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Bluffton, Ohio
Jorg’s Better Bred
Chicks in Stock.lune
500 Master Mating White Leghorn pi
500 Master Mating White Leghorn pi
300 AAA White Rocks 2 weeks old
300 AAA Assorted Heavies 3 days old
Now is the time to vaccinate and worm
We are fully equipped to do this work
today for appointment.
Jorg Ha tell
Bluffton Ohie
Offers Friendly Service
Buyers of
Cream, Eggs and 1’oultry
322 N. Main Street Bluffton
this spring use
In 4-5-6-8-Inch Sizes
Ten Day Delivery at Present
Tests have proven the worth of Concrete Drain Tile—
let us prove it.
Specify DUNBRIK—the better brick. Wide range of
color variety $25 per thousand and
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Custom Slaughtering
Summer or Winter
Here is a convenient and
those who have home freezers
All slaughtering done in ou
ers—everything prepared read
Ask us about this service
you at any time in the year a
A to I Moat
& Locker
127 N. Main Street
illets 3 weeks old
diets 2 weeks old
your early pullets,
qr you. Phone us
Phone 182-W
Phone 284-W
1 ikks
economical service for
)r lockers.
city inspected quart
for freezing.
which is available to
a worthwhile saving.
Phone 276-W
crop '(tici*"Cy
your row
by insulhns
Fits All
OHfor fc*. r~- «MlM
s&ftUU w m«4
0. C. Hursey & Sons
John Deere Sales & Service
Vance Street Bluffton, Ohio
Open Saturday Night
Summer’s here—official season for
ice cream, watermelon and slacks—
bathing suits, vacations, fishing trips
to Michigan, mosquitoes and the
Republican convention and the Louis
Wolcott mixup this Wednesday night
should keep the radio fans busy
and Monday the longest day of the
year with nearly 15 hours of sunlight
—14 hours and 57 minutes to be ex
act .. but last Friday was the
brightest day for a lot of ex-G. I.’s
when the bonus checks arrived from
Columbus cherries turning a
bright red strawberry season
about over—wasn’t too good this year
because of drought—and last year
there was too much rain wheat
looks good and that shower Monday
afternoon should help the com to get
up knee high by the Fourth of July
and speaking of the Fourth the
boys are busy with a whoop-de-la
build-up for Bluffton’s Independence
day celebration with an air show in
the afternoon at the airport and night
rodeo under the Harmon field lights
—looks like a hot time in the old
town day and night—better plan to
get in on the fun.
Altho Ohio forbids fireworks in
the hands of youngsters, some of
the bright boys and girls have been
getting high-powered firecrackers
thru advertisements in juvenile mag
azines. Shipments are made by rail
way express from outside the state.
Technically it’s all legal so long as
the youngsters don’t try to sell any
thing to their pals—that’s when
they’re liable to get smacked by the
long arm of the law.
Bluffton may have a new organi
zation—a bird club—to discuss prob
lems of raising canaries. Working
out tentative plans for such a club is
Mrs. Walter Gratz who has 35 birds
at her home on South Lawn avenue,
having mutliplied from a pair which
she purchased a year ago. The birds
comprise three distinct types of sing
ers—rollers, choppers and warblers.
Birds are taught to sing by playing
of phonograph records.
Remember the Tremp Trio from To
ledo which gave a delightful program
of Swiss music here last December?
The family, consisting of the trio—
father, daughter and son—together
with Mrs. Tremp are spending the
summer in Switzerland. The trip is
financed by funds obtained from week
end concert tours the past several
If you live in Mexico you buy in
Mexico—not in the United States,
says Homer Moser who with Mrs.
Moser, former Bluffton residents,
visited here last week. The Mosers
live in Mexico City where he is ex
ecutive secretary of Presbyterian
missions in that country. It’s all right
for residents of this country to go
into Mexico with cars, radios and a
lot of other gadgets, but if you live
in Mexico you can’t take any such
thing across the border from the
United States unless it was purchased
in Mexico. Many U. S. industries have
branch or assembly plants in Mexico
and that government is doing every
thing possible to see that they are
AB Stow
OTART yo«i pictvre
maklng right w Ith depend
able Kodak Fite i in the yel
low box—the filjra that gets
the picture. Then tend ue
the exposed roll* for expert
developing and printing.
AUR first consideration Is proper
professional service for our cus
tomers Service which only col
lege graduation, state licensure and
years of experience can give. That
Is what we offer you when you
bring your prescriptions to us.
Freeoription Pharmacy
kept busy. Moser made the trip here
in a 1941 Oldsmobile which he bought
from a Mexico City second hand auto
dealer two davs before leaving.
With the Califor
the Republican cor
delphia supporting
for president are
his wife the forme:
of this place. Mr. 1
in Republicans poli
He and Mrs. Lyon
some time in New
ing the convention
route west to visit
sister in law, Mi
•nia delegation at
ivention in Phila
Gov. Earl Warren
ohn C. Lyons and
Lillian Zehrbach
,yons is prominent
itics in California,
s expect to spend
York city foliow
and stop here en
her brother and
•. and Mrs. Fred
Mrs. Roscoe Blah
Bluffton hospital
years has develope
sive correspondent
Mailbag club, pro'
during her illness,
as you know, is a
to shut-ins and
pondence among th
she received 15 lei
and several days
caller, Miss Eva
Lima resident, a frmer
Lesley, a patient in
or more than two
quite an exten
e thru the WLW
id ing a diversion
The Mailbag club,
broadcast beamed
mcourages corres
is group. Recently
tters in one week
ago entertained a
ierson, 72-year-old
A wrist radio s
of grandfather’s
been developed fc
forces and a Bit
Wenger, had a le
project. Wenger is
ponents developme
oratory of the elec
the Air Materiel
Field, Dayton, wh
done. One of the
under his directi
vacuum tube not
as a lead pencil an
inch long which doe
ly done by the
which is found in
et, about the size
Docket watch has
»r the Army Air
iffton man, Fred
iding part in the
chief of the com
nt branch of lab
tronics division of
nmand at Wright
■e the work was
oducts developed
is a miniature
te as big around
less than a half
the work former
inch tall tube
ost radios. Other
radio accessories include transform
ers, capacitors, resistors, rectifiers
and switches, developed at savings in
size and weight of a third, a half or
even more.
It was an adventurous pair that
started out the other day to see the
world—a bantam rooster and hen,
which comprised the entire flock of
poultry on the Mark Andrews farm
five miles south of town. Like all ad
venturous globe-trotters they started
out by hitch-hiking a ride when Eu
gene Zimmerly and Mario Bish drove
the Farmers Grain company truck
to the Andrews farm for a load of
Unbeknown to the drivers, the
rooster and his mate hopped aboard
the chassis under the truck bed and
rode to town. Their presence was dis
covered when employes of the eleva
tor heard a rooster crow while weigh
ing the corn. Flushed from their hide
out under the truck the pair scamp
ered to make their getaway and were
caught only after an exciting chase
and penned in a box in the elevator
Just to show her appreciation for
the ride, the little hen laid an egg
while being detained at the elevator
awaiting the arrival of Andrews who
returned the pair to their farm
chicken ya rd.
You’re never too old to learn—and
demonstrating that is a mother
daughter combination, Mrs. Doris
Stultz Geiger and Jane Ann Geiger
who are attending Ohio Northern
summer school at Ada.
Mrs. Geiger, formerly of Bluffton,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Stultz
is the widow of Steiner Geiger,' Bluff
ton native and late principal of
schools at Green Springs where she
is teaching. Her daughter is a fresh
man in the cadet teachers’ program.
The Living Room Suite 'Buy” for
The great sweeping lines of this new mod
ern sofa will enhance the beauty of any
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i (J-—
In the Cnsnnjen Pleas Court of
Al*n County, Ohio
C»»e No. 38270
Melvinj pewaome, Plaintiff,
The Heirs at Law, Etc.,
of Franoes Randall, deceased.
The heirs at law, devisees, legatees, trustees,
assignees, receivers, beneficiaries, surviving
spouse, children, descendants, creditors, suc
cessors in interests, executors, administrators,
and legal representatives of Frances Randall,
deceased, formerly the owner of Lot No. Three
Hundred and/ Twenty-seven (327) in Seins
heimer's Addition of Clifton to the City of
Lima, Allen bounty, Ohio, all defendants in
the above entitled cause, will take notice that
on the 9th day of June, 1948, Plaintitf, Melvin
Newsome, filed his petition in the Common
Pleas Court |of Allen County, Ohio, Case No.
38273, praying for a decree quieting title of
Plaintiff as no said premises.
Said defendants will take notice that they
are required! to answer on or before the 1st
day of September, 1948, or judgment and de
cree may hfe taken against them in accord
ance with tie prayer in PlaintifTs petition.
[By Earl Ludwig, his Attorney 14
Season’s Near for
Takq special care on picnics,
hikefc thru the woods, or
whenever poison ivy may
grow. Learn to recognize the
leaf* If you contact it, apply
an abundant lather of laun
dry soap.
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goes right to work—destroys
the rhus toxicadendrol which
causes the irritation.
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The Comer Drug Store
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urttn ruw-nmi MAnwracTuttr
Photo finishing, films, photo
Neu-Art Studio
Phone 168-W Bluffton
Rebuilt Sweepers
Complete Supplies
for House Wiring
Lighting Fixtures
Mumma Electric Shop
Carl Mumma
122 North Main
incl ide meat in your menu.
Abv kys ready to serve you.
Fresh and Salt Meats

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