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THURSDAY, OCT. 16, 1947
Article Yin of tike
.of tlte state ot Ohio to
provide for the payment of compensa*
Hoo by the state (of Ohio to its reel
a*" ta who shall have served ta the
i1** United States in
World War H, qr to their survivors,
•nd to issus bdnds of tho state of
Ohio to provide?the funda therefor.
ta "solved fe- Graerai Assembly of
fhr Stats ot OktoFthree-fifths of the mem
bers elected to eafch bouse thereof coocnr
nng therein, list there shall be sub
mitted to the eletforo of the state Oh£
to the manner prescribed by law, at the
general election'to he held on the first
2-UeS^^after tl* Mood*7 in Novem
proposition to amend Article
Xu- Constitution of the state of
Uhio by adding thereto immediately after
section 2a of said Article a new section
as follows:
2b. The board of commissioners created
y aection 8 of Article VIII of the Cornu
ntto® of the state of Ohio, designated
?er7.? Commissioners of the Sinking
rima shall, forthwith upon the adoption
this amendment, proceed to issue and sell,
from time to thne. bonds of the state rf
Ohio in such amounts of face value as it
may deem necessary to provide the funds,
or stmh part thereof, as may be required to
My the compensation and the expenses of
administering this section as herein pro
vided tor, provided, however, that the aggre
f*te totai amount of face value of bonds so
ssued shall not exceed three hundred mil
ion dollars. The full faith and credit of
he state of Ohio is hereby pledged for the
payment of such bonds. All bonds so issued
mail mature iq thirty semi annual install
ments after the respective dates thereof, and
he maturities thereof shall be so fixed that
the total anwuits of payments on account
principal anq interest to be paid on each
4 *uc“ semi-annual installment payment
lates shall be approximately equal, but no
»uc.b bonds shall be issued or bear dates
later than the first lay of April. 1951. All
bonds so issued shall bear interest at such
rates as The Commissioners of the Sinking
Fund may fix, which interest shall be pay
able semi annually. Such bonds, and the
interest thefwn as income, shall be exempt
from all tai.es yevied by the state of Ohio
st any taxing pistrict thereof. The bonds
may, at the option of the Sinking Fund
Commission, be issued subject to call on any
interest payment date at par and accrued
interest. All spies of such bonds by The
Commissioners qf the Sinking Fund shall be
in accordance with such regulations as it
shall make and promulgate, provided, how
ever, that such Jxmds snail be sold only to
the highest bidder or bidders therefor after
notice of such sie shall have been published
snee each week lor three consecutive weeks
on the same daw of each of such weeks, the
first of such notices being published at least
twenty-one full fays before the date of sale,
in a newspaper of general circul..tion tn each
of the eight most populous counties in the
state of Ohio, ana provided that each of such
published notices! shall state the day, hour
Place ^e |a)e. the total face value of
the bonds to be sold, their denominations,
dates, and the dates of their maturities, in
formation relative the rates of interest
which the bonds will bear, and the dates upon
which interest will be payable. The Com
missioners of the i Sinking Fund shall have
the right to reject any or all bids and to re
advertise and re-offer bonds for sale. Out of
the proceeds of tie sale of all bonds that
:nts accrued interest, if
which interest will be payable. The Com
the right to reject any or all bid* and to re-
tbe proceeds of
amount which It-.—- ___
any, shall be paid into tbe treasury of the
state .of .Ohio mtqj a fund to be known as
Compensation Bond Re
e balance shall be paid
--------------------, the state of Ohio into a
fund to be known as the World War II
the World War 1
tiremen Fund. 1
into the treasury
Compensation Fund. The General Assembly
of tbe state of Ohio may appropriate and
cause to be paid tato tbe World War II
Compensation Bond'Retirement Fund or the
World War II Compensation Fund, out of
the funds in the treasury of the state not
otherwise appropriated, sueb amounts as it
may deem proper for use upon order of The
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund for the
urpose« for which speh funds are created as
herein provided. It the General Assembly
should so appropriate any funds to the
World War II Compensaiion Fund prior to
the time Tbe Commissioners of the Sinking
Fund shall have issued bonds of the aggre
gate total amount ot face value authorized I
in this section, the aggregate total amount
of face value of bonds so authorized to be
issued shall be reduced by tbe amount of the
funds so appropriate^.
During the period of fifteen year* begin
ning January 1, 1949. the treasurer of state
of the state of Ohio shall, without appropria
tion thereof by the General Assembly, trans
fer into said World War II Compensation
Bond Retirement Fund one million dollar*
each month out of futids tn the state treas
ury derived from taxgs levied by the state
for the purpose of providing revenues to de
fra tbe expenses of te state, excepting the
taxes levied by the state by aections 5527,
5541, and 6291 of the JGener.’. Code of Ohio
as the same may be ire effec: on the effective
date of this section. Tjo secure such monthly
transfer of funds a lira is hereby created up
on all funds coming ijto the state treasury
after January 1, 1949^ derived from taxes
as aforesaid, which lierf shall be the first and
best lien upon all sqcb funds. It shall
be the duty of the treasurer of state to set
aside and use for ths|purpose ot making
auch monthly transfer« |of funds, part of
each dollar received uj the state treasury
in each calendar year iring said period of
fifteen years beginning znuary 1. 1949, de
rived from taxes as aflresaid. so that tbe
total amount ot money set aside each
of such calendar years slid) be twelve million
dollars, and so that tile ratio which the
amount ot each dollar solset aside shall bear
to one dollar shall be thl same as the ratio
which the amount of twldve million dollars
shall bear to the total ailiount of money re
ceived the state treasury tn such calendar
years derived from taxeslas aforesaid,
treasurer ot state shall
of each such dollar befor
ferring, or disposing of it
such dollar or any par
other purpose whatsoever,
the transfer of one million
to the World War II Comliensation Bond Re
tirement Fund heresnablve provided for.
out of said sum ot twelvil million dollars so
set aside in each of such ililendar /ears.
United States
the purpose of
service” as used
the continental li
(excluding Alasl
used herein mean
including sea du!
Either the aud
th. surviving ch
viving parents oi
son shall be paii
pensation that i
be entitled to rt
living provided,
ceased person's
and in line of
before designatet
dollars regardles
sation which sue
entitled to receit
ing provided f|
such deceased
to one of the thi
inbefore designa
said groups are
further, that the
ot more than on
be entitled to
this section, if
that amount ol
reason of the I
deceased person:
The Commissi
shall hare comp
ment* of the
this section and
regulation* gov
connection then
tion* as te who
amounts co wht
titled, determine
cant has the
ment*. and such
deem necessary
ever, that all i
compensation a
made W The
Fund before Ju
et aside such part
paying out. trans
any other manner,
thereof for any
and he shall make
dollar' each month
ame manner ar
?s. Said taxes
ected. shall be
:e treasury of
be paid out,
by the Gen
the order of
Sinking Fund
And be sun
brick. Truer ii
lighter in weigh
of color variety
payment, or retire1
of said bonds and
for the purpose of the
ment in other
interest thereon.
Compensation Fond
rder of The Con
Fund, without «p-l
The World War
shall be paid out u
missioners oi the Si
propriation by the
Ohio, in payment of
istenng this section,
follows: every person
in active duty ta
United States st any I time between Decem
ber 7. 1941. aad September 2, 1945. both1
dates inclusive, and fwho. at the time of I
ho shall have served
armed forces of the
commencing such service, was and bad been a
resident of the *tat« or Ohio for at least
one year immediate* preceding the com
mencement of such service, and who shall
hare been separated from *uch service under
honorable conditions, or who is still in such
service, or who ha* been retired, and who
was ta such *ervice,*for a period of at least
ninety day*, shall be entitled to receive
compensation of ten dollars for each month
during which rocla person -Ctir
domestic service a
month during w
active foreign sei
time provided,
who was serving
forces of the Un
day of December,
serve at least nin
of a *ervice-coan
be deemed to han
within the period
her 7. 1941 and
and provided, ft
amount of compe
section shall not
dred dollars and
compensation sha
tion to any per*
from another stai
of a like nature
section. No comp
this section to a
of time spent un
ing the period of
for a fraction ot
paid cm the basis
monthly amounts
ice. Service in
was in active
ifteen dollars for each
such person was in
within said period of
4wever, that any person,
a active duty in the armed
ted States on the seventh:
1941, and who did not so
Sf days thereafter because
ed injury or death shall
time commencing Decetn
ftding September 2. 1945 J
ether, that the maximtnn
Isation payable under thia
be in excess of four htm-i
^provided, further, that no
I be paid under this sec-'
who shall have received
a bonus or compensation
as is provided under this
msation shall be paid under!
iy person for any periods
ler penal confinement dur
ictive duty. Compensation
i month of service shall be
one thirtieth of the above
for each day of such serv
le merchant marine of the
all not be considered for
this section. “Domestic
lerein means service within
wits of the United States
t). “Foreign service” as
in all other places,
•iving husband or wife, or
or children, or the *ur
parent, rf a deceased per
the same amount of com
ch deceased person would
eive under this section, if
however, that if such de
eat' was service-connected
ty, hi* survivor* as herein
shall be paid four hundred
of the amount of com pen
deceased per? would be
under this section, if liv
rther, that the amount of"
able tn such survivors of
rson shall be payable only
e groups of survivor* here
:d in the order in which
erein named and provided
surviving husband or wife
deceased person who would
tceive compensation under
living, shall be paid only
compensation payable by
-st of the deaths of uch
ment of any right or
under thia section shall
creditors shall be ea
ts or claims to or pay
under this section,
charged for services in
rosecutioa of any right
ion or the collection of
ler thia section.
of the Sinking Fund
:barge of making pav
sation provided for an
adopt and promulgate
be i
rntne their procedure in
with, mcluding determtaa
ire proper beneficiaries and
i such beneficiaries are en
ions as to whether an appli
■cessary residence requtre
other regulations as it may
ind proper provided, how
pplications for payment of
der thia section shall be
mmissioners of the Sinking
y 1, 1950.
ner* of the Sinking Fund
appoint such legal counsel
is rt may deem necessary,
isation and prescribe their
meh appointees shall serve
No sale or a
claim to compens
be valid, no dai
forceable against
ment* of compi
and no fees shal
connection with
or claim to co nr
any compensatio
The Commit*
shall select and
and employees
fix their comp*
duties, and all
at its pleasure.
the state of Ohio declare
nent of this special amend
ititution of the state of Ohio
specific emergency covered
y declare it to be their in
manner affect or change any
provisions of the said Con
as herein set forth. The
hi* section shall be self
Tbe people o
that their enact
ment of the Cor
is to meet the
thereby, and th
tent ion to tn no
of the existing
stitution except
provision* of
rement of aH of the bonds
led hereunder and the pay
id claims for compensation
limitations ot time as pre
The Commissioners of the
hall make a final report to
isembly of Ohio, and any
ng in any of the funds
and referred to shall be
sail be provided by law.
resolved. That at the election
for the submission of this
he electors of the state of
hall be placed on the official
nner prescribed by law and
ed as follows:__________
Upon tbe
at may be
ment of all
made within
scribed herein.
Sinking Fund
tbe General A
balance remain
herein created
dispose, ot as I
Be it further
herein designati
amendment to
Ohio, the same
ballot in the
shall be design:
To amend Article VIII
?of the Constitution of the
state of Ohio to provide
I for the payment of com
Ipensatioo by the state of
I Ohio to its residents who
shall have served in the
I armed forces ot the
{United States World
War II, or to their sur
vivors, and to issue bonds
of the state of Ohio to
provide the funds there
ther resolved. That the re
on ot the said proposed
be made and the form of
in said election for the sub
ihall be prepared by the sec
if the state of Ohio in con
above provisions. If a rea
ctors voting on said atnend
fclared according to law. to
Ivor thereof, the governor of
io shall make proclamation
And be it ft
quired publicat
amendment sbal
ballot to be use
mission thereof
retary of state
fortuity with tin
jority of the el
ment shall be
have voted in
the state of O
thereof forth wit
1. EDWARDre HUMMEL, Secretary of
State of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify
that the foregoing is an exemplified copy,
carefully compared by me with the original
now on file in spy office and tn my official
custody as Secretary of State and found to
be true and correct, of a Joint Resolution
adopted by the Ninetv-seventh General As
sembly of the State of Ohio, on the 4th day
of June. 1947, and filed in the office of the
Secretary of State on the 12th day of June.
1947, proposing to amend Article VIII. of
the Constitution of the State of Ohio, by
adding a new fection to be designated as
section 2b to nrovide for the payment of
compensation by the state of Ohio to its
residents who shall have served in the armed
forces of the United States in World War:
It, or to their survivors, and to issue bonds
of the state of Ohio to provide the funds
hereunto subscri’led my name and affixed my i
official seal at Columbus. Ohio, this 5th day
of September, 1947.
iretary of State
With Brick
to specify DUNBRltK, the super-
form, higher in insulation value,
than ordinary brick. Wide range
$25 per thousand and. up.
5-6-8-Inch Sizes
Bluffton Cement Block Co
Ph(Ue 213-W or 365-W
Proposing to amend segtiv- —.
VIII of the Constitutipn
itlon 8 of Article
ra of the state of
Ohio to increase the number of mem
bora ef the board
mlaslonera of the
providing that the
nrar of state shall
ta addition to the i
consisting of ths a
rotary of state and attorney general.
Be rexoAwd by
ityled "Tho Com
inlring Fuad" by,
ivornor aad treaa
uambers thereof
Meat mem ben hip
tor of state, s»t
al Assembly of
fifths of the mcm
hereof ©oncur
sferdl be submitted
state of Ohio, in
by law. at the
rii thereto, that
to the electors of
general election toj tie held on the first
Tuesday after the qrst Monday in Novem
ber, 1947, a proposition to amend section
8 Article VIII of the Constitution of
the state of Ohio to read as follows:
Section 8. The governor, treasurer of
state, auditor of state, secretary of state, and
attorney general, are hereby created a board
of commissioners, ta be styled, “The Com
missioners of the Sinking Fund”.
If a majority of the electors voting on
the foregoing proposed amendment adopt
the same it shall become a part of the Con
stitution of the stale of Ohio, and existing
section 8 of Artida VIII of said Constitu
tion shall thereupon be repealed.
EDWARD J.iHUMMEL. Secretary of
State of the State Ohio, do hereby certify
that the foregoing is an exemplified copy,
carefully compareq by me with the original
office and ta my official
4ry of State and found to
qct, of a Joint Resolution
4 Ninety-seventh General
now oc file in my office ^and in
custod: as Se
be true and
adopted by
Assembly of
day of June,
the Secretary
State of Ohio, on the 12th
and filed in the office of
•State on the 18th day of
posing to amend Article
(of the Constitution of the
Relative to increasing the
hers of the board styled
“The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund”
by providing thag the governor and treasurer
of state shall be members thereof in addi
tion to the amltor of state, secretary of
state and attorniv general.
hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my
official seal at I Columbus. Ohio, this 5th
day of September, 1947.
Secretary of State
Proposing to kmend section 7 of article
IV and sect|cn 2 of article XVII of the
constitution relating to the term of
office and the compensation ot the
judge of th* probate court.
Be it resolved by the General Assembly ot
the State ot Ohio, three fifths of the mem
bers elected to each House concurring
therein. Thai there shall be submitted to
the electors the state on the first Tues
day after the first Monday in November,
1947. a proposal to amend section 7 of
article IV and section 2 of article XVII
of the constitution of the State of Ohio
to read as lows:
Sec. 7. There shall be established in each
county, a probate court, which shall be a
court of recorq. open at aH times, and holden
by ot judge, elected by the elector* of the
mty. who shall hold bi* office for the
term at six years, am. shall receive such
compensation as shall he provided by
law. Whenever ten per centum of the num
ber of electofs votng for governor at the
next precedi
less than si
termined by
sus. shall
than ninety
for county
of comm
of such
the probate ..
pleas, and such courts shall be combined and
shall be knon as the court of common pleas
in case a majority of the elector* voting
upon such question vote ta favor of auch
combination. Notice ot such election shall
b- given tn the same manner as for the
election of county officer*. Elections may
be had in tqe same manner for the separa
tion of such courts, when once combined.
election in any county having
thousand population as de
next preceding federal cen
tum the judge of the court of
of any such county not less
ys before any general election
s, the judge ot the court
shall submit to the electors
ty the question of combining
rt with the court of common
Sec The term of the office of the
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney
General, Secretary at State ana Treasurer
of State shall be two years, and that of
the Auditor of State shall be four year*.
T- term of offi.e of Judge* of the Supreme
Court and] Court* of Appeal* shall be
such even umber of year* not less than
sir (6) years as may be prescribed by the
General Assembly and th of the Judges
ot the Conanon Pleas Court six (6) years
and of th« fudges of the Probate Court,
six (6) years, and that of other Judges
sha.. be suth even number of year* not ex
ceeding sixl (6) year* as may be prescribed
by the General Assembly. The term of
office of th* Justices of Peace shall be auch
even numtier of vears not exceeding four
be prescribed by the
(4) years, as may
General i ssembly.
of all ele live county township, municipal
and school i-----—
of years i ot exceeding four (4) years as
be so r-------V
or a succ
such vac
the first i
is vacant
days afte
The pers
pired ten
scribed b.
da» of S
The term of office-
qrive county, tuwusuip.
afficers shall be such even number:
General Assembly shall have
sting terms of office
the purpose of Section I oi thia
And th i---------
power to o extend existin,
as to effec: the purpose cl
Any vs tancy which may occur ta any
elective «ate office other than that ot a
member the General Assembly or of
Governor, shall be filled by appointment by
the Gover lor until th disability is removed.
ty is removed,
psor elected and qualified. Every
hey shall be filled by election at
tneral election for the office which
that ccurs more than thirty (30)
the vacancy shall have occurred,
a elected shall fill the office for the
term. All vacancies in other
fices shall be filled for the unex
i in such manner as may be pre
The ab
ive proposal shall be placed on the
lot in such form as the secretary
ay prescribe. If the votes for the
hall exceed those against it. this
shall take effect and existing
of article IV and section 2 of
VII of the constitution of the
Ohio shall be repealed and an-
official ba
of state
section 7
article 5
state of
ZARD ). HUMMEL, Secretary of
the State of Ohio, do hereby cer
the foregoing is an exemplified
et ully compared by me with the
ow on file in my office and in my
stody as Secretary ot State and
e true and correct, of a Joint Res
lopted by the Ninety seventh Gen
tnbly of the State ot Ohio, on the
of lune. 1947. and filed in the
he Secretary of State on the 18th
ne. 194?. proposing to amend Arti
iection 7. and Article XVII. Sec-1
the Constitution of the State of
itive to term of office and com pen
the judge of the probate court.
subscribed my name and affixed my
tai at Columbus. Ohio, this 5th
•ptember. 1947.
State of
tif” that
copy, ca
original i
found tc,
er.d Assl
13th da]
office of'
cle IV.
tion 2. i
Ohio, re!
sation of
Secretary of State
Kentucky, Virginia,
Wes| Virginia
Ohio quality
Order now for
winter’^ supply.
Also Automatic
Control! for any type of
hand-fii^d heating plant.
Howard Stager
Cipal Yard
on 4 C. & Y. R. R.
North Main St.
Phone 354-W or 365-Y
Nature’s big autumn pageant op
ting this week—leaves turning and
xids flaming with color—brilliant
red and orange and somber
sets some com in shock and
what to do with a lot of soft com
puzzling farmers mischievous
youngsters out on the prowl nightly
altho Halloween is two weeks away
and Doc Ludwig taking advant
age of this warm spell for a belated
fishing trip upon the Muskegon riv
er in Michigan where he caught some
big ones earlier this season
and we should know by this time
next week whether we’re going to
have another oil boom with that well
on the John Boehr farm getting
down where the pay dirt should be
and Bluffton getting behind
tLe food conservation program—at
least they say there’s less garbage—
which means less waste however
if Europe’s need of food is as ur
gent as represented it’s high time
the whisky and beer makers over
there follow the example of the in
dustry in this country instead of
continuing business as usual—press
dispatches say that Scotch distillers
got an increased barley allotment
last summer and are hoping for a
continued high allotment depending
on the barley harvest and
purchases ... all of whic!
show that this is still a w’acky w’orld
—and we’re a long way from the
good old days when the slogan was
two cars in every garage and a
chicken in every pot—nowadays it’s
two families in every garage and if
there’s a scrawny soup bone in the
pot you’re luckier than lots of folks
we know.
goes to
of the MIDWEST
Sixth Annual Fall
Consignment Sale
October 29
1 P. M.
39 Head of Cows, Bred and
Open Heifers and 3 Bulls in
cluded, whose dams have A.R.
All T. B. and Bang’s Clean—will
be retested witlin 30 days of sale.
Lunch served on grounds
11:31 A. M.
Roy Johnson afld Homer Pollock
F. S. Barlaw—Pedigree
For catalog wtite Otto Gehres,
Secretary, Wren, Ohio
Complete lin^ of evergreens.
Roses, shruhs, fruit and shade
trees after October 25th.
LOCATION—i’4 miles west of
Gratz Crossing. 1
Salesroom well lighted in
Willard Cherry, Prop.
Phone: ICairo 3517
Route 2, Column bus Grove, Ohio
Willis fcrawford
Alvin Heldman
Complete Modern Sales
Phone Bldffton 597-T or
Findliy 1853-W.
Rebuilt Sweepers
Complete Supplies
for House Wiring
Lighting Fixtures
Mumma Electric Shop
Carl Mumma
122 No^th Main
In our mail Orde
-high school instructor
Michigan State collet
Lansing,- says that the
dents enrolled there this i
word that even tho it’s October,
they were still having hot dry w’eath
er last week with the temperature at
90 degrees and Cecil and May
Thompson, formrly of Orange town
ship, like it in McAllen,
where there’s a sizable
ony and Cecil is busy
penter trade.
illy bursting at the
and from the Charles
Overton, Texas, comes
Bluffton col
at the car-
near Gratz
Amos Gerber, out
crossing should have a bumper yield
of popcorn if the display in the News
window is any indication. Three
good sized ears all within 12 inches
on one stalk are attracting much
attention—very unusual say old time
Mrs. Gideon Lehman, who for
many years lived southwest of Bluff
ton on the Dixie highway has re
ceived a special invitation to attend
the 5th anniversary of the First
Mennonite church in Newton, Kan
sas, October 26. She and her late
husband were the first couple to be
More Milk!
The demand for more and better
is continuing and The Page Dairy Co.
additional milk from the farms in the
The Page Dairy Co. plant at Bluffton, Ohio, is the
logical place to sell your milk haulers traverse
every road within a wide radius of Bluffton ... it is
just good business to take advantage of the shorter
buying milk
quarter of a
service to our
ly paying the high price for farm milk,
Bluffton plant of The Page Dairy Co. the logical place
to sell your milk.
the First Menr
Bluffton dis-
building going up on the E.
McKean farm south of Bluffton
Rt. 30, a quarter-mile west of
Rt. 69 intersection where Harold
Oldaker, Columbus production en
gineer and tool designer will manu
facture machine parts on a custom
basis and also do die work. Old
aker and his wife, the former Gladys
McK ean bought a four acre tract
from her parents for erection of the
24 by 60 foot one-story cement block
structure. He was formerly em
ployed by the Bell Sound system uf
Columbus and already
for several industrial
has contracts
firms of that
News window
That picture in the
of the Bluffton Citizens band taken
about 1911—if you can indentify all
of the 21 members you’re definitely
one of the old timers. The picture
taken on the steps of the Grade
school buillding, is the property of
John Garlinger. Those
days when the Bluffton band made
a snappy appearance in white duck
trousers and military-type blue coats
and caps. Just for the record, call
the roll: Arthur Geige B.
dairy products
still is seeking
Bluffton, Ohio,
haul The Page Dairy Co. has been
in the Bluffton area for more than a
century our long record of faithful
patron-producers together with consistent
makes the
The Page Dairy Co.
Bluffton, Ohio Phone 489-W
Mcngd furnjtijrc
makei it a home to Ike proud of!
See it at Armstrong’^ today!
Beyond being "Modem this important bedroom
grouping in Frosted Oak is a glimpse of the future!
Trimly tailored and finely finished, t|iis grouping offers
almost endless opportunities of changing, arranging,
mixing and matching. Choose any combination from
these open stock pieces.
Armstrong's Furniture
Beesy, Sam Stepleton, Chris Klay,
Al Swinehar:, Charlie Houser, Har
old Carr, Geurge Klay, Aldine Kohli,
Harl Mann, Francis Marshall, Paul
Stratton, Errlil Kempf, Allen Burk
holder, Walter Locher, Homer Lug
inbuhl, Cal Geiger, Sidney Hauen
stein, Albert Benroth, John Gar!ing
er and Haroid Swinehart.
«. defen
The def,
laintiff. Charlie
Charlie Sos, whose place
llory, Logan County. Wtat
:e notice that Lucille L»
Rose Flanagan, her next
iriciHi, nan ipea in said court an action
•gainst him sr divorce on khe grounds of
itjof duty and extreme cruelty,
itwi of her maiden name and
iifT. Eaid cause will be for hear
ater six weeks from the date
the first publication of this notice, to-wit:
on and afteJ the 24th day of October. 1947.
Lucille L.feos, an infant by Rose Flanagan,
her next frfend.
By I. B. Sqbele, her attorney. 28
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unt to thank my many
fids who are giving my
Jane Parker Enriched
ite Bread such a won
:ul reception at the A&P
were the
More Milk!
drop a postal
card ... or
phone one
of our field
men will visit
your farm.
William Lahman
Guy Carmean

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