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Winter back for a return engage
ment—roads blocked with snowdrifts
the first of the week and no school
and to think that a year ago this
Sale of miscellaneous household
furniture for dining room, living
room, kitchen, and bedroom will
be held at 171 North Jackson,
Bluffton, Ohio, known as Mumma
property, Friday. March 21, 1947,
at 1:30 to 4:30 P. M. Offers for
the sale of this house and lot will
be accepted at that time by ad
ministrator, Offers must be
$3,000.00 or more, and are to be
presented to—
Forest Mumma
Administrator of Estate of
Euphemia Mumma
Coats 'Motor Sales
Vine & St. Johns
Lima, Ohio
Phone 3-7271
Largest Selection of Used
Cars in the District
1946 Chevrolet Pick
1946 Buick Tan
1946 Buick Black
1946 Buick Grey
1941 Buick Special
1941 Buick Super
1941 Ford Tudor
1941 DeSoto Sedan
1941 Plymouth 4 Dr.
1941 Pontiac 2 Dr.
1940 Chevrolet Town
1940 Chevrolet Town
1940 Mercury Cpe.
1941 Mercury Sedan
1941 DeSota 2 Dr.
1941 Ford Cpe.
1942 Studebaker
Champion Cpe.
1940 Ford 2 Dr.
1940 Dodge Cpe.
1939 Oldsmobile Sdn.
1939 Ford Sedan
1937 Pontiac Cpe.
1937 Ford Cpe.
1936 Plymouth 2 Dr.
1934 Plymouth Cpe.
1934 Plymouth 4 Dr.
1935 Chevrolet 2 Dr.
1934 Chevrolet 4 Dr.
A Written Guarantee
with Every Car!
time there were pussy willows along
Riley creek and farmers were busy
with spring plowing and here is
Easter coming up early next month
and no signs of spring—-they’ve even
folded up plans for sugar campS
which looked so good a week ago—
sobering thot and another more
sobering thot is that Easter shopping
season which will make a dent in our
pocketbook just When we’ll be trying
to raise 7-bux to get a license for the
chewy all of which proves that
misfortunes never come singly and
pork chops don’t come at all with
live hogs topping the market at 28
cents a pound here Saturday and
do you remember when they killed
the little piggies because there were
too many of them—wish we had some
back now and with wheat crowd
ing the $2.50 mark it was only a few
years ago farmers were being paid
to grow less wheat because of the
surplus bogey which reminds us
that the late Zack Showalter said no
good would come of such w anton de
struction of food put here by Provi
dence for our use and a friendly
reminder that your income tax report
must be filed by next week and
the Red Cross drive needs your sup
Help feed the birds. With the
ground covered by snow, Bluffton a
rea residents are asked to cooperate
in a bird feeding program. Five
pound sacks of grain proviled by the
Sportsmen’s club will
Bluffton Ne\vs office window Thurs
day morning' Anyone willi ng to feed
the birds is asked to stop a1
office and sip himself to a sack of
this Lrrain as long as the su
It’s free antI self-serve. I
upon—help y
Hor»e»t to goodness,
•99 breeding at »emi
ble price*. Order your
chick* from our fa
mou* egg (train* now!
“True Tales of Ohio,” a new fea
ture which has been added to the
Bluffton News is being unusually
well received according to reports
reaching this column. One of our
readers, Miss Minnie Benroth of Li
ma is compiling a scrap book of the
series, which we think is a splendid
idea and worth passing along to some
Amstutz Hatcheries
Bluffton and Pandora
Made with OIL
A real paint—not mixed with water
Popular pastel colors that can be washed.
U One coat covers plaster, wallpaper, brick, wall
board and n^ost any interior surFace.
Can be applied over old point and water coatings.
U Dries fast. Paint it today—use the room tonight.
REMEMBER the best points are made with OIL
........ ... ................................. ...................... i i
Experienced Dairymen Say—
With McCormick-Deering Milkers”
Thousands of satisfied dairymen are finding that McCormick-Deering
Milkers help them get maximum milk production with less labor.
Come in and let us show you the records.
We have McCormick-Deering Milkers in stock now for your immedi
ate selection. May we see you soon?
C. F. Xiswander
Phone 126-W 116 s. Main St.
of our other subscribers who are in
terested in narratives of early pio
neer days. The series is written by
Harry Hale, a former Cincinnati
newspaper man who obtains material
for the articles from old records and
And now the Ross Bogarts winter
ing at Bradenton, Florida, are great
grandparents since a boy was bom
to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Holmes of North
Wales, Pa. Mrs. Holmes is the former
Kae Baumgartner, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Baumgartner. Mrs.
Baumgartner will be remembered as
the former Bernice Bogart, elder
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bogart.
Good Milk
is a
But Buying
Good Milk
in Bluffton is
Just be sure
you always
get Page’s
at your door
at your store
Only Page’s
Milk Sold
in Bluffton
is farm and
herd Inspected
The Best Costs
No More
Per Quart
Vitamin 19c
Page Dairy
For Home Delivery
Phone Our Bluffton
Plant......... 489-W
And George Wash ngton’s birth
day last month also miirked the 100th
birthday anniversary of the late A
aron Augsburger, father of Mrs. Med
Murray, one of Bluiffton’s pioneer
residents. His name fippears on the
cornerstone of the town hall as a
member of the village council when
the structure was built. A builder by
trade, he worked on nlany structures
in the town’s early days some of
which are still stand in g. In denomin
ational affiliations he was a charter
member and elder of St. John’s Re
formed church and his character was
one of integrity and uprightness.
Bluffton had plenty of company in
the recent cold snai}—conies word
from Mrs. I. E. (Mar Steiner) Vin
cent, formerly of the loment near
Bluffton, now living at Merrifield,
Va., saying that they lave had heavy
snow and temperatures wont down to
20 above zero, unusua
for that locality.
ly cold weather
And speaking of lettors, comes one
from Barbara Butler, former Bluff
ton high school student who is in
school this year at Be' lingham, Wash
ington. High school pals will recall
Barbara’s flair for art and the hand
decorated stationery indicates, that
she has lost none if her artistic
touch. She says she follows with in
terest the fortunes—cir misfortunes
—of the high school lasketball team
And comes word frim W a rre n o
senberger of Creskill, x* fnrtnerlv
of Bluffton college wl 0 has been fol
lowing the high schcol Pirates and
Burcky’s varsity Beavers this winter.
The Berne Men’s chorus which
gave a mighty fine coneert here Sun
QcLV Illl'.iTv IS SOrnetlllL
outstanding musical
it’s the spirit of the
it apart from the gei
kind. Organized fifty
Horace Stratton south of Bluffton
who has been following items in this
column relative to former names of
towns tells us that Mortimer, north
of Findlay was formerly Stewarts
ville and of course there’s Pandora,
formerly Pendleton. And Lafayette’s
postoffice was formerly officially
designated as Herring, altho the
town always was known as Lafay
ette and the postoffice was later
changed to that name.
And John T. Huber, pioneer resi
dent of Beaverdam sets us right on
the name of that town which was
formerly Shulltown, being laid out
by a man named Shull about 1862.
Its present name was acquired from
a dam built by beavers in low ground
west of the town. The animals felled
trees to form a small body of water
in a swampy area near the village.
Mr. Huber says he recalls that in
constructing an open ditch thru the
Edgecomb farm the workmen un
covered logs of the beavers’ dam un
der some three or four feet of soil.
Also he remembers when there were
wooden slabs on the present Lincoln
highway to make pioneer travel pos
sible thru the swampy region in that
vicinity. These slabs, he says were
found several years ago when con
struction of the present paved road
was under way.
Mt. Cory
Frank Burns was taken from his
home west of town to St. Rita’s hos
pital in Lima by the Diller invalid
coach. Frank Balister, his nephew,
went with him.
Mr. and Mrs. Lehr Green left
Friday for Florida to escape the
snow and ice.
As the result of a three-car acci
dent, Saturday night at 10 o’clock
on Route 103 east of Bluffton, Ollie
Nonnamaker of Jenera received se
vere lacerations of the jaw. He was
inspecting damage done to a car
driven by his son Max, 17, which
collided with a car driven by John
Koch, 46, of Bluffton, when another
car driven by Harry Same, 41, Je
nera, slid into the Koch car, the im
pact knocking Nonnamaker to the
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Huber were
Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Cora
McGeorge and family in Lima.
Mrs. Ralph Steininger, Mrs. Ralph
Mosier were slightly injured in a
two car collision in Findlay, Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Chester Huber was a caller
in Benton Ridge Friday afternoon.
The W. C. T. U. held their month­
ly meeting Tuesday afternoon in
the home of Mrs. W. S. King. After
devotions and business session re
freshments were served by the host
Mrs. Barbara Renninger is spend
ing the winter with Mr. and Mrs.
Virgil Wooley and family in Lima.
Chester Huber called on Wm.
Bush in Findlay, Saturday.
Mrs. Huber is now able to give
light and massage treatments in
your own home. Call her on phone
for appointment.
A play was given in the high
school auditorium Friday evening by
the P. T. A.
Mrs. Arlo Doty was taken from
the Bluffton hospital to her home
north of town, Saturday.
Wayne Amstutz of Rawson has
been given the right to exclusive
use of the name “Tawa” as a herd
name in registering his purebred
Holstein-Friesen cattle.
Six Rawson residents received la
cerations and bruises at 9:15 .M.
Sunday when the automobile in
which they were riding figured in a
collision on Route 25 one and one
half miles southwest of the Powell
church. Taken to the Findlay hos
pital for treatment were: Mrs. Mar
cella Smith 31, Rawson, driver of
the car, cuts on the head and arm
injuries Robert Smith 15, sprained
back Mary Ann Robinson 15, facial
lacerations Mary Jean Hugus 17,
cut on head and legs George Spaeth
oral run of its
has retained many of
deals of its founders.
ed with the chorus re
for his services-—men
their own traveling ex ponses. Any of
ferings or other inco ne received by
the group is contribiited to benevo
lences. We liked the oneert—but we
liked better the moth es of the chor
us—there should be n
play “Che
direct the
ore of such or-
Going back to the ays when Bluff
ton was Shannon—coines an almanac
of the year 1859 advertising medicin
al preparations of th it day. Imprint
on the back cover of 1 he booklet says
these are sold by one Abram Long at
the store of E. Thom pson, Shannon,
Ohio. The almanac, a 34-page book
let, printed in German belongs to Os
car Wenger of Springr street, collec
tor of old books, anc was found a
mong the effects of his father, the
late David Wenger. It s the first time
we ever have seen ar ything printed
from back in the dayss before Bluff
ton changed its original name.
March 21
Mrs N
ton. hi
Kentucky, Virginia,
West Virginia and
Ohio quality coal.
Howard Stager
Coal Yard
on A. C. & Y. R. R.
Phone 354-W or 265-Y

Pipe-Line Milker
Low vacuum! the secret to
faster, cleaner, milking, makes
this new CF|ORE-BOY the
sensation of postwar milk
ing machines. I See these fea
tures: Visible^ Milking, Sani
tary Balanced |Claw Trouble
free Pulsatori Anti-crawling
Teat Cups. See for yourself
by a free demonstration on
your own herd.
The World's Finest Milker
O. C. Hursey & Sons
John Deere Sales & Service
Phone 173-W Vance St., Bluffton
I wish to thank all my friends
who so thoughtfully remembered me
with cards, flowers and gifts during
my recent illness. They were much
Peter Bixel.
Having decided to discontinue milking, I will sell
at public auction at my farm 2 miles east and 2’/2
miles south of Beaverdam
Friday, March 14
beginning at 1 p. m.
The following property:
18 Cattle—Consisting of fresh and close up heifers
and milk cows.
3 Hampshire bred gilts
300 bushels good heavy Vicklani seed oats
10 new Hudson stanchions installed complete
David Bradley rubber tire wagojt and new lumber
for 14 ft. bed.
15 SHEEP—14 Shropshire ewes, some with lambs
Shropshire ram.
140 White Rock hens in excellent production^
bushels Vickland oats 6
50 bales good wheat strav
set up some wire fence
varpet, good as new oct
Terms—Cash I
Gerald Spallinger
Thrapp & Warren, Aucts.
Willard Jennings, Clerk.
(Further information next week/— Watch for our
California, will offer at public s$e at his farm milesi
southwest of Beaverdam just off Dixie highway on what
is known as the Ira LaRue farm
Wednesday, March 12th
Beginning at 10:30 A. M.
The following property:
7 CATTLE—Guemsey-Brown-Swiss cow 6 years old,
fresh by sale day Red cow corping with 4th calf, fresh by
sale day Holstein-Jersey cow to be fresh in May with 4th
calf Jersey cow coming with 2nd calf Jersey heifer com
ing 2 years old, not bred Jersey heifer coming 2 years old,
fresh in spring Jersey bull coming 2 years old.
43 HOGS—3 Spotted Poland China sows, one regis
tered with papers 8 gilts, some with pigs and some to far
raw by day of sale registered Spotted male hog coming 2
years old, a good one 2 good young male hogs, avg. 150
lbs. 29 shoats, avg. 60 to 190 lbs. Some of these are
fine gilts.
Massey-Harris 6 ft. Clipper Combine witlffpTdk-up at
tachment, good shape W. C. Allis Chalmers tractor on rub
ber in good condition, recently overhauled with new pis
tons, sleeves, rings and clutch, together with cultivators
and power lift Case 2-bottom 12-inch breaking plows in good
condition International tandem disc John Deere corn
binder with bundle carrier John Deere corn planter with
bean and fertilizer attachments Superior 10 hoe fertilizer
grain drill McCormick-Deering grain binder, 7-ft. cut
McCormick Big-4 mowing machine Oliver walking plow
single row 2-horse riding Cultivator walking cultivator
spring tooth harrow steel harrow single shovel plow
rubber tire wagon John Deere manure spreader Osborn
hay tedder oil tank heater 75 gallon butcher’s kettle, in
good shape 3 iron kettles lard press No. 12 DeLaval
cream separator spades, shovels, forks, post augers, hay
slings and ropes, cow chains, wrenches, carpenter tools,
platform scales, buzz saw,
3 good hog houses, 7
brooder house, 12 by 12
several good hog troughs
and hood netting, all in
box, 3 by 4 by 6 ft. 85 ga
feeder 5 gal. hand spray*
collars 36 ft. extension la
bricks new all metal graq
set up.
1937 Chevrolet Sedi
good tires.
Good Copper-clad co
piece dining room suite v
piece parlor suite, good co
el radio Eureka sweepe
9 by 12 rug bedroom sui
stoves 160 cans fruit
carpet, good as new occi
Every Load Insured
Blufftop, Ohio
rm and going to
nd many other articles.
by 8 ft. 2 other hog houses
brooder house, 10 by 12 ft.
chicken feeders set bee gloves
od condition metal lined feed
hog fountain 30 bu. metal hog
new »good set harness, with
der 4,000 to 6,000 good paving
ry, 1,000 bushel capacity, never
n completely overhauled with
bushels good corn in crib 100
3 12 tons good light mixed hay
5 bushels cleaned timothy seed,
orn sheller hand potato duster,
isional chair 6 gal. good fresh
1 or wood enameled range 9
ith upholstered chairs, good 2
dition Philco cabinet floor mod
occasional stand end table
e, excellent condition 2 coal oil
lass churn Bigelow 10 by 20
lional chair.
LaRUE, Owner
Col. Ross Downing, Auct. Olan LaRue, Clerk
Ladies of Beaverdam W. S. C. S. to furnish dinner.

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