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THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1950
“The Nature of Harvest is the Nature of Planting.”
BEANS—PEAS—SWEET CORN of the Best varieties for
canning and freezing.
Vegetable and Flower Plants: Head Lettuce, Cabbage,
Cauliflower, Hybrid and Regular Tomatoes, Peppers,
Kohl Rabi, Beets and others.
SEED POTATOES: Irish Cobbler, Katahdin, Bliss Triumph,
and Green Mountain, White and Yellow Onion Sets.
POTTED ROSES: Hybrid Tea, Florabunda, Climbers, Poly
anthias and Tree Roses. We have a large assortment
of Rose Foods, Rose Dusts and Rose Sprays. It pays
to use the Best for Diseases and Insects.
Bulbs & Roots: Gladiolus of many colors and varieties.
Dahlia roots and plants. Canna roots in various colors.
Callas, Caladium, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Gloxinia and
many others.
FRUIT TREES: Apples, Pears, Peaches, Sweet and Sour
Cherries. Good varieties in stock.
PERENNIAL PLANTS: Alyssum, Canterbury Bells, Red
and White Carnations, Pinks, Delphiniums, Gypsophilia,
Double Shasta Daisy, Phlox, Peonies, Poppies and
Painted Daisies. Many others coming within the next
week. I
of Hope and Courage to the Shut-ins, the Aged and
that Friend that Needs a Lift. Place our order NOW
for Mother’s Day Corsages. Priced from $1.00 to
$3.50 each.
Did you ever stop and think that garden
religious? The act of ordering seeds
affirmation of the goodness of God.
never plant!
Our store is conveniently located, and pen week days
from 7:30 A. M. till 9:00 P. M. 2n door North of
the Post Office.
Herr’s Flowers & Seeds
126 S. Main Street Bluffton, Ohio
Dest reason in the world for
having your Buick safety-checked
this May—you ’llget a great deal more
pleasure out of driving it.
You’ll travel carefree all summer if
you have a Buick specialist check
over your brakes and wheel bear
ings now—see that your steering is
true and ~asy—look into stop lights,
taillights, turn indicators, horn and
other warning signals.
jrs are all truly
now is really an
Else we would
us mi
Anniversary season—College ready
ing for its 50thin two weeks
Presbyterian church marking Found
er’s day on June 4 when it will have
been in Bluffton for 101 years—
Ernie Bigelow from Norwalk, form
er pastor and other dignitaries slated
for the program and Alvin
Whisler from California to speak at
the high school alumni dinner next
week when his class—1900—cele
brates their 50th and with June
the month of brides and weddings
not too far off, here should be plenty
of golden weddings coming and
speaking of anniversaries—this is
the first week of the straw hat sea
son—altho we haven’t seen one sum
mer topper yet—couldn’t find a single
straw hat displayed in a Bluffton
shop window over the week end, so
perhaps the male population isn’t
straw-hat conscious yet and
Bluffton breaking out in a rash of
home building—at least a half dozen
Welded to your old plow share!
The New Wiese drop forged
point is welded on worn share
to give point NEW SHARE
Bring in your plow now before
the spring rush—Prompt
H. E. Augsburger
129 S. Main—Rear
lown shop is Buick headquarters
men are trained and experi
old hands on Buicks. Bring
Buick to us for your pre
ler safety check-over, and let
ike sure you can wheel over
highroad in perfect peace of
play s
safe in May—and you can
\fely all summer.
Miller Buick Sales and Service
N. Main & Elm Sts. Bluffton, Ohio Phono 381-W
houses in various stages of construc
tion—you’ll hear hammers ringing
most anywhere in town new
homes for more families reflect faith
in Bluffton’s future, fully justified
by past performances—Bluffton, we
maintain, is the biggest little town
in the country and as an ideal spot
in which to rear a family it can’t be
beaten—however, a growing popula
tion and more residences will add
their bit to Bluffton’s already troub
lesome sewage problem which, like
he cat with nine lives persists in
turning up, much to our discomfit
ure spring, late to be sure—
but it’s arrived—which is also sure
as Bluffton was jammed last Satur
day night as it always is in the sum
mer—fact is several retailers Mon
day said that last week’s business vol
ume topped the corresponding weeks
for the past three previous years—
wearing apparel, paint, home acces
sories, autos and building materials
all getting the purchaser’s nod ...
less rosy is the outlook for mush
rooms—cold, dry weather hasn’t giv
en them the heydey they usually en
joy about this time—and fishing,
too, reported good for the past fort
night turned sour over the week end
—don’ know why—that’s what a lot
of anglers would like to find out...
and speaking of fishing, some of the
smart boys who dangled a lot of
expensive tackle in the Buckeye with
nary a nibble were nonplussed when
Beverly, 10-year-old daughter of the
Ross Irwins, fishing with a cane pole
landed a couple of rainbow trout
bearing prize tags in the fishing
Last Friday’s mail delivery in
Bluffton was the lightest in 20
years—very little except first class
mail arrived because of the railroad
strike which demoralized postal
service. Bulky mail together with
periodicals such as Life, Time and
other magazines which make up a
large portion of Friday’s volume
failed to arrive and were not deliv
ered until Monday morning.
And by a strange quirk of fate
the Bluffton News is now delivered
to Mt. Cory, Rawson and Beaver
dam on Wednesday evenings while
in Bluffton it’s on Thursday. This
is because of the new postal regu
lation restricting deliveries in resi
dence sections to one daily. Under
the present ruling the News is
carried on the city route Thursday
instead of Wednesday afternoon as
was the custom since city delivery
was begun here some thirty years
Silas Diller, Bluffton clothier, who
raises fine fruit as a hobby is minus
some choice grafts which were neat
ly snipped off a prize apple tree
by a crew of ambitious youthful
workers hired to cut out dead limbs
in some trees at his home on South
Main street during Bluffon’s clean
up week.
Homing pigeons get up a speed
around 30 miles an hour it was
found as the result of "clocking”
a pair Monday morning which flew
a distance of 140 miles from Bluff
ton to Clausing, Michigan. The
pigeons belong to Bob Marsh, hus
band of the former Janice King of
Bluffton. Her brother-in-law and
sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schiffke
of this place who visited in Claus
ing over the week end brought back
two of the birds with them Sunday
night and released them at 6:45
o’clock Monday morning. The pig
eons arrived in Clausing a 11:30—
four and three-quarters hours later.
They’re quite grown up—those
five baby rabbits—at least old
enough to leave their nest, which a
mother rabbit carefully concealed
on the lawn at the rear of the post
office. Gone during he day, the
mother returned regularly at dusk
to feed her tiny brood which at
traced attenion -of the post office
crew. Bob McCune of the postal
crew consituted himself as unofficial
guardian of the nest, shooing off
wandering dogs and cats and later
some school children who learned
the secret.
Beauty spots in Bluffton are the
Japanese cherry trees in full bloom
the first of the week. You may
still get a good look at them if
you hurry—alhough they are past
their prime. The trees usually in
blossom the first of May are about
two weeks late.
So far as we know, there are only
three of these trees in town—one
at the home of Sidney Stettler and
his sister, Mrs. Inez Neuenschwan
der at Lawn and College avenues,
another on the College campus be
tween the old and new gymnasiums
and a third at the former Lenore
Myers propery on College road now
occupied by the Wm. Burbicks. If
there are other trees please let us
know and we will be glad to pass
the word along to readers of this
Sally, daughter of the Ralph
Reichenbachs has a "thank you”
letter from Cardiff, Wales, which
she received the first of the week
in response to a gift package sent
early this spring. The letter was
written by 14-year-old Dorohy Balm,
of a children’s home near Cardiff.
Schools there have a two weeks’ va
cation in mid-April, the letter says.
Sportsmen's Club To
Manage Buckeye Lake
Bluffton municipal council Monday
night turned over to the Bluffton
Sportsmen’s club management of the
Buckeye lake area for fishing, boat
ing, picnicking and other recreation
al facilities during the coming year.
Under terms of the agreement, the
club will control and operate the
lake and picnic area for the year.
Fishing in the lake will be restricted
to members of the club, but the pic
nic and recreation area is open to
The Sportsmen’s club established
the park at the west end of the lake
about five years ago, and facilities
have been considerably expanded
since that time.
To represent leading door distributor
in Allen County. Age 30 to 40 to
sell upward acting type garage detfrs
and operators, including the Idtesr in
radio controlled operators. Write
your qualifications in full detafil to
John H. Homuth, Sales yhager,
Crawford Door Sales Company, 2066
E. 70th St., Cleveland 3, Ohio.
2 miles oat West
Saiuiasky Street,
Findlay, Ohio
‘Miss Grant TY
Lucille Ball
May 18-19
es Richmond”
Wm. Holden
“Blondie Hits the Jackpot”
and Cartoon
May 20
Philip Reed
Virgtni rey
“Way Out West”
Laurel & Hardy
and Cartoon
Free Candy Rolls to Kiddies
Sunday-Monday May 21-22
“It’s A Great Feeling”
in Color
Dennis Morgan Jack Carson
Cartoon Comedy Short
Tuesday-Wednesday May 23-24
Sunset Carson Stage Show
On the Screen
“Adv. of Gallant Bess”
in Color
2 Shows Nitely—Rain or Clear
First Show Starts 8:15 P. M.
Highest Market Price For
Poultry and Eggs
Country Route Service—a phone call
brings ou| truck to your door.
Charles Kinsinger
Lawn & Elm !treets Bluffton, Ohio
The Foundation of Big Crops
Drain Your Land with Concrete Tile
Farm land is made more productive when properly
drained. Can be worked earlier. Soil fertility is
But be sure your tile is CONCRETE. For properly
made concrete gets better with age. Won’t crumble
or shale under frost. Always perfectly round and
true. Dense, firm and strong. Also used for founda
tion work—dry wells—septic tanks—and other
All of our concrete drain tile are made on the famous
Champion machine.
All sizes—low prices—prompt delivery.
Bluffton Cement Block Inc.
305 Cherry St. Phone 365-W
Bluffton, Ohio
MOTHER. ___.
And next to MOTHER is
the word HOME and
John Deere and New Idea
farm equipment is bring
ing better living to every
farm home around here.
have the finest implements
that will just fit your
needs, priced to spit your
budget. Good results every
time with fine quality
BOX 71 TSU73-W
Cards will be mailek
presented when paymen
Any present patron?
or those making applies
call at the Clover Farm
New patrons will be
and providing payment 1
is made, plus payment foi
lated rubbish.
Former customers m:
providing all delinquent
the payment is made of
John Deere A-B and MT tract
Towner Heavy Duty Diac
John Deere Disc Tiller
Corson Soil Sergon’s 8 ft.
John Deere 8 ft. CC Field
John Deere 3 section Spring
Tooth Harrows
12” and 14” No. 44 2 Bottom
12”-3 Bottom No. 55 Plow
John Deere 2-Row Rot. Hoe
John Deere and New Idea
Manure Spreaders
John Deere and New Idea Pow
er Mowers
John Deere and New Idea Side
John Deere Automatic Wire
Hay Baler
New Idea Grain and Bale
John Deere 13 by 7 Tractor
John Deere No. 490 4-Row
Corn Planter
IIIC and John Deere Manure
Dunham Disc Harrow
1938 Model A Tractor
Payment of fees for the collecting of Garbage and
Rubbish for the year 1950-1951 will be payable to the
Village Clerk from May 11 to May 20, 1950.
Fees, to be paid art for the period of one year,
from May 15, 1950 to May 15, 1951, and are payable
in advance.
to all patrons and MUST be
is made.
who failed to receive a card,
.tion for the service should
store, Vine St., for a card.
given the service on request
ff the fee of $3.00 per year
the removal of any accumu-
Ly be reinstated at this time,
harges rfre paid in full, and
the fee for one year in
Service will be discontinued to all patrons whose
fees are not paid by the 20th of May, 1950.
For convenience of patrons payment of fees will
be handled at the BLUFFTON CLOVER FARM
STORE, West Vine Street, BLUFFTON, OHIO.
A. J. B. LONGSDORF, Clerk W. A. HOWE, Mayor

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