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The Tiffin weekly tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1859-1868, May 27, 1859, Image 3

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K 12 A It 1 .V ITI I A'
tThatthcTRIM'XF: kM the lar;al
rirrwlalion, n,i1 Is, thprpforc, the
ks"l medium tor ad. rrtls.nc:, ia Hvmrrn
:o: .
Term of Subscription.
1 copy, 1 year, In advance SI. Ml
I " if paid within tlio year 9 Of)
1 if paid after tha roar rnlrr-a... .2.50
No jixr will lie topil until oil arrearapra
re ratio, times at the opi ion of lli. publish.,; rr.
To ClultH.
Ai n Inducement to tr-ltine; up Clulis, we
ctTcr tlio TaiBusp: at the following rates:
Club of 6,1 ;ar, In Advance, $ I 1'r ench
" 10, " 1.25
' 15, i 1.20
" 20, " " 1.10
as, " i. uo
anrl one copy to Ui gctttr up of a elub of 10
iiliscribi'rs or more.
Old P.ubarrller can enter in(o this arrawe
went by paying op all arenragra
Specimen copies sent frco.
Hl.iiikN! lllniik!
All kinds of Blanks, of tlio moot approved
Torn-a, well printed on Sua paper, kept eon
tantly on band and for anlo cheap at tho Tai
ai'N Orrica; auch ta
Herds, Bnmmona,
iUortirncea. Subpoena.
Altrithmrnta, Ventlla,
i-irrmlona, Conainbla Sales,
'"""i situ., arc.
BTJuaticea and Notarial supplied on rcaa
Onnble terms,
Agrnts lor Ihc Tribune
Tho following person are authoriicd to
act aa agents for Ui Tihidrb, in recelvlm
iticr'w.i...n. ...i.: .... 6
Nami a
,-....p ... ivvvijiui nr nit Mntri
1 oar Orrirr.
Paniel Riclrdj, Esq.
Daniel Ibhtn... .
M. R. Malta ,
Jewopli Buyer, Est',!,.'.
Hubs. Hutton, t'.tq..,
dm. Karabner, Ewi. ,
fald (Jntl.rhill.,
E. J. Welker
Joseph Jackson
j. u.nurk, Ks.,.. .'.;;
Horace Hull, Ktn.
Wm, S. .Mc-Mccti . . . .
John Zeiirlor. . . ,
West Lodl.
Kbit Rock.
Muttemut Ritle.
..... .c.reen Springs..
.Lowell (A.V.mal'0)
.Watson' ntation.
" Ft Sencra.
........ .H.oenm
J. A. Miller
Iavid Hmilh. ...........
J. V. Jones, Kaq ,
J . AV. Lnwhend, Ksf. . . .
John Kerr, Esq
J. 11. Urinkerlmir
A. If. t,ce
Daniel Stombau"h
' ooria.
........ Palo Alto.
. .MtCutchenvillo.
Jackson Township.
Kates ol" Adrertisiu
siri"ii anon wu proprl.lort of Ih. Tiffia Tribnna
and hiHi A.l.frtii.r, Maj 10th, lRW.to b. .iriclb
aforeod ia all atc:'
w. 1 m.
' 1" loi IS.1 a? no
t.pinml Vim J .V
t.l 3 00 4 (HI a, DO
4 ...r-. ! SKI em
Si oltna 4 Ml S 50 A in
. relaaia 1 no 0 00 7 .VI
'''oun A INI 7 jo 9 on
..ca'nma 8110 in no i no
column no 1 1 on t4 m
1 eolrnnn Hum n INI j m
lcanl,S line or l. i, one rear
ft m.
(.1 110
J 00
1'.' Ill)
SO (10
1 vr
H 00
10 00
11 no
13 "O
13 i:
W no
sh no
xi in
40 no
I P-A r.lKlion of 3 par cent, front tha ahove
will bo aiala for Caak.
Tl aaao., aocapird by 10 linat af lb. trna eon.po.ln.
, .iiT.rut.neni, win ba con.IH-r.iJ a
.qnaro (
All traniienla.l.enli.m.nt.1top.il,erwiih AdrnlnU
tratloa, Attaohmeat, Moad ant Diltli Nolioei, mutt ba
paio lortn aitvant a.
Advertltem.ntt in.erted f ,n Indefinite time will
.ii.rgra lor nntll onlcred out
nnen ye.rly adeertite meal, are interted, one or
mmrr cil.ngy. will DO allowed. ' '
For .Sale at this Oilier.
One roll rVholor.hin In tha Ohio Slot, and I'nlon
i-wi ooepe, ieflmil, Ohio.
One Fnll Hrholar.hi. in the Edectic College or Medi
elne, Olncinnnli, Ohio.
All of tin ahova will U sold rer, rhenp f, Ciuh.
Motlicrs! AIothersK Mothers!!!
fwtlf facHiUtntthw) prfweei of l4tl'inr tiy loftfoinf
lh? Kumt, rwtliM'inij M inhnn)atifiii--wH ftliav all pnin,
ftrnt i inn lo r(iilt lh bowrli. I?nd iirwm it,
mmlirrt, it will five red to yon red vet, anil roliaf rnJ
henllh lo yotir inrnnta. IVrt'crtlv fr in ltinai.
Thit aisnnbr frwpmrwit iowi t rer.pitnn of sri of
tltc nioit rvpcrtcnml nd nkilllut tt'itmlf I'liralrinna in
Naw Knfliinft, and hnt ln ad with Dever-failing
mtmi in mi I hnn ot cniaa.
We ImI.cvr it tlm bspt and nrt rmfdy in tli world.
In nil oatea of lytntry and Diairhtrtv in ehiltlrwti.
wlietlier ft nrriiei from teetdinj or I'mm nny Mhtr
rntiA. It l iir tojiva .nimediaiv rvliwf to inl'untt suf.
, trrinclMm wlnnr.tlio.
If life and haalthcnn t itimattd by dollar ani1entf,
111 wnrtli ill wwivht in ild.
Milliona of tioiclf ara told v-it yaor ii Ukj fnited
Platat. It I an old and wetMried remedy.
tlfXnn f;(niiin nnlfifl tins ftc-ilmile of rt'RTlH
t'KHKINS, Nnw York, ia on tho ontaid ri.rrr.
Sold by OrNfffiita throtfhoot tb wirld.
ei.10 r I. la. Hi. JOHN lt t'., AjrDtt for Tiffin.
Notira it hf-reliy ivn,tliat t)ta copurtiwrtltip bertito
for ailating batweoa
ki.nf a mrr?antilalmt.nft nmtcrtka firm nam of
hai tlm day heti diitolrcdbj mutoal consent.
Tha Hooks and lVolea are in tins potie-aioa of
&m XI. Onoatll.
wh liana ia anihoriaetl to aattta tl artitit of tli fi rm
' Tiffin. April f. '50. H. B.fcNATH.
. VMjrni Owl.
A. Nf. Binincer Sc Co.
: (EsUbliOicd 1 778,)
No. 19 Broad St., N. Y.
This agreeable Ionic, designed
especially as a '
Safe and reliable Mcdicint
for Family Use,
Is offered to the Public as a supe
rior article, poffefling all the vir
tues afcribed to it as a Medicinal
JJevcragc. and deferving of their
patronage in preference to the fus
jiicious decoctions emanating from
irrefponfible fources, and fold un
der various pretentious names.
The flick that our houfe (eftablished
in 1778,) has attained a favorable
reputation for the genuine character
and purity of its Liquors, will, we
truft, be a sufficient guarantee of the
excellence of this article.
Put up in Quart Bottles, in
cafes of one and two dozen each,
and fold throughout the world by
Druggitts, Grocers, &c.
Druggifts and Dealers
Supplied with
,Wines and Brandies,
Direct from United Stales Bond
cd Warchoufes.
foiMlsbjfl. I. Si.JvJ.a r.., i,cho. aplli
tiffin h't r Hit Etibamr
Local and Miscellaneous.
Advertisement, nan be handed ii by YVedaesda Ia
Is..... -
Local and Miscellaneous. Sandusky, Dayton & Cincinnati R. R.
raasonRe- Tmina on tliia ruad now lcare
tbia Station n follows:
doing Bonth. Cuing North.
I M 1 Mai .
NiKbtKxp. 11:15 m Niffbt Kxp..2 :)0 a
'Br"l'li,-',"'lTI'"''a'a arr"-et la TlffiaatlO,
... ... -purr, ni j hi, r. M.
'f7"!Lrfc' '" T,,i""''r It-ribNa and ttl
rmiDfii ana . pner r.antnlr.
I'rMi.y Ifloriiinic, Iu- T, lH.n,
Job Printing.
We have all the facilities of the larger cities
iur nouiR an knuis 01 Hook and Job Printing,
in tha highest stjlo of the Art, and on very
reasonable terms. Give ua a call.
IVolirr to 1'rintrra.
hat be.n enirsenl ia imhH.alna a nam
.r ol naitri la (Moo. and now Iwln. nii l' m,imm.i
Job, nVtire. lo Lent, a Trmline Clbw. or ..(.re at
Mi.rr. nny nerton oatirtn. a niHrirt.r n.an
who nadertl.ndt ihebntin... in all iu Itranb.., wlll.lo
well b adtlre.tlna "rnnl.r." .1 this enVo. ihhI
reiereaot (ir.a. l.flt.rt aatwoiad immxli.t.lr.
The Shnw hnn llouae Ofllcc, yte notieo,
ia undergoing material repnir.
Tnadny Inst waa the anniversary of St
John a day, of Maaome notoriety.
A Itrfrcshina- Itaiii fell on Wednesday
evcninir w bieb waa very much ncejed in tliia
pan oi me Country.
Township Aaacaaors have mostly made
their rvtnma to the Auditor. They allow an
increase of )eraonal proerty in tlio county,
in.v utir.
Dr. W. II. 1'nrk lias resumed bis "locnl
habitation" in Tiffin, for the practice of med
icine. The Dr. ia a cb-vcr fellow and deserves
"call." See Lis card.
Our Piscatory friends are just now in
the midst of their glory. A great many fine
Hah bare been "hookod" from the Sandusky
uuiii wiv j.aa lew unya.
The. roper, on tiliieli tlio Tuibi is now
I'rinb d, ia frnm tlie manitfaebiry of Misrs.
ou np l,,ve rt lloyt, Cleveland. We reoom
'""nd tho eabiblishnient to our exchange.
Oil. -
i unnm u, Oio edibrs of tlio Ohio StU
Journal, Slanse.0,! Herald, M!)Rn FriM) p,,,
-nia onxeue, an wi Ameri.n
icws an, h, ni.in T)
r.irvrnt. fur tw.i .,.. .1:
lucntniy noti
1 of the Tumi a.
lion. Anson Ninyth, State School Com
missioner, we not ico, IiiisImvo lecturing on Ed-
... ni,..,., in avvemi 01 inesiirrounniiitr countin
Why can't wo liave liitn in Tiffin, or aro we
sufficiently Informed on that, subject alreodyT
A Pic-Slic lOxcumion, we understand, ia
10 iw in.lulpe.1 in by the teacliera and lMinil
of tlio Tiffin UnLin School, at Uie cloae of the
term, which will lie in a few days. We wish
them a merry time and rnllier envy them the
emm'm.nl . .. .
j ' "mu'iii wi aucii (Mansions.
We nre pleased to leant that all those of
our citiaens, w ho have their business adver
nscu in tlio i aiaiKK, nro doing well. The
reason is apparent. Adveitisenienta are a
tjuide board to the public; telling them where
me cucapcet uargaiiis arc to bo hud.
Delegate!i, who deeiirn attendinir the Re
puUlcnn Stale Convention, next Thursday.
nre notified that half the usual fare will be
charged on the railroads leading to Columbus.
0 hope to see this county fully represented.
Dvlcffates should 1 cave Tiffin nn tlm Q.ofi a
M. train, Wednesdnr.
Koya I.onU We aro rwi nested to sav that
and 1 ent, has got into the possession of some
one unknow n to tho llaird,nnd if any one, has
them, or knows of their whereabouts, the keys
or tho lllfortnotion ran Lo left with J. W, Mil
ler or iiiiyor j.iiitzeu.
Tho Wool Trndc. Our farmers nre now
in tlie midst of sbcop-sbenring and the Wool
trndc, which forms an important item In this
oottnty, is just opening. What will bo the
ruling rates we nro not able to slate. As yet,
there is little stir in the market, cither among
buyers or sellers, both apiearing willing to
aw ait tho result of further developments in
j i '
. AaJ atill there ia Itoura fornxare names
on our "Roll of Honor" for May. During the
past week, quite a number have como in and
paid us aim we foci quite encoumged. Wc
hope all, who desire to ace our paper and tho
cause succeed, w ill conic or send in, lieforc the
month expires, and have their name recorded
mong tiio'-fiiithful." We have enlarged and
improved our paper, believing that our friends
would appro.,! the enterprise and more than
compensate us for the trouble and expense.
Shall we be disappointed?
Jackson I.ybnrger, a young man, who
left Liberty township, this county, a few
weeks since, for Pike's Teak, is reported to
have been drewned in the Missouri river, be
tween St. Louis and Leavenworth, about the
23d of April. Uo wroto homo from St. Louis
and stoted that he would write again from
Leavenworth, but lias not since been heard
from, and a man on the boat, answering his
description, is reported to have fullun over
board and drowned.
Last AVock wo a lively ono in Tiffin.
Owing to the advanced price of grain, a Con
siderablo quantity was brought in, filling our
streets with teams and our stores and shops
with customers. Mr. J. Hhriver informs ns.
that ho alone paid out some $3,000 for grain;
and be oatimate the whole amount, thu paid
out during Uie week, at $10,000. We lave,
everywhere on our streets, uumigtiikable signs
that times aro improving in Tiffin. Our mer
chant and tradesmen are doing a good paying
business and it ia the general remark, the quan
tity of goods that have been (old here tliia
Ketrhum'a Itenper a. Mower. This
machine is so well known throughout the
country, that we need seurccly speak of its
merits. Its peculiar advantages are attested
to by soma of our niuat substantial aud relia
ble farmcre. It is said to bo light of draught.
easily regulated either for grain or grass, free
from clogging, and so arranged as to accom
module itself freely to the inequalities of the
surface. Mr. Eli D. Catlin is ageut for tliia
county. Bee his advertisement.
These machine nre coming iuto very gener
al use aud farmers should be very careful to
purchase the lvt- Thu merits of quite nuru-
U-r are now preseutcd to their notieo in the
Columns of the TaiaifK.
Timo Fust nnd Present. We well re
member in tbe day of our childhood of it
nee in g the sufferings of a beloved parent as
he grasjHid in eony theside of hischairwbile
eudiiriiig the torturing pains of the Tic Doul
oureux, and swing Uie uiuiateueJ cloth spiead
over hi faoe to give nioui.-uuiry relief, aud nool
the fiery burning ot the ttyailas. hut then
no r. inecly wus at hand, Kennedy bad not
made his "Medical Dmoovcrv." At tli pres
ent day, through tbe iowert'ul sgeaey of this
medieine, these diaiaes are comparatively but
in name where it U uaed. Oite, two, or throe
bottles, aouordiug to tlio severity of tlio casa,
will cure a surely as tbe earth revolve, or
night succeed tbe day. For all humors, it
baa proved iUelf a roaaU-r remedy, and we bid
Mr. Kennedy good speed In hiaetfurU to ro
Ueve tit sick.
The Snn of .Malm are tootanisea Wg
in Frem.iBt, this week aoaaratbc l)mo aar
TL. : v .
. " '"'" 10 " enlarged
...... ....r,. .u up'n new ivK. I. la. I to see
Cyrna Scnra has removed from Pueyrinto
I pper fvamlosky and has eniragl in partner
ship, with bis brother, J. P., in the prsetiee
ni the 1vr.
The rcrrysbnra; Jonrnnl reports tbe lo.
tal amount of money, paid out in that place
during the pat season, for furs af different
kinds, at $o.'.,f?:)0,i;.
Allea C'onntr. Six persons were convic
ted under tbe first section of tbe Liquor Law
at Uie recent term of the Court of Common
Hons in Allea Comity. - They were find
twenty dollar each, and sent up forbti days
They trot them through out there.
Rao" Accident A litilo cirl flout ten
year of age, daughter of 1'anl Doran, switch
tender at tho d. pot of the S. D. A C. Road,
was run over by a freight car, Tuesday eve
ning. Roth arms were cut off, one near the
ahoulder and the other just ebovo the wrist.
It is scarcely possible ft the child to survive
Saxm-skt RrmsTKB. ' i
(.naroti. The Kxriamxbx says The
Xorwalk Gaa Company waa fully organized
on Thursday last, and the following gentle
men were elected officers: C. L. Boalt, pros-
ident; (Jeorgo Jl, Snfford, secreUry; Theodore
W illiams, treasurer. A lot has been purchas
ed ner the railroad slioi on which to erect
the necoaaary buildings, lly Uie first of Oc-
toW Uio Gas Work w ill proUbly be in full
The Mansfield Herald liss chanced
hands. Messrs. Rrinkerhoff A Rentlov retire.
and Messrs. O. T. and L. D. Myers, formerly
oi i ittaiiurgli, take Uieir .daces.
Mr. llriiikrrholT resume the practice of law
and Mr. Hcntlcy takes up the shovel and the
hoe, and tho quiet ardor of agricultural pur
suits. W w ish them botli lomr life.
" ' '
lly nl happiness.
1'iunnr-u. i no rremont joravai. say
that on Wednesday morning, Cbe. Lindsavi
and John Uaggerty, laler of that town
took a C4iw and went down the river to pro.
cure pile that had floated off. When about
8 mile below town, Lindsay fell out of tbe
boat and sunk; hoenmn tin twice but liis com
rade eould not reach him, and he drowned
Tlio deceased was an intemperate man. and
waa intoxicated at tho timo. ile leave a wife
aud child.
A Pike's Penhor Returned "Mr. John
Wilson, of this plsce,"say the Plymouth An
'era, "who tnrted for tho Gold Recion
several m,.tl ,inCe, turned on Mondav
eveomg last, thoroughly saliofied that 'all ii
. ..
not gold that glitters." He roxrU that ntim
bors are returning from the mine, some of
wnom hnvo been obliged to sell mule spans
that cost Uiciii $250, for $123 in order to get
iioiiio. ux teams are also disosed of for
Noincthing to Bona! of. Tho Kenton
DraoeBAT say:
"We can now boaat of the fact thai sr l..r
tno nicest I'ublie Square in tho State. It is
well set with gmss, and so thick with trees,
that tho 'fowls of the air' apaar to have mis
taken it, for a genuine, forest, and taken up
their alwde among tho branches, and make
the air vocal with their ewect music. It i.
more charming and t.bnsant, to attend one of
uieir grand concerts from four to live o'clock
A. M., than all the 'Negro Minstrela' who
have made night hideous with their fuolUh
melodies; and it is much cheaicr."
Distressing Accident An l.,i,..i:
lilt lo girl, aired between two an, I tlirau
daughter of Mr. Jacob Duly, living near Lit
tle Sandusky, wns killed under the following
distressing circumstances: Her fntber was
lying on tbe floor resting, after .liom r on. I
die and the oilier children wen. rtlitviiii nlu.ni
him. Little Hnnnnh, the dcciwaed, was sit-
ueViituiu'; tVflAer'irer1o""g(d'uVn,'h"ii4" in
attempting to do so sha f. ll uiion the knife.
which penetrated nor side to a considerable
oepin. i ue innocent littlcgirl simply sighed
drow tho knil'u from tho wound, and in twen
" "uli. Mt m onr.A. . 'I'l.a UMtJiiM
curred Inst week. kamhit I'ionkkk.
C. F. Miller U Co. advertise in lo-dav'a
paper their Stoves and Tin, Copper and Sheet
Iron nnd House Furnishing establishment, op
posite the Court House, in Singer's Illock.
They will, in a few woeks, remove to their
new suit of rooms, now in course of construe
tion. immediately South of Naylor'a Hardware
Harper for June is a brilliant number
and present peculiar attractions. The illus
trated articles aro "Artists' Excursion over the
Dultitnoronnd Ohio R. R.;" "Morgan tlieBue
cancer," "The Red River Trail" and "The
Virginians." Published by Harper Broe.,
Imr 1 ork, at $3 a year.
The Atlnutlc Monthly for June is before
us, and what ean wo say in praise of it, that
we liave not already aaidt There is nothing
or the flashy, pedantic style about It, that char
acteriiea so much of contemporaneous litera
ture. It has the ring of tho true metal and is
growing in popular favor all the timo. Pub
lished by Phillips, Sampson tt Co., Iloston.at
$3 a year. When taken with the Taiai;, JO
Council Proceedings.
Tiffin, Saturday, May 21, 1859.
Council met and wa called to order by A.
B. Hovcy, President.
Members present, Hovey, Wagner, Ileming
ana n aison.
Minute of last meeting read and adopted.
Tb Account of K. Nichols (Jailor) of $lli,-
ou lor Hoarding Uity 1'nsoners up to April 1
lt59 was then presented and read aud on mo
tion of C. K. ataon the same waa ref.-red to
the City Solicitor for investigation.
The following accounts were then presented
and read by tbe Clerk, aud en motion of C.
K. Watson the same were allowed and tho
Clerk instructed tod raw orders Um.ii the prop
er fund for the several amounts of same, vis:
Aoo'tof It. Niehols (Jailor) of $IU.V5 for
Boarding City Prisoners since April 1 1859.
M. A. Mitchell of $2,00 for labor on streets
in 1st Ward.
Jno. Walker (Supervisor) of $J 05 f.r haul
ing and materials furnished for 1st Ward and
Titlin (Jus Liht Co. of $!4 50 for putting
in Gaa Pipe, Si tting Meter and for pondnut.
in house situated on J.nrket lt.
On motion of C. K. WaUon tlie City Solic
itorwaa iuatriieUd to examine the I locket of
tlie Mayor, and order Kxeciitioo uon all ca
ses, in which in his opinion the same are eol
loctalile wherein tho City was I'Uiiutilf, where
Uie fines or coat rcnutiu unpsid. O. K. Wat
son then introduced an ordinance entitled "An
Ordinance fir the purposo of enforcing the
collection of fine and coat atscsacd for tbe
violation of any of tho Ordinance of The City
of Tilda."
The question being upon tb Engrossment
of said Ordinance the Yeas and Nays were
taken and resulted Yeas I Nays 0, as follows:
Yea Hovey, lieming, Wagtier and Watson 4
Nsys 0, so tlie Ordinance was ordered to be
On motion Council then adjourned to meet
Saturday, May 2b, lr5U at 6 o'clock P. M. .
x ; iNOTicTicT"
Fricnda nno Citlxen orTlffln.
I will fourth Term of instruc-tiou,
commence my
(in Uie several branches of the English
Ijingunge, which 1 have usually taught,) on
the 3mli iust., at Uie suiue place (viz.) Uie Kn
gine House. At Uie rule of $1 ,50 eu per tschol
ar, ht Term; which tcmiiuaUs in 0 woeks.
I will also (in the same room,) meet twice
week, on Monday and Tuesday eveniugs,
from 6 tit o'clock, aclas or clauses, forsiell
ing. From all Uiat becomo members of said
classes, will lie '.-quired, aooo, BtHAVioia.and
penny poid after eaeh leaeoa. , Te.xiuiirnce
en tlie :ttli inut.
Tittin, May M7Ui 'S3, lw.
, C'AiUAaibk T. Iiojuiiiatuia.
For the Tribune.
Hl.rrltnneoua Fnljimn. I am eoni
d of Jl b tt. ra. 1
j Jy 5 .j ,n j.(
31. 9, SS. 17, is n
My 7, 15, 99, I . SI. ia a bird.
My Vl.?.l. U7. IJ, III. it . city in Chio.
My !. 1 1, VI. !l, 5, i, a title of address.
Mv J. II. 1, is a plant.
My S-J. . 8. SN, lb', 31. ia a ladies name.
Mr whole ia an old adage,
A. G.
Answer tu Knigma in our last:
"R sure ynnr Rrinter's bill to asy,
Pefore the thirty-first of May."
"Cooper Kindenline Wataoii."
Tiffin Retail Market.
ri nrreplro weeklT, hTll. A. Ill ' H K I R K ft
hnl.isl. and R.tsi I l.)er. in Ijror.riet and
de. of allkia.it, fhr wh.a-, III.Mjk Tiffinn,
c sNOLas.
raovistoas. (tin, a. ),
. SO
1 an
1 .l
Float r kbl Kmra
Bread f loaf - ... In
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ioa . . . .ejm
Rrawa f lb . . . . fj tn
nf. ' II W
l.osf ' H'I0
I'ratb.d" 14 00
fVnimna f fl . . Snviui
Mspl. ....... .ihi
Hjnto " . ?)0.;
Rio fib .... mtn
l"a i
rrei.ed Tallow "
I.ln.eed pf g .
n.h " . . . .
Pperm " '
Tr ' "...
TsTpentiaa 1
FVold, " .
Initf ro y r r.a .
Htarvh" lb
an.la . . . .
A tarn ......
ens Tartar.
Ki l-oetoo.'1 t. . .
rhoettlal." .tn
Kttonca f paper ... 10
Vnnarllr.oa rlhje
Hhllr l.tl
i IS
- 1(1
tt it
ah ptbs
Halt "Hark
Ppe Ih . . . .
bbl. While.
dt I'l.k.i.l,. .
do Tmat,
M.k.r.1, No ,
, bill. II. I. Iler'l
S 5
4 .Kl
a w
(iroand dn. pap., .
rlrlr." . .
Ilief.r" ' . . .
pr rsl ... v
s.lpr KJ .SKI
. . . in
Tiffin Prices Current.
w.oal? hv J.MI. Irer, dealer ia llrTlloorit,
irn.ieriet.iaru.llni., Hnoll and Hl.n.t, and Read.
Vfada I'lolliitie. And nar..bat.r of .v.ry d.tcriptloa
of lit. in and Proline, for I'atk.
WHr-li ..tii ..n.
COBS (.h.lled) VOgiWkl.
do ( Kar) a.So.
Rvb ibis 4(1.
H. bi.bv INI. (10.
n.Tt i4.p.
na&ns Mlto HM.
PoT.TOea OOrt TOe.
Kl.tx 8rao eu.iiOtf l.tn.
TiOTHV."arn I.K jil,"3
Bcrraa .'!'?,.,
I. kan-lOn I le
Baoaaa Ilka). ll.4lne.
'" Hlt.astn H.inoi.nsaS- TjlWaj. '
Piexi.aD Poaa p anie.
Mkpi.a Honka I1.' Ur.
do atot.tstas .M7.10.
Kriiwis '.'i.-iV. '
Fa. ma as tn enisle.
R kns
Iav A en a- 90,009,00 S4 ,
Gstss llin.t V tii,.
Hav dn I He.
Foot R Sine. t dnien.
PftaBti.isia ,,mt
"lner Kee.l,,IMl4,?.1
Wool vs4ii
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 24, 1859.
Fi.ora Market heavv. and IS lo "In lnwoe
Sales C.ntlO Mils at t5 eOaCTri for supor we
tern; $fi ilOdf 7 60 for common to eood run
western; and $7 30(,r7 CO for ditto round hoop
v'.ii.,, .uo ,.mi act i-ioning noavr.
WiiasT Dull and nnniinnllv 9iSJe L... .
nlc 27.000 bu at $1 lrioi 1 U) for Milwauked
ciutii jl i:i lor wintor red Western.
Hm Mrmr. Sale 3Hf0 b at $1 00.
llast.kv Quiet and unchanged.
Corn Declined liir.le. H to. 'if, nnn k,. mt
8.1c for unsound mixed western; sound do livid
at 92c; a sale of 15,0011 bu mixed wctern was
made .deliverable In July and August at D.'lo.
Oats Heavy at 5H( CO for western and n.
Foaa Dull and quotations nominal,
lb.r.r Stendv. ralea Q-i.-, 1,1,1. ionrv.
IS 00 for n.naeked flilnen mr.. ir. rali.- it
OOforoxtraa. ' o--
-Dull. Sales 500 emoked hums at
Ltao-Flrm. KaleaGOObblsat 11 ',.(7? 12'a'c.
UtTTKa Stendv at lrrtf -Ml for
and Ohio.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, May 24, 1859.
$1 20(''l ao
$7 70((. rl Ml
It.- .'.'.'t Ji;iirillnirr
Winner....... -
.55( t'.'ka
. I3(,M lo
Jl( -too
f.norKmM SuK(ip 7(Vi;7'Vi Molitwew 3iSc;
in thii City,
on uio ipui iiiBt., Air. i'KTm J'smninhtiim mid
Mist Hattik J. Johnhon fitm mur Wciniore.
On tht) 21th init , Rt the rei(!en of IV
Ik'illmrU. in tint city, hy Rev. J. Cullrr, Mr.
JACOB TtUNIR 01 Ilurull (Jo., t JllHt fcLUA
nKTH Choisi of this county.
Dr. CherMoman'M Pillm,
Prof-nred by Corncliut L. Cticricinnn, M. D
' New York City.
Tli combination of Inf rlint In lli Pill, nr-th
reith oft loos and Un-l praftio. Tl) an mild
Itt tlisir operation, tntlctrtain In rorrt elinf nil irrfff
larlliaa, Painral Menttroationi, rrmoring all otMtrno
tioni,htlir from cotd or othrvri, haadnch, pain
(nth licit, palpitation of ilia (wart, whitai, all narroni
allvctiona, hyatarici, Tatlf no, pain I n tli bauk and HinUa
fac.ttllaturbed tlaap, wliich anai frutn latarrnplion of
To Afarrled ICndies
lrr.Ch.anian'a Pilliar Invalaalilo, atlhry willhrlnf
on Uia montiily period wilN regularity. llaii wlw
nav men iitiapMiisitri tn ttva u ur othrt Pills t an
plartNt iniot contiiUnoa in Ir. Cbaaaaman'a PHU
doing nil thai thay ffpraiant to ao.
on oonilitina of lUm (vmila ay tent (a wlifr-h
inn riiu sannot ba lakfn wit ho tit proaitciny a (
uairrainii, nut:n ia ma irretiiattie it-nuaDuy oi tliauied
iciaa to realota Ilia aatual funetinm to a fni final uuaiH'
tion, Uiat even tlio reproductive povri'f of mature cnnrtjl
ream it. Warranted nurel rieltbl. and ! front
anything Injurinua. Eipfk'lt dirctlnnt. which afianlrl
ba read, noaoniiMiny aarb boi. Friie $ , hWnt by mail
vn viK:,wiiig f i to inn tuerai iigeni.
fTHold by on drngglat ia avery town In lh t'nlttd
VtmtAtai U U tll'l'l'IIIWll.4
General Ant lor tha United HtHtea,
HIS 7hanih4ra.Bt.. New-Vork.
To wbom all Wholesale or lr alionld be addreaaed.
Hold by J. K. Woeater, Titlin, U. a-U.lr
The Cerent I'liffliIi ICciu
em jmk8 clarkk's.
Celebrated Femalo Pills,
Prepared frrm a prcBcription of Sir
J. Ularko, m, D.j 1 Iijaiciuu Lx
traordinarj to tho Quocn.
Tbia Invaluable metliciaeU anfailingUlheeareof all
tlaoao painfttl and davngaroni diaeaaea to wbiub ibe ft
tnate iontiintion Ii mbjeof. It tnideratei alt ticeaa
aad remove i all obatuvoiioai, and a ipeedy cure may ba
relied on
To Married Ladles i
ii peculiarly salted. It wilt, In a short lima, bring an
the monthly period with regnlarily.
Kaoa boulo, prion Ono ltollar, boars tlie (jOTernment
Biatup of Ortal Britain, tt prevent cow a', trie its.
Tliese pills sltould not bo taken by females daring tho
first three months of Pregnancy, as'liey ara sere to bring
Mtsearriife, bot at any other lime they are sate.
In all uaaes uf Nervou and rjiinl AHwt-tiona, I'aia In
tlie Hack and l.ienos, r'atieoo on slirt eaerium Petii
Ulioti ef tlio Heart. Hyairnca, and V hnaa, these 1'illa
will effert a earn when all other arte ana have failed and
aliteMijfh a powerful rady, do not contain inwa.Mal
oniel. anlianoov, or anv tiung hnrtfal tothe oufiidlBMiiMi.
fr ail direction tn tfo ianii,lt arunnd each pack
age, which lima lil t rare fully prearrved.
fctole Aent tor the I aited Hi a lea and Canada.
JUU M'h r'H, (Lata I. C- lisi.twin at . ro..)
KHltealer, N. Y.
K. B. $1,04) artd fl poatage at am pi etuliMed to anf
anthoriaed Agrnt, wileauiaa botiie,coataiuinf 4Ver.rO
pilla, by return mail.
For salt by I. U CM. John fc Co., TilCn, Ohio.
lorLetltook I.Owt.
TOST on ihe V7xh of April, somewhere between
afj Clyde anl Tifha, on taa On, a Itrya ptMrket-hak
ponmoaie, eontaiamg a anon other pafiera two amies
eitiast io. P. Lphaejoadaane ofilat ll. P. Kuaaell.
ft" one retain! ng aanl pae-wjk to Uie sulM-fiber,
Republic, Hcncca t'ounlv. ., ' leaving il at Uio
TBlNcrB I'lAoe, wiU bo Ii be wily rewarrioit.
-ii3r t.KH. IL KVI.K.
A tint' Inn on t Nelire.
Anton fthiraelt and Jnrth Hhirtirk, I'lalmlfTs. against
JuhVraon II. May, llt-feiidant,
Before J. W. Arnold, Jnillce of () Prnco wllhla end
ludois Towsahip. hencca Coum y, thio. Oa Uie
yttth dtv of An" I. A. D . 1KI. said Jn.ii... iae.ae.latn
ler af attk;tiiiieat In the vbwe nrtfon. for i(e nan of
vi. It K tt IIHr H t rJ,
iiilia, Way W, lH6.-ew Auys it l Unxttf
Aro retuiving tliia fr'-pri;, the
largest stock of
Krci brought to this tlty, whieb they
Jntmd to iStU Loxtf.
Jra? SnntoBS and Rio,
1'r.tbisl, Paw.ler.l, lirannl.lil.t'iilfV. Fir.i.A I H,
aadt'on.a.oa lo I'rtnio N.w tlrlenttt.
Imperial, Ulm k ntid Young Hjson.
Of all klnild, from Six Twist to tho
Finest Cftvemlish.
Cut Tobacco, Smoking and Chewing
I I T it bsrdlt a. attarr for at to snnaieraie, la faet,
we keep ever. lb.. "is. I. a.aatlr .pl In e.l.lili.h
rr.1 I await aflbitkiad. V. am prepared I. do oat ataal
wllb RetalUrsasdmhen. and wa Iblnkthe, will ad
It lo tbetr aoranlng. to examine oarttoca Us Iur. hariav
.H( i:itli:s firry DAY,
and keeping np with the
3L.O "W piiioia,
la lb.
Eastern nnd Southern Markets.
WK red.temlaedtoaeepabin.llb lb. mark.l..
Wo ha., a food tatailr aow on head, and Uio..
wi.hinf lob.r for tum.nrt at. will da w.ll locall oa atat
No. 3, Ikbewhaa. HI.h k .
A good aitertaioa! of Rrnwa Ai tVblte all ai low
arot,b II. A. Ill MKIHK ft IIHU.
Foil??. 7
Kf "'l w Crop Com ., ntt reeeltrd sad for tal
JJ by ()aa9e) It. A. Ill fKIHK Ii IIHU.
I'pprr Knkr riatiii
Al.oroc.l vie, from Now A'ork, ie. ".Il Water Kith.
IaM Kill, and II slf llarrelt, fntfamllr at., flerrlne.
whick w. will toll at low a. ran be am.r.l.,1 In tint
Tlfttn, ,M.y 7, If
tyillow WaroofKvcrr Uoscrlplion.
Blon. Wara of all lln.lt.
if a nk nno
1 lj r.pp.r.
1 (! Ba.iAl.pie..
Allkindt OroadHn!.t
II. A.DI'BKIRK ft into.
SPLIT rKAH, roarl Darl.y, Taoloro, V.rmU.III,
and.Haoearoai. H A II ft HMO.
llama and Bacon.
Flour anl Totatocfl,
linttcr, Lard, Eps, &o.
II. A.lIUSKllcK&imO-
llitgahaadi Common to Prime Hogar.
2Q Barrels of ByrOp.
lOO ' 'o(1'
p f Bolls Tobacco,
For sale by
ii a mi'hkiri: 1 nnn.
Hoa.tHlBr L'and let.
f ri HoietOpal t'andlei,
2Q Boxat tli.r-h.
1 A bosat Tallow Caa.llei,
II A It ft PRO
7r tloi.t ll.rr.nf .
O a Iloi.t T 0 ripsa.
2 Bot.t M R Rtltiat.
ii a nrpKinu it nno.
TO Tllli rt Itl.lt .
The liosinass of the Ute Hnn of Rhriver and Hntath will
bo conducted, at the old stand by
who, thankful for favors paat,aiks tho ootinutd patron
age of his
Ho ll jost ordering a largo and wellelectej
whirr, will ha Irere in a few dstl.
April W.IKMI. .
371 ixo Ovxt
T HAVEiuat roreivoda lot of Fine Cm Cjiewlng Tu
1 bocoo a better article tlm a I overlie fttro BoJtt.
is from the manalartory f MAXr'JKl.O it 'H)Kt
iratrniiianu juugei uao neiier ty n. j.t;. hah met,
QfV1 Hnydjr's Hloa-k. Tiffin. tHiio
To thtTlNil7ue7
NOTCP. Is hereby given that the Hooks anil Ac.
coanla of the Ime firm nl H It river at Hneath will bo
found at Uie oftir-e of J. K. Hord.Kaq. Thoaenowing
tliemaelves Indebted to the Isle Arm will please rail
and aettle. Alto those harms clai ma atrainit amilrlnn.
Tma,JMayn, -'n H. aHlKA! tt.
C 1 T Y
Liveiy its Stable,
U. TOM. - - Proprirlor.
Oillco at tho Shnwhan Ilouso,
The sabseriber, havtag kaoonil sole rmmrietor of the
Hhawhan lioote Hi able, fender h:s aervivas to thel'ub
llo, feeling e'lnfldent that ha ran jive
He keeps a fine stock of good conditioned, safe
Horace, both for Iiidincrand Driving
and will furuiih oareful and sober drivers for all distan
Nent and Substantial Carr'aes,
furnialicd when desired
K.7AWo, HorsMi faJ and boards d at reasonable ratos
Von will find oar ''rig
good and onr rates rcaonnMe.
Tlwl.lgl.eit Mart, at Prico always Paid al tha "Ware
hoeae," tot i
Wheat, Rye, Corn and Oats.
When Farmers bring their Crnin to Marl at, they will
alw ays find us asihaiid with tho "OpRumeiits,"
jcjt waive mh n Call, jr
Jnle 3D, IMS.
i:iJis, itico'.1- ATiTo.
(HtaMceat-urs to II. A. rihiedley and Brothers
C'arr iaeIaniirar turern;
At Kepublic, Scncca.Co., Ohio.
Wotjld reaneefftillT announce to the Public tha thev
bnv pun-haawd the ilatnafeolory hfeltlire belnnamg
It- A. tsneilday Bird Vraitiers, end ore pre-mred to do
knedt of work in tlwtir line -uii willeoaat entry het-p
Whirhtkery da'tertkeoiaelies shall be eeoood lonone In
Prloo "TTrcl.oX"to
Ke(ieiM,f, lTlutkrr tMtl., t. it- r
tJaa. I . Uil( Jesito, . k lii, Oo. bbctdhry.
Ti- (hit m.fl M'infot1rrtfiW,rffirid.f.,toldrM
fcM thit ttiT tr. -It II tltn 0 v lAiiiiulrT
ThM wl' wiif wrA Mr,, lif- 111. ,i ..(-,-
? lir-, ff rrtt-mlt, will h ftero,w.m)lrd bv iivii'f
rtll mt ent Unimvh ' "
Gr cj 1 lory!
Vhor w r thtnt tr.p I ..tot And mt 1,rm
fjrviof rh-'Wr.. at Witi taMtr) In tb lurd limf .
Kptcial Attriifion
It eall.d to M. M. URtnWOI.D'rt e.M rated
CO 1,0 Ii ED A M 11 U O T Y 1 E,
Tl.it .1)1. of rirtart loot lb
371 rat ri'omlum
at tho Klnto Fair, at Sandusk y City.
It earcli all oil ifrs for beauty neatness and
A eoftlinl Invitation I. .it en lo t. .!.., ..rssd llenil..
mea lo call and et.min. .... .In. rem .i.let I'o r.oe..
Ronnii ia Mhawhaa'a lllark, aprrailte J. l. Ntrlor't
llanlwar tloro.
tllnoraetinnt lenla tb. Artoa reaHnsblel.ra.t.
Tilfln, AprilHtb. leMklr-eh
Have You Heard tlio Am
rP II A T R .
NKMt l.aaaa.
rseli.rlns and
deal-in la Ha.
vsna nnd Unmet
tlo l lfr..
Al-o HnnfT,
Rnoikinf .ad I
eo. I Inviitir I
"hawl.a .Rka-k
c ii
a Mark.l ft
l II a. Ohio, l
will tellrbeaiier
for mhth-tri v.
Iti thii vlriniir
flml tht fftt-.it.!
TiierA( ii,.
Vr xM1ite
In thi rity.nntJ
II .nbv.li.(H.
of qtjt.k
) nrl imaill
nriifllt !) brit
nflnf fotiml on
hnit nt 4llllmf
im iltarmmtl
to 11 il ptirw tliMt fun not fnil t h tiifBrlorv.
Anil if my limit ilort't fiv bai if'tton wlinMtr h
rfinrn It. unit I will rrnnl tli mnnr. aair iIihI '
I'nnntrv !tf i r rt.,,.,.ir1.l!r in.lif.il iA ..It .nJ
" "' nw nir imri
lrfHrm.mlirr til l.loi-e. Market .IM.I. aiumiIi.
Rhawlian't IHoi k , TIlRn, ( lilo.
wallif B. ("(MNNFI'a.
Tho Orofttjst lieinody ecr Known
roR tiii Ctiac or
Ij loiiia and Ilrnilaclir!
No fluid or medicine hiu ever (Wn diacovered. w hlrk
onearlvrearmhlrsthetiftMrir Jnlre r haliva. in dennm.
poalnefieod and atrengilif ;iing thenrgrina of iligeatlun, US
oiiwn, a nia vein ante sneiticmo and
Dn. rECKIIAM S balsam,
nun Wines and It rait dies,
wllb almott orer? artirla ataatl. told In drag .tore,
ar. kept oootlantly on hand aad for tale by
A. II. VAN DQOKN, Tiflin,
Konr doors Hontb oflht Wire Pridgo(on the Wesl side
VVaihinfton airret.
lice of t 'annon's Bilteri M cents
rr,ll B nni1erlgned hnvlng pun-haaed the entire stork
1 and ,nl.n..l of W. J llrawlnrd, In lb. ll.ke.y and
onfe. l..,n.ry bs.ln..., would .ay thai h. Intrndt to.
mnn m n am urn
ulu mm,
W tier, will slwk)t b. fonad ill. Cn.tt Hlot k of
Crackers, tc.,
la Northern Ohio. A Ivr?. atoek will he kept ennttsnt
lyon hand, and will be dl.im.ed nf at Will l,KrlAl.E
RK l AIL, al lha very l,Ol KHT R A I KM.
Families and l'articsenppliotl with
All the hiinrlee of tli. i.sinn.on tlx tborUll nolle, and
tha aiott roBannabla t.rmt.
Country Merchants will do well to
famine my ktnek befnr. purch.tlnf .ll.wb.r., Sa I
caa and will glva tallifaclloa.
. Xxx H7xxl3 XXlaeit. ,
Clothlnor and Furnlshln'' Goods
sriuxtt aivo 8i .ii.iir.it.
have juat received our stoi'k of new nnd ele
T T (inn l Hprine and Hutmnvr fJood, nnd arc now bet'
nreiured tlmn ever lo eahibit 10 our auiorattr. and
citisrns of Henaoa C'ounly aoeiallv,oneol tlie moat i
eitcnsive and taried
Comprising a Hi hat Is
Rich in fabric, and now in Stvlc,
whii-b wo are making np to order In the heat and la.
fa ah i una. Onr aliivk, foriaantity, inali trend fith.
boss, canuol bo aarpasaed oat aide of tho cities
have of every shade and onlor, among wMrh are
tha line at trench, Kngliah and tairrtnsn tnsitulauturri.
have of every mttke and color, black and colored
We have Pilk.Psila and Maraeilles of (ha nnrat and
moat beautiful alIes oitir brought to this maiket.
French, Iriih and American I trills and Ilothi: Klixt
HUraae l.insnait.enon i 'orle, elr., in g rnt vnriciy.
ether with a coniplito stock of Uents' Kornuhing
nor r or Head Mmle lothing for sprlnp and
ery kitown atyle of io.,1 and Vest f ant. !
flow lb. Irgl.la to Uia 1'aU.ioniibla w ide l.,t,
In i h f!a a nil I'm lire I In .
i-.u. ii.i j....- . .r..i ....J
a wlllbe able ln.iv. imiila.-ii.ab.Hlnn llnahtv aad
The iil1-r-nt a-ylsi and vkrs f if ats are tuo
aurnvroaa to mvntlou. i
fTT'rsnni in wnnt nfclothinv.rcadv mailc or other-1
cannot fail lo he soiled, not only in roods 'nd pru-c ,
aim in make, as wo hate all oar eluthinf ninde bv :
rxiriiin ed workmen Our tlvt k is large and varied, '
all weaik ia an eanuinltoa of ouf goods bel'uiepur
chasing vlsewlitre, for we will j
iiAci2s:it & wi.Aii:n.
la Htagrr't lt!ocB.oedtMi, N.rlb of llobb'told tlaod.
Tiltin, A'iril lit, 1H.V.I II
lAotieo to Tn-lnyrrM.
TBBASl Baia'S Urries, Seneca (., O.
Tirhn. Mar JMlti, If- !l.
fpAX PAV K ltd will take nolle that the aeeonil in
X stall mml ullaies will tie due Ihe tuh day of June
t'etaovis nrglet llng to pny hv that day will be
charged & percent,. apmvniil hv sianue.
me.'tMw JLtUlt- K. Ilti;i ,(. Trees.
iSQA A Tllflhl'llt'HlllK'HS
fJPOUl acliv. rehible man in
travel and take ordrr- hv snntpU for
wih lo employ an
every caiuuii to
Kennedy's flcdlcated Segars
KillAt't'O. Will pay a aalnrv nf mm ia v ii
rear, put able lOOntl.H. Vt ntt.(.le nu.) fu - r
tiaulars ad.lie.s KKIr(.KU a. !' K I :.-TO V,
Tubaer.va (,
3w 9f7 Wiliiut at.. Nw lfc...
j up
rroprietors of tlio 11. U. Wart'lions-cr-.,Tifliii,
and Desler InH.II, W.lrrl.ime.rn.l. Pla.i, r.ete.
I ert'a.h, and ll.e Ii. i'...t pri. e. n.,d for Wl.eil,
oia,th.l., Rye.P.e-tt, a.n, A.r-.3
rt'MIIKIKlNft.slPtcxMPT. .JiMtrerelVedsnd
J fnt tale a l.rl of common and aernnd rl,..r 1'n.e
amber. Ill I.I, ft OHttWK.N.
T AIH.srl.ll.Ct:ili:T.CAU IKl ri.A
BJ I r. s.sti.i
(roar., ur rl. Won ,i..,i i, ,
lilt. I. ft lieilliiRM.
and for tsl. br
Agricultural Implements.
rpilK nrnVvaignntl f rnl ff ittr- nCtEVELANT
L AURiOri.il rlALWOKRl'R.I i.nr-ire..i
tn nnplT H ?. 'oinir ! mr iml XrrKainca Hit
flhi)iQ tf itt m.iiuliTlnrt, tn'-ln.li rtfi
K.wtv,a KmtPMi'iiMti tlinft I'owffR AntOrtR-
ItMOT rtlHKwMRN WD H K l k A TnR ,
tin A 1)1 I'HH M, ll'tnik'i (tnriRT MjiRtOW,
i nm Httm t m"l i ttntfl nrn llnt rTWr,
ft') rtVTtn. Ti.it m t, R4i .- itifi ,
( n ri i-orM, Kri mi'i I'op t bi (;hf Mil,
(If.Ura trtrt t tl KltlrOKQ lpOl, Tift n,
Tfttin, ApfilvM, FAR!. IMM..
Ohio and Worlds Fair rreiuinru
(Jrftin Tlirenlilnor Ma
i.nrnovF.n tm.viM skpahatoh,
Jfannfnetureil ly
l l nM lh nttvnflitit nf ihrn ileyilrinc t
t 1 tmirlitttas m Wti ix.'BkBk- it,.. ... iv- i
fV.in Rn nitrt-t iithlmtnt in il I nMil Htata arm
i-rviiv, in ni jiii nj ) UHJvtMiillnlffetJ br tb
Beat Horaa Power in theUnlted Btatea
ofwbleh wa sremannn.rlnrlne.lfet fr tnor.Pli.F.l.h
and l.n Itor.et. Tlie Pacta. Tna list rerentlv twen
Birau, ,in,ioie .no tni.rov.il, ami wa anlieitlalinf It
otr.r It lo lb. (nihil, a.
Unsurpnssetl liynny Machino in Ust
r..rfr..o. t i... Wo, HtvisnCssis, I.ioht Rca
ais .sit l, stalLir, Tliaori.iaal Ma.lnu. l'.l.n
le Ia lyi but,
IVcvcr lircn lira ten
Incnnipeiimn wlibmhrri. Iimir..eaient nalaalad No
v.ber, t'a alto nianulai-lnia
Eight Iloroo Tower Corn Shullera,
wbl. b will thell from nam tn l.Wl) bn.belt net d.vi
l'rr..r.l't t'Urvet Mnllerl VVbeal an.1 H...I 1 1,, II .,
letnnimi a a.i i nter aim, embin.il; al-o Two
llir.o l.t. Tower aad vanout oitM-r Ajtricaltarallat.
Tbee wltblna lonnn-baaa Maeblnea mIIIi.U.m le..
Illelr or.l.n early. All Stachlait .to null- of Hie lie.t
material. A.l.lt... iba an.b-r.iFn.d ai I'lnut, Miami
'o.,l. KIH .KH, CVANM, tlANIKfd.ft t tl.
A.rJ3 Or, KARI, Bll.b. Asenl. Tillln, O.
Coiinmiiptioii ij t ur.ihle !
HY tub t:nn OB
tVlnolietter't O.nalne lreparalloa nf 11,. J, F. Clinreh
IH't t'nmH.iind nf 11m
Orllnallr dltcovrred and .rr rlb.d by hltu at a tprelltr
ftrtnr.lv lor
Tblt etlraorillnar. t'hrinli-al I'repsrailon ofrho.iiho
mt. HiediM-nrrrvor l)r 'hnr. ti. II, of I'.rlt, Itpnt op lit
Ibeander.icned eheinlrallt par.. In iln. t aionrilun.-.
with hit Ki.ruinta, and may Uiwrferilr relied oa. The
hottlm hav. lli. I'ullouf In. wiinl. Mown ia In. m tail, at.ii
a.blilionAlnrnte.'lInn lo ilia pitbLYi
,.Mva, ...i. . ..virpiiopiiiiei ol l.l ma, Ho.
na ana I ..la.b, a .l.-.-llirt reined. Iur C'oainmnii,.n. J
"""'ii new i nra .
The ate of tli. II viNitthnttdillet In rn.inm.iiu u.r
nla, N.rvnat llrtillnv, A.ibi.ia, lima, hill,, llvnieptia,
h'iTriVAriwWlfVvir'.-VSrlsarnn,il. , i. ,m.
roM and America and e.lshli .bed Ibe rlnlm ol' lint Ota
ooverer, that Mioy ara a tnr. pr.v.malive, sad a
jSpccillo ltfincdy for Consumption.
, rianhm .,, ,., B .i,,,.l.nca bav. I ru, ,l
Homr.lv in ,,nln,-. ...,v linn, ll,nln..l.l reainn-
ahly he eviMctedtpim it. In noil liialnncea the henrlli
derived IV.im it tin tar eaoeetled itliel coithl, nt Hrt, have
irnen iMipen rur, nnea inning inlo n tonnt the deeree ami
eiieni ui ma niiiry auainineil by tliehinga previomly tt
the Be of lite lOmfily. Uiilol'tweniy-ti
oaaes in lh- third or laaiatnire, treated ai inv IHapenanr
dnriiifftho pnal year, eiKht have conipleielv rrrnvervil
eight have died, nnd ill are alill nnilertrenlment. Hn i
a roanit Is aliojutlter unparalleled tu tbe annals of aicd
Teniblo llortality of Consumption!
Fr. ('horwhlM araln sayti "The time wlHcnme when
Conanmi-tlnn, lnlend of slaying, as now dues, ore
si aid of the whole human race, and morn than ona.lili
of all the adnlt pnpnlntion of moat it iied rnmmnniliea.
wm iiwiminiiivfiaia an inaignineant item in tuo oauaea
oi monanir.
I am anslmis thnt the llyiopbospbiies shotild b
hronjrht, as siieedilv as imaaihle. Into niiivrfaal as
know that they wil prove not only aa anre a remedy in t'on
snmptionas iiiinine is In intermittent fever, but ain as
enecmai a preservative asvacrlnatlon lnmallo.N
It la of the almost ImitoriMnnO thnt this Rrmedv benra.
scribed in its purest state, for on Is at t be ao.lt la not only
tclrHi nut JJaiixcroii!
Kipedally If there he any Iron, free lime, carbonate of
soua, ate., container) in It.aaia the case In a eraat ma tori
tyol tho Halls sold as llypophrMiflMlee. ir. t'hi hill
saysi No other drug or medh lfia ahoahl be aotubined
wlih them, or taken at lha same lime."
Ile sure to pun haae Winrlwati-r'a tiennlne Prepnra
tlon, whlchla certifl-d by ll-r. James R. ( 'billon, tn be
'properly made and chemically pure." IMS' rtc similb
signaturo is uponeveiy bottle.
In order tn bring aknoed(e oftlrls Createit Medical
niacovenofthe Age to every ('omnmptivo sailerer in
nnirriva i nave neirrmincil lupUblliU
Tr. Churcliltr Work on CoiiPamptlonjOriitii.
To every sanVfcf who will writ or send for the same, In
oVoaiujt tMlta c nla in BtHmpa, lo cover the espense of
poaiegra. ii win oe rr nay in a lew weeas.
a'aPPrlCe aT? Mr ivtlll. nr lhisi hntlls-a fiif Si aw,!.
fulldirertinn fome. Write for firr-olafa and the Hook,
wnu-n wiiipivrreiiauje inrei'maiion ann save voo frnm
ii pnaaioniiyoi ucrepiioti. coin wiioieaeie at the tow
ealdlaarnunt frnaah,ai Uie yoss Oeneral L'enot ia the
J. v I N CH KrtTKK.
American and Foralgfl Agency, 40 Jtdm atroct. New
jyThe (ecnuiae Remc lyof llr.ChniNTbill.as above,
sohibv . hi, John end J, K. Wooaier, Tirtin, iuo.
Has re opened bis Old Stand to engage In ih
Grocery, leaking & Confectioner)'
ni'HINKttS, and wonld bo happy to have Mi old friend,
and customer give him a call. His sick is entirely
new and he will alwnra have on band all kind of tto
ceries, 'finfoc-lioneriea, 'I'oya.etc.,
Wholesale find Itctait.
Also, In connection w'tb his Cnnfe. tioMt-ry, Toy and
Bakeiy Kstabliahmenl, be has IV in l sd his
the Isfe.t itjle, not to he surpnascd In this of any
inner chv in ue i oai . witrre
. , ., , , . ,
"A, Vtnitt9 kinds, Ih their .sr. oft, wiU be ser.cd
to or ilef,
Cakes, I ats nntl Candies
' i1" '
O. W. I1LACK has ptin-hrinr-il otieof I,. 1)
",n'' "lel.t .led Aitiio-plivili- f'o.ln Fnnnlaiat, ona of
m Hf",' ltH-crs of Poda Water, in its bighesi .
l""ow, m n-.n atum.
II von want aomulning lilec lo ilrnik and ent.
HU.'k t'alnon ia alwuv fur li.li'il mt end acat.
Jwti walk ep stairs end lake a rai,
And thero ou Mill hud ilrnilil houuil.
Ilolh lhva'and taenia' k'aliMhsia.
lirn yon nre oh thw at reel, give me a Call,
And I will try and pleae yoa all.
mala) 3m 1.. W. IU.ACK,
fine Old live WlnMay!
Pure Old Bourbon Whisky!
Mprrtnled la b. fatal aad, iur. ami fo, tslv by -
jf. C. HARK I.
ap?0 ' i..dvr'. blo.k. T.rtin.l.Sio.-
1'ostr.rlrt, (lltio.
and watn iVeiitrtir Of
aCJ-x'iixi Oi"ncllc5j,
tliu t . -t ijii.ihiv, A auiuly ol iln Ulier he k-r
CiMiti4ii on h ni. I, at in lut in r ifrt I Huy r
tor ile at t-s'iiiliT.tu'a II a. are .lure It lul-i.
All od via t,ir,it'l.) alUiiddtu nitU-li
i 1
! istr
Home I ii w urn tier t'o,
ONK MILLION OV 1 )(.), A Li '
Willi A rnryUi atldiUon of orrr MO t)P0.
I mn lltt- on). t,itttAtirf1 Arnf nf Pf ..- rfw.fV
tnla All hr irir-ilr ( nn.fH.r1w. lit frnnn. m n
i" h to mv i.til ei.ir.ntr, v.,! !( (M t.'. rt - , (
lflWRMnli rt vt'-f tht M r-n- nf'i.- Hwt tn rl
rniw. Hww i. It ilti h rn-h S).iinw, ri I rr
nfllrtl wnfe, rWi a-., nt-fit ly fhftli. nn ,.,.,.. etIW
NWt t Klim.t lfl"v l vl.rw rni.
I.r-MNAHI) AIM.MS, Af. nt-
OTra, wttfH XV. r. 4 II. NoV,Uf Tltl.h, (-o.
im:v iiim i.m jiv
Hn.jrt.trrtnrn.il fmrn Jtew Ynr and tprwl a
Ft i.i. A)UTMFr or Min.ixF.nr.
( en.nrl.lrtt lt.lt. C.n., Ilrad-deetiao. Amrr rsa n
lri,.h klow.n, f.nl-e.i.len... Veil., fr.rrfa.r b.lf.,
!(., r'.l llstr.rur.et.. Knee. lr rkm.. .
I-M.l ll.iiw,.l .. all -kaf fatal, he? w.ln
rsl'. Allnr.l.r. iiromial. att.narj
aUlnMreM, ,m Wl..-k'. Illock. Timn. aplt
I am now opening tho laront
ami lx?Kt Bvk'vtcd Stock of
Ever lirortght to Tiffin.
I'rires I.viter than r.rert
I tun rctto?ToI to rnftfie this) tho
Taper Warehouse of Seneca Coant
Oppoelto tho Conrt Ilouso, Tiflin,
o r
This It one of she West am. i
In tlie land.
Capital ee so
strsf roHable Mieapanle
With a tarir. lerpfitt fnnd.
lt'tfl tninr. all kit dt of nropertT at Iti. tow..t, rat
Telielos latned t. ilbnal delny, br
LKONAKH AllAMd, Aga-at
Tiffin, Ohio, M.ath lit, lf.se if
A Frame Ifon? fo Itont.
In tho IJusincsa part of Uio City.
PirerlH oppntile t;eo. W. fVark't tror.n, w.i i moate.
Inlb. flr.1 nr Itmer ttttrv.and 4 In lb. teennd. tMvif
eellsr andar pan of Hie l.n I lit in,, with el.li en aad well
nn lha pfi.an.ct. Apply lo Ur. J.a.l l iaiiaa, a M,
M. Kovaa.
Tiltla, April Utb, IH.-,nlf
iTags W AljEiT
I' O It C A S II.
Wo nro now paying tho HIGH
EST TIUCE for rood country mix
ed Bags address,
foMl-2m Cleveland, Ohio. .
L. V. a S. DirRliRrlM, Arenl..
t ftvefanil.Olito.
Roll he Ftrantaaa i:o.,
l -tl llronlway, N.w Vork.
jyS ly
Tht gnat itantfnrii mtdieinet o t11 promt
njf, hart aequirtd fArrr prtal popularity only
MrouyA ytart 0 trial. Vnboundcii talufn
tion it rrmhred ly (Arm ia all eatct; and tkc
peopU hittt pronounced tktm worthy.
Liver Complaint, Djspcpsla, JannJlce,
lk'bllKjr or Ihc Xenons Sxiteai,
Discing' of tho Klilae),
and all dlttaitt arising from a disorder!
liver or veainess of the, stomach and digestive
organ, are speedily and permanently eared
The, Balaamlo Cordial Aai aequirtd 0
reputation siirpatting that of any similar pre
parativn etlant. It trill cure, wit hoc ws.ii,
the most tmrl and long standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Xro&cMtis, aa
flutnu, Crrup, rn.uaaonia, Inoijitiat
and has performed Vie most astonishing ewer
ever knou n of
Confirmed Consumption.
A feu) doses uill also at ones eherk ami
cure the most severe Dlajlhcei proaeJitj
front Colij 1 tn TIowkh.
These metlieinss are prejared iy Dr. C. If.
Jacesos & Co,, A'o. 418 Arch Street, Phila
deljihia, ,, and are told by drnyytsts ami
dealers in medicines treryrhcre, al 75 cents
per iottU, Tin signature ofC. M. J.tr'asfi
aritf le on the outside wrapper of sack bottle, j
In the Almanac published aitnnaify by tha
proprietors, tailed EvKBTBOBt'a Almanac,''
you tcill find testimony and eomtnenJatory
notices from all parts of the country. The
Almanacs are given auay by all mr agents, j
1. I.. St. Joha k To., J. r.Woiittee aad j r. M ,
.(uarill, aj;entt, T'llba, Ohio, Bad MiU br dealer- .r)-.
wh.r. ai1' If
Ilouso 31oving nutl
WU( 'I.t aimoune lo the rrtrxena 'I'llilH, ii) 1 em.
r and Bilioi nine riiitiatiea, ll Al u i. aill i ru -
H"'vu oevo-aarj aaaj.a-aia, l.-r
ellvriuff or JZntsiiiz
IIouse.9, Darna,' do. 1o.
all -Hr7 anil 10 an f dis-f.ia- f frifturrtt, rtltctU injui
IlK UAliKlaltrAftPH TilK llttl'l-A S
t"r-ClfrrSre niodcra?, Ci?e hiiu 4 f'tM,
itrl.r., nlay l.ivb.V if
J. & ( II. KI.iAMA.V
Rr-p. I'fcH, ii a.lrr lueir I t t
.4. lit . a;il .emr me n nt llt.lt.i
(iiriBfetl lo tcr' ,iii ait i.
tl.ri U irfi Ii ft " t
e, ..' ...u.ih , t
U.af,iiite-(aa t.av-m r i
wtlili ihe aovui t ft
tin' rnrtf nii(m il fiid , ', ni iie (i-:
I'tt -onv il.'tirin 1 1 m 1 1 ; (.n .v ,i.i i il ;,!" i r
Allorlt rsviilljr.fi,. .-... i ,.i i i. ,,
A) Work Mill U
il A II C K S M t
"(ltllee If. renin t'i-n.l, ...
l iitn. r --I V n liitn t..-i j. .) V
I una, it , Ki-.ii .;X, i......
Warn-:, '
I i t I ..

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