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THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 1947
February—birthday month of three
great Americans—sure, we know the
two you’re thinking of—but there’s
also Thomas Edison’s anniversary
next Tuesday ... he was born in
Milan, southeast of Sandusky which
is the village’s only claim to fame
and as for birthdays, there’s
Mrs. Esta Lugibill Dye of a pioneer
Bluffton family, now living in Wells
ton, who also has a birthday every
February which her husband Philip
thoughtfully remembers with a sub-
Dependability Assured
by 44 Years’ Experience
Fittings by appointment at
110 So. Lawn Ave., by
Mrs. Walter Gratz
Bluffton, Ohio
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West Virginia and
Ohio quality coal.
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on A. C. & Y- R. R.
Phone 354-W or 265-Y
Kroehler Living Room Suites,
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Innerspring Mattr
scription to the Bluffton News—
splendid idea, we think and
then there are George Frick and
Mrs. Dora Montgomery whose birth
days come on Ground Hog day
which reminds us that the Ground
Hog wasn’t fooling when he saw his
shadow Sunday and scurried back
to his den for six weeks more of
winter—barely in time to escape
that cold wave which struck Tuesday
—so all of you skeptics chalk up an
other one for accuracy of Ground
Hog w’eather farecasts however,
with the thermometer skidding to
where it barely missed zero again
for the second time in a fortnight,
there was, happily no fuel crisis—
dealers last week were actually ask
ing their trade to help them dispose
of a surplus which may have been
temporary and Bluffton politics
bestirred itself Monday night for
party caucuses with some new faces
sprinkled in among the old regulars
—and Baker and Stauffer, heading
the two tickets for mayor are next
door neighbors on Kibler street
and they’re still talking about those
$10 bills passed thru the congrega
tion at the Presbyterian church Sun
day morning—instead of taking up
a collection the money was dis
tributed, reversing the age-old pro
cess which came as a complete sur
prise to everyone—the church has
embarked upon a present-day appli
cation of the parable of the talents—
looks good and anyway the ground’s
too hard now to bury the talent—so
the only thing left is to put it to
work and so enters February
Sunday was an unusual day in
Bluffton churches—besides the inno
vation at the Presbyterian church,
congregations at the First Mennon
ite and St. John's Reformed had
their morning services rudely inter
rupted by a big plane which is re
ported to have zoomed eight times
over the town at scarcely more than
tree-top level and the roaring motors
made it necessary to suspend the
services until the aerial playboy had
sufficiently amused himself to leave
for other parts. Some observers re
ported the plane was a Navy Aveng
er type. Clayton Bixel of the Bluff
ton airfield said it was definitely not
a local plane and he knew nothing
of the identify of the stranger.
Bixel added that no local planes fly
Armstrong’s Furniture Store
Room Suites,
over town on Sunday morning be
cause of the possibility of interfer
ing with church services.
Some Mainly Personal Personali
ties—There are the Althaus twins—
William and Levi living west of
town—Levi is on the school board
and William isn’t, but there are a
lot of Bluffton people, including the
writer of this column who can’t tell
them apart except when the school
board is in session—wonder how
many of our readers can identify
them when they’re not together
and word from Don Smucker now
in Princeton, New’ Jersey, Theologi
cal seminary, erstwhile Bluffton
youth who says that there may not
be an indispensable man but there is
an indispensible weekly for all form
er Blufftontians—w’hich of course
w’e are counting as one of our val
And those long-aw’aited high school
band uniforms making their debut
at the basketball game last Friday
night—they’re really snazzy with
enough braid to fit out the captain
of the queen’s navee in Gilbert &
Sullivan’s Pinafore. Quite impress
ive we’ll assure you and they give
Bluffton’s band a suave and finished
And speaking of basketball, tour
nament time here in another week
the team and fans are setting their
sights for Columbus and the high
school championship at the end of
the trail—looks as if Bluffton which
has barely missed the state title sev
eral times in past year, had its big
chance this time.
Madeline Campbell, a minor, whose place
of residence and address is care of Mr. and
Mrs. Chester Bradley, RFD 3, Winamac, Ind
iana. is hereby notified that Clyde Bryant
Campbell has filed his petition against her
for divorce and all proper relief, on the
grounds of gross neglect of duty and extreme
cruelty, in case No. 37393 in the Court of
Common Pleas of Allen County, Ohio, at
Lima. Ohio. Said cause may be heard and de
cided after the expiration of six weeks from
the firrt publication of this notice.
Clyde Bryant Campbell, Plaintiff
By Clarence C. Miiler. His Attorney,
504 Citizens Bldg., Lima, Ohio. 46
Allen County, ns.
Estate of Mary Belle Schick, Deceased.
Harold Perry Schick of Bluffton, Ohio,
R. D. No. 2, has been appointed and quali
fied as Executor of the estate of Mary Belle
Schick late of Alien County, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 22nd day of January, 1947.
Raymond P. Smith
Probate Judge 43
News want-ads bring results.
r“ $198 to $159
$219 to $198
rxed $198 to $149.50
$350 to $298
$275 to $198
were $25.00, now $17.50
were $19.75,
were $35.00,
were $22.50,
were $12.75,
were $ 9.95,
were $18.75,
were $15.95,
were $10.00, now $ 7.50
s, prices from $39.50 to $74.50
s, $49.50 value, now $39.50
with box spring to match, $79.00
108-110 S. Main St. Bluffton, Ohio 1
now $14.50
now $25.00
now $15.00
now $ 9.98
now $ 7.50
now $14.50
now $12.50
Mr. Frank Jagger of Covena,
Calif., arrived here last Wednesday
to look after business interests and
visit old friends.
Farm Bureau Council No. 12 vill
meet in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Van Meter Thursday evening
of next week for their February pro
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Green and
son Kenneth of Beaverdam and Mrs.
Ernest Freet were recent dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green
of Lima.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cupp and Miss
Edythe Cupp, who are now vacation
ing in Calif., were recent guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Jule Benroth in Phoe
nix, Ariz., and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin
Whisler in Ocean 'Side, Calif. They
report a very fine trip on the way
out there.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kidd and
daughter Donna Lee, who have lived
on the Frank Jagger farm the past
year, moved to the Norman Hum
phrey farm near Columbus Grove
last Friday.
Mrs. Raymond Anderson, who was
n patient in Memorial hospital in Li
ma following surgery, was removed
to her home near Cairo the first part
of last week.
The annual Community institute
will be held in the H. S. auditorium
in Beaverdam Wednesday of next
week, with Rev. Arthur Romig and
Rev. Paul Graeser, both of Lima, as
the speakers. Lewis Van Meter of
this community is the president, Ira
La Rue, V. Pres, and C. L. Rupright,
Mr. Clark Kidd, who is making
his home with his son Mr. Cloyce
Kidd and Mr. Ben Freet, who is with
his son Mr. E. E. Freet, are both
numbered with those on the sick
Mr. and Mrs. David Risser and
daughters Jane and Sue of Bluffton
and Mr. Roscoe Aiderman of Clyde
w’ere Sunday guests of Mrs. Walter
Cupp and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Price of Find
lay w’ere Sunday dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price. Glen will
leave in a few days for a trip to the
coast cities of Fla. on business for a
Findlay chemical company, with
whom he is employed.
Plans have been made for the ob
servance of the World Day of Prayer,
Feb. 21, in the home of Mrs. Glen
Mayberry with Mrs. W. E. Marshall
as assistant hostess. All women of
the community are invited to take
part in the observance of the day
Just recently a middle-aged woman
of this vicinity told us that she had
suffered 3 years of torture with neu
ritic pains. She said she felt like a
sharp knife was being gouged into
her muscles, and sometimes these
pains would strike her like an elec
tric shock. She said one could hardly
stand it. Today this lady is again
enjoying life, and she says the change
is due to taking RHU-AID. Her
pains are gone now. No more feel
ing like a knife rouged in£o her
muscles. She is einijew (rree/ of her
misery, thanks to Zjj^p/rgjm.arkable
RHU-AID is the new liquid form
ula containing three valuable medical
ingredients. These Three Great Med
icines, all blended into one, go right
to the very’ cause of rheumatic
neuritic aches and pains. Miserable
people soon feel different all over.
So don’t go on suffering! Get RHU
AID. A. Hauenstein & Son Drugs.
Big Typo White Loghorns
“Master Deluxe”.. 300 to 346 Egg—Blood Mating
“Quality Deluxe” .. 260 to 299 Egg—Blood Mating
HEAVY BREEDS--225 to 334 Egg-Blood Matings
(New Hampshire, White and Barred Rocks)
SUPER AAA-Sons of Individual Pedigreed
Male Matings Big-Type Leghorns, White and
Barred Rock and Buckeye Cross breeds.
which is interdenominational and peo
ple around the globe join in the use
of the same program which this year
was written by a woman from India.
The meeting is sponsored by the
Presbyterian missionary society with
Mrs. John Burkholder as Chairman.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marshall at
tended a dinner meeting of the City
Fanner’s Club of Hardin County held
at the Country Club near Kenton,
last Tuesday evening.
Employees of the Kewpie on Eliza
beth St. in Lima, recently gave a
miscellaneous show’er for Mrs. Robert
Green the former Ruth Freet, in the
home of Mrs. Evelyn Blanchard of
Atlantic Ave., who was assisted by
Mrs. H. B. Wilson. A very delightful
time was had and the honor guest
received many useful and beautiful
gifts. Mrs. Leonard Green of Beaver
dam and Mrs. Ernest Freet of this
place were among the guests.
Mr. Roscoe Aiderman of Clyde
spent the week end with his wife and
little son in the home of Mrs. Walter
Mrs. Harold Marshall and son
John and Mrs. W. E. Marshall were
in Columbus over the week end where
the former two visited Miss Rebecca
Marshall and Mrs. Lemley and fami
ly, and the latter was a guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Barnett and son
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCafferty, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Matter and Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Montgomery and daugh
ter Jeann spent Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Montgomery and
daughter Sue.
Mrs. Florence Hilty and Mrs. Ma
bel w’ere among the visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. Carey Nisw’ander, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Montgomery and
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Klingler w’ere
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Stultz and family of Findlay.
Mr. II. O. Hilty is spending a few
days in Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grismore and
daughters were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Hartman and
son. Afternoon callers w’ere Mr. and
Mrs. Ervin Hartman and Mrs. Flor
ence Hilty. Mrs. Hartman has been
sick but is somewhat improved at
this writing.
Mrs. Mabel Hilty is spending a few
days with Mrs. Florence Hilty.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bell, Mr. and
Mrs. Waldo Lugibill of Hope, N.
Dakota, w’ere Wednesday evening
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan
Montgomery and family. Mr. Morris
Bell was an afternoon caller.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Klingler called
on Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCafferty
Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Montgomery
and family and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Montgomery and family w’ere Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan
Irvin and family of Ada.
Mrs. Louise Cloore and Mrs. Net
tie Knoble were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Knoble.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Robinson and
daughter Cheryl of Lima were Sun
day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Yes, there will be some new tractors this year. We don’t know just how many, but we
are sure there won’t be enough for everybody. That’s why we’re suggesting that you
give us a list of the parts you need for your old tractor, just in case you’re not able to
buy a new one. You can’t lose, you know any money you spend for parts will
boost your trade-in value.,
payments on a $250 lyan like a top. Yes, you can
have 15 months to repay most loans. That gives
you plenty of time te get organized and start get
ting ahead.
Figure up your fash requirements. Then just
phone 73511 or sttjfp in Market & Elizabeth, Lima.
You’re always welcome.
Phone: 126-W 116 S. Main St
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vanced breeding program, but it beats inside the chick you get.
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males in our AAA matings, we pass on to our own chicks the
ability of the sire’s mother of a high trapnest record to lay
lots of big eggs.
Pedigree-Sired Chicks Pay Dividends For instance, you
have a flock of 200 Amstutz’s egg bred laying hens, they lay
one or two dozen more eggs per hen a year, than a common
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FUL-O-PEP and STATE PILOT poultry and stock feeds.
Amstutz Hatcheries
E. J. Wahlie, Co-owner and Manager
T. M. Robinson.
Mrs. Bertha Desenberg and Miss
Lillian Desenberg were Sunday call
ers of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Binkley.
In the Common Pleas Court of Allen
County, Ohio.
Case No. 87350.
Gladys N. Keller, Plaintiff, ▼«. John C.
Keller, Junior, Defendant,
The defendant, John C. Keller, Junior, a
sergeant in the army of the United States
of America, presently residing and stationed
at Camp Kilmer. New Jersey, with mailing
addreim as "Sergeant John C. Keller, Junior,
Company G, Eighth Regiment, O. R. D.,
Camp Kilmer, New Jersey” will take notice
that Gladys N. Keller has filed in said court
an action against him for divorce on the
grounds of gross neglect of duty and extreme
cruelty, restoration of maiden name and
other equitable relief. Said cause will be for
hearing on and after six weeks from the
date of the first publication of this notice,
to-wit: on and after the 21st day of Febru
ary, 1947.
Gladys N. Keller,
By I. B. Steele, Her Attorney. 43
set aside, takes care of the
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