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See Us for
Custom Slaughtering
Summer or Winter
Here is a convenient and economical service for
those who have home freezers or lockers.
All slaughtering done in our city inspected quart
ers—everything prepared ready for freezing.
Ask us about this service which is available to
you at any time in the year at a worthwhile saving.
A to I Moat Market
& Locker Service
127 N. Main Street Phone 276-W
For Better Building Purposes
In wide variety of Fast Colors
In 4-?-6-8-Inch Sizes
Tests have proven the worth of Concrete Drain Tile—
let us prove it.
Phone 213-W or 365-W
Public Sale
We, the undersigned, will offer at public auction at our
home 1 mile north of Mt. Cory on Route 69,
Friday, August 13th
Beginning at 1 p. m.
The following property:
Haynes Bros, piano in good shape 3-piece parlor
suite coffee table library table floor lamp table lamp
3 rugs 9 by 12 also one 12 by 12 rug, all like new end
table large piece tapestry 2 occasional chairs studio
couch International oil heater, new, large size 6 dining
chairs and table rocker china closet, a beauty clothes
rack with mirror bedroom suite bed and dresser 2 iron
beds Philco refrigerator like new Roper bottle gas stove
2 utility cabinets chrome breakfast set like new small
size oil heater, new medicine cabinet large mirror lot
dishes and cooking equiprpent of all kinds Speed Queen
washer with tubs Womb’s Friend washer lot throw
rugs lot pictures and curtains.
2 electric brooders sorhe garden tools 2-wheel trailer
with stock rack in good shape some porch furniture many
other articles not mentioned.
Mrs. Clem Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Priebe,
Thrapp & Warren, Aucts. I Ream & Marshall, Clerks
Reo Royal 17
Power Lawn Mower
Full 21 inch cut
3 Acres Per Day
Reo built 1 H. P. Motor
J/oic With REO—The Name You Know
Beaverdam Hardware Co.
Phone 175-221
Beaverdam, Ohio
es at hand
in the offing—
year even for
•ur gardeners, like your writer
burning drought or disastrous
amount of
floods and the
rainfall at well spaced intervals is
what has probably kept Riley creek
and Bluffton’s sewage problem from
the perennial
and cool night:
dropped to a flat
spell—and they're getting everything
set for a big -night football preview
at Harmon field September 10 to
ring up the curtain on Bluffton’s grid
season which reminds us that
coach Dick “Red” Lowry, erstwhile
Findlay mentor is due here next
week to take over Kent Cotterman’s
athletic program at the high school—
all of which means that it’s less than
a month before school opens—but the
bell in the grade school will be miss
ing for the first time in seventy
just goes to show how times change
summer airing
bring a foretaste of
fact is the thermometer
50 degrees last
morning for a record cool
years which is farther back
most of us can remember
can remember not too many
ago when Bluffton had a half
whistles sounding at noon—
were the planing mill, flour
waterworks, just
those which come to
mill, stone quarr
to mention
mind—and then there was the morn
ing 5 o’clock whistle—at first it
blew at 4:30—but they’re all gone
now and here it is three years
since Bluffton made whoopee at the
end of the war and who would
have thought then that we still
would be waiting for all this promis
ed post-war housing—and that goes
for new cars, too—and a lot of
other scarce lines however
there wasn’t any scarcity of bargains
at Bluffton’s two big dollar days
Friday and Saturday—and
crowds of shoppers took full
age of the opportunity.
the big
trip in
When planning a fishing
Michigan, better take along plenty
of nightcrawlers—if you have more
than you need there’s a ready
market for your surplus.
The Howard Edingers just return
ed from a two weeks’ fishing jaunt
near Interlochen report a big de
mand for worms at 35c a dozen—
more than
15c here,
none too
sandy soil
double the going rate of
Worms are said to be
plentiful in Michigan’s
and fishermen are ready
to take all of the available supply at
inflation prices.
Besides fishing a number of in
land lakes the Bluffton party also
threw a hook and line in Lake
Michigan. Edinger’s catch included
8 large bass, 5 of which measured
more than 2 feet in length, also a
2-foot pike. His son Bob hooked 5
catfish averaging two pounds.
Summer travelogues—
Two Bluffton cousins, Barbara
Jean Triplett and Eleanor Linden on
a motor trip to California seeing
sights enroute and stopping in Den
ver to pick another cousin, Lois Rich
of Washington, Ill., who has been
summering in Colorado. They’ll return
the last of the month in time for
Barbara Jean to take up her duties
as music instructor in the Galion
schools, Eleanor to return to Wooster
college and Lois to Bluffton college.
And the Edgar Chamberlains home
from a two month’s motor trip thru
the west. and the Arthur Amstutzs
back from an outing at Atlantic city
—they drove west earlier in the sum
mer and the Wilford Steiners
leaving Saturday on an extended trip
thru the New England states and on
into Canada to Quebec and, Nova
Scotia and the Dr. Gordon Pixels
also vacationing in Canada.
And Theresa Slusser of the high
school faculty, Sylvia Biedennan hos
pital superintendent and Clara Schu
macher. of the Meter works are leav
ing early Sunday morning on a motor
trip to New York and thru the New
England states and Adirondacks.
Addison Myers and Theodore Bau
man, Bluffton high school seniors
saw the midwest the hitchhike way,
going to Newton, Kansas where they
attended the Mennonite World con
ference the first of the week.
And the Howard Stauffers home
from a week’s vacation motoring thru
the Smokies and Theodore Kohli
and Roger Bell seeing sights in West
Virginia via bus and Supt. of
Schools Lanham and family on a
two weeks’ trip visiting relatives in
Virginia and Ohio.
Warning—the coon that is raiding
Ed Reichenbach’s patch of sweet corn
nightly better keep a wary eye out
for trouble, specially this week on
Friday the 13th which may be un
lucky for coons, too. Postmaster Ed
is irked and he’s keeping a sharp
lookout on that field of roasting ears
as well as polishing up his shootin’
iron. They say the coon has developed
a voracious appetite for sweet com
and feasts on an average of a dozen
ears every night.
A venerable Pandora couple, Mr.
and Mi's. P. P. Welty are marking
their birthdays this month. Mr. Welty
was 85 on August 2 and his wife will
be 82, August 20.
Beaver football lineup
freshly painted white helmets
saw on the clothesline at Coach
Burcky’s Monday.
informal re
in, the other
Don Fritchie, Junior
Kenney Finton, three
had an impromptu and
union at Saleir
day, when Don,
tions service stc
enroute from
Washington sta
and ran into Ju
went to Salem
fields last sprin
to Guam where
for 18 months.
in Navy communica
pped off in that city
Bainbridge Island,
e to San Francisco
dor and Kenney who
with the Herb Sie
r. Don is being sent
he will be stationed
aplehorn, daughter
Murray Tri.
Lora Jean and M. M. Murray attend
ed the Standard Oil employees picnic
at Indian lake, Sunday. The Trippie
horns and Murrays have been identi
fied in Bluffton with Standard Oil
as far back as most residents can
remember. In fact it’s been in the
family for 62 years. Murray Tripple
horn, who drives the tank wagon took
■over the business from his father,
Fred Trippiehorn, who in 1900
received it from M. M. “Dode” Mur
Dode, 80, was the oldest man at
the picnic, Sunday, started driving
a tank wagon for the Standard back
in 1886 when there was only a mud
road between Bluffton and Pandora
and swung up thru Mt. Cory and
Rawson, making a big route for his
two-horse team which in those days
pinch-hit for the big semi-jobs you
now see on the Dixie. That was the
time when coal oil, the fastest mov
ing item, was used in lamps in place
of electric lights—and it sold for
around 8 cents a gallon and no
one had much use for gasoline ex
cept a few who had the new fangled
gasoline kitchen stoves and bought
the fuel—top grade high test gas,
mind you for 9 cents—that’s right
9 cents a gallon and torch oil—
that the drillers used for light at
night when they “ran tower” in the
oil field on a round the clock schedule,
sold for four and one-half cents a gal
In speaking of California fruit and
vegetables, speak favorably—or you
may find a crate of them on your
doorstep some morning just to prove
you’re wrong. That’s what happened
the other day when a generous size
shipment of quality grade arrived
at the Bluffton News office with com
pliments of the Chamber of Commerce
of Van Nuys, Calif., which merits our
profound thanks—and the even more
profound thanks of our boss when he
learned the $7 express charge was
It all started a month ago when an
FIRST in Riding-Smoothness!
You just can’t beat the genuine Unitized
Knee-Action Gliding Ride for real riding
smoothness—real traveluxury—over any
and all kinds of roads, from boulevard
to byway and, remember, this famous
’’Knee-Actiori” ride is exclusive to Chev
rolet and more expensive cars. ,, ____
excerpt from a tourist' appeared ini
these notes to the effect that “orangeI
trees in the San Fernando valley ini
California are being uprooted because I
of disease and vegetables are of poor I
quality.” I
We were never sure that anyoneI
read this column—that’s another in-1
stance where we were wrong—some-1
one did—and it came to the attention!
of the Van Nuys Chamber of Com-1
merce where it created as much con-1
sternation as slander of St. Patrick
would in Ireland.
Now there are some things a col
umnist can get away with, but cast
ing aspersions on the San Fernando
valley isn’t one of them.
Headed by Edward Keasbey, Jr.,
chairman of the Van Nuys Chamber’s
agricultural committee, members
rounded up a crate of choice local
grown vegetables—cucumbers, onions,
carrots, squash and the like—labeled
it to the publisher of the Bluffton
News and sent it on its way.
And a small box of oranges also
went along just to prove they still
grow big in the San Fernando valley.
And a letter from the Chamber of
Commerce says “we are always hap
py to have an excuse to sing the vir
tues of our fine San Fernando valley
produce this region has for many
years been one of the garden spots
of Southern California from which
come most of the fruits and vege
tables for the city of Los
only a few miles and less
hour’s time away.”
than an
the fact
All of which adds up to
that amicable relations are
between the News and the San Fern
ando valley boosters—together with
our acknowledgment of the fine qual
ity of vegetables and luscious fruit
which they sent as “proof of the pud
More vigor in
hot weather—
include meat in your menu.
Fresh and Salt Meats
CoMPARE the values compare the prices!...
Do this and you’ll know that now more than
ROLET IS FIRST in Big-Car quality at lowest
prices, just as it is first in nationwide deipand
for the total 17-year period, 1931 to date!
v To compare the values is to know that only Chev
rolet brings you the Big-Car riding-smoothness of
.1 the original and outstanding Unitized Knee-Action
Ride the Big-Car performance and depend
v ability of a world’s champion Valve-in-Head engine
v ... the Big-Car beauty and luxury of the enviable
Body by Fisher the Big-Car safety of Fisher
Unisteel Body-Construction and Positive-Action
Hydraulic Brakes plus many another major
FIRST in Thrills with Thrift
There’s nothing like Chevrolet's World’s
champion Valve-in-Head engine for thrills
and thrift. It holds all records for miles
served, owneri satisfied, and years tested
and proved. It embodies that extra-sound,
extra-dependable Valoe-in-Head design,
found elsewhere only in costlier cars.
Willjam Lahman
Guyi Carmean
Harry Turner
THURSDAY, AUG. 12, 1948
Highest Market Price for
Poultry and Eggs
Country Route Service—a phone call
brings our truck to your door.
Charles Kinsinger
Lawn & Elm Streets Bluffton, Ohio
The Logical Market
for your milk is
The Page Dairy Co.
Your Milk
to the
Page Plant at
T1 ere are untold sound reasons
fo every milk producer who
re (ides in the vicinity of Bluffton
to ship his daily production to
The Page Dairy Co. plant at
Bluffton shorter farm-to-plant
hauls is just one reason the
Page Dairy Co. record of consist
ently paying the highest market
prjee for milk is another
may we buy your milk, now?
at your service:
The Page Dairy Co.
qualify advantage still not available in any other
motofr car in its field.
Aiid to compare the prices is to know that
Chevrolet prices are the lowest in the field
arm that Chevrolet value continues to be the
highest in its field!
/That is why more and more people in all parts
•f the country are deciding, more and more
enthusiastically, that only one is Number One,
only Chevrolet is first.
That is why we believe you, too, will make this
same decision when you compare the values and
compare the prices ... for you win in every way
with Chevrolet!
FIRST in Tasteful Beauty!
You will be perfectly sure of your car’s
beauty-leadership when you own a car
with the world-famous Body by Fisher
and this most desired and desirable of
all car bodies—supremely beautiful from
etery angle, inside and out—is available
onlv Chevrolet and higher-priced cars.
FIRST in All-Round Safety!
You and your family will enjoy extra safety,
too, the triple safety protection of Fisher
Unisteel Body-Construction, the Unitized
Knee-Action Gliding Ride and Positive
Action Hydraulic Brakes—another com
bipation of features found only in Chev
rolet and higher -priced cars.

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