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Hardriding Rodeo Set for Bluffton
July 4th
“YIPPEE”, Here she comes again
folks, that dazzling, colorful, exciting
show of all shows with multitudes of
horses in sparkling trappings, feroci
ous wild steers, raring broncos, and
daring horsemen all set to give the
people of Bluffton and community a
display of horsemanship in a real
wild western Rodeo the like of which
has never been seen in this area.
Beautiful horses, gaudily attired
horsemen and horsewomen from
Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, cowboys
from other states and Mexico, all on
hand to compete for more than $200
in war bonds and stamps in the big
show which will be given on Harmon
Field, July 4, in the evening, the
program starting at 7:30 p. m. Fast
i The Rawson Band will start the
program with a set of lively tunes,
playing while Bluffton’s Ace pilot,
Clayton Bixel, puts his plape through
a variety of stunts high in the air
over the field.
Immediately following the exhibi
tion of stunting a grand parade of
all horses will be held led by the
Rawson band.
In swift routine a fascinating, ex
citing, program of wild west rodeo
events will be held. The program
will be highlighted with steer riding,
bronco busting, and calf roping.
In colorful dress both men and
women will put their splendid
animals through a variety of events
demanding skill and training on the
part of the horse and rider. There
Vill be a ladies hiusical keg and a
musical event for the men. A fast
neckbreaking stake bending race for
three daring riders riding zigzagging
abreast thru rows of wooden stakes.
A variety of special events will be
held including a greased pig tussel
for the youngsters, pony race for
ponies 54 inches in height and under,
and high jumping horses. A special
prize will be given to the member of
the armed forces attending the show
from the farthest distance.
The final event will be a dangerous
bareback exhibition of bronco riding
122 South Main St., Bluffton
Office Hours: 9:00 A. M.—5:30 P. M.
Evenings: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. 7:00
to 8:00 P. M. Closed Thursday Afternoon
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Straightened usually in one office visit
—safely, permanently. No cutting of
muscles or cords.
fnterv/ewg 9 a. m. until 9 p. tn.
SprlngfiaW, ancle.
Merten, Zanesville, Sandusky, Columbus,
Caveland, Ashtabula, Youngstown, Canton,
°U1 ’’••♦•‘•vreh, Erie, Pa, Wheat
Ing, Huntington, W. Ya.
Write for Free Booklet OW 1
and Date ©f NEXT CLINIC Nearest
for Cross Eye Correction
CaMmmlty Nat’l Bank pontlac, Mich.
For Vigor and Health—
include meat in your menu.
Always ready to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
Happenings Affecting Woods, Waters and Wildlife A
on Ramona, the wildest bronc in
this section of the country. Several
other of these wild untamed horses
have been obtained for daredevil
horsemen to ride throughout the
evenings entertainment.
All events are open entries and
any person having a horse is elgible
to compete for the prizes.
The final event of the evening will
be the awarding of a beautiful horse
shoe of roses, awarded to the grand
champion horseman or horsewoman
of the Rodeo. The trophy will be
given to the rider who has earned
the most points during the evening.
Local fishermen are having a small
share of luck since the season open
ed on June 16th. Plug casting and
fly fishing has produced some fish
and several nice bass have been
snagged in local waters.
George McCune landed a 14 inch
bass in the Water Works quarry
several evenings ago. Fishing is
much improved at this body of water
and a good many blue gills larger
than a man’s hand have been taken
from the quarry.
“Doc” Rickly probably holds the
record since the season opened for
We've heard
he has to his credit 4 bass taken in
one day’s fishing at the Buckeye.
Carl Mum ma spends a good deal of
time blue gill fishing at the quarry
and very few evenings have slipped
by without Carl plying his skill near
the pump hole—and he gets several
nice ones each time he frequents the
Alvin Augsburger of Ada hooked
a nice 14 inch bass on a Jitterbug
near the swimming float over the
weekend and Donald Rupright of
Ney snagged one also, Don says his
fish was a “keeper”, but not worth
bragging over. Jess Manges has had
some luck and has taken a few bass
home with him since the season
came in.
Don Forche from Beaverdam (the
guy who walked off with the war
bond and Aldine’s $5.00 prize in the
fishing contest) came over to show
us how easy it was to catch fish and
give us a few lessons. You guessed
it folks, this time he went home
empty handed. The fish are wising
up to those Beaverdam tactics.
As a whole fishing is slow, Byron
Stratton will vouch for this state
ment—he has a sore right arm from
plug casting this week—he says he
is ready to light out for New York
What news will
You know now what we’ve heard from him.
We’ve heard that Eisenhower and his Americans
have hurled themselves like a thunderbolt against
the bristling defenses of Hitler’s Wehrmacht!
that they are
smashing at our foe sparing
neither steel nor sweat not
blood in one final, furious as
sault that marks the supreme
military effort of this War!
And what news do Eisen
hower and his men expect
from us?
Men and women of America
what the Invasion is to our
fighting men, the 5th War Loan
is to us at home!
For us, as well as for them,
this is the crisis the time for
tremendous, overwhelming
effort! Make no mistake! The
5th War Loan will undoubtedly
be the biggest, most vitally im­
And here ore 5 More reasons for buying
Extra Bonds in the 5th!
1. War Bonds are the best, the safest investment in the world!
2. War Bonds return you $4 for every $3 in 10 years.
3. War Bonds help keep prices down.
4. War Bonds will help win the Peace by increasing purchasing
power after the War.
5. War Bonds mean education for your children, security for you,
funds for retirement. ___
portant financial effort of this
whole War!
If the 5th War Loan is to suc
ceed, each one of us must do
more than ever before must
buy double yes, triple
the Bonds we bought last time.
Our men expect to hear that
we are buying double that
we are matching their sacrifice
as best we can—that the Amer
ican nation, soldiers and civil
ians together, is making one
gigantic effort towin this War!
That’s the news our men
expect to hear from us.
Will you personally see that
they get it?
state if those fish don’t start to hit
Bait For Sale at Buckeye
Everybody is anxious for the fish
ing to improve and the club is exert
ing every energy to see that bait,
cane poles and lint s are made avail
Minnows are on sale at the Buck
eye quarry bath house. Harry
Minck, life guard for the qi/arry, as
sisted by Robert Fisher, has con
floating minnow cage
license and is ready
structed a
purchased a
for business,
and Harvey
Warden have agreed to show the
boys how and where to obtain
nows and on Tuesday night
over from Ottawa to lend a
and inspect the equipment.
Foster Roszman, fish
agent for our district,
Williams Allen Game
Besides selling minnows the fel
lows are dealers for soft shell crabs,
nightcrawlers, and fishworms. The
sportsmen’s club members are taking
real interest in seeing that the prop
osition works out, for our area needs
a live bait dealer and it is to the
advantage of the fishermen to give
every aid possible to help the boys
along. The bait will be sold at
reasonable prices and the boys
reserve the right to limit quantities
until they get started.
Banded Fish Caught
Three more prizes have been paid
off with three local men the lucky
winners in the $200 fishing contest.
Jess Manges has captured bass num
ber 9768z which entitles him to $3.00
in trade at the Community Market,
operated by Merle Ingalls.
Larry Mathewson snagged bass
number 9794z which entitles him to
$3.00 in trade at Crows Gun Shop
at Lima, Ohio.
Gerald Berry caught the bass
wearing tag number 9778z entitling
him to $2.00 in trade at Bill Augs
burgers Cigar Store.
This brings the total number of
banded fish captured up to 14. Three
of these are blue gills leaving 22
banded blue gills in the Buckeye.
Eleven banded bass have been cap
tured leaving 13 prize winners still
swimming around. So, folks, thar’s
fish in them thar waters, let’s go
I wish to thank my friends for their
many greeting cards, flowers and good
wishes received while I was a patient
in the Bluffton hospital.
Mrs. Frank Neuenschwander.
behalf of Ruth I. King, Administratrix
On __________ ____________
of the Estate of the late James Norman King,
I will received sealed bids for the residence
located at No. 557 South Main Street in the
Village of Bluffton. Ohio, together with 5 acres
more or less of land upon which said resi
dence is
hands on
erty was
estate at
than the ________
trix reserves the right to reject any and all
bids. Terms of sale, cash.
10 pan
located. All bids must be in my
or before July 1, 1944. The prop
appraised by the appraisers of the
35200. and cannot be sold for less
appraised value. The Administra-
get from us?
Finance Committee of Allen County
June 12, 1919
Almost the entire membership of
the Robert Hamilton Post of this
place .will attend the state G. A, R.
encampment to be held at Lima next
week. The big day of the week will
be on Thursday, which will be known
as World War Veteran’s Day. On
that day formal recognition will be
given Allen County’s returned sold
iers and veterans of the other two
ware who fought overseas and served
in camps in this country. Mothers
who lost sons in the war will receive
medals on that day.
Russel Buckmaster of Findlay, and
formerly of this place has enlisted in
the Army for service in France as
a mechanic. He will leave Camp
Meade Sunday for service overseas.
Cpl. Oliver Welty who served with
the 114th Engineers Corps and Pvt.
Elam Welty who served with the
125th Infantry left for services a
year ago and were in France eleven
months returned home honorably dis
Bluffton In First World War
Homer Zimmerly is home discharg
ed from Camp Sherman.
Russel B. Koontz who served in
France 12 months has received his
discharge from Camp Pike, Ark. He
has entirely recovered from the gas
sing he received from the hands of
the Huns last July.
What Happened Here Twenty-five Years Ago This Week
France about a year returned home
Thursday. Young Groves enlisted
before he was seventeen and has
been in a number of important en
Alvin Neuenschwander arrived
home at Pandora honorably discharg
ed after having served overseas.
The pigeons used in the war for
the purpose of carrying messages
will go down in history as accom
plishing outstanding war work. In
many instances the crew of torpedo
ed ships were saved by the unerring
ability of these birds in returning to
the mainland or flying to neighbor
ing ships and delivering distress mes
sages. On the front lines these birds
were utilized at every opportunity-
State of Ohio,
Allen County, m.
Estate of T. A. Kitchen, (Thomas A. Kitch
en). Deceased.
M. M. Boaart of Bluffton, Ohio, has been
appointed and qualified as Administrator with
the Will Annexed of the estate of T. A.
Kitchen Thomas A. Kitchen), late of Allen
County, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 16th day of June, 1944.
11 Probate Judge.
The State of Ohio,
Allen County, s*.
Estate of James W. Jackson, deceased.
Nora E, Koeh of 462 Ewing Ave., Lima.
Ohio, has been appointed and qualified as Ex
ecutrix of the estate of James W. Jackson,
late of Allen County. Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 31st day of May, 1944.

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