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THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1946
Town topics in Bluffton first
and foremost the 64-dollar question:
when will the meat markets be op
en?—good news travels fast and five
minutes after the doors are open
the counters are crowded and
most every day someone recalls the
good old times when they killed little
pigs because there were too many
pork chops in the country—imagine
that and that was when Zack
Showalter shook his head and said
it was wicked and we’d be sorry—
maybe he had something there after
all but if you can’t get meat,
chicken is
of human
when the
were holding out for 50—but when
plentiful this week—which
one of the curious quirks
nature last Saturday
market went to 45 cents
for top fowls, farmers
^ZC. Burcky
Northwestern Mutual Life
Insurance Co.
139 Grove St] Phone 491-Y
New heavy
The Pa
Be A Popular Partner
The Latest Fox Trot
Graceful Waltz
Rh imba, Tango, or Jitterbug
All Lessons Private
me in for free guest analysis
Lima Dance Studios
119 «/2 W. North Street, LIMA
Open 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. daily except Saturdays
it slumped to 31 cents Monday every
one wanted to sell and shortage
of farm help will see mechanical
pickers harvesting a sizable portion
of the corn crop and wheat
sowing starts Friday, the fly-free
date—all of which will
days on the farm until
counting out, of
Putnam county fair next
promises to be bigger
than ever
on this week
the football
game, Friday
ton’s worst enemy,
should be pretty well disposed of
after having our ears pinned back
made a good showing on Harmon
field last Friday night—too bad the
uniforms aren’t here and they
say there are 40 dwellings going up
in Bluffton—that includes garages,
woodhouses, chicken houses, moved
in houses—any place to live—besides
several real honest to goodness
houses Night Police Griffith
directing traffic at the Bank corner
at noon and in the afternoon when
school is dismissed—it’s
since traffic lights
out of operation.
steel underground or above ground
for gasoline or fuel oil storage
550 1000 gallon capacity
Call 79371
872 1
rks-Klay Company
it. Johns Avenue, Lima, Ohio
We have be
the past me
the rate of
a result, sh
still far bel
attain by
output of co
out during I
We kno'
step up its
us and to it
...and we
the fact thal
the first thr
that Che wo
passenger co
tain its lead
make busy
frost comes
course, the
week which
and better
build-up is
and the
for that high spot of
season, the Pandora
afternoon Bluff
the last two years by those Fly
Dutchmen—we learned our les
the hard way and speaking
football the high school band
a good idea
Prize greeting of
a pleasant voice in
telephone call chirped up “Basinger’s
used-to-be meat market.’’
i response to a
Mrs. Franklin Rodabaugh, the
those who eagerly await
their new Chevrolets
Here Is the LaSest News
about Chevrolet
fybody from factory to dealer is doing everything
that can be done to speed deliveries to you
informed by the Chevrolet Motor Division that
■th has witnessed only a slight improvement in
reduction of new Chevrolet passenger cars. As
jments of new cars to dealers for delivery are
w the level we and the factory had hoped to
is time. In fact, through August, Chevrolet’s
s in 1946 was only 22.6% of the number turned
ie corresponding period of 1941.
that Chevrolet is doing everything possible to
’oduction totals—to ship more and more cars to
thousands of other dealers throughout America
now, too, that we are assured of getting our full
share of the current output and of future
iling at the total figures hav^ been—and despite
Chevrolet was out of ppExfuction entirely during
e months of theyem-—it is nevertheless true
st led all otlyer manufacturers in production of
s during Tprte 1946, and has continued to main
In totaf production from that day to this.
We shall continue to make deliveries of new Chevrolets
to our customers just as fast as we receive them we regret
delays as deeply as you do we thank you for your friendly
patience and understanding and we promise you a new high
•, motoring experience when you take delivery of your new
former Lois Neiswander who with
her physician-husband have located
in Bluffton the past week comes
from a medical family. Besides be
ing a nurse in her own right, her
father Dr. H. A. Neiswander is a
Pandora physician and two physi
cian-uncles are Dr. B. E. Neiswan
der of Doylestown and Dr. L. C.
Neiswander of Ada. Another un
cle, Dr. E. M. Neiswander is an
Ada veterinarian.
of Wadsworth,
Orlo Sprunger
student in
years ago
age at
Sprunger in a petition filed in the
common pleas court in Columbus
contended that the plan of the uni
versity trustees to house women in
Baker hall, a dormitory on the cam
pus built specifically for men en
dangered the security of a half-mil
lion dollars in bonds held by the
state teachers’ retirement system.
Sprunger says that a group of men
students, many of them
have been protesting the
Bluffton college some 10
broke into the news in
with the housing short
Ohio State university.
in Indian
If you are interested
relics, there is a good exhibit of ar
rowheads at Carl Mumma’s electric
shop. They were all fond in this
vicinity and bear evidence of skilled
Indian craftsmanship.
An informal curb market for huck
sters is developing at the junction
of Harmon road and East College
avenue. It is a strategic spot, es
pecially at 5 o’clock in the after
noon when Meter employees quit
es and quantities
and roasting ears
posed of recently
farm marketers.
when Meter employees
Several truck loads of peach
of muskmelons
have been dis
by enterprising
Donovan Schumacher, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Oliver Schumacher of
Findlay, formerly of near Bluffton,
has taken a position as cellist with
the St. Louis symphony ochestra.
Schumacher graduated from the
Oberlin conservatory of music last
June and spent the summer at Lake
Chautauqua, N. Y., where he stud
ied on a scholarship at the Juilliard
summer school of music. His father
is a Findlay violinist.
In the Court of Common Plena ofi Allen
County, Ohio. n
Case Number 37128. i/
Myron R* Coon. Plaintiff, vs_/jr«W*51. Seid
ell. et al. Defendants.
The Defendant, Irene M. Seidell, the heirs
at law, devisees, legatees, trustees, assignees,
receivers, beneficiaries, the surviving spouse,
the surviving divorced spouse, children, de
scendents, creditors, successors in interest,
executors, administrators and legal represent
atives of Irene M. Seidell, desceased, will take
notice that on the 4th day of September, 1946,
Myron R. Coon, filed his Petition in the
Common Pleas Court of Allen County, Ohio,
in case number 37128, against them and
others praying for a decree quieting title or
in the alternative for an order marshalling
liens as against said defendant, et a), to or
on the following real estate, described in said
Petition to-wit:— ‘Lot Numbers 15414, 15431
and 15432. in the West End Realty Compa
ny’s Westwood Addition to the City of Lima,
American Township, Allen County, Ohio.”
The prayer of said Petition is for a decree
quieting Plaintiff's title as against all the
I defendants or in the alternative, marshalling
liens, sale of property and equitable relief.
Said Defendants are required to answer said
Petition on or before the 2nd day of Novem
ber, 1946, or judgment and decree will be
taken against them in accordance with the
prayer of the Petition.
Miner A. Atmur and Oren E. Dickason,
His Attorneys,
By John H. Romey,
501 National Bank Building, Lima. Ohio 26
Keep Your
Present Car Alive
Meanwhile, may we suggest
that you safeguard your
transportation by bringing
your car to us for service now
and at regular intervals. Let
us help you to keep it in good
running condition—to main
tain its performance, appear
ance and resale value—until
the day when your new Chev
rolet comes along.
A & To Start Five
Day Shopping Week
Effective September 30, the A &
will inaugurate a five-day shopping
week here by closing its store on
Mondays, it was announced today by
R. R. Betz, Toledo, Vice President
of the food chain.
Object of the move, Betz said, is
to “give better senice to our cus
tomers and a two-day weekend holi
day to our store employes.”
Betz pointed out that the oper
ators of all retail food stores in
Bluffton have been invited to par
ticipate in the move.
We confidently feel that house
wives will find this plan working to
their advantage,” Betz explained.
“The complete personnel of our
Bluffton store will be on the job the
entire store week, resulting in the
most efficient customer senice of
which the store organization is cap
“For instance, this should result
in less waiting, in fresher merchan
dise, in more completely stocked
shelves and better overall store
now required to staff the store
Monday will be carried over to
busy days when they will be
greatest service to customers.
“Success of the plan depends,
however, on the cooperation of our
Bluffton customers. Purchase of suf
ficient supplies to last the family
over both Sunday and Monday will
be essential if inconvenience is to be
avoided. Since Monday purchases
in all stores combined amount to
only a small percentage of the week
ly total, no serious dislocation of
shopping habits should result.”
The employe hours
Employes of the A & Store
Tie re are strongly
according to Betz.
“I believe I am
that this move is s
food industry gene
“Now the employes
be able to enjoy a two-day holiday
weekend, a privilege equal to that
enjoyed by the employes of many
other industries.”
k of the plan,
afe in saying
nificant to the
lly,” he said.
our store will
Betz said that details of the plan
being worked out include “remaining
open for five days a week—that is,
our store will remain open on Mon
day whenever it is to be closed by a
legal holiday occurring on any other
week day.” Regular store hours will
remain unchanged for Tuesday, Wed
nesday, Thursday, Friday and
urday, he said.
of Comms
In the Allen
vs. John Happer*.
rger and
Dale R. Stemen, Plaintiff,
berger and L. W.
The Defendants, John Haiqi_
L. W. Reid, the heirs at la^y*devisees, lega
tees, trustees, assignees,
aries, tha surviving spot*
vorced spouse, childjMn,
tors, successors H^rfnterest. executors, admin
istrators and yMgal representatives of John
Hap »ersburger. deceased, and L. W. Reid,
decea.sed, will take noticJ that on the 26th
day of August, 1946, Dae R. Stemen, filed
his Petition In the Cornu ion Pleas Court of
Allen County, Ohio, in ase number 37110,
against them and others fraying for a decree
quieting title or in the
order marshalling liens
fendant John Happersberrer and said Defend
ant L. W. Reid, to or op the following real
estate, described in said Petition to-wit:—
‘‘lot numbers 10862 and [10899 in the Hover
Park Allotment Addition Ito the City of Lima,
Alien County, Ohio.”
s^ceivers, benefici
■. the surviving di
descendents. credi-
alternative for an
The prayer of said Petition is for a decree
quieting Plaintiff's title as against all the
Defendants or in the altfemative. marshalling
liens, sale of property and equitable relief.
Said Defendants are required to answer said
Petition on or before the 2nd day of Novem
ber. 1946, or judgment and decree will be
taken against them in accordance with the
prayer of the Petition.
Miner A. Atmur and Oren E. Dickason,
His Attorney*,
By John H. Romey.
5t|| National Bank Building, Lima, Ohio. 26
One lady recently took RHU-AID
three days and said afterward that
she never would have believed such
a “wonder medicine” existed. She
says she couldn’t raise her left arm
more than a few inches. Rheumatic
pains afflicted the muscles of her
shoulder and arm. She could hardly
move the finger^ on her left hand.
Now this lady’s rheumatic pains are
gone since she got RHU-AID and
says she can use her left arm as
well as her right, in fact, she says
she simply blesses the day she got
this medicine and she feels like an
altogether different woman.
RHU-AID is the new liquid form
ula containing rthree valuable med
ical ingredients. These Three Great
Medicines, all blended into one, go
right to the very cause of rheumatic
and neuritic ac^es and pains. Miser
able people sobn feel different all
over. So don’t go on suffering! Get
RHU-AID. Htuenstein & Son Drug
D. C. BIXEL, O. B.
122 SoutH Main St.. Bluffton
Office Hours 9:06 A. M.—5:30 P. M.
Evenings: Moif.. Wed.. Fri., Sat. 7:00
to AiOO P. M. Cloned Thursday Afternoon.
Chester I1. Smith
Successor to A. M. Smith Son
Phone 451-J
132 W. Crawford
Findlay, Ohio
ED SAME, Representative
Findlay, Ohio Phone 3012-M
Five generations were present at
a recent dinner in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Fleming. J. T.
Fleming great-great grandfather, H.
Lester Fleming, great grandfather,
Mrs. George Zellner, grandmother,
Mrs. George Karkalik, Jr., mother,
and Darleen Karkalik comprised the
five generations. Others present
were: Mr. and Mrs. Avery Watt and
son, Ronny, Mr. and Mrs. William
Francis and son Ronald, and
Nona Yoakam of Lima, Mrs.
Close of Sycamore, George E.
ner, George Karkalik, Jr. and
Mary Gatchel of Mansfield, Mrs. H.
Homer L. Fleming and
Mrs. J. T. Fleming.
and Mrs.
son David,
Fleming, Mr.
Club met
The Country Benefit
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. Martha Wesphal. Those present
were: Mrs. Grace Vorhes, Mrs. Nora
Miller, Mrs. Nettie May, Mrs. Daisy
Ludwig, Mrs. Alma Robinson, Mrs.
Dorothy Hall, Mrs. Irene Boyd, Mrs.
Neva Fisher, and Mrs. Adah Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Greenwood
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Binkley
and daughter of Chicago, were
Saturday callers of Mrs. Bertha
Desenberg and Miss Lillian Desen
of Sherman
a Tuesday
Henry Holder
California wai
of Mrs. Lou ise Clore,
Belle Heath and Mr. and Mrs. Elza
Mrs. Belle Muir of Meadville,
Pennsylvania is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Ella Akerman.
Past Matron’s Circle met Satur
day evening at the
Dorothy Hall. There
bers present.
home of Mrs.
were 20 mem-
Fleming were
Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. William Francis and son and
Mrs. Nora Yoakam of Lima.
Jeanne Koedam of Terra
Haute spent the week with Mrs.
Jayne Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Desenberg and
Mrs. Edward Ginder of Galion, Mr.
and Mrs. U. R. Desenberg of Mans
field, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Van Horn
of Lancaster, Mr. and Mrs. F. R.
Binkley and Mrs. Alice Opronked of
Chicago, were those from a distance
who attended the funeral of Thomas
W. Desenberg.
After spending several weeks with
relatives and friends, Mrs. Dale
Maus left Saturday for her home at
Pine Bluffs, Arkansas.
Arthur Hall of Toledo was a
says successful
Watch and wait for the new Gas .dp*'
pliances that will soon be on the mar
ket in more plentiful quantities,
plan now for your “New Freedom
Gas Kitchen.”
Saturday caller of friends in La
Seeled bids will be received by the Board
of Trustees of Public Affairs of the Village
of Bluffton, Ohio, until O'Clock P. M.
Eastern Standard Time on the 1st day of Oc
tober, 1946, at the office of said Hanl in the
Village of Bluffton, Ohio, and at that time
will he opened and read, for the following
described equipment for the chlorinating of
the Municipal water supply.
1—Chlorinator of the automatic start and
stop control solution feed, v isible vacuum
type, in which the chlorine is metered under
a iartial vacuum. It shall be capable of auto
matically interrupting the application
chlorine when the pur1
chlorination upon atai
the application of
1 rtops and to resume
ing the pump.
be pedestal mounted
The chlorinator sha
and the working parts of the apparatus such
as Chlorine Pressure Reducing Valve, Chlor
ine Meter and Vacuum Relief shall be mount
«d in a hard rubber ujju-emffcr a glass bell
jar provided witiear-tfater sea) and -hall be
plainly visible while in ojieration. All part*
shall be readily acce*db|e without the necess
ity of removing any bolt* or ecrews.
The Chlorine Pressure Reducing and Con
stant. Flow Valve shall i be float operated u
tiliting water as the .•w
ed glass Chlorine Onfic$
accurate to within 4^1 4
chlorine on all flows with
The Bidder must wart
is fra
and materials.
in an
Mr. and Mrs. Charles
of Hamilton were week end guests
of Mrs. Mary Vorhes and Mrs. Cora
The volumetric
visible within the
be accurate to
of chlorine on
iragm. The calibrat
Flow Meter shall be
the true delivery of
that the apparatus
eta in workmanship
1—Chlorinator of the
flow of chlorine ted by manual ad
235 W. College Avenue
Real Estate Broker
Bluffton, Ohio
Rc-cpening of
Buckeye Lunch
Thursday Evening, September 26
Hours 5 P. M. to 1 A. M. until further notice
The Buckeye Lunch
DeForest Smith Don Stalder
Just Across the Bridge at Entrance to Buckeye Lake
Mr. Otto Bode, owner of Ott’s Spot, a bi
in East Liverpool, New Jersey, feels not!
his modern Gas Equipment. It include!
deep fat fryer, an automatic Gas waterf heater, a Gas broiler-griddle, Gas
coffeemaker and steam table.
Whether it’s in a large restaurant of in your own kitchen, Gas will do
the best job. The automatic controls, the cleanliness and flexibility of Gas
and Gas equipment hold the same ap
peal to both famous chefs and smart
West Oh 1»as Co
the flow of chlorine to waste when the pump
stope and to rename the application of chlor
ine to the water system when the pump starts.
The Chlorinator shall have a capacity of 10
pounds of chlorine per 24 hours.
The Chlorinator shall be pedestal mounted
and equip *,! with a compensator of the
needle and diaphragm type, which shall re
duce the pressure of the chlorine gas and
maintain the flow constant regardless of
changes in pressure within the chlorine cyl
inder. The Chlorinator shall be equipped with
a vacuum relief seal connected into the me
ter block and with an injector suction cham
ber provided with a pressure relief which shall
relieve the gas directly to the outside atmos
phere in the event of failure of the water
supply to the apparatus. The chlorine injector
shall be provided with a suction check valve
to prevent back flow into the apyMsrtUs.
Bidder' must 1
ar after uhipr
I is free from
isy restaurant on a main highway
ing but complete satisfaction with
a heavy duty Gas range, a Gas
shall he
jar and shall
true delivery
its working
of the
a period of
The for
that the apparatus
In workmanship
shipped is free
and materials.
By The direction
of Public Affairs,
the Board of Trustees
of Bluffton, Ohio.
Clerk. 23
Every Load Insured
Bluffton. Ohio
Phone 165-W

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