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Memorial day taking on the pre
war aura when traffic accidents
furnished the casualties and the
boys made it an all night trip to
the Indianapolis races
poppies in Flanders fields bravely
striving to hide the scars of war
and palms on Pacific isles
shading plots eternally enshrined to
the memory of American courage
and devotion and Bluffton will
turn out Thursday o honor her
departed sons wnth us in spirit
those who gave the last full measure
otor Sales
•hone 172-W
Bluffton, Ohio
131 Cherry
$10 TO $1000
Market & Elizabeth
Paul Schoenlein, Mgr
of sacrifice their memory goes
on thru the years—unchanged
forever youthful and adventur
ous and brave ... as they went
out to do battle on land—on sea—
and in the air and those still
on foreign soil standing guard on
the frontiers of democracy—whose
thots turn homeward and some
how we couldn’t help recalling other
Memorial days when the Grand
Army men marched—and later rode
in cars the remnants of the
hosts who followed Grant thru the
wilderness and Sherman to the sea
.... some of them we remember—
there was Henry Romey and
Philip W’ilch and Jim Lewis the
blind veteran who fought at Gettys
burg and William Atmur
and Jacob Nonnamaker and
Andrew Hauenstein, last survivor of
that gallant little band from Robert
Hamilton post and Bluffton’s
Spanish war veterans and the
men of the first world war and boys
of the second world conflict
and the band leading the parade to
Maple Grove with exercises under
the big oak at the far end of the
cemetery and peonies and iris
decorating burial plots of old Bluff
ton families and speaking of
the cemetery, things out there are
being all slicked up for Memorial
a big job, with
it has during the
and come to
think of it there will be visitors in
town on Memorial day, so don’t put
out your rubbish until next Monday
for the collection on Tuesday—
there’s nothing like making a good
appearance before company, you
know and Bluffton folks this
week catching up on their reading
of periodicals delayed during
railroad strike
demand a trifle easier
panic buying has
meat dealers will
situation has never been worse
and straw
day—and that’s
grass growing as
last two weeks
and bread
since some of
tell you that
Cornelius Schmidt, discharged
from the Navy last week barely
managed to keep one jump ahead
of the rail strike. Receiving his
release at Great Lakes, Illinois,
Thursday, the Bluffton youth caught
the last
board a
and finally arrive
retailers will tell you
subdebs are still buying
that the
leg makeup, altho nylons seem to
be a bit easier to get. Rumor has
it that they are fairly plentiful in
eastern Pennsylvania after a case of
nylons arrived here last week—
and it was not for a dealer, either.
Nylons are nice, of course, but
scarcely essential to life. And con
sidering the time and effort expend
ed in trying to obtain nylons one
can only wonder how the people of
this country would act if- the prize
were not stockings but enough food
for subsistence.
There are many places in the
City Loan
onor our heroes for their faithful
devotion to duty
And it s also fitting to recognize the years of service
your motor has given and have it serviced here with
Marathon Gasoline, Oils and Greases
They re best in the long run.
Marathon Sales and Service
Authorized Hudson Agency
A. Main & Elm Sts. Phone 207-W
world where people are not much
interested in nylons but yearn for
a slice of bread.
certain lack
perhaps we
them now.
Symbols of Two World Wars Meet
RUMBLING UP Whitehall, a Churchill bridge-laying tank, taking
part in an early-morning rehearsal for London’s World War II Vic
tory Parade on June 8, passes the Cenotaph (right background),
memorial to World War I dead. Representatives of all the nations
and fighting forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations will be
in the parade. General Eisenhower, U. S. Allied Supreme Commander
in the European Theatre, will be there Field-Marshall Viscount
Montgomery, British Army leader and Allied Field Commander on
D-Day will be there and so will Rommel’s white horse, captured by
British troops in Germany. The British Commonwealth suffered
1,089,919 fighting men killed in the first global upheaval. In the last,
its latest available total is 770.955 killed, missing and prisoners.
If they display a
ethical standards,
better understand
arm of the law was
The stern
hats appearing
frequently notwithstanding cool and
cloudy weather we missed last
March rains of the past fort
night working wonders with crops—
wheat looking better than it did at
this time a year ago and pastures
making up for a month’s growing
time lost during the April drought.
raised in warning Monday to Bluff
ton youngsters who jumped the gun
to shoot firecrackers in a premature
Fourth of July celebration—or may
be it was because school was out
Attention was called to the fact
that to sell or discharge firecrackers
or fireworks is a violation of the
state law. Exception
event of municipal or
is made in
other groups
display under
a fireworks
happened to
case you
Just in
train in the afternoon
From there it was
wonder whether the weather of the
past week set any records for low
temperatures, we can assure you that
it didn’t—altho top coats were quite
comfortable. The oldtimers
call that it w*as 63 years
May 23, 1883 to be exact
crowd of Bluffton youths
day celebrated by taking a bobsled
ride out thru the country after a
heavy snowfall, passing orchards
■with apple trees in full bloom. The
snow, as they remembered it, was
about a foot deep but it
long. Much of the corn
damaged but wheat and
thru in good condition.
frost, that fall, however, added to
farmers’ difficulties.
still re
when a
of that
The Farnsworths and their infant
daughter expect to leave June 10
for Wyoming where he will attend
the state university at Laramie as
a student in mechanical engineering.
He previously attended school there
but was unable to have his family
with him because of lack of housing
He will be in college for two more
years during which time the
expect to make their home
in the
if you
It’s strawberry time—and
doubt it ask Charlie Aukerman at
the A & who has been picking
them for the past week in the patch
at his home on Cherry street.
They’re unusually large and if this
early picking is any indication, the
crop in this section should be a
bumper one, both in size and
quantity. Charlie says from some
57 plants he will get enough ber
ries for all their home needs—how
ever he
A &
doesn’t intend to supply the
store here from his patch.
News want-ad§, bring results.
and gJLDIN
R. C. Ketze
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Burry and
Tommy spent Sunday in Toledo,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George
Thomas and Lynn.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Steiner and
daughter of Lima were Sunday
guests of the N. G. Steiner family.
The High School Seniors returned
from their trip to New York City
on Sunday morning.
Dr. and Mrs. Clair Basinger of
Chicago, are parents of a daughter
The Young Married People’s class
of the Missionary church held a
shower at the Frank Krohn home in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Willis May
berry, who were married recently.
Dr. Milo B. Rice is the owner of
a new Oldsmobile.
The congregation of the St. John’s
church held a farewell for the Rev.
P. J. Boehr family, Monday evening.
Mrs. Vestella Krohn and Bernice
with Mr.
of Lima.
spent Monday evening
and Mrs. Clarence Heller
Geiger and sister Anna
didn’t stay
was badly
fruit came
An early
In these days of shortages, we’ve
heard of taking along your own
sugar when going places and last
week it was suggested that maybe
the time would come when it would
be necessary to take your own
bread—but the latest is to take your
own home, at least when going to
That’s what the Franklin Farns
worths are doing and that explains
the presence of that commodious
three-room trailer parked at the
rear of the South Lawn avenue
residence of the Millen Geigers,
parents of Mrs. Farnsworth, the
former Mary Alice Geiger.
Ruth went to Omaha, Neb., last
Wednesday. Their sister Arvilla
who has been in college there the
past winter returned home with
Many people attended the “Coon
Chase” here on
of town.
Mr. and Mrs.
and son spent
his folks here.
Sunday, held north
Vincent McClintock
the week-end with
Bogaert who has
Sgt. Emmety
been stationed in Austria is on his
way home
lough with
end of his
to Austria
and two sons.
in Vienna and the two boys xvrill at
tend schools there established for
servicemen’s children.
says he likes Austria
for the family will
those in the states.
to spend a 60 day fur
his family here. At the
furlough he will return
accompanied by his ■wife
The family will live
Sgt. Bogaert
and conditions
be similar to
Frank Gordon of Springfield will
teach health, physical education and
7th and 8th grade science during
the coming school year,
veteran of the Atlantic
theatres of war will also
ball, basketball, baseball
Gordon, a
and Pacific
coach foot
and track.
Richland Center
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sharp
son Jimmy of Norwalk and
Leslie of Milan were week
guests at the Amos and Weldon
Luginbuhl home. Sunday afternoon
callers were: Mr. and Mrs. Hiram
Neuenschwander and son Allison,
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cookson, Mr.
and Mrs. Donald Dillman and daugh
ter Marilyn and son Jimmy and
Mrs. Ella Dillman.
Mrs. Ray Heiks and daughters
Nancy and Barbara of Columbus,
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bixel spent
Saturday afternoon with Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Amstutz.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Moser and
sons Donivan and Kenneth spent
Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Hershel Moser and family.
Miss Patsy Schaublin is spending
this week with her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaublin.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hirshfield
were Saturday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Marquart and son.
Miss Hulda Myers of Beatrice,
Nebraska, Joseph Myers, Mr. and
Mrs. Dwight Myers and son, Mr.
and Mrs. Leon Myers of Petersburg,
Va., were week end guests at
Mrs. Lenore Myers home.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Matter
daughter, Mr. Wayne Matter
Miss Janet Young spent
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Matter and family of Ft. Wayne.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Welty and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Bell spent Friday evening with
and Mrs. J. L. Gratz and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller
family called Sunday evening
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Basinger.
Miss Wanda Hochstettler was a
Sunday dinner guest of Miss Peggy
Allen Tschiegg and Addison
Myers spent Sunday with Donald
Miss Barbara Rae Marquart spent
Friday afternoon and evening at the
Ed Marquart home.
Miss Peggy Young spent Thurs
day night and Friday with Miss
Carolyn Matter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaublin
and granddaughter Patsy called
Sunday evening at the C. F. Nis
wander home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marquart and
son called Thursday evening on Mr.
and Mrs. E. C. Heller of Harrod.
Mrs. W. C. Schaublin and grand
son Richard spent last Wednesday
with Mrs. Emmanuel Boutwell.
Mrs. Lyman Ackerman of Leipsic
a guest in the home of Mr. end
Mrs. F. C. Marshall.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Campbell were
Friday evening dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Ludwig in Lima.
Mrs. Osa Reams underwent surg
ery at
this writing.
the Bluffton Community
last Wednesday. Her
is reported favorable at
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Aiderman
who have been in Kokomo, Ind., the
past month, were week end guests
of Mrs. Walter Cupp and daughter
Marjorie, and left Monday for Can
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Price of Find
lay were Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price. Since
his discharge from the army, Mr.
Price has been employed with the
Sears and Roebuck Farm Store in
Lima and Mrs. Price has reopened
her Beauty Shop in Findlay.
F. C. Marshall and her
Mrs. Lyman Ackerman of
were Wednesday luncheon
of Mrs. William Foulkes in
The local Presbyterian church was
well represented at the ordination
services for Richard Mumma at the
Presbyterian church in Bluffton
Sunday evening.
Rev. Donaldson of Delta occupied
the pulpit at the Columbus Grove
Presbyterian church, Sunday and
was an afternoon caller in the homes
of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cupp and Mr.
and Mrs. D. C. Campbell.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mayberry and
daughters Nancy and Joan and Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Westenbarger of Col.
Grove motored to Marysville, Sun
day where they were diner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. William Porter and
son Billy.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruebush and
son Harold of Leaburg, Oregon, who
visited at the home of relatives in
Lima and Rockport left
returning to their home.
with Grey
Board of Education of Bluffton Ex
Villagu School District will receive
bids for the furnishing and instalia-
tion of a hot
together with
necessary fittin
Grade school
ira and arpdrtenances, for the
building* H(t Bluffton, Ohio.
Age makes no difference in enjoyment of Page’s
delicious Homogenized vitamin milk. Among those
who prefer its tempting creamy flavors are boys and
girls, men and women of all ages.
If you have not tried this unusual milk, now’ is
the time to do so!
Telephone us for delivery at your door
Thu Page Dairy Company
Phone 489-W I Bluffton
To those heroes—living and dedd—who gave a full
measure of devotion that democracy might live, we
bow in grateful tribute on this Memorial Day of 1946.
The K & Produce Co.
You’ve waited a long time for this first peacetime summer—now there’s every
reason you can have that perfect vacation you’ve dreamed about. Playspots, sum*
mer resorts and hotels will be at their best, and Greyhound has increased its service
to an all-time peak—with special Express buses, more frequent schedules, other
improvements. But millions of others have been waiting
and dreaming too—so plan ahead.
Robert Murray Charges Kinsinger
Next to Town Hall ^luffton phone 492-W
this Year’s Vacation
Check with the Greyhound agent on the best time to
go—he may recommend a certain time of day... or a mid
week departure. Perhaps you’ll find it best to arrange
your trip after the summer rush—when Autumn high
ways are at their colorful best. Certainly you’ll want con
firmed reservations where you’re stopping overnight.
Wherever you go—go Greyhound, for convenience,
for comfort, for dollar-saving economy. Whatever you
do—plan ahead.
N. Main St. Phone 170-W
where they may be inspected by interested
Bids to be in the hands of the clerk of
said board of education by 12 o'clock noon,
Monday, June 10, 1946.
Ea.h bidder will be required to submit with
hit bid a certified eheck on some solvent
bank in the amount of ten (10) per cent of
the total amount of the., bid.
Checks of unsuccessful, bidders will be re
turned after bids are o ned. Check of suc
cessful bidder will be ix
of willingness to en
said board, and held
up and signed.
The board
of Find
of his
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Price
lay were supper guests
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price,
Sunday evening.
or all bids.
By order
Bluffton ___
Sth day of May, 19
ned. ____
ined as an evidence
1 into contract with
til contract is drawn
Six, Sixteen or Sixty
(ght to reject any
of Education of
School District this
F. West, Clerk.
Load Insured
Rliftton. Ohio

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