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Stopping the Supplies.
The instruction of the 8s letary f Treasury
tu the Western Custom House Officer are, to
finji all muiiiiioiie of war, pnivWoii and other
Mipplies, going tu insurgents in arm against the
Government. There caa be no question about
the right and the duty of the Government in the
t aw, except by those who dispute the right of
t!i Government to maintain the Constitution by
force. If the Government has a right to up
preoB insurrection, it baa Ike right and it is its
duly to stop supplies from the insurgents.
Mr. A. J. Harris, of Fremont, has received a
letter from Mr. Philip Maxwell, now at Cleve
land, who stales that James Maxwell is recover
ing from hi illness, and that he has at no time
Iwfii in any serious danger.
Yesterday's Report.
jjaitimore may v.Kjne luousanu luroe
r, , . f a .1 1 .
hundred troops from Perryville landed at
Locust Point nod took the car which
Marled immediately, supposed for Wash
ington. The M.vor and Police Commis
sioners with 200 police crossed in ferry
. '
presoin ai
the Point
loai to Locust roinl and were
the debarkation.
Tlin I J a priil T n A l: I .1 nW
with her ports open.
This morning the operators on th0
Northern Central Railroad were di.missed
.-j .t. ..;,. ..nA. .1..
,1V ,vw Mill'. v..
. ... -u-
A train announced to leave Harri.burg
f. i Uwaliinvf n 1i.ninmia
It iu Koliouo.i
. i... .:n ,"., ,.jj ,i.
limn iiiwin win h, iii.tv lunniui mo
1 ..... ....
city. The road will be controlled by gov
ernment officials.
Captain Robinson, late commander of
Fort McHenry has been ordered to Detroit
to receive recruits.
The Triimne's correspondence snys:
Washington, May 9. Senators Wilson
.,,t Mir.j- .:.. iv o . ..f.i... xt
iliiu ,o,-, nnu inn uwiviniv 01 wit? nnii
. ...
had a long interview with the President
i .:
f-oiltllllli l It txiilllliiz liiumiiinviou.
t. i -..!.: i .i :.
ioncd Navy officers have gone to Europe to
buv steamers and other vessels for tho
nA w. ffi' ho., . p , ,
U. S. Government.
Captain McDonnell, a U. S. Army re
cruiting agent at Baltimore, sent a report
to the War Department announcing 300
recruits for the rognlar service.
There is a rumor here that Missouri
Slate troops in command of Governor Jack
son have visited St. Louis. There are some
8,000 troops under arms, commanded by
F. P. Blair, Jr., in defense of the city.
Rebel forces in large quantities are be
ing concentrated at Alexandria, with heavy
ordnance, it would seem with the intention
of fortifying themselves a part of a system
atic approach to this city.
The Times' correspondence says:
Nineteen regiments, in addition to those
previously ordered, have been called for to
come here immediately, and are already on
the way to Relay camp and Washington.
General Patterson has advanced on the
Philadelphia, Wilmington fc Baltimore
road as far .. Bush river where men under
his directions are engaged in reconstructing
bridges. He is reported to have upward
of 15,000 men under his command.
It is expected in anticipation of the
threatened movements on the part of the
forces in Virginia, the Federal Government
will occupy Arlington Heights.
The Treasury has now ample means in
specie for all necessities. . They had this
forenoon between two and three millions
dollars in the vaults. There are offers of
loans to any extent already exceeding five
million dollars at par.
The Herald's correspondence says:
The President gave a military reception.
Gen. Harney is acting with Gen. Butler at
the Ralay House.
The Niagara is destined for blockading
Last night 94 of tha Msrylaod Guard
were arrested by the Massachusetts Picket
Guard for attempting to escape to Virginia
to join the secession forces. They will be
dealt with as traitors.
Gen. Beauregard, with Russell, of the
London Times, had arrived at Montgomery
on the 6 lb inst.
The Government continues) to be over
helmed with offers of naval and laud
forces for aervics against the rebels.
Prominent men from all parts ot the
country are constantly here for the purpose
oi tendering aiu ; oy uuy
ready been Bared from tne flew Jingiana
8iates, to be armed and equipped at lh
owners' expense.
rnare1wuiiii(iiii j"
navigating Northern lakes propose
to orinjr meir crmi uo-it -.o
. . L . A . ..I . Uka ...i.l in f hA Klswlr.
Ivj vua iv i mm uuuiv .uu mwi iu mw viw-
ede of Southern ports.
Government has just baen put in pos
session of important information in regard to
movements and operations ot tne rebel army.
Their exact nature has not yet transpired
but the government is taking advantage of
it and will be ready in 30 days to meet
them. There are forces at every point.
(0M ' " j. 23.
a-ll U..flL mm. 1 1- ! , 1
Saturday, 6 A.. M., Mlay 11 th, 1861.
excitement occasioned by a messenger ar
pellers QQre at l2 0-clock Hst njght wilh dia.
It appeari that Urge force is now '
marching from the South for Harper' Fer
ry iiud from thence, will attempt to force thoir
way to Pennsylvania. Their object is to
draw oQ a portion of tbo foioet concentrated
t Washington and attack them on both
points. I he Uovertiineut is in possession
I of very important information and from re-:-i.t.
i. : ..- it.
linuiv KfUlm, ubiiiiu aui-ui in vivi i r,',u-
e, ,. , .r. - , " ...i
,ha mo..amentl of WnVfall. 6 ,
, . , , . . , ,
Baltimore, May 10. Special correspond-
ence of tho Amorican telegraph from Fred-,
erl .k this turenoon say me mountain loresl
'on the Maryland side was fired last night,
. ' , ,
Much aluablo timber v, as dolr..yed.
Abou' 800 V,rg,,1",n "nJ Kentucklans
I encampea upon .ne wary ,ana ...ore,
nd the heights in that vicinity are being
. Cri'fieJ- AL b""e7 L" P'T-i
'Jcfforsonrock. Irains have been laid in
, . , , ,
Dinca for l owiner ud tbo bridcres and other
P'oporty at a moment s notice if necessary.
ie conduct ot mo v irzininns excites inuig-
, J - w. .
nation amonff the people of Washington
, . , ,
" ' Tki.lti R. llmnHar.. l.n.uA1 I I, v.V
Frederick for Harper' Ferry this f ircnixin.
Tlio Norfolk line steamer reports that the
Virginians have seized the small steamer
Win. Seidell, which made the connection
between Old Point and Norfolk, thus all
communication is broken oft.
New York, Mav 10. Tho Times has
. . . ti T i . I .
aili'iiutu ni r in Knrlul I hut I III, ftiivMinnlljl
r ,v" I v , ' '
have a battear of 88 pounders l the I
, - - . rvi . .
'mouth of James river. Tlio steam tuff
I koe was tired upon, but the shell passed
over her.
1 bo tents of the secession forces
lining the whole bank of tlio river are dis
tinctly seen from the remparts of Fort Mon
roe. Col. Dimtnick is mounting 10 inch
Columhind and batteries on the land side
of the Fort to bo protected by sand bag en
trenchments. The big guu, Rodman, for
merly tho Floyd, is mounted to sweep the
New York, May 10. The Austrian brig
slock, from London, reports April 10 fell
in with a large ship, about 1200 to 1500
tons, on fire. Supposed lo be lumber la
den. Sent boat ; saw nobody on board ;
the name was burned.
Chicago, May 10. The Tribune corres
pondent says Gen. Prentiss has received
positivs icformation that Gen. Pillow has
chartered the steamboats Ohio, Belle, Morris
and Hill, for attack on Cario.
Boston, May 10th. The steamer Pein
brooke sailed this . u. for Fort Monroe
with reinforcements. She carries a heavy
armament and a large quantity of clothing,
provisions and munitions of war.
New York, May 10th. Gen. Beaure
gard's official report of the bombardment of
Fort Suibter, is printed to-day.
A parliul blockade exists at Pensacola.
No munitions of war are allowed to enter.
Fort Pickens is prepared to repel any at
tack. The seces-iionists have a new bat
tery at Doar Point. They were engaged
in unroofing the buildings at the Navy Yard,
preparatory to an attack. Their forces are
rumored lo be 6,000. All was quiet at
Key West. The St. Louis and Crusade
were there.
Louisville, May 10th Messengers ar
rived at Frankfort this morning from Owen
county, saying that between 800 and 400
negroes were armed and formed into a
company aud were committing depreda
tion. The whites undertook to disarm
tbein, when several were killed. The Gov
ernor has sent Gen. Bucknnr to ascertain
the truth of the matter. II has not yet
returned. The military are ia readiness.
St. Louis, May 10. Every able bodied
man, between the ago 18 and 05 will be
compelled to do military duty or pay. a fine
of $150. Anybody speaking disrespect
fully of the Governor or Legislature, will
be subject to court martial: and it requires
'every citizen to take the oath of allegiance
j A detachment of forty State militia was
to tne state ot Missouri.
1 wnt oul on tDe line of Pacific railroad Ihia
, (oreaooo to guflrj th9 Gasconade and Osage
, bridaes on that route.
Frankfort, Ky, May 10 There is great
. patcnet for the Uoveruor reporting an in
surrection in Owen county. The Governor
has sent a special messenger to ascertain
the particulars. The Military are in read
iness to march.
7 It is rumored that Capt. Rittor'
company now at Camp Taylor have been or
are about to be disbanded. Some of them
will probably enlist for the 3 year's service.
Washington, May 10. The states of Ohio,
Indiana and Illinois, will be subdivided into
several military depots, called IVpartuient of
the Ohio. Uen. McLelland, of Ohio, is assigned
to the command.
The President has issued an order that all ar
my officers, except those who have entered ser
vice since April 1st, shall tnke the oath of alle
giance to the Government.
. . n. ..
At least auu.uuu volunteers nave tendered
A large train of cars arrived this a. iu. with
troops who passed uninterrupted through Bal-
tnm;re, '
i,,n,jt. May 10 The military and volunteer
relief bills passed both House of the legiKia
ture by a unanimoits vote. The former provides
for 10 regiments, to be enrolled as directed by
tn,nt(vnMe at , pide,,.
rder into the Federal service.
The latter provides for raisins funds by Coin
mittee for relief of tho families of Volunteers.
The War Loan bill, providing $l,0JO,000 by
the issue of bonds running 25 years, drawing 7
j xr cent, interest, also passed without a dissent-
me voice.
r eglHjHliirv MUjoum. ui-niurniw
Trenton, N,
J.. Mny 10. Tho Legislature
.uthormnc t
3.000,000 loan bill. Also tho bill
g the Governor to raise and equip 4
regiment of troops, and to purchase 10.000
stsiid of arms, and pledging the entire resources
of the state in queuing rebellion.
New York. May 10. Despatches from Charles
ton say butter is selling at 75 cts. per pound.
No ham or bacon in market, and cattle suffering
for hay. Kay that Southern troops are better
provided with knives, dirks, and revolvers than
Northern troop, and feel confident of success.
Troop at Richmond have not been paid, and
flour is $10 and pork $50 per bbl, Virginia
and Carolina bonds are worth Vile on the dollar.
The Uultimore Sun this a. in. counsels the
e. . ,
Stiite tn remain loyal,
The World's despatch says the main blocka
ding force will be stationed in the Gulf; another
portion off Georgia, and a third off Virgiiiiaand
the Caniliuias.
(4en. Fauutleroy has resigned.
The Ohio troops an; ordered to Zanesvillc, op
posite Wheeling.
Ilarrisbtirg, May 10. A letter has been
received from an officer at Harper's Ferry,
saving; the troops there are provided wilh
inferior arms and are badly provisioned:
thinks their chances of success in conflict
with tho Federal troop are bad, and thinks
an accack by any thing like an adequate
force would prove successful. The writer is
an officer of skill and twenty years service.
A confident expccintion prevails in high
circles that a battle will be fought between
Kicbmond and Washington in ten days.
Louisville, May 10. The Mayor's vaio
of appropriation of 1200,000 to arm I ho city
was sustained dy council. The Mayor says
1 1 00,000 is sufficient. Council aproprinled
$10,000 for the relief ot the poor.
Rising Sun, Ind., May 10. The opera
tor at Patriot te'graph. that he has been
called upon to aid in quelling a negro in
surrection which broke out last night in
Owen and Gallatin counties, Ky. Great
team are felt as it is supposed that the ne
groes are led on be two or three white citi
zens of Kentucky. The people are galher
ng all their forces to put dawn the rebellion ;
and runners have been sent out into Indiana
for assistance. Capt. Fells of this place,
who has a company ready for our own
Stale servise has telegraphed that he would
immediately send his men and arms lo their
sssistnnce if needed. One line is down all
morning between Patriot and Yevar, so
that we are without any news from falter
place, we fear tin has been cut by insurg
ents to prevent transmission of newt of in
Annapolis, May 19. A steamer arrived
from Fortress Monroe; report several prizes
taken ; on board one found ex-Lieutnant of
U. 8. army.
Washington, Mny 10. Ma, Rhett, of South
Carolina, paymaster in the army, has seceded
from the Federal Government, losving s balance
of 10.000 against him unadjusted.
liewis Uleuname, ol national Kepuhlican
Committee, has been appointed Postmaster of
this city.
Uamsburjr, May 10. Troops from New i ork
city will hereafter pass through this place, arri
ving by taut jersey ttaiiroad, ana going to Bal
timore over the Northern Central. They can
reach Washington quicker and cheaper than by
the Annapolis route.
Application has been m ule by private parties
f E intern State tn Gov. Curtiu to permit bo
dies of armed free blacks to pas through Penn
sylvania. Iney met with an unconditional re
fusal, and great satisfaction is expressed here at
the Governor' decision. These application
were tn arouse the slave af Southern State to
Annapolis, May 10. At midnight last night
a squad of about 50 mounted insurgents fired
on the picket guard at Camp Butler across the
river. The guard returned the fire. About 30
shot were exchanged.
St. Louis, May 10. Oen. Frost's brigade of
Missouri Militia, encamped at Fort Jackson in
the western outskirts of the city, surrendered
unconditionally this afternoon, on demand of
Capt. Lyon, commander of the United State
forces in tuia city, uapu Lyon marched on
Camp Jackson with some 6,000 volunteers, sur
rounded lit and planted 8 field pieces on the ad
joining evninenoes.
The Allowing letter was sent from Of pt, Ly
on to G'h. Frost:
Hud QuAnraa IT. S. Taoop, )
1 St. Louis, May 10, 1861. J
To Us. D. M. Fbost Sis: Vonr command
ia regarded a evidently hostile towards the
Government of the Un ited States. It i for the
most pari made np of those Secessionists who
have openly avowed their hostility to the Gen
eral Government, and have been plotting at the!
seiiure of its property and overthrow of its su-
tnortty . I ou are openly in communication with
the so eaMed Southern Confederacy, which ia
now at fer with the United States, and you are
receiving at your Camp from said Confederacy,
and under its flag, large supplies of material of
war, tne most ot wnicn is Known to oe tne pro
perty of the United States. These extraordin
ary preparation plainly indicate none other
than the Well known purpose of the Governor
of this State, under whose order you are acting
and whose purpose recently eommunicnted to
the Legislature has just b wn responded to by
that body in the most unparalleled legislation,
having in direct view hostilities to the General
Government and Cooperation with it enemies.
In view of t heo considerations, and your fail
ure to disperse in obedience to the Proclamation
of the President, aud ofeminant necessary State
policy and obligations, imposed upon me by
instructions from Washington, it is my duty to
demand, nnd I do hereby demand of you an
immediate surrender of your command, with no
other coalition than that all persons surrender
iug nudet this demand shall bj kindly and hu
inanely treated. Believing myself prepared to
enlol-ce this ilemand, one-halt hour time will
be allowed for therewith.
Cnpi.j2d infantry commanding troops.
It is understood that Gon. Frost says this
letter was not received by him until his
camp wak surrounded by U. S. troops. He
then replied that the encampmont was or-
orgnmzen under tho law of the Stale, and
simply for organizing and drilling volun
teer militia of this military district; not ex
pecting demonstration, was unprepared to
uccessfullv resist attack, he thoroforo ac
cepted the terms specified and surrendered
his command. About 800 men then in
camp; a large number being in the city on
leave, then laid down their arms and were
escorted to the city a prisoners of war.
A release on parole was tendered the
officers and troops providing they would
lake oath not to take up arms ajain against
the U. & Government, which they declined
on grotinvls that it implied they bad already
taken arms against tho Government, which
ibey disclaimed. Just before the troops
started for tbo city, and while tbo State
troops pre drawn up between two lines of
volunteers, seveial rocks were thrown at the
volunteers and a few pistol shots were fired
by the ekcited parties in the surrounding
crowd, which was composed of large num
bers of citizens, including many women.
One sho took effect in tho leg of Captain
Blnutwosky, and as ho full he gave the or
der to fire, which was obeyed by some two
or three Companies, resulting in (he death
of upwards of twenty persons, including two
women and several children, and badly
wounding soveral other. The following
are the only names of those killed that can
lie ascertained to-night : W. McDowell,
Thomas 'A. Havon, N. Knoblicb, Emily
Summers. Probably fatally wounded:
ClaiUirns VViilson and Truman Wright
Intense excitcmebt exists in the city.
Large bodies of men thronging the streets.
The Democrat and Anzeiger office, been
threatened by a mob, but through the
promptness of the chief of police, all violent
demonstrations, thus far have been prevent
ed. Alliiuu. iiin shops in tho city are
umuvu J nmuqu oiiw, mill MNUI
i j i, n .... i : AHj -i
hundred men have been detailed to protect
,l r ... .-j k .,'.-..
the Democrat and Anzeiger offices.
Baltimore, May 10. Steam eun and 8
men were caotured while ffoinir to Hamer'a
Ferrv. One of the men was Dickinson the
inventor. They were sent to Annapolis.
A special correspondent of Fredericksburg
says the western train was stopped 10 miles
west of r rederick by commander of Viagin
ia troops at that place, and subjected to an
examination. This will be done to all
westward trains. Virginians numlier 400,
and are strongly posted. A train of west
ern cars with a lot of horses and 100 beeves
bound to Baltimore, was captured at Harp
er's Ferry.
N. Y. Herald's New Orleans despatch
of 9th says Texas troops left Victoria to in
tercept Col. Reeve's command numbering
600, above 8an Antonio. Col. Wait, suc
cessor of Twiggs, is a prisoner of war.
Belgian Consul denied statement that he
had mad arrangoments with confederate
state to supply them with arms from Bel
gium. Channel entrance atPensacola was
obstructed by the sinking of vessels to pre
vent tho on trance of war vessels.
Terrohaute, May 10. E'gbt companies
of volunteers arrived b&ie this evening to
organize Camp Vigo. Other companies
will arrive to-morrow. The city U alive
with soldiers.
Montgomery, May 0th. Nothing was
done to-day in the publio session. In se
cret session n act was passed to raise addi
tional troops to serve during the war. It
authorize the President to accept the ser
vice of volunteer without regard to place
or enlistment. Another act made public
authorizes the Postmaster General to issue
a proclamation any day he may select, tak
ing the entire charge of the Postal matters
of the Confederate States. Reliable infor
mation received from official source, aayi
more States will be in the Confederacy
early in June. Clingmao is here from Fort
Carolina, favorable advioee are received
from Keutuoky and Missouri. Russell, cor
respondent of tbo London Times, left last
night, fully convinced of the permanency
and military resources of the Government
of the Coufedorate States.
One Thing Overlooked.
One Thing Overlooked. [From the Cincinnati Gazette.]
Tbo ab.indant planting of raolasses-nnk-
ingcorn. IS very man who made a gallon
in 1800, shmld mike 2j in 1831, and the
farmer whomvia a barrel in I860, should
make 20 in 1861.
In every stag of the war we should be
on our guard against a disgraceful poace.
lo do this, wo roust seasonably provide
against depondsnco on traitors. A mere
trifle has somotimas compelled a nation to
a humiliating peace. If tho war contin
ues, Southern trade mutt cease, and the
West lo'lios cannot supply Europe and 20
000,000 of Americans ia groceries. The
project of a long war increases. We may
persuade our spoilt children and wives to
change cotton for fhnnol, but we cannot
persuade them to give up sweet that they
must and will have.
I soo no reason why, before many
months, there should not bo a great rise in
sugar aud molasses, so that the grower of
these articles will not only do their duty to
the stars and stripes, but realize a rich
profit to themselves. Unless wo can as
easily lay aside sweet as our grand-parents
did tea, it would favor the cause of liberty
to nave, till tbe first of June, as many
stumpers in the field as we bad during the
Presidential canvass, to urge np all farmers
to raise enough Chinese cane to sweeten
the loyal States.
Granville, May 6, 1861.
Cost of Artillery.
The cost of the Dablgren'i great nine
inch guns is 6 coots per pound. As they
weigh 9,000 ponnds each, the cost of a
gun is 1646. Tbe eight inch oolumbiads
weigh 8,500 pounds; tha ten inch, 16,000
pounds each ; both are sold at 6 J cents a
pound. Forty-two pounders woigh 8,000
pounds; thirty-two pounders 8,300 to 5,600
pounds each. The twelve pounders are
sold at five cents, the others at six cents a
pound. Seacoast howitzers of three and
ten inch bore woigh from 8,500 to 9,500
pounds each, and are sold at 6 cents a
pound. Siege howitzers of eight inch bore
are much lighter, weighing from 2,500 to
3,000 pounds, and are sold at the same
rate as those above mentioned. Brass guns
are much lighter, tho army pattern twelve
pounders weighing only 4,300 pounds; they
are however, sold at 46 cents a pound.
Tbe Dablgren brass guns are still propor
tionally higher priced; the twelve pound
patent m untain howitzers, weighing 220
pounds are sold at 75 cents a pound.
Shell sail according to weight at from four
to six cents a
pound; shot at from 3 to
, four cents. ScUnlide American-
Well Said!
Th Capital Cdg Fat lira, maun
. ula imf uiicimiiu ui mjv Hiimi
to the requirements of the time:
, " wno na;? .oiagnfa, meir sionn
; blood by sympathising with the Southern ol
j rchThad tter ch their tll0. kll( &
.oeedilv. Nona but traitor Heservimr tha ifil'
bit will be found sustaining the causa ol tl
u'hern Jfebel- Those who are not or.
Stars and Stripes are again them. There is no
middle ground. .
It is stated that nol less than 3,000 per
sons have been driven from Memphis, with
in the last three weeks, by the rabid disun
ionists. Many of them were excellent me
chanics. It was demanded of every one
thai he should swear allegiance to the South
ern Confederacy, j in tho Home Guards, or
leave the city.
Ybllow FgvaaTiAR. It is a histori
cal fact that every four years Cbvloslon ia
visited wilh the yellow fevor in its mist
maligrant typo, and, as if the Lird wished
to punish the traitors of that city, this is the
year in which Yellow Jack makes his ap
pearance. The Burlington, Iowa, Hawkoye says the
wives and children of about twenty South
ern families arrived at that place on M in
day. Tbe men only remained bobiu 1 to
settle their affairs to the best advantage du
ring tbe next few days.

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