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Public Can Make Reservations For
Sportsmen’s Park At Buckeye Quarry
Picnickers planning on large family
gatherings, club picnics and reunions
at Sportsmen’s Park on the north end
of the Buckeye quarry may register
for use of the tables and other facili
ties at the Bluffton News.
Hiram Wenger, park manager for
the Sportsmen’s club, has made ar
rangements to have reservations
marked on a large calendar at the
News office. The procedure will elim
inate unecessary conflicts. The Pres
byterian Church will hold a picnic
this Thursday evening and the Lions
Club has registered for Tuesday,
August 3. The Bluffton Garden Club
Photo finishing, films, photo
Neu-Art Studio
Phone 168-W Bluffton
■.... "A............
D. C. BIXfcL. O. D.
122 South Main pt.. BlnttUm
Office Haora: A. M—5:S0 P. M.
Open Evening* Wed. & Sat. 7:»0 to 8:00
Clooed Thnraday Afternoon.
Mere Milk!
More Milk!
The demand for more and better dairy products
is continuing and The Page Dairy Co. still is seeking
additional milk from the farms in the Bluffton, Ohio,
The Page Dairy Ck plant at Bluffton, Ohio, is the
logical place to sell your milk haulers traverse
every road within a wide radius of Bluffton ... it is
just good business to take advantage of the shorter
farm-to-plant haul The Page Dairy Co. has been
buying milk in the Bluffton area for more than a
quarter of a century our long record of faithful
service to our patron-producers together with consistent
ly paying the high pride for farm milk, makes the
Bluffton plant of The Pape Dairy Co. the logical place
to sell your milk.
held a picnic at the new park last
week. The park will be maintained by
the Sportsmen’s Club. A caretaker
has been hired to mow the lawn, cut
weeds and keep the park in a clean
and sanitary condition until late fall.
Picnickers are requested to pick up
all papers and refuse after using park
and place same in the incinerators.
Dwayne Hauenstein has been hired
to be caretaker for the balance of
the season. On the committee to plan
for improvements and maintainence
of the park are Edgar Root, Hiram
Wenger, Ralph Reichenbach and Leon
The Page Dairy Co.
Bluffton, Ohio Phone 489-W
Come see the great new Servel Gas refrig
erator It’s a beauty—with every newt con
venience for fresh foods and frozen foods.
But good looks is just the start. The Servel
Gas Refrigerator brings you the fambus
different, simpler freezing system with mo
moving parts. No valves, piston or pump.
No machinery at all to wear or get noisy.
A tiny gas flame does the work.
More than two million families are erg
joying silent Servel Gas Refrigerators to\
day. Ask any of them, and they’ll say, “Picw
Servel, it stays silent, lasts longer!”
Add Fence At Park
As an added improvement and safe
guard for youngsters a fence has been
added to the new park. The new fence
stands four feet high and will be
over 350 feet long when completed. At
present it runs from the Bigler Road
to the fountain in the park. The fence
parallels the quarry edge. Sufficient
gates will be added to make easy ac
cess to the water’s edge by fishermen.
A general cleanup program was
launched last Thursday evening and
a large group of men responded. Will
ing hands soon had sawed up a couple
of large trees, mowed the grass, cut
weeds and made necessary prepara
tions for putting up the new’ fence.
Iron pipes furnished by the Central
Ohio Light and Pow’er Company were
were cemented in place for the new’
gates and the fence stretching got
under way the first of the w’eek.
Several w-eeks will be required before
the task will be completed. At pres
ent the fence is erected in temporary
Helping on the fence and cleanup
project the past week were: Hiram■
Wenger, Ralph Reichenbach, Leon
Hauenstein, Dana and Larry Mathew’
son, Robert Benroth, Dw’ayne Hauen
stein, George Linden, Rhuel Kohler
and son, Silas Diller, Fred Martin,
Here Milh!
drop a postal
card ... or
phone one
of our field
men will visit
your farm.
William Lahman
Guy Carmean
Plenty of ice cubes easy to get out
V Moist cold and dry cold for fresh foods
V Dew-action vegetable fresheners
V Handy egg tray
V Flexible interior arrangement with slid
ing shelves adjustable to eleven differ
ent positions
V Big frozen food compartment
Plastic Coating on shelves—keeps them
rust-free, scratch-free, easy-to-clean
Charles Winfrey, Ray Mumma, Boyd
Watkins, Harry Bogart, your writer
and Raymond Lehman. The latter ar
rived with tractor and mowing at
tachments to make short work of
clipping the w’eeds in the parking lot
and along the fences. Albert Gar
matter loaned cross cut saws and post
hole diggers. Other equipment to put
in the posts and stretch the fence
was furnished by Millard Herr and
the Farmer’s Grain Co.
Additional improv’ements planned
by the committee will include the in
stalling of a boat dock with a runway
graded out at the north end for easier
and safer launching of boats. With
the new drive, boat and trailer may
be backed into the shallow w’ater per
mitting the boat to be floated off the
trailer. Completion of a third oudoor
oven is also planned for his year.
Next year the committee hopes to
raise sufficient funds to build a large
shelter house for reunion purposes.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Root and Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Root have returned from a
fishing trip to Minnesota. The party
had fine weather and an excellent va
cation. A number of muskies w’ere
taken, all measuring over 22 inches
in length.
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Kirtland and
Mr. and Mrs. Pleyol Fett are on a
trip to Indian River, Michigan, and
other choice fishing spots in the gen
eral area.
Outboards Churn Water, Fish Strike
Motorboating at the Buckeye quar
ry has become a popular pastime the
past month. Churning of the water by
the motors has aided in adding oxygen
to the water and the quarry is in
better condition than it has been for
a number of years.
Fishing has not been affected by
motorboating. The other evening Jack
and Donna Koontz, Bob Koontz
and Roddy Nonnamaker snagged 7
nice channels wnthin ten minutes after
they had stopped their outboard. The
party w’as fishing at the center of
the quarry at a depth of 8 feet.
A w’eek before Bob Koontz snagged
4 channels shortly after he had stop
ped outboarding on the quarry.
Pleasant View
Miss Roberta Manges has accepted
the position of music teacher in the
Pandora schools for the coming year.
Mrs. Aaron Driesbach of McComb
spent Sunday with her sister, Mr. and
Mrs. Mace Rader and family.
Charles Mabry of Chicago spent
the w’eek end W’ith his w’ife w’ho has
been staying with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry How’ell while he is
attending school.
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Reichenbach
and daughter Sandra w’ere week end
guests of her brothers, Mr. and Mrs.
I. B. Rickly and Mr. and Mrs. 0. D.
Rickly and family of Columbus.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stuckey
and family of Stryker spent Sunday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bibler, who
were residents of this community
many years ago, are visiting his sis
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Crawford of
Mt. Cory. They have spent the past
several months in Arizona for the
benefit of Mr. Bibler’s health.
Mary A. Hadding
is 607 Michigan Ave
Michigan, is herehj
Hadding has filed
divorce and all pM
of gross neglect of
three years' wilful
in '(he Court of
County, Ohio, at L:
be heard and decid
six weeks from th.
Fixing Salariet
ployees of the .V
and Water Work
Bluffton, Ohio, a
Ordinances Inco:
Be it ordained by
of Bluffton, Count
Section 1—That
day of August, 19(
superintendent of i
ergy and Water W
lage of Bluffton si
Forty-five ($245.00)
able semi-monthly.
whose place of residence
me, N. E.. Grand Rapids,
notified that Eugene F.
s letition against her for
er relief, on the grounds
luty, extreme cruelty, and
bsence, in ease No. 38305
Common Pleas of Allen
na, Ohio. Said cause may
after the expiration of
first publication of this
Eugene F.
Hadding, Plaintiff
Miller, His Attorney
Lima, Ohio. 16
By Clarence C,
504 Citizens Bldg.,
and Wages of the Em
unicipal Electrical Energy
i Plant of the Village of
id Repealing Ail Previous
sistent Therewith.
the Council of the Village
of Allen, and State of
from and after the first
1, the salary of the plant
le Municipal Electric En
rks Plant of the said Vil
all lie Two Hundred and
Section 2—That
of August, 1948,
an co Engineer of
ergy and Water W.
lage of Bluffton si
Forty ($240.00) De
•. I
Dollars per month, pay-
om and after the first day
e salary of the Mainten
ic Municipal Electric En
rks Plant of the said Vil
■ill be Two Hundred and
lars per month, payable
tm and after the first day
salary of each the the
of the Municipal Elec
iter Works Plant of the
on *haU be Two Hundred
Section 8—-That fi
of August, 1948, tl
Operating Engineer
trie Energy and W
said Village of Blufl
and Fifteen ($215.00
able semi-monthly.
Section 4—That fr
of August, T948, th
of Outside Maintenai
trie Energy and W
said Village of Bluff
and Fifteen ($215.00
able semi-monthly.
Dolby* per pay-
first day
pe oMffe Municipal Elec
tee Works Plant of the
bn shall be Two Hundred
I Dollars per month, pay-
ki and after the first day
4 salary of each of the
•Ipal Electric Energy and
Jtf the said Village of
ly-o Hundred ($200.00)
liyable semi-monthly.
r$ and after the first day
Section 5—That fr
of August. 1948, tl
Firemen of the Mun
Water Works Plant
Bluffton shall be
Dollars per month.
Section 6—That fre_______________ ...
of August, 1948, thetsalary of each of the
Linemen of the Municil
Water Works Plant i
Bluffton shall be Two
lars per month, pajabl
Mil Electric Energy and
the said Village of
Hundred ($200.00) Dol
e semi-monthly.
I and after the first day
|ary of the clerk of the
and Water Works
of Bluffton shall be
Section 7—That from. .....
of Augurft, 1948. the salary
Municipal Electric Energy
Plant of the said VillaH
Two Hundred ($200,001
payable semi-monthly. I
Section 8—That from e
of August, 1948, the sjl
Clerk of the Municipal’
Water Works Plant o$
Bluffton shall be One Hi
($135.00) Dollars ier a
w L. 1
Section 9—-That-from 1
of August. 1948, the »a]
employed bv the Muniq
and Water Works Plant!
five $185.00) Dollars
Section 10—That frorr
day of August, 1948, t!
Labor employed by th.
Energy and Water Wor
Dollars per month,
id after the first day
iry of the Assistant
Electric Energy and
the said Village of
id red and Thirty-five
onth. payable semi-
id after the first day
try of Skilled Labor
pal Electric Energy
»f the said Village of
hundred and Eighty
er month,
and after
e rate for
s Plant of
the first
the said
Villao'e of Bluffton si ill be Eighty-seven
(I .87) Gents ner hour, \ynble semi-monthly.
Section 11 Thet all ori Inances or parts of
ordinances inconsistent
same are hereby repealed
take effect from and aftei
allowed by Jaw.
re with be and the
and the ordinance
the earliest period
Passed the 12th day of
July. 1948.
Clerk of Council
Richard Cupp, who is employed at
the Wilson Flower Shop in Columbus,
spent Saturday night and Sunday
with his mother, Mrs. Walter Cupp
and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Lysle Cahill and
daughter Lynne of Cleveland were
week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Or
lo Marshall and Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Cahill of Bluffton.
Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Smith and
family, Cleveland, are expected here
this week to spend a part of their
vacation with Mrs. Smith’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cupp.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Downs and son
of Chicago and Mrs. Milton Downs,
Lima, were Wednesday afternoon call
ers in the F. C. Marshall home.
Mrs. Frank Halliday, sister of Mr.
J. C. Begg, passed away last Wed
nesday at her home in Detroit. Mrs.
Halliday will be remembered here as
the former Bessie Begg who was bom
and raised in this community, the
youngest daughter of the late Mr.
and Mrs. John Begg.
Rev. E. N. Bigelow and family plan
to take their vacation from July 26
to August 29. Next Sunday will be
the last preaching service until the
August 29 date at the Presbyterian
Mr. Robert Marshall, who is a stu
dent in summer school at Ohio State
University in Columbus, spent the
week end with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Marshall.
Mrs. Mary Sylvester spent several
days the latter part of the week with
her daughter, Mrs. Dennis Roby and
family, near Cairo.
Mrs. Hiram Augsburger of Ft.
Wayne, Ind., spent several days the
past week with her sister, Mrs. Her
bert Marshall.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Whisler, who
have spent a couple of months in this
vicinity visiting relatives and friends,
left Tuesday for their home in Ocean
side, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marshall of
Toledo were Saturday eve callers in
the H. B. Marshall home. Their little
son Alan, who has been visiting his
grandparents the past three weeks,
returned home with them that eve.
Combining of wheat is in full swing
in this vicinity at this writing.. By
the end of the week if good weather
prevails, most of the wheat should be
harvested. Very little threshing is be
ing done this year.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith of
Frederickstown were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Van
Meter and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Marshall
were business callers in Dayton last
Monday and were dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Billman.
Mr. Harvey Bowers of Findlay
spent several days the past w’eek at
his farm in this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cahill of Pan
dora spent Sunday eve with Mr. and
Mrs. Orlo Marshall.
Notice is hereby Riven thaY on the 23rd
day of July, 1948, at 8-P. M-, a public hear
ing will be held on the budget prepared by
the Board of Trustees of Richland Township,
Allen County. Ohio, for the nejftAiucceeding
fiscal year ending December 1. T949.
Such hearing will be hrfld tn Bluffton, Ohio,
in the office of the board of Trustees of
Richland Township.
Ray Hifty. Clerk
YOU rue new
"Six travel comfortably in the level center
section where the going’* smoothest. Plenty
of hip and shoulder room for all 1
sun $OM-WIO£lg
131 Cherry Street
COME in! see the FOKiy-NlNBR.!
Bluffton Ohio
Offers Friendly Service
322 N, Main Street Bluffton Phone 284-W
For Better Building Purposes
I In wide variety of Fast Colors
In 4-5-6-8-Inch Sizes
Tests have proven the worth of Concrete Drain Tile—
let us prove it.
Phone 213-W or 365-W
icultaral Limestone Meal
AAA Test—102% Neutralizing
lore efficient form of limestone for
soil treatment
If you are anticipating application of limestone on
your fields this summer ask us about the advantages of
limestone meal. Truck delivery from our quarry to your
farm when you want it.
If you have already placed your order, phone us when
you want delivery.
Following rates—hauled and spread on your fields
Richland Twp. $2.40 Ton
Orange Twp........ 2.50 Ton
Union Twp.......... 2.50 Ton
*rri for
a ukmaad'boot.
Buyers of 1|
Cream, Eggs and Poultry
Jackson Tw p.... $2.60 Ton
Monroe Twp........ 2.60 Ton
Van Buren Twrp.. 2.00 Ton
Bluffton Stcnc Company
Phone 14! -W Bluffton, Ohio
OKAATe 35X CAHefk11'
A Distri^vtof Mounting. Now Ouefdrwt*
New LuSricffion Sy^em. New
E New iOOty ^8, or 95 kp. Six. New boK-secfion fietne
New*fbaFfex"Rear springs.
Telephone 172-W Bluffton, Ohio

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