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Twin Size
Basinger s
Afa Sleek 4-Door 6-Pmsenger Tourback Sedan head, aVne-up of six
mart SUPERS, all powered with the surging new F-2K3 straight
dght engine, very latest word in valve-in-head lift and fife.
Look over the 1950 Buick line,
which these two high-fashioned
honeys represent, and decide for
yourself if that’s truth or just talk.
Nineteen—*Yes, 19—smart new and
varied models to choose from, and
all with the eye-catching styling of
bold-lined bumper-guard grilles,
sleek tapering fenders, the over-all
look of a jet plane in flight.
Three full series Special, Super
and Roadmaster with Special
models available in both standard or
de luxe finish.
Three separate power plants—
in five horsepower ratings—all more
powerful, higher in compression, all
Fireball valve-in-heads and one
of them, the sensational new F-263,
giving SUPER models extra brilliance
on the road.
Four wheelbases all planned for
riding comfort —with overhang re
duced to make parking and garaging
easier. Roominess galore, with rear
seats as much as 13 inches wider.
Plenty of outlook as well. And the
abiding comfprt of coil springs on all
four wheels. And the steady going of
Phone your Buick dealer
/ora demonstration—Bight Now!
ear o
When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them
■1 ection in
duarteis Full Size
Furniture Store
Forty-seven Years of dependable Service
"FASHIONED for every taste
■a 1
Priced for every BUDGET
Variety is what spices life—and
life in Bluffton has a lot of variety
these days and by that token should
be spicy there is, of course, the
weather—June in January tempera
tures a week ago with night crawl
ers plentiful—then down to a flat
six above zero last Friday night
with a handful of sleet, snow and
ice thrown in just for good measure
—and back up in the high fifties
Tuesday—with a thunderstorm very
early in the morning ... all of
which makes for variety to say the
least now w'e’re going to return
all those cute Florida postcards we
got over the holidays from Bluffton
ites wintering in the south and tell
them that Ohio weather the first of
the week was a reasonable facsimile
of what they have in Florida
however, we’re keeping that news
paper with photographs of the Tour
nament of Roses parade the Albert
Kohlers sent from Pasadena the oth
er day and for more spice,
there’s the Baby Derby—never has
Bluffton been so much interested in
a baby—fact is there were three at
the hospital running a close finish—
and the outcome announced in sev
eral Bluffton churches at services
Sunday morning doctors, nurses
and hospital attaches as well as the
general public finding it the No. 1
item of interest Bluffton, where
births at the hospital ordinarily are
almost a daily occurrence suddenly
snubbed by the stork and forgotten
for more than a week, catapulted
into headlines with newspapers and
radio stations keeping tab on de
velopments—fact is, Bluffton’s sud
den dearth of babies was broadcast
by radio as far away as Dallas,
Texas and adding more spice to
Bluffton’s boiling stew is growing
sentiment that the council “do some
thing about it”—the proposed in
crease in telephone rates, that is—
just what the council would—or
could—do about it no one has said—
however the city administration al
ways furnishes a convenient door
step on whfch to unload troubles
spice—it’s what makes the stew pal
atable—keeps party lines busy and
torque-tube drive—plus Safety-Ride
trims for comfort plus control.
Then look at prices—do they really
At any budget?
Tyiey range from the fine-car level
on the Roadmaster down to just
akfove-the-Iowest figures on the
SPlCIAL. But even these are so little
and live you a car of such consist
ently\better trade-in value that
So wh
price i
dealer now? Deliveries are good,
the “deal’ is right, and a signed-up
order steps you up to that Buick
you’ve akvays dreamed about!
e anything else buy you so
v more years of happy use
find Buick reachable by
in any price range.
not get the whole story,
ind all, from your Buick
Here's fix SmarttSPfCIAL 3
Passenger Coupe, doe of seven
smart models. Dyntflow Drive
optional. Horsepower —115
with Synchro-Mesh transmis
sion, 122 with DynaSow.
Miller Buick Sales and Service
N. Main & Elm Sts. Bluffton, Ohio Phono 381-W
makes life livable in a small town—
this isn’t all the spice, to be sure—
there’s some that for obvious reas
ons can’t appear in this column
which you may hear from time to
time—as we’ve noted before in this
column there isn’t much to see in
a small town—but what you hear
makes up for it.
Speaking of things you hear—
Bluffton’s Baby Derby paid off on
the old wives’ tale that “babies al
ways get born right after the full
moon”—and there was a full moon
last week. What is probably more
remarkable is the fact that for more
than a week there had been no births
at the hospital where the nursery
usually is one of the liveliest spots.
With three girl babies close contend
ers for the prize money there still
remains the consolation awards for
the first boy baby and the first pair
of twins.
Our Chevy which never fails to
start, fair weather or foul, was sty
mied Saturday morning on an ice
covered pavement. The wheels spun
around but we weren’t going any
where until a passing stranger—Good
Samaritan that he was—stopped and
brought over a little sack of rock
salt which he sprinkled in front of
the back wheels. That’s all it need
ed—he said he kept the salt in his
car for just such emergencies—so
we’re passing the good news along
to you just in case.
And when it comes to good Sa
maritans—the Legion’s “TOT” Tide
of Toys got a -big response here.
Bluffton really opened its heart for
this one and toys poured in for
children overseas where such things
are priceless treasures. More pro
jects such as this might mean less
atomic bomb projects.
Paul Werthimer, formerly of Ada
and for two years flight instructor
at Bluffton airport is now teaching
embryo missionaries how to fly as
flight and ground school instructor
at Moody Bible Institute Airport in
Missionaries are going modern
these days—and to be out in some
far-off corner of the world, a knowl
edge of flying technique comes in
handy and Paul’s friends here say
they couldn’t have picked a better
Your Key to Greater Value
(Dynafiow Drive avatahle at extra
or extra con)
P,Clvnd deliver,
dbor for
*o?°X y°ry
ran*PortotiOn charge,. n'n° COnlfnunifieg I
wRK Op?
Tune In HENRY J. TAYLOR, ABC NefWSrt every Monday evening.
Any old port in a storm—that’s
what a bedraggled blue pigeon
thought during a heavy rain squall
Tuesday morning when it found
shelter in the Church street entrance
to the Rice dry goods store. The
bird, quite tame, was as much in
terested in onlookers as they were
in the feathered visitor.) After
preening its feathers it departed
when the storm had subsided.
Death claimed John “Jock” Mc
Farland, the Wandering Scottish
globe trotter whose trek through
Bluffton was recorded in this column
several years ago. He died in To
ledo, Saturday and was buried there
in a cemetery plot bought by friends.
McFarland, 56, who called him
self the world’s champion hiker at
tracted attention wherever he went
with his Scottish costume and thick
native brogue. He claimed to have
been walking for 29 years and cov
ered some 665,000 miles including
visits to Australia, Dutch East In
dies, Alaska and
Canada, He
came ill in Toledo a month ago
while enroute to Edinburgh, Scotland,
to end his wandering days where he
had begun them in 1921.
If you’re old enough to remem
ber back thirty-two years, you may
recall that this Thursday will
be the thirty-second anniversary of
Bluffton’s worst blizzard. It was on
Saturday, January 12, 1918 when a
roaring storm struck almost with
out warning before daybreak as the
mercury plummeted 42 degrees in 10
hours to a low of 12 degrees be
low zero. A howling 40-mile an
hour gale added to the general dis
comfort and completely disrupted
Bluffton’s usual brisk Saturday
trade dropped to nothing. Stores in
the business district shut up shop
at dusk and it was an adventurous
sould indeed -who ventured out after
dark. The blizzard, however, was of
comparatively short duration as the
next day, Sunday, dawned bright
and clear. The wind died down and
the entire community manned snow
shovels to clear the sidewalks and
dig out of the big drifts wliile snow
plowrs went to work opening the
main highways.
Annual Meeting Notice
The Annual Meeting of the Rich
land Township Farmers Mutual In
surance Association, will be held in
the council room in the town hall at
Bluffton, Ohio, on Saturday, Janu
ary 14, 1950 at 1:00 P. My for the
purpose of electing officer^ and to
transact any other business that
would come before the Association.
All members are urged to attend.
39 Earl L. Matter, Secretary
Thomas E. WaRStafy whose IJftst known
address is 21 'West 20jri Street, Indianapolis,
Indiana, is hereby notified that Madonna P.
Wagstaff has filed her petition against him
for divorce in cut number 39317 in the
Court of Common/Pleas of Allen County,
Ohio, alleging Grq^s Neglect of Duty as her
ground for same End praying for divorce and
restoration of her former name, Madonna P.
Robinson, and that said cause will be for
hearing on or after the 26th day of January,
By Sylvan H. Wise, her attorney. 40
Now’s the time to let us put that like-new zip and
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ating costs and in slashed-down oil and fuel con
sumption. Besides, you’ll have a tractor that’s a
pleasure to drive ... runs clean and smooth ... digs
into the toughest jobs with power to spare.
Bring your tractor in for an engine checkup today.
Our servicemen will give it their expert and un
hurried attention now and.bayfi.it in tip-top shape
for the busy season.
Let us look your ci
to make sure that n
a big repair bill lat
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Mean More Power... Save Oil and Fuel
Custom Slaughtering
Beef and Pork Slaughtering
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Dressed Weight
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Beef by the Quarter-/—Pork by the Side
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Charles Kinsinger
Lawn & Elm Streets Bluffton, Ohio
Look Ahead and Be Ahead
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great big repair bill later on, if it is not looked after NOW.
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sr on.
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