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THURSDAY, DEC. 9, 1943
Election of Officers to be Held
The last meeting of the Sportsmen
club for this year will be next Tues
day in the town hall club rooms at
$5:00 P. M. This is an important
meeting and the membership is urged
to turn ou in full body for the meet
The program consists of the annual
election of officers and directors. The
nominating committee has made a
careful check of membership to de
termine the eligibility of the nomi­
The following list of men have been
■selected to compete for the offices of
President, Vice-president, Secretary,
Treasurer, and six directors: Forrest
Herr, Harold Montgomery, Roy Rog
ers, Dallas Berry, Robert Nonnamak
er, Wilbur Fish, Gerald Huber, Eu
gene Benroth, Wilford Geiger, Myron
Motter, Silas Diller, Herbrt Rupright,
Nelson Herr, Jesse Manges, Aldine
Kohli, Raymond Amstutz, Hiram
Wenger, Dan R. Trippiehorn, Clar
ence Stonehill, Robert Benroth, May
nard Geiger, Robert Niswander, Will
iam Edwards, Sam Hauenstein, Gail
Mumma. Ralph Reichenbach, Edgar
Root, Gerald Berry, O. E. Dudgeon,
Albert Garmotter and Leon J. Hau
Additional nominations for the of
fices may be made from the floor on
election night. Voting will be by bal
lot and the six directors and four of
ficers elected will have the power to
appoint committees, the chairman of
each committee automatically becom
ing a club director.
Motion pictures will be shown and a
resume of the recent deer hunting
trip into Canada by Dr. J. S. Steiner,
Hiram Wenger, Gail Mumma, Leland
Sechler and William Engalls will be
given by members of the party.
Hunting season is practically over
for the upland game hunters, with the
cottontail the last member of the big
four” still on the game list. Rabbit
season runs until January 11. The
balance of the hunting is full force
For Vigor and Health—
include meat in your menu.
Always ready to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
tical corduroy with me
dium heel.
FOR FATHER: A leather
slipper for leisure hours.
FOR SISTER: A dressy
stiiped satin slipper with
fur trim.
Shoes for comfort and
for the trappers and coon hunters.
Coon season ends January 15 and
the local hunters so far have had an
exceptionally good season. Some of
the club members have pelted better
than 10 coon skins to date this season.
Mink,. muskrat, opposum and skunk
season runs to January 15 also.
The muskrat harvest will break all
records if the heavy catches in the
district hold up to the end of the
season. Some of the trappers have
better than 200 rats to their credit al-
ready, and at an approximate price of
$2.00 per rat that means quite a chunk
of money for their efforts.
Jeese Manges has what is known as
a “shell-saver dog” to accompany him
on his hunting expeditions. In a few
minutes of hunting the dog caught
for Jesse two nice ringnecks. The
birds were cripples and Jesse was
able to go home with his limit without
firing a shot.
Dogs are always given a lot of
credit for helping the hunters find
birds that are knocked down. Such
birds many times with only broken
wings, are unable to fly and can es
cape a hunter by out running him.
Dogs are a valuable asset to the
hunter these days with the war on
and a shortage of shells. If the gov
ernment does not release shells for
the next bird season there will be few
hunters next year in the field for the
few shells horded for this year’s hunt
ing season are practically exhausted.
Very few shells are left over for next
4c Jf- Of.
Jay Hartman is among the more
fortunate trappers for he caught a
mink with a set for muskrat. Mink
will bring from S6 to $10 per pelt
depending on the size of the animal.
The shooting of two fox squirrels
out of season last Wednesday after
noon caused considerable agitation
among sportsmen of the community.
The open season on these animals has
been out since Sept. 30th and the
shooting brought a reaction from the
club directors who have been actively
engaged the past two years in an in
tensive restocking program for the
propagation of these animals.
Howard Langstaff, supervisor for
the conservation district, and Rudy
Clevenger, Allen County game war
den ,called to investigate the case
agreed to give the two boys a chance
before pressing charges, after the
sportsmen club officers pleaded to
have the youngsters placed under the
custody of the club directors for a
probational period.
The hunting licenses of the two
youths have been revoked and the
gun impounded by the law enforce
ment officers until a future date
agreeable to the club directors for the
What is so rare as a
Christmas without a gift
of slippers? Play Santa
this year and send slippers
to all members of your
We Specialize in Fitting for Style and Comfort
return of the hunting privileges to the
The two lads have an opportunity
to redeem themselves since we are
led to believe the shooting was done
in an unthinking manner and they
will be given every chance to become
interested in conservation and help in
the program of the local club. If the
lack of interest developes, the game
wardens will again take up the mat
ter and press charges.
The two boys have agreed to attend
the meetings of the club each month
and will assume their share of the
work of developing game reserves,
erecting squirrel dens and feeding
stations, and releasing game and fish
in the community restocking program.
The club directors have full confi
dence in the two boys and hope that
arrangements can be made to restore
the hunting privileges to the two
budding young sportsmen.
Richland Center
Mr. and Mrs. Menno Basinger and
daughter Maleta and Chancey Ba
singer spent Sunday afternoon at the
Amos and Francis Basinger home.
Evening callers were M. and Mrs.
Amos Gerber.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Badertscher
and family were Sunday dinner guests
at the Glen Hathaway home.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hochstettler
and family spent Friday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hochstettler and
Misses Irene Brinkman and Iva
Klopfenstein of Lima were Saturday
and Sunday guests of Miss Rachel
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Basinger and
family of Cairo and Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Dillman and daughter were
Sunday dinner guests at the Martha
Basinger home. Mrs. Vernon Basing
er of Indianapolis was a supper guest.
Evening acllers were Mr. and Mrs.
Leland Basinger and daughters.
Miss Glenna Kohler spent Sunday
afternoon with Miss Glenna Swick.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Amstutz spent
Sunday evening at the Ed and Fran
cis Marquart home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Badertscher
and sons were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Moorehead.
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Reichenbach
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Zim
merman and family, Bernice Zimmer
man and Esther Reichenbach and Mr.
and Mrs. Andy Hochstettler and fam
ily were Sunday dinner guests at the
J. H. Reichenbach home in Pandora.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schaublin and
daughter Rachel, Irene Brikman and
Iva Klopfenstein of Lima and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Gratz were Sunday af
ternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. Cal.
Schaublin of Rising Sun.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gratz were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Wilford Gratz.
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Moser of Col.
Grove, Mrs. Vernon Basinger of In
dianapolis, Mrs. Leonard Gratz and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Luginbuhl were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Moser and sons.
Mrs. Harold Badertscher and sons
spent Friday with her sister Mrs. Les
ter Ackerman of Lafayette.
Mrs. Vernon Basinger of Indianap
olis was a Saturday dinner guest at
the Weldon and Ames Luginbuhl
Mr. and Mrs. Faye Isham and Mrs.
Mary Isham spent Tuesday at the
Fiancis and Ed Marquart home.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Matter and
family spent Sunday with relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Matter and dau
ghter spent Sunday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. Roily Moser and son.
Troop 56
By Malcolm Basinger
Monday night’s meeting was open
ed with recitation of the Scout Oath
and law led by Samuel Buhler.
Robert Ramseyer led in the pledge
of allegiance to the flag, and Paul
Bixel was in charge of inspection.
Regular roll call and business
meeting was followed by a period of
games. At the conclusion Rev. Ern
est Bigelcw, neighborhood scout com
missioner, gave a short talk.
Recently, a Bluffton man stated
that he v c.i to feel like a swollen
balloon after every mc.il. He would
bleat full ?f gas and spit up acidu
lous iiqu:d- for hours afte’- eating.
Was ten b’.v constipated. This man
is one of .he hundreds in this vicin
ity who w pra se ERB-HELP. He
states he was amazed at the results
when he ok this medicine. Now he
eats w..a‘ lie wants without gas or
bloating, rad bowels are regular for
the first in years. He feels like
a new i.
ERB-HTLP contains 12 Great
Herbs cleanse bowels, clear gos
from stc uh, act on sluggish liver
and kidn s. Miserable neople soon
feci ditl '.t all over. So don’t go
on suff Get ERB-HELP.
i Hauenstein- Drug Etore.
Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Harold Bell
attended a familv dinner at the
home of Morris Bell, Sunday near
Columbus Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamilton
were Lima shoppers Saturday.
Chas. Nonnamaker spent Saturday
at the Ami Nonnamaker home.
Bernard Stratton called Sunday
evening in the M. J. Stratton home.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright Klingler and
family were Sunday dinner guests of
Myron Trippiehorn and family.
Staff Sgt. Harold Bell who has
been stationed in Sicily arrived here
last week and is visiting his wife
and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koontz
spent Monday in Lima.
Walter Benroth was honorably dis
charged from the navy and has re
turned to his home here.
Thanksgiving dinner guests in the
M. J. Stratton home were: Mr. and
Mrs. B. J. Stratton and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Wright Klingler and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Stratton
and family.
Callers at the Ami Nonnamaker
home during the past week were Mr.
and Mrs. Chancey Klingler, son How
ard and daughter Marilyn of Ada.
Mrs. Mary Hartman and son Cloyce
of Hoytville, Mrs. Albert Gossman,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamilton and
daughter Betty Jean, Charles Non
namaker and Bess Arnold.
Mrs. Sylvia Basinger was removed
from Lima Memorial hospital to her
parents home, Mr. and Mrs. Purl
Mrs. Earl Rupright and Howard
Marquart were Sunday evening visit
ors in the Mrs. Golda Battles home.
Callers in the A. J. Nonnamaker
home the past week: Mr. and Mrs.
Rolland Koontz and family, Mrs.
Howard Stauffer, Mr. and Mrs. Len
don Basinger and family, Mrs. Ema
line Nonnamaker, Mrs. Everett Bish,
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Montgomery and
family, Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Harold
Bell, Rev. and Mrs. Zimmerman, Mr.
and Mrs. Marvin Reigle and son of
Beaverdam, Mrs. Wright Klingler,
Flo Stratton, Faery Nonnamaker,
Mabel Battles, Marilyn Battles and
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koontz.
Howard Marquart is spending a
furlough with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Marquart and family.
News want-ads bring results.
hen you buy gifts
them from a mans store,
satisfying assortments
in the
quality .... and
early—and early
The Light Bearers of the Presbyter
ian church wi'l meet Saturday after
noon in the home of William Reichen
Mrs. \\. E. Marshall assisted as
night nurse at the Bluffton Commun
ity hospital several nights lah week.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mayberry and
family and Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mason
of Columbus Grove were recent dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Porter
and son Billy in Marysville.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Marshall
spent several days the past week on a
business trip to Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Donald V an Meter underwent
an operation at Bluffton hospital last
Tuesday and reported to be getting
along nicely at this time.
The Misses Rebecca Marshall and
Nancy Mayberry who are employed at
What Mother Wants
Make mother happy by giving her
genuine Pyrex ware. Also graniteware,
food choppers and kitchen cutlery.
This Will Please Dad
Quality tools and cutlery in a selection
surprisingly complete in view of wartime
restrictions. Don’t delay—shop early and
make dad happy.
for a
ever had enough—and these
No man
new patterns are something to take
any man’s eye yes, they’re fast
colors. Priced to fit your Chris
budget.............. $1.55—$2.35—
SPORT SHIRTS —long sleev
popular colors..
They’re really special and most ac
ceptable for gifts. Something at
tractive for Christmas in broadcloth
priced at........ $2.39—$2.69 and $2.95
KNITTED PAJAMAS $2.50 & $2.95
in silver and gold. Something that
will complete his outfit.
COLLAR PINS, each..................... 50c
TIE CLIPS, each................... 50c & $1
CUFF LINKS, pair....................$1.00
the Westing House in Lima have rent
ed an apartment and will live there
for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Marshall spent
Sunday with Miss Ruth Sutton in
Bowling Green.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Begg enter
tained at a family dinner Sunday in
honor of the birthday anniversary of
Mrs. Lawrence Begg.
A demonstration of making slip
covers and remodeling old chairs was
held in the home of Mrs. Harold Mar
shall last Wednesday with a covered
dish dinner at the noon hour. Miss
Ruth Winner of Lima. Home Demon
stration Agent of Allen County was
in charge.
The Presbyterian Missionary So
ciety met in the home of Mrs. Orlo
Marshall, Wednesday afternoon with
the following program: Worship,
Mrs. Glen Mayberry Topic, Good
Practical Xmas Gifts
Gifts for Every Member of the Family
Greding Hardware
man's Christmas—buy
Here you will find
smart styles .... fine
values. But please
Unusual gifts in attractive earthen
ware—Teapots. Casseroles, Refrigerator
Sets, Mixing Bowls, Cookie Jars, Coffee
he has always
Tidings to all People from the East,”
Mrs. E. N. Bigelow Christmas Carols,
Mesdames Lawrence and Edgar Begg
Year Book of Prayer, Mrs. Guy May
Mrs. Clen Mayberry will open her
home to members of the Profit and
Pleasure club for the December meet
ing next W’ednesday afternoon. The
following program has been planned:
Roll call, What we Want for Christ
mas Christmas Story, “So Gracious
is the Time” by Kerr, Mrs. Paul
Stoodt Christmas Carols, Club. A
gift exchange wil be a feature of the
social hour.
Mrs. E. E. Freet and daughter Ruth
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Stewart Berryhill and family
near Bluffton.
The time to take advantage of the
future is today.
Better Coffee for Xmas
Remember this Christmas as the time
that your family enjoyed better coffee.
An unusual selection of Cory Coffee
makers. Better come early and get your
coffeemaker today.
Earthenware for Gifts
gotten ties for
never had too
Christmas—and he
many—and when he
get here he will tell you they’re tops
with him. So just put ties down on
your shopping list and see what we
are showing—they really are extra
super in looks—and quality in wool
and rayon silk—but we’ve priced
them at only. .55c—75c—$1 & $1.65

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