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The Tiffin weekly tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio) 1859-1868, September 16, 1859, Image 4

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[No. 206] AN ACT.
For Iht AwmmM ind Tantionof nil Prop
erty In Vina RtMf.aud foi Iprrlnn Tukhi
IharrMm according to tto tnta valu? in motv
lhr of, iy dV poult ng with tl rot in t tr p-n.r
t, na, prov UVtl in H'ot'on IM tvnvly ,liirJ of
lh a po, th amount nf pi.1 a it rnpt titer wi'h
ftltr fwr rontuin Itivrtvin, unJ by piy n nil
vh t f,nrtini iiH-i'li (a, mi I nMiii.g from
ftnii ato: IVovl.bH Imwt tit, that if mi) of
nnll lotftlt-,! ImpI pluill t) t'tt'l lor a jhmi1' r
Mill Until tlm tnx, fin rf-r, prtni'ty pml c ntfl
1 1 ahull ho Uh ilnW ef rho amlil r tJ t-'linrj;e
vttL-li ti Off mi or tv pu, it tt j in each en.?, in itn
nimo of tho pnnno'tnl owner, with tha tici"i
pt.ov piid tnt, intrBt, ponntt- nl mto; and
ptich Irrwoiri r phn'l n-iniii hi ilia ln Miry l
Ma comity Un puiil f xrfUM, for tho ptoju r own
rofgnnl forifitr html, n t til drm -i nl l.y purli
form owner, within ptg yi Am, (fit from tin?
dnf nf rttich paIo. pay uoh cxpcm to tit w futmer
Dwnnrj anil inciai'p hi troiisnrcr upon puvh
drmnmt, alinll not b fully fttirflo-. ni to thr
Hji.it nf iha prwn oinninliij ihcnrttMa to re
rirt t(, or ill C4M nf t i It - r r 1 1 cliiitiinira, it
Itttl he ill duty of tuxUi trcannrvr to fllr) hi
till uf iiiUrplimir In tlir mutt uf common
plr.tp of tU ctMimy li(if unci) lint! whp a l,
wheriMii lie phnll nutlet tho ptnpun or t'iooj,
eliimiritf Pitrit fTpn, and tho Miata) nl Ohio,
dfmi i.t ami gmli fiiu ph.il I he pincur-itpti
in Kfconiirty; to th ukm; nt ouiiit u clinu
cry upon htl'p of intrrfh-tt ;tn itntl, in nil cm
P, tliM c nl' tiR'h priM't't'diimiiMliiill be p till
by tho peril ob ut pemonp diiiming :nd v --i-u,
m ihfi iunrc Rlntlt inOnt ; mi l it ahull t tbuihi
ty of pnirtecint! tt)riK') ol dm t'omity
to Bttrh'! 10 the mm.', In btbjl' tli ir n-n-ry.
Po. 104, Tlie r otmty (uiilitor In each 0"tin
ty, im Aie bving mule by him, of truot ut
Lhh to Miiy piTwjii or pvrm(n, mtdi-r thi mv,
Html I Mi' Dueli jUtThitM-r r pinvlmi'm, n utr
tifioattf of Pueh xv. and II the IhihI r fold br
not pa 111 o orllinl ir-irt, Hud th ooiinty
deem It Hfeiaiy, r.uI ei'iiilicnie nliftil be til
reeled tu the county surveyor ti peuceeil ut
Uto nqtif 4 ul the p ieturr oi pnioitHire,ln
or their heir, nmiit'e, tu nt'U' Uui, thn bouii
ditrieP of Pitch tnt-1 ul Uml o un
leet pnid tiHclhult be ludilfii iu common with
wuothrr person or permni; in it or enae on
prrMncinK or rciurnli.K to tti county nnihtor
th wrtihopteof r, where the pit id tract eold
UitnenMrfluiiKiniiUrAet.it' Und o -Ki In
Uuhlen In common wuh pny otlioi purdon or
;troni, or on producing ttie pi a and eertiU
tMa of the count) mi vuyor, Pluulicd to ft eoiy
nt the certilierfte nf ppIu, the county m. it r
-hail, cm the purchaeer ur puivhuMu'p, hip oi
Uicir luirt, aAaigno or nc-inrea, p.i) to
him Uia puni ul one dollar ud twumy live
itonU, eifcuto and di-livrr to nurlt purviia er
or pthcliuNtrr, ht or Uu ir lifiis, u-tiytn e or
APulKneeN, a drpd tht-rvMor, in due lorm, fthu-h
deetl phall be ptim't lcl evttl.'itcu ol title In
ihe puirlinK'r or pun h wr prtie ded tint 11
any and pIiaII lie y virtue uf ttna act,
the property uf noy mi hoc, feinu cotcrl, linuue
pcrwm, or (HrMom in raptmtv, the owner or
oworn ttn're- f ehnll htvu n ilhl to r (It-em
the Min In the manner present)' d by l.iw.
vro lilrd, n!po, th tt nh- n un) traet ol mud or
lot ahull be eold by virtue of the protiiioiip ol
thia act, the Uxt-s hutii(( been itu arly utiU
vvioii tu paid pitte, pu b pule li t'crvhy de
tiered void; nnd tne pun-h.iuT or puichaeuip,
hie nr their In ire, mk,)u or npiKnuep, on
producing the cent c uu uf etltt to the uuditor
of Plate, iih.tll be onttticd to h w hi nr tlti tr
ntont y reltiinled lr m (he eMte ireaauryi and
the auditor ihl( j:iy tltu p4inu out uf inoiie)
appropriated lur K-luuding tuiep Unvk or liu
pn erly ptiid,
Heo. 1( 5, Any pi tvon nr poreona claiming
any land, Inlut, uuilut, or piirtuf a lot, by h
tu of any paira umle by tliu pruviRkoup of thin
et, aa l' n.int i.i CoinuuMi wiili any other pt-r
poii or putvone, miiy upply lor piritiloti ol the
atme, In the aume itiHUin r up iiow la or may
be provided lor the ptititiou of reul emutvi
aud on pripei'tmg the poiinty auiliioi'a deed
the court ln-torr wiuim Npjilicutioit lor pnrilitin
iu artireiatd le nude, vli.til avl vt lo rtteh pcr
pon or p(iuin, die l.unl claim d In p.itd u
m ha oi llu-ti i'lfitc, in the uue in inner ae
drpcribed by U r fr the ptriition ol eet.tto or
etiit, in htiidp, tcut'iit nit or In ri-dtUinenip,
of joint li liAnln, U u.uitp ill OtHuuijn, uud CO
Pec. 100, Tint the purchniM of any neh
laude, hU helra or iiitiiir, p'lail, litMii the Uiiy
of eui'h purchtie.liti twkfii in nil coin t hi the
updnee of (he sum ol Ohio; and the amount
of linen, and pim.tli.i'A, c ha rued on the p.dd
Uud at die time it wn poid, toeihr wVib ttt
h iiitl tnee attorw.ir t TiaWi theri-on hy aueh
purchaser, hix heir or Ji-aitfi.", ft ill oh'iiiU' at
a iieu uu ctul UihIh uud tutv be eulnrct d ue I
nny othur lien, lo nil tunc where am t'l.iim j
Put of any land heroto oiv, Pold, or wllieh tu t)
beieuller be pold lur the uoti puvment ol tui
ee, umU l uny law ol the emie, to hetra or up
pipi. ahall rveovtr by notion or oth rwlee
the land po rold aa ii HtoiriMid (or tuxea.am-li
claim itit, hip heir or aasigiti, plitli be Inude
to re'uod to tho putchus i, hit ht lip ur aaiKttn
tJ'e ami-utd ot lav-p uud piiultfeP tluu tu the
pinto on the liud whrn Po d, tot tlu r with nil
other taxea ptid di ieoit by the piirch.tHt-r. h.p
htiraor Rantun, up t the time of r.eotriy,
with inteiexii to be recovered by aetion, or
euttnter claim, or othei w ie, a the ca iu tr
require; and Uiv a.ttue at .ill l o rt quired . he
pid to tho per on or persona entlih d thereto,
before auen peivou or per one ah.ill be evieted
Or turiM-d out of p im fidon by vuy cluuiiul
recoTtring, by action die land eo puld for un
re. Bee. 107, It UU be the duty or the pud
Hor nf ptate to open and kiep tip the rcoidp
required by thia act, and to evud out lur Ptlc,
iu alternate yenra, llio lauds and town lot
hereafter torttdted to the pi.tte, mid to be uov
rued In all dilute In the tutu re uiupjpttion uf
ueU lauda and lottf, by the piovintona of thia
act. Upon Uie redemption uf tiny euch la.ida
or lotp, or the pnlep tin reul undr the provip
toup of thia act, the eouuiy auditor pli.tll Iraup
(er Uie pa me on hi uu;j icale li un the slate of
Ohio, to the proper owner or run eh. not tuere
of j for wltich truiuler he elull not be etitttlid
tu ieciT itea
Heo. 10H 1 he cuuitly an Hlora uf each
county, nelUut; any lorh-ittd l.tud uud- r the
piovifiona ol Uiip act oal. within ti n data uf
ler pueh .ilet make u-tiun Ihereol tu t'to au.l
ttur ul ptate.
fleo. 100. That the county audit .tt Mull
ppporttou Id their Pt vetal Hind, and pny over
tu the county treasurer of the proper lounty,
the amount uf m nev received horn the sule
of In ml and town Iota fur IV bed to the itUte
for the noil pnymeul uf Wxe, alter ded eiin;
the rKteuiea or udvt-i tiin, dtcti ibutiug a.ttd
mnoAint to the aeieral fuudp for whiji pjnd
taiea were originally levitnl, and the count
l it) nan re r atull apply them aoetmlinl y, and
ehnll receive two per centum on all money bv
Uiua reeetved, iu prjvidcd tu tnU Pciiou, aud
Ma cuorw .
Pee. HQ. The eel pttard April ie5,
iiUded "an aol fur the aj-aiueiit aud Uu-
tion of all property in the elate ai-ooidiug to
ta true ralue in muney," die act to authonie
eutnity auouora mj pi-tu la&aina i.uiua 1mi
laaale Jnplieate in iiwiuem&l orirr naMcd
Mwy (i, tite aet to ameu l the thttil (sec
tion) ot km ajt entttlep 'att et lor the an-iepe
meut of alt property In thia ptate, m.u lur let y
log iax.p thcreuu uccorxting to ita true vntue
in Money,' paaeii April 13, lNrrit an act lo
Aiunrtd) tli aevenih, twenty tii at, attJ eixty.
Eiiuh pectioue of ' uu act lur the aeiu'SAtiuhl
ud tni.ithm ol all pr vrit in Uiip plate, auj
for levying laifp theivott wvetir.lnix to lia It tie
Talue iu najnef, pa-Mk:ti Aptil an act re-
y tiling tuwti-Liji a m. i p to re tut a-eetutiu ike
luituitity of wheat anil rum riistii in Ute Plate
ol Uho, (.MUutcU Ilaich a. If i I ; the tint teeulh
tmloU t-f to u t U en Jii4ft the oolluciiott uf
laxrjj which 'ute now ot tnuV lu'ttulMf bu due
from hanVp aii l ottu-r t i jvnraliou, from bunk,
re, brokera end at :l( jolbi ra, nti tt iu the
agwiiia ot tet-tiij cotjiur.iiiui.ii, mij to nrotvei
eeminiy in n-'Utvia til l other olTl i'tp ciurjii
ith the colleeiifii ol ' ptihlie ruventita ill the
imiToiiAuiiinA at Uiuir diillt . ii m-i'it M.uch li.
i f?i i an act p id M.ty 1, It b aupiileuitiUt.
aj-y to an aet ent tied "an act fr the at-oa-a
ut and Umtmu of Pit property iu lltip ptutef
and for lery titxt ttifnoii at-ending to ite
ime t.lue 111 inonfy, p-d A i i' lo'ij"
mt actp awed tebrtinry I'J, lh-1 1 , eit'tUad 'au
ftt Hupptfiiienlary to the act pointing out the
WnnlO of w iiuf tiSfl, patHn1 JH irtj.i 11, Irt
nt. art J im-. V I A . I n -III. eoilt!t.d
an ai;t lclnmtory nf an act pa etd M.tivh 11
l'Vtt . tl.Hntinrf mo lli iumto itf 1h win it lii''
ll a.a i,.(ww lUich B. J y i'J. enmleti itu aol
. t'i -(..vtao ioi ttvihit eertniu l.n.tla auid by thu
I'ntud hitt'i dj" , mtlt pnau Maich 14, ltt
M , rittitU d a t piruMi v out the mode ol
Ie n t tu-ton;" uu url t nau.d "1
V Im id L y
"a 6 act to pro
'I itui-iat on county r-
. A
AV. II. Krilliolt?.,
',Hri:iwl'KI'l.l,T lirnrm (hrpiit.lrthmhtm r
IV fnt ht Oitiltttifttrat lilo Oh annth room n(
hi-rv hm will . b rcaU Ut nt mi hi ll rrinilt
unit rtiinmr r atifl m nin aw nnm mj (mim mm
wliti it-all. It aat'ifCt llifjtM tticy htlti iiiihil
h"flt or f ft -i H, ft i Imv na m rinr t-lllthmnl tt
Hah UiV V I Btttn!. Hit inch roitloiat'r. vr fi
lttunll) kr ii a W litn l nail Rwi'til rrovUinr
inr. '1 It iuIIhm if Hr now uf it -irinciiinl rirtn'l-:
-I a s a
N. 'I Crn-h-'il m l i)flff Htifnf.l MmIdoki Nfitt fy
flip 1 oiimrnj li wm; t i 'li h i !' nrrlii liinfi ft t iron Oil
Vrrtl 4 l(ta olii-'i ( l,na) a rtlo ThriII!! ttuh.
mjl riwtlir'.-!i-t-i ni'4 I'-f-im Tir'tfi r"ifi H.tiom:
l'ntn;l Hn.ln-t; Xtil) I iitfhe htii. Krll.ho. t IMI
Kinh, Whiifl II.iapa M.ieKorel and 1'ickerol.
Aln,ltt Ttr Wt
Thwrw willklm tin f-vm h lifO inrim-'ni of
tt 11 TTCt
.tdrli li Pntc Rnrl m, liriniH, Pert, V)nH. iflH
IpI Wnir, tiin. Hum, Hfhi mIm M hnpp, t Hit H.
Vlt.mm ja, lixln, licmrti'm, utiit t nMfiiott VV di t r , irnl In
t'irl tvrn kiml imiivIW kf'l lj nlioln! dfrtlvf. I'M
oculai io-niiun imiit
To The C'ffir Trul.
fh Wtl titiK Iwit t'ctmtil in liHndat i)llim.
I Mtti ltfniiiiif4 itxi'll mr m" d nl i-rtrrj thril p-hI
fniltobf iiMtN'iiorv. I itlr ftitl tlio wttnnf to
.ur tii"' iIkiiiIiI tut I ail tinmln t) atouk bftiT Uny.
ivuio-l IV. II. KKIMIOLTZ.
18 frp)int!i't mrtrt tnotitfi with rrlvla nrflft JmI
Ft, (,'tocka, nK'li, Hllvi r I'lniH HNil Kailt liouilt
ul i"( Mini itiilnri-Nt viricly.
11 1 aiatirtiiiriil of
O Ij O O K. O
Vartitlf'inr Ct.Nk mnr nlto b lit it ranjlnjln Tilu
rrwni im to ttlivvH elnr4,
If ) wt' tt nrp iflf rlrtl wild prvit cirtwnrriiitiit ot
(ril': ttmi-lia'ia, uml ol thr 'imltir i(frh h- fr
tir-irno-.i tu In, wIm ii . rrlrc vnrv Irniw Iwph
io tiiinilrt'tt anil fltiy Julliri Mltn wnli'tiviuorr-
KM)lllll-l) IllW .
hit ftihl hiiiI ttlvff lninil'if nixl open ihat eli-nnnm.
trrt, I r nil I Ujilitf Hnl li, tinker Hicl nr Tlni,
rn; t lira, paiu'tlt, brai'vlel, n (, cult' Min, Im'lii'ti,
.11, Ir.,
t'lialii, fp!old IViim,
(lvl himI bilvcr Thimhk'fl,
llpf in lit", Inn, OfftKin, m, uml wiiulnril kmib, r
mn mul unjiHtiruiliHt, ,(.' tt In ul gtJ, ilf, ila
(til, hidI
willi p TBtlriy ii'kuIi! Iii. U, riiiltnn, tc, lr.t eie.,
n.t a'l'tiiinl pnllr i n ofli". nell, hl', ItM, ti, rrta m
tiul iiipHr pton, iiiitttir, tih, ami cihIih km vat, vie.,
Koticnlrs, Corul Ik'ft'Ifl,
it rnrfnt.,nrli U'ri,in(t cnr-rinri.
i;lt Urii ',lt't,om n w it itd rns, vrv hunnllftil.
Hi duck tivinp flmutniillv r iiliitilii, 'MinUln ill
ron mid Fafthioiinblc
nttH hIII ) I at tin 1nwii noi.tltl rntaa. ('all Pi
itiUn I vlrr uml I'lino Mo.tnit, No 3 rnmm-r tal
Km, i imn, o. i nit) i i.i.i v iiAi.i.i r
xntv "mti'M! or :
ratetif ,lltatic Tlintrtl,
Tor Hoy, Misses and t Llldrni.
I' llfwr. Hliit' roe 0tiiBl t,y ttcturd le.t to ont-w ir
ilr pur ol iliv ot.l tti
ntm th Hlll.i; OWNl'NF nf llif ritflit tn nnoi-iil'n.-liirf
H itl ll I'or Hi'imh-h I 'mini v. Mini imw i veil
Riiiin'nlt wluli oU w tiNk.W A
M i l.t nrtv iiii nli'v. I lit t il i' M ! !.
All ntiu hnin Itililr.n ( Un will llnt It tu ttivtr In
ynihl Ifiun,
Wt ltkwla kpuM It nnd nad manufartiira to onlr
Ml Kiixlrtiwid stvh p nf Hoota Shuea, for
( Miiitlenien, ttdiea nnd ('luhtren'p enr,
AH at' hti h w tll 'liNp, l ntf otnrr tn Hi
Iwi'th hui-lUr. Iliu. lt, MrOu urri, 1'lilln, Ohio.
tV'bll A. 11. KU1CBLKU.
,t to h.-v ih tltnuc Tnu're Hoor
VV will lo thpnw oi pim of unj Uir.tory on ra
Iuvuntoil ly CliarlosLcavitt, nnd
I'atontcd on tho 27th of Feb. 1S55.
For Sale by J. M. N.1VL0R,
TKliu, Ohio,
Th attova Mill ha. ti meat valunhl lmprt'mnit tn
prill t'orti fob Itltll, and th apld to thavanou
t.rnting mid f 'tmlii npoi for tding all kind
of Hit-.. VVtii- h vn'nior fdmg I now rromrd
and found protilahlJ hy eapoivnoa,
Tlio AJvuntaa this Mill liu.Ovor
Ill That th grlmWii plat-rd on mov.-dd fiiipt
whl-d r ("til of hit I lorlfll and whin worn mil emt 1h
rrplai'nl hy nr ring. In Hv minui, lor th niinll
tiling at' i hr itodar. AI'O. th, mihonn gftud l,lr t han
Mny oihrt 'urn and I'uU Mdl ollrvd I'wt . Tut Mill
urn awr.icd,
Tho First lVouuum at tho Ohio
Stato Fair,
ot th vr (lUM tw a fnir ina with th t il
1 1 til nt. iar, and ll mlw r Mill bmuhl in coionvllon
l b Ki-llof Mill prind troin ti to ftllr liuLt
hworty, acvor-liaMtoiii utrol llna,and van a
ort vil tiv on or two liurv.
NosHti w J. M. NAYI.OR.
Proposed Amoiitliiiciit
to flu1 Constitution.
KJiivt aa Amiiainlla lW t'untlltMthai, provolta
for Ammat rtyxion ol lh tirio ml Arn.blv.
R:nivKe, tiv lh t:ttfl AaiMv nf th fttof
(Ihio, I'lir-o onto of lh mvmlo.'r ol fhhoiiititnt'iir'
Hiig ihtrvtn, ihtl it l and ii h.-rvhy propoti-d to tli
ior oi oi mm io vol ai th a l annual tK to
; ,.r Sii. ol.cio.n, f.on lh. pWoTlo, r-,. non th.
toiiowoif amndnvni a a ubonma rrtti Pr-t clan
f lh Iu ntv-lilih .'lio ot th mtoh trlirl ol ih
Villi tilt ution ot t hit )!, lowitt 'Alll(Hlr on
ot t,or)l Amhlv ahnll comiunu ea the firat
Monday m January annually. M
VVM.t.l VM II. VOttlt,
PpMkvrofitx H ol KorHiauvaa,
kiAKtlN UhlKK.
AraiL 3, 1h&-j. . , r(.idni mt iha 8aate.
i'oi.l'Mat a, tt., A im I 7. t.V.
I hrhy rtiry that lb locririong Jot at Rraolatton,
letailv. ta an AHWHitniant to iIm 'naiiiuiin
ietnf for Annnal Hewioat ot ih tienrrat A r.wM ,'
a uu copy Trotatn. original roll on rtl.in Una oiiu
A. r. lUJSSKM..
Secrclury ol tSuite.
AimTopVOrrtrp.HatipriA (irr Ohio. TivriN,)
April II, I rill. I
I h.rohy ctllfy that th tor ,03 Jinl Rafottolon,
--lMit. to an anieii hiiv-nt lo th t'onatnulion provn
'vii rhiiuii avaiion oi 1H,Kcrul Adtciubl
,,tw l"t'. ' th ongmaUa, rtitia to Uf th ifoc-
E. ti, ROWr:,
apl& if)
Xoxxtrvl jotirjtioiy,
I1. J. Sl 0.11. KLNtXAMAN
I RM''t'illv tender the.r I'r.Tn.hmat arvh il. th
.K.ntnI t iiiUiiiuorilii.iiUc.uil vii-imtv. Tl
, 1 . .k - ' " " WW",V'J vuawtiw
i ,h "f1 '"'l".l iin4 ..l.w.llc ,rinclplM.
rfndirtni 11 wiilt' wviinl upo at 1)11 tfttUa
, lloy-1. f ikl i.ui luanwl allaiiu..
AH Work will to Warranted.
t V"fflc ia rnw Tftoietly o, oj.icd hy Hr.
To The ruMl'.
TtiH ml'rl'nl 'tii' Opnt o wnWe
In BpnMlr, wnntJ fipnlMlT tnform iti elllfn mi
Hnri. HH'I h'litt.ig rmillia, ihil ha lm nn htn1 a
Urr Mix k W' if f1rt oitnhir of tn-on-l lmlrt and
a tifrpftrwil ia fnrnt.h wifoni, pot mn in Ml poori nnd
wnrkmnn-1 hti mwirt-'f nun t mmll In lh ton.
lUvinp Inn Tmpd ttli liuinci, ha UvWcon .
Pit an I llinl v nwynr,
Tn9 llfht rtiiinnp nnd rt-rtWt -timUf of frm, whlrh
tov'iht'r wliti ilirtlralttltii , fiulrr tlii'fiintor'ltr
nit If lmfi idotr mnl tn fin? "1 lir ln l tl finto.
M will imnthtitlv fin limut nil fnrmt nnrl ir uf
1'ip II oi flfint tliNt mf h (tlrt, and wiltfll
llifro rhffifwr limn tn ! piirclinavd t ntif olli'-rpifl
ol Iti U ,!, I? OJiDKN,
ftpntlie, HnrP f'o. Olito, Ian 1 Qm
Ilomr IttfMiirniire Vo.
N K VY0 11 K .
O A r I T A Xj,
Willi ft iirlu niMiiidii (if over :HMI,(mi).
I mm tli only MUticflrd "nl of Knfii rnnnlr for
tht. M fliitlilf lttlifmp I iiMiponv. In fri-mmiirnil.
t,i tl to m, nltl uitirtt.r. fiH1 (iiittHA In ttm mi, 1
frf!ittrrntittl lo .nm llml ll I. nltr ol lh hf.l In lli
I'tillrit H'ftC.. ll li I. h iMtdn.i, Ink, no l'pi
mlum nolr,nml foni(tnnl!v m.lip. no n.miill.
Pnllrlcl li.u.tl h hIumiI ilelf v nl WT.Mrinl.ln rnir..
I KDNAHI) AI).1S, Aiji'iit.
(!.. with W. I' k II. Nnlilnllllln.ohlu.
flouso jSiovin uml Jlaisiiii,
WOl'l.t) iinmHiare ! lli lt(ni Tiffin. andrn.
rn iml alwtiinrl i-iti,ihio It I em pi) pro.
puivd wll all th niH tK.iir; pmitiii Itir
,JIoi fnff of JStilhlnff
Houses, Darns, &c.&c.
el all rIi", nml lo any dlitRnc rtxpilrpil, willinnl injury.
IlfC U.N'I)KttflTANf8 TIIK lloi'I d 1
tTt'lifirifa -t.o1rni. Iltvalilm p Call.
'1 iilin, M y IX)', lH'.il -tr
SPliTH." B ARNE3 kC 0.
Founders and Machinists,
Tillin, Oliio.
MA VIM'AI Till K Til URIIKH nml h.nnan lmn.1.
lllhhiil of Aurii'llltmnl liniilmnonl.tliirliMlln;
1'itt' I'atfiit Soparutors nml Horse
I'll WITH.
Win nt. Di ills, Clovi-r ITnllei B, Corn
Nlii'llvr, Surlmiii or Sunr Cnnc
M i Mi, Ac, A:c ,
rntiiif. of ill .ip.o. unit kind.. Alio lit
Unitt'il Stiifv Fair l'rciuinm Kenp
in nml Mowing Miicliincs.
i'atlrni.itiKl !..-li:iiii...il Drnwlnji. miili lo onlrron
til ihift...l nutlrr. 1'nll nl our vilnllll.liinnnl Honlh
ntl ol W'n.l.lhKlon .lr-iI. T lllin. (. niM
Stoves! stoves!!
Would -oiniiiiiit Inlli I'll I si'ii ol ("Vnei'H nnd nrMU'iil-
Inj i-oniOif I lm I tiy kryi tonl hntly on linntl, anil
For feJobio.
l aOO(l toxlll'lllll'lll of
til ittot ami th vi rr tic! nittioni, InolutUnf tkr
TL lt miM In um. 'I'Ury nr Uo aalnlvly n-!
Pi1d in th miiiilu!nrP od of
ol vry dl'ripton(
House Furnishing Goods,
Woodon, IVefdod. Jiipunned A. Hollow etitreH,
Triiit t'liiin ami JaiM
Of lit inotiipprtivd tyli nnd, in liurt,viylhtii In
our hit ot ttinln.
V Y I Vf 1
Vnx np ia the b't manner, rj iperincd worknvn,
Water's Patentllangers,
whhh la I- run it auhatanilal and reliable mod ot
iRitin Kav TtotiMh thai haivver lej uivvnied.
Uoulliiii:, Johbinc ilopuiriu
don le or.ler, on abort miti.o, and warr.tutrd te gia
UfANTFIttMd Iron, lonp.-r, Mr m nml Tt..
tiivr a itnH at l.oml' Nw It'ock, ri itvr
(tout h of M 'vlor' hnfdiVKre oorc. Mail, t, 'I tlhn, O.
mn'Jtf '.V Mr M.ISTKU fi C(VV I. KM
fff$ J f 'p H
Th$ yretil pfumjnl mtdtciut tht prtatnt
Attvt ot fuirtj thtir ymif fopuhtriy only
ftrouyA ytwp it triitl, CnboumitJ iu(ui(
bm it rPNuVrW 4y (Aa tn ll mud tht
tt'yp Adiy pronounced (firm trerfAy.
Llvrr (uiuplalnt, P)!tprpsln, Jauntllcf,
Debility of the Kmoiu Hjslotn,
.incases vf tho kid no) s,
auj all iiijwt aritiny from a disorJtrai
livtr or uaknt4t of ht ttomack and dtjctlivt
prffnn art sfvetlttit and pirmaHtntly cuttd ty
Tht SaUamlo Cordial Aug mtyuinj
rtyufatu.' Uf''ti4iNy fAdl itf uiy $,mihir prt
partition txtni. It mtU $nrt wttUOlT FAIL.
(Ae mvtt ttvitrt and lottf-tlandinf
Cough, Cold, or Hoa.rapniP, BronohlUi, la
flueiua, Cioup, Pneumonia, laoipleul
and k.tt performed Ut mwt tueAuAiriy cure
tvtr Anown 0
Confirmed Consumption.
A f mJ dviet uili aUo mt anct theck ttnm
Pairf IA imopI ttttrt Dlairhqaa pnjtHtdtnf
from Cold 1H tiik Bowels.
Then meicinn artynpirid Ay Pr. C. M.
Jack pom & 9., AV. 418 wlrr Stwt, V'AaL.
dttphUt ditti art told by druittt and
JsaUrt in eWuiaee ererfK-Aere, ol 76 tenl4
par ttoUl, TAt tipnuturt 0. M. Jackpom
v M 0 an tht autttdt vrapptr yf tocA botilt
In th Almanac publukd ennwa.7y hy tht
propritfon. Utd KviEVBowlt'p Almanac
you vill find Utiimony and aammtnduiory
nttiomtfmm aii purtt of (Ae tvuntry. Tkttt
afijaaoneee oreiven atray by all out j-U.
I 1..MI. Joka It To., J. r.Voo.tr and J.r. fc-ar
'1 -, 'J " . ' ll .', ,,'t "''tl "1''"'
in Orifitwnre
For Guttering Alain Street in tho
villago of Fontoria.
Ph IT Ph ruiHtn it tli rnnnrit of tli lnorpnrtd
HI "iff of Kmtof m , tlint III nwniri of loll, or purl, of
loli, frontlnp on both itfi of Mm irrf, from Tiffin
lrrl to tli" Krmnnt rot Tmhnna Batlriid, h nnd
i hfrh friiirfd to ton' iti iitlr In frnn' of nil
Aid l(t, 9t pnrt of lo', so hi luilrrmf lo h four fl
nt unit mmt off "fihtil Munr, ntr lh rltrw't Inn nf
III rlrri I'oiniit-ifiortor, Ir rample) a tM
unlit AIAilHnyin of i1 Mm rM prn;pM-a)
and In rn mu wcrk tuoild not tf t:oinplit at th
llm hMin pic tint, Iti Hir"! I amnnol(inr I her
ttw nipowrnt lo pro--ol to ll, nt pnhlir inl, nil or
noy irt of .nut work not tinniplid lo tit owal r
titii.ilil bl.l.h t.
I' n .(! in I 'onn-'H, Jnn TiM, 1fl, and In bm In frra
tVont unit iOr ill pAn. V'i: M'i- kt-r, ltnnl,
II hum nnd Ur. J. P. MI I'l'IIAHi', Mnyor.
J. V. Joint, RiMiordpr. trpj 3i
All OrriliiriiM'C,
For tho PniiiHlir.H'nt of OHentlurs
against tho Laws of tlio Jncor
orntol village ofFimtoria.
Hfrtlon 1t. tta it (lamivRi, Lvili fonni it uf iL
tnr-niponitrd vlllnir o( t-'o' nrm. tlmt wto-n Hn lmll
li lmpnod for tli (l.iliiut of lh OHmnm nf lh
flllniff of r'o.loriH, oi nnr of tlmoi, nd lli unttn t not
p-od,ii partr ron 'pfril Imll ly ordr of tit Mnvof, or
utlir iiropcr milliorll v. or on prora ii.ucil for tif pur.
po., li commit I d noli I m li fin fiml Oi oi. ol proa.
to nt ion hill loj pttid, nr the pun ? li Uiharicd by dii
pto nt Law.
ri'ihin d, AnTt,ron or proni ronvptd of A
rrpenlril nnl Mt v in lm ion o( nny nrhnni,wltohll
ffn m n-ifl't lo pny lli fin lnpo.d, nnd lh fO'lp
o prn(H'iiit4, aloitl hr h k ordi-r or pfn' tin Imprn
ond In th vi) In in 11 nnd kpt in t MiHnnint lor iny
ti m noi r1Jii'K "In ri V tlnya.
rirtMn l I. All nfrnnli, rnmmoit pfn.t!fot nnd
ppfon. dltturl'liif I L pn.'of aritd t il.-fof Koitorln,
hull on mm ii-tlon tl-r-rol lif pnnihil hr Imprt'on
wint In lh viltftK" jnil for any larm not cilinp iti
ty dnv,
Hfo tmn 4'h. ft dottt It Inwful for tfin f nrdtnl to nr
rt upon viw, mid w itlimit wnrrnnl, nny per on fnnnd
vhtlnlin; nny nri'innnc nifiit lo prrv lh pfir,
ipiit or oif ortro( th villus of (-'o.forla, or nnvar
hnnm proiiihrig for Hi tnt'oly, ticnhh, ronifori; nr
for th protirilon of llio properly of th cili7.n f tli
(llnff of Kotlona.
Hrtton .If H. Any p?.on o rrttl alii 1 1 bm likn
foriliMltti tolor Iti Mnynr, or torn Juilli'n of tlo
.n. nl'th pouiily, for Irinl nnd li it flit wtllt novnt
dl'if lo tti ordtniini' nflh nid yihnjfn of Kontoria.
PMdln Conn- ll Anrnai ftlh, Ya; Hnnt,
lh i- tier, llnlf,, -'otr and l.nri Ni)i
'I lm Urilinnnce to b In lorre from am aftr Itipnii
' J.F. RITCIIART, Mayor.
$. V. JniK, Hrordr,
Fodoria, An. Olli, I h'Jl. irp? Hw
All Ordinance,
For widening Woot! Street and
opening and Katiibtishin a
continuation of tlio biuiio.
Hnriow It. Ma tToinit-mn, hy theffoiindtofthn
lnrnfiorntr1 vtlniif If.ntortn, tlmt on nml Hrtli
pnnnf of thia orttinni-t Wood Nirt ltnll h wotn
d on th VVt td, i!Ufn nd on ha IT fit,rom
mn.'lnf ai Ttllln lr' and running North long nl
VA'oo.l lrwl to .orlh atrl ,
Hro 'im. -'ria mid North itrnnt tltr hill lo-
atil anrl iniihrd n trrt running North from th
termination of aalti Woo.) trt, i-rmalng Krini.nt
l.irl nad tir.iinalknir ia Prrv ilrl. Hnid alrfft
running Not it. on a ntre Una dividing th Wt hilf
onontin iotauiviuioi rottortit, apprnprisiiiif
Ifofii nh lniU, loti or nnrta of lot on lh W.t aid ol
aid mrtlion.t lin, looy nina and on half ft of
round, and Irom ntl land, lot or p:irtt of loti on lh
',11 ltd of mi lin, fiitren ami on hall ii ol
froiiinl otn North at r-ct in -'rmnnl, llienr along an
illr-y hrrciiifof oratd tn IVrrv ttrt, appropriiittn
Voui n II loia or iiart of Iota on lli Wt ml of ald
ally, llortythr IVt of vnoiml and from all lota or
pult orloiaoii lh Kh1 lido ot aniil ally iiUcrn nnd
tin It tc l of uroitnd. nina in r in id ilri't l l v iii
fi will from tli mrnn point lo tL irrniintt, and
incnti 1-rhhvr, Jnmot Anilarton, Jofl lint, A. t. )
mnl, hiilwirt llrmrnt, 4'onrod Hoill, Wtlllnin M.
, Jam I.. ikoy, llnnlct VonngWr, Ho lent on
VVtmlrr, K, VV. I hottmt, Clint l Fotof. lli ntitii
of id t'atliolir Hi. VV rmllni ntnirrradon. Tltom.
at l-'oit and liar Hotonton rt hrliy noillUd thwt th
amnnnl ol In ml aliov d rilmd on all land, loti or
parti oi lol alumina; on ft id pripord trl lllhn
ird upon and approprlatrtl tor th pnrpoin of widn-
i or, tornitnrr ami eaia'iiurtinif inin iir-!, and Upnr
lici hIniv mntlnnd r Uo nottlii tlint vitvr will
nnniponih prni tl-i on lit tlril dayof rnt Ih.III.
in nwt h amount of iLimns and hnHU If any lo
iti aliov ini itfinnd pirtti owing Intidi, loll or parti
of loia atitilting on a.tid prnpnand trrt, and lh in id
niitloa ahov mnl,oMd ar nolifivil to mnovn ttittr
frnoi lotlt hnf nirntioiirl In ttiia ovihuinr forald
itftl on or iilor th lint day of th loh-r nxl, Till
'r-iinnnf to u in ion Irom anrt alter It pnaaaL-.
t'nil In ronnrfl Attentl Id, IH30. Ya, Jon,
urivavr, iiainvitt, liai ami tirnr.
J.K. KITH ART, Major,
J. V.Jnii, Rinrilr.
Kiotoria Augtiuld, lepO
Probate Courl.
rrriTioN to m:li land,
Hamuel Speaker, AdtninUfrntor of l h Kit ate of Henry
riiDnkir. ilOu'd. aaafntl
John Fh-id aud l.lun rSlia.l, hi wife; William 8hh
ami .Vlary Htn.it, hi wif in time I K. Mnriin nnd
Relttttca Marnn, In wif( Henry Hpnkt-r, John
Hpenker, Itenjitioin ienkt'r, hnilhit rpvnker, for
1I1! 1 a Spenker, .Mrv hjinnkcr, th unknoiiii hvirdut
Hchla Hpcnkcr, deu'd, nnd V ilhain Mr l'lii ron.
To Will. Mt. Hhnd. Mnrv rhad. Hamiid K. Marlin.
lo'lo't'ca .Mn rt 1 n, llcitiv iM'ker. John Hponkur, Hi-n
jumin t'pinknr Kmilin bpeaki-r, Cnnlelin Hpvnker,
lnrv r pecker, nml th unknot n heir nt I to lilt rpa
r, who ar tinie and li'val repreavntative of Ilenrt'
Hoc ikiT.'li'l C'tU'd, V"i brl.j. ..rrwU iPnl On III
Vh dav ot Anir,u. t, A U 1H.VI, nld A dintnilr.ilor l-led
ti Tellium in lh 1'ndiat t out! of benn-n t'onnty,
Mno. lite obptft and pr.iver of tiirt ii to olilatn an nr-
Iff uf iHhl t'onrt, on lb Hih ilav of tii-tobcr netl, for
th ml of lb loilovtin iletirilied Real i;lato, nl
w di h the til it Hnnrv Kpenkcr, died, i'rd, or o mu.'b
Ibereol na may b nt'trv lo pay th dvbll ol auht
ilcreilt'lll, lo-vs tit
A part fibo wt bnlf of lb anoth-ariat quartr,anil
a put ol lb nat hall nl'th nth-wt ipiartrof u
ttoit number ten (10,) Intown.lnp litunbrron (I,)
noflh ol r'ttif n timber avnlefit I" ) ni, in r1eiiei-a
t 'oiinly , t ibio, aud loottoymiiig for tb aantr, a I n point
onthn'weO lino nf nid weal hall of aatd lOiilli al
ipinrter of ihtd tevlmn, til the northwat corner of tnmli
i!otvved hy ani Henry Hpenker, dca-.d, and in
wil in tut Jamea .McManiu.il bv fied. dnled Hptm-
lorvHhb, A O 1H4.1, running tlo-m north on ami along
aatd wl hnof aid wl hull ol aaid aoul h at ouat-
t.r of aaid aui'tlon thru nnd litre hnndrelh (A 0.1 chain
to lb aonili-wt t'itiii?r ol Intut cosyed tiy anlit Hen.
ry fpeah?, it'aad, tn na VV llhaia Hhal.r by ded
ilnid epHl1hrr 8th, iKV'n thane a.t olvlit and
nvntv-l'inr Lum'ri'th (H.74) cbiiin, lo the amiih-eaat
corner of aaid land, an conveyed bv mid Henry Hpnk
dec)!, to aaid William HbnlVr. th.nc Mintb
thrr and thrc hiimlrelh (fl t '.) chain loth north-nt
cornet uf aatta land to eoiivyd hy aaid llonry Hpakr.
ilouel, and hi wit lo aitltt Jnitiva Mo Manig,il
llitic wat on and along tli north hn of aid Uml an
i'onvyd tn aatd Jamo Vic Manijf al, in lh plac ol b
(inntiig.i-nnlalning morv or li and nlao ooniinancing
at th nonhaal coinr ol paid land, mi nvyd hy
auid llnrv 1'akr, dcaaod,to aatd William tbafer,
runntnf tlienc wi on a hit parallvl with tb aoul It
lin of aaid wt half of iatd aoiMhaat quaitvr ef aul
aectlon, to lh center of lh (.'oliimhnt and Handmky
t 'ily lurnpik mad) itwaca nnith-al m and ahHi- the
center nl iniit ttirnpik road lo th toitth-wt oomcr of
land coiitvdhv aat.l Henry rnakr. tcaed, to
on Kha. hower by derd dated r-eptembr lth, Ir-A-t
lhanc at tour ami ntlv linmlmh ( 4 Mt) chain to tb
onth aial corner of laid lanrla an oonvvved lo aaid
towerii lhe aorthaat o a hn parilM with tli
cent rr nf aid inrnptk rind two and till v hnndrcthv'.1 .Vtl)
dinin 10 tb norih at cornr ol aaid laiula im-eat vd
tii.tld fn.ii;ll-ito wal on and a Urn- th notlh tin ol
id Inn-li lo tb cwnlrr ol tb t 'oluuibtia and tS.n.iiu.kv
i "ity tnrnptk road; henciiorth.at on ami alon the
center nl avid lur,pik m!.l to a oinl !vn aivl
twvtUvrlv handreth (It t) eliatni itiiunl (rum th
nana line m aaiu wat hail ol aaidoutb.rtt tp irter ol
Maid ctinn. maaured horn aaid north hn ua aadahing
th ceater ofantd lurnptk radi ttivni- aait 011 a line
pa nil I withth notth hn ol atd w l hall un an
aitteen hnndrelh ( III. Ill) cbattti ; thence innth on a lin
pi nil I vtuh 1I1 Me.t hn ol aaid wt hall nf intd
otith-aa oonitvr ol iatd M'tion. o lh place el be.
ginninpr, coulolning mora or ), And, alio, at Uie
I 'm tun to obtain Irom iaid 1'iobat t onrl ato'h olbr
and tun her order aa th aalnr ot tli a ma rconir.
HA Ml K.I. HlKAhrH,
AdniTof Hcnty akr, a-.ud.
Angn.l 9lilh, Irjt 4-AJti :5.
Tiffin Ejclnflrniuryi Black's Block
lr. J. Snyder, OctiliNt,
Ami Proprietor, tukcu jilciisnro in
i,)i.i. inw. ,m i,. .iw
i is lane of the Eur.
that lio never liula to make a euro,
inrvrini ruri. .i'n(
He ia pre-p.vwd to eballeap th whole Pledictst paa
ultyupoo'k lraiaiatol tOavaata of the fcye,
ua eavea he has
liKsrouKD Entire PuNnNfiss
to permanent sight t and badly diseapwd eyea lo a heal
th com) 1 lion.
Th.inkM tit th vatv Rttd l-wtronae h has had
for tt. ;uui four av ol hla ry.iuviic in 'I ithn, lis.
woa!U tMicilutly solicit a continuance ot the aasua.
KOtt lil'.FJlKt'.NCK.
B.Tomh, Ranker, Titttnj J. J. Siwiner, Att'intUw,
do. . t-.iuick, MeirlMM.do.l la. W , Hack, 4onlVo
tloner, do.j Hr -I'haiuuvrlin, 4. ll., ilo.l I ho. Swan-
dt-r, t'.l.tcr ti. R, Church, do. P. t'nronl Tioprteior
t'nron llonisj, t !( Kib. ri Slgr, Itln'itnl, (:iy;
t tui ertli. Atiat l.r VVbi lttt kav. o.p-r,
lormerly of I'ttttn .now l ManiioMac, W is., aail tvt
etriik,pioi ol lvi Monk, liM.n t).
Any penn w.sloug fuithr ifrnullon w'l th
to itittntuwH-at with either of th pcrn. reftrrred
above, . UK. J. c. liK.t,
Tiilm City, Ohio, Aug I'J, S'ir
Lookout for Stolen Pioperty
J. Tcrtoas ai hereby oentloavd against pur 'haa
mg Ksitrod Itoud No. Hnt. with the tiu.
is.u.l fir th sum nf Ftv Ilnudrvd iMIns,!
Hi,by lk Ji.d rtiier k Lake Fri R4ill 'upiiy,
u tb tirat day ol Auguat, A L) IrM. fcaid B ttd
sioleo lioin the posioa o4 any Anl to lb I'tly
l.awrwnc, Iviritorv ot haasa. '1 be payment of'
liotttt and Coupon. tat kvea niOis1 by rw ttiiti Raih
road Oilicej aud I tiaa applied f-r a rrnaal of
me. HK.N K V M Jt'li N.
T t tti a, August Q, lfstt9-.i('
1 lt:KfiONH tt'ANTI VU I 'M 4 Ni.K OP- iM IMtTK
I for ovatth.aee adi erttarmenl of Hamuioalonlaad
Next Door to Is'aylor's Hardware
Store, Tiflin, Ohio.
T Wlffl to Inform lha fttttn of Tiffin and larrannrl'
1 tri'Otwiirv and ronnli.lh-t I hnvr-ottnil a nw
llnnkditnilinf a-Oafeli li'nt in tht pine, vhirb I hull
for my nm h imhI only, nnd thnt I mrln ia- !
totd to mril III rnttrtilawi, which h" bn htowl )
an an in frly tinr iy tigianibg I IHp'j, 1 brg
I. in rclur tu inviia
tnflv mm a call and take a look at my Nw Piitare
ai arrant" at print.
Otyry kind and lU'cylpllon, wll Rnld and Tar-,
wild or whtoMil piinoot ln-rol, nti of tlia ht pnr, of
wtth I kp rohtwntly a supply on Itnnd , ar mnd to
order. To th funding nf Mffnr,ini, !i'tf, Nw and
thl Imoki, Nwipprn, Irr., and lo thi ruhtip ol book.
Iit'ink i. ftmMi, Ar,, I aim II lo d"ol my noni ion, liit
inj matlfn o arrnnrft, thai I can do all work, per
taining to my lot ol huine
At the most Rcasonblo Rates.
f tor Rox of )ry 1)7 nnd nVwrlptlon and oth
work in patttionrd 01 lalh-r maj 10 onlf
t 3r(y.lri frtwn Cnnnty Offlnr and otlmr Cntom-
ii from ahrotid will h promptly atiintii1 10, it nlilrti
a.llo W.f. WUhrT, Tillln.O.
Tiffin, ma7 I?
.lyl! I"' V1
not si: npoittiiv,
nmil to onli'r nnd put Ui with dlHuitch with
Woodruff's Patent Hangers:
IIK only retialil and tthtHntlnl mod of unpen.
1 tlntg Kur froiih, whh-h ha Ink.-n tli Kirt l'r
minm al lh tlloo hint Fair, hld nt t 'tii' lnnatt , tftrp
trmb-r, IH.'i?, aho nt tli M-ttaniri In.lit nl at t '1 li
.linnnii, rpt., 1, and ai tit Nw York Htai I'air
tin moirnInipr'mrnl rrid 1 (JnLI MfiUl.tli Imot
hoii pri'tniiirn thnt a t'omntlt' rfntitlc 1 Inner, non.d
nward on any modern iniprvnint, llevin-f ptiri'hal
th Kiht for Hvnrca a-o Wynodot fonnti, you will
prii'iv.' I hut no oilier pnrliei hav a ri-rM to nr pot
up thl Improvement. II yon tvnnt yont hnn Hpo'itd
with Knvrlroof h thai ar mad ot lh hnt tin, tlint ia
inipoiird, and hy lh bil mechanic! In Tillin.enll nt
erka' nnvS-'&H
Ar implid Willi n vnrity of th belt lntmmanta,
(Vom th ninil popular
Eastern Manutuctorio.e,
Among which ar the Jvollan iltttcltment, together
With a nnmher of
of th flaeit ton and flniih, TbtaP ntmmntt ar
nil rt:oruMindd by their
Sweetness of Tone,
Delicacy of touch, and durability.
Tho .Musical 1'uhlia
arrpeifnllv rpiiled in call amlexamin th In
.triimnuii ror thnialvea. Kooma ia tha Cottiinn:ial
utvxr. wm. oA.i.rn.
JACOB li I S E f
('Ileal H4iL 11 i li ai V V
Nil inanul'ui'iurer of IHank Hook, riioru lioae.
Walleta tout All other article pc rt;i t n 1 n g tn hii
trndn, nt-n ) tcr in piper, hhutk, iiKnionanduni,cnp)'
...iit.i. kai imnk. and iniioncr in Kneritl.
Il-i wonht rte.p.'i'tl'itlW inlorin the cil ieitof Hnca
nnd tb anrronndin connlla that h ha lc-0d In
T 1 Ml n for th pttrpo-. ot carrying on lit llooa ntniiint
bu.in, ami thnt h prpard to axcculv all kind
ol work neatly, .inratity ami ai
Or a rhap a any bindery In the nnuniry.
Havlnanlwaya a aupplv of th ililh-rl quallttea of
paperonh nd, v nr ecnbUd to ftiruith lo order, all
kind and lite of Itlank Hooka audi trfdgera, I 'otmty
Rccor.liand other, ruled am) hound, paged, with or
without printed hepda, a may he dea'red
Tbebnidinp nf I'eriodlcnU, Mtiaannea, Mnile.Newi
nanera anil old hook", ornatnentcd or plnin, alo loth
riilioirnfbouka.btHik, niuic, etc., pnrtii'iilnr attention
will ho pud. OrtlcTAltom l ouitiv inncttraana oinsr
at ahatnnr will ha attended to with promnlnc bv at!-
tlraaing. mhl3 lr JAt.tHl liieb.
J- . SELL,
ShawAan't Block, Market street,
ojposite the City House.
Won.l) r..Mc.fullv niiount'.tliAl hchnaonlmnili
. nidlo..k of liuou nntl Hliu., .mon, which
iill U. found fuo.l ...ortminl of La.li.t1
Kid and Cloth Unitcrs!
nfth latit tyl;alo lluiklni.Tiei, Hlip. kr.
M F.N and llUY-t lnnt and Kline, ami t'hihlren
honfvryalvlandnualily, from the atoga opto lit
balhaiihd boot and alio.
Oliop 1 W orlt.
laviagtiwriaced workma,l am prennred lnxe
oal apon abort notice nil kind of job and .hop work.
tienllmn in want of Kin Hraaa Hoota, mad oi tit
bal r'rencliatock, oan he ncenjnotatdon ahortaolic,
by ftvtng m a nail. All work warranted.
Ttlhn.d lH-lr J. PK.I.I..
nns. i. iti. 1 i;ita so,
Fasiiionai;i.k Mu.unku& Maktca-
rrvKRrMhU method of Informing th I.i'ietorTUtin
L audvtcinilv.alo Urwaa Maker of .tilpnninglewn,
thai ahe 11 labhhed aa a Uniu'li of .Mdan.e Drinor.
'a hmportam ef Fahion, (Xb llrokdway,) and
juat rectiived a apletohd a.aortoiful of 1'atteint lor
lie ilre,tkakipii,clotiai, alve.lu,i ami rat tenia
fur t 'hi I. tr vo dr , apron ami aacki. In pnt variety.
tSh ia alio prepared to teach Mad nine l)cinort'a
Firet rretuium SyaU'ttt of Preet Cutting.
In addition lo thia, the hai removed her ihop to
Weal aide of Main ilreel, nenr tb VVtrv Bridg,
whr all t piepatfd o do all kind of Mill! nary
lautuamakiMt. aa heretofore, in tb laleil at via and
1 b moil liheuaiLttiiua. VVwrk warrauletl le give eatua
Tittin, Janaary 7vh, tW. tf
rMoTiT PftrtV Teta
1'Vtf P- vyJSK UUkueswuui.VMi
Alain Street opposite the Drib
un Offiety DJiiy Ohio.
nAM u4 opnd on of the reel eiorimnta
hooka ever lirouxbt lo thisci'y, Tby araali
and 'td with a.-tre, and contain all th latvaluM
publication inhght literature, cince, fcc kit.
llmokH or lt-rit .
Will h procured immediately oa their wauliftatioa.
The iHitmUr mapaxioep ef the tiay are also iirsx'iiraU
aa parly nrlmi.
School Hooks
Of ever variety an4 kind gnM pen, panella, ajnllls,
uartta aintoa and alarya lnik of lh trut (uaiitioa
Pim r eopy nooas, maoa oouit, at., a
I'lcttiri', oil prints, Itiboaraph. Musi, th latest
and mot i aitinlrod. VValUl audfaacy arttvla,all
love. Hroti In ana
Ttiko a Look at hid Stock
tUcbetl; was
ltefr pntx-kaaiap Ih where, tail)
All FAroicrt tlut iMiik of purcliming
3 If .1 1 .V 1 UM Ij L, S
this oa, aeuhl&ad il to their advaauaf to call
13ca.-wi,S. Autlro,
oradileosa him at Tiirm, by letter, as he tgufakgKt
ot sa.'a County, fur
II. It it It n X. llaluc's
doah(vank tmerovd rremiosa lifila Drill aal
.d Miwwr. This Hrttli ackaowlodgvd iu b ih
avachui known. It will sow wheat, rt. oaia. hiuWv,
l buckwbsiai, (Is X , ehtver, liuiolhy .n.illel and hemp
Can h rcxltd in P moansnt to anv kind ot grain,
laaattt vln t h r withoat any ua&ne of lint mm.
It ANN AM FF.isaivea withe.ery Hull .(e
lOtil don i wurk according to warras M can ho
Allor.lr aai6 adUresved to ANUKUte
tn "Mr prompt attention.
TH F.hwhSh o prclfpilU, for fir-mi"', Th Import,
wri of tlit rllttll tnd f rmriv for fm-l rnm
pl'iinta won Id n.pf ifnllv rrJ( th nttpntioti of tli l.'lin
of thl- rowntrt lo t, frfltn- i..nrpd Oft 1n It'ti rlioy
will ma a tnt an rwivr fitti rMlv fnt all eiaa
nritinw from dernpil and dintttrti i t"n, 'h
t' k hdrhf. n-ilpttntton of it. h"!, Iewnl of
tplrit. nv."i nftr'li-in', ltii-orrna. .
li rmovint toppf i,or tt.ifwtiint of th mnifa,
from what,rn. tfi"F f infnlhtit. 'I h inpfiw.
alon, n common, tii,hlr rfh'i-d. nnd thofe will tip
no r"irtfii, tt nd Hfohtinp )a dirtiii. rhr-y
r t)-inllv ailaotd lo MARHtrn Mnini, ( t'nf piriir-
nlnrt Iff cirxitlar, lo be fonnil in arh box, w ith dtrc-cnnlp-t
N'on fcnnln wifont tli .lantttnT of I'mll Motitont
ProprirMrf i7 Kn t . Honor, Tafia Maiaol It Lauri,
1'rtr 1 .9 pr")nt: h. Jf liora, 7.1 rnli. nir t.t
all rap(.tttlf drnpgLn in tli I'ailtd Flnti andl'aa
ah. Mnil Parkap. ptrt an In cloI aealil donhl end
nv-.top-i. an. I Hving th nppnfn. of an or.linnrr
im-t, pn- ti."". " ,""-
poi pnld on tli rrlpl ot th prk ,nnd to whom all or
dm mn I ti iUrtt.
Hold hy I, I.. HI. John of Tiffln, O,, who wilt alo
wnd lhm liv mnil lo nny lililrennti thrclpi ot price,
thronh tl Tuna P. O.
tnt. 1.1 Ir
' yot.
per hottlf, 91 IHl
" eti.
" y.1 oti.
pr hoi. Mi on.
(Nr pkf ., W eti.
pr bottle, Ml rl.
- 1 IHl
1 .Vt
" AI no
per ropy, y.'V rl.
; aIo by ngenli in th
7tfth e Fill .
lireen Moonlnia Oininieirt
l'hihlrn' Fnnara ' '
r'r lotion
Kvr and Afjn Rwmeily
llenllh Itiller ...
Hy.enlerv Hyr"p
I "nn.nn()i iVf tt.' Im
1nrball' l O-r. t atholh-on
lirtlV-nbefj;' I'tle Rmily
Manual of M'-nlth
Kor nl by tti elty dr"l i
princlpaltownain Ohio.
lUaTrnaii, TrtimholM'o., O., Mnr.-li ih, P.'7.
I hereby eerlily tli.tt I har been lUalmg In the liinf.
fenhnrf M'liein for the pit er, ami oan truly any
that I bav never ottered any mcdiinn to th pnlilin
thnt hav nit with th det'idnd approhnlion of tho no
nl lit-. the, imrtti iibrly tli INI' ami ( 'ntbohfon.
1'hey will remlily perform all and mor than ia promiied
for litem, I hav aoht nlioiit rlfty hottlai of lh Cailioil.
eon tli pat aaaoa, and 1 hear lh iMtpt raanlli in vvrry
. H. L Joiihiom, M!ellunl Agent.
Rad what Pr. rtnhnel aayi nfth flrannhert; !dl
in, hr. It. ti a phy.ieian of aalniv pr.-iii', and
on of lh mo.t tiictt ul In tlia connty (Trumbull) in
which he ridi:
-Tliii rrtill 'hat ! hnv n1 th Crafojnberg P'. U
and Mnr.hall'i f?ntholieon, otd her hy J. II , (,'. Jo'ih
on. In my prartic to aiy anttr iatif,wtlon. They
nr irood medicine. In. O. VV. HrHKaLL."
Hartford, Trumbull Ce., O., Manh 7, lf.r7.
I nm a nhvd.dan of thirty year' pra -tlco. M nrln-
flipnl at ndy lm bn dieae of fcm:t-. They hnv
g-nraMv In. tile 1 1 my beat lfort:. Dhtnininff the mrtt tri
al rompo"tn inrli.iM'i l'lrin I'niholicnn, 1 m
pi a il with I hem, guv thm a fnir trial, and found mv
tell fflmndiintly tin if.fiil In my toruier itrni-tir. I coo id
onlv niiti-jnt lli avmntuni of nboul bnlf lb ca-i and
otihl nnt enr one in len. Now I run rn.lh nllv tur'
nt lni m nlen In twenty and nitigatlh ret. I
ronhhr Mnrilmll'-j I'tertti t'ntbohuon th greutail
blciitng (u tomnlr I hnvn met with.
j 11, 11.1.1 ii wiiarienon.
Writ Ranroan, foahoeloa Co., Mat rl. IPS".
Mr. II. B. Kinir-lay, rif; I hiv bco alling the
me.ln ine. ol'ih tinitf enberg I 'o:iipnny lor the ln.t tn
yenr,nnl liav invnriniiiy lottnu (loin to givn goon
faction: and lh pill. I hnv aold to a crc nt nctny
lnmiheinr,iiil.irlv H their ta and cortce, and wtth my
tr le thev hnv he .nine a alnpl nrticl. Miir.hnlt' Iter-
In I nlbnlicon la n nicilU'tne tl.at hna ilone a prenl a
mount of good in fcmife diie:ie. One Indy 1 void 1 1
to told me otie hnd received mnro benefit from one bottle
than ih did from a lone ennr of iredirjil tr ilnent by
lh mnalkiilfiil phyatujttna. Your truly.
Jftn. 1, lr.. jamkk himin.
ror Hnl. hy A. R. Van Hoorn, 11. . Hnih-r, J.
F. Wonocr TilMn; II. Hall. IMvell; Hr. IV V nt,
t;rn Kprlng't Wm. Iluhh, lidi- H. IV fluiT, Mm
Kock; VVm. Utninrfcr, Alticaj iMioiinvir at ., ,tio-
t'utcbcnvilte: J. VV. VVtii'i, X.Irian; and by one Bgent
in all lh pri nclpnltown in thin.
ror Medioinea or nencte mMrc
fl. II. KINUSLtV, 'lvlfiml,
Jn.V1y. Anunt fortHiio.
A hnvo1enl tn.titnilnn tnblilu'il hy ipeciitl endow
men lor th Relief of the Hh k ami HlMm-rd,
allltuiod with Vinihttiland Kpidentl Hinna.
tluiea of Kpidtmici, it fi lh object nf thit Inililu
lion to ei0ilth llo.pitiil. lo provide N tinea, I'hvai
I'iana, t'Uitbing, Food, iMllotti, fco., forth ick and
tU'lilii"o,to tnktih:u-!t of ibeorplnn , ol di-;n-cd prtr
enti.nml to mnitcr in every po.ilil way toili relief
of Ih nttlicleil and lb bt-tillli of lh pnhltc nl Inrn. it
il lh duty of lb Ihrvclor, nl aucb tint, to vtit per
onnlly lh in feci pl dial rid, ami to prnvnlw ad exociil
moan of relief. NiMilcrou )1iymrinn,n(it nrlincmciii.
hr of th A oinlion, uaiin Ily enroll their n't mv. on il
book, iibieci to b called upon to atlcnd iu ho.p tal.
free of cliarc.
In th nh.enc nr r.iil.leiioi'i.lhe Hlreclnr hnva ntl
(homed lit t'iniultiitg Htiruenn to givn advice ami
meilionl nid to perion ultVrinp under ' iiaiiiM uiftKAl
arjof a yirnlenlcbnrtcter, nrininir from a bin of the phv-
nl powr, nial Irenlment, IheetlecUol i1rni,vVc., .c.
Varioua report nnd tract on the nature ami 1 rent rm ttt
ofChronic lin(hy th t'n.ullina Hurjeon.hav
hewn puhlitheil for rrnluiioo d i tributiun, and will b
lit I'HiiK or It A HI.V to (lie Mill r tell.
Aditrc, fur Kcporta or treatnu-nt, Pr CpnnoB R.
tAMtni n I'oniuliing Hurjeon, How ;ri A-o.'intion,
No. . Hotttb Ninth Hi rent, rhilndelphin. rn, Rv onlr
nfth Hireclor, Kxha I), HttAnrwaLi., Tr'!.
tiao. r'AiHi.Hti.o.Hecrctury, acplT-lr
New Agricultural Settlement.
To nil A 1111 1 1 11 u FuimM,
llnro Opportunity 111 h l)c I i ht fnl
Hntl llottlihy 'l i 111 ut o,i.l null- Soiith-
lHKt ol' I'hiladrlpliiu mi the C'ltui
tlou unit Atlniiiu' Utiiliuad, Mew
An oMettteennltln:ofervrnl thnnaniHnf nrei
of i-aont'criva aon.ba.liecn divided into t artni nl'va
rtnu txl to mil lb pun hn.cr. A popnlul ton nf aonie
Kit teen linn.liad, from vnrioua imtu nf the miihtl
Htatea and New K.ntfl md bt elt!ttd there the p:ut
year, Improved lhir phtcci, "nd rimed c.llcnt crop.
The price of th land i at the low um of from Sla
$!0 per acre, the aoil ia of the bet ptnltty for the pro.
dilution of Wheat, t'lovir, t'orn. I'eacln.., (iraiie nnd
V-tnl.la. IT IH t ( iN H 1 1 1 K H K 1 1 'ITI K II KST
FKl I f HOII.I NTIIKIMON. Th nl..c lorfrt.
ly aecitr front IVol Ih detructiv uemy ol the fnr
iiir. t. npa ofgrnin, grai and frutl are now irowinir
amlcan m ecu. Ily exntnininjr the plac iielf, a cor-
rn-t indraitienl ran b fo, med of lh nrodiicliven-B
the fnmt. 'I'b term ar mail av to cur the rapid
iinproemeut of tb Inml, wbit h ia only for actual tin
Kovmnt. The renlt hn been, that within th paat
year, aoin three hundred homei hav been erected,
two mill, on (eam, fot r nor, nm f-.ny vlnvard
an n peach orrbardi, planted, and a lory amlr
other inipMvanienta, making it a dun rub I aud active
place of loiania.
at the reader mnv p n-.tv from in location, It the
Produce hrinjriug double Lite price thnn In location
iwiiv Ir.-tn the city, nnd more than double th? price then
the Wet. It ia known thai the enilleat nnd tteatfruita
and vegmable in thia laiiiud com Irom New Jeraey,
and nrw annually ei ported tn the eiteut of milliona.
In Iweimg here lh lewler hna many advantage
Hei wtthina few hnurt ride of the grat ritici New
I'.iijl'.ui.l and Middle HlaUa, h la near hi old frienda
and aoclo-it ton, h il inaaettled country where every
improvement nf camtort and civilixation ia al hand
He can buy every article he wantt nt Ilia chenpeat
price, and tell bit produce forth Ingheit, (inthe VVeat
tin is re vine, I.) lie ha acbooli for bis chl blren, divine
service, and will enjoy an oiea winter, and delightful
cluuale, wliur fevcra are utlerh unknown. The rwanil
ot tb chut; ; upon tbot oft he n rtb, hai generally been
to realtor litem to an excellent ilnle of health.
In the way of building ami improving, I cm Iter can
obtained at the mi! la ai lh rale ol f 10 tn $ IS pr ihnui.
and. It rick from the bn k yanl oned in th place,
evetv article van be roenrvd in the place, good cnrpn
tr ar at hand, and there ia ao placa in the In
whi-fre hutldii putl ifnurvvciuvuu ra b u-aile
The raderwillat nnee he it neb with th advantage!
hero pr.avniv.L) and k Jnuill why lb proiwrty
not been taken up beliir. The reason ia, it waa nevrr
thrown in iha anarkeli and wihtaaihva Male meat were
oorrrct, na on won I it h. invited lo riitnnna the
before purchaaln. 'Chu all ar expected to do They
uil ee tamt umier cull ival ion, cava i lh nnt of
aeltlenieitt tbn ttij will no d'tut't. oieri (Hrona,
tb.lr own hetrhhorhootJ; they will witness the improve
ment, and can imljf lb rhfr t"tr ol lb populniion.
It Ir-cy come wilh a view to aetll, they should com
a locatmna cannot Im Uel.Ioa reltisal,
Thero ar two dully trains to I'hiladetphia, and to
setllrrs who Imvrove, the Ruilmnd t'ompany gives
Fatta Tk iit I o tlx months, anil a half-price Ticket
for Utaee years
I a connection with lh agricultural sell lenient, a
and thriving town has naturally amen, which presrnta
inilu-aieni thraav kind of bnins, parlicalnrlv
and nianufe'rea. The rlio luon eould h
turnvi. riedoa in tht p).v and auirket lo good edvaaiam-.
so cotton buaiiie, and niaiiul'actt rtes of agricultural
ieiplemnls, or Foumtrivs for ca.img smaH itrttcls.
isapnivernvnt has bon ao rapid as to insure a
slant aud permanent inora of bu.meaa. Town
of a goo-W i w do aiw sell small on, aait wouht
ill iiupraveuivnt of th ptatu can b h4 at
I iai and upward.
l h ItaMaonniN raaNBB.aninntaiy ntorarv ami
ri nil neat tbl,oOMtai"ing lutllnformaiionol Haaoaoa.
ton.caa b oUiaincd al cnl pr annum.
Tils indiiputald WMitanl t't given, clear
all ineunbiBTco whew snnney is nl'l. Houlo lo
land: ).. tn strwvt wbnrt. rhiia.telphia for Hm-
mfvuiM by nailroart.ai 7S A. M., tt', If. M.
IMJeanla. VVbvn tlir inoitlr for Mt. ilyrn. Hoard,
liif? rnnrniisnori on band. Pnrtiei hail btlr
with Mr. Hiruss, a orin'inal, anttl thov hav darniud
a to purcba.i np, a h will ho ihenj over lh land
hleima,fie ofpnr I.errand anpheations
eaa ha aditeMl lo Landts at tiris, 1 1 a mm on ton
(., AiKntli t'o., New th rv, or tt. B. f ougtiha,
Voaih t'.fih Jfltrl, I'biladelpbta.
Maps and luloinauoa uhrfulty furaishd Liu' lA-Aai
S.Uby PAi.akM.t Co.,
I9 1 elliu.tr, N.w Vwk.
llilfc UI'MNIMs ll hwiwi bs turiti
A & 7cuttts -5
r. tl. Jit'K.VcKt? SON'S WKITINO
In connection with tho Cleve
land College,
rt.rvr,Aan.o.,ornrPnprtnr nl Pencca fttt.
('Mir Aim, 1 1 tt noil, 4i t'lnrk Htrl.
ll t'FF a I.O, fl. V., romr Mxtnnod rn'a All,
A I. a ait, N. V., 44i and 4 ltroadw.it.
JipraoiT, Mli it., No 1th Womlwarri Attn
Ovii lftraiaRnHtinlnti wm In alim1ttnre at
lli la. I winter' ion of in. rnlh'gei, which lia
pAtrunag napralllit Inthii ronniry.
II P flRYANT, 11
llRaar Wet.r.fl, Fr).,
Tret. v.. ti. Flinty.
11 l.onia AvtiKitvi
Prof Ha!'!, Ut. Joim
E. F. (iTi.na, F.(.,
('vara l'iir.iTii
IIhhHT n il i, l'q..
Hon. Fe"Tt'i CnnniMi,
J K (inniHon, M . L.
HntM tR'ivt oi.n,
II r 1 w r w Hit hi ot It,
N. H. TowMErtD,
W. Y. Oth. K.O.,
Hon. II. IK C'Lahn
H.n.naTAHT. II. O. BTaTTOf. J. O. Rhyawt.
J. F. Cai.kiki, J, T. CaI.kiki.R. A. IIayku, Inotmc
ton In ilieHrivnce of Acconnl, and lecturer on limi
ne t'minmt.
H. K. Hi'KK tn k Pnia, fnitrncton In Rnina and
ornamenlal Penmamhip, and Lrtorri OB L'oinmrcal
Hon. lliRA( R llANM, Hon !Jitn,W, (;i.tNT01, Hon.
I'.mhii II ran itt, Hpeil l,ctnrer.
Hon. H ami el." 1 auxw katiikr, Hon acp I). f'i.Aia,
F.o., Hon. Jesse I. IliHNor, Icturvrion Connuer.
cial Law.
Ry. FaanMaira T. Raowa, Fra. Ai MaMan,
Lerturer on piditlcnl Fconomy.
Rev, J otm Kt.i.aa, Rey. Hr. AlKBN, lotureri on
Commeri'inl F.tbie.
T. I'. Hady,J. II. MaaauM, Leeturonon Ranking,
Finance, etc.
II. C. (VfaHaitAU H. O. I.eee, le arri,onllia
tt nri l Principle a id Detail of Railroading.
J. li. ManatAM, F.wKaion E. White, fjctnrrton
Coinmart-ial C'ompntaiion.
ft U the rlipn of the prnprUiori of thai Coll
ge to perfect a chain of Unaineas Hchooli fVom F.nt tn
V et, allorillng the mot ample Inclliliea fur young
men and ynnnj- Inili to (pin 1 1 IV lbemelva forrion
iht positions in life. Their school 1 al the fmtnia above
are etnl)tt.heilon a firm hai, and ar all in a moot
protperon condition, Tbeteacher f n the varions d
pnrtnienlaara thoroughly Accomplished practical bast
n men.
Will embrace l tie moat a (proved anil practical
form ol kplnp hookah Pontile r.nlry in the vari
oua department ot Trade end Commerce, lachuting
thetienernl Whole-ale and Rctnil, Mercantile, Ki
rhanr, 4'ontntiiaion, Mnnufaeinring, Knilrnd ,
Unnkiiiff, rrinlin, Mining, liitpiii, HtcnmlHat
injr. Individual, l'aitnerhip and Comimnnd t'onip.my
Huiinaia. All mannacripti from ubich iJm jludn't
copies, are written in n hoht .rapid biiiiieshnnd, which
will serve a a great aoitllinry in securing to him an
eirellcnt stvle ol' writing. . .
Thitdepartment ianndertho lmntdiat int-ervia.
:icn of P. R. Si's: vtKa.V to. loth pnldtc tlii.Ua
I .iitticlent ffnnmnty that il will h welt enmluctd.
1 Wlitle Mr. H.i conceded to aland pre-eminently
I hi pit ni an Author and Tenrhr-r, It mny In jmlice
f he A'.id of hi Men who are nim:iald with bint,
1 that lh coin par favorable in (mint of aril at (o attain-
! ilk I. .l.-.l r., I'l... I umI.....I
ilmilo the most dirnhleplnvelo puroa renmnnahi)) a
a iMidv in the entire West.
is entirely si-rierate from the pentlemen!, and I fitted
up in a neat nntl convenient m inner.
A there nr no term, and no vnca lions, itnduntsma
enter nt any time, and prorut Iheir studies without
reference lo clnei. Ily thia amntfanieal, vrv lu
nil permitted to prorea rapidly a hie eul. rpruc
will admit.
Will he delivered on the rVtenre of Accounts, Corr
niercinl Law, roliiical Lcnnomy, I 'otrliiivrcial (.'nlculr.
linns. Manktiip, iMcrvanlt le Onsinm. nmmcrcinl i.th
ma, Hu.iiv Corr1 ijioinlenct', Mining, i'ontinorcti I
tieof raphv, etc.
A HgMoi.APHMie liiited from th Cleveland Pnlleg,
will be good in Ohiacgo, Hiill'ulo, and Albany, and vice
I'arfulli'onrse lime an limited including nil d.
pnrtmenta of . ok Kceninir. Lectures and
rpencrtian I'enman.hip, 01ft 00
Kor siune cuurae in Ladies' itepartment, MS oil
reraonot-iking rennmn.hip alun. will receive on
month' inloclion for A 'Mi
rnlimited course ol t'nmanhip, (i lid
fl 1 roiicd 1 be oxtcmiv hiiiiicnciiunlntnncenrth I'rin
cipnl, mnny of th Htudenta on graduating, are placvd
in lucrative .ilnnuoni.
t" For furrhcr information, pUaan cattat College
Koom.or aen or a oaiaiogue,
rmrA-vTar FTRATTttx,
octfl-ly, Clueland, Albnny, C hie a if o, or Uuflao
MR. KKNNKHV,nr Rnxhurr,hndlieovrre1 in on
of our common pasture wredr, a remedy that caret
t; t;HV KIM) Or HUAIuH.
from the woret Scrofula duwo to a Common
Itehnatritr'd It In over eleven hnndredcas, and never
fa 1 1 cit except in two oaes,iboth ihtind.-r humor.) lie
has now in tin possession over on hundred certificates
oi its value, all w linn twenty miles ot itosloa.
I wo bottles are wnrrnnteit Incur a ntirin tore month
One In three bottles will our the wont kind ol Pimple
on the lace.
Two or three hoi tlei will clear the avatem of biles
Two hot ilea are warranted le our the worst nr.akar ia
the mouth or stomach.
Three to five bottles ere warranted to core the wnrst
kinduf clrvaiiH-lna.
t im to twu boltlea pro warranted to our all humor In
the IS y
Two bottles are warranted lo cure running of Out
Kara aad blotches among the hair.
Konr 10 tii hollies ar warranted lo cere eerropt and
running ulcers.
t n bottle will enre arnlv emptlnn of the skin
Two ur three hot lies r warrantaxi te oar the mast
democrat cm ol rbeiimaiiniii
'lbiee to four b-Jtila are warranted to cure talt
Rue um
Fiv to eight bottles w ill our the worst oese of acrof-
A lenelil Is nlw avs experienced from lh first liotlle
nnd a perlect our ia warranted when th above quantity
is taheo.
I)bar MipiM.-The repntalioa of the Medical Hta
roi srr, Iniurina all kiml ol Imnior. ia so well eatnuti
d hv'tlia unnnimoDB voice of alt w ho bav ever used it
that I eeetl not say anything oa the SHloecf, as th skill
lul physinans and the muil earuiul Mruggiais IB W
oounirv are unanimous tn ll nr.U.
In pieseutlnt Iba Mtnlioal hieovery to yonr notice,
do it with a full knovvlf.lir of itscurttlivo rxmer.tnr
having all, and curing most of tho dinas lo which
yon ar anion unanv ao nauie, i nai snoar, cxciuuiaouf
diseu.o to n tlecilonnle motlier.
Nt'H.-lM. HtlUfciMOtTllH.
is oared at if by a nnrajle; your own lemper la r'torerl
its naturalsweetnesa ami your bnb trom abort and fret
In1 nap loealmand sweat lnuihers; mid th Metitioal
kilacoveiv Itfuojoea a louutaitt o biotsinf La your lua
band ami rouliol(l.
la tap usui aatvaaved stares of
iteitend toth ilomnch, emmng
which la nothing but vauker on the slomach; then to the
cr it ting a linking, gone feeling aad aa Indifference
even lo tho cares ol jour lamiy.
V our aluniat h ia
yoar foml dialreaaea you, ami you can only take err
i lain kinds, nnd even of thai your sytteoi does not
lra halt the nourishment it rontamsaa the aciiimMiiaua fluid
or lul' lb oauker eala bi; then Votu oouphnlon hsp
feet from
bloom and bceoHies sallow or gtwetmh, and your bet
day ia goa. for want of aoarilisnai youi ! oa
com Umm and flabby, and lh fibres of your body bo
ttom relaxed. '1 brn follow a trsinof ilirat whivhth
Jalvdiual Hisowvtrjr is pat-uliarly adauii to
ft KB;
Palpilatloa of lh h4rl. pnin ia Iha aid, waks
tit spin and smait of lh back, Min of th hip joint
wlwn yon rwliro, irregularity of th bow Is, and aUo,
that sues! Mvewctaling nrillaa, tho
How many thonmnd of psor women ar suiT rir fr"
lh s dtas a oti pining iir a nnsvrahhi lit, and hir
nt-t tltHsa .liiuir.k.u-i tint Ltiaw iht ia.iu Uud to lin-
Faro 1 pr on your Blind thnt gootl old proerb, t'nf
j ucsjyniioo I biler than a pound ot t i.re.'' t iho
sioi MhlJU'AL MM'tA 1HV
I you hav both tb rrvntatlv and tt our, wltp
in jroaland good pWtiy, lhai tl-wiit adl r ci
, comslames, io ton any injury.
torn uhM of 4lt vi aacatl oai no oess
eaa gatamt noub of tt.
DlitarriON roa raa , on mm ipnnnun
day;! htidrwa o.wr taa trrur.drt siMMMifwe-4 hthtroa
Irons liv lo i-'!u veais, tea siioonlul. As no ill r3-
tionseanbaapplit'al r to alt ronilttntion,tak mitisciaat
lo opurau ua Uio bowf iwic a uay.
Vuarp truly,
Prie tl.Oflparbotlla. For sat by I . U Hi. John
fo. J. F. Mar.iuar.lt.il. II. Hnydf,J. F. .Soo.ter.ltf
lia,ad hy Uinggiatsaavralli. apl-li
AI.I. WANT! NO KAKMH in a dligtufui elluiat,
rich Mill, and xt ur Irom frost , adi ttioal
ot tipoimouUfn Lauds u aautbv'r coluuia. Jul la uus
Is hrhv given that iho subscriber has baa appoint
ed Kiavuioruu lh K t at aol Junu L'ua, lat ol tvusss
Fever and Aue,
f nm wMrh mankind anT-r otpt lnrre yinrt of
Hip plulH, la tho ron-w nnonre of a dim iiM1 artlorl
In tho mstmn, Indui'ed hy the pni:on,tia miasm
of vi'T'tnlilo difny. Thit cxtiRlntum la evt-il
Ity ttie nt'tiori of ptInr lieitt on en t nnd rleog
ir);(i th wflTrnr npnr from if. White the prifi le
lu'low tho tiorlzott Hii TjMr linrrnt ttrnr lh
enrtirp aurfiife, mid the vitue U taken with it
through tho Imiffi into the IdfMnl. Thorc it aote
nt nn irrit:i!lntf pptMiti on the fidenial larer
nnd exttTtinit o, em 11 of the brnly. The llrcr bp
romea torphii ami fnila to aren'to not only tliip
vinti, lint nlo tho hilo from H. Idtiod. Both
the vinit end the bile arrumuUio in the rln-uln-tion,
and pio-litre violent rotHtittilioiml di-ainh r.
1'ho uplocn, the kidneys, nnd the atoinarh ayin
puthize wltli tho liver, Iti.rl herome dlaonkml
nl'O. Finnlly, tho Instinct of oiir orirnni'tn, na
If In nn nttctnpt to expel tht nonioitn Infttalon,
ennrcntrfttPP tho whole Idmnl of tho body in th
Intorrml errt'torlra to fm thorn to rant It out.
The l)hid loitveft tho am fnrn, and ru-hca to tho
rrntml orgitnt Willi ronpetivo violrnoc. ThiP in
the On 1 1 int in HiU effort tt fr.lli. Then tho
Fkvkn lnllowit. In whit h tho blmn! lenvca the)
rcniral nrnna nnd rti-hei to tho purftico, flp it
lit niiothri effort to exptd Iho irritntitie; polfon
thronrli tlie other prout ern'tory tho skin. In
tilts ttlso it fnilf, nntl the avtcm 'ftlniiitlonp the ttt
teinpt exlmn-'tcil, end wnita for tho m'ovory of
atrrtiKth to repent the hoptderiiTiirt Another tiny.
1'lie.iis are the IH or nnrnxyama of Kkvkii aio
Ani'R. Pitch conMitittionnl dinonlvr will of
coiirte undermin" the hritlth if ll in not rrnioeed.
's hnve hi bo red to tiadt aud have fouud, aa
Ayer's Aguo Cure,
wMrh ni'iitinlii'.c. Hill mnlnrloui poUon In lliw
Moo.l, nml filimilair. tliu llvrr to cxk1 It from
thil hoilv. A, It nlioiiM, o It rtiw rum tlil nf
flli'tivo iliaonlor with pcifW't n rtiilntv. And it
ilom more, or rutin;! il'" wlmt Is of mom wr-vlc-o
to llnuo nulijcrl to tlil liifortlon. If tnkrn
in iinon it rxpi'ls it from tho nyati'm it is ftli
orti'(l, unit Hum ki rpn tlioe who me it free from
tin nttnrkA; k'tp tho nvHttm in licnlth .ItliotiKh
exposed to tho (ii.a'iKO. Conneqiirntlr it nmonly
etirefi, but piolwUi I'nnn, ttie K""' vnriely uf nf-fri-tioni
wliieh are Imlueetl liy tl i iff nmllirnnnt
Inflni nee, mieh an Remlltent Fever, Chill lever,
Ilimih, or Muikel Ani TertoiiiinU lleailnehc,
nr lliliom lli-mliu'lio, llilioim levern, Neninlirla,
KlirtimHIi.m, limit, lilindnenff, Toothm lm, Kiir
n. tm, Cnlnn-h, AKllinift, 1'iilpitiitionii, i'ttint'iil Af
feetionnof the Spleen, llynterien, Colic, rarnlyiiii,
mid 1'ulnful AIIV ellonn of tho Stonnteb and Bow
els, nil of whl h, when arising from tliln eauw,
will bo found lo asinine more or less the intermit
tent tyM. Thiii "Aui;f. Ci:rr" removes tlio rniisg
of these denmement.., and enrefl the diwiiw.
Thin It aeeoiiiiliKheii liy inlmiilntln.; tho exere-
torlea to expel the Vlnu Irom ll.4 nymein; ami
these orsrans ly decrees heroine bablnnl to do thia
their olliee of their ovn aeeonl. tlenee arise
wliut we term nrclimntian. Timo may aecomplish,
Iho same end, bill mien life is not long enoiiKh.or
Is miri ideed In tho attempt, while thl "Antra
(Jl iik" does it nt onec, and with safety. We havo
prent renson to believe tills Is a snrer as well as
miter remedy for Ilia wholo rlnss of disease
Wlllcn arc Clin.eu oy inu iiun.-iniu: .iu...
than any other whlrh lias been discovered; and
It h:is Mill another Important advantiixo to the,
public, which If, thut it la cheap aa well as gooU.
. rncpAitEt) dt
DR. J. C. AYEIt & CO.
Thick Okk Dui.lih rku nTTi.B.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for ilnelf sneh a renown for tlic cure of
every variety of Throat and I.ihir Complaint,
Hint it Is entirely iiiineifSMiry tor us to recount
tho evidc neo of Its virtues, hcrcver It lias Iwen
eniploved. As it tins loinr been In constant uso
tlll'Olli.Nlollt tills SCCMOn. we neea no. iiu mum
than ussiiro tho peoplo (tn quality Is kept lip U
tho best it ever lias been, and thut it may bo ro
lled nn to do lor their reiki' nil it liaa ever been
found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
for all th, puryosos of a Purgativ, Modlclne.
Ton fosTivuxi'..";
Foil Tim Cirnu ni' 1 ai'lXHIA;
l'olt J.vvrMiurK;
Ton tiik t.'riiM of Iniihiehtioxi
1'ok Hkaiiachk;
Ion tiik C'riiK. ok DvttKjiTEnv;
loll A l'OUL tiTDMAC'Ali;
Ion this CtniB of i:iivsii'tLAS
I'oii Tin: I'ii.i:sj
Ton tiik L'tiBK of Si'imvtri.A,
l'ou ai.i. Si noKUi.oi a Coxiri.AiSTa;
Ion tiik CiriiK or liiii.i'M vtihm;
Ion HiHFAr.a or TIIK hKIXl
I'OII TUB C'UIIK OK I.I vint Covrt-AiNTt
Foil Diiiirsvi
l'on tiik Cuke o' Ti:tti:ii, Tu jioiis, asi Salt
Uni t m ;
Foil Wotuiat
Fori Tin: t'riii: or Coi-t;
1'llK A DlNNIrll l'n.i.t
Fon tiik CnnK or Nki; h ai.oi a t
iuu l'tuirviNU Tim lli.oou.
Thev nro piicnr-coiitcd, so that tho most ,cnst-
tlve c:in Ink. ihem .ploituiilly, and they nro tho
si nperient 111 Iho world lor uu tlio piirnosvs or
a I'iiiuily physio.
Prico S3 cents per Dm; Five Eoxot for $100.
Rrrnt numbers of C'leiitvmen, Flivslclans,
Staiosmen, ami eminent pcr.-utuurcs, havo lent
their lmines to ceruly tho unpitmilcicii nsetui
ness of these l-emedie'., but our space liei-o will
not permit the Insertion of them. The intents
IkIow iiuiued fiiniMi pnitis our Ami uk ax Al
manac iu which iliev arc given: with also lull
descriptions of tho uhovo complnints, nnd tho
treatment that should bo followed for their cum.
lo not hi put oil' bv unprincipled dealem Willi
oilier preparations they liiako more protit on.
Demand avkii M.nnii iiiko no oincrs. inosicar
want the best aid llicio ii lor thoiii, uud they
fehoulil havo it.
All our liumcdlo nro for ealo by
J.K. WOllhTER. Tiftlii. OliioiC. M. CIII'MAB
PKUO, K.pullic; Siiirw IC.ik.iein. & Co.. Wiiiil...!.
Afonl.. I inuianslit ami liv .11 smsi.t. md dMlcn la
w o q n rl a ,
Old Koreka
I n r n
w lunori,
J Froai DIU.
' tloo nf tho
M a t-1,
Wen Ii Dean
of Iho
Joint, rain
and Pule.
Ism. OillWaln. I.mnem, ft olitr. Wtrrtfrsllp. tr. I.
L. Ht. John' l.itiimetii eujoya a (treat reputation ai ma
external apphtatiou fur mou anu aalmala ia the above
n.um-it canes.
1 lo re y oertiry mat it. jonn a Lin i men i it po-ern
of the mofU astoiilshiiiacurailva DroDertien of any me. It-
cine Unit him evir rome aithin Ui.r knonltdue. 1 ttrt
mmle tine of It for the rheumatism, to willed I ban niftt
snl'jffl for more 1b;ui forty year. I waa tl en ronflnnl
to my b.il. ao hvlpleni O-nt f ewulri not I urn ntyrx-lf, hut
was i-otopletriy rurert by thlp Liniment. I applierl It
Irt-rly ,iul before smins to bed. rnbinna It Iu well wilh
the iminl. until irittnnininlton wna prolure4, aios then
h'luiid on Ily )i Liy worm (l.-tniit-l. 1 linve rtrontiiieiitet
It lo ninny of ni.v Ii u-mle (or revere m-ien of rhemnnlitm,
wire, brui-m. tr.. nnd ttie smoe wondrrfn) siwceaa lota
ev-r atuiuk'd Ua iimj. A (rltnd had lua fiHit ao bmllj
tntrt ty a pluuh thut It wna llit uttht he munt lore iu
ll whs rittic ly helpWsii, but wit perfectly cured by the
use of Ibt-i l.tmmtMil AM my frienda who Iihv u-d il
concur -a ith me In the tic lief that it n ttie hirt nn-IKlu
of the kind Iu the world- WAKKKN bUkU
'J'irriM. Auirtial, -tM. ' 1 -.' I
f l lttH It II rill UHI KllrW Qf f WHICttn l Ottnty, tr.
)km iM: 1 wiali yu wuuM eaiatiltsti nn ant m: y her
our Mulint-nt. 1 had a vauiMitU' loirs, a
h w day) sine, so Imiie a aenrcrly lolieatdv ti walk.
rn tit lo t'ohinilois, aud prtx urid a both of your Union-t)t,
few ai phi'iiiii.iis of which vlb-rited a ear, a
cmi-M. r it pr. ivi iil-if to hii) lliiinient I ti-VV over ueU
pinl Htiould be phot to have tt kept hern fur sule, ao thk
1 to.iy ut any liute oouvt;uintly vbttn a supply. It will
pell readily. t.tvOMtjk BfONkiU
, UiiaMiu.B, Frauklln eountg, 0. ,
' Pain and Weaknoaa ia tho Back and Slda of Six
Yeaip1 SutntliuK turud My wife was about lx yearn
ailUc lt-il with a 0 t'n In htr ba i and side, ghe waa con
tin. d part ( the 1 1 mo to lu r bed. Win made uie of Iho
Mujiniitf l.itiitix'ui, ami vart.nia other nicilit tors, but
obtMinrtt no rrlief until ah made lua of tit, JcBnB Iiui
Olt'tit. w lili h cOvctnl m, apordy curt',
aVnu!A(Uhui. l3Ji fUiUKlUC HtlLEIU
I eonpMer ft.
Jotin1 liieii
far miprhr "
BH-dh-IiJ 'a thO
pjoiuk purpoaa I
d l thrr hr mnn or
Y tieiiat. ll muoreat
UriH a row .Inilhls
J Btl, of six wvk
' tiioiding frm a
iiihhor nor.
It sra suppMisx'd so
linve hrru p'O
ilinrril by a aorain.
Th owner ad he vmiM wllllnpl? piv len d-.Uar to
have it melv"l. hut th-HiHtit it could not Im don. 1
would rrrf,",,'eiid every tamily lo keep thia valuable
ureitnr"" hand. rtiier and oll.e-t harm;
hIh ami ChIII, w.iotd Ire.iiH-iiOy expei N-nr prro
riPasWiSll air s.sw'a.aa.rh..
KliasuUUw froui ao UoOiat.
ltH I Old Nt 1)1)1.1
er Mvlmoict Ubio.
Thip eerttflea that my son sntT-red a (Treat deal with
frotfii fret h,.q llMven yeMriJ. 1 tried evny Ih'iig that
if uie t fa'alttb .1 in .-.gui j rt-IJf, antl.oui bent-lit. until
al 11 I mmle t?r nf 1 h tt. John's l.tnmieiit, a ha ao-BlM-KlioiiH
of nhu-h eilf-i-ti-il a thurouith ciie.
Mr. Krrcnaaua. Uhto. ,.U4 T
Kor on Cuj-ed of a VrtfrhtiUl Wound Tht crtl.
i. s (I.Kt n'.y horw lell a.id iHit a harn.w o-vtb throiiah
111 If. 1 ft-;
Ltuiuivut, and
ii)ud 81. John'p
it.-, t.-it.
V M. 11. bUlNiu, XULi:, Ohio.
. uit ruin hha
i IHstlevt nn r"
Windpfalla and Pewa Cut I had a homo thai
had a Utn. m.lu.H mftit irh bind h p. hut i yeara.
I made ut of mi y tinnpa to lenioie iheui Billiout auo
Crf. I lm iMy hi iiiu-d Johu'a Liuiint iit three tiinea a
f tk, for ah.iui itiive monthx. I battled vitiy th.-rouah-ly.aioi
aitr vh. Ii app-u-itliuo heated in U tinimctifc
wad a h l sIm.i.I until diy. A Itunrough fine aaa tu
full. d. i.n about' two yrar sine. a'd Iher ha bee
lio iiKin-aui'it ul iluir rriurn'nK. I. upon one ocfi"tt.
kt inif ;ip. and wut a Koh In n t hot: lhr- e lurbca
io Iri.uib and out. iiu-h in drptti. W a t-e.l uf th w.iuod
i. r..-..i, pmihlr. nnd halhi d Willi Ul IjnlUMlUt, vt
Which a Vary rpd core t-lh-.-i.-d,
; J. iti N t.KN, M aisvJi ttuUoO, Ohio.'
lamp romoTttd fruia a Horn tad Lajaipasiai
vuru. .lr. Joliu Ht aril. Itr I ium. .jo, riau a
wnh a romp iiisot, t.i h a-ab'xil tti. ?ise n a hem nx.
He ttimhy U. i. l.ni U St he ci.i'd Dot be us..,
ai I auaicrly ahta to w-.lk. My hiuin-cit waa ap
piied and sm)u reuiovcd U lumy and cuVvta a Uio
rouan ur
oid by at! nl4tHno lVnlerp. who wttt fomUh M.
J .hua Alnsoca aiaua. 1. U Hv. J4n 1' TJB
City. 0.. tu ..! Awuta for u nvstwu tiusui

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