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THURSDAY, OCT. 9, 1947
’reposing *o amend Article VHI of the
^•Htution of the rftaU of Ohio to
provide for the payment of compensa
tion by the state of Ohio to ite resi-
Tho •h“U ba'* served in the
armed forces of the XJnited States in
'Yar or ,fli their survivors,
ru. bonds of the state of
Ohio to provide the funds therefor.
& tk* General Assembly of
th* State of Ohio, throe fifths of the mem
bers elected to each heuse thereof concur
therein, 7 bat there shall be sub
mitted to the dectore bi the state of Ohio,
tn the manner prescribed by law, at the
general election to be held on the first
Tuesday after the first Monday in Novem
vifr19l?,La Proposrton to amend Article
VIII of the Constitution rf the state of
“7 adding thereto immediately after
section 2a of said Article a new section
as follows:
2b. The board of commissioners created
y section 8 of Article VIII ot the Consti
ution of the state of Ohio, designated
bermn Ihe Commissioners of the Sinking
forthwith upon the adoption
this amendment, proceed to issue and sell,
rom Ume to time, bonds of the state of
Jtuo in such amounts of face value as it
uay deem neressary to provide the funds,
•r such part thereof, as may be required to
•ay the compensation and the expenses of
idministenng this fiectioa as herein pro
prov,ded' however, that the aggro
pate total amount of face value of bonds so
n^a11 n?3, exSeccf three hundred mil
lion dollars. The full faith and credit of
rhe state of Ohio is hereby pledged for the
payment of such bonds. All bonds so issued
.Bhail mature thirty semi-annual install
ments after the respective dates thereof, and
the maturities thereof shall be so fixed that
lithe total amounts of payments on account
Inf principal and interest to be paid on each
ot such semi annual installment payment
nates shall be approximately equal, but no
such bonds shall be issued or bear dates
later than the first Uay of April. 1951. All
bonds so issued shall bear interest at such
rotes as The Commissioners erf the Sinking
Fund may fix. whibh interest shall be pay
able semi annually. Such bonds, and the
interest thereon as income, shall be exempt
from all taxes levifca by the state of Ohio
or any taxing district thereof. The bonds
may, at the optic* of the Sinking Fund
Commission, be issued subject to call on anv
interest payment date at par and accrued
interact AU sales of such bonds by The
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund shall be
in accordance with such regulations as it
shall make and promulgate, provided, how
cwt, that such bonds shall be sold only to
the highest bidder gr bidders therefor after
notice of such sale shall have been published
once each week for three consecutive weeks
on the same day of each of such weeks, the
first of such notices being published at least
twenty-one full day* before the date of sale,
a newspaper of general circul tion in each
of the eight most populous counties in the
yh'01. anf provided that each of such
published notices shall state the day, hour
pface °f the sale, the total face value of
tile bonds to be sold, their denominations,
dates, and the date* of their maturities, in
formation relative .» the rates of interest
which the bonds will bear, and the dates upon
which interest will be payable. The Com
missioners of the Sinking Fund shall have
the right to reject any or all bids and to ro
advertise and re-offer bonds for sale. Out of
the proceeds of the sale of al) bonds that
amount which represents accrued interest, if
any, shall be paid into the treasury of the
•fate of Ohio into a fund to be known as
the World War II Compensation Bond Re
tirement Fund. The balance shall be paid
into the treasury ot the state of Ohio into a
fund to be known as the World War II
Compensation Fund. The Geneial Assembly
of the state of Ohio may appropriate ana
cause to be paid lito the World War II
Compensation Bond Retirement Fund or the
World War II Compensation Fund, out of
the funds in the treasury of the state not
otherwise appropriated, such amount) as it
may deem proper for use upon order of The
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund for the
mrposes for which sgch funds are created as
herein provided. If the General Assembly
should so appropriate any funds to the
World War II Compensation Fund prior to
the time The Commissioners of the Sinking
Fund shall have issued bond* of the aggre
gate total amount of face value authorized
in this section, the aggregate total amount
of face value of bonds so authorized to be
issued shall be reduced by the amount of the
funds so anpropriatti
During the period of fifteen rears begin
ning January 1, 1949 the treasurer of state
of the state of Ohio shall, without appropria
tion thereof by the General Assembly, trans
fer into said World War II Compensation
Bond Retirement Fund one million dollars
each month out of fu*ds in the state treas
ury derived from taxes levied by the state
for the purpose of proSiding revenues to de
fro the expenses of the state, excepting the
taxes levied by the state by sections 5527,
5541, and 6291 ot the Gener.’ Code of Ohio
as the same may be tn effect on the effective
date of this section. To secure such monthly
transfer of funds a li-r is hereby created up
on all funds coming into the state treasury
after January 1, 1949. derived from taxes
as aforesaid, which lien shall be the first and
best lien upon all such funds. It shall
be the duty of the treasurer of state to set
aside and use for the purpose of making
such monthly transfer ot funds, part of
each dollar received in the state treasury
in each calendar year during said period of
fifteen years beginning January 1. 1949, de
rived from taxes as aforesaid, so that the
total amount of money so set aside each
of such calendar years shall be twelve million
dollars, and so that tfie ratio which the
amount ot each dollar so set aside shall bear
to one dollar shall be the same as the ratio
which the amount ot twelve million dollars
shall bear to the total amount ot money re
ceived in the state treasury tn such calendar
years derived from taxes as aforesaid. The
treasurer ot state shall »et aside such part
of each such dollar befAre paying out. trans
owinjany other manner,
rtiyWiarf thereof for any
iwsdever.jand he shall make
idlnilljon dollar- each month
r“I Compensation Bond Re
■rteretnabqve provided for.
ot twelve, million dollars so
fernng, or disnosl
such dollar or i
other purpose whi
the transfer of on*
to the World VAn
tirement FurfeN.
out of said sum c_
set aside in each of such calendar /ears.
The Commissioners of jhe Sinking Fund
sha.l, on or before the firjt day of July
each calendar year, levy and certify to the
auditor of the state ot Olio a state tax on
all taxable property subject to taxation on
the general tax lists of al counties tn the
state ot Ohio for such ygar at such rate
as it shall determine to be Necessary to pro
vide. together with other tioney which will
be available in the World War II Compen
sation Bono Retirement Fund, the total
amount of funds which wig be required in
the next following calendar (year for the re
tirement of bonds and the payment of interest
payable in such year. Such’levy shall be in
addition to all other taxes) levied now or
hereafter within the period during which
bonds issued p- rsuant to tfie provisions of
this section shall be outstanding by or pur
suant to law or any provision ot the Consti
tution of the state of Ohio, and sbal' not be
considered in applying any ikuitation or ag
gregate tax rates now or tit
the period during which bort
suant to the provisions of thj
be outstanding, provided by
law or any provision of the
the state of Ohio. The audits
certify such levies to the a^
county in the state of Ohio, who shall ex
tend the same on the tax lists of his county
for the year which such levy
shall place same for collection
duplicates ot his county to tie
the same time and in the sagx
other taxes on such duplicates
herein authenxed. when collect
pai I into the World War II
3ood Retirement Fund iu tbq
the state The World War II
Bond Retirement Fund shall
{without appropriation thereof
jerai Assembly of Ohio, upon jthe
Said taxes
ted. shall be
treasury of
be paid out,
by the Gen
order of
jpiatiC Fond
And be sure
brick. Truer in
tor the purpose of the payment, or retire
ment in other manner, of said bonds and
interest thereon.
The World War II Compensation Fund
shall be paid out upon order c| The Cotn
iiiission€rs of the Sinking Fund, without ap
propriation by the General Assembly of
Ohio, in payment of the expenses rf admin
istering this section, and as coaipensation as
follows: every person who sba$ have served
in active duty in the armed forces erf the
United States at any time between Decem
ber 7, 1941. and September,2, 1945, both
dates inclusive, and who, rt the time of'
commencing such service, was and had been a
resident of the state of Ohio for at least
one year immediately preceding the cotn~
mencement of such service, and who shall
have been separated from srfch service under
honorable conditions, or who is stiff in such
service, or who bas been retired, and who
was in such service fcr a period of at least
ninet days, shall be entitled to receive
compensation of ten dollars for each month
during which such person was in active
domestic service and fifteen dollars for each
month during which sueffi person was in
active foreign service witfcin said period erf
time provided, however, that any person
who was serving in active duty in the armed
forces of the United States on the seventh
day of December, 1941, gnd who did not so
serve at least ninety days thereafter because
of a service-connected iqjurv or death shall
be deemed to have served at least nirety days
within the period of time commencing Decem
ber 7. 1941 and ending ■September 2, 1945
and provided, turther, that the maximum
amount of compensation payable under this
section shall not be in excess of four hun
dred dollars and provid»d, further, that no
compensation shall be paid under this sec
tion to any person who shall have received
from another state a bonus or compensation
of a like nature as is provided under this
section. No compensation shall be paid under
this section to any peison for any periods
of time spent under pfnal confinement dur
ing the period of activd duty. Compensation
a fraction of a moath of service shall be
paid on the basis of onf-thirtieth of the above
monthly amounts for Ach day of such serv
1?’. Sotyice in the merchant marine of the
United States shall got be considered for
the purpose of this section. “Domestic
service' as used hereift means service within
the continental limits of the United States
(excluding Alaska), i “Foreign service” as
used herein means service in all other places,
including sea duty. I
Either the surviving husband or wife, or
th surviving child A children, or the sur
viving parents or patent, of a deceased per
son shall be paid thf same amount of com
pensation that such {deceased person would
be entitled to receivp under this section, if
ceased pe*
and tn lin
ever, that if such de
was service-connected
ii* survivors as herein
1 be paid four hundred
he amount of compen
eased per would be
ier this section, if liv
that the amount of
to such survivors of
sucd aeceasea person shall be payable only
to one of the three groups of survivors here
inbefore designate^ in the order in which
said groups are hertin named: and provided
further, that the surviving husband or wife
of more than one diceased person who would
be entitled to receive compensation under
this section, if living, shall be paid only
that amount of Compensation payable by
reason of the firs] of the death* of such
deceased persons. I
No sale or assrtnment of any right or
claim to compensation under this section shall
be valid, no claim* of creditors shall be en
forceable against rights or claims to or pay
ments of compensation under this section,
and no fees shall he charged for services in
connection with th* prosecution of any right
or claim to comperfcation or the collection of
anycompensation Under this section. 1
under this section shall
The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund
shall have complete charge of making pay
ments of the compensation provided tor tn
this section and shall adopt and promulgate
regulations goveniine their procedure in
connection therewith, including determina
tions as to who ary proper beneficiaries and
amounts to which such benefictarie* are en
titled. determinaticps as to whether an appli
cant bas the necessary residence require
ments. and such other regulations as it may
deem necessary aric proper provided, how
ever. that all applications for payment of
compensation under this section shall be
made to The Commissioners of the Sinking
Fund before July 1, 1950.
The people of ffie state of Ohio declare
that their enactment of this special amend
ment of the Constitution of the state of Ohio
is tc meet the specific emergency covered
thereby, and they declare it to be their in
tention to in no manner affect or change any
of the existing provisions of the said Con
stitution except as) herein set forth. The
provisions erf this section shall be self
Upon the retirement of all ot the bond*
t' at may be tssuedj hereunder and the pay
ment of all valid -claims for compensation
made within the limitations of time as pre
scribed herein. The Commissioner* of the
Sinking Fund shall make a final feport to
the General Assembly of Cmio. feud any
balance remaining I in any rt fund*
herein created and reiejfredito shall be
dispose*, or as shall, be prowdMl by law.
Be it further resolved, fjprt at the election
h.rein designated far the submission of this
amendment to the electors of the state of
Ohio, the same shal| be placed on the official
ballot in the manner prescribed by law and
shall be designated jgs follows:________
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ToTamend Article VIII
of the Constitution of the
sta|e of Ohio to provide
the payment of com
pensation by the state of
Oh© to its residents who
I shall have served in the
arnjed forces of the
Un|fed States in World
Wat II. or to their sur
rivers, and to issue bonds
|he state of Ohio to
iro^ide the funds there-
•reafter within
ds issued per
js section shall
pr pursuant to
Constitution of
of state shall
bditor ot each
is made and
on the tax
collected at
e manner as
_______ tor.
And be it further! reso)ved~That the re
quired publication pt the said proposed
amendment shall be made and the form of
ballot to be used in slid election for the sub
mission thereof shall tie prepared by the sec
retary of state of th* state of Ohio in con
formity with the abowy provisions. If a ma
jority ot the electors voting on said amend
ment shall be declar® according to law. to
have voted tn favor thereof, the governor of
the state of Ohio shall make proclamation
thereof forthwith.
1. EDWARD I. HUMMEL, Secretary of
State of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the foregoing is' an exemplified copy,
carefully compared byj me with the original
now on file in my office and tn my official
custody as Secretary State and found to
be true and correct, pt a Joint Resolution
adopted by the Ninety-seventh General As
sembly of the State off Ohio, on the 4th day
of June. 194X and filed u the office of the
Secretary ot State on the 12th day of June.
1947, proposing to ansnd Article VIII, ot
the Constitution of the State of Ohio, by
adding a new section to be designated u
section 2b to provide,for the payment of
compensation by the *tate of Ohio to its
residents who shall have served in the armed
force* of the United States in World War
II, or to their survivor*, and to issue bonds
of the state erf Ohio to provide the funds
hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my
official seal at Columba*. Ohio, thia 5th day
of September, 1947
Secretary of State
With Brick
toi specify DUNBRICK, the super
formt higher in insulation value,
I _. _____
Proposing to amend section 8 of Article
VIII of the Constitution of the state of
Ohio to increase the ntinberjef mem
bers of the board styf
mlssioners of the Slnl
providing that the govd
nrer of state shall be tj
ta addition to the pres]
consisting of the audita
retary of state and atti
Be it resolved by the Gerf
the state of Okto, three-fl
ber elected to each hou
rir therein, that there
to the electors of the
the manner prescribed* by hw, at the
general election to be/held on the first
number of members
“The Commissioners
by providing that the
of state shall be me*
tion to the auditor,
state and attorney ge i
hereunto subscribed nrt
official seal at Cohjtn
day of September, IS#J
The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund
shall select ana appoint such legal counsel
and employees as pt may deem necessary,
fix their compensation and prescribe their
duties, and all such appointee* (haff serve
at its pleasure.
"The Com-
png Fund” by,
frnor and troaa
sembera thereof
but membership
ir of state, .ec
irney general.
real Assembly of
Etbs of the metn
hereof concur
ihall be submitted
itate of Ohio, in
Monday in Novem
to amend section
the Constitution of
tad as follows:
Tuesday after the first
ber, 1947, a propositio
8 ot Article VIII of
the state of Ohio to rt
irnor, treasurer of
iretary of state, and
by created a board
Section 8. The govj
state, auditor of state, srt
attorney general, are hef._,
of commissioners, to brt styled, "The Com
missioners of the Sinking Fund”.
If a majority of tl
the foregoing propose
the same it shall becoc
stitutioo of the state
section 8 of Article vlll of said Constitu’
tion shall thereupon befrepealed.
electors voting on
amendment adopt
a part of the Con
Ohio, and existing_
EDWARD J. HUMMEL Secretary of
State of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the foregoing is an exemplified copy,
carefully compared by me with the original
now on file in my o5 tx and in nr
custod. as Secretary
be true and correct, joint
adopted by the Nil ety-seventh
Assembly or the Stat
iay u« June, trit, «i.
the Secretary of Stat
Tune, 1947. propos
VIII, Section 8. of
Mee and in my official
E State and found to
*f a Joint Resolution
-ty-seventh General
Assembly of the Stat) ot Ohio, on the 12th
day of June, l?47
k aiffi filed in the office of
on the 18th day of
proposit i to amend Article
2, e Constitution of"the
State of Ohio, relat ve to increasing the
of the board styled
if the Sinking Fund”
jovernor and treasurer
ibers thereof in addi
if state, secretary of
w name and affixed my
fibus. Ohio, this Sth
ary oi State
Proposing to amen I section 7 of (article
Proposing to amei
IV and section 2 of article XVII of the
constitution relaf :tng to the term of
office and the
Judge of the pro!
Be it resolved bv t/,
the State of Ohio. ,three-fifths
__________ ___ _____
bers elected to ich House concurring
therein. That the) s
the electors of theasstate
i :ompensation of the
1 ate court.
il i General Assembly of
,1 of the mem-
shall be submitted to
on the first Tues-
day after the first' Monday in November.
1947. a proposal to amend section 7 of
article IV and seetion 2 of article XVII
of the constitution of the State of Ohio
tn read as low*
Sec. 7. There shfll be established in each
county, a probate cc.urt, which shall be a
court of record, opensat all times, and hoi den
by or judge, elected by the electors of the
znty. who shall fold his office for the
term of six years. Jane shall receive such
compensation as $all be provided by.
law. Whenever tenSper centum of the num-*
be: of elector* votiftg for governor at the
next preceding electmn in any county having
less than sixty tboasand population as de-i
tennined by the nert preceding federal cen
sus, shall petition tie judge of the court of
common pleas of aiy such county not less
than ninety days befbre any general election
for county officers, rhe judge of the court
of common pleas anal submit to the electors
of such county the question of comlming
the probate court with the court of common
pleas, and such courts shall be combined and
shall he known as tl© court of common pleas
in case a majority] of the electors voting
upon such question] vote in favor of such
combination. Noticj of such election shall
b- given in the s
election of county
be had in the sam
tion of such courts^ when once combined.
of such election shall
ne manner as for the
ifficers. Elections may
manner for the separa
si when once combined.
See. 2. The tftra of the office of the
Governor. Lieuten&t Governor, Attorney
General, Secretary *t State and Treasurer
of State shall be two years, and that of
the Auditor of St«e shall be four years.
T‘." term of offi.e a Judges of the Supreme
Court and Courts] of Appeals shall be
such even number ltd years not less than
sir (6) years as nfcy be prescribed by the
General Assembly land th of the Judges
ot the Common Plcis Court six (6) years
and of the Judgesi of the Probate Court,'
six (6) years, anq that of other Judges
sha,. be such even |umber of frear'
ceeding six (6) yea
by the General
office of the Justice!
even number of y
(4) years, as maj
General Assembly,
of all elective cou«
and school officers *1
of years not excee*
tt be so prescribe*
s as may
wears not ex-',
-'be prescribed
The/ term of
.Mflfll be such
Breeding four
be described by the
The terra of office
H, township, municipal
all be such even number
ling four (4) years as
And the General ,shall
power to so extend)existing terms of office
as to effect the purfose of Section I of this
Any vacancy wtdeb may occur tn any
elective state office] other than that of a
member of the Gfneral Assembly or of
Governor, shall be
the Governor until I disability
lied by appointment tr
is removed
or a successor elect and qualified. Every
such vacancy shall be fillet by election at
the first general ele tion for the office which
is vacant, that ecu i more than thirty (30)
days after the vaca cy shall have occurred.
The person elected i lall fill the office for the
unexpired term.
elective offices shall
pired term in such .manner as may be pre
scribed by law.
official ballot
Lil vacancies in other
be filled for the unex-
The above propos il shall be placed on the
1 in sui i form as the secretary
of state may preset ie. If the votes for the
proposal shall exce those against it, this
amendment shall ike effect and existing
7_ of_ artiq 1 IV and section 2 of
he constitution
article XVU of __________ ______theof
state of Ohio shn 1 be repeated and an
1. EDWARD I.1HUMMEL, Secretary of
State of the State! of Ohio, do hereby cer-.
tit* that the fonf
copy, carefully cd
original now on fil
official custody as]
found tc be true at
olution adopted by)
era! Assembly of
13th day of lund
office of the oecrei-.,
i of June. 19471 imposing to amend Arti-|
de IV. Section 71 and Article XVII. Sec-1
tion 2, ot the Co
Ohio, relative to 1
sat ion of the iudg
?oing is an exemplified
spared by me with the
th my office and in my
Secretary of State and
correct, of a Joint Res
the Ninety-seventh Gen
ie State of Ohio, on the
1947, and filed in the
try of State on the 18th
istitutioa of the State of!
1 rm of office and compen
of the probate court.
i my name and affixed my
Rumbus. Ohio, this Sth
cretary of Stats
hereunto subscribe*
official seal at
iday of September.
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Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Van Meter
and family spent Sunday with rela
tives in Belle Center.
Mr. and Mrs. William Cupp and
Marjorie were in Cleveland Sun
day to see Richard Cupp, who under
went an operation at Fairview Park
hospital, more than a week ago.
Richard is reported to be making a
satisfactory recovery and may be
home the latter of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Marshall,
Franklin Mayberry and John Mar
shall, students at OSU in Columbus,
all spent the week end at their homes
in this community.
Mr. and Mrs. John Burkholder are
spending several weeks in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stewart near
Bessemer, Pa.
Henry Wilson, a student at Ohio
State University was a week end
guest in the D. C. Campbell home.
Mr. Eli Steiner and Misses Bar
bara, Mary, and Leia Steiner
and Mrs. Harry Schumacher of Pan
dora and Miss Olga Steiner of In
dianapolis, Ind., were Saturday
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
W. E. Marshall went to Columbus
Sunday to spend the day in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnett. Mrs.
Marshall and grandson David, who
spent the week there, returned home
with him Sunday evening.
Mrs. Herbert Marshall was in Scio
Wednesday to address a group of
Federated Farm Women’s clubs. Mrs.
Marshall, who is president of the
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Ohio Federation, will preside at the
annual state meeting in Tiffin Wed
nesday of next week.
Miss Elizabeth Campbell left Mon
day for Cleveland where she will
spend several days with friends.
Mrs. William Risser and Mrs. Jesse
Lehman .of New London will arrive
here Thursday, to visit Mrs. Walter
Cupp and family, and attend a meet
ing of the Au Revoir Club to be held
in the home of the Misses Emma and
Clara Basinger in Columbus Grove,
The October meeting of the WSCS
of the Methodist church will be held
Thursday afternoon of next week
with Mrs. Jesse Cogswell. The follow
ing program has been arranged:
Worship service, Mrs. Luella Van
Atta Program leader, Mrs. Howard
Beery Special feature, Mrs. W’illiam
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Because of the Federation meeting
in Tiffin next Wednsday, the Profit
and Pleasure Club has postponed
their meeting to Thursday, Oct. 16.
Mrs. F. C. Marshall will be the host
ess. “Rayons” will be discussed by
Mrs. Glen Huber and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mayberry, son
Franklin and daughter Joan called on
Mrs. Mayberry’s mother, Mrs. Frank
Mason, who is ill in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. William Porter in Marys
Rev. E. N. Bigelow will be in Cin
cinnati this week from Monday thru
Thursday to attend the New Life
Movement Training school which is
being held in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Egly of Mon
roe, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mor
mon of Decatur, Ind., were Sunday
dinner guests in the home of Mr. and
O WONDER so many
people are planning trips by
Greyhound this Fall. With
fares so amazingly low, with’
service so frequent and de
pendable, ’most everyone
wants to get out and enjoy
America’s lovely Autumn
highways. Why not join
them aboard one of those
big, smooth riding Grey
hounds—and have iun!
fVere pfanttfaq several trips
(tn on a
Were aff rjornrj fy
Comfort, For Convenience, For Savings, For FUNl
Check These Amazingly Low Faret
One Rd. One Rd.
l.ima _____ $ .44 $ .80 I Columbus ..... .......$ 2.45 $ 4.45
Dayton _____ .. 2.00 3.601 Cincinnati___ 2.70 4.90
Findlay _____ .39 .701 Ft. Wayne __ 1.75 3.15
Toledo _____ 1.40 2.55| Cleveland ..._ __ 3.00 5.40
Detroit _____ 2.30 New York_ ...... 12.00 21.60
Bowling Green. .94 1.7(1 Los Angeles ........ 38.30 68.95
Chicago _____ 3.65 6.6| Miami, Fla. 17.75 31.95
U. S.ffax Extra
N. Main Street I Phone 170-W
From Fisher Styling to Knee-Action Comfort
is yours only in Chevrolet!
What a beauty leader this car is! Trim as a
yacht in line and contour—luxurious as a draw
ing room in upholstery and appointments! The
body Is a Fisher body—exclusive to Chevrolet
in the lowest-price field.
Just settle down in
the form-fitting seat
cushions—and relax!
Travel over any road—
from boulevard to by
way—is made smoother,
steadier, safer by the
Unitized Knee-Action
Ride—another advan
tage found only in
Chevrolet and higher
priced cars.
Be sure your car is ready for winter! Bring if to us
for service and let us get it ready for the bad-
weather days ahead.
«cv zs7-rr.:::D
Mrs. Jacob Amstutz. Afternoon call
ers were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kief
fer and daughter Verna of Bluffton
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Crick, son Ken
neth and daughter Barbara and Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Crick all of Ft.
Wayne, Ind., and Mr. Mel Amstutz.
I want to thank my many)
friends who are giving my
new Jane Parkdr Enriched
White Bread ^.ich a won
derful receptio/i at the A&P
Food Stores.
line in its field!

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