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THURSDAY. OCT. 5. 1941
Club to Entertain Allen County
Advisory Committee
At the meeting of the club scheduled
for next Tuesday night at 8:00 in the
Town Hall club rooms the club will
be hosts to the Allen County Conser
tion Advisory Committee. Following
a short meeting of the sportsmen’s
club, the advisory committee will have
a session to discuss fishing laws and
make recommendations for 1945.
Motion pictures will be shown dur
ing the evening and an exceptional
film showing Clyde Beatty, the animal
trainer, will be screened. Following
the program refreshments will be
At the meeting of the advisory com
mittee a farmer representative will
be chosen to take the place of the
late Gust Basinger the farmer repre
senative for Allen County. Later
this fall another meeting will be held
at Ottawa by the committee.
Present officers of the committee
are Silas Diller, chairman William
Edwards, Vice-chairman Herbert
Rupright, sec’y Gust Basinger, farm
er representative Donald Kephart,
sportsmen’s representative, Lima.
Arrangements have been made to
have a picture taken at the meeting
for publication. The membership and
farmers and all others interested in
conservation are urged to attend.
Complete Insurance
Auto, Fire, Life, Accident,
Health, Hospitalization,
245 W. Grove St. Phone 350-W
Bluffton, Ohio
Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Ins. Co.
Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.
Home Office: Columbus, Ohio.
Preserve the voices of your
loved ones.
See us for phonograph re
cordings on 10-inch standard
Tuesday and Thursday
Nights 6 to 9:30, by appoint
Russell’s Radio Repair
Phone 100 Rawson, Ohio
Durable Water-proof Stock
6 25c
Bluffton News Office
Happenings Affecting Woods, Waters and Wildlife
WoodCock Season Opens
Open season on woodcock opens in
Ohio on October 10th and closes on
October 24. The timberdoodle as this
migratory bird is sometimes called is
not too common in this area and can
be found frequenting marshy areas
and swampy woods. A few have been
seen on the Don Lora farm, Steiner
Bros, farm and the Basinger woods
near Broadwater by squirrel hunters
this year and in past seasons. Usu
ally dry wooded areas have resulted
in few of the birds staying in the vi
cinity during the fall migration.
Club Members Erect Dens in Rickly
Game Reserve
A good deal of activity at the How
ard Rickly gave reserve south of town
Sunday afternoon resulted in the
erection of an experimental raccoon
den and six squirrel dens in the tall
trees of the Rickly woodlot and the
release of squirrels and raccoon for
restocking purposes. A crowd of
nearly 30 sportsmen gathered at the
woods in the afternoon to aid in the
program. Cliff Elliott was on hand to
snap pictures of the activity and Leon
Hauenstein shot a roll of film with his
movie camera.
During the past week box traps
were placed at various spots on the
college game refuge and two fox and
a grey squirrel were trapped for re
lease on the Rickly reserve.
Providing plenty of excitement was
the escape of the coon as it was being
taken from the cake. The animal was
finally captured after it made a suc
cessful lunge at Ned Benham’s leg
and sank its teeth in his trousers.
Benham shook his leg plenty to get
rid of the creature and finally the coon
was stuffed in a sack by Si Diller.
Transporting the coon to the center
of the wood Kenneth Dearth showed
his ability to handle wild animals in
a Clyde Beatty manner and with bare
hands took the lunging animal from
the gunny sack and placed it on the
same tree where the artificial den had
been installed. All present watched
For last,low-cost
gain where there s
plenty ot grain J/ 'M
Hog Concentrate
Good grain—plus this balanced concert*
trate—-is a combination which makes for
rapid, economical pork production. Ask
for the Master Mix Hog Feeding
Leland Basinger, Mgr.
Phone 317-W Bluffton, Ohio
with interest as the coon clambered up
the tree to the den and sat down on a
limb near-by. One thing sure, we are
positive one coon took a good look at
an experimental den, if that is any
consolation to the department. Wheth
er or not the coon went into the den
later can not be answered at this time.
The squirrels when released were
plenty excited and ran like mad in the
wrong direction. It took some ener
gy out of a few members to head them
back toward the woods again. The
two fox squirrels were released at the
edge of the woods for photograpic
Dens were nailed into the trees by
Si Diller, Herb Rupright, Kenneth
Dearth, Spike Berry, and Wilbur Fish
.who proved his ability by driving in
the spike while holding the den high
above his head in a position where
he could not even see the spike. All
agreed he most have had x-ray eyes
to accomplish the job. To Jack Ber
ry goes the honor of installing the
coon den and Herb did a good job of
setting the extension ladder each time
a den was erected.
During the afternoon the men had
free access to a keg of cider and doz
ens of doughnuts which provided plen
ty of energy for those engaged in the
Those present who aided in the pro
gram were: Leon Hauenstein, Harry
Mumma, Edgar Montgomery, Charley
Fisher, Gilbert Montgomery, Dean
Dearth, Ned Benham, Kenneth Dearth,
Sam Hauenstein, Wilford Geiger, Wil
bur Fish, Jack Berry, Bernard Fish,
Gail Mumma, Herbert Rupright, O.
E. Dudgeon, Ray Mumma, Frederick
Tschants, Allen County Game Pro
tector Harry Williams, Charles Bes
sire, Nelson Herr, Albert Garmotter,
Cliff Elliott, Gene Benroth, Howard
Rickly. Jess Manges and Gerald Ber
ry who supervised the erection and
placing of dens and release of game.
Plans are being made to show the
motion pictures and photographs tak
en at the club meeting next Tuesday
Will Purchase Walnuts for Game
A short nut crop this year has
prompted the club directors to pur
chase walnuts for distribution to the
six game reserves under management
of the club. The rate of 25c per bush
el will be paid for hulled or unhulled
walnuts. Place the walnuts in a sack,
basket or a substantial carton and de
liver them to Niswander & Herring
Veterinary barn.
If you have a tree of walnuts and
wish to do a good turn for conserva
tion call in a Boy Scout to gather or
rake up the nuts and deliver them to
the above named business place. The
club has authorized Niswander & Her
ring to pay the above rate at time of
Game Census to be Taken
Plans are underway to take a cen
sus of game shot in the Bluffton hunt
ing area at the- close of the hunting
season. In the first census a card will
be enclosed in the annual letter to the
membership mailed the first week in
December. This letter wil lalso con
tain the year end report of the organ
ization. The first card will ask all
hunters to report on the number of
pheasants and squirrels taken in the
townships surrounding Bluffton.
The second card will be enclosed in
a letter to the membership mailed the
first of- the year and information will I
be asked concerning the number of
squirrel and racoon taken during the
season in the Bluffton hunting trrri- i
Information will also be sought as
to the number of bass, blue gills, crap
pies, channel catfish and other game
fish taken in Bluffton quarries during
the past year.
The census will be taken to enable
the restocking committee better to
estimate the needs of the area in game
and fish rstocking for the coming
Many Report Successful Squirrel
Hunting Season
Local nimrods were jubilant in
many instances over the number of
squirrels bagged at the close of the
season while others were chagrined
over the fact that they had not bagged
a single bushytail.
C. S. Smith had the most unusual
experience in walking up on two
sleeping deer at his father’s farm in
Ashtablua county. Smith said that
not only the deer but he and his father
were startled, but even after such an
include meat in your menu.
Always ready to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
experience C. S. bagged three squir
rels later in the day.
Several nimrods bagged grey squir
rels during the season locally. Lee
Coon got a pair, Doc. Waldo Niswan
derone grey, Bus Gratz one grey, Jess
Manges one grey and John Diller
could have shot a grey but already
had his limit and had to pass it up.
The following hunters report their
take for the season: Herbert Rup
right, 19 (mostly after work with a
rifle) Ed Root, 14 John A. Diller,
25 Lee Coon, 5 Elmer Romey, 7
Will Carr, 7 Ross Irvin, 4 B. R.
Herring, 8 Dan Triplehom, 4 Arden
Baker, 2 Wayne Watkins, 9 Albert
Ripley, 4 Don Wenger, 1 Pete Lud
wig, 7 Elmer Stonehill, 3 C. V.
Stonehell, 6 Twilla Carnicom, 3
Sam Stepleton, 2 Harold Montgom
ery, 12 Floyd Hardwick, 10 Russell
Montgomery, 8 Grover Montgomery,
32 “Buddie” Hilty (Earl’s son), 11
Harold Kohli, 6 Merlin Mumma, 14
Gerald Clever, 2 Raymond Montgom
ery, 4 Ollie Steiner, 7 Jess Manges,
16 and this writer, 6.
Catches Large Trout
Lucky Amos Klingler of Orange
township has at least one fish story all
will have to believe for Amos produc
ed the evidence. In a trip to the
south branch of the Manistee river in
upper Michigan near Welston, Amos
snagged a whopper of a rainbow that
measured 27% inches and weighed
7% pounds. It was caught near
Loomis Landing where Amos and his
family spent a few daws vacation.
The big fish created a sensation here
at home for Amos brought the mon
ster trout along home with him all
packed in ice to show to his friends.
Michigan has a varied trout season
and in some localities of the state the
season is extended for a longer per
iod. The season will run on beyond
Labor day and include the months of
Sept., Oct., and Nov. in some sections.
Richland Center
Carolyn Steiner spent Sunday with
Wanda and June Hochstettler.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Schick last Friday at Bluffton
hospital. He has been named Roger
Wanda Niswander was a week end
guest of Donna Jean Wingate.
Mr. and Mrs. Esmond Griffith called
on Mrs. Sam Kohler and daughter,
Sunday afternoon.
Lt. (j. g.) and Mrs. Woodrow Lug
inbuhl and daughters of Goshen, Ind.,
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coon and dau
ghter of Worthington, Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Grant and sons, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Countney and family were
Sunday dinner guests of their parents
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Luginbuhl. Even
ing callers were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Luginbuhl of Beaverdam.
Mrs. Harold Stevens and daughter
Elaine Ann of Sandusky, returned to
her home after spending the past week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. John Chidester, Mr.
and Mrs. Guy Eickelberrry, Jimmy
Nonnamaker, Harold Schick and dau
ghter Rosella and Mrs. Mary Schick
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ken
neth Chidester ard son Ronald.
Mrs. Leah Matter, Mrs. Pearl Gratz,
Mrs. Lovina Creager and Mrs. Evelyn
Gratz attended the Women’s Giuld
Conference last Thursday afternoon
and evening at the Trinity Evangelical
and Reformed church in Tiffin.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitney of
Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mar
quart were Tuesday evening callers
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart qr.d
Mr. and Mrs. Cal Luginbuhl were
Sunday afternoon callers at the Amos
Luginbuhl home. Evening callers
were Mrs. Ella Dillman, Mrs. Robert
under Ohio Sides
told by
V —A
Conservation Division
Ohio October
94- limits
migratory waterpowl laws-*
tke news
5-41 Bob- rimes-
Dillman and son Larry and Mr.’and
Mrs. Donald Dillman and daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Badertscher
are the parents of a son since last
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Moser and
son Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon
Luginbuhl and Glenna Swick were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Dana Moser of Col. Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Zimmerman and
family of Ada spent Friday evening
with Mr. and Mrs* Andrew Hochstett
ler and family.
Mrs. Edwin Niswander and daught
er Kathleen, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bad
ertscher called Sunday afternoon at
the Clinton Moorehead home on Mrs.
Harold Badertscher and infant son.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and son
called Sunday evening on Mr. and
Mi's. E. C. Heller at the Memorial
hospital. Mrs. Heller is a surgical
patient there.
Mr. and Mrs. W’ilford Gratz and
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaublin were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Schaublin and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Arnold of
Cairo spent Friday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. Kenneth Chidester and son.
Mrs. Florence Hirschfield and Mrs.
Betty Hirschfield spent Monday af
ternoon with Mrs. Stella Marquart.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hochstettler
and son, Mrs. Lydia Lora and Mrs.
Donald Spar were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoch
stettler and daughters.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stettler of
Connecticut where he is in officers
training school, spent the week end
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Stettler and daughter.
Mrs. Donavin Gratz returned home
from Pensacola, Fla., after visiting
her husband who is in service.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Badertscher
and family, Mrs. Dwight Frantz and
daughters were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertscher.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and son
called Sunday evening on Mr. and
Mrs. John Hirschfield of Lima.
Past week and Sunday callers at the
Ernest Gratz home were: Mr. and
Mrs. Quinten Burkholder, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Basinger, Mrs. Arthur Mill
er, Mrs. Duluth Strunk, Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Coon, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hoch
stettler, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaub
lin and daughter, Will Lauby, Ed
Marquart, Mr. and Mrs Richard Core
and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gratz,
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Gratz, Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Boegli, Mrs Jennie Her
mann of Gilboa, Mr. and Mrs. R. E.
Griffith, Charles Lora, Mr. and Mrs.
Reno Gratz and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Gratz and son.
Past week callers at the Amos Ger
ber home were: Mr. and Mrs. Lewell
yn Zimmerly of Orrville, Pvt. Merlin
Burkholder, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Augs
burger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burk
holder, Charles Lora, Walter Schaub
lin, Mr. and Mrs. Menno Schumacher,
Mr. and Mrs. Cal Luginbuhl, Mr. and
Mrs. R. E. Griffith, Rev. and Mrs.
Esau and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hoch
Patsy and Richard Schaublin spent
Friday and Saturday night with their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. (*.
Schaublin and daughter Rachel.
Office Hours: 8:30-10 A. M.
1-3 P. M. 7-8 P. M.
Office, 118 Cherry St.
Phone 120-F Bluffton, O.
Straightened usually in one office visit
safely, permanently. No cutting of
muscles or cords.
Interviews 10 a. m. until 7 p. m.
Scheduled far Selected Uit of Cities
Write for Free Booklet OW1
and Date of NEXT CLINIC Nearest
There i« only one Mery Rakertraw league. There
ore no chapters or branches. No connection with
turf ouodoiion of timilar nomt or purport.
Mate sure name and addrtu art exactly 03 txt/ow.
for Cross Eye Correction
Bluffton High’s second gridiron
assignment of the season against a
Western Buckeye league team will
be one of the severest on the sched
ule, for an Wert, the opponent in a
game there this Friday night, is de
fending champion of the league and
is making a determined bid to re
peat again this fall.
Van Wert, undefeated last year,
lost its opening contest this year to
Bryan, then bounced back to wallop
Defiance and Kenton as the team
returned to winning form.
The defending league champions
have a heavy team that will decid
edly outweigh Bluffton in nearly
every position. Last Friday the
Cougars crushed Kenton, 35 to 0 in
its first league game of the season.
Bluffton also has played Kenton,
that game ending, 20 to 0, in favor
of the Hardin county crew, and the
comparative scores of the two con
tests indicate Van Wert will be a
decided favorite in this week’s game.
Coaches of the two competing
teams are no strangers to each other,
for they have matched wits many
times when Coach A. C. Burcky was
directing Bluffton college teams, and
Coach Gilbert Smith, of Van Wert,
was in charge of Defiance college
Cpl. William G. Weick and wife of
Camp McCoy, Wis., are visiting on
furlough at the home of the latters
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cook.
Jane Lacock, daughter of Mrs. W.
G. Lacocok is receiving treatment at
Lima Memorial hospital this week.
Mrs. Bob Edwards of Bowling
Green college spent the week end with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bar
Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Turner and Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Wagner of Lima were
Sunday visitors of T. G. and Addie
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Arnold moved
on last Friday from the farm south
of town which they recently sold to
their property on Main street
Mrs. Verl Rickenbaugh is visiting
her husband who is with the Navy and
stationed at Norfolk, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Sommers and
sons of Lima were Saturday evening
dinner guests at the H. E. Downey
Pfc. Merlin Burkholder who is sta
tioned in the South West Pacific area
spent several days during the past
week with his brother and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Burkholder.
Mr. and Mrs. Daryst Yant and dau
ghter Alice of Gillispie, Ill., spent the
past week with the former’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. James Yant.
Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Downey en
tertained at dinner on Wednesday
evening marking the birthdays of
Robert Downey and Jane Rayl. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Rob
nolte and son Gene, John Rayl, Jane
Rayl, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Downey
and son Robert.
Mrs. Lillie Anderson was a week
end guest of her daughter, Mrs. Mar
garet Yant and son of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. William Younkman
and grandson, Mr. and Mrs. Dohald
Michael and children and Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel Younkman and daughter of
Clyde were among the dinner guests
who attended the Golden Wedding cel
ebration on Sunday for Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Phillips at the Phillips home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Amstutz and son
Robert of Bluffton and Pfc. Merlin
Burkholder were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Burk
holder and family.
John Wagner of Ft. Wayne spent
Friday evening with Clem Yoakam.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cook had as Sun
day evening dinner guests. Mr. and
Mrs. Byron Anderson and daughter
Karen, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Matter and
Bluffton High Team Pointing For
Van Mert After Losing To Pandora
for the manufacture of Spray Powder
for the manufacture of Butter
Highest Prices Paid for
All Dairy Products
Bluffton’s green team has been
running the gamut of troubles it
was expected to encounter this fall,
and last Friday suffered its third
defeat, 23 to 6, at the hands of
It was the first time that Pandora
has been victorious in the tradition
al tilt since 1935, and in last Fri
day’s conquest Halfback Amstutz,
who has tallied 45 points in three
games, represented the margin of
victory between the two squads.
Pace-setter of his team’s ground
gaining attack, Amstutz scored two
touchdowns, and helped engineer the
third on a brilliant 52-yeard dash by
End Sutter that took the form of a
modified Statue of Liberty play.
Pandora’s other two points were
scored on a safety when a Bluffton
pass was batted down by Miller in
the safety zone.
Bluffton’s lone touchdown was set
up with Swank passing to Klassen
for a 23 yard gain.
Several fumbles at critical mo
ments hurt other Bluffton scoring
chances, and also set the stage for
the first Pandora score which was
hammered across the goal in the
opening four minutes of play.
daughter Carolyn of Bluffton, Mr. and
Mrs. Donald Van Meter and Cpl. and
Mrs. William Weick of Wisconsin.
Miss Pearl Rodabough of Jenera
and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heffner and
children of Lafayette visited Sunday
at the Clyde Koogler home.
Mrs. Ed. Cook entertained the birth
day club at her home on Thursday
evening. Guests attending were Mrs.
Myrtle Lutterbein, Mrs. Kila Huber,
Mrs. Bess Brackney of Lafayette,
Mrs. Adah Rowland, Mrs. Fairy Ar
nold, Mrs. Beryl Downey, Mrs. Edith
Wolf, Mrs. Genevieve Pugh and the
Sold exclusively at
Fred Gratz Store
il 4
the Showers
Ducks don’t have to duck the,
rain neither do shower-repellent
They’re high,
dry and hand
some “weather
it rains or
Four local
A Deafer has
y,. them, at all

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