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Margarine Will Be
manufacture and sale of colored
margarine in Ohio.
If the measure
lawmakers, color
the factory, and
longer will have
it in its blushed white color,I
131 Cherrv Street
Robert Comer Rites
Yellow If Bill Passes Held At Mt. Cory
Housewives who for years have I day in Mt cory for Robert O. Com
labored in their kitchens to add color! er 7g, retire(j farmer and village
to oleomargarine which must be pur-1 reasurer of Mt. Cory, who died last
chased from grocers in the drab IThursday in Lima Memorial hospital
white prescribed by law, may get a|of carcjnOma.
break from Ohio Senate Bill No. 51,1 Officiating at the rites was Rev.
introduced in the state legislature! A Seth Lenhart, pastor of the Mt.
for the purpose of permitting the|Cory Methodist church.
Funeral services were held Sun-
A lifelong resident of Hancock
county, Comer is survived by his
is passed by state! wife, the former Zoa Vickers, and
will be added atl one son, Alton Comer, of Kansas
the purchaser nol City.
to choose between!
Findlay Bu»ine8S
or putting in a lot uf time mixing! IP*
in the coloring which gives it a morel BlOCK tilt tly IT
appetizing appearance.
The problem of adding color lol Fi™U«y. buainew, dirtrict
margarine is considerably more|f,r' *u,,ed two and did ex
pronounced now than in pre.war| tensive damage to half a block an
days, because the high cost of butter early-morning conflagration that rag
has put that product beyond Marly six hours before be.ng
reach of many families. I brought under control, last Wednes-
Witt butter virtually pricing itself letel tted in the fire were
out of the market, oleo offers an ac-K^^ ied Muir
eeptable and wholesome substttuteL anJ Cut price shoe
at a price that consumers can betterK wi]| unaWe t0
afford to pay.
I ..
Discriminatory legislation against! months.
oleomargarine indirectly tends to I Extensive damage also was suf
restrict the sale of products into! fered by the Kessel Dress shop, ^th
which goes vegetable oil from thel^e greatest loss suffered in the rear
huge Ohio crops of soy beans and! of the business place. The Gallaher
corn, it was pointed out. I i)rU(, store which was damaged prin-
It is charged that the requirement! cipall y by smoke reopened after two
that oleomargarine had to be bleach-|days of redecorating and refitting,
ed to be sold in Ohio is based ^n
the premise that it thereby protected! ces in the business block
the dairy interests, the milk from ling in other quarters.
whose cows produce butter. I The fire was discovered
in present locations for many
However, the new bill cannot inland it was after 10 a.
any sense be termed an anti-farm I firemen had it under control. Loca
measure, for oleomargarine is madeltion of the fire was in the block im
from vegetable oils, pasteurized,I mediately south of the court house,
skimmed milk and fortified with]
Vitamin A. Margarine is as much
a farm product as butter, a break
down of its components will show,
advocates of the bill declare.
Turkeys sometimes are infected by I
swine erysipelas, and the death rate!
for the sick birds has been about
100 per cent U. S. Dept, of Agri
culture scientists found in 1946 that
90 per cent of the infected turkeys
could be saved by injecting peni
cillin into their wattles.
Many tenants in second floor offi
are locat-
at 4 a. m.
m. before
In Memoriam
In loving memory of our
mother Mrs. Alice Herr, who passed
away, one year ago, March 21, 1946:
She always leaned to watch for
Anxious if we were late,
In winter by the window,
In summer by the gate.
And though we mocked her tenderly
Who had such foolish care,
The long way home would seem more
Because she waited there.
Her thoughts were all so full of us
She never could forget!
And so I think that where she is
She must be watching yet.
Waiting till we come home to her
Anxious if we are late—
Watching from Heaven’s window,
Leaning from Heaven’s gate. u
The Children.
News want ads bring results.
We promise you’ll be glad, because you’ll get a great
car 1. with your choice of tiro fine engines the
V-8 or Six! Only Ford gives you that power-choice!
And l|ord “Rest-ride” springing X-type frame
g-size” hydraulic brakes.
Two Traffic Mishaps
On Beaverdam Streets
Slippery highways last Saturday
were blamed for two highway acci
dents in Beaverdam in which a To
ledo man and his wife were the only
persons injured.
Earl R. Wells, 21, suffered chest
injuries and lacerations and his wife,
Eherlyss, a 'back injury, when their
car skidded into the path of a
Greyhound bus at the intersection of
Route 30-N and 25, at the east edge
of Beaverdam. Both were treated at
Lima Memorial hospital.
A few minutes earlier a truck
driven by Minard Cross, Selma, Ind.,
skidded at the stop light in Beaver
dam and crashed into the side of a
grocery store operated by Robert
Snodgrass. Cross escaped injury.
John Romey On Bar
Assn, Committee
John H. Romey, Lima attorney,
and son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Romey, of South Main street, was
named to the entertainment commit
tee of the Allen County Bar asso
ciation in completion of the organi
zation's roster for the coming year.
John L. Cable is president of the
Richland Center
Miss Betty Matter of Ft. Wayne
spent a few days at the home of her
uncle, Earl Matter and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gratz, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest*Gratz and Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Core and family were Sun
day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Boegli.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Schaublin
called Saturday evening on Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Wingate of Lima.
Mrs. Charles Friedley of Lima is
staying a few days with her mother,
I Mrs. Sam Kohler and daughter.
i Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Dailey spent
last Monday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Gratz.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grant and
sons were Sunday dinner guests of
Mrs. J. I. Luginbuhl and Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Luginbuhl and son.
Mrs. Harry Clouser and Mrs. Otto
Rebuilt Sweepers
Table Radios
Carl Mum ma
122 North Main
There’s no place
like home for
Ford Service.
We Ford Dealers
know your Ford
best. We have
more mechanics,
more parts on hand that
means immediate service that’s
thriftier because it’s faster. When
you drive in under the blue sign
of Genuine Ford Service, you get:
1. Ford-trained mechanics.
2. Specialized equipment.
3. Genuine Ford Parts ... made
right, to fit right and last longer.
4. Factory-approved service
Make us your service head
quarters safeguard your
present car by always getting
Genuine Ford Service!
Telephone 172-W Bluffton, Ohio
The local solicitation drive is be
ing carried on to friends and alumni
of the college in the Lima area. A
luncheon was held on last Saturday
at} the Dining Room of the Barr Ho
tel for the committee and workers.
The committee consists of Martin
Winemiller, R. R. Schryer, Mrs.
James Mikesell, Mrs. Zalia Harbaugh,
and Mrs. Verna Rouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hilty spent
Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Schaublin.
Miss Mary Gratz spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Core
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Gratz and
daughter Sharon and Miss Janet
Young spent Saturday evening
the Earl Matter home.
Bluffton Co lege Notes
Lincoln Hall will hold open house
Amstutz spent Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. Ernest Gratz. Evening
callers were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Coon.
Cpl. Ray Luginbuhl of Denver,
Colo., and his mother, Mrs. Herbert
Luginbuhl of Washington, D. C., and
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coon and
daughter' of Columbus are spending
a few days this week with Mrs. J. I.
Luginbuhl and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Luginbuhl and son.
Mrs. Mabel Jennings and son
Rodney spent Saturday evening with
.Mrs- Pearl Gratz.
public auction at my resi
on Route 30-N,
13 Head Cattle—Sor
production 6 Jerseys, on
ling- heifers.
Farm Machinery—F
tractor plow in good shap
spreader, corn planter, coi
Ohio hay loader, spring ti
arator, electric fence char
Fairbanks platform scale
Some household gooc
ous to mention.
Plymouth 1937 cou]
Wm. Amstutz & Leonard
Chas, and Wm. Teegarderl Clerks
on Saturday evening.
Pleasant Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Faze called
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Sunday
Lyman Barnes is a patient in the
Lima Memorial hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huber and
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jennings called
on Mrs. Maurice Bell at Bluffton
hospital, Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koenig were
Sunday afternoon callers of Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson McBain.
al ON
A leal paint—not mixed w
Comes ready to use. Produ
The Student Recital, which was
scheduled for March 18, has been
changed to the evening of March 25.
Dr. (Ernest Miller, president of Go
shen College, will speak and show
some pictures which he took on a
European trip last summer, at the
Vesper Service next Sunday after
noon at the college chape! at 3:00.
Jorg’s Better Bred Started Chicks
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Basinger and
daughter Carolyn called Sunday
afternoon on Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Mc
The Victory Class of Pleasant Hill
church will meet with Mr. and Mrs.
Mark Andrews, Friday evening.
Mrs. Minnie Smith, Howard Smith
and son Tommy called on Mrs. Lillie
Fett and Miss Nellie Huber, Sunday
Kenneth Gleason of Portland, Ind.,
was a Sunday dinner guest at the
C. M. Gleason home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gleason called
on Mr. and Mrs. Don Gleason, Sun
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Orvin Wirt enter
tained with a family dinner Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wirt, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Furguson, Mr. and Mrs.
Larry Diers and family.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marquart and
family have moved on the Dennis
Brauen farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Berdell Huber and
daughter Anita were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell
Huber and son Dale.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Huber and
son Darrell Lee were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Eyers
of Kalida.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Badertscher
called on Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zim-
Jorg Hatchery, you no doubt
have read,
Sells chicks they claim are bet
ter bred.
Broilers with large breasts
and legs
And pullets that lay a lot of
So just come in and choose
your breed
And take a sack of Conky’s feed.
Our chicks will prove what
we have said
That they are really better bred.
e 182-W
Owing to the death
my husband I am selling at
lence, miles west of Cairo
March 21
at 1:00 P. M.
Beg innin
The ‘following proper!
fresh in spring, some in full
fresh with calf by side 2 year-
rd son tractor, Oliver 12 inch
6 ft. mower, Champion manure
i plow, McCormick grain binder,
oth harrow, DeLaval cream sep
fer, corn shelter, 8 burr grinder,
and other articles too numer-
good shape, motor recently
Lena Ijccgardcn, Owner
Gratz, Auctioneers
Made with OIL
th water. Popular pastel colors,
es a smooth, flat, glareless finish.
Greding Hardware
A# Pfr/J
merman and family, Sunday
Carolyn Basinger spent Monday
afternoon with Nancy Andrews.
Stradivarius Violins
The earliest violins known to have
been made by Antonio Stradivarius
are inscribed Antonius Stradiuari
us Cermonensis Alumnus Nicolai
Amati, Faciebat Anno (the date),
followed by the Maltese cross and
the initials A. S. enclosed within
a double circle. On later instru?
meats “Fecit’* appears instead of
“Faciebat” and his name is spelled
“Stradivarius,” the change from u
to v having been made about 1730.
There Have been so many excellent
imitations of the genuine Stradiva
rius that the expert knowledge of a
connoisseur is required to deter
mine the authenticity of an instru
ment after careful examination.
with SUPERIOR Aluminum Trim
hire, heat, and cold.
Bluffton, Ohio
235 W. College Avenue Phone 165-W
All types of Metal Trim Now Available
making right
able Kodak Film
low box—the film that gets
the picture. Then eend u»
the exposed rolls /or expert
developing and ting.
the yel-
Real Estate Broker
In 6 ft. and 9 ft. w Jths?
Attractive rugs—al' sizes
See our Tile Wall Covering
Basinger’s Furniture Suu
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The Bolens-HUSKI
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izing, discing or harrowing, spraying, mowing and
other jobs around your farm quickly, easily, at
Lower Cost.
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John Deere Quality Implements & Service
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