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Ton Crappie Order Placed
An order for two tank truck loads
of crappies has been placed with
the conservation department at
Sandusky, delivery to be made this
fall. In a letter from Robert Short
liff, chief of the game and fish de
partment of the Lake Erie division,
he states that we may expect the
order to be filled in October. Earlier
information indicated that approxi
mately 1000 pounds of this particular
fish can be hauled with a good
degree of success in each truck load.
The order calls for large crappies
and the price will be from 3 to 4
cents each.
Edgar Root, club director in
charge of fish management, says the
fish will be seined by commercial
lake fishermen and hauled to Bluff
ton for release in local quarries in
conservation department tank trucks.
The recent drought has caused
Riley creek to dry up from the
reservoir under the railroad bridge
to the old Hoover’s quarry in
Eaton’s woods. The creek is bone
dry and all the water remaining at
Hoover’s is contained in a puddle
about 15X8X1 feet. In this small
area scarcely a minnow could be
found, but the pool teemed with
life for the puddle was alive with
crawdads and catfish. Several dozen
catfish were seined from the pool
by Albert and Bob Benroth and this
writer and placed in the reservoir
under the railroad bridge.
A small amount of excitement
was caused when a large black
snake was seined from the pool with
a good ten inch catfish clutched in
its jaws. The fish was pried from
the snakes mouth, but the reptile
made repeated attempts to grab the
fish again. Needless to say that Bob
and Dutch kept their distance and
the snake was forced to crawl away
unfed but unharmed.
Minnows For Sale
No folks, this is not a pipe dream
Vires Recopp®*
Tire recapping is permitted
without ration board okay. So
as soon as your tires wear
smooth and before fabric
shows let our expert recap
pers do the job for you. B. F.
Goodrich methods and first
grade materials used exclu
sively. Come in now! We are
official O.PJL tire inspectors.
Stauffer’s Pure Oil Station
N. Main & Elm Sts.
Phone 410-W
B. F.' Goodrich Tires
for the manufacture of Spray Powder
for the manufacture of Butter
Highest Prices Paid for
All Dairy Products
Happenings Affecting Woods, Waters and Wildlife
for the life guards at the Buckeye
have on hand at least a thousand
minnows. They are being sold on a
first come, first served basis and
the boys are going to make a good
attempt to keep a supply on hand.
The price is 20 cents a dozen.
Fishermen’s Luck
Believe it or not, but we have the
proof. At least 18 bass were caught
at the Buckeye quarry last Sunday
morning. A huge school of shad
minnows had congregated around
the sunken tree at the lower end of
the quarry and a great number of
bass (twenty-one were counted- at
one time) were making furious
dashes with wide open mouths, gulp
ing down small fish in great num
bers as the big fish would flash
through the school of minnows.
Those lucky fishermen present would
only have to toss in their lines with
a minnow on the end and yank out
a bass. Of the eighteen bass caught
a good many measured 14 inches—
and not one of them contained a
band entitling the fisherman to a
Ray Mumma and Jess Manges
were two of the men who witnessed
the fantastic episode, ask them about
At the last directors meeting Dan
Trippiehorn, club vice president in
charge of game reserves, presented
a plan for rotation of reserves in
the townships to keep a continuous
hunting program in operation and at
the same time always having an al
lotted acreage under management
by the club.
In the new setup, in which Dan
was given unanimous support by the
directors, before the five year lease
expires on a selected acreage a new
reserve will be set up in the same
township and be developed by the
club. The leases are arranged by
the State under the direction of
Robert Winchell, PR man for our
Winchell was in town the first of
the week and is much interested in
the proposition. Within a few weeks
efforts will be made to lease ad
ditional acreage in other areas near
Bluffton that do not now have a
refuge for protection of wild life.
The new refuges as in the past
will be developed as squirrel and
raccoon protection areas and artifi
cial dens erected under Winchell’s
The club has made plans to erect
a number of dens in the Howard
Rickly reserve. This program will
take place on September 10th, having
been postponed from August 20th.
William Kellogg had an interest
ing experience the other day while
watering the lawn at the rear of
Dr. Travis’ office. A fox squirrel
Practise Typing Paper
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Bluffton Notus Cffice
has a den in a walnut tree near the
office and as Kellogg turned the
hose on the lawn the fox squirrel
scampered down the tree, ran out
under the spray and rolled around
in the wet grass.
The squirrel would dart around
near by bushes and up the trees, all
the time keeping close to the stream
of water. Needless-to say Kellogg
had a good time playing tag with
the frisky animal and the little
creature knew how to cool off on a
hot day.
Lake Erie Excursion Planned
A rranwrnpntq have been nearly
completed for a days outing on Lake
Erie for Sunday, August 27th.
Transportation will be provided and
the approximate cost of the trip
will be $3.00 which includes trans
portation to and from Lake Erie and
the day’s outing on the lake. The
motorship the Lakeside III has been
chartered for the fishing tour
around the islands. Stops will be
made at Put-In-Bay and Gibraltar
Island where arrangements are being
made for a short visitation of the
state fish hatchery. Basket dinners
will be taken by those club members
participating in the excursion. Only
60 club members may go and the
first 60 who leave their names at
Carl Mumma’s Electric Shop will
have a chance to go on the trip.
Ladies and men are both invited to
participate in the excursion.
Visit Dragon Lake
Five of our club members had a
grand outing at Dragon Lake near
Angola, Indiana, during a week’s
stay at that place.
The party, consisting of Walter
Garmatter of Rawson Ural F.llen
berger, Beaverdam Donald Rupright
and Ora Marsh of Ney and Herbert
Rupright of Bluffton, were located
on the shores of this long and nar
row body of water located near the
Indiana-Michigan border. The men
had a cottage and the fishing was
fine. A good many bass, perch, long
eared sunfish and big blue gills
were snagged during their stay.
Highlighting the week of sport
was a turtle dinner by Herb who
prepared a big snapper for a feast
that lasted two days. The big turtle
weighed 15 pounds and made several
meals for the men. Herb’s brother
Don caught the snapper during one
of the fishing trips. Don, Walter,
and Herb tied for high honors for
each were able to land a 2U pound
bass apiece.
The lake is not frequented to any
great extent and is off the main
travelled roads. At present there
are only 6 cottages situated along
the body rtf water. Dotted with
many islands the lake approximates
3 miles in length and provides ex
cellent fishing. Minnows were high
priced and hard to obtain, the men
had to pay $4.00 for 6 dozens.
Mt. Cory
Dwight Plankenhorn and sons of
Pandora were callers Sunday after
noon of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones were
recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Lee
McDowell in Cario.
Mrs. Walter McVey returned home
Sunday from Texas where her hus
band is stationed. He accompanied
her home.
Mrs. Joyce Rosenfelder and Mrs.
Gale Griffith and son Keven were
Thursday evening callers on Mrs.
Laura Ghaster and Ruth.
Mrs. Laura Ghaster and Ruth
spent Monday in Findlay.
Two birthdays were celebrated re
cently at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth
Flayth—her granddaughter Shirley
and W. J. Smith. A beautiful white
birthday cake topped with candles
was baked by her grandmother Mrs.
Flayth. Those present at the party
were Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Rup
right and Shirley Rupright, Kay
lene Rupright, Miss Mary Welty,
Mrs. Elizabeth Flayth and Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Smith of near Jenera.
Mr. and Mrs. Firm Garlinger have
purchased a property in Findlay and
have moved there.
Chaucer Knew of Glasses
Geoffrey Chaucer, author of Can
terbury Tales and recognized father
of English poetry, tells in one of his
poems how a man was enabled to
recognize his friends with a “spec
Triplett Loses To
Routh Packers, 1-2
After going undefeated through
their first seven games, the Trip
lett softball team ran into trouble
in two innings at Tiffin last Friday
night and the strong Routh Packers
outfit of that place turned back the
locals by a score of 4 to 2.
In many respects the Triplett
crew played better ball against the
upstaters than they have in any pre
ceding tilt, including a game here
two weeks ago when they gained a
decision over the same outfit by a
6 to 2 count.
Anxious to avenge the defeat ad
ministered in Bluffton, the Routh
Packers bolstered their lineup with
Toledo and Fremont players for last
week’s tilt, and they used Ken Alt
man, their star hurler, who has a
decision over Ferguson’s State Audi
tors, touted as Ohio’s best softball
Altman was the recipient of a one
run lead in the initial inning when
one of his mates clouted a home run,
and he pitched hitless ball in the
first seven innings to retire 21 Bluff
ton batsmen in order.
In the meantime Timer Spaeth
also was turning in a stellar pitch
ing performance, and going into the
eighth inning the score still was
1 to 0.
After one man was out in that
stanza, Bert Swank hit a towering
triple and was robbed of a home
run when the ball hit a light pole
in center field. He scored a moment
later, however, when Russ Gratz
doubled, and Gratz tallied on Eiken
bary’s single, the third hit in a
row off Altman.
This gave Bluffton a 2 to 1 lead,
but Tiffin scored three times in the
last half of the inning to clinch the
decision in a tightly played contest.
Bluffton got two men on base in the
ninth inning but Altman got the
third put out on a strikeout to end
the game.
Bluffton AB
Basinger ____ _____ 4 0 0
Anderson .. ...... _____ 4 0 0
Triplett .... .... ... _____ 3 0 0
B. Swank ...... _____ 3 1 1
Gratz ________
Eikenberry ..
Under Ohio shies
told by
supply fur~
Conservation Division
1 1
0 1
Ream ............... 0 o
Berky ...............____ 3 0 1
Burkholder ...... 0 o
Spaeth .. ..........._____ 3 0 o
2 4
Routh Packers 32 4 6
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Diller and
Mrs. Oliver Locher and children
spent last week with Cleveland
Lt. Vincent McClintock of the U.
S. Air Corps, visited his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Verne McClintock
here a few days last week, also his
wife at Bowling Green.
P. W. Krohn and family returned
to Detroit, Friday.
The Junior Dorcas girls of the
Grace Mennonite church, held a
picnic at the school park Saturday
Kenneth Davidson, of Camp For
rest, Tenn., visited his family and
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester
Davidson last week.
Mrs. Elizabeth King is visiting
Lester King and family at Dearborn
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vemsoder
and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Eisenbach
spent the past week with Michigan
Catherine Hatfield has joined the
Cadet Nurses Training Corps, and
will get her training at the Univer
sity of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
Mrs. Walter Meigs and little son
of Warren, are visiting her mother
and sisters, Mrs. D. C. Steiner and
family east of Pandora. Mrs. Meigs
was formerly Miss Grace Steiner.
Thirty Pandora grange members
enjoyed a covered dish supper at
the Pratt Agner home northwest of
Pandora, one night last week.
Tuesday evening Pandora sub
ordinate and juvenile grangers held
a picnic at the school park. Charles
Reese furnished the corn roast.
Pfc. and Mrs. Walter Plankenhorn,
of Camp Haan, Calif., have been
of the birds
conservation division*
visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Plankenhorn east of Pandora.
Miss Nettie Basinger, local bank
clerk, visited relatives at Ft. Wayne,
Ind., the past week.
Mrs. Clyde Tousley entertained
the following one evening last week:
Mrs. P. W. Krohn of Detroit, Mich.,
Mrs. M. D. Headington, of West
Orange, N. J., Mrs. Julian Kempf,
Mrs. Elmer Burry, Mrs. Francis
Kempf, Mrs. Milo Rice, Mrs. Stanley
Burkhart and Mrs. Edwin Cupp.
Harold Sutter was home from
Georgia on furlough. His parents,
little sister, Miss Virginia Cratzier
of Leipsic, and Mrs. Melvin Long
and little son accompanied Harold
as far as Cincinnati, Sunday, on his
return journey. The same group of
people spent one day last week at
Cedar Point on Lake Erie.
The report came here that Capt.
Evan Tschudy, son of Mrs. Ortha
Bracy Tschudy, is reported missing
since on a bombardier trip over Ger
many. The report is a severe blow
to this community, and word is
coming of injuries sustained by
others from here.
Dr. and Mrs. N. S. Hilty ac
companied their son, Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Hilty of Bluffton to Toledo
Sunday where they spent the day
with relatives.
Lyle Crow is home from Tampa,
Fla., on furlough.
Mrs. Milo Rice and sons, Mrs. Levi
Grismore and Miss Dortha Grismore
spent the past week in Michigan.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hilty visited
their daughter Margaret at Oldfort,
Tuesday and helped her to move in
to a suite of rooms at Findlay,
Wednesday. Miss Hilty will teach
Home Economics at Donnel high
school, Findlay. Her brother Irvin
Hilty and Jesse Sutter moved her
to Findlay Wednesday.
The John Gerber family took up
temporary quarters at Wharton a
few weeks ago, where they are over
seeing the canning factory-, part of
which they own. Mr. Gerber is an
experienced well driller of Pandora.
Aaron Hilty and sons, Clair and
Paul, Francis Kempf and Raymond
Bucher are on a fishing trip In
northern Michigan.
Miss Edith Burkhart, who Sas
been teaching in Lima, and working
at the tank plant, resigned her
school to teach in the grades at
Findlay at an increased salary.
Miss Evelyn Hilty, teacher in our
local high school, and the daughter
of Mrs. Adam Hilty, will be marrieu
to Mr. Lyle Crow, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ferd Crow, who live east of
Pandora, Tuesday, August 8. Mr.
Crow is home from Tampa, Fla., on
furlough. The couple will spend a
few days along Lake Erie.
Mrs. Edsel Diebert, who has been
teaching in the elementary grades
at Pandora, resigned to continue
work in the Lima tank plant. Her
father Emmet Burkhart also works
at the same plant.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sommer were
on a trip to the Smoky Mountains
last week.
Pandora vicinity was fortunate in
having two heavy showers, Friday
afternoon averaging 1.01) inch and
the one Saturday afternoon 0.71
inch. A conservative estimate of
the value of the rain, will mean one
quarter million more dollars to the
farmers of this community.
Lysle Burkholder, who was form
erly superintendent of the Delta
school, is still stationed in Alaska
doing Red Cross work. He has
gained in weight and is feeling
very good, in spite of the dampness
of the weather and the sunless days.
It is a very lonesome life the boys
live there and they experience many
homesick hours. Mrs. Burkholder,
formerly Miriam Coats, of Pandora,
and daughter Connie expect to re
main at Las Vegas, Nev., until
Mr. Burkholder’s return. Mrs.
Burkholder works in a large war
plant and Connie is still in high
school. They vacationed recently in
The motorized buck rake developed
by an Ohio farmer proved to be a
very handy gadget in Ohio hay and
grain harvests in 1944. The tool
reduces the number of men required
to haul either hay or grain.
Swinging into a schedule of more
intensive play during the remaining
weeks of the season, the Triplett
softball team will appear in three
games, two of them at home, during
the next week.
Jenera will be the first foe of the
week, with the Hancock county out
fit scheduled to play Bluffton on the
local field at 7 p. m. this Friday.
More than usual interest will be
drawn to the contest, inasmuch as
Jenera is the home town of Timer
Spaeth, veteran hurler for the Trip
lett team, and the visitors are ex
pected to “doal up” for their tilt
Mr. and Mrs. Si Williams of
Toledo spent several days with Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Biteman.
Mr. and Mrs. Minor Peterson re
turned Thursday from a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watt of
Marion, Michigan.
Mrs. Anne Barger of Harrod was
a Thursday guest of Mrs. Ollie Hul
Mrs. Adah Hall, Mrs. Eda Hall
spent several days with Mr. and
Mrs. Cliord Hall and daughter of
Huntington, Indiana.
Mrs. Georgia Watt and Mrs.
Naomi Holderman of Toledo spent
Wednesday night with Mrs. Nettie
Miss Elizabeth Guthrie, Mrs.
Waldo Long and Miss Betty Long
are visiting Miss Lillian Eakes of
Washington, D. C.
Mrs. William May of Lima spent
Thursday and Friday with Mr. and
Mrs. O. B. May.
Mrs. Martha Ransbottom assisted
by Mrs. Belle Bradley entertained
the Keystone and Sempre Fidelis
classes of the Methodist church in
her home Thursday evening. Those
present were: Mrs. Bess Brackney,
Mrs. Blanche Heiser, Mrs. Inez May,
Mrs. Hilda Badertscher, Mrs. Irene
Stump, Mrs. Louella Koogler, Mrs.
Kathryn Schumacher, Mrs. Ivalene
Urich, Mrs. Ruth Sumney, Mrs. Bes
sie Slane, Mrs. Mildred Carey, Mrs.
Jennie Fett, Miss Cadda Rumbaugh,
and the hostesses.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Craig of
Lima were Thursday evening guests
of Mr. and Mrs. William Hall.
Recent callers of Mrs. Jennie
Eversole were: Rev. Munro, Mrs.
Inez Lippincott, Mrs. Eda Hall, Mrs.
Ida Boyd, Mrs. Bertha Desenberg,
Mrs. Louise Cloore, Mrs. Eva Tullie,
Mrs. Mabel Grady, Mrs. Etta Guth
rie, Mrs. Pauline Shrider, Sharon
Shrider, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Cochensparger and Mr. and MA.
Wesley Eversole of Bluffton.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bowen, Port
land, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Orrin
Shaw and son James of Marysville,
Triplett Softball Team Will Play
Three Foes During Coming Week
If Your Debtors Have Moved
We have contacts for collecting
all over the United States
40014 S. Main St.Findlay, Ohio
USED RADIOSofSelection
Console and Table Models
All Electric and Battery Sets
Rawson, Ohio
1________ ____________________
with Bluffton.
The First Lutheran team of Find
lay, league leading outfit in that
city, will be the opponent of the
Triplett crew next Monday night
Findlay. Boots Main, who has long
been one of the top-notch pitchers
in this area will be on the mound
for the Findlay team.
A benefit game -with the Bluffton
Lions club team will conclude
busy week of play next Wednesday
night at Harmon field. All proceeds
will be used for the improvement of
bathing and park facilities at Buck
eye lake.
Ohio Mr. and Mrs. George Steiger
of Ada, Rev. Ross McDonald of Ada,
Miss Lizzie Wood, Mr. Ira Wood of
Ada were Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Hedges. The dinner
was in honor of A. E. Hedges who
celebrated his 82nd birthday an
Mr. and Mrs. Armin Wedlake of
Detroit, Michigan, and Mrs. Ida
Boyd were Monday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Hedges.
Francis Basinger, D. D. S.
Evan Basinger, D. D. S.
Telephone 271-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Complete insurance
Auto, Fire, Life, Health, Ac
cident, Theft, Liability
245 W. Grove St. Phone 350-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Ins. Co.
Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.
Home Office: Columbus, Ohio.
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