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THURSDAY, OCT. 7, 1943
The October meeting of the Sports
man’s Club will be held in the town
hall club rooms next Tuesday night
at 8:00P. M. Plans to install squir
rel dens in the Rogers game reserve
the same evening prior to the meet
ing will have to be discontinued until
an afternoon of a later date. The
change of time has made it necessary
for us to alter our plans in this mat
ter, for darkness settles too early to
accomplish the job. A good program
is being planned for the meeting and
motion pictures will be shown. The
archery club will give a demonstra
tion of the American Round following
the business meeting of the sports
men’s club. The archery club mem
bers have been hard at work setting
up their indoor range and archers
from neighboring towns will be in
vited to attend the meeting Tuesday
and demonstrate their prowess with
the bow and arrow. C. V. Stonehill,
field capitan of the club, is in charge
of the shoot. The public is invited to
attend the meeting.
It is of interest to the archers of the
community to know that three world
distance records in archery were set
at Cincinnati last Sunday. The meet
sponsored by the National Archery
was held at the Lunken airport. In
the 65 pound bow event, Bud Pearson
of Cincinnati, shot 498 yards, 8% in
ches, to better the old mark of 483
yards. In the 80 pound bow event,
Pearson fired an arrow 522 yards, 5 hi
inches to best the world mark of 517
Paul Berry of Middletown, Ohio,
set a new’ w’orld record in the 50
pound bow competition by shooting
an arrow 455 yards, 17*2 inches. The
mark was 455 yards and 5 inches.
You will remember at the archery
demonstration held last spring in the
town hall the power of a bow’ was
demonstrated by Mayor Duttweiler of
Findlay when he shot an arrow thru
an iron skillet. The bow he used was
of 40 to 50 pound strength. The 80
pound bow’ used at Cincinnati would
take a mighty muscled man to draw
it back, and such poundage could read
ily send an arrow over a of a mile
to shatter the world record.
The Ada Herald and the Toledo
Blade both carried an item on the rar
ity of rarities—the shooting of grey
squirrels by some fortunate nimrods
from Ada. One fellow bagged two
and the other hunter shot one of these
frisky creatures. We sportsmen here
at Bluffton nod wisely when we read
such news for all in our community
know that with out a doubt the ani
mals bagged by the two hunters were
some of the greys released by our club
the past year. Grey squirrels were
released on two different occasions,
and early last spring a shipment from
Wisconsin to the club containing near
ly forty of the animals were released
in the woods around Bluffton. We
heard before that grey squirrels travel
considerably and will not stay “put”,
but who would ever think that they
would travel a distance of 12 miles
from Bluffton. John A. Diller from
Bluffton can claim some honor also
for he was able to bag two grey squir
rels this year.
Charley Manges, veteran squirrel
hunter, bagged ten fox squirrels this
season. Charley, handicapped by the
use of cane, and unable to get around
as w’ell as his squirrel huntin’ son
Jess, did a good job and deserves a
lot of credit for following his favorite
sport. Charley is looking ahead for
the opener of pheasant season and
Jess will have to be “on his toes” to
keep from being outclassed by his
How about it you sportsmen—don’t
you think that dollar invested in the
club is a good proposition. It was just
a few years ago that squirrel hunting
was practically nil in these parts.
Now look at the excellent results ob
tained by evey hunter who had a
chance to take to the woods. Our
membership is now better than 400.
That means $400 are earmarked for
game and fish propogation. Your
dues are spent for no other purpose—
so let’s all pull together in our con
servation progam. Turn in your dues
at once.
The coon hunters were pleased o
ver the work of Albert Garmotter and
his committee in the release of nine
additional raccoon on Sept. 15. The
coon purchased from a dealer in Han
cock County cost the club $45.00 for
the nine animals. This makes a total
of 22 coons released this year by your
Three employees of the Lima Loco
took a well earned vacation last week
to Colon, Michigan for a fishing trip.
The party consisting of Thomas White
of Rockport, Ralph Williams and Fred
Hooverman spent four days at Stur
geon Lake. Fishing was excellent
for the trio and some excellent catches
were made. Although many grass
pike, blue gills, and catfish were
caught the bass were not hitting on
the lake and no catches of this game
fish were reported by any of the ang
lers at the lake during the stay of the
three men. Minnows and worms were
taken readily by the pike and pan
fish. The men utilized a row boat
with an outboard, but did no trolling
as it was not necessary. White came
home mighty well pleased for he was
extremely fortunate in landing a
grass pike weighing 7 pounds and
measuring 311-2 inches. The men all
enjoyed good luck and other pike
measuring 20 inches and better were
landed by the party. There stay at
the cottage on the lake was brief, but
luck was with them and they had a
real vacation with plenty of sport for
all. The group brought home around
35 pounds of dressed fish with then}
and the head of the big pike has been
placed in the hands of a taxidermist
for mounting. White says the big
fish was taken on a cane pole with a
minnow for bait. The group was
“still fishing” from the boat at a
point where the St. Joseph river emp
ties into the lake when the big fish
hit the minnow.
Fall mushrooms are to be found in
the fields now and a giant puffball on
display in a Pandora window indicates
that all we need is a warm shower and
a few warm days to make the field
mushroom pop up all over the terri
for the manufacture of Spray Powder
Hunting season is still on even
though squirrel law is out. The open
season on wood cock is scheduled from
Oct. 10 to Oct. 24 and the rail and
for the manufacture of Butter
Highest Prices Paid for
All Dairy Products
Bluffton has a record of two vic
tories and one loss, but so far the
two teams have played only one com
mon foe.
Both of the outfits which will com
pete here Friday night have defeated
Kenton, altho Van Wert’s success
was the more decisive of the two.
In their opening game, the Pirates
bested Kenton, 14 to 7. Van Wert
Touchdowns by Halfback Robert
Burkholder in the first and third
periods gave Bluffton Pirates a 14
to 6 victory over Pandora in a bit
terly contested game last Friday
night at the Harmon field stadium.
Both teams show-ed plenty of
strength in the annual renewal of
traditional rivalry’ going back over a
stretch of many years. The stadium
was jammed and an overflow crowd
was massed along the sidelines to
witness the game played in good
football weather.
Burkholder electrified the crowd at
the start of the contest when he
nearly broke loose for a touchdown
in returning the opening kickoff, but
he was pulled down from behind
after it once appeared that he was
on his way to score.
heads. Reports from Ohio’s state
owned Indian Lake resorts indicate
that hunters are enjoying good duck
hunting this year. The season is the
best in years as far as the number of
ducks is concerned. The only draw
back to hunters’ enjoyment is the
scarcity’ of shells. The open season
on ducks closes on Dec. 3rd. Be sure
and buy- a duck stamp from your
postmaster before you shoot. Federal
regulation requires the purchase of
this dollar permit in addition to your
regular hunting license.
Those men that work hard for the
club and receive not tco niu'h credit
for their efforts are the treasurer
Jack Berry and the secretary- Gerald
Huber. These men spend hours at
their jobs which demand accuracy to
the smallest detail. Their good work
is a credit to our organization.
Many thanks are extended to those
men that rave their time in auditing
the club 1. ks. Elmer Romey, E. S.
Lape, and Carl Mumma checked over
the books in a report for the bonding
Under Ohl® Slues
told by
Resuming Western Buckeye league
play after playing non-loop foes for
two weeks, Bluffton High gridders
will face a severe test in a night
game with Van Wert this Friday at
Harmon field.
Long a football power in the
league, Van Wert has one of- its
best teams in many seasons. So far
the Cougars have romped to three
impressive wins, trouncing Bryan,
Defiance and Kenton on consecutive
Burkholder Scores Twice As Pirates
Beat Pandora Eleven By 14-6 Score
Bluffton never eased up from the
gallinule season which opened Sept. 1,
will continue thru November 30th.
Duck season is in and the daily bag
limit is ten of all kinds, including in
the aggregate not more than one wood
duck, and three red heads and buffle
Conservation Division
'Bass Month"
Sob Hints-
Bluffton And Van Wert Gridders
Will Clash Here On Friday Night
beat the Hardin county crew last
Friday, 20 to 0, at Kenton, in a daz
zling display of power that saw the
Cougars score three touchdowns in
the opening quarter of play.
The visiting Van Wert team has
a well balanced offensive punch, and
three top-flight ball carriers must be
stopped by the Pirates if they want
to remain undefeated in league play.
At Kenton last week. Showalter,
Coon and Metzger each scored for
Van Wert in a demonstration of
their ball carrying prowess.
Bluffton and Van Wert each have
played only one league game so far
this season, and at present are tied
with St. Marys and Celina for first
place in the standing. St. Marys
and Celina each have beaten Wapak
oneta, and Bluffton and Van Wert
successes were scored at the expense
of Kenton.
psychological advantage of that first
thrilling play, however, until Burk
holder rammed across the team’s
initial touchdown on a four yard
plunge near the close of the period.
Fred Herrmann then powered his
way across the goal for the extra
Second-quarter play was pretty
much a see-saw variety, but Bluff
ton show-ed its offensive power again
in the third stanza, with Burkholder
providing the firew-orks. His second
touchdow-n was the highlight of the
evening when he intercepted a Pan
dora pass and raced 40 yards to
score. Fred Herrmann’s line plunge
again was good for the conversion.
Pandora struck pay dirt in the
fourth quarter when Charles Boehr,
170-pound fullback, smashed thru
from the one yard line to climax a
scoring march from mid-field.
company and found them in good or
Club Buys Walnuts
To offset the inroads the squirrels
are making in the ear com supply at
the Campus Game Reserve, C. V.
Stonehill has announced the club will
purchase walnuts, shelled or unshell
ed. The club will pay 25 cents per
bushel. The walnuts can be taken to
Nisw-ander and Herring Veterinarian
office where a deposit of money will
be on hand to pay for the nuts as they
are delivered. The walnuts will be tak
en from this place by Stonehill to the
The club will also exchange a mem
bership for a bushel of ear com. The
exchange can be made at the veter
inarian office. This grain is urgently
needed for nearly 100 bushels of corn
w-ill be fed at the campus this coming
year to the w-ild life there under the
club’s protection.
Those two young grey squirrels
found on the grade school grounds are
sure friendly little fellows. Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur Niswander and son liv
ing nearby found the pair of squirrels
under a tree on the school grounds
Tuesday afternoon. The two animals
are not the least afraid of people and
can be handled readily. At the pres
ent they’ are contained in a cage at
Nisw-ander and Herring’s office. Af
ter a few weeks the club will release
them on the campus game reserve.
Roman Women’s Costumes
The number of colors a woman
might wear indicated her social sta
tion in the Rome of Caesar’s day.
A peasant woman could wear but
one color, and the empress might
wear as many as seven.
Abolishing Utensils Didn’t Work
In 1870 Cornelius B. Paulding, a
New Yorker, led a movement to
eat without knives, forks and spoons,
claiming that by dining with one’s
fingers the pioneer spirir could be
recaptured. Very few people were
It’s a bitter battle so far in West
ern Buckeye grid league play, with
four teams, including Bluffton, tied
for the lead. .Kenton and Wapakon
eta are the only- outfits failing to rack
up a league win so far, and ironically
enough they- are the only- ones to suf
fer defeat Bluffton and Van Wert
each have beaten Kenton, while St.
Marys and Celina have counted victor
ies over the Indians of Wapakoneta...
an W ert and Bluffton will meet in
a thriller here this Friday night, and
the Pirates will face a severe test in
attempting to remain undefeated in
the league ... So far the two teams
have played only one common foe,
each scoring victories over Kenton ...
Bluffton topped the Hardin county
crew, 14 to i, and an Wert’s victory
last week-end was by a 20 to 0 score
Van Wert is undefeated so far
this year, winning over Bryan Defi
ance and Kenton .Bluffton beat
Kenton and Pandora, losing only to
Mrs. Francis C. Marshall was
brought to her home here Friday
evening after being a patient in the
Lima Memorial hospital for more
than a week Her condition remains
about the same.
Mrs. Mary Sylvester returned
home last Thursday, after spending
several weeks in the home of her son
John in Marion.
Mrs. Fred Grismore of Gainesville,
Fla., Mrs. Nellie Kidd McCrate of
Grove City and Mr and Mrs. L. O.
Sager of Lima, spent Tuesday- even
ing with Mr. and F. C. Marshal.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson
and two children of Rudolph spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Cupp and family.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Campbell, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Cook, Mrs. Clifford Fru
chey. Mrs. E. E. Freet, Mr. F. C.
Marshall, Mr. and Mrs W E. Mar
shall and Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Marshall
attended funeral services for an aunt
Mrs. Mary Cook held at the home in
Columbus Grove. Saturday afternoon.
Burial was in Campbell cemetery.
Rev. and Mrs. Daley of Ada at-
W. F. lutzi
Celina served notice of its strength
as a league contender by drubbing
Wapakoneta last week, 48 to 6
Ada. beat the same Wapakoneta team
25 to 2(1, so Celina appears to have
plenty of power ... St. Marys, in a
non-league contest lost last Friday to
Coldwater, 19 to 0 Bellefontaine,
also playing outside the league, beat
Mary sville, 14 to 7
In the Hancock county league Mt.
Cory drubbed Lilierty’, 31 to 0, while
Rawson was losing to McComb, 53 to
19 Arlington continued to set the
pace in the loop with a 19 to 7 victory
over Van Buren Findlay High
scored its second win in the Buckeye
league, 12 to 6, over Fremont
Lima Central beat Dayton Kiser, 13
to (I South topped Cincinnati Nor
wood, by the same score, and Shaw
nee, coached by Jim Vogelgesang, a
Bluffton college graduate, defeated
Delphos Jefferson, 38 to 0 Ada
High gridders suffered their first loss
in two seasons with Upper Sandusky
spilling the Bulldogs, 18 to 12
tended the services at the Methodist
church Sunday morning. Rev. Daley
was the pastor at the local church
some years ago and since his retire
metn, he and his wife have annually
made a special visit to the church at
this time of the year.
Mrs. Nelson Wells will op?n her
home to members of the Presbyter
ian missionary- society, Wednesday af
ternoon of next week for the October
meeting. Following program will be
heard: Worship service, Mrs. J. O.
Cupp Review of Study Book, “For
All of Life,” Mrs. Glen Huber mu
sic Year Book of Prayer, Mrs. Ed
gar Begg.
Miss Madeline Bixel of Rittman
spent the week end with her sister,
Mrs. F. C. Marshall. Miss Barbara
Steiner of Pandora is stay-ing at the
Marshall home assisting in the care
of her niece.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Ackerman of
Leipsic were among those who cal'ed
at the F. C. Marshall home. Sunday
From Dead Sea
Valuable salts have been extract
ed from the Dead sea. Commer
cial exploitation of these minerals
has begun.
You, too can help guard
against sabotage
Remember—every fire today sabotages America’s
war effort to the extent that it requires manpower
and materials to replace the loss.
That is why nationwide attention is called to the
importance of safeguarding against fire in the ob
servance of
National Fire Prevention Week
October 3 to 9
Resolve to do your part in taking extra precau
tions against fire and in so doing promote America’s
war effort and bring the day of victory and peace
Remember—every fire is direct aid and comfort
to our enemies in proportion to the loss of life or
property which it causes.
Most fires are preventable and the time to
stop them is before they start.
F. S. Herr Agency
General Insurance
Notary Public
Richland Center
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stevens of
Sandusky spent Thursday and Friday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bowers and
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hatner of Dayton
spent Sunday- afternoon at the Ed
Marquart home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruhel Kohler and
sons and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fried
ley of Lima were Sunday dinner
guests Mrs. Sam Kohler and daught
er Madoline.
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Ewing and
and son spent Sunday evening at the
Francis and Amos Basinger home.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Lieber, Will
Leiber and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mar
quart called on Mrs. Mary Eickholt
at Cloverdale last Tuesday- evening.
Miss Iren Brinkman of Lima was
a week end guest of Miss Rachel
Karen Zimmerman, Dennis and
Richard Badertscher were Sunday
dinner guests at the Dwight Frantz
Mrs. Wm. Clauser of Toledo spent
the week end with Mr and Mrs.
Dwight Frantz.
Gene Hochstettler of Allen Park,
Mich., spent the week end at the
Andy- Hochstettler home.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schaublin
and daughter Rachel and Irene Brink
man spent Sunday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. John Schaublin of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Luginbuhl,
Glenna Swick, and Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Moser and son Donavin were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Moser of Columbus Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman
and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Badertscher and son, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Badertscher and sons and Mr.
and Mrs. Wilmer Badertscher and
family spent Sunday afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Niswander and
Mrs. Mary Ann Zimmerman and
daughter Bernice were Sunday’ din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Andy
Hochstettler and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Brice Main, Mrs. Ar
chie Hartman and son Morris, Wm.
Marquart and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mar
quart spent Sunday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Marquart, Sr.
Mrs. Sam Kohler and daughter
spent Sunday evening and Monday
with Mrs. Charles Friedley.
A. D. Gratz
Insurance of All Kinds
Notary Public

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