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Made us feel like spring this week
with Herman Bosse Opening his sug
ar camp—they say he is tapping 250
trees on the Grossly farm in Orange
township .... and Washington’s
birthday Friday—so remember to dis
play the flag and birthday the
past week of Mrs. Philip Dye of
Wellston—you’ll remember her a s
Esta Lugibill, whose husband thotful
ly provides a Bluffton News subscrip
tion each year as a birthday gift
and speaking of birthdays we heard
the other day that the age of discre
tion was that point in life when
you’re too young to die and too old
to have any fun and one frustrat
ed househunter said he would like to
go back to the good old days when
one-third of the nation was ill-housed
—at least they then had some sort of
house which is more than a lot of
people have nowadays and a wag
observed the other day that the
groundhog didn’t come out of his den
this year, because he was afraid
No, folks—we don’t want to brag—but Swiss Inn
is always a bright spot on the Dixie highway—well
lighted all night and you’ll find our place spick and
span—a mighty pleasant spot to eat.
and our Sunday chicken dinners are tops.
24 Hour Service We Never Hose
Quick Lunches—Car Servicing--Day or Night
3 miles south of Bluffton on Route 25
Are you prepared with plenty
of £IR Are you ready for
all the new things to buy?
Just give us a call^foriyour
ready supply^ofM £IR
I someone else would move in during
his absence and Lee Coon trying
dQt the town’s new sewer cleaner on
the catch basin at Main and Church
streets Monday—he says it’s O. K.
and war veterans looking for
small tracts to go into chicken farm
ing—they say there is a surprising
number of them expecting to make
the venture.
Comes word from OPA to keep
War Ration Book 4, now only to ob
tain sugar. Altho the currently valid
stamp 39 is the last one now’ good
for sugar, spare stamps in that book
wall be designated as sugar stamps
from time to time.
Appearing in the current number
of “Army Ordnance”, a military pub
lication is an article by Col. Rene
Studler, Bluffton native and son of
Mrs. Paul Studler of South Jackson
street. Col. Studler is chief of the
small arms development division in
the Army’s ordnance department. The
article entitled “Body Armor for Mo
dern Battle”, deals with the result
of research in helmets and body ar
mor fashioned principally of light al
uminum sheets backed by nylon com
bining a maximum of protection with
Bright Spot
on the Dixie highway--that’s us
Market & Elizabeth
Phone 73511
Office* AU Over Ohio
$200 can be repaid 18 monthly payments of only $14.13
wh/ole milk
for the manufacture of Sprav Powder
for the manufacture of Butter
minimum weight.
The almost snowless winter this
year is making a neat saving for
Richland township in both dollars and
hard work. Last year the township
snow equipment was engaged in an
almost constant battle to keep the
roads cleared of snow at a cost of
approximately $2,600. This year the
cost has been only nominal. One of
the trustees estimated this week that
the cost would not exceed $25. Money
spent for snow removal comes from
the township’s road fund and delays
the program of hardsurfacing. Pre
sent plans are for hardsurfacing four
miles of highway in the township.
After this is completed there will re
main 18 miles of stone pike roads
in the township, it is stated.
Beaverdam this Thursday is hold
ing its first farm institute in 13
years. It will be for one day only
and there will be a good program.
Sessions will be in the high school
auditorium with state and county
speakers slated for addresses.
Sgt. Wilhelm Amstutz II, stationed
at a Marine air base 10 miles west
of Peiping, China and son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Amstutz north of Bluff
ton, sends a copy of a leaflet in
Chinese proclaiming the “cease fir
ing” order, thousands of which were
dropped by American planes over
Communist territory in North China
presumably after the conferences
held by U. S. Ambassador Marshall
with Chiang Kai-Shek and Commun
ist leaders. The leaflet is attracting
much atention in the News window.
Rex is dead. He was the two year
old police dog in which scores of
Bluffton people became interested
after his young master, Robert Wilch
of West Elm street had inserted
classified ads in the News for infor
mation regarding the dog’s where
abouts after his disappearance three
weeks ago. Robert found his pet
Sunday, dead in a field near his
home, apparently a victim of poison
ing. Rex was buried Sunday by his
broken-hearted master. Robert will
have his 17th birthday, Thursday.
Life nowadays is just one thing
after another—and the latest is the
shortage of egg crates, which is giv
ing Bluffton produce dealers some
extra headaches in addition to the
disastrous break in the egg market
several weeks ego. Produce buyers
say they never have seen a time when
egg crates are so scarce. Eggs can
not be piled up or placed in sacks
like other food products in storage
so lack of crates or other containers
will certainly result in wasted food
at a time when world needs are criti
And speaking of eggs reminds us
that the present incubator-brooder
method almost universally followed
in hatching chicks is a comparative
new development. It was only some
thirty years ago that a few venture
some poultrymen decided to discard
the hen in favor of a new-fangled
contraption which appeared on the
market known as a hard coal brooder,
which was followed by the rapid rise
of the commercial hatchery business.
Comes from the Andrew’ Gratzs,
Bluffton people who are wintering at
St. Petersburg, Florida, copies of
newspapers and publicity concerning
the sunshine attractions of that city,
as a haven for winter-weary folks.
After all the assortment of weather
during the past wreek, including Wed
nesday night’s gale and Thursday’s
blizzard some of that Florida sun
shine would look mighty good.
Pleasant Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rauenhuhler
were Sunday afternoon callers on Mr.
and Mrs. Orton Stratton.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hauenstein and
family were Sunday dinner and sup
per guests of the Dennis Brauen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Faze were Sun
day callers at the Sutter home in
Emerson Baldwin spent#the week
end visiting his mother in Detroit.
Past week callers at the Arthur
Phillips home w’ere: Jacob Traucht,
Guy Younkman, Mr. and Mrs. John
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Younkman,
Mr. and Mrs. Elton Younkman, Glen
Spencer, Vern Dardio, Mr. and Mrs.
LaMar Basinger, Mrs-. Morris An
derson of Pandora, Mr. and Mrs.
Mike Gleason, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Past w’eek visitors at the Gleason
home w’ere Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Hover of Waynesfield Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Wolfe, Lima Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Baker of Beaverdam.
Allen County,
Estate of Etta r. DeceaJkl.
Walter W. Craiir of Lafnwtte, Ohip,
been appointed and qualified Adphjr.iMrMtor
of the estate of Etta Cra^p lot* W* Allen
County, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 6th day of F®ru«ry, 1946.
45 7 Probate Judge
Allen County, »«.
Estate of Robert M. JLriblez JNreased.
Rachael Criblez Crow of No. 2, Bluff
ton. Ohio has been and qualified
ns Administratrix of Aha^state of Robert M.
Criblex late of Ailenf Mnunty. Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 9th February. 1946.
RAYMOND P. SMITH, Probate Judge 45
Scent Tea
High grades of tea are scented
with orange blossoms, roses, gar
denias and peonies in China.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Aiderman of
Ft. Wayne, Ind., were week end
guests of Mrs. Alderman’s parents
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cupp.
Miss Nancy Mayberry of Lima
spent the week end with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mayberry.
Pvt. Robert Marshall is confined to
the hospital at Camp Atterbury, Ind.,
with the flu and sinus trouble.
Mrs. A. B. Sears of San Francisco,
Calif., is spending a couple of weeks
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. F. R.
Mason in Columbus Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Marshall at
tended a family dinner in the home of
Mrs. Florence Saum and Mrs. Mil
dred Johnson in Lima, Sunday hon
oring the birthday anniversary of
Mrs. Saum.
Word was received here Sunday
that Rev. E. N. Bigelow who has been
a Chaplain in the army for almost
two years will soon receive his dis
charge and return to his work in the
Bluffton and Rockport churches. Rev.
Charles Donaldson of Delta has sup
plied the pulpit in these churches
during the absence of Rev. Bigelow
and has made many .-nds during
his stay among us.
A slip cover denx nst ration was
held in the home of
Meter last Wednesday
rs. Donald Van
under the sup-
ervision of Miss Ruth Winner of
Lima, the Allen Comity Home De
monstration agent. A inong those
present were-’ Mrs. Ed Cook and
granddaughter Karen Sue Anderson
of Beaverdam Mrs. IJoyd Van Me
ter of Pandora, Mrs. Charles Wells,
Mrs. Harold Marshall, Mrs. William
Cupp, Mrs. Edgar Begg and Mrs.
Louis Van Meter.
Miss Martha Burkhalter of Berne,
Ind., who will return to her mission
w’ork in India in a few weeks, Miss
Frieda Streid of Washington, Ill.,
Mrs. Carl Habeggar of Berne, Ind.,
and Mrs. Metta Dean of Bluffton
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr,
and Mrs. F. C. Marshall.
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Van Meter and
family of Cridersville were Sunday
afternoon callers in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Donald Van Meter.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mayberry and
daughters Nancy and Joan, Mrs. A.
B. Sears of San Francisco, Calif., Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Porter and son Bill
of Marysville and Mr. and Mrs.
James Westenbarger of Columbus
Grove were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mason in Colum
bus Grove. The dinner was in honor
of Mrs. Westenberger and Bill Por
ter Jr., who had birthdays the past
Cpl. Herbert Marshall received his
discharge at Hensley Field, Tex., the
past w’eek and has returned to this
community and he and his family
will occupy the residence at the Alger
farm owned by his father and will
assist with the management and work
Mrs. Donald Van Meter was hap
pily surprised last Monday evening
when her husband produced a lovely
birthday cake and invited Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Van Meter of Pandora
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wells to
help in the celebration.
The February meeting of the
Friendly Neighbor’s club will be held
in the home of Mrs. Ella Huber
Thursday afternoon of next week
W’ith the following program: Song,
Club o 11 Call—Favorite Bible
character “Story of the Israelites”
—Mrs. Eunice Stephens Special
music, Mrs. Gladys Beemer.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Plaugher and
sons attended a family dinner in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Bas
inger near Columbus Grove Sunday
given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. “Bill
ie” Basinger.
The following item in regard to
Richard son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Cupp was taken from the Agricul
tural Student Magazine at Ohio State
“Allen county’s gift to Ag Alley
Mil wi* up with new MV wheO feeding teat* under
laboratory control actually showed 19% lea* feed com per
is Richard Cupp, president of the
All-Agricvlture Council. Dick, as all
the college knows him, is majoring
in Floriculture, and finds plenty of
time for the extra curriculars.
“Besides busy council proxy, he’s
at the helm in the Hort Society and
served as the official University
Grange delegate to the ACLA (Rural
Youth of the U. S.) conference this
past fall and still finds time for so
cializing, too.
“Ambition—owning a flower shop.
‘I’ll have one that has reasonable
prices, too—even on holidays.’ Dick’s
really special interest is in flower de-'
On one subject this fellow is a con
stant crusader. He thinks all the ru
ral youth should come to college—
and a big college. He ‘wouldn’t trade
the years here for anything.’
“A sense of humor, laughing blue
eyes, and a man who’s everywhere—
it’s bound to be Dick!”
Mrs. F. C. Marshall attended a
meeting of the Bay View Study Club
in Lima Monday afternoon.
Richland Center
S. K. 2/c Walter Badertscher is
spending 30 days leave with his par
ents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertcher.
J. I. Luginbuhl is a patient at the
Bluffton Hospital following an opera
Air. and Mrs. Eldon Tschiegg and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hoch
stettler and daughter Mrs. Sarah
Burkholder spent Sunday evening at
the Amos and Robert Gerber home.
Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Moser and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Roily Moser and
sons, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Lugin
buhl spent Sunday evening with Mr.
and Mrs. Warren Moser and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Luginzuhl
and son spent Sunday afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Griffith and fam
ily of North Baltimore.
Mr. Amos Basinger was a Sunday
eve supper guest at the Menno Bas
inger home.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Marquart and
daughter Barbara Reigh and Ray
Hirshfield W’ere Sunday dinner guests
at the Ed Marquart home. Afternoon
callers were Mr. and Mrs. John Hir
shfield Sr., and Mr. Find Mrs. John
Hirshfield Jr., and son, Mr. and Mrs.
Charley Gossman and daughter Wan
da and son Robert.
Mr. and Mrs. Reno Gratz called
Sunday evening on Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Gratz.
Lt. Col. Herbert Luginbuhl of
Washington D. C., and Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Coon and daughter of Col
umbus, Mr. and Mrs. John Luginbuhl
of Sulphur Springs and Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Courtney of Lima were guests
the week end at the J. I. Luginbuhl
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Matter and
family called Friday evening on Mrs.
Clifford Stewart and children.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Gerber, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Gerber and family
spent Sunday afternoon at the Fran
cis Basinger home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yerks of
Lima spent Sunday afternoon at the
Amos and W’eldon Luginbuhl home.
Follow the money-saving'method* of the money making
feeder*. Ute local gram*. Buy your dealer's own brand ot
feed made with Mauer Mix Concentrate* with M-V, or
have a custom mix made of your own grain and Matter Mix
Concentrate* with MV, following*the Matter Mix formula*.
Cet chick* grafted on Mauer Mia with M-V Now. Don’t
wait a day longer. With Mauer Mix with V, you can
I 1_1 I LI_tJ /vlILL
Evening callers were Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Dillman and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Basinger and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Basinger
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leland
Basinger and daughters, and Mr. and
Mrs. Donald Dillman and daughter
were Sunday dinner guests of their
mother Martha Basinger.
Miss Bernice and Junior Zimmer
man were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hochstettler and
family. Afternoon callers were Mr.
and Mrs. Dennis Zimmerman and son
Douglas of Findlay, and Mr. and Mrs.
Hiram Zimmerman and son Dick of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rusmisel are
moving Tuesday on a farm they
bought, and Mr. and Mrs. John Ever
ett and family are moving on the
farm vacated by Rusmisels.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Badertscher
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zim
merman and family and Mr. and Mrs.
Dwight Trautz and daughters were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Badertscher and daughter Von
da, Mrs. Sarah Finki and daughter
Clara, Roy Wilkins and DaYi Baderts
cher of St. Marys. Evening callers
were Mr. and Mrs. Quinten Burk
ing a few* w
Marquart and
Mrs. Doniva
Practise Typing Paper
Standard Size 8 1-2 11 Inches
5CC Sheets .. 40c
(No Broken Packages)
Bluffton .News Office
Were we too Conservative
IVe said: “Save 15% on feed costs with Master Mix containing new M-V."
wi* "S
11 JI
count on maximum livability ... excellent growth ,., pullers
that develop into extraprofa layer* broiler* ready for
tna.ker 2 to 5 week* earlier.
Only Manar Mln M-V
V Mcthao-Vue the result of year* of retcarch, a
Scientific nutritional booster chat combine* essential B
Complex vuamm* and the Methionine Complex, the “spark
plug” amino Kid in whidi moa frauM an detkooL
(M MUST ivumi ANO errtvoaa
Public Sale
We, the undersigned, will offer at public auction at
our farm 41/2 miles northwest of Bluffton or 3% miles
southeast of Pandora, on
Thursday, Feb. 28
The following property:
4 HORSES—2 extra good work horses 7 years old
bay mare 11 years old strawberry roan mare 4 years old.
19 ATTLE—Cow 6 years old with calf at side cow
8 years old with calf at side 6 cows all fresh since October
and November, all re-bred, all heavy mikers 2 heifers com
ing 2 years old, both bred 7 calves from 4 to 8 months old.
5 BROOD SOWS—4 with pigs at side, one due to far
row March 3.
Rubber tire wagon with grain bed steel tire wagon
with good grain bed two wheel trailer with good rubber
and cattle rack New Idea manure spreader Model 8
John Deere No. 999 corn planter with fertilizer attach
ment John Deere high lift mower McCormick 7ft. disc
Monitor 12 disc drill McCormick corn binder McCormick
grain binder 3-section spring tooth harrow two-section
spike tooth harrow jingle row John Deere cultivator
McCormick two row cultivator cultipacker 2 walking
plow’s 2 sets harness with collars Fink hog self-feeder
hog fountain and other articles.
30 tons mixed hay bales of straw 125 shocks shred
ded fodder and about 40 tons ensilage.
Sale begins at 12:30 sharp.
Huffman & Basinger, Aucts. Shirl Hatfield, Clerk
C. Lehman home of Toledo.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Badertscher
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Bad
ertscher and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Dwight Frantz and daughters, Mr.
and Mrs. Wayne Zimmerman and
family, S. K. 2/c Walter Badertscher
spent last Tuesday evening with their
parents Mr. and Mris. Sam Baderts
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Niswander and
son Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Racine War
ren and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs.
Emanuel Boutw’ell were Sunday din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Schaublin. Other guests were Mrs.
Wilford Gratz and daughter Sharon
Kaye, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Schaublin and family.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bal
mer a son at the Bluffton Hospital
last Thursday.
Mrs. Harold Stevens, Mrs. Donivan
Gratz and Mrs. Otto Amstutz spent
Sunday afternoon at the Jess Yoak
am home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Leiber and fam
ily were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Matter and
Every Loatj Insured
Bluffton, Ohio
Steiner Sisters
lock for
on the Tog
l« appmn only cm M«mw
Cwiwwiti and C«m
plot Feed* and or Dealer*’
brand o4 fwd rmd
accocdiog co the Maaw
Mis formula* with Manet
Mis Concern rate*
teg V (Matteo-V**).
Ik CON ft fit
Bluffton, Ohio Phono 317-W
Leland Easinger, Mfr.
CiNnpMy, few, WtYMl, Mmt

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