.
Franklin D. Roosevelt while this
nation’s “first lady” visited military
hospitals in the Southwest Pacific
Gossard was wounded in the action
during which Munda was captured.
He served with Ada’s Co. of the
37th Division.
Ada Business Block
A real estate deal in Ada involved
transfer of the Home Savings &
Loan company’s business property
south of the railroad park, formerly
owned by A. C. Mertz. The two
story brick building occupied by the
Allen barber shop and the Habit
Recreation, with apartments on the
second floor, was purchased by James
Carey and Dale Lowman. Mr. and
Mrs. Mertz then purchased the ad
joining frame residence they now oc
cupy and also the buildings at the
rear which house the Mertz second
hand furniture store.
Gets Prison Sentence
John A. Welsh, former assistant
cashier of The Liberty bank of Ada,
ws sentenced to five years in federal
prison by Federal Judge Frank L.
Kloeb when he pleaded guilty to de
falcation of $16,000 of the bank’s
In pleading for leniency his attor
ney said Welsh spent the money
playing slot machines.
Leipsic On Slow Time
According to a resolution passed
by the village council, Leipsic will go
from fast to slow time. The change
will go in effect on Thursday—mid
night October 1st at 12:01 a. m. The
change will be effective at least for
the coming fall and winter season.
There was no discussion as to possi
bility of a change back to fast time
in the spring.
Gilboa Sportsman In
C. H. Stateler, Gilboa, appears in the
motion picture being filmed at Mar
ion. Stateler doubled for Ward Bond,
widely known in sporting circles, who
is one of the stars of the picture.
Twentieth Century Fox will complete
the picture in California after a six-
weeks’ tour “shooting” scenes at Fre
mont, Marion, and in the blue grass
region of Kentucky.
Putnam Bond Drive
Officials of the Putnam county war
bond committee expressed pessimism
over chances of meeting the county’s
goal in third war loan purchases un
less sales are spurred materially dur
ing the next few days.
Purple Heart Awarded
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph U. Hall of
Leipsic have received word that their,
son, Capt. Sheldon O. Hall, has been
awarded the Purple Heart. Capt.
Hall, who is in the Marine Air Corps
received wounds in the arm and el
bow following an aerial engagement
in the South Pacific theatre of the
war. He is now confined to a hos
pital overseas.
Putnam To Hold
Salvage Drive
An intensive house-to-house can
vass will be conducted in October
throughout Putnam county to locate
additional quantities of vitally need
ed salvage material, it was announced
in Ottawa Thursday by Mrs. Her
man Wise, county salvage chairman
for the war sendees division of the
county civilian defense council.
Memorial Rites For
Grove Youth
Memorial services were held Sun
day afternoon in the United Breth
ren church at Columbus Grove for
Pvt. Ashley B. Miller, who died of
wounds received in action on July
29th. Word of his death was re
ceiver on September 8th.
Name Health
Janet Donaldson and Charles Ris
ser of Pandora were named as nom
inees among the 4-H club health con
testants of Putnam county to try out
at the Putnam county fair for title
as to who are the healthiest 4-H club
members. There are eight contest
ants and Dr. H. A. Niswander
of Pandora, Putnam county health
Pontiac coupe.
Clyde Warren, Auct-
THURSDAY SEPT. 30, 1943.
commissioner, is one of the examin
ing doctors.
In Teaching Positions
Vilas Gerber is eaching music at
Bethel college, Newton, Kans. Myra
Basinger is teaching at Lima (Gar
field) school this year and Claude
Niswander is science teacher in the
Gomer school.
Hold Memorial Service
Memorial services for Frank Little,
Kalida youth, who was killed in the
South Pacific war on July 28, were
held in the Methodist church. The
American Legion conducted the
rites with Rev. Nofcier officiating.
Our Want-ads bring results.
Real Estate
For Sale
120 acres, l*/j miles east of
Rawson and 157 acres on Dixie
Highway just 3 miles south
west of Findlay owned by Mrs.
Solt. Two complete sets of
fine buildings, well fenced and
tiled. Farms are only 3 miles
apart. Will sell the 2 farms
of 277 acres for only $128 per
acre, or will price separately.
Also a well improved 120
acre farm, extra well fenced
and tiled. Some good timber.
Only 8 miles south of Bluffton
or 5 miles west of Ada. Priced
to sell before Oct. 1st.
330 acre stock and dairy farm
7 miles from Bluffton. Modern
home with large barns, sheds,
etc. 2 extra sets of tenant
buildings... $100 per acre.
Runts Are Burglars!
See me if you want to buy a
farm. Am interested in list
ing a few more good farms.
Complete service in selling
farms. Loans 4%.
E. D. Collins
Phone 2-0501 305 Masonic Bldg.
Lima, Ohio.
Something New! Something Different! We have
tried it on 11 different heads this season with excep
tional results. Something we can recommend to
every hog raiser-
The Bluffton Milling Co.
The undersigned, administrator of the estate of Gideon
Schaeublin, deceased, will sell at public auction at his late
home on Cherry Street, Bluffton
Thursday, September 30
at 6:30 P. M.
The following property:
Maytag washer, Estate Heatrola, ton soft coal, dining
room table and 6 chairs, desk and writing desk combina
tion, radio, piano, library table, 6 stands, Morris chair, 3
rockers, 8-day clock, bridge lamp, table lamp, sewing ma
chine, 2 chests, twin bed, standard bed, commode, cook
stove, kitchen cupboard, 4 kitchen chairs, kitchen stool,
ironing board, bench, pantry table, kitchen table, lot kitch
en utensils, lot dishes, buffet, davenport, 2 rugs, porch
swing, 5 dozen glass cans, crocks, 12-gauge shotgun, .22
calibre rifle, lawn mower, lot of boards, scythe, step ladder,
lot garden tools, chest of carpenter tools and other articles.
Horses $5.00 Cows $4.00
Small Stock removed free of charge.
Quick Service
Telephone Findlay, MAIN 475, Reverse Charges
__________ “Branch, Foxtoria Animal Pr^dact^ Jnr."

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