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With exception of sugar, rationing
is off—but there are plenty of Bluff
ton people who wouldn’t be too dis
appointed for a return of the good
old days when rationing was in full
bloom .... in those days quantities
were limited, it’s true—but at least
there was a limited quantity
in these piping days of peace there’s
no rationing—also no supply
most pressing situation now is the
coal crisis here with little relief in
sight .. but there are others—
for instance garage men will tell you
auto batteries are harder to get
during the war—and no worn
rubber footwear this winter—
no easing of the tire situation
and one store got in a token
shipment of kleenex and nylons last
week—just enough to start a wild
rumor which precipitated a stampede
and canned pineapple off the
market for months is beginning to
trickle back and one Bluffton
man is wearing a new Sunday suit
definitely too big for him—but it’s
all he could find .... and the town
is becoming airminded, If interest in
the newly organized flying club is
any’ indication—they’ say there are
some two score interested prospects
and William Badertscher north of
town reports the first indication or
spring when he saw’ a robin the other
day’ congratulations to Mrs.
Bertha Woods who will observe her
85th birthday’ anniversary Friday—
for many years a Bluffton resident
she is spending the winter in Lima
with her daughter Mrs. Lillian
For Vigor and Health
include meat in jro
owls have
That auto trailer which Mr.
Mrs. Theron Bibler drove to Califor
nia following their marriage last
month looked so good to the folks out
there that they returned here a week
ago to get another one for some
friends. The housing situation on the
west coast is comparable to that in
Bluffton and many families are mak
ing their permanent home in trailers.
Mrs. .Bibler is the former Pauline
Always feady to serve you.
Bigler Bros.
Fresh and Salt Meats
It isn’t a good thing to look for
trouble—and that’s just about what
you do when you neglect a cough
or cold. Once they lay you low, colds
can be miserable companions. At
the first cough—*get a bottle of
the golden cough syrup which con
tains eucalyptus oil to loosen
phlegm, healing ingredients which
soothe wracking coughs due to colds.
Ask your Nyal Druggist for Nyal
A. Hauenstein & Son
Richly finished in maple and
and mahogany—also
unfinished. Hand]
mighty good looking.
md her husband re-
Id y
*t there
If you are bothered with rats and
mice the plan of Postmaster Ed
Reichenbach of West Elm street
Several small
their abode in
house. During
y have become
fairly domesticated and effectively rid
the place of rodents which previously
w’ere numero s
If you had your radio tuned in on
Los Angeles on New Year’s day, you
will remember some of those thrilling
descriptions of the annual Tourna
ment of Roses. A copy of a special
edition of the Los Angeles Times
giving a graphic account of the fes-
Lauby fro
Mollett of
rri La 1
5f that
ft Car-
Of course you read about Hiroshi
ma, that Japanese city w’hich was de
vastated by a single atom bomb
which was followed shortly by the
end of the war. But the most graph
ic description couldn’t do justice to
the facts,
buhl, son
the place.
ed from the Army says the city,
roughly about the size of Toledo,
looked like Lima’s Hotel Milner after
the fire w’hich burned it to the
ground. The devastation and dis
traction were simply indescribable.
says T/3 Darvin Lugin
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B.
of Kibler street
■who saw
Luginbuhl, now discharg-
Comes word from the C. C. Am
stutzs of Eustis, Florida, formerly of
Bluffton that they were glad to see
Mr. and Mrs. Will Steiner of the
Settlement west of Bluffton who are
enjoying Florida sunshine this winter
and recently spent several days at
the Amstutz home.
Dajabon, a town in the Dominican
republic in the West Indies changed
its name to Presidente Roosevelt, the
first of January, according to w’ord
from Rev. J. C. Neuenschwander, son
of Wm. Neuenschwander, former
Bluffton residents. Rev. Neueschwan
der, a missionary at that place says
the new’ name came
the late president’s Good Neighbor
policy and cordial feeling of the
people of that republic toward the
United states.
as a result oi
wk 1
You’ll find all
For Your Home
Credenza—the riew china cabinet handsomely
modernized antique design in rich mahogany with side
mirrors of gleaihing plate glass. Marble or mahogany
tops. They’re really beautiful.
Bookcases Utility Cabinets
Basinger’s Furniture Store
Forty-three years of Dependable Service
Ml, Cory Farmers
Institute Jan, 23-24
held in the
Thursday of next
Cory high school
Wednesday and
Speakers will be Wm. Staufer of
Sugar Creek
Findlay Porcelain Products, Inc.
Mrs. Byron Grimes of
I). Dowds of Toledo,
Alma Garvin of Ohio State
Columbus and Wm. B.
personnel director of the
Institute officers are: Pres., Myron
Moyer vice pres., Clyde Warren
secretary, Carson Marshall treas.,
Mrs. Leland Frantz hostess, Mrs.
John Cuppies. Chairman
committee, Carson Marshall.
The program follow’s:
P. M.
... School
Wednesday, January
Afternoon Session, 1:30
Devotions Rev. Kaufman
Remarks and appointment
of committees —..— President
Address—How can w’e preserve our
Democracy? Wm. H. Staufer
Remarks Forest G. Hall
Music School
Address—The name on your
.... Jim Green
Miss Werner
From the school
Mrs. Grimes
Evening Session. 8:00 P. M.
Music Aeolian Quartet, Findlay
Address—Early America
Music ..
Address—Youth in
torn world
Wm. H. Staufer
Aeolian Quartet
Thursday, January 24
Afternoon Session, 1:30 P. M.
Music School
Invocation .... Rev. Kaufman
Committee reports
Election of officers
Address—“Glass in General”
Mr. D. D. Dowds
Music School
Address—“Nutrition and Health”
Miss Alma Garvin,O.S.U.
Evening Session, 8 P. M.
Address—“America at the Cross
Music School
roads” Wm. B. Humphrey
Music School
Motion picture—This Land of Ours
The Ohio Oil Co.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Montgomery,
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Klingler Jr. and
son were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ream of Bluffton.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCafferty cal
led Monday evening on Mr. and Mrs.
Dale McCafferty and family.
F. O. and Mrs. Richard Swank and
son of Detroit spent several days
with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore and
Miss Ethel Downey was Sunday
dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ervin
Moser and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Roily Moser and fam
ily were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Levi Hauenstein. Afternoon
callers were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Pinses and daughter of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hilty, Mrs.
Mabel Hilty and Mrs. Imogene Ewing
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Young and family.
Mr. Victor Moser and Miss Ethel
Downey called Sunday afternoon on
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Zerantie and fam
ily of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Klingler Jr.
and son took supper Monday eve with
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Montgomery.
Mr .and Mrs. C. E. Klingler called
on Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Klingler of
Findlay and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilk-,
ins and family of near Arlington
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCafferty, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. J. McCafferty called
Sunday afternoon on Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne Guider and daughter of Har
News Want-ads bring results.
enameled—four gen
shelves—double and
door models
newest things here
Scenic Beauty And Modern Cities
Of Switzerland Seen On G. I. Tour
The scenic beau
advancement of
lasting impressions
Niswander, son of
Niswander, he wrot
mother, Mrs. Surah
of Bluffton.
R. V.
1 W.
his grand-
a seven-day
In commenting
service men’s tour
Niswander wrote ii
get over how’ abso
that country is.
place I have seen in
begin to compare w
“It is so far ahead of England,
France or Germany that it is start
ling because in the States we are
always hearing about those places
and no mention is ever made of
Switzerland. Perhaps the only
country that comes close to it is the
little country of Luxemburg. In
fact, Switzerland is so much like the
States that I have been homselck
ever since I came back.
“I had always pictured the country
as being nothing but mountains, the
Alps and nothing else. Actually, it
reminded me more of Ohio and
Western Pennsylvania. I picked the
tour that kept me principally on the
German side, starting from Basil and
going thru Fribourg, Berne, Zurich/
St. Gall, Winterhaven and Schaff
“Zurich is a big, modern city and
(getting off the train there and start
ling dow’n the street w’as just like
ely wonderful
•e is no other
urope that can
Bluffton High School Notes
By Joan Clark and Richard Minck
A High School party was held
Wednesday evening at 8:30. The pro
gram consisted of two special num
bers and group singing led by Miss
Harriet Brate,. The special numbers
were a cornet solo by Ray Fol las and
the Junior Trio consisting of Jean
Ann Burcky, lomogene Wenger, and
Mary Kay Bauman. The rest of the
evening was spent in dancing in the
gym and recreation in the cafeteria,
Richland Center
Mr. Floyd Bowers of Ottawa was a
Sunday eve supper guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Green and sons and J.
R. Bowers.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cool and sons
Charles and Jack of Springfield were
Sunday dinner guests oT Mr. and Mrs.
attended w’ere
funeral services held
Thursday afternoon at St.
John’s Reformed church for
Pfc. Robert M. Criblez, 24,
who succumbed
Army’s Percy Jones
hospital at Battle
at the
His death was
wounds received in action
Okinawa, last May where
was struck by an enemy
mortar shell while serving
as an advance infantry pa
trol scout.
He is the son of Mr. ana
Mrs. Alfred Criblez residing
south of Bluffton.
stopping off at Columbus or Cleve
a prett
believe there
the states tl
And I don’t
tier city in
up to Mt. Pilatus.
ind got my only a
a cable
the cloi
au, and
“I got an embroidered blouse and
a watch and would liked to have
bought more but we were allowed to
take only a limited amount of money
into the country. The equivalent of
46 dollars was the limit, but my
watch which cost $25 would be more
than $100 back home. I sold my old
watch in France for enough profit to
pay for my trip and the things I
“The Swiss trains should be men
tioned. They are completely electri
fied and run absolutely on time.
When they say a train will arrive
at 11:31 it does. They are deluxe
trains in every respect, electrically
heated, etc.
“The people were very friendly to
us, and took every chance to show
us howr grateful they were to us and
America for liberating Europe. They
seem to believe that if Germany had
been allowed to continue it would
only have been a question of time
before they would have lost their
followed by refreshments served
the Hi-Y.
Two assemblies were held th
week: The first one Tuesday, w
a short chapel meeting in commemo
ation of the world wide “Week
Prayer.” Rev. Smucker of the Fir
Mennonite Church was the speake
The second assembly Wednesday, w:
a movie of the second series of filn
entitled “Little Orvie.”
Raymond Motter and family. Even
ing callers were Mr. and Mrs. Russel
Leiber and sons.
Donald Lynn Zimmerman spent last
Monday at the Andy Hochstettlei
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaublin, Mr
and Mrs. Frank Sargent and son Mer
lin were last Thursday eve suppei
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schau
It WAS a drea en
Not too long ago kitchens such as the
one pictured were just a dream. But
today, thanks to the foresight and in*
genuity of the Gas Industry it is real.
It's a GAS Kitchen built around a new
Certified Performance Gas Range
and it will be just a short whila be
The West Ohio Gas Company
blin and family of Columbus Grove in
honor of their daughter Diana Lee’s
1st birthday’.
David Amstutz is very low at the
home of his daughter Mrs. Martha
Jacob Luginbuhl of Beaverdam call
ed Sunday eve on Mr. and Mrs. J. 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Fett and dau
ghters and Mrs. Paul Andrews spent
Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Creeger and sons.
Mrs. Clinton Moorehead spent last
Thursday with her daughter Mrs.
Harold Badertscher and sons.
Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Rupp and
children, Miss Sarah Amstutz and Mr.
and Mrs. Andy Hochstettler and
family were Sunday dinner guests of
Bernice and Junior Zimmerman.
Wayne Motter and Don Gudermuth
of Ft. Wayne, Ind., spent the week
with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Motter and
daughter Carolym.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gratz called
Thursday’ eve on Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Fett and dau
ghters w’ere Wednesday eve supper
guests of Mrs. Emma Roof of Lima,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Badertscher
and scms, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zim
mennzin and family were Sunday din-
They say
This is a S
to get 1
S ft’s
Gatage Ser
trie Hot-plates, oi
that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
And they also say
you'll never know how really good our Sunday chicken
dinners are until you try them—better drive out
next Sunday
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bad
ertscher. Afternoon callers were Mrs.
Dwight Frantz and daughters and
Mrs. Earl Frantz.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Green and sons
called Friday eve on Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Althaus and family of Colum
bus Grove.
Mrs. Geo. Myers and Mrs. Lenore
Myers entertained several college stu
dents Sunday eve for supper.
3 miles south of Bluffton on Route 25
top Sign
N. Main & Elm S
fore you may have one in your home.
Included also is the new Servel Gas
Refrigerator that is so quiet you'd
never know it was there but for its
beauty and usefulness. They're not
yet available in quantities, but you
can look for your Servel soon!
Past week callers at the Amos Ger
ber home, who has been sick, were:
Mr. and Mrs. John Habegger, Mr. and
Mrs. Noah Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Bame, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hoch
stettler and daughter, Rev. Esau, Eli
Augsburger, Noah Hochstettler and
daughter Lorena, Marie Imbach, Mrs.
Linda Fett, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Boutwell
called Monday evening on Mr. and
Mrs. Coy Wagner and son.
Salt Treatment
The possibility that special solu
tions of common table salt may be
used as substitutes for blood plasma
in treating the wounded and those
suffering from burns was suggested
by Surgeon General Thomas Parran
of the Public Health service. The
new process has the advantage that
it can be administered through the
mouth, as well as through the veins.
riving 'S/'
the place to stop for
rice Marathon Gasoline
Oils and Greases
2FT—Those single burner Elec-
Sales and Service
thorized Hudson Agency
s. Phone 207-W

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