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The Tiffin weekly tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1859-1868, May 13, 1859, Image 2

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AN ) f(!0 II! I KTO us
1 l.p litlli! M'. "'''''''"l ' rv
riHnv ,Morii. l..v H'r nnnnni.
rnnpi'l 1tn nn.l .Mmlirt lrrr,-. i
To the Republicans of Seneca
.1. . -o'.- .mt.-n will n.N.Mf .1 I l
...... ,it. ?.'...
..llnl.lw. I fcm !. '
...... 1 .... !'
!.., Jr lM, Hit th pi: -jm. .1 tiom
r . ( f l it m mt.r, I t i.t . (.. .n.'T.
...' lr...i.-r. MU'. Ki.rm 1 ''irt
nf l...r.l of I'liMtr W .fl... l I '"'
mi. .".iii. rn. a 1 .nr-iy I. n
flu. I
.'.1 i.i fi.i.f ilr. Ill 1'ft.llf
.1 ...irriJ ll'.m II -...ii-It 1 i ik-.I ir tif , .1 llii
.".'r Jlrl'.'i 7i""
ni ihw .-.,, In rlt tin laf i.o. fr..m lb
4 ..iri.l.n At lt .o.mlr .H. .'i ' prpo.. nt ..
....... ... rfl. . wfinl.l. tl..r.iir . nrTi tlm
, (:.,..,i.i...i.im in a- ,ni, in mn-r " m n .
nn.ti.iMi t tSrii.ialu d ilrl ai.il i In
mi n. m i i. mi nn ..i .i-,,m r .1 !i" twnif I
.. ! T. ii. Mr. H lf Ipf i.l Ihn Mp f n U
Physical Education.
Tlio conljrai'i bi'tWi'di tbo pr-oplc oftlin
old orM ntul tlie nrw, In ri'nvd to pby-ic-1
d vt l'ipiiimt illid lnii!!h, in notice
ills femuro in the hintory of our niodrrn
"ytcm of truininf. A pit turn of tliitcjii
init )nia ofti ii b.-i-n tlruwn with a dori'
of O'ilorini, yet it ban a ldom born over
rated. iHir fii tbo proaotit and former
;('.rpri tiotn, t!iero is rotMon to belii vo
lixl tba tame kind of deenorncy atillrx
iitn. To foreigners our men in active
luiiinfps life Imvrt a utrikiniy hnird
ti.d anxious look, and our woiiipii hiire
usually neither the hi'altlifu. connl xion
nor tlio (rpiieral rxfeUri-o- of fornv and
proportion so iinivrrsnl in Knland. And
ttiiH In nvire pm ticuhirly tnio of t!i'
bo hao pi nt their dii.v )oVIly in any
ot tlifl liuw" Without alopplii); to
MinirTS minutely int th cauwoa of thin
phynicnl deanrrntion, it in, p'-rhapa, no
, . a -
. i - e " i i ,
j Irsining.
our nl.oo'.s, to the law of our Uniterm ua
I turrs. . Tin mind ia too co.:iniunly r.
I ganlrd as the only part of us worthy of
I stndv. Siholnra aro directed to drive
their thoughts to tho far-off region
spare beyond. They ore act l hammer-
ing the rocks and exploring among petri-
reinains, liuh liiiitely old, to rompute
the ago of tho world, and to ascprtuin the
and conditions of its structure. Ac-
cordingly they carefully etudy tho procesa
nature, and clnHsify Its products in each
oftheUireo grent kingdoms, They bu-
themselves with acrpiiriiig languages.
and with the study or inatlieiiintical ah-
strsctioim. They learn drawing and mil-
sir, and a variety of such like "accoin
pliKhinentK." All this is wpII pnough in
its proper order, but then we beg leave to
say that without physical training and
muscular development, tlio student sel
dom finds himself fit to discharge any great
and important duties.
These are matters of fact which should
ptrss theinsiilves deeply upon tho mind
of enlightened educators. Young iiipii
como forth from our colleges, not unfrc
rpU'iit'y, with physical constitutions so
wrak ami nh.itUrc.l as to utterly Incnpac-
Hlo tlim 4iv fy rl rviro in till
working world. They have been trained
in every tiling cUo important, perhaps,
and may havo W Ui tho first honors; but
this one neglect renders all tho rest al
most useless. Wo hear occasionally of
tlie excellency of possessing "a sound
ind and a sound budy," but WO aro yet
far from taking home tho principle thus
expressed, and carrying it out practically
In our ay h tenia of education. We ore
aware tliut thero is a strong prejudico ex
isting against English cuMum, yet all
admit thrir superiority in physical devol
oe.iiuiit. Exercise hesrty, wholesome,
joyous cxprcise is one of tho socrets of
youthrnl training there, for both sexes.
A young man in England has a thorough
physical training, no less tlinn a menta
one. And between the English girls and
women and those of our own country .there
is a difference in this rcgnrd, and in their
out door exorcise, strongly' marked and
significant in Its consequence. A sys
tem of physical training alter tho Eng
lish fashion has been Introduced into tho
New York achoole, and it is snid to an
swer every renson::ble expectation. May
we not liopo, therefore, for a movo to bo
made hero lu this direction, by those in
terested in the eauso of education Wo
hope Intelligent educator in thN section
or the country will give thia important
matter a curvful consideration, and prof
it by tlie lessona tuught on tho other side
of tb prest wuters.
War in Europe.
Tlienewa from Kurope Is frau-ht with
portentous rumors of War, and poasibly
by this time, hostilities have actually ccm-
Die need. Tbo Austriana hove crosoed
.1 n. . . n 1 . . c ,
Die Ticino Into Sardinia and tho French
troops are pouring fnto Italy. An alii-
anoe ofTeuaive and defensive is said to;
have bcea formed between France and
,- I !
The Two Amendment.
The reports from Massachusetts indicate
that tho two-vcar ameudinrnt to
tlie Constitution hue been carried, by
uout uuumjony. i iia vote 'M vory
mftu, amounting in !! to not moro than
The ultra
Anicrii ans anj tlio
n.-..r,f- .1.,.. .1-
tie measure was rarrii J. TheRi'nib
licana moftly voted aaint it.
The Oberlin Rescuers.
Bix of the ftlirrlin "fflons," iinprisonptl
l CU'vi'lsnJ, lisvo plra J guilty and ro
eeived their sentence a Cu bf t--l
. . . . . i
r.l'Tl .nil tiiii.ri.'tni.mnt Qi hniip. nn IiPi.ikI.
, , ,. , ,
ud water. J ha lkrahl .svs:
The iiibidc history of this inntlpr has
been given hy one of tlie. o dofendimta.
Ii seem wiry nun an interview, on l nirsi-1
day evei.i..;-. with the Miirshal.wlmsli.iw-
r -t them a letter from Attorney General
instruct. tlie Jlarhhal to resist
anv bUte (. 01111 Habeas l.ormis writ
the utmost, and by force. The M.irhal
. .
sa.it be sboiild refuse toobcy any writ from
tl.eStite Court, and If h.. wuj arrentod
for roi.U inot. ho expected to b releae.t
by J.i.Ira McLean on a writ ir Habeas
Corpus. Tlio Marshal stated that the lav
woiil. I be thoroivdilv enforced against
Ohcrlin men, but there wssnodiupisiitioii
to puniidi severely the Wellington men.
Under these statement the.io men wero
induced to come into Court and enter their
plea, and receive suuteiico aa above.
'true sense of duty. Tlie slavery pria
f .
rends tliey hnve tiindo lipull (Yep territory,
Toviain:i or Iho niRit TO slsve Hf, l
hi'.vinit tlio cflVrt to mii"fi freemen to
mtw.uM auhji'ct us all t tl.oili.taof
.tli.ir t.pculinr notions, ami wo aro glntl
'thrr. f. ro tJ iioliro tli.it a foelirtjr ofself-
rrfrrt is be !mil.i(? 1 1 burn in tlu l.onts
f tlioNB Vln ir for froeili.m to sl.ivory.
jTlie Diiiuicrnts urn continually rryinu
''ivc mo m irn protcc.t:on for my finiter,''
sml lil.erty-lovii.jr pi.i.lii are lipinniii;
to feel tlio iinpot'tnnrn of Unking for tin!
proti'flioti of tlieir iior-.oi.nl liberties. Tlio
(,'lorinnN o!J Ulnto of Vermont litis sot in
a bright rxnitiple in tlio rauM of conunoii
. I 1-1 .
lintnniiity. by pNiiif porHiinil linrrty
bill. Tbia bill fully aecnrpa tlio rtlit of
trial ly jury to rvcry Individual in the
alntp, and pjrprraaly prohibit- the boldin
of any pernon na a alnvc Unblo only 1111
drr the constitution of tlio Uliiti d Hint) a
to bp removed out of the atnto, TliP peo
ple if Jil'ie.- ai liiiw tta liavr petitiourd tln;ir
li.;ilnlurn to paa a Inw aimilar to tho
Vermont art, v.birb will probably bcdiinp
at it." next ittiii(. A bill of the aamc liu-
tnro hna pased tho lower branch of the
Now York li'fjdHlatnrc, and will no doubt
become a law. rennaylvania la likewise
awnkiinf to tlie neeenaiiy of a perrotinl
liberty law, nud It lifi iln only a fi w more
canca liko tbo Webater afl'nir at Hnrria
burj; to at cure tbo paai(,'0 of am h a law.
M ir,lii(fn, fitato iioted particularly for
ti(iU.cV"cr'i proterla berc.lliZPiiH by a per.
hoiiiiI liberty biwj an J, WiHOoiiHln.throiijrh
her Kiiprrmo Judaea, prcacnta an iin
pregnnbln bulwark for freedom. Shall
wo not auiiii are Oliio lakinir a aleo in
"inn tin i i iitll i iv in tuiiiiir lis ui i-iriivu
tiuti not to bo lirl.ind her ni.trr Blntu nf
and the rights of her ritizens.
An Honest Confession.
grounds! loyal alike to fnrloin and sln
fied very and to such wo wouli comnipud
,i,0 fwll(ri which we take from a load
laws n;f articlo in tho New York Herald, of a
nl0 j,ri Tho artielo alluded to com
of niences by administering a drop ofcomfort
to t10 .flirlrn Democrucy," for their uni
sy ,ty tmM pono by, Bn,i ,,t.n ,)n.nr,H!
..from these Trfrpshing cxr.mples of
the naat, thero is still a hope for the Tor-
Somo Democratic editors, and politi
cians want to paint for thorns dvos a
I very pretty plti'iro of tho principles of
;lll(.ir Brt , bisis of naioHo
lorn Democracy in l.tliO. They have
shown, over and over njrnin, that they ran
be combined at tho tup of tho drum, by
'cohesive power of the public plunder.'
I'laco tlie spoils ami plumler ot the Pres
idency before tlicm, tell them tho day of
battle ia at hnn.l, that union is their only
chanco, and they will runh Into each oth
er's arme like aliand of brothers, and till
the batllu is over, will stick to their com
mon cnua) liko cobbler's wsx. They
make a tcrrOilo uproar, mcnntlmo, wo ail
mil, and keep tho country in hot water up
on constitutional ipiexliona, principles,
KltiH rights, and such things; but tho
jrrent ciuestion of tho spoils comprehends
pveivtninj? which a (rood Democrat feels
it to bo his hitfhest iirivileijo aim uuiel
duty to live for, labor for, tiff lit for, and
die for. Upon this word of inairio the
"spoils" depend his successes, bis hopra
uiiil bis tmtli in tlie resurrection.
"On tho other hand, the opposition oln
uients of tho country do not so clearly
comprehend tho importance of the spoils,
or they do not stand so much in need of
Hie spoils as tho Democracy; while they
have much stronger belief in the saving
virtues of political principles and abstrac
tions. Hence tho difficulty of oombinin;;
thn onnoHillon forrrt. North anil Mni.lli:
and thus we find them now as fur from
any basis of common union as they worn
in I8JMI. Willi theac general vlcwf nftfio
subject, we think thero is still a living
hnpo for tho Democracy In IH(il) first,
from their reunion upon tlio good old par
ty pl.it form of tho spoils and plunder; and
secondly, front tho divisions of tho oppo
sition upon constitutional iucstioiis and
principles, in which, this way or that way
the bulk of the Republicana, Americans,
J-Lino VVInirs, sincerely believe."
Hon. R. P. Buckland.
A correspondent or tho SUte Journal,
f h,i,.. cr...,i v .v. tbn
WJm SandusUy county, pa5a the,
fii.... i i: i..n w
i.snm.1 mwiwu .umpiiiiiii . ii.i
l'iitMland. Since it Is Rcnerally under.
stood that tlie North-West la entitled to
..i -1 1.1 1. -.... - Ar. ; , L
et, we know of no one who would fill itj
with moro honor and ability than Mr. B:
KniTOR Onto Statu Joiiknal: Since
Mr. lluckland'a name bus been so fnvora-1
blv and voluntarily mentioned by the press,
.,r ,-r. 1.1,1.; ... .:ni,i.. r...i
! the next Governor of Ohio, allow
,.v wht evorv one knows to be true, who!
is acquainted with Mr tt., that he is solid
:Vi ...... ..t...L li,i.o.v.'
, .,tt.,.. ,,i . ,.,, .i, ,., i,'ii..
1 combines the qualities essential to make
' L""d and popular (iovernor, I lu is well
'calculated, moreover, not only to sustain.1
; but to streiiL'then the L'reat cause In w hich
w r0 f,n,1!,i. b
Tho course of Mr. rtnckland in tho Ohio
Senate, already indicates another name
to bu added to that eslaxy of Ohio's noble
sons, of w liose palriotiHin and statesman
ship the world need not be ashamed.
Trying to Fuse.
The leading Locoforo papers of the
stato, such as the
e Emjuirtr and o.'a.'J
to cet up a fusion with
.nun, .iv .j'li K' it ' ..,.
man, aro trying
. iilira Iv now NotliiiiL's. iu tho iiMHo&f h
1 . . ,
This must lio particultti'ly
i reim inx w uurnim wuim i. nw,k..-
!.r. . - . n I ... ...I.- I.
out ill'' Htuto.
The Curse on Land Sharks.
l,ind ttimi Is necessary lor his ii, and
thst of his family. Ood has nu dotiht
wim.y )r,laiiied that land sharks should
i,e curved; and 1 can truly any that 1
to i:..i ...;.v.. ... ...tl .11 ... I.......
iu tlio an
advprtisrinctit of Solomon Sturges,
vhirh ho sets forth his rontons f..r ofl'.'r
inff for sale hi vst lundi'd iirojHTty. lit
.u.uiiipv. ..in nui.i..v.v ...no.
i I hsvrt some ciylit or ton fins improved
. . . " . ....'.
iurnu in iiuiiiinn. ana our oi n.u acriM
neur Wali'iia, Illinois, that I winti to sell,
I ( tmlieve no mail litis a riirht to own more
t.u:iuiliu. ......v.... w vt. wt. .... ......in
' ,n, , t cle.irof the cur.e. 1 will thero.
f,,r a ut low prices, and on eay terms
of payment, any of my real estate, nnd
),nvo a great deal n.orolbitu I waiil.oiiyht
to have,' or desire.
Tub Tutist'air CoMMissioa. Our
i neighbor of tho S7u( Journal seems
ih ve rim short lu his arliclta attacking
! Mesxrs. Kd.'erton and Murean onaceount
.of the Report of tlio Investigating Com
mission. Why is It! Stalenan, ith.
in y.nnraville, mukinpr; rranjrenipnU for
tho next Stato Fair.
fjyf-fPat Pxritement Pxinta nt Ornnba
City, Nebrnnka, nn account of tho alleg
ed discovery of g.ild in tho north part of
tlio itv.
C-'j'Two luhorerH wore killed and four
aeverely wounded, on Friday l;ot,by the
envinj; in of a Mewor bank on Fifteenth
atroet, Ht, Iiiiia.
(t'T'h rnblie, tivation wna (riven Sena
tor Reward on Haturdny, by tbo Republi
can Central CoTiinitteP of New York, oil
the ocraaion of bin a-iilinj for F.uropp.
07"Thn advertineinont of the Maaailon
Threnh!n;,' Machine anid to bo a pood
one mniiul'ncliircd by C. M. Runnell itC'o,
will appear next week.
OrI'Sielaii baa doelini d tho challpno
of '.icereiter to repent the pamO recently j
played nt Detroit. He thinks one match
aufficicut to show bis superiority in
OlrTho Washington ISlar donies that
any recone.illnt.ion, or any negotiation
hnve taken place between tho southern
piilitic.iann and thoxe of tbo Douglas
OTTIio Nnahville News says there Is
a negro troinnn In that city thirty-four
years of ago and tho mother of foiirtepn
children, four of whom arc under two years
and two months old.
0.!T"Tio ancient Roman In. lira arosaid
sometimes to hnvo odorne l themselves by !
tying b livo snake around their necks.
The reptile, in tlmt esse, may be aaid to
bavo been the holy's livo slock. j
' ' - -
.11 1110 ao. ii n.i.i 'i t oi Morn, over one
1.1 i r. . i .... .
hundred wngoiis left Omi.l.a Cily, No-
, . . . . , t, ,
brawka, en route for Pikp's Po .k, and two
i. i.-i i ........ - .
. 1 . n.-.u . I o-T.l r A -I
On tlio 2oth and 27th of April, over one '
iiikimm-11 ti i mi iiiii iy-iiiuT i aui'H WITO i(Ml
belli ml, ti procoii'l nt n later Iny.
OrTlie old Dutch proverb says, "Kteal-1
ing never makes a man rich." The sim-
lo old Piitchman who jrot up that prov.
erb knew littlo of tho exploits of ofRcc
hulders. Tho Democratic fititmlard, published
at Concord, contains tho following:
Democrats, stick to Jumps Buchanan
or wo shall nil go to h 11 together.
How could you all jo together, if you
don't stick together
OrA corroMpondenl of tho Huston
writing from Florence under
, . r, .. . ,. ,
dato of April 3, says: The Hon. Clmrle.
aumner is here, absorlic.l in art, but look.
injf worso than I had rxpoctcd. He ia ob
liged to be in bed till noon to rest his
spine, which still troubles him g-rcatly."
03""Tho Wheeling Intelligencer ssys,
I , . , .
tha In h a p .sssgo through that c.y,
Jackson, tlio .unesvillo lugitivo was "ac-
cnmpanled by about twenty mon, all of
whom were armed to tho teeth and ready
to defend the ditln(rulshpd colored gon
tlomnn to tho death."
"felons," haa been tried and convicted.
Ho and Dushnell were to have b?en sen
tenced yesterday. What a mncliory of
l.iw and an outrage upon public justice
A halas enrpui will bo applied for boforo
tho Ohio Supreme Court.
Or-Tho Cincinnati (iatrtte states Mr
Kllptiart, Secretary of tho Stato Iloard of
Agriculturo, has fitted up, in hit rooms at
tho Capitol, a beautiful Aquarium, whore-
in he has finbcs, craw-fish, snails, snap
ping turtles, and rvery other specimen of.
nndnat vr nsruro to be loumi in tlio ticiuto
or its ti'ibutiines.
Dertructive Conflagration.
"uvuoii j, ji. i:oon, I'oloiuac, Uolmont,
motoiller shlpnienta of merclmndiao for the
South America, which escaped rnu.-fly.
saat.'Pltrt latlstr t rl 1111 nNil? hitviiKr Mti.uin tin.
A m.firlnf nn.it tu'lvn IrwiluL'. fira
broko out on the stoumcr llenrv GralV
which quickly conmiunicatoil to ailjoimntr
boats, and in less limn nve minutes ten
steaniers wero cnvoloned in flamoa and
anon proved a total loss. The following
hoau were destroyed: Henry GraO'. l'au-,
cMnneii iuff. J.mes
i - a .1 i ' nyt - r I, i
---- -- - .-- .
f'rrmona and Commerce. The flames
spread with terrific rapidity. The heat
una irreat and fears were ci'tortainod for
T0 WftMx of tho nremen were princi'.
py ,evted to them. The amount of
treij;lit on tho boala waa not lar(;e. Some
.I... C.... ..I ....vitli.iii.A. ... VVu.n. .tr.,nt
littlo that waa on the w hnrfwas destroyed
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad, with her uu-
l ,tnn, bic k. escnocd a ntost acolt free,
West were all on board the r.cononiy aim
! u-as tha means ofsaviiur all the other boats
' some thirty, now hero, from total destmc-
thin. She took a ll.iet of four boats near-
ext thoso on Are, and towinjr them away,;
, left a
, l0 r(
Clip which nittdo It posail.lo to savo
1 rest.
Cause of Republican Success.
Tho Hartford Fress tella tho followlnij
story to illustrate how the recent electiou
in Connecticut was carried by tho Repub-
lican. 'In Mr. Arnold's town, a jood
om;.n said to her husband on Monday
moruini;: 'Husband, 1 havo prayed toGod
, jo)in Voodrutl' may bo elected; iind now
husband, don't coma home till niirht, and
I thut M
, Arnold may bo defeated, and that
iiiiuniui. ..Oil i I O.I.U l.VTiiiu Ml. 1.11.1". Rill.
' lrU liul you to do your luty,M
The Peaf and Dumb Asylum at In-
disnnpolis took tiro on Thursdny, and
hsd a narrow cscapo from hiirnin down,
cupola on tho south winijr took fire
from a spurk blown from a chimney sixty
feet dir-tunt. and w hen first discovered
was eiiTeloped In tlamo. Tho inmiite
and by aid of w ater in tho larjo
rrsen'oir m ar tlio root, succeeded in ex-!
the tiro at a loss of about f 100.
The Trustees efl'octed au iiihursnce
tho building for $40,000 only a few days
8t Hunton, Vir-inia, for rohhinu
! mail. la.OUO in dralti, from H .rrisou-
, ,mg n.l Hiehiiiond, had heen missed.
aiuj ;rovo was employed to convey the mail
! . . . . i .. . ... .
Mail RoBBr.R Aiirestcd. A man nam
en t.rovo was arrested, a tew oiivs since,
.riU.I ll U TU ITOU'l UI'llOL III C
pot in Sluuiiton,
the post ollico. Bv this mean ho obtain-
ed occasional admittance into tho ollico,
thus had acce to tho letters rcceiv-
ed by mails;
CiovrKNoKsiiip. A correspondent
the Xenia Turrhliyht, proposes the Hon.
Aarou llarlin. as a candiduto for tho Ro-
publican iioiuiiiationforUoveriiorof Ohio,
The Lebanon Star warmly indorses tho
hundred, and there are over eight hundred
jprisruipre. reparations for enlurging are
under rapid progress. There are over a
hundred strong, hearty coi.victuwithout
employment. Tho demand for convict la
Courirr, b"r '" kpf I"'" Pco with tho growth
lof rrmio in the Htato.
T,,n art0(tian wo wiH reach tWQ
biiBineii. Tha Dcmocmtic Mato I'bn
vpntion In May, (and by tha way, aorry
time tbey are bnvintf in aenring up camli
datra, who arc willinir to po into the com
ing campaign, witbofit a ray of hop, for
aurceaa.) will bo tho firxfatirrinj? trump"!
Hinrethn adjonrnmp.it of the "la.t late !
, ' . , ,, I
general a-.c.nbly.
C'loae upon tho becla of tho Democrat-
le will come tho Republican State Con-
volition, June 2d. A nomination upon
the occasion will be tnntnmount to an elec
tion. Tbia tho Republicana of Ohio feel
and coiiaeqiiently tliero may bo found any
number of patriotic pentlemen, who arp
willing to aacrifico their private Intereat
for tho public good.
Tlio ofHcea to bo filled are, Governor,
Auditor of fit.'ite, Treaaurer of Rtatc, Sec
retary of State, Supremo Judge, Commis-
afoner of Common Schools and Member
of tho rtoard of Public Works.
Win. Donniaon Jr. aoems to bo III tho
field, without an opponent, for (lovernor.
lie will doubtless bo nominated, and
will surely niako an able and popular (iov
prnor. The gubernatorial mantle, which
that (liatinguiHlied Statesman, Salmon P.
Chase, now wears with so much of honor
to himself and credit to tho Slate, could
not bo transferred to tnoro worthy shoul
ders. Our present very ablo and popular
Treasurer of State, tho Hon. A. P. Stone
will doubtless bo favored with a re-nomi-nation.
Tho public monry ia surely safe in
bis bands.
Tho present Secretary, the Hon. A. P.
RusH,jll f?' hool Commissioner, the Hon.
A- P'ylhi Si'l'reino Judge, tho Hon. J.
R Sw"' BI,J Member of tho Public
Works, the Hon. John Waddle, have
...... ....i .11 C.11...I l...: rr. i.iii
, .,, , . .
ity, and will doubtle
, ,.
pub ho Confidence fi
r ,, m
1 ho Hon. 1-. M.
i-in.il mm nil iiui-u liie.r un.l.u WU.I nil.u-
. ....
Ijr , I1U nil. uoiiui.ens uu l.o.loroU VJ IHO
for another term.
Wright, declines a re-
nomination for Auditor of State. Dr.
JuilU'S Williams of Chnmnnlrm. a member
r,n , ,riHl,pn fpnm ,, .. ,
1M4f anj a cl(irk in tl0 Auilil()r., ofnc0 nl
this time, ia being strongly pressed by his
ffton.lsfor tho post of Auditor.
Ho much for L'olitica. Our Penitentia
ry is full to overflowing, with convicts.
Tho cells number a littlo rising of soven
thousand feet.
The work upon tho (State House owing
io the amalliiess of the appropriation, (of
which more anon,) is progressing alow-
The artirlo of your correspondent Mr.
II. Under, in a recent number of the Tri-
ii. in. hit, in a ri'vei.i i.u. ut.er oi l .
iu4i ,,,,, bo BCt,.j Ilpon lh
IPr 0r V(mr COuntv. as woll as hi- tbo
i'linnura of evory county in our state:
Arrival of the Adelaide.
St. Johns. N. F.. Mav 0. Tim steam
ship Adoluido, from tialway, with dates
from Liverpool to tho 30th ult., three dav
h'tor than thoso furnishod by tho Anglo
Huxon at Quebec, arrived hero this alter-
Tho steomship Hamniuuia vit out
itri utt.
Tho news hy this arrival ia most ini-
portiint. I here has boon no ilecluralion
of war, but hostilities wci o about to coin-
1110 n CO.
Tho Austrian troops, one hiuulrcd and
twenty thousand strong, have passed the
Tho report of tho French-Russian alii.
anco has been denied, but as an oll'set.tho
L.onuon l lines puousncs ino provisions ot
" u-uunus which aro aui io nave ueen
entered into by theso two Governments.
MM... 1. ...... tll..l ,V.... .I.1..I. ...a. .....l...n.l
1 ho bonelioiul olloct which was produced
by tho denial on the funds.waa injured by
this publication, and a irreat nanicon tho
, i.01111011 CiXcnango waa me resuu. 1 011-
...... ....... ..
sols at one timo- wero quoted aa low as
lu consoquenco of these fluctuations
' and hazurdoua speculations, about forty
luuures among uio siock uroKera are an
Tho crossing of tlio Ticino river by the
Austrian troops is not yototliually con-
'firmed; no actual conflict had yot taken
place. 1 no rrench army was nourinr
! into I'iedinontese territory. The Grand
, ; ' uno.y n jum. rucu onu
l'icduioiit against tho Austrinna.
the document which has beou signed, and
'which led to tlio report, is a mere con
Tho 'volition,
It had brcn te!ornhod from various
' sources that during the niht cf the Ulith
'of April, ono hundred thousand Austrians
under tho command of Gen. Gnylai.croBS.
c" the river Ticino in three corps, and
I took the road toward Novara; also, that
ttliey blew tin tbo bri.tg of Jluffalora.over
which they had crossed. Thia news, as
yet, lacked confirmation from official
,'iuarters, and some doubta were thrown
; on it. It waa reported that Austria has
.accepted tho proffered mediation of
liiifjianu, and postponed tlio declaration
of war.
Prnncalinil not vet accented ttm tn,U.
ation, but is said lobe considering it.
iThe Constitutionnel ofl'aris, and tliedal-
W Nows oH.omion, deny the ex.-tonco of
- w.."
! tho renortod tllmnco Lrtwoen tronoe and
Kussin. 'I'lio New further, states, that
Five Thousand Dollars of Pike's
Peak Gold Arrived at Leaven worth.
I worlli.
The steamer War Kojrlo left Leaven-tiMwishin-i
'rth City on Thursday evenini,', tho 6th
of .",ht- Iuiinediately beb.ro her arrival thero
Heiuin.rwsy & Co., bankers, had received
.a consignment oft thousand dul!ars in
polJduit, by an express, direct from 1'iko's
St. Louis Dem., 7th.
Tho Churloslon Mercury sny that
tho l)ouwlss squatter sovereignty party in
'the North, attempt to enter tlio Charlea
lllaek, ton Convention, they on-lit to be put out
:.. . . :. i .. : - . .. '
seek to enter it, They aro much more
likely to take part in the Klack RepuMi
and est Convention as they undoubtedly will
j with the party in tho next l'residentiul
Dkath or Phof. Laskabkb. Prof. Lar-
of it; but it does not think that thev will
rabeo, well known as having at one lime
'held the position of Superintendent
Publio Instruction in Indiana, died at his
home at tiroencai-tlo, on tlio moruing
the fitli in.t.
It niirrht bo rrunl to aj'ravnto their inor
tilicatbm by furthiT cxpoaurc.--S'.ac
Mediry baa with bim apec.imena of finp
f fr,"!n ViVc'. Vr; "nd ,,M ral,L i'
fiivoraoln opinion of tbo pronnecU of tbp
1, Tbo travel toward tho pold rp-
pinna ia in. mennp, and towna In that vi
(Jov. MfnAnv hai nor aoMB of Tnr.
fioT.n. Tlio f'oiuinbiia (laiettc a;iya (Jov.
cinity are apringinjr up like mmhrooma
One hundred Bushels Potatoes,
direct from nichlrjan. They ere
A No. 1. Call and look et thorn.
my 1.1 11 Fnydrr's Illoek, 'J illin. O.
Lriiui;soF tiifmMi
IU rrnjtn Oli! H tmf.il to mpz In tlt
Ciroccry, llakin & Confectionery
111'HlNrHH, nn.l wnnM hpnT tohnv. l.i.oM frinrti
anil enstomr fi'iv him k cull Ul Urn k It ratirnly'
nw ftmi nn win iiwitvi imrm nn hind til kiml of tro-
Wholesale find llelall.
ANn, In nntirtifn w'tli liit CnnffKttnnffr, Toy anil
i j i.'mni H'iii im mm rnnrn nil
fn V tt tvV, nnl to ) tDrpftti(I R thil or ny
I 0 E G II E AM,
nrl Friiiit of all kind, In thair tea too, will b irvad
up to or iff.
(Jnkc.y, Nuts nnd CanJioa
of th rti tnHy nUvny nn Imnfl.
G. W. J1I,A0K hftfi ptircltnard ono of L. B.
Htvnn'ii ralrltr tied A'imMili-tlr Ho'U Koiintnin, nni of
lliai KrfH(l fwoihio r of Kud i Water, in U lilglteat
i ate in ivrifi:uoii, in inv Known wrrni.
If on wnt anmvtltinff nlrf In itrtnk anrl ant,
Hlai k'a Knlorn it alwitv fitrnlali'il nica anil aaat,
Jttat wnIr ii i ilnlr anil laikf a aimt,
And tliri T'n will ftnil ilnilid Kounia,
Mcth l.niht' nnil Ittmlt' H-ilimnt.
Vhfn jrnn nr on tlta itrart, gwp ma ft call,
Anil I will uy and p!em ou all.
mni;).;t.n (i. W. 1I,A( K.
Adminiatrntnr's Notice.
ppoinlnl .n.l qunlhlil .. A,l,n,n..lr..l,., of II,.
. t I'. Ur.ll.r. !'" H-""- """'r
,lrr.r,l. J. W. IIHAIH.KV
My IJlh, A. 1). If5!) 3w
Jlottso 3Ioviiis' and liaising,
WOrf.Dunnnn' lo th rltien TifHn. ami fen
rn ni fc.tjointttf rotinli,Uilh it amply fr
paired wit all tlx ntroonrjr aiparatu for
Having- or Jtaishtg
Houses, Barns, &c. &c.
of att lifi, and in any didanrc rcijitiiTil, wIOiphi injnry.
IIk Undkkstanus iiik IlorEs!
tlTVhttrgtiM moilfrata. C.fv liim it Call.
Tiffin, Mny 13ih, 1K"0 tf
THE lllf. SHOW
Two Grand Fi ee Exhibitions
; t)
Nntional Circus,
ll. X. titcl'ln ft John R. Ilacon. rronrie.or.,)
ThoLnrcbt Uoinpunv lu the u. a.,
ill exhibit at
Tiffin, Wednesday, May 18lh,
Comrljiinj,' tbo most complete Su.d of
The lIcM Itl.lerfl,
1 110 IliiHt t H..lter,
The Ilest Acrobnts.
The lte.t tiynmnstos,
'I lie Uewt Tumbler",
Tlio llest l.eper,
The Hcht I, nil) ICqurHtrinnles,
Tlio llet lliinclnir Home, (T.u.nny)
The llcst Trick Hore, (Spot llemitr,)
Tlie cducslod Mulo and jack, (Uulsum and
Jnck Slioppnnl.)
liij) Cir.CUd iM AMiatlCA.
The tolluwiiiir arriiv of talent lias been en
gaged for the sons'iuw-pickod frn.n all tlie
companies lu Amuiioi and upon Uio conti
Mil. T.I'.VI J. NORTH, (America's own
Mil. JOHN SHAY, King Muster.
.The lennder Fiimily.
Tha beautiful An.cricnn l.s.ly LcUatiienno,
miss t vssi t;i.i,A,
W'h. K.uui., Gao. Uouakt,
H.Covls, T. Min.as,
J. V'Ai.a, Vovd Watson,
Mastiss IlKNan, 11.LIK and Gkorur
All of bom will enter tno UiiiK 111 various
pvrform.inoo lr fiicndly itrif lor tho cham
pionliip ol' the are im.
MISS CASS IK LI. A. the world renowned
Wim Walker, will nma her rtind ascension
at one o'clock, ) M , proviotia to tho opon
inR of tlio circus pcrforiimiice; itio heli g tht)
only Utly tli til, dot walk a wtro JOU fwi in
length nud return. Kkkk to am,
t ho Musical Wundortho ('AtsLlOrF.
niu"ic hy ticaiu will enter cm h Unm nt U o'
clock, a m., drawu by Kpleiulldlj capatUontd
boritc and all nnvm by one num.
1 11!'. VONll-:it OK 1HJS WORLD A
lie Cult, acililiiK pounds ! Koslid
Mir 1st. Dam Jei.i.f, aeiulis !i03
Sued by ll.ilu.m, South Aiuerie Jek, 216
kii. nils all of which will bs exhibited.
Wo refer our reader to lltu small Hills of
the day, Descr'ptivo tlills aud 1'ictorisls for
further particulars.
W ui.d no pufl iiiK or blowing, as the rep
utaiion of North's National Circus stuiids uu
rivnllct. B Tticnllcmanly ushers In atteunnce. l'ar
ticulnr altvution pni.l to the vomfurl of La
dies accompanied will, their fauiilies.
Posit vklv no Smuk.no aixoivku within
th Cantaks.
Dooia open at 3 and 7 P. M. Performance
couiii(,..c.'s Imlfsn hour after.
ADMISSION lo llox, lit cents; Tit. 35 cU.
Children under tell Teals of ae, half price to
ttoi. AImi ill exliiliit at I'pprr Nsmlusky
luesil.ir, M ly 1 7 1 1 1 : Kreiiiont '1 hursdav, Maj
l'.UI.. ' Jl Tll 'l. It. TOOL, Aueul.
HTMxxo Out
riciwi(a 'jiiiiac:o.
Ill A V K t't iaoiVfid lot nf l-'ttt I'm Cha iu Tc
liaoi'o a Uwtiei aritcle ttmn I ever lMlor m d.
ia (nun th luatiufftit.ttv ul MArlKI,l I wilK,
i)etr.nt,aud judjwa liU letter ity M. J.tV II K Hlrt,
1i1 Hnj.Vrr' Him h, TiHin, i
To the riiblic.
t rtiiHita ol' ilia lata ti ul ol Mi'ivet It fnaalli duIIIm
ttsuad at tJ-.a fitrtt-aof J. K. Html, Kail. 'l'bu knowing
"'."'i"" 'Alo.sm'cU it.", w"
I i.iu., Ma, . is-su .U.(.u'lil.
No. 2 Hiawhnn's Illock,
In lit rmmi TtfTnitrl. orrtipiail by Bcotl, flr. k
Cash Cuyer3 in Tiffin,
Surrounding Country,
to Lis well selected Stock of
HI) ry (Eroocls
FINE Printed Frencli Jaconets.
FINE Enlisli t Aniorionn l'rints,
VV J H 1 Pi tHM)J)lS,
.Shawl, pood nxor(iiirii(.
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
A ,m ,,,, , , , ,,,, ,n0j wn
oul f., No. . Bhiwlma'. Illk.
ID H3 1V5L .A. 3NT JO .
Tli raon why. ti lliathv Natnro'iown prtrn It re-
itnra the nainral mlor trmar.vntly nf lltv Imi r wlif n it
lii-omi fravjaiicph! the naliirnl HiikIi, antl thni oiakt
it jf row on bftll hrmlt, mnnvei nil dnn'IrulT, itrhinr. and
hrnt (nun Ilia irulp, tpiirtf and liinva up th arrvvt,
and tlim rurvt all nt-rvom livfidnrtip, anil may h rclirtl
niMin lo enn all tliaonan of the ti-aln and tioir; it will
ion and kfpp it itom l.ilhnr on ; oinna 11 nil, gimav
hr nil Itv and Urmitilol, and if owtl hv tit young wn or
Ihrr lime a wrck, tt will nf lull or lroni otny
ll cnrwaUer, rad tl toKuwina and joV foryiiurlveii;
Vmw VoK, Jin H.
Mkriim. O J.Wood At Co. Ontlf mrm Havinr
hrard a cmm! dnl nlinut l'rnAaior Woml'i H.ilr Rotto
raliv,aiul my nnir lipinir iHH oray. I mad up mind
to lay aaitie tli prrjtuln ri wliirli I , in common with a
rait ninny pnon tiatl aainit an manner or patent
nitlirin, and a ilmrl lime ; 1 tommenued uung
ynnr ariit'l'. In teat It lor my Ml.
The reault hat len no vrry lali factory that f am
vervvlad I do an, and injustice Inrou.at wellnt Torilie
enrmiracernrnt ol' oltuir who ntiy b aa rray at I waa
Iml who havin mi nrrimlii-a) willtuut niv rrannna fn
aetlinr it aviile, Mr uimillinir to give your rtailorniir a
trial tilHIiay hav lnr'hvrpruiit, and Hi lt prool he-
in? onaular dfmnlHtmiion. I writ you tlia letter
mi it'll von mnv (how lo anv nth. and alto direct them
to me fnr t'nrllier proof, io nm in nnd out of lh N. Y,
Wira Hmltnft Kilaliliktunenl mery tlay.
My linir ia ihiw H naiurl rnlnr and mnrli Improved
in nppearnno every wny, lieins sloaier nd tlil.'kernnd
muili pior liaaltliy looking, I nin, Vnnr Rfnift'tlully.
Mh,1Hr Jt..1Mr1,
Cor. ColumLla and Carroll it., Hntoklyn.
I ivtMnarnw, la., peb, 14. 1F.W.
Fror. Woon l)aar ttr: nur Hair Meatur.tiiv Ima
lone mut'li rood in chia imrt of lh con 11 try. My huir
haa lten alihily diniinialiinR for irraral ynra, cnnd.
I anppok, trm a lt(fo" ixrn when I wa quit an in
I'nnt. I h ve been uiiiff your llnir Rextnvntiv for nx
week and I find tint I linv a tine iad ol'bair now grow
inir, after ha tnjr, ned all other ri'inediea kntwn in no
ell'eut, t lb ink it the matt valimhl remedy now atant,
and adviae nil who are at Hie led that way to lit yotir
rcmeily. Yoo cun putiluk tliia if yon think proper.
V a. u 11' t I II III Ll l' kl
Pliit.ADRt.rfMi, Prpt. 0, 1M."i7.
raor. Wood Pear tlr: Your Hair Kestnraliv 1
provinjr itMell beneltrint to nt. 'I'b front and alto tha
hack pjiftofmv hand almoat Inat It rnverin win in
lin-l al.o. 1 ItRv uaeit lint two Hull pint oolll ol your
rteslnrilive, and now to the tupnf head ia well attiddetl
with a promiatnit crop of vounjr hnir, and the front ia ah
(i rei nv in it l.t-nMil, 1 ht m Im'il oilier .reiri(ittu
Wllhimf aiiy tieni'ili whatever. J Unk frum niv own
peroiml ret'Oiitmendnlion I enn induce mny Olhcrato
try It. Y0ur4,reepei'tlullyt L. R. THKI AH. M.I).
no, 404 111 t-twet.
Tit Rctoralive la nut nn In llniltea of 3 alma, via:
Inre. niedimn and aiuull; the aniall hold a pint, and
n-litiU for one dollur per holtle; th medium hohla at
lenat twotity per rent, mora in pr iortlon than th anmll,
retail tor two dollar a hottlc; the In rue hol.L a quart.
41 per cent, mor in proMrt.on, and retails for f 3 r
O J. WOOF) & TO., rronrietnra, 313 Itroa.lway,
New York, m th treat N. V. YVir Kailinr Katab-
llsltment,) and 114 Mnikct iirret, Ht. Loitia, Mo. And
old by all good IruftriaU and Fancy Good a Itenlera.
Xxx Fvtll Blnat.
Clothing and Furnishing; Good
sritiAt; aii si Miiiiu.
T C bavjnt rerei ved oar tock of nw and e!
1 rant Httrin and Hummer (iouda, and are now bet
ler prepared thin aver to exhibit to our cuatomera. and
th ciliaena ol He nee a County generally, on of th moat
"Ttook of goods,
t'ompriaing allilmt Ii
Rich in Fabric, and new in Style,
and wblrh w ar makin un to order In th beat and In.
teal faahiona. tur tiot-k, lor uaiitil y. quality aud nvl
neaa, uannol b aurpaaaed ouUld Ot Uie ultiue.
V kav of verv ah ad and rittnr. ainon which ar
ol th baat rrenrh, Lnjlub and Uertnaa ntonnlavturtt.
We Sv of ery tuak and color, black and color d
V have Hilk.Hntinnnd MreiUa of th flnit and
moat beautiful ! ) ever bronchi to tlill maikel.
Krnh. Irlah and American lrill and Dnvka; lllay
: .tr,i, w.ib milci. ik ul tint.' uti.h..if
' GuuiU.
A l.r. line, nt R.silr M.d. (Mntliinr ft.r tnrin. .nt
K..r. K..rv known .1.1. nf t'ol nA Vta futU
fiw Ui. I.gtiu lo Ut. f..lnunall. ltl. Ut.
IJal Caininl I'ntbrrllas.
lit our (Ul And Vnp t.nmni w feloonfltlnl that
turn itl ( iaLlt (a gtvai tiiiilnrlion both in iluuliiy and
hrtiv. 'i n dtrtrrvBi !! and coUif of MnUarvloo
1 7TTfnnt in wont of riot Ling, ready mad or otlwr-
wt raaetx latl I be auilvd, not nl in fimhu and prie
but alao m make, at Imv all oiu clultung ntadv
.aprrtcmd workman. Our iloi-k ia lnrt; and varied)
and all wa-k l an eiaiti.itioit of ourfmnl buluiapur-
vBaaiiif ieAiier, itir a will
iia iiE.i: avi:i:u.
In Ilnjrer'i lllut'h . nn door North ol'llolib'l old ittvnd
littm, Avril it, iKtl If
Xoxitixl 3urgory
KeapertVUf tender their PrFabional Whltfi to the
Initio and v. anil we nut' lin placa, and vh tuny . l'li'y
are ,we(ired to fteriurtu all Ilia bparattoua cuunvctvd
Dtwt tha anoat (muroved and tvlanlifio nrinoiplea.
fvratMit deitrtu it will waite.l niton al tltirrtidrav
cos, Alloidrra will rtta proui'tt attcotitw.
All Work will bo Warranted
t "Oftlco ln roa formally --cuptd by lr. BuxT-
iNtt outnf r I alnn-ion ajxl laraut ttfta.
TirMM, Oiuo, Anl ltV.
1 1 i .1 not her
Is tho place to find tlio
In .hi Market.
Vfir lircHH (Hoods.
.IV ip MSonneta,
Vfic Shatrls,
.IV ir tlJantillas,
IVir IZibbons,
Traces A" Embroideries,
All of tho BEST and MEDIUM
QUALITIES, iu endless variety,
enroll' ron t.is if,
P. K. Bhawhan.
lias removed her
Millinery & Dress Making
; a t. i n a is ? u .v t
over the extensivo
OF F. K.
Wlicro will bo found a BplendlJ
6tock ot
Or ufk.ll IHlixeltu.
CTAll tho latest 1'aris Fash
ions, rattcrnsof Ladiea' ami Mis
bcb' Dressos on haud and recoiled
CAtl AA'D SF.13 Til KM.
Ilrs. L. C. Allen.
TiOin, May C, 1S50.
t am Ira only iUhnrirerl Affent of Fenee mnnty for
thi old rehab'e Inanrnne ( rn'pny. In rrroirintfnl
inf It to mr rM ettirtmr, r. the pnl-ltr In tnrriil, I
feel warranted In Tine th It ia one of the liet )n th
nited Htntea. It tl-ie a eh bnnea, tkr no Pre
miiinn and cnneqiefiy make no aiaeatmenti.w
1'ohciri iittHd itl"m ri"tv at reorl,le rie.
Offl with W. P. k II . Nobl. Ttrltn, Ohio,
Sle or Hrnl I.xtftle bf Order of Cmirt
4nthe9Mlh day of May. A. TVl, at on oVIe-
In the afVrnoon , At I be nonr of the t onrl Hon re, in th
ritv of i tfrin, Paawti t'onnt. Oliio, will be told to lb
hifheat bottler lite following rejil eatnte, the pmpery
ot I'eter Horn, a pal lied and hlrlr per ton, to-wit: A
fraction ot t went v arret. o he taken from the N. r".. eor
nernt the VV.onat.half of the r V .one fmir'hof e Hon
No, Xi, Township 3, Norih of Hanre 7, wiihm the Uel
awar Lind llilrict; and now partirnlrty Heiertted at
fnllowa, to wit: Commenrtnj nt the N. II. corner of
lid lot, fr-m llrenee rnnrtinf Hotub atone, the Kaat (in
of laid lot At)rodt from thence t far nonh to thnt
a lin rnnninf North parallel with lb aaid I '.sat line of
aaid lot lo the Northern bnnndarv thereof, together with
o mnrb of a in Northern boundary i in' lniledbe
twee) aa?d hn and the amrt Kaai ftne of aaid lot, and
the ntherhonndari aforeamd thall enrhx tiventy arret
fr ol, and aaincumlrerad hy dower ot other charge
On tbtrd nf the pnrrbaaa money, eeih'n band on tnv of
ale; end the reMiaintna; twothirda in two etjnat i,ttall
menta of an Nnd twelvn month- repeetively. with inter
cat thereon fromriamf ante. Kmd defered nyrontto
b ecu red by annrtyage on lh premiaea wl.l.
pW4wtl.50 rrHie of the aaid I'nu Hoai.
I 12 1 1 1, 1, 1 1 E It '
Ifiajntt returned from Nw York and opened a
Pomnrltlnf Halt, rp, llend rlretiei. American ind
rrenrh r lower. F,mbrtlileriea, Vetlt, II anilkt-nheiU,
Mitti, Vntf llnir,l'ore1, Kvienion fhirta, Kv.
Hhe will he hTti;v to wait niton all that favor her with
call. A II order promptly attended to.
On Mainalreel, in Hht fc'i Work, Tiffin. pt.'S "
Wall Inpcrl
I am now opening tlio largest
and best selected stock of
WALL rvrxjiL
on. s ii a J i: s ,
Ever brought to Tiffin.
frlces Jsotcer than Ilvcr!
I am resolved to make tins tho
L'arcr Warchouso of Seneca County
J. 12 1. A IV,
Opposlto tho Court Ilouso, Tiffin,
to the Constitution.
Rtlntlva to an Anienmant to the Contti tntton, pmvldtnf
for Annunl Hainoniof tha (ienernl Aiarnildy.
Rrsoi.virn. h the (Jenernl Aeml'lr of tha Htinof
Ohio, Tlireo-iilihi of tho ittemher of aaeh houe concur
tlltf thvri-in, that it tt and ii hereby proMed to Uio
electors of ilia rtnte to rota at tht nrat annnnl Oota
berMato alai'tioti, Ofion tha approval or rejection o tho
followinr nmnndmenl a tiliatitut lor tlm nrtt olano
of the twa niv-riltlt tortinn of tha aeeond nrtirla of tlw
t'onttitntion of thia Hinfe, to-wilt Allrrftilar o-aiona
ol the (.aner.il Ancmhlr ahnll comma nc on the tirtl
Monday in Jabnary annunlly.M
Pntakrr of lha llmne of Repreaentnlivaat
A PHIL 3, Hj9. I'ra.idant of tho Henala.
'onjMnt, O., April 7, 1H.V.
T harohy oartlfy thnl tho )'ore(,'oirir Joint Reiolution(
"lelativa to an Amcntlment lu the Conatittition provi
ilinv for Annua) Heinn of the t;enernl Aaiemlttv." it
truo copy from thaonginal roll on filain this olfic.
Bcorctnry of btato.
ArDiTOiOmc,8BMic4rotT-tTT Ohio. Tiftik,
April II, lhr.
I hrnby cortify thrtt tho foreirointf Joint Resolution,
relative to att amendment to tha Conititmion provtU-
inp for annua) tent i on of tha t.eneril Atantblv,' n
tmo copy from the original one, certified to by tlie Hce
ratary ofbtnle.
c. u huh i i
A ad i tor.
2F3S.em.oval !
t ii (f. n. is iti:.i
TO AO. 3,
Kbbcrt's Block,
mmn, oiiio.
1S59 Popular Trade 1859
Ribbons and Millinery Goods
To Merchant, Milliners, Jobber, Dealera in Rib
bon, MiUinery iaocHlv,
end CAMlI Ul VKHrt In all iettona of the eoontry.
The ( kilt Ribbon Hiwae,
116 Chambera tStreet, New Vork; Jno. FtuiiL.
i:tat)tHiicd 183.
W li.v. orixinnl.d n.w priuui.l 4 n.w ra In
th. Hiblwn Tlatl., wh.rrliy w. mKk. tlilt bu.in...
W. .r. t.li.fled with 3 per o.nt. profit. A.k no He.'
on.l Ciiv.. Il.v. .11 ovrfrooUi narlfil tn PLAIN KKI
I ' K Krl, K th.l Di.n. wouu I ihildUlj. silk.." s.d
r.o.v. IS. tarn. vala. lor tli.ir rnon.jr.
Oar price tor tlio bv.t r.nc:. aiu..hi., .11 oolor. ar.
No.l H iu No. 5..., c... p.r p.;..
" I i 1 1 " " "6 .17 , " " "
W, " "
S Ka.'i " " " " K ailil1. " "
No. IS al 47 ner nl nr.
AI.u;ni.mn,' aix Hi' a i.i i ii-f . a i rw.
flu. r..n..ll.li.n.l i. I... m.tllJMOl Bllra.,tlo. fDrRitl.
hom. 'Uuicl Pol..,"l.i jlil rroriu,' and Uooil uutj
lor Cain. I
Roll 111.3! RIU'CHKS!! J
N.w Flyl. and Piil.rti., at a .avirr of
a.aauii.i. our ..Dipl.. a.d .w .nvtiti-.u. .
fli . II... r th... .ooS. alw.ra full. V . I.npnrl
nd 'Job' Uir.n.tono. lor S pr wit. li.. SUrk.a
pr.c.a on all loodi 'in Pl.tu Fig.r...
A 8AVIN0 OF'411 PER CF.NT. ON Tllhtfi. uUUUB
Onrint.ntioniiio muk. lh. R.Mos Trtrl lapl.
in naard lo prir.a a d..n...io oo.la. I no "..a w
mu.t ..11 Uu. M.H.oo Uull.M Worth of Oood pal an.
"'. an Union M. n. 'No North,"no Poulh. W.
licit Hi. patron., of M.t.lmnti, i .'X
th. I'nite.l eia..,"dar. .h. wrv.uU .1 .11 h f.vot
n. with lU.it Had. d pa.runr.
llll t'linmliers ;J.r.t, N.w York,
jan1.4m s.hr th. Ilu.l.nn H.vr Ra.lroud ILimiI.
Thia Ii one of the bel tod mott roHuble ooiaj'i
in the laud.
. $oo.ooo
Wi.h a larc. anrplna fund. 1....1 .....
Will in.'.r. all kli d. of prop"'-, a. lh. I.W..I Blu,
foliciaa IMU..I wlil.out ...Uy, hjr
l.K.)N.VIil A1)AM", Agent.
Tin, Ohio, Man. lal, It-S'J if

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