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Perhaps it’s a preview of Indian
summer—or a hangover from that
perfect weather they usually have
for the Ottawa fair anyway it
conserves scarce coal and from indi
cations this week there’s some im
provement in the coal situation which
makes us happy and leaves begin
ning to turn after last week’s freeze
■which rang down the curtain for the
corn crop—hope it will not be too
bad and primary voting day,
Tuesday, causing barely a ripple of
interest altho it's as important as
any election in a generation with
world affairs as they are and con
gress faced with major decisions in
policy the comparatively few who
went o the polls had a grave
responsibility on their shoulders—
hope they made the best choices pos
sible because we need our first team
material down in Washington now
and here comes Columbus day
Sunday the 12th—we’ve always thot
how lucky it was that Christopher
a day late—what if he had
Willis Crawford
Alvin Heldman
Complete Modern Sales
Phone Bluffton 597-T or
Findlay 1853-W.
discovered us on the 13th—that
would have been a bad start to say
the least and it’s Fire Prevention,
week which is a pointed reminder
that it’s high time to get things
shipshape for winter and the high
school band looking good at Friday
night football games down on Har
mon field—makes us wish we were
back in high school tooting a horn.
Altho it was nearly 50 years since
he left the teaching profession, tri
butes to his memory from many of
his former school pupils and gradu
ates were significant in the passing
of B. F. Biery, publisher of the
Bluffton News. The bond between
teacher and pupil which remained
over a half-century was always with
him a pleasant memory and char
acteristic of the old school of educa
One of his most prized momentos
was the large picture of all the
classes in the Bluffton schools taken
in 1897 when he was superintendent.
The picture has hung for many years
on the wall opposite his desk in the
News office.
He brought with him into the pub
lishing business many of the ideals
of the teaching profession and was
one of the last of the group of men
who were active in Bluffton civic
and business affairs at the turn of
the century when the town experi
enced its first notable growth.
Those were tne days when Bluffton
college opened its doors and sparked
by unexpected income from the oil
boom, business expended and Bluff
ton began to enjoy some of the lux
urious and comforts unknown to the
earlier generation telephones and
electric lights and a city water sys
tem made their appearance and there
was the infant cream separator in
dustry fast outgrowing its swaddling
clothes also not forgotten were the
A&P' s wonderful new Jane Parker Bread
will make you say, “1 never knew bread could
taste so good." We've added extra sugar for
more energy... more delicious flavor. We’ve
added extra milk for finer texture.
.We’ve added extra shortening for crisper
crusts richer, better eating every way.
A&P’s master pastry chefs—the same pastry
experts who bake the famous line of Jane
cultural aspects and the lyceum lec
ture and music course was introduced
and underwritten by this group of
civic minded men who were interested
in bringing the better things of life
and living to the community.
Boys will be boys and what you
heard about an hour after midnight
Monday was recorded music coming
from the amplifying system in the
College tower which some prankish
collegians may have intended for a
lullaby. How-ever, instead of soothing,
it aroused some light sleepers who
apparently couldn’t see the humor in
the affair. All of which reminds us
of an observation made by President
Stevenson of Oberlin last spring in a
similar situation that “We can usual
ly expect these things about the time
the sap starts to run.”
The frost evidently didn’t catch all
of the corn before maturity. Two
ears of fine popcorn grown by Grover
Devier are attracting much attention
in the Bluffton News window. Grover
has a really fine patch of popcorn
this year.
John Garlinger has a sportsman’s
code of his own which a lot of other
hunters might well adopt. John went
out during the squirrel season, just
past, and brought down 15 of them
—just enough to provide meat .for
his table needs, instead of trying for
a record kill and resultant waste of
food. Also John didn’t go out on Sat
urday—he said that day should be
left for the fellows who worked and
couldn’t get out on the other days
of the week. Sounds to us like a
pretty practical and workable pro
gram for any sportsman.
Well, well, it’s all kinds of hitch
hikers one sees on the highway now
adays—and the latest was none other
than Judge Walter Jackson of Lima,
presiding jurist of the third district
court of appeals who thumbed a ride
to Findlay last Friday night when
the brakes of his car became over
heated several miles beyond Bluffton.
The judge was enroute to Findlay
to fill a speaking engagement, and
time was growing short so the judge
who has a persuasive manner, suc
ceeded in getting a ride just in time
to make his speech.
Pleasant Hill
Attendance at Sunday School, 48
collection, $10.76. A lady from
Persia gave an interesting talk on
living conditions and customs of
that country. The trustees will hold
a meeting at the church Wednesday
The W. S. C. S. and their fami
lies will have their meeting at the
community house Friday evening.
Covered dish supper. All members
are urged to come for special busi
ness this quarter.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Younkman of
Harrod, called on Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Phillips Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Winegardner
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs Guy Younkman.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Huber and
Darrell Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis
Vandemark and family were Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. K.
K .Huber.
Mrs. Lucille Hauenstein, daughter
Jeanine spent Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. Idonna Huber.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Stines of
Lima, Mrs. Marilyn Reams and son
Bobby of Ada were callers last week
of Mrs. C. M. Gleason.
Those who called at the Orton
Stratton home Sunday afternoon:
Mr., and Mrs. Harley Peifer, Mrs.
Carrie Stratton /laughter Marilyn,
Parker Cakes, Pies and Cookies—have
given you a loaf that tastes more delicious
stays fresh longer. It’s rushed straight
from Jane Parker ovens to your A&P so
you may enjoy it al its line, fresh best. Jane
Parker Bread is guaranteed fresh daily, too
.. .see the date on the wrapper. Every house
wife knows how important absolute freshness
is, for when freshness lades, flavor fades.
Mrs. Kathryn Bell and daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Zimmerman
are the parents of a baby -girl born
last Thursday at the Bluffton hos
Mr and Mrs. Ray Blosser and
family called at the home of Mr.
and Mrs Frank Miller in Lima Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Burdell Huber and
Anita were Sunday afternon callers
of Mrs. Clara Niswander and Mrs.
Sarah Niswander.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huber and
daughter Mae and son Edgar were
Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Jane
Rayl of Ada.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson McBain were
Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Koenig, Botkins, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fleming,
Lafayette, entertained with a fam
ily dinner Sunday, their children,
grandchildren and great grandchild
ren. Those present enjoying the
day with them were Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Fleming and granddaughter
Mary Gatchell, Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Fleming, son David, LaFayette, Mr.
and Mrs. W. C. Binkley and son
Charles of Ada, Mr. and Mrs. Chest
er Binkley, children Jimmy and Ja
net, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stough and
son Joe of Ada, Miss Pauline Bink
ley and friend of Lima, Verly Flem
ing of Lakeview, Joe Fleming, child
ren Tommy and Nancy, Mrs. Walt
Gillette, (laughters Judy and Pam,
Mrs. Robert Klopp, sons Mike and
Dan, Mr. aryl Mrs. Avery Watt and
son Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Swartz, daughter Sharol, Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin Watt, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Watt, all of Lima, Mr. and
Mrs. Willard Jennings and son Rod
ney, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Jennings
and sons Larry and Tommy.
News Want Ads get results.
In the Ctfnmcm Pl Court Allen
.n action
Margaret Hoffman of
bus Grove. Ohio,
qualified as Executri
liam J. C. Hoffmar
Ohio, deceased.
Statement of the
editorship, circulatioi
News, published wee
quired by Act of Con
Getties, R. L. Trij
Getties. Roberta Biei
Bluffton, Ohio.
Ralph Tal-
Tallant, whose place
nBvn, will 'cake notice
'endant, Ra.
ajrainat hit
three years. Said eaui
on and after six wee*
By I, B. Steele. Her
for divorce on the
■nee for more than
will be for hearinjr
from the date of the
1 y of November,
and after the
Allen County, sb.
Estate of William
C. Hoffman, Deceased.
R. D. No. 3, Colum
been appointed and
of the estate of Wil
late of Allan County,
of September, 1947.
P. Smith
Dated this 24th dt
Raymor 1
Probate Judgre
■nership. management,
site., of The Bluffton
at Bluffton. Ohio re­
Publisher—The I
& Printing Co.,
-y. BlufftoJ Ohio:
Biery, Bgiffton,
August 24. 1912.
News Publishing
Ohio Editor—
Managing Editor
A, Biery,
F. Bie|
__ Leona
Etta Biery.
r, Beverly Biery, all of
Bondholders, mortasyes and other security
holders, none.
The average number of copies of each
issue of this publication sold or distributed,
through 'the mails |or otherwise, to paid
subscribers during t*e twelve months pre
ceding the date show* is 2,150.
kC. A. BIERY, Editor
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd
day of October, 1947.1
LELAND piLLER. Notary Public
THURSDAY, OCT. 9, 1947
In the Common Pleas Court of Allen County,
Case No. 37809.1
Lucille L. Sos, an infant by Rose Flana
gan, her next friend, plaintiff, vs. Charlie
Sos. defendant.
The defendant, Charlie Sos.- whose place
of residence is Mallory. Logan (County. West
Virginia, will take notice that Lucille L.
Sos, an infant by Rose Flanagan, her next
friend, has filed in said cofrt an action
against him for divorce on tie grounds of
gross neglect of duty and eireme cruelty,
for restoration of her maiden name and
equitable relief. Said cause wifi be for hear
ing on and after six weeks frptn the date of
the first publication of this (notice, to-vrit:
on and after the 24th day of October, 1947.
Lucille L. Sos, an infant by/Rose Flanagan,
her next friend.
By I. B. Steele, her attomeyi 26
Complete line of evergreens.
Roses, shrubs, fruit and shade
trees after October 25th.
LOCATION—5% miles west of
Gratz Crossing.
Salesroom well lighted in
Willard Cheery, Prop.
Phone: Cairo 3517
Route 2, Columbus Grove, Ohio
We repair and clears all makes bl furnaces. Best
materials—trained workmen. All costs based otj
actual materials used and labor, Phone us now.
"Rest of all—plenty
of heat"
"The Williamson Heater Company
1 want to say that my Williamson Tripl-ifd
Furnace is satisfactory in every way. The heat
control and the automatic water system keep the
air fresh—best of all we have plenty of good
heat. 1 think Williamson is the last word in
made by
The Herzog Lime and Stone Co.
Forest, Ohio
First Annual Fall Consignment Sale
of the
Lima Area Ayrshire Club
October 16, 1947 -1:30 P. M.
to be held at the home of Carlton Emerick l1/4 miles
southwest of Beaverdam, just off U. S. 25, on what is
known as the Ira Larue farm.
45 Head Registered Ayrshires 45
This offering consists of 45 head of outstanding animals selected
especially for this breed promotional event by the Sale Committee.
And are absolutely not the cast-offs of any herd.
There are many outstanding springing cows and bred heifers
also open heifers and heifer calves.
Several heifer calves that will make top 4H calves.
3 Preferred Pedigreed Bulls 3
Each sired by an approved sire and out of a dam with a record
of over 400 pounds B. F.
Lunch served by ladies of West Point M. E. church.
For catalogue contact: CARLTON L. EMERICK, Sec.
Lima Area Ayrshire Club. Route No. 5, Lima, Ohio
This sale under the managmeenf of The Ohio Ayrshire Sales Service.
Pedigrees: Frank Dicke, S$c., Ohio Ayrshire Breeders Assn.
Good for
gF 1
Signed—Wm. Riedel, Ohio
Monthly Payments To Salt
133 South Main St.
Phone 225-W
Delivered and Spread by fkl#
Russell Amstutz Harold Markhall
Phone 533-T
Order now for early Fall Delivery
Save the Coupon
in every 100-lb. bag of
Feed lour layers STATE PILOT Egg
Feeds *nd use th* coupons packed in
every W0-lb. bag th* same as cash for
your 1W8 baby chicks. Get this extra
“bonus’'‘as well as helping your hens
pay big egg profits.
for EGGS
Help your hens produce at
their peak capacity *t low
cost by feeding STATE
PILOT Egg Feeds. The
plan is practical, economi
cal and profitable. Start
oeding the STATE PILOT
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.■ FIFOS n.
Bluffton and Pandora
GO” Good Poultrymen Khoy!

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