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Siftm Vrcht? urifeimr.
Ja.i.. x ici,
). W. BAILEf .
n ui.i:v,
F. I) 1 T 0 K R AIn
P 11 O I'll ISTORS.
Tlx- THIIM IK la pnMl.hral ever,
t'rialriv .Wnrlna (il pT aniinni
In ntmnr-r. Oldrr, -linw hnn'a lllnrk.
rornrrnf Hnlti mid Mnrhrl nirri'la.
l'lldii) ItlornliiK IoV. 1, l4.1.
Organization of the House.
It aorm. to be generally eonoodrd that
the neat House of ReprimMitat.-es
"""S" ','""r' "r"
rill., lit much dilllcultr or ili'lny. The
AOiniiiifctralion la ro Sadly off for moni'y
that it cannot afford to procrastinate; a
contest for tho Rpralierahip. A I fi
ci 'ory bill and the rolli f of tho I'oat of
fice Department, are measures of sin h
ircsing urgenry to keep tli wli)ie mov
ing, that the Administration will hp quite
a anxious aa tho Opposition to proceed
t liaaiiiraa.
The lion. John Sherman, and lion.
Thomas Corwin, tif Ohio aro spoken of
fit Hpenker. Mr. Klieriuan will proba
bly be the Republican candidate, and It
ia said will receive a portion, at least, of
the vote of tho Southern Opposition.
"Jsv. Corwln, It ia llmnfe-titt would grtlheJlng
ante of the Southern Opposition inein
liera ery generally, Mr. Ilitcock. of Va.,
w ill prohalily be the Ieiiimratlo noml-n-'e
for Speaker, Meant. Ilrkdole,
I'lieliu, and I'ryor ara -'"" named in
tonnecA'n with the l undidate for Bpeak-
. ti'it rlcrk of tlie Iloiiie, Mr. Clephniie
of Waahlntftua City. 1 favorably named
aa the Republican candidate. He ha
rendered veiy eflieleiil Rervice to the Un-
publinan cauae an the workiim nwwibn or
the R"pii!licaii National f'oiiiinittoa In
the District of CiUumbla. Col. Forney
alio meutiiincd aa a randiilato r Die
CUrknhip. Mr. Hoffman, an rx-member
f Congre from Maryland, who voted
for the t'xpuleion of Drook, will ho pre
sented, it In aald, lit ft Southern Opposi
tion Candidate for Clerk.
Get Ready for the "Census Man."
Next year will occur the gro it deeen
tiinl eenaiia of the United State, muda liy
tho general gtivernnient. I'eraona will
he appointed fur every loraliiy in th
StaUa and Territoriea to gatlior alalia-
tiea of the inhabit ante, and all the agric
tiltural pnxhictioii, maiuifacturo, Ac
I'.very cultivator will bo asked fur a con-
rise and accurate atateiuelit of liind occu
pied by him, tho number of acrea and the
amount of each rrop raised by him during
the year ending June, A c.
Those who were called upon In ISSti
will douhtlrta remember the ilitlieulty ex
perienced in. making up an accurate re
port of the various crops. Aa these re
porta will be called for in June, it will be
necesiary to give In the c rope gathered
this year, and the suggestion that we now
make, ia, that cultivators write down,
vhile fresh In mind, the number of acres
under cultivation, Including the wheat
c., already gathered. The number ol
each Irlnn. thn siYies . ,s.J
gr m liliioui.l uTil to refilled, . Th
milk product also, and tho amount of
pork, bcrf, &C, wilt alio bo asked for,
"The Wicked flee, when no Man
The gTeat rommonweulth Jof Ylryinla,
"ilia mother of President," ia thrown
into a statu of awful trepidation again, all
about a vajie rumor tha,t an attempt was
about to be made to liberate Old Brown.
Home iiegme doubtless, not satisfied with
he "patriarchal Institution" of Slavery,
havo been applying tho incendiary torch
to ba-ns, atacka, &.C., in the vicinity of
Charleston, which has scared the "chiv
alry" almost out of their wits. They lia
irine that band of thoao terrible Aboli
tionist are upon them and they fairly
hiver with fear. Tho militia have been
ea'.led out and Oo. Vie waa telegraph
ed to for troopa, ao great wo thu panic.
Old Drown haa given all Virginia the
eue. The poor, rickety, (iod-loraaksn,
atave-cursed, old concern haa got therfe
iriMm t rt merit and la about to full to pie
ce of her own accord. Sho ia in a fear
ful atale of agitation. Siio lias got Old
D own and, like the man with thu ele
phant, she don't know what l i do with
bun. She is bepging piteously for some
body to ktlp r Irt Aim y. What a
WissM slW Ol aoell'ty tbry miaot kave
in Virginia, founded upon that "peculiar
institution," which democrats eulogise ao
much and which they are trying toexteiid
over all the territories.
Beauties of Slavery.
The counsel for the Cominoiiwealth.in
the trial af old John llmu n, at Charles
town, Virginia, oppoacd a very reasnna
blu luotiun from the opposite aido asking
a little time, ou the ground "that tho ju
ror wanted to go home to their fuiiil
lice," and that every female in Virginia
"waa trembling with anxiety and apprc
heuoion." Slavery niut be a beautiful
institution, when a few fanatics run thus
convulse a community with terror. The
misery of both whites and black in Vir
ginia, just now, from horrible, fenraofeach
other, are not couccivublu by those unfa
miliar with the peculiarities of the pecu
liar institution.
Doctors Differ!
Henator Wilson, tho Reputliran Scna
t.HT of Mnssachuat'U, in hia speech at
Kyracua ou tha UHlh ult., said "The
Harper a rerry oumrcaK waa me come
quencof the teachings ul Republitau
Uni." A Jtrl'sr.
BonaUir Wilson aaid no aiich tliinp.
lis ia a true jRepuMicau and, although
unalternhly opposed to tho rxteusion
HI a very and ita rioininulion in the Gov
suriiinent, ho discountenances aa wrong
any forciblo interference with it in the
stales, whore it exUta by law.
Not Good in Figures.
Our wtrv eorrrl neighbor of the Aiotr
fiMfaayathat ths state of New YorV.
.one yeir ago, gave 10,000 Republican
r.ioj.,rity. Jf tnir neighbor would lake
ilis trouMu to aDcertain lira "facta,"
would find thai ho ia t!igh4ly far error.
waa iu 1858 that N.w York gave sows
-JoloO plurality for Fxiouont.
DES MOINES, IOWA, Nov., 18 '59.
say about SO linsliela per arr. Thooata
' ,. , .... ,
rrop wn fxcoodmffly laro yielding in a
many in,lnnrr, fl0 pU.hil per acre,
;;,, , r,1(11,p ,,t t,irT ,, ,
prop-rty of vorloua aunts. Atlier
Mb- F.niToa: Thinking that jrmir read
ers would bf ((InH to hrr how erops ami
tiling in ;m'rl are In Iowa, I drop you
a few Uric. Timea ara gftting prcttjr
pood and a drink time ia sxpectsd here
tl.iswinu-r. The eorn crop It rorjr large
y Iridium In mot rases 80 bushels to tho
I acre. Whont it about an avfrnirn crop,
"i,ni, conmimptin f..r corn and o.t.j
Itherj are large hrrda of rattle feeding on
the ,iral:l. a, hirh consume a great a-
mount, of grain. Farmer nmko their
money principally on stork.
In regard ta the weather, It his hcen
. I.n,.,.i;r,,l r.ll lr and warm. Y eater-
!dny vim tho nit eld day, and indeed, li
ha turned quit colli; trio inerninineier
atand now at 10 degree below aero.
Tlv ro are drovnii of gold-scekor re
turning and they bring very f.iyornblo
news. A Isrge rnile)'r"t'"n ia eapei ti'dln
the apriipjf.
Land l (jradiially rieing In Tnluo and
an artlvo bniha been dune thiafall
by way of selling town lota and Oxchang
Utn crop will bring the west to ita usu
al place, and building of all kinds Will be
put In erection next an miner. The peo
ple wenr a pleasunt euuutenancc, and all
look much revived from the great crisia
which slmo.l eii(iidhul the vmliu wiit
crn Country.
I will write vou at a futuro day, about
the "Starved Rock" of Illinois; an Kng-li-ll
park; Loriut .'rovea;"lliifralo Rock;"
the origin of the I'rairies; and many oth
er interesting thiiiL'S. Yours truly
M. H. B.
Our National Trophies.
My tavor of Ihe lightning, the A merican
people havo been informed that last woek
the Disliops, In nttendanro on tho Episco
pal Ciinvention et Rlclnnond, called on
the 1-resid.nt at Washil.gtoii.and thai the
I'res.deiit exhibited to them a apear taken I
from llrown' anna for the invasion of
which I) strict Attorney Ould
had brought him from Harpers Ferry.
I'ouolles the I'rcsiilc ill drew a soup mor
al from thi terrible weapon, andiinprois-
ed on tha inindH of the worthy ftiahfina the
,. . . '
... e ssuy o r. pressing ... agitation ex-
ci'pt unit alisoiutely necessary to guard
and extend the divine institution. The
President has certainly founded a mue-
inn of implements and relica of war that,
if perfected, will vie with thoao of the
Tower ofLundoii or tho Iiivulldcs of Pur-
Is. We hope that ineosiirca will be tak-;
en at nnrn to forward all Dm moat n.ita.
bio oftl.eso wennonssnd curiuu relic to
tho White House, then when next lho .
House of Ilishopa call on the President
ho will show thimi tliroujfh his national
museum in this wise: I
"Here, Itevereiul (lontlemen, you are
tho two rille with which Clark and (.inrd
Iter allot Ilurhcr in Kansas, llarher was
rilling iiietly aloiifr tho road, a capital of
feno at Hint time, and was shot ill the
hack. Clark waa my lmlinn Atfent, an
I ila. T.a.i.. ti m not certain
wu.rii k.i j ti.rber; hut iii order to make
..i. in" ) . rtn, I ainmiutaid (
ner PoatmaKler al Lawrence, and Clark
Purser in the navy. That is icnuy otitis
commlssloii, Oenllemon, Carrytnir out
inn scripture, you see: i noae tailh ul In a
ii.-.... .... i. . I "
lew tniuga aro appointed ovor many
"I lint, tientlemeii, ia tlio cannon tak-
en from llioUovernineiitarseniilat I.iber-
m? Mi!,"",.,rJ, i''!1;!' J."0'VnI,,l'c
Missoiiriana boiiibiirhed the townof I.aw-I
renco battered down the hotel and suverul
dwelling alter lliey hail pillaged every-1
U '"oy couiucary on. nero I a Copy
or Jones coiiiiiiissioii as Collector tifeus
torn. Truu patriotism will never die,
(ientletnen, w liilo tlio country rewards
nor neroea.
' Tlii.lmerend(ienllen.en.itl.eki.!ffl
Vi ithwhUhSlurphysrrlpeilHopps. Iloppa
was a iree niuio man, a very dangerou
was a tree Mtolu man, a very dangerou
class, goiit'emeii; y.m cannot too much
warn your congregations ugninst this air-i
italinj element. Thi. is Murphy. p.
nointinent as Airent for'the l,,iiau ..im.m..
pointinontas Agent for'the l'ottawotamie
Indians, where lie ran teach them the civ-
Hixi'd mode uf scalping- Virtue issureto
bo rewarded, gciitlcmoi. llemind your
conirregations of thai.
"Here you see aomo of the muskets and
pistols taken from the United State Ar
senal in Missouri, for butchering the Kan
sas c ttlore. Tho Ca.inanlto are to be
driven out, Gentlemen. The Scriptures
.... .i ...... i i . '
mu i H bi mi inn. .ii-b,u. in means are1
lawftil. eve., the aeiruro ol United SUte.
Arsenals, to put down agitation."
"llere, reverend llishops, ia a precious
"i'1'.'.': n'f 1.fr.,.';,!,!".'",r,t ' ,r" l'",ri"
esin i.lallv III View Ol lliv iuvi.. l.u. l
atte.i.pt to disturb the family relation. c
lalilishe.l tiy tlio riitriarctis In the anient
b.ol.erJo.apl,. l.y wl.i. h wa hsvo
ine coin:..ruug a..,r..oo mm u.r irs.ne.
inourblooJrelut.onsi. peculiarly blessed;
this is the hatchet with which Gibson
killt.'il Fro.li-rick llr wn.aaoii tit tliat n ijlity
man ol valor. neiore wuoin inu nesris oi inn
chivalry became as water. With this
noun he was aliiin unarmed and a pris
oner. His wilo and one c'uld were spar
ed; an injiidieious Immunity lovtards such
u i.
a race. Al mv !fonl men strovo lor the
privilege of killing liiin. hut it wa Iien
to (ulisoii to liaek It tits t death v. ill. tins
hutchet, even a "Samuel hewed Ap f in
piee. s heforo th lAird." Yon sec, Cieli
tlenieu, how the devout mind is sanctified
by the acriplui al aasneiatiuna of these na
tional troplues. 1 lint lot t.entleiuen,
will n. t be complete until we yd the ropo
w ith which tlio father of this sinful a'itu
t' r, who haa been in an unreconciled con
dition aince this dispciiaiitlon ou hi. son,
ia lion.'. Then the mind that is properly
disciplined will bo highly eddied by tro
phies ao full of incident and al'usion.
(iil s hi has not oiio unrew arded; in a
government ultico ho shows to wick
ed snd preverau generation that republics
are not ungrateful. a
"I now coineireuilemen.to the iluurcat
relic iu this collection, and Ilia ono best
calculated to umpire patriotic and national
emotions. Here in thi. glass casoaro
tho pieces of the cane with w hi. h a true
Southern, ardent aa a Southern sun, with
invincible courage and pocket, full of re
volvers, walked up to
aitliiur Henstor
who had indulged in the profanity of free
speech, iniitehiin to the floor and contin
in a beating Iiim tut there ia hope that they
have ailcuced his profanity forever. These
are uio revolvers ana bowte knives with
which two of the bravest son of the South
guarded tho patriotic dood, to prevent in
terference; and here is an engraving
the monument which tha adinirora oftrus
heroism in Nouth Carolina are erecting
to her moft heroic aon. Future generations,
giintle.nen, will judgs ua by the
monuments we build. I will send you
rnnies of this mrravinir for vour Sabbath
aehoola, that the youthful mind may
stimnlsted by the leward of trus virtus."
O. H. Journal.
rupreinacy onougrea m.r u,. .r.,.i-
jries." Mr. Curti 1 the auth .r tf an ,
olahorato "History of the Federal Censti-
(jy-The S' Ulhwn democratic journal
fairly howl at th result of the late elec
tion In New York and New Jersey.
(r-Joseph W. Thornton, who shot Jo
seph Charlton, in the street at St. I-oui
In June last, waa bung on the 1 1th Inst.
OrThe Cliilllcotlie AdYerliaer.and ottv
ar Democratic pnpera of the 8tate,faor the
nomination of Hun. William Alien, for
tho Prosldunry.
0r-I.ewla H. Yonnf, a clerk in the
Land office at Wanhlnjton City, commit
ted (iiicide on the 3d Inat., by blowing
hi brain out with piatol.
(y-8entot Seward I now traveling
In the Holy Land. It ia probable that he
will cndcBtiiT to bo homo in time fur the
mectiiif; of Conjrreaii.
'D'-mocraey 13 tho South" exclaim
lha Aili,ii.. ... Iniellli'eneer.- That
... . .l . u ...i. a i
may oo an, tu.l now w,
n iil ea n,.ni.,..i a I'rua IrtritiC WILIlllllL Kiiaj .
' ta aviliwiiikib a, iv"'
North 1
03 Horatio O.t'hlllip, an asily act
tier of Dnytun, and one of it rnnit re
sppected sod wealthy citizens, died l hie
resilience in that eity on the 10th lint., at
an advanced age.
iVr-Tvlcr. tho Deputy. U- S Marshal
eiinvleii.il nfiha murdr. in the aocondde
gree, of Captain Jonea, ha been
, ' , . . 1- the Ten-
ed to six years Imprisonment I-
Itentiary. x
v-a-n.TiTH lirf Kq,. one of tho
03-DamclH. i
eminent h,tfhIr a ''
ofMt. V",,on ,,io' """"""'y on I
the 9"tl "'t'i f congestion of tho lungs,
agi-d-a yenra.
" . .
fjyfien. Joo Lano retuma to Wash-
inirtoii in aorry plight. He feel bad over
tho Oregon election. Ho Hilda hi Trcs
Idential prospecta I'lonmjr I'ik
all greitt men, Joe will doubtless dlo with
out having been President.
0:fOoorgo T. Curtis, of Doston, ha
written a reply to Douglas on the Terrl
torl.l qur.tioii, under tho title, "The Just
tution," published l.y the Harpers
OTA new suspension bridge, just e
rneted aernaa tho Scioto at Portsmouth.
. . . . . . ji. ... .11 .1.
aiun expense oiV,uuu, .... ".,.
we,,ki ylUwg ,w0 men wllo wcr0 on it
,l0 rUo
arcideiit Was c.nisi d by
,i. w.,,,. .....I.,....:.,;.,,, ...... of tho nbut-
., from wlic, it wni u,pcndcd.
OTJu'Ik" Wlla.m, of the United State
Iirirl rmirt for the Northern District of
Ohio, In a late charge ti the grand Jury,
has picked up all the roporte of Johnson
'nd Vallnii.lin.diani, and Insiiiiiationa
I.ocoloeo eilitors, to Impllcato prominent
northern Ohio men in the Harper' Ferry
tragi'ily, anil even itennca It to oo treason
to hold nieetina to donounre acU paaod
or deeds enacted by administration offi
cers. Ho equals Jeffreys in despotism.
(y-Tho Trilium'$ Washington eor-
respondent write that "tliera la proof in
l,n l.smla nl tho Administration that Got. 1
IViula. Intotidod t.kin. Po..e..in, .r.
San JuBlln'Uay bo lore u on. iiarauy
I0 tat tne propoaad and consu- .
motod events were only ecparated by
i. - Wo hours. Tho BrltUh Govommont
r .t r . 11
la now aware of tlua fact, and henoo om
reason, among others, for the intended re
moval of Uov. Douglna. 1 he President,
aa a matter of courtesv.will. in that event.
recallOen.Hariiev,but not otherwise ce
, . , . ' . .,'
,I,ch , t mWlt ho -'"rn-ted Into an
anandoniiieni ol tlio American claim to
thu laliilld."
'iim,iii -. I'lay made a speech at
Covington, on Wednesday rveuinir. in
"' "o denounced slavery with los ac-
oustomed force and bilturueaa, and pra-
dieted the tsuaaT.h nfxTie Kepublicon par-
dicteJtba tauaanr-h nt itii
ly, Tl0 Cincinnati 0
, ri.
m"r ''" "? of r""
ternipted by somo ono
axctto says that
remarks, ho was In-
ternipted by aomo ono calling out, "Let
1Kr ue".cr c.
The speaker Informed these parties, in
reply, that ho was used to that kind of a
tliiiK?. and ho "would like tj ioo it done." I
J Kum-. ...J r..-. i .. i.!... .....
It waa not done.
Harmony of the Organs.
I"'' follow-organ of "National Demoera-
"K ""y- perhaps, be a question wheth
(it, I . . ' .' ' .. .,
"r noulTiV:.'".: "l!." V''"1
.loubt a to the lunacy of tlio person
!, j daily writing such article for the I
Our rotrinporary, the Enquirer, thu
,: l..
, It irbmond l'.nnuirer. All the lunatics in
I t,-,UU c..,vl, . imii0 io Imlrh eri(lv
nA insane matter a. daily in that
Cin. Gar.
Massachusetts Election.
he total of tho r,,i.
polled in Massachuseiu.nt tho Into rloc-
. , ii.
,,, , iitr iiim iiir.i. rami uuil. r...
"r ""
. ,
Ilauks, Republican, SA.at
llutler, democrat, 35.U.3
Hriggs, Whig and American, I4,3ua
rtauks plurality U3,ib&
Uanka iiiajurity 4.1J3
III the (Senators elect, 31 are Repnbli-
I, a I are nepunii-
raus, 4 llnuocrnts am1
Representative, the Republi
,u. .1... n . a. ...!.
. .. ... ,, ,. . . .
ai... viiiiiu aivj'uti oil ...m.w aivKva,
Kansas Election.
Tiio Republicans have a majority in
both brunches of tho I.cgisluturo, and
1'ai rot's, Ropublicau, majority ia upwards
of 3.000.
Brownsville Relieved.
Brownsville Relieved. NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 20.
The Arixoiiia arrived from
(1 7 J 0,000 ill spucio.
Urownaville is sale. Cant. Toliin with
i rtO raneera arrived there on the 13lh.
Thirty men from tho cutler Dodge, and
l fitly more from llaton Rouge, left Bra
' os nr llrownsviilo on tlio loin mat.,
making nearly 300 troops, volunteers uov.
, the
Ou that arrival of Tolua, Cor tin'
chief ollicer, w ho had buau held as a pria
uuer, waa hung without trial.
An Editor Killed in
An encounter took place to-day be
tween Allen A. Hall, editor uf the Xawt,
aud (1. O. I'oiudexter, editor of the Union
end American. I'oiudexter ari
i dead. The quarrel whi jh led to
was ahot
this ca
tastrophe waa au illlorial
Useful Lessons.
..u..UBBinn nrttirim nr fimr hiiniired (,ren
During the iat Btntn camrau
ffinia.Mr. ,ptr.her, the democratic eatid
date for Governor, proclaimed Oiroiiirliou
the State on the atump, that Virginia hor
olf ahonld be the judge of the limit o!
thfi federal rompflrt, and thnt whtle
. - .... ....I
(Jovornfif no frrinml doldirr hmild
ct ft holilfl ffHt on Virginia mii, eithnf
to compel hw t ttubmiMin to frdnrnltia
Jurl.dlrtion or to crnaa her soil to iini,-'!,,"4
her ister States of the South.
Texas hsaalao taken a leading
in gaironailing against the Union, an(,
for Pouthern eoiife.lcT.-cy. ;
inw the Wovernor ot Virginia
to Waahliiirton for federal troopa to aavi
the Btato Irom an Invasion of twenty-tw)(
men, and her army i powerlesa to tsk'1.!..
leXaaalSO IS invailea ny a frs"B
Mexican robbers, w ho have takos rm,iee
.. r . ,., .l.n..,i,i i, r,-sonieweckj
aion of a town and held it I"r'""x'"
whilo the State hs iih mailo an eliort v
.1.:... .1 .nH iinootentlv Calls ol
the federsl government that she has Con
in.,.llr defl.-d. to nave the State from at
ViVmber. l-robnbly dec,,
. ,
aa ranlilly f' '" 'K"' 'uerai troopt
n. afciy did at Il.trper'a Ferry when tin
State Journal.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 18.
0oy Wor p.pp0llt,rt Ju.lg . P.
jjann ,frmorly of Kentucky, U. S .Sena
Virginia, tor to fill tho varancy occasioned by the
that direction ha. already commenced,
'which promises to rtpial that of Kraier
Rrpr ' Thr,o mlnM,n lho . of
thu Sierra Nevada havo boen discovered,
"opposed to extend from Honey Lake
North, to VValker1. River South; dis
mo.t nr0 u. lumrc,i mi,.,. The principal
discovery yet announced iacoll.d Gold
Hill a mound sixty feet high, Ave thousand
long, two thiHi.and wide.aiid twenty milea
North of Carson Vallev. which ia truv-
of.havli.ff on hand an unexpected balal.renf
The overland rt"1'1 "( tho 28Ui has nr.
rived. s.arounta from Carson Valley
have a-'i "eceivod. The Walker Riv-
n.uiine continue to excite great atten-
tioii, and aUmpedu of Cnliforniana in
eraod with veina of aurileroua quartz, part
ly dero.nposed. There ha been malil-
ed from livo hundred to twenty-live hun
dred dollar per ton. Largo quantities of
silver ore from Carson Valley continued
to arrivo at San Francisco, for shipment
to Kurope.
Kmigrstion in the Spring will probably
result in the complete exploration of the
whole country Kast of Sierra Nevada and
jJ;;c21,'1'l'll' rid' n,inMI
death of Uioderiek. The new Senator
waa to leave for Washington in the steam
er of the filh inat.
Lose by previously roportcd fire at Carl-
tonvillo "J.10,000.
Tho c.mmittee annointed hv the recent
c R R CoR-, , h.ru,;H,c .
report recommending the immediate or-
cauixation of a rniniiany to construct a
road from San Francisco to Stockton,
with Ihe view nf ita ultiiiinto pit inKlnn tn
the boundary of the State. Colonel San
ders, Superintendent of the Fort Kearney
and ll irncy Loko Wofrun Road Expcdi
dition, haviri(f ronipleti'iU' nisk for.'Ve
season, is about to repair to Waahfi"tl1S,
'. ,Y ,;,", '! ".iu
purchased in Missouri last anrinir at 135
per head, hail been aold for the benefit of
tlio government nt over fcJOO a head.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 18. Cortinas in Possession of the Rio
Grande Country.
The Indianola Courier, of the 13th list
anya that an express from the sheriff of
Nuecea county had arrived, reporting that
- ; -
frolu nrownsville toRocna, and hia forera
are aeourin g all the aiirniundin(f country.
All tnuil communications west of tlie
Nuecea are anid to bo cut off". Corp
Chriatl Is, however, not threatened.
t apt. lohin with 100 men from Cors
i.nriau, n.ia Deen deleateil, ami itislcir,
eil that his retreat ia cut oil". The remits
'r0 conflicting and probably verv mail
"''rted. Tho latest .ccounU ere
bv New Orlrana merchants, who lift
Krowimvillo on tho 4th inat., when alTur.
were unchanged. (Jen. Twiggs telv
graphed tho Government yesterday In res.
I.ition to tho matter.
Quiet Reigns at Charlestown.
CHARLESTOWN, Va., Nov. 19.
now quint town, but the mil
itary forces are augmenting. Tho In ma
stack yards and implement, amounting n
value to aeveral thousand dollars, holunj-
. ii IT lKCHsrs. j nun minis, iico. n. i ate.
and Mr. Shirley, all of w hom were jurors
,v" ."","." un ..inin.
in ii.u .a.... .;.t. i..,..n i,.,nH i.. ...... j
Hon. Alex. Hunter profeases to be eoi-
inced that an attempt will be made to
rescue the prisoners, and and a letter frou
Vrlmn' 'Wresaed to Brown, writtch
in cypher, which haa been deciphered
tells him to keep in good spirit.-., that las
frieuda aro niusterin;; and will drop alorg
oiiu at a time.
CHARLESTOWN, Va., Nov. 19. From the Gold Regions.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17.
'"rtren'satmn of both branches of thel.es
thei. "'!",,urc- Steele, Governor elect, dolivec-
v . ,i a t
v ii v 11 nvrii viui iiAj'i vea ituiu iDUT;r
City, with 10,WO in tro.uro arrival
thin afl.iriln.in T i.t i.h.ui.imt. .....!
. , . . .. .
iiie.u urn irone ' lni.i iuii oporauon ny tic
ed hia meanK in which ho armies the na-
, ui present loriu or govern
ment iniii! Co.urreaa shall take action in
reference to tho Territory.
Miners continued to woik in aeveral lo
calities; uiuuy aro preparing wUiUrditf-
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 17. Writ of Error in Brown's Case
RICHMOND, Nov., 19.
llrown for a writ
jforror to tho judgment rendered by the
v u Court ol Jstlerson countT waa ora.
V.rJ.H" SPr,,m Cot f Appcala
yesreritay. ,......, . ... "
ii.... . l..;, rT,'"," re.uaeu 10
"""""v H"' laanvium.
. ....... -.ft.... . ..v . v u...k ay in iiivrf-
December, JihIl's Allou, Osniul, Ma
cun, Lee, and RoberUon on ths llench
Safety of the North Stæ.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18.
Iuformation has been received ofte
afety of the Stosiucr North fcStar. ritt
wont asliore on r rencu keya on tho 'JJi
ult., where she remained sevau duys ad
then gut on willioul assistance, tie
proceeded on hur way (o Aapiuwall
the ltd.
Al th laia House, oa the Sih iiitt ,
the Krv. Mr. Mcl.aiu, Ur. ls Tut, of
ic.orr, 11. iium Co. lena, tn Mrs. Claiu
L. MchsMiaof K-a, i I'o. N. Y.
Ita iu rZotiriiiv nm
Tlio Stiaui Flidirinii Mill at Adnat
SWaaaa laaaly, ia aoai aSaiao fotaalaa .
Ua Ik Most Itsnsaaaale Tartml. '
Thia Mill arai balN .a So7. Il la a aabalallalfrraal
bo, IS nf, baa .braa laa o. iHaaya, aa aaa.' bio.fr ol
OMat tuiia.ao aa.lravl.aa. I. ia Boa, .a fala. S
,lor, aao oaoalila of aoia a buca ba.tooaa. iaaaaaalo
isi..a.iM iimS. lo laluia ai.li lo
. A. t HOOKS. J
aaiUJal Aliaj,,6aaat;.
hCtM, rO0ltHjrtetrinf--.w i-ni-Ha-fK-, tn4
-..of ik nmjnta. t m bv tn -
tmk rowi-BjuTKATBO bm.m-win
fbt 4r,mny ff iorw, it win...
"''"M " """"-
N..j.i:oFMTaATF.n TERF.n-TI.. aN rt
,,,,,. ,hi,u uiIim aa siiboai iwii. !'"
"V0rr.,T.ATr.D pvaiTRR-i.
rnaner;.,, ,Mn,.i ,n e.m.i mrm .itku.,-i or
rlZZs ri M t: in:i"aj'Ai."il.tJ All r-..,.
iTa ihn a.a.iri s,n( (m.n.f.)
'raiitii ia Ilia i.lia ft.? rari, ramlnf ia ma.ir
i.l.tont illw.ii...,) .l,ols a.a lli.ia fill.. hl.h will
It 11. MtUJYO.VS
Concentrated Remedies
For Delicate- riseam.
Me. t. THK r.ar.aT a r.vivr.a rrm, aradi
snt. all Ill avil ,ff.af Half Ana.a,an-n n.a;.narat
AMnW'f, la nf HMtinofT. wnallnf awoj or na organ
iW sssisiiiwiw i..nt ,r,jir n
.ny,,.lrroni...ul .IT-el. an anil II from 'ha
.i.m. r,ir. . .u.n.r.
a ik I knta i. PASTm.!. t. a .r'ln
ear. r.mi. i,t.iiii... , ,k.,. ,r u.a
.,..,,..,,. r,.,n,iii,.
hfcX:T"f 1
Nn.s. TIIK Hul.t TliR I. a rmarff Ihil aat
n-vn. 1.,,-ri fcnnn lo l.il rnring llrnv.l, anS all aaaa.
lli.na r u.a nn ,! M.,l,l.r. P,i.a aaa dollar.
.ill,ar of II.. niMtii r,i. m.. .ill I.. .... m.,1 10
an? part orih. rnlt.fl Flal.., on r, of ilia priff.
,n""n. ..ifrnnr. roniatntnf inn pneioni. nil
lis ol'tainail hy anrlo.lng nnt I'o.l Hi.mp. Atl-ln...
lloa en, ri.Hnlalpliia, Pa.
N. R Tho rinotor mny m ron.allrtl in rompliL-al.
Mm l7 Uit.r , Mnnmlll, !mi oni. ..-h lallait olll
""m'-k-J i'JZ Ti.no'i'n a..
Promenade Concert
Tlioro vriH lo n rromcnaJo CAm
cert ami l'all, ot
On Thnrsday Eve,, Deo. 8th
JIUSIC unuer tlio direction ol
Ciias. F. I'oos.
DANCINO nndcr tlio direction
hf M. D. Siiaw.
For pni tictilata sco rrograinmo.
Oommittee of Arrangements
1;. 11 rmu.ii'.s, 1.. zi.mmkr.
A Rare Chanco to Hake Money!
To m il Mi.-Chks.nky'h Coli'lirated
I'fHif Fisjlit Tatlll of laU'llfe nri Uent tnrnri tiff
mnt Cititirtf Afs'li ntnktnf Im $.1 tt I t ir
fnf. 'rntll M iallMl In flig:it) in li ! (tf llioil
( hart slKinlit ttiiplv -r'T. t .w i dtnt IVifHi'Tinl A
rntnole pw but tif ti I ! r n 1 ly . lit thj tiiily "'fi
now ofHiad lo Ilia publlj, nn,l al prirai allliin tin
I I jrj. t-.. - - . .... rr...
I C..n,plia plain Iniltartiom ara prinlnl upon tlir
irhr'."-, ,.
'0r .u,.,.!,,,,, ,a,o,. p.oiupiir rir-'r. on a.i.irti.m,
with a P.I, mmiiin. TI.UL:.- liei-i.'K.
novuj am ya .11 iniiri. 111110.
'"A Lurj;". Ktotk of
Millinery & Fancy Goods,
Now It (lit tltna In irt mnrit tlmn ymir mnn;'i wuflhi
vvi Tf t" rt-ms and trm Ut hmtrf.
Musi l iK.iitvl lr olj Uy it iirl Jnnrmrr, prt.
pnmtitrv l- i njr lonn. nuv'iA
it It il.
Two Sewing (i iris wanted tofiii-
iili olT hoi k nl'trr a H.ulnf nln.-liinat. Apply to Vlr.
(. J. Until, in Ilia ennntrv, or Mr.. 4lin knoll in Ilia
Ji Vr,l,Tiirin. n,.'.'", 'Jl Mri.C. i, JIHll'l K.
Hilton Iffellen'a Estate.
Notice is horiil.v uivt-n that tlio
i rulers tsneil lirti) thi tii liin niniinisil snil tiiRltArd
AilinmUlr-iIni nl iht Kstnl nl .Milinn Mrll. n, ltiM,
Ifkls of Hnnom rtmnl,, O. l. 1HA MKI.l.tN,
U. Y. Btl.AlK'S
Bakery, Conftclioncry, 0tcr and
l.nnwin fill I Mnt tor thi Kill nnil Winter. (inorH-
NiRtol nll tlvi'iiit innai j Tt a, I amii mnl t'AKKtof
nil kintli lur Uiu Ilitlttlm , t Vt linlrittl anil r i r 1 1 .
ftfifht iaW " " w- nj Ay u a,u t..,r
Himni U li.iaivil tn
Kisr t.iilio anl ( i.lliiin. Ovtlrr rrted nji ri ?.V
l ilpxrn. I 'uma on lll sill.
N. II. (J. W. IUack'8 eelcil.rated
Wial.l g K'titil. lit heir inflily, nlw-iv- nn hanil mhI
tor atl tint 4Mf timtrt, li. W. HI. A K.
nuvlH t TltHn, 4lnu,
200 1'liNK SALT.
( MV 4V-S
Alio, a tut ofHall is lavlii ft r India ma nt
KivdiiKr & Vorndron'o.
TilUa, ... IS, -Ml.
roormninV 13 illcr
Trikuhl. - ii.thfHUfitfofu.intf ilrt publU-lkMitUy
hi II ua.rying i Uiir
XJxtonsivo T.UI Yard,
i. tkl. f;i. a. ahi.,1, lliav nnrno.., arntn- on tlic Too-
" :" ..,, ....n.i.-i, in nil n. ii, ...n,...... nn.1
o h.a all .o,V .Lisa I" " '. -
,., ,,,!..,. n. Tlwr era sgi' '"'
.rriinl al) limal
pny.ha aina.l plica ia
( h lur Hides and Hark,
k4 well m to ftirnUh 0 cmiiiinily with hii nl
lliiittj in llt. Tlwy !".' Innoiuifi'lion wilh tltir Tnn
V.1.H kinaivs a-snililM ami IUrnsi AlisiiiiiKrinry.
witrU lttl sv-ttl mki iuiUl lt kiml
Saddles and Harness,
all orwbi.li linia.le of lha bail Ho.,k, an by aap..!.
an, a.l lir n.l.. ! rini,.oi.nl. ara .io n ii.ai ,. ...
a.iw iop,ly Ilia ol,lia wilh alioo.1 ao .n.,..
..I Ho.l.ll.rr ol lha ano.l aoi,r,.aJ aallaiaa, n.i
k..ai a a.,ml,.i ol woikiuoa ua I.SI.O. lal lata
nv antoHBI ol' work oa
Short Notloo,,
aad.l,a aaa.l raaaoaabla laia.a. Banal 'a. ua.a,.
oan aul k. toua.l lo lha Wlala iKaa a lV""
.u.i ...u r iki. .nil aarvoarxliiar i o.ntt .
onia.uHiaaaal wllloa fcaas a .f la - afukaaaaa.
FniiCT Brides MarUngal.
I rauka, Trunk Vrfaasil 'oaaaaoa I'lal.J nIT, yn(
., , ,w ,..h.,. ,,(, alto llrll, Hdo.l.,
I'lwvk I .. 1'oo.moa an Kiia-Kmr ll.liari. IV.
Iiai. aUojaa r .n.J. I..,, aaj ku..a lol ol Una
lltlflUlO It U liO.,
aadl'arriafo Wlnpa. I t.b.r ihia( ia oar lias am sera
in auaii. i,.., .,11 lo, uj , maJ, , ,,,
Own.. No 5 FF,i IC, IIUk4 IVl.Ll.a aliarl, a-H-
O. M..I,.U'. mo, k.
OhII nnrt Sco for Yoursolvcs;
aarl if t,Hi hava Uia I'l.l'ST.1 mm .k.i. BA. .
small. livil. ' -F-.-m,
Produce of AU Kinds
Tnl.a la aauhaa(i Hnr.,.li Rrn(oa oar oh-al,
-" liiaa. u. Br,H u, ID, -l,
Raymond's 10 Dollar
For Sale by
At J. Vtilinora Clothing Store
the Ilrnt for Familf Vs.
Ara. la aruiaS aa arab Tao ..biau
1 will aloo Bull I. M. DINGER'S
Mnul ctorui!,' MacLiuo.
2,1 I .
g.e.2 -&.?
t rz ea
e .5 a. "5 H
S 3 5 B-
i 5 H H
i 8
9 3 S - m Z
m a 2 o 2
s 5 S
- t 2 a.
-a! 3 g -
c. a- S a. S
u' 2k c -
r w O 2 2H
X rs
rD ir
w V '
5 T "
3 3 P" tfi r P
Ill 11?
- Sao.
S Sr e. g. 5
rr S. CO 3 rrl
2 - - cL
- l, 3
P - O. 2. J 7!
S' g o H.
2 fi- . a-
g. 3 o cd r
- "
SO o
"TJ - X 5f? -.
aa i .
lJ r -r - 3
rrl : po
a. a. to
C.. 1 f 5
O " - 3 S5
S.S g 3 H
"V as
.O a5 "5
5 "I 9
C J i 3
C :
. OS
2 rr T
Tht)T,mu Trim
a- P
arf w li A A (1
53. 5 g-f
sr ft 3
P.- cr
-9 -1 -3
t t J ititigjttn
DO o
aaittttH. t at
a a t t t
U - - M rO
l w A 4 4 Ol (A
M a Ji
a. as le
C Ci
sr- ryJ sr sr t 3
x Pi
t " - ' u
ca -
O) .
t "1 ;5.xo. 2.
aW O
' 0 2
n c T
wo sr
a- -Wa -j.C-a-0 I U (a) m 3 M 5
O) OS U. 0 p OS S w . c- t-c - & "fct O ! OS aa-l 4
OO-WOa)0Ct-lWWa---UaeM 9 -a a QQ C
5 H
r-. 7
x t
a - W 5
Ol OS K 0
C O - J
2. p
c 3
a e a :
fc ia
71 f
P af
3 O
rt f
c S asl
o P
"i B
S- IHtf
p o.K
Egg CO
-aj i
o n '
S 3.M
3 C J
rt tr
a 2 M
-2. oi
2 "
7 o.
rt) i
S- C p M
;n L 3
"a Sp
as o
C 4- Aft
ui n w o
aa J.
-I 50
Cm i and Arrival
O IL& !
ShaWhan's Ne-xr.TJloels--tii
n, oiiio.
My stock is now and well solo t
uil nnt embraces ilio latest sty leu of
Silvia Ho
DiiL NINES, (nil wool,)
MOUINOS. (nil wool,)
TICKING, Ac. &g.
Paiicy Dress Goods,
Silks, Satinctls, I.ncs, Em-
Iiriiidi iics, IliLLoiiH, Dress and
Mount t 1 rinunings.
AU. JlOIXtt. G()In
xhonp ior Cusli!
Cloths, Cassimiikkb, VtSTIttOS,
All of tho litest styles and very
best fulsn'Ca
Clothing made to Order
on sliort notico and
To tKi Jrptrtmt rf ttttrlriai w Invite iitHiiil at
Inntto-t. MK.Hniftt, oar win-i ia ihm Taiktrtaf
JefMrtMcal, van; itm a wikna(
W kern tm liaml. alo, aa irtrm'nt of CR(HL'lJ
Ulisi l all kihiUt twit a Toa. 4'ullva, fca.
Th hiHit markrl priv IN CAll irad, ltl
tal -NiM'l C'K uf all taiaU.
j. siiitivi.n.
DOOT3 & ailOES!
l9f?9t .lletalic Tipped,
For Boys Blisses auJ (LilJreu
1-"IHEHrbos ar fwinj ts-p aciaal Utltodl VHi
M Ittrva fNiir o in oii tt i.
Wa ara tha -aiH.K O V K R3 of tsM rirhtta-naa
afaaciur m4 C tr t-x-ca rani;, aasi hava rsx-exsexl
aa aoiriM., hiih mmt hw mm al ONLY
tiM aetvanoa ainjra lira mt r iim tl Myla.
AH waoliavaoKtMr-ta m -Ko ni it ta ibair !
Utt a bay k Mtrtur Tif-ra tHoaa.
Wa will aUwtiisaM fpan ml aui Isxr lory raa
aala Uiai.
Wa Utaaaiaa kaapaai Saa4 aaal niaaraibotar ta aao.,
All Klnils and Styles of Boo la & Fhnes, fur
Gruili'oicn, luiilira and CbiUlrva'a U'oar.
AMaf arhia a will aall chaoa,. al atfr a lor. io e...
oai'ik Kaablaa'a Mlo,, Mala .Ir.al, Tilda, (haia.
Guard against Fall 1 Winter Fires
c iioici: iasikami
tr-. i.
Incorporntrd IS III--t'hnrtcr Pcrpeliiala
NET SURPLUS OF 952.181,72,
And tM (traatifre of 40 ywan tiiocaia and xrinc.
l l-W AltIS F mi'i.(MIO,(HH
Ol'loiaa haw Urn iid liy lha .t.'na Inaaiaut-r C.mh-
niiiit in the p"! triy )"
Ilia vnlua ul fsrfuihta Iniurnnua Mill l aiijiaivat
IriMti ill tnllovvlnf
In Ohio, . , l3l,.V.'0n
VV I sunn tin, 1 t;,10.i ,l7
krniuiky, . 1'4fli:tl.t..
Mli.ottrl, . . H.-MHIH
In Miuhifian, IM,tH,H
lnUna, H..M',!1
Illinois, . . H",;f.;i
Tanttaitra, . :4'l.-.l
kin. as Nab. IH.IHA.77
low. K Minn, ini.imi
Pvnn'a st Va. 3l,3!tJ.HV
Mi.ii).1i and Alabama, lU.ll-tyi
Virtu nnd IhIhikI Nnvternlion.
Risk acraplad at Itrmi nontitlaat wit a aolvrnej r4
i'm.f nrut.1 .
Ctpeclal atlanlloa (ivaa la Insaraara mf OwiLLl-iua
and rnmrrila, Uh taunt a( I to y yaara.
Tha solid tarvira lung and aacraatiully Iria-il, a ml tha
many ailvantiirai tha .Hint Inanranca I 'nniiany ot.
aaasen in tla lina, thou Id not la ovr look ail hytlioaa
raady ta lnara aailandatatandina lhair bl iniarftia.
Ituilnr "atrinuant ttmaa" lha atM-aaiilv fnrrvhahla
liiaufanca kacomut an iniiaraliva duly lha ability of
lroMny owHfn ta ta-tata loaabainf than tuaea wii
an4. Affnclaa ! all tha pr(nrlal cltin and towmlhro-
oiitlta rtaia I'olU let taaftl witlioat aalay, by any
ot th duly aathoriivd A f ante of tha t!on(iany .
LUu-inaaa nilrnrlad ia tth naalrhand ftdallly
Tifflo, Sepl. I, I-59 3m
Auotlier Revolution Is Upon Uk.
A New Season ami New I.ifo
la aaiaiatinj mjeiy haaH arlth tlir ,la,aii oftlia icaa
on, anj ailli lha
z f
Soudcr & Carpenter
In Ao.v HrinsrUlt-d
Will, a Full and FaahiouaMe Stock of
Fall & Winter
triraot froai lha haatl of tha MarkattCOMftiialn-
Tlio X3ot; Qooda
akaaalaatiarvtl in tha (aai iua lr. mf la Utoha. ia all
a tti 4'
Ury Gofnld, CariKitine, Oil Clotha,
(and battfr tliaaall lltaaa Ooosia willba ld
At Astonishing LOW l'KICES,
Amm h axMl praiaaia-licU aaay ba faaa. ta
Rich Hrw .!, ChanMWsMi aswt atnpasj Hltka; Hlahoa-'
itaal in ooiivn DiaH-a, irwai ru.tvl dul, i rarsi.
SOUb yanla Idaalia Ita Laiaa. all aa at , bm It
oaata ttfi a yant
lOUOya-tiaof rtiuitwarnittati MiJr ca)sMV for6jt
aaatt a yart.
lHOUyatdaoftaHroaai I'l.nla. orU It y aW, i!iaa
tmt H anla.
laMtiac aJ Phi-tUfa, an aik vinsKy, aa4 at
prira that caa1 ha tkM.
Olia xv 1 e .
Aboal sen ,o,w k k.),, v,m, . Ts.bal
Mallaa, UlarUM tioaola, ao au aqaara.
Caqict and OU Cloth Koonis.
Tttfaairy BnaaaaU. ths-aa ply Ufraia: flna anrf sapta
aa Vaaiuaa auiati cmimi a si wo. Blliag,
Oil Cloths, Mattkns ugs, tc.
HTVmi it mm r-Bthri tl a yUa ara all maw..
Tlua is a waai'psi'xkal ta aitsril last, v ita. aa aaiiraMa
Blsack , mm4 wita lata ta-iasaaa k'il taialMiM 9vm
pa-aaantan aaat mvniatf aaartmaal la ihauilv.
kaaaaltaai a.aniina at Urn. 3 i-hawbat HioaH,, ,
HOl'UtR k CAhrtiN TtR,
Terms of Courts
3F"OXl. lOOO. '
la compliance with the provisions of the
Ststute In such ruse msile snd prnvided, It is
ordurod br tho J.ul;ira of the Court of Com
mon f less, In and lur the IIMIi Juilmnl Un-
Irictof Oliiu, that the times for holdiuK the
term of the Pintrict Court in the several
cnnnliea composing ssid District for tl.o "ear
IHbO, be snd il. c same aro hcruliy mm, and
preuribed as fuilowsi
In tbo Couulr of Wood June 6.
And it is further ordered that the lime for
holding the terms of the Court'of Coni.nun
ftlcrr"iWt."M'K.f0!!!'.Ue." aroicsuut,
Hied snd proscribed as follows:
In the CountT of Seneca,
January. .16, Alur .7,
In the CountT of Wyandot,
Muich..... May 11,
In the CountT of Crawford,
April. . . July 19,
In lh County of Wood,
Fcruary.UI, May.... 15,
Ii. the County of Putnum,
March.. 2ti, July 10,
In Ihe Coui.ly of llanc ik.
M..rxh..l'J, May J,
October... 2
In wimeas whereof lime riiicd the above
order olHcislly.
n. E. SF.NKY. ) JiidKeaorConrt
M.C. WIUI KLEY, 1 Com. 1'lcss 10th
JOSIAH 8. PLANTS, ) Judicial Di.triot.
OcUiber 1st, 1869.
I, Uoorfre 8. Chrlstlip, Clerk of the Ceu.t
of Common Pleas, within and for .Scuoca.
County, Ohio, heri-liy certify lliat the atari rf
ia a full and true Copy of tha original OnlrnV
filed in this office on the 13ih day of Octeber,-
A. I). Ic59.
, - j Wiinesa my k.ind, and ml of
J-iKAI.J anid (Uiurt, atlised at Tiffin City
'"-"""-- this 3d dny of November, 1W69.
GK0. 8. CIIRISTLIP, Clerk.
Premium Ambrotypes
Havo ftj;uin Taken tlio Premium,
M iba boil Fuoaiaaaaa of
Ambrotyje. Daijucrreofyjiea &
Tooa- ara now prepared lo rnrni.h llioir haan.iral
pp.rim.ni m F,( vis: rnoixf rapnaalaaajMajH a1oJaa
lo 1.IKK NI.K, al a af XJIol-fTiaia. Couiaa
frona olil lla..
or any oibor a i ad ol' I'lutare,
aiidjp,laf.r i ... . ,,u,. 'J'boaa a s waul
Good Life Like Picture.,
arnoU .lo orollloii.a a, a aall aad lamias oar Hoacl.
aaaaa. HMr.-ial oltsalloa la aallsl to oor Alibrolyjios,
nichfoi aaaulr and rluiabillls la IWr lapariar lo aoy
oiaaf lllssa picioro. Tkaro ia aa Blark Varaub aaoaa
Ibaaa lo alack ao awo,l I Ita pitst.
Wo Warrant them to Stand
all Mod. or.,lio.s os aroatlvar. Oor I'olosod A a, bra.
li oas (fi.li.f all lho a.nralaalo,. .f ths Suk aa j dra.
prrylaa. raa aap.riosu.aiij lana( ol U.a an,d in thu
.art ofiharoootrv, aad aava ukaolloi HHKT VUK
MIliM loi tka lial iki.a jrsai., al sal Aaasal ra.ra.
A Largo Supply
of rial, aa raar l .o, slwaya ao Sand, froaa Ik
' . ' " - o.war.oo oot oiootla
il ia o.il ia rM iM uiiahi,. r.ill Likaoaaa. .
K(Kl.vll)iaTuo.k'a BW.a . i. animb.l'm
Boa-o. TUSIKUS k r.V.
i iaaa, Ori.T. IfiS; '
New Books
MICIIELET'S Lovo, L'Amour.
Thia otk iaaiaauaf a paal aaaialioa.
omanoo aud iu Horocs.
Ton ears of a Methodist Preacha
aa'a Lisa. A nwj iaursMin, ork. By tliltrat.
Pillar of Firo, or Israel in IJond.
,." a" a Hand. Eaaty akrtauaa
Tent aud Ilareui.
New Book received woiAly aud
raitaxnaats aoo'"od at iM pntsa. .
H farlodlaala sauaiNos
l lla, Banal, tl,

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